Your Mission (Alpha Centauri)

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Your Mission (Alpha Centauri)
Date of Cutscene: 05 November 2014
Location: Accretia Capitol
Synopsis: The Singularities think they are safe, but little do they realize that the Empire is coming to town and they know just who to send for the party.
Cast of Characters: 613


The air was dry and the desert sands shifted ever so slightly, the particles of sand burnt away by a massive towering near invisible forcefield that was red in color. Beyond the forcefield and large fort walls, is a mighty city made of white metal buildings and steel roadways.

On the roads humanoid machines march in perfect step. Other human machines work on constructing more buildings with wielding arms and precision placement of beams. Up the road, following the pulsing gold power lines leads to a mighty circular building with a spire reaching high up into the heaven's. With five different shuttle pads ever as large as the building itself and circular in shape. Not designed for aircraft to fly in, but rather hover down on and take off in the same manner.

One such aircraft sits at one of the terminals. The metal frame white steel, with black trimmed along its body. The passenger ramp extended down, as several different types of robotic humanoids leave, walking themselves to a massive ring scanner which scans each and every single one of them as they walk through. A green light flickering on when the scan is complete.

Two heavily armored robotic guards stand at the sides, both with rifles of some kind in hand. Their attention though bored, seems to shift when another of their kind starts to make their way to the rings. His armor standing out amongst the rest, massive pylons hang down at his backside, a curve crest on his helm head and his height taller than the other two. His optics gold in color that flicker as he looks at the two guards as he continues to walk.

Both which quickly salute him with a slam of their free hand against their chest plates, "Alpha Centauri. The Administration has been expecting you. Do you require escort, Enforcer?" One of them asks with a rough robotic deep voice.

Alpha Centauri looks away from him and goes to walk though, not even waiting for the scan to complete, which causes it to flicker red and the other guard quickly has to hit the 'off' button so it won't sound an alarm. He then looks over his dark grey shoulder faintly saying calmly, with a more crisp voice then the other two, but equally the same tone, "No." Before he looks away and continues on his way.

Inside the main administration building, drones move from one location to another, handing the more mundane work, while several guards stand at ready, each giving Alpha Centauri a quick salute, at least up until he reaches the elevator door, where he-- for once, gives another equally impressive humanoid machine a salute, before reaching out to clasp one another's arm. "It is good to see another of the unit here. I am sure you heard already?"

The other's blue optics flicker gently. His armor black with more jagged lines and red mixed along the edges. Though a few of the lines flicker with power coursing through them. His voice no different than Alpha Centauri's, though a hint of a slightly different accent. "I have. Though you could at least seem more content with the Administration's choice. After all, you are doing this for the good of us all and we all know you are one of the best of this unit at hunting those Singularities." He then opens the Elevator, letting Alpha Centauri get on first before he follows. "I have also heard they will be assigning you a Moderator."

Alpha Centauri leans his back against the wall with his arms crossed, silence taking him for a moment as he listens to the power of the energy rails move the elevator upward. His optics dim for a moment before he looks to the other, "I do not question the judgement of the Administration and I will do well to make our Unit proud, but I do concern that these.. impure beings within the New Sector could be a great threat to everyone later."

The other one hmphs softly. "They will be cleansed soon enough, just as we have done with others out in this area. They will either come to see the error in their imperfection, by our example of perfection.. or they will know our retribution."

"Then you are aware that the Administration may not have us do this for some time?" Alpha Centauri asks with a tilt of his head. "This.. is what concerns me. The longer we stay there, the higher probability chance they will learn about us.. making the war ever more difficult, but who are we to say." Alpha Centauri shakes his head. "For the Administration knows what is best and we know their plan will be flawless in the end."

"Exactly." The other agrees with a firm nod as the door opens. He then motions with his hand out for Alpha Centauri to leave. "I will see you in the New Sector in time, Alpha Centauri."

"You as well." Alpha Centauri says as he starts to make his way out, walking across the know black metal floor with the yellow line that streaks through it from time to time, then making his way up several steps, before leading to a massive door.

