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Lily     A ride in the Shellevator, catchy elevator music in the sound of shell casings musically dropping on instruments. A crash is heard as the Shellevator's door opens... the screen on the inside showing "Gungeon Proper - Chamber 2". Once again Lily's nowhere to be found. Did she miss out again?

    As everyone steps out, the new area is full of nice stone work, barrels and... broken stone from where the Shellevator landed. There's a door to another part of the chamber directly across. It seems pretty safe here... at least until S6's and Yang's own weapons emit a blob of black... the curse level going up.

    Those new to the Gungeon and starting on this floor... get a pea shooter. It's literally a gun... that shoots peas.

    This chamber seems to be nice and chill so far... literally. It's a bit cold here!
Yang Xiao Long     Yang looks at Ember Celica, then in the general direction of 'up'. "Are you serious? These are GUNS, my dude... finicky freaking magic dungeons." the brawler grouses, deploying the gauntlets along her arms and racking the slides with a cross-armed gesture, the first shells slamming into place in the mechanisms. "Right, I missed the first floor, what's the flow for this? And where in Tartarus is Lily?" She steps forward and takes the front position. "Is it cold in here, or just me?"
S6     S6 disembarks the Shellevator, POD in tow and the Casey bat floating behind her alongside her more recognizable sword. She lifts her visor-obscured face upward towards the ceiling with a thoughtful noise, then states in a simple tone, "Pod."


    The box-shaped drone beside her extends its stubby antenna, pinging her surroundings to generate a map; including scanning for anomalies that may indicate concealed passages or traps.

    "I do not know," the android replies to Yang, "I suspect she is somewhere ahead of us. As I understand it, she is both proficient with firearms and accompanied by a skilled companion."
Corona Arclite Normally elevator music is anything but interesting, but the familiar jingle of spent shells has the fox's tail flicking in time all the same.

The rest of the fox isn't quite so amused. Sure, Corona can appreciate the wordplay that went into the name... but a peashooter actually shooting peas is a little bit weird even by her sci-fi standards. She's been looking it over, trying to figure out if the gun just looks like a peapod that somehow propels pea looking pellets or if it was some kind of mechanical-botanical construct or... something else. Whatever, it's still a gun, and guns she is what good with. Kind of wished someone had told her there was a gun themed dungeon sooner!

And then the Shellevator stops. Hard. Really hard, by the look of disrupted stone as they step out. "Welp, they take makin' sure y'all only come in one way seriously, don't they." Long ears perk forward slightly. "Hope no one was expectin' a warm reception."

At least she has little issue lock and loading the Peashooter. Bizarre dungeon visuals aside, a gun is a gun in a gunslinger's hands.
Kukuru A new face is joining the group in the Gungeon today! This one looks like she's barely even awake, and it's not entirely clear how Kukuru got here. She certainly wasn't with the group that came during the first dive, and she doesn't even react immediately when the shellevator hits the ground. If not for the set of giant claws on her hands, she probably wouldn't even look like she belongs in a place like this! Here she is, though, and it takes a good minute or so before she finally pushes off the inside wall to start staggering forwards groggily.

And then she notices that it's kind of cold. Reaching into a pocket that shouldn't be nearly as deep as it is or capable of fitting her claws, Kukuru produces a whole pile of those little gel-pack handwarmer things with the little snappy disc inside of it that makes the whole thing harden and get nice and toasty. She tosses them toward each person in attendance, then sticks one in her hair before inspecting that pea shooter.

Naturally, she shoots a few peas into her other claw and starts munching on them. "If anyone needs water, let me know. Gotta stay hydrated if we're down here long." She warns in a drowsy, yet vaguely worried tone. "She's probably fine... Even if she's injured, I can take care of it."

Spotting that doorway, she she just starts heading right into it, listening for anything that might sound particularly out of place or dangerous even for an unknown area.
Nanoha Takamachi     Nanoha steps off the Shellevator, holding her pea shooter in her hand, looking over it as she remarks, "Wow, it's a little smaller than I expected... Though I suppose I've never held an actual projectile gun before." She holds the weapon up to practice aim.

