Welcome Home (Revan)

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Welcome Home (Revan)
Date of Cutscene: 24 May 2015
Location: Battle Rondo Arena
Synopsis: Ulaire loses her match in the Battle Rondo, expecting to return to the MMS. But the Waffebunny is in for a surprise...
Cast of Characters: 414

She had lost.

Losing the Battle Rondo wouldn't have been a huge deal -- even if it would have been a mere disappointment otherwise -- except for the fact that Ulaire's current master was only temporary for the tournament. The Virtual Master Program was intended in part to help masterless shinki find prospective new owners, but not every shinki who participated was successfully adopted. The Waffebunny feared that if she didn't properly win the tournament, her own current arrangement would be likewise temporary.

Having been turned back over to MMS, she hadn't been reformatted, though perhaps for her peace of mind she should have been. 'DEATHSTALKER 789' had been abandoned. As ridiculous as that name was, it was proof that she had been activated and belonged to a master. Even if he had only thought of her as a toy -- one that might as well have been sold at a yard sale once he was bored again -- she still had an owner, a function, a purpose.

This temporary master was different. The Waffebunny could tell that the master who had requested her was looking at her not as a plaything, but as a piece of military hardware. The Vulcan Labs shinki were designed as testbeds for human soldiers, and in many ways that remained her primary function. And now, someone was looking for a shinki with that specific function.

But not entirely. There was an odd expression that the Waffebunny -- renamed to the much more dignified 'Ulaire' by this temporary master -- couldn't quite read. It wasn't like a child looking at a fascinating new toy, but there was a strange sort of enthusiasm that puzzled her.

Not that it mattered at this point: she had failed. She was certain her master wanted to see if she would be effective in combat...and she had lost. Grimly and with a heavy heart, Ulaire awaited MMS technicians to reclaim her and return to the shop, only to be surprised when her temporary master appeared, reassuring her that she should be proud for fighting so hard and that she had done very well.

Her confusion must have shown on her face, because her master simply chuckled. With a demure and stoic face, Ulaire thanked her properly for the compliment and for allowing her to compete in the Battle Rondo, waiting for her temporary master to bid her farewell. Instead, a shock was waiting for the Waffebunny.

"Well, come on. Let's go home."

Home? But she had failed, she lost the tournament.

"Oh, that? I only wanted to see what your capabilities are. And besides, shinki seem to really enjoy competing in it," her master replied with a grin, holding up a receipt of purchase...dated to the day /before/ the tournament.

Ulaire felt like an idiot. She had been so wrapped up in her worries and abandonment issues that she failed to note the obvious. Hopefully, her new master wouldn't think too poorly of her for it. "Ma'am! Yes, ma'am!" she replied, following her new master with her tiny artifical 'hear' practically leaping out of her chest unit.