You Are A Ghost (Gaius Van Baelsar)

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You Are A Ghost (Gaius Van Baelsar)
Date of Cutscene: 16 December 2014
Location: The Dreadnought
Synopsis: An old ghost from Gaius and Hydaelyn's past has made itself known. Though maybe only in words, the truth of it all is hard to ignore.
Cast of Characters: 522

The words reported that came from the Elder Primal Odin spoke of dark things to come. Events that he had hope to put behind to re live themselves before his very eyes. Confusion over the confederate comm did not help ease his mind, but they did not understand his world, the world of Hydaelyn-- this now mega continent that was slowly tying itself into the Multiverse.

Gaius could only try to explain it all in his locked up state, to push his mind beyond the possible realization that everything could lead to the house of cards toppling over on itself. For the Emperor and all had agreed to keep the truth hidden from the populace. That this 'war hero', was in truth, the 'bringer of death', or would have been if he had not reacted quickly. If Gaius did not bring down an airship to give the keys to the mercenaries hired by the Alliance-- if Cid did not put the two together by such actions taken.

Things could have been so different and here he was, now with the window open upon the Dreadnought, his hands resting on the seal, as he can only allow the cool air of the sky brush against his withered face. The peppered black hair barely moving in the breeze and his gold eyes held shut.

Many of the Confederates had good ideas, wonderful ideas. Ways that could maybe capture the Eikons, perhaps even kill them, but even the Allagans-- a powerful Empire with technology far beyond even what the Garlean Empire could produce-- could never /kill/ them. Simply remove them into either a prison or bind them under their control for a short time.

Many of the Confederates wanted to help and help they would be, such as the fact Taro and Fuki will be aiding in breaking down how a classified machine works, perhaps even if it has the power to destroy the Eikons-- the Primals as the Eorzeans call them. Yet there was also the fact he wondered, voice by one of the researchers.. what if the reasons the Allagans never could, was because the Eikons were in some way an element given form, by the power of belief. Like a storybook character given life, because the people /wanted/ it so much, the world made it so. That in turn would apply that their own world, itself, was nothing but a large Eikon.. and that was an idea that even Gaius did not want to think of.

Slow his right hand turned into a fist as his thoughts continued to run over the conversations. Any that would work. He suggested to Zod to get the Ixal to summon Garuda-- perhaps he could send Rex after her as well. Let them test their ideals on the Banshee herself. For Titan right now was kept under control by their cannons aimed on the Kobalds and the Amal'jaa were still licking their wounds.

Then the summoning of Leviathan would take some time.. so Garuda was their best option.. even with the history she held.

His hand then gently thumped against the frame as he opened his eyes gently. To see the clouds far below and the ocean catching the glimpse of the sun. An ocean tied into the Multiverse' own. "Why must your ghost still haunt me…?" Gaius asks none but himself. "If not for the Dravanian Horde.. Hydaelyn would have been ours… but you.. you were already his servant. You-- you sent them, didn't you? You sent them, so what could have been the greatest victory, would fail. Fail so that you could gain /power/, gain /position/, to /summon/ that DAMN DRAGON!" Gaius then slams his fist into the framework, the metal bending on impact, ignoring the pain screaming from his knuckles.

"If it is you that shall come.. if it is /you/ whom they speak of.. I will find a means to /end/ you.. end your legacy.. end your utter existence.. you and your /god/." Gaius then roars out the window, "DO YOU HEAR ME! YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER ME!!" Slow then Gaius steps back, as he takes the injured hand in his own. His gold eyes staring out into the sky, as he foot takes another step back into the shadows of his room. "Man controls man.. I will never be a servant of any false god.. I will not bow.. nor shall I break.. and the Garlean Empire.. will not repeat the mistakes of those of us who came before.. history.. will not repeat itself."

As he full steps back into the shadows of his room, he then turns around and walks away into the darkness, letting the automated system slowly close the window before the Dreadnought enters the storm ahead.