    Meanwhile, Raising Heart floats beside Nanoha in Standby Mode, going unused as Nanoha's main weapon for this mission. The red gem with wings of pink light chimes, <I can assist.>

    Nanoha turns her head to smile at her partner Device, "No, that's okay. I think I'll manage. It can't be that different from a magic gun, right? Besides. Doing this without you could be fun!" Well, as fun as one can have while GETTING SHOT AT. Though Nanoha's confident her defensive magics can take it. And if things get a little too difficult, she could always change her mind later.

    Nanoha shakes her head at Kukuru as she is offered the heating aid. Saying, "It might not look it, but my dress can handle temperatures like this just fine." It is a little puffy, sure, but most of that comes from magic of course. Nanoha then echoes Yang's words, saying, "Yes, I missed the first one as well. So what's the intent here?"
Tomoe Tomoe was once again wearing the appearance of her old GGO avatar Esien Blumen given what they were dealing with? It felt right to her more or less. It didn't do anything to hide who she was. Then again either face was her so far as she saw it. She was in good spirit as she picked up her r once more, checked the ammo and seemed good to go. She blew a strand of red hair out of her face and grinned.

"With everything else going on, this is almost a vacation, I got to wonder where Lily has got to..."

She'll fire off a friends message to Lily trying to give her a last moment's heads up.

"Last time was pretty wild get ready for anything."

She looked over to Kukuru for a moment having never seen her before and sized up everyone else.

"Looks like we're pretty good for a team."
Kupot A gun. For the gungeon. Where there is a gun that kills the past.

Kupot is drawn to this place magnetically, as many Gungeoneers are. There is a place in his past, a mistake he made. Dozens of people he was told to kill for the betterment of society.

It's a gun. That's a peapod.

Kupot heaves a sigh. "Like training with a bamboo pole instead of a katana, kupo."

At least he comes built in with superior dodge roll mechanics.
Lily     There's a burst of black emininating from Kukuru's claws too... and Yang... Yang gets some items dropped on her head. A bunch of shell casings... currency.

    S6's Pod and Kukuru's own ears hear some interesting things next door. As the door opens, more of this stonework appears, pillars of chiseled stone, three doors and /DARK RED/ enemies... floating mages of sorts. They look /INCREDIBLY ANGRY/ for some reason... as energy balls start to form around them like a magic spell.

    They say absolutely nothing as those energy balls start to glow the same angry red, launching them towards the incoming party! There's some loud clanging behind a pillar too... getting louder... and louder....
Yang Xiao Long     Yang gets Gungeoncy dropped on her... "Gee. /thanks/ a bunch... I'll go buy a health pack or something." she grouses as she picks up the shell casings, putting them in a pouch. She punches her fists together, and heads off into the next room... and finds a bunch of angry looking mages. "Right then! Lets GOOO!" she.. doesn't charge in, instead she closes slower, punching the air and firing off homing bolts of energy-neutral Dust in response to the energy balls being hurled the group's way.

    "SEE!? GUNS!" she shouts to whatever's controlling this place.
Corona Arclite You open the door and someone starts shooting at you. This is the life of a gunslinger.

Instinctively Corona does a forward duck and roll to get under the projectiles being lobbed to welcome them to Chamber 2. The vixen comes out of the roll on one knee, with the Peashooter in hand. Aims and fires off a few shots at one of the mages. As long as the thing works like a gun, she'll be fine.

Corona then pauses, looking in Yang's direction with a quirk of her brow. "Are ya seriously arguin' -with the dungeon-?"
Nanoha Takamachi     Still not entirely sure WHY they're here, Nanoha just goes along with it. It's shaping up to be more like a combat simulation than anything. Or maybe a game. She hasn't played many first person shooters though. And she's not expecting this to be a particular safe one. Because. Guns. And apparently mages!

    Nanoha tilts her head a little at the familiarity of a floating magic user summoning energy balls in the air around them. So familiar. Maybe she should speak to a lawyer.

