Wild Inspiration (Corona)

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Wild Inspiration (Corona)
Date of Cutscene: 11 November 2016
Location: Brimsteel
Synopsis: Trying to relax turns into a new idea instead.
Cast of Characters: Corona Arclite
Tinyplot: Moeru

The dust was flying behind the tires of her buggy; the hot prairie wind blowing through her hair. As much as she didn't want to stay away from Ravnica for too long Corona couldn't deny that she needed this brief reprive, with the gold and crimson colors of the beginning of sunset providing a backdrop to collecting her thoughts and emotions back in order.

She had spent most of the day down in the industrial wastelands testing out some of the new ideas her flurry of innovation had brought upon. Most of them had worked, but the problem she kept having with others was that they were too big to be easily carried around even with collapsable clockworks. If she used her matter manipulator, the device would be too obvious to the enemy while being placed and give them too much time to react.

If only there was a functional way to make them more mobile...

Corona stopped the buggy next to an outcropping of painted rock and climbed up to the top of the stone protrusion. From here she could sit with her handy concealed flask of cactusjack and watch the proceeding sunset. It was hard to really relax right now, but if she could at least untangle the knot she'd been stuffing down in her gut a bit, sort out the conflicting sense and emotions...

Just as she had gotten the flask out and started to take a swig the sound of clattering over yonder caught her attention. Across the plain of dry grass Corona could make out the form of several antler-bearing lagomorphs leaping and crashing into each other with their headgear.

Heh, jackalopes. A relatively common critter on Brimsteel's larger prairies. They were well known for being ornery and territorial despite their size. Those stocky, meaty hindlegs could launch one like a furry horned missile, gouging and bowling over predators thrice their size. Made them right quick and nimble too, using zigzagging leaps to confuse an enemy before slamming into them...

Corona finished her swing of cactusjack but as she lowered the flask from her muzzle she had that look of abrupt revelation twitching across her expression. In a flash of motion that could put those jackalopes to shame she vaulted off her perch, slid down the backside slope of the outcropping and jumped into her buggy. A few revs to warm up the steam engine and then a fishtail peeling away sent her racing back towards Loadstar Depot with a shower of kicked up sediment in the wake.

She'd have to take the rest of her work back to Ravnica anyways so she can be ready. Maybe she could get some of the magewrights to help her out so more could get done in less time. It might not be the most practical solution, but in the short term it was the best option. Science can do what science does and innovate from there. If they survive.

But even in the darkest of times, inspiration could come in unusual places.