Words In The Shadows (Gaius Van Baelsar)

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Words In The Shadows (Gaius Van Baelsar)
Date of Cutscene: 09 December 2014
Location: ???, Hydaelyn
Synopsis: Two old friends meet to speak of things to come. Things that do not perhaps bode well.
Cast of Characters: 522
Tinyplot: Dragon's Bane

"Atilus!" The voice called out in the cave. His voice echoing easy in the darkness. A chrome and navy boot impacts the rocky terrain, as the armored figure from head to two steps down further. His helm with a near angular features, swept back a bit. "Atilus! I am here brother! No need to hide! I come alone as I have since we been left to continue the work."

The armored figure then takes another step down before he at last takes note of a figure leaning against a rocky ledge, looking at him Hidden by hooded robe and an lance in his hands which he rests both of fingers along the butt of the staff. "Took you long enough.. Legatus." There was a coy smirk on his face, "Or should I call you still by your proper name Luscus."

The chrome and navy blue Legatus snorts as he then takes another step down. "Legatus is for the Garlean Empire. We are brothers in arms, you and I. Former Tribunes under our lord and master."

The hooded robe figure gives a nod, before he moves over to join the armored figure. "Indeed we were and indeed we still are.. come.. I shall show you the preparation. For the Prophet came and he spoke to us. He was cleansed in the fires of our lord's father and I trust his words be true."

"..and what did this.. Prophet say?" Luscus asks as he follows Atilus.

Atilus looks back, before they take another step down and he uses the butt of his spear to tap three times against a rock. "Soon our lord and master will return to us and we his children will be needed... for we will all be the shepherds for the new lambs and we all be instrumental in the awaken of our father."

As the rock rolls back, a massive underground smelting factory can be seen. Chains moving molten slag across to be melted down into steel, massive machines pounding the metal into perfect, and those of many working on making crafted armor and forged weapons.

All of this Luscus stares at and smiles gently. "Good and have our other brothers been told?"

"They have indeed. It is only the matter of those who lurk still in the skies. The message is hard to send to them." Atilus admits as he leans against his lance. "But I am sure you have something in mind?"

"Oh. I will handle that." Luscus says with ease as he tilts his head ever so slightly. "After all-- how quickly the Empire forgets the ravens who sit in waiting and not even a great wolf will sniff us out this time..." He then lowers his head, "...I'll be sure of it."