    But that will have to wait as Nanoha joins in as the party engages the monsters. With one hand raised she forms a round shield, using the magic barrier to protect her from the opposing energy balls. With the other she raises the pea shooter and begins to fire... Peas... Ohhhhhhh. Humorous. Nanoha's aim is not terrible... But she certainly can't match her accuracy with a staff.
S6     "Mm..." S6 makes a thoughtful sound as data crosses her vision. She shrinks it into a corner for the time being, focusing her attention on the situation in front of her now. One foot lifts, catching a stiletto heel on one of the tables scattered about the room and flipping it off its legs. Snatching the edge with one hand, she plants it down as a makeshift cover between herself and these angry crimson enemies.

    With wood splintering off from even one projectile, she's aware this won't last long. Drawing up another window, S6 paints markers through the POD's sensor, then calls out, "Pod."


    The Pod retracts its antenna, ceasing the dynamic scan. The top section unfolds, firing a salvo of small missiles upward, arcing over the flipped-up table towards the closest of the Jammed Ammomancers.
Kukuru "Really? That's pretty convenient... Mine's just a... Dress." Kukuru replies to Nanoha with a brief flick of the hem of her skirt. Indeed, there's no magical anything to speak of coming from any of her clothes, but there's still something distinctly inhuman about Kukuru if the horns and claws weren't a dead giveaway.

She doesn't notice her claws getting covered in that black stuff right away, her attention already focused as it is on the strange noises. "Noisy in there. Watch your heads on the way in. Or your necks. Or... Hm." She pauses to scratch her chin lightly, only then noticing the black substance and shaking her claws a few times to see if it comes off.

"... Ah, you'll probably all be okay. If anyone gets hurt too much, just don't get too far away from me." That's the only real warning she provides before heading in through the door, barely even slowing down when she sees those ANGER MAGES spinning their balls around. Granted, she's not moving quickly to begin with, but still.

When said balls are launched at the group, she doesn't even bother to avoid them. At least, it doesn't look like she's trying considering she gets hit right in the shoulder by one before she even brings her claw up to block a second. The burns on her face heal over rather quickly, though, while she aims the Peashooter through a gap in the claw and fires it at the mages, all while advancing steadily towards them and that noise from the pillar.

"Help us." If the mages have any sort of mental processes beyond BE ANGRY and SHOOT BALL, they'll feel it inside their heads. Even as Kukuru's firing at them, she's pushing that suggestion in, trying to turn them towards aiding the group rather than slapping burning balls all over everyone.
Kupot Kupot frowns as he watches.

People appear to be... cheating. Isn't the entire thing a test? That seems unhelpful. Kupot is completely out of his element, but not defenseless. Bullets move just slightly slower to him as his eyes track where they are going, and Kupot seems adapt as rushing in through the door. He watches for a gap, putting his small body between two large bullets. Kupot fires a wild shot from the pea cannon.

The green globule goes out into the space, flying off loosely.

His eyes keep up a constant readout of the others in the room, giving him a chance to dash to one side of the room and continue firing while trying to keep everyone else out of the line of fire.

THe gun feels like anathema. It is monstrous in his fingers. An awkward squeeze of the trigger that he remembers in a far off world that he tried to forget.
Tomoe Tomoe seems good to go at this point as they finally get into the mix she levels her gun at the mages and she'll start shooting. From her gun the letters B U L L E T fire each time she pulls the trigger.

"here we go!"

She will keep close to Kukuru trying to cover the dealer but she's not sure what they are doing, she'll just have to keep by the new healer some time and cover. She sem more than willing to take a hit that would be intended for Kukuru.
Lily     The Pea Shooter from Corona smashes into the Jammed Ammomancer, causing it to float behind... then disappear... only to reappear right into the path of Yang's own Dust Bullets.

    Bullets. Fired from the fists. There's a bit of a rumble... and more currency drops onto Yang's head. Apology... or sass? Who knows. All that is true with the Gungeon is that Yang and the Gungeon are now 'friends'... for better or worse.

    The Pod's missiles crash right into the Ammomancer... while a giant steel bullet makes its way into visibility... bounce clanging around. Fortunately, this one isn't glowing red.