Once he walks up to the massive door, it splits open into a giant chamber, where the lines flow out like a spider web, leading down into a massive underground chamber, then up the very walls where five very humanoid like robotic people sit. Each with very distinctive armor designs and each with a very distinctive face., yet all representing the caste they act as Admin for, and the one in the center of the other four, the fifth-- the Director, with leg crossed and hands resting casually on the floating arms of the hook in chair. Cable like 'hair' plugged directly into the very chair they sit at.

Alpha Centauri gazes at all five, as he walks calmly across the floor and then when he reaches the center on a gold pad, he kneels down, lowering his head as low as he can before he speaks calmly. "Administration. Alpha zero six, dash, C-n-T seven one nine, reporting as summoned."

The one in the center stares down at Alpha Centauri before they speak up, their voice though with a male sound in it, has a hint of femininity to it as well. "Alpha Centauri. You know why you are summoned before us?"

"Yes. Administration and I comply with your desire."

"Very well. Your moderator is from your caste, selected by the Commander himself. This moderator is Moderator Rex. He will be your diplomatic handler. All reports shall be handled by him. All conversations, will overheard by him. We know of your record, Alpha Centauri and it is this reason we chose you. We know you will not fail in your mission to hunt the Singularities in the new sector and you will not falter when gathering information for us here in the main sector."

There was a pause in their voice as the tilted their head ever so slightly. "You will comply to obey the Confederate administration and their own moderator system, though if your orders conflict with our own, you know what must be done."

"To obey the orders of the Empire." Alpha Centauri says calmly in reply.

"Yes." The one to the right of the Director says with a rigid cold, deep voice. "You are to obey the original directive. Do not detour. /Unless/, it will place our alliance with the Confederacy in danger. If the choice could hinder this, Moderator Rex will inform you."

"I understand and will comply."

The Director gives a nod of their head. "The rest of the briefing can be accessed at your new quarters located within the outer edge of the New Sector." They bring their hands together, their index finger tapping ever so gently. "This is our first outpost of hopefully many within the New Sector. Transit will be handled by warp gate, as we do not desire to let the Singularities be known that the Accretia Empire has made alliances yet in the area. Once they spot you however-- they will know."

"Understood, Administration."

One of the others to direct left then speaks up, more lanky than the one to the right and a visor itself for an optical lens. "The Warp gate there will also act as your access point back to the main HQ here in the Main Sector, Centauri, including as a gate to access points under Confederate control. Just remember, unless of solid metal, they can not use our technology. We would hate to see one of the Confederate allies.. hm.. roasted.. by means of a warp gate. I also hear that burnt flesh is not a very pleasant smell and hard to.. remove its order."

The one on the outer edge on the left snorts gently, their voice almost sounding more female than male. "I think you have less to worry about their weak flesh burning and more there being nothing to find at all once the transit is done, Minister. Their frail exteriors can not handle.."

The Minister looks directly over to their left at the other one and raises their head slightly. "I do not need to know the truth of what happens to those corrupted spores, Consul."

The one on the far right, remains silently, only shaking his head at this whole conversation being handled by the Education and Science. Though his attention turns to Alpha Centauri. "We do apologize for the slight direction off topic, Alpha Centauri. We, the Administration are deeply concerned that there is many chances that things could go wrong. It is why we are taking every precaution.. even in the construction of the new Outpost, that we keep in mind the safety of the flesh beings."

The one along side him, speaks up once more. "Overseer is correct and thankfully the moderator will make sure it is crystal clear the dos and don'ts around the outpost. Also, you will find two different types of drones at your disposal. Make good use of them, Enforcer."

Alpha Centauri gives a nod of his head as his optics flicker. "Understood, Administration."

The Director then raises up their hand, "You are dismissed, Alpha Centauri.. and remember, though they echo the line of thinking of the Singularities. The Confederacy is to be seen like your unit, treat them as such if at all possible. They will be reformed to perfection one day.. if not their genetic material making excellent furthering in our own utopia."

Alpha Centauri slow rises and then gives a final salute, before he heel turns and then makes his way out. As the door closes behind him, the Director fully leans back. Their hands coming to rest once more on the armrest of their chair. "...though this may be a long operation before we can truly come to the times of cleansing, what matters for now is that things remain profitable for both sides.. for our lives to continue on into the greater good of the Accretia Empire."