Worldly Desires (Starless Night)

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Worldly Desires (Starless Night)
Date of Cutscene: 14 April 2014
Location: Starless Night's Quarters
Synopsis: The hundred year assassin reassesses her priorities.
Cast of Characters: 336
Tinyplot: None

It had been a relaxing, pleasant day, Starless had to admit. Paperwork had been less annoying than usual, and she'd been treated to a luxurious time in the spa, and a bit of chatter with the playful oni that had latched on to her. A surprising development, but... one that had her reflecting.

The Widow of Starless Night. That was her name, her purpose... and though she had defied her purpose to some degree, the kugutsu had no illusions that she was a good person. She did not fool herself into thinking that her numerous murders were all necessary or justified, or that she was performing some great righting of wrongs. She knew what she wanted: security. Safety. Power. That was why she was here.


Things had changed. While Starless still sought out that security and power, her means of attaining it had changed when she left the ninja clan who had owned her. 'Good riddance,' she thought to herself. Her superiors had pushed her too far, treat her as an object too long. Starless was not quite sure who she was - having taken on so many persona over the decades - but she knew that she was not a possession. Never again.

When she had fled, she had thought that she would need to do everything herself. That she would never have anyone to look out for her. Oh, the Confederacy offered such... indeed, that was the point. Yet it was a mutual exchange. Work for them, and they provide security. She was useful, yet granted her autonomy, important to her. And by agreement, she could leave at any time.

Things had changed.

Her allies were not good people either. They were murderers. Power hungry dictators and fascists. Amoral scientists and magicians. She did not pretend that she was on the side of shining goodness. Yet even here... she had seen others throw themselves in front of attacks for her. Do things unbidden, without request, nor expecting a favor back. It was unnerving. It... worried her.

Was this what friendship was like?