    Kukuru's voice is heard by the Jammed Ammomancer... and surprisingly, it stops glowing red. Though it doesn't actually stop firing, but the bullets definitely don't look like they'll hurt as hard if you get hit! While Kupot's own 'bullets' smash into the Ammomancer... and it pops, exploding into a few shell casings on its own.

    Nanoha isn't ignored either here in the Gungeon... as the peas ... bounce off the Lead Maiden with tink tink tink... It opens up, showing off a spiked inside... an Iron Maiden of course. It retaliates by launching waves of spiked bullets towards Nanoha and the group!
Yang Xiao Long     "It's pissin' me off, Ember Celica is just as much a gun as that thing you've got." replies Yang, as more cash lands on her. She goes dodge rolling aside, and behind a wall as the barrage gets a bit too much. She does a quick twistof her wrists, causing the mechanisms on her gauntlets to open and eject the spent casings with a sonorous jangling of the cases hitting the stones. She slaps a new roll of shells in each, clicks the mechanisms back in place and does the cross-over racking maneuver again. "At least it's not demanding we construct additional pylons or something." She claims the provided currency though, no need to be rude at least.

    Once the Ammomancer goes down, she peeks out from her cover position... "Lets find out what's makin' all that racket, huh?" she suggests, stepping up to, and patting Kukuru on the shoulder as she swaps forward of the beclawed woman. She stalks foward, giving the corner a wide berth to get a line on the source of that sound without being right in its face should it suddenly round the corner as she moves... and suddenly there's a big metal thing slinging spiked bullets everywhere. "That thing isn't even a gun!" she complains, ducking behind a table, barging it over to hide from the initial storm.
Kupot Kupot peers at the giant steel casing. Alright. That's not normal. As it cracks open, Kupot sees immediately. He rolls down, his cybernetic arms shifting and letting him scuttle along the floor, then bounce back up in a mighty leap, over the wave of bullets.

It's a HUGE target and emptying his whole clip into it isn't a problem for even Kupot. HUD warnings still flash on his insectile eye tech and the moogle turns his head with a short jerk towards the back to see the 'bullets' do not disappear.

"Kupo, behind!"
Corona Arclite Corona Arclite .. snickers a bit as more shell-cash is dropped on Yang's head. "Ah reckon it likes ya now." Which probably doesn't mean it's going to stop sassing her, or vice versa. Besides, there's more important things to worry about.

Fox ears stiffen at the clunking ste--hops, eyeing the source as it thumps into view. A living bullet person thing... really is not the weirdest thing, considering the whole guns and ammo theme this place has. "Well that's interesti--"

It's cut off into a yelp as the thing opens up and opens fire, and Corona has to bolt for cover to keep from getting gunned down in the cascade of shots spewing out of the thing. At least the Gungeon seems to provide a fair amount of things for protection if you're quick enough to get behind them. "That's gonna be tricky to get a shot at..."

Tch, what a time to not homing lasers or ricocheting bullets or some such handy. Best Corona can do is wait until there's a break in the spiked scatter fire to step out and fire at the Lead Maiden.
Kukuru "So they do have brains. Neat..." Kukuru murmurs to herself when she notices that shift in the Jammed Ammomancer's demeanor, not even seeming worried when Kupot takes advantage of the situation to finish off the thing. If anything, it might just be more of a testing thing for her.

And then the Lead Maiden appears. With Nanoha's shots not quite working as intended, Kukuru glances towards Yang at the contact and chuckles in return. "I think we found it already. Hmm... That sure is a lot of spikes, though. It'd be tricky to get close if we needed to, but..."

She holds her claw up to stare at the blackness covering it, wincing briefly as she takes a few spikes to her side. "No... No, it's not. But it's okay as long as we don't actually punch it or something, right?"

Her Pea Shooter won't work, if Nanoha's was any indication. Kupot's guns might have a better chance than that, but she doesn't quiteh ave anything like that. What she does have, though, is a pair of stupidly large claws and more raw power than sense right about now. Instead of just rushing the thing, Kukuru instead stabs her claws right into the ground, then squats in place.

It's important to lift with the legs and not the back. Lift she does, too, as she starts tearing huge chunks of the ground out of... Well, the ground, flinging it wholesale at the Lead Maiden to try and bury it in masonry and whatever else might be within arms' reach.

Specifically arms' reach, though, because she's not going to move from her spot. Too much work.
S6     As the last of the trio of Ammomancers falls, S6's makeshift cover finally collapses as well. She releases the wood still in her grasp, staring down at the debris for a moment, then lifting her gaze past the remains of the mages to the new threat bouncing into view. As it opens and unleashes its projectiles, the Pod chirps out -CAUTION-.

    "Heavily Armored..." S6 murmurs. Casey flips off her back and into her grasp, and she swings it up into a ready posture, "I see." The pose isn't that of a baseball player, but of a swordswoman two-handing an upturned Hasso no Kame. She braces, digging stiletto heels into the masonwork flooring.

    With others using lasers and guns, S6 swings Casey in a wide arc into the spread of spike-shaped projectiles, fully intent on using Casey's power to knock the wedge of shots directed at her right back into their point of origin.
Nanoha Takamachi     "Mine's a special dress. It's made of magic!" Not something easily repeatable for someone who doesn't have magic, unfortunately. So Kukuru's dress will have to remain a normal one.

    And then Nanoha's peas just bounce off the Lead Maiden harmlessly. Nanoha frowns in mild annoyance, looking at the pea shooter, "That seems a little unfair..." She's tempted to bring out the big lasers. But no, she can do this. She just needs to think creatively...

    A hail of spikes fly towards her. A pair of pink wings of light burst from from Nanoha's boots as she suddenly zips to the side with a quick burst of speed. Nanoha zips left and right some more to avoid the bursts of spikes as she raises her free hand, "Ring Bind!"

    The familiar ring of pink energy appears, but not around the Lead Maiden. Instead it appears just in front of Nanoha. She raises her pea shooter and starts to rapidly fire into the ring. The peas zip forward, only to freeze in place once they reach it. Nanoha continues firing into it, adding more and more frozen peas.

    Finally Nanoha stops firing, whipping her free hand out to the side as she calls out, "Break!" The binding breaks. The large collection of frozen peas all unfreezing and blasting forth in a large collective. Impromptu pea shotgun!
Tomoe Tomoe has little trouble dusting a few of the mages that had been attacking them she keeps moving, flipping and otherwise never holding still. she's even trying to reload on the move as she goes. There's still more to deal with like the Iron maiden whom she opens up on waiting for the point it opens up. She'll then fire while it's hopefully more vulnerable bits are exposed.

"Try to shoot it while it's open to shoot at us!"
Lily     Kupot's shots nail the inside of the Lead Maiden, causing it to bounce in angry motions.. Corona's shots manage to get a few shots in as well, but soon, it closes...

    And the bullets that are inside the wall, turn around and fire right back towards the Gungoneers while it bounces around some more, repositioning. It opens up again... just in time for Nanoha's makeshift Pea Shotgun to fire right into the open Maiden. Though, that Pea Shooter of Nanoha actually starts to glow as the Gungeon starts to mess with it... and making it a literal Pea Shotgun!

    S6's baseball bat smashes those projectiles back into the Lead Maiden along with Kukuru's own brand of 'bullet'... using the ground. The large projectile crashes into the Lead Maiden and it looks to be dented quite well.

    The face upon the top of it frowns... then the entire thing /explodes/! But there are still a few doors ready..
Yang Xiao Long     Yang's cover disintegrates, and she diverolls away as those spikes come back for another pass, one catching her along the side, scraping her Aura and tearing her shirt. She grunts as the thing explodes, then stands up and dusts herself off. "Right... any idea which way to go next?" she looks at S6, since she has that little helper robot to do mapping for her.
Kukuru "Magic, huh? I'm glad... It looks really nice on you." Kukuru chuckles lightly, somehow managing to split her attention between talking and-actually, she waits until after the Lead Maiden explodes to say that. Talking and fighting simultaneously doesn't seem to be a thing she's intent on doing right now, but at least the room is clear for the time being.

That gives her an opportunity to start patching people up. A casual glance will show that there's some weird energy flowing out of her and fixing up wounds, but a more astute/scientifically minded observer will notice that it's happening through the magic of bullshit nanomachines!

She also takes some breaks to eat some more peas from her pea gun.
Corona Arclite Ok, Corona will give the Gungeon credit for that. That's a trick she wasn't expecting.

She yelps at the spikes suddenly returning from behind, a couple catching her in the back before she can duck out of the way, and putting her face on the ground. Thankfully the protective layers within her duster took most of the damage, but the surprise impact was still enough to roughly knock her on the ground.

She's getting up, just in time to see what's happening. If there's one thing she knows almost as good as guns, it's explosions, and it's not hard to recognize a spiteful self-destruction sequence. "Time to be the cool person that ain't lookin' back at explosions," she quips, and scampers in the opposite direction to get as much distance between her and the Lead Maiden as it detonates.

At least they've got someone to perk them back up a bit afterwards. Thanks, Kukuru.
Nanoha Takamachi     The Lead Maiden explodes. And Nanoha's gun has morphed! Nanoha raises the now bulkier weapon, looking at it curiously, "Huh... That happened. Floating in the air beside her, Raising Heart chimes, <Level up.> Nanoha laughs, briefly, saying, "I don't think it works like that..." Or does it?

    Questions aside for the moment, Nanoha glances at the paths available to them. There's a question about which way to continue forward... Nanoha shrugs and just starts moving for the closest. No point in thinking too much about it. Just try one!
Kupot Already looking out for the first wave returning, Kupot's eyes start tracing back the line of fire. Then they REPOSITION.

Who the hell made up this horrible hell dungeon.

The moogle looks around quickly, then sees a spot in his heatmap that is blank. He scrambles quickly towards the pillar, pressing himself up against the side of it as the shots blast around it, hammering into the ancient brick and mortar, forming thick dents and cracks, but seemingly immune to destruction for dint of being quite ancient.

Kupot steps back out, holding the peashooter still uncomfortably at his side, and in a defensive position but ready.

"Likely the furthest kupo from where we started. Just keep going out further."
S6     S6 throws up one arm, shielding her face when the Lead Maiden detonates. She quickly pats out embers on her outfit, jets of steam hissing off the hem of her dress for a moment. Once this has calmed, she releases Casey, which flips up and slots in across her back in a resting posture, "Wide-area scanning is not within my capability," S6 admits to Yang, "However, there appear to be no traps that I am able to discern. I am logging a detailed map; the POD is making predictions based on known data. That is the best I can offer."

    Raising a hand, she points at each of the three doors in turn, waiting only long enough for the POD to rattle off its prediction.

Tomoe Kupot is proving to be pretty damn good as he scores some very nasty hits which gives Tomoe a chance to reload her gun and keep on the move. She'll need to thank him later, for now she gets on the move once more and she looks at the face on the ground.

"What the ..."

BOOM! Tomoe is force away from the exploding face shakes herself off makes sure no one is downa nd is going to take the first door she can open.
Lily     Behind the randomly selected door... is a hallway, it's pretty damn long... but soon exits out to another small chamber, and the only thing inside of it is another door, a golden skull above it. To S6 and Tomoe, it's a familiar sight... it's the Boss Room. To everyone present, there's a definite feel of unease behind that door. Something /big/ was present. Something malevolent. Something... that definitely isn't a muscular bird with a chaingun for all who knows. Meanwhile... the door stares at the group, the empty eyes open up with flames.

    The door slowly opens, everything behind it goes black, nothing showing behind it and, it /definitely/ does still show off a bit of malevolence...

    Though, a strange, heavyset figure comes up from behind the group. "Ah, new Gungoneers. The name's Bello. Figured I'd seek you all out this time since you cleared that room. Now, normally, I don't do this, but here. Figure you could use something better than that Pea Shooter you're all using." there's a look from Bello to Tomoe and S6... "Except you two, you seem to have some guns from the last chamber."

    He drops a few weapons down in front of Yang, Kukuru, Kupot, Corona and Nanoha... some nice weapons too. The one placed in front of Corona looks to be a futuristic rocket launcher, the one in front of Kupot seems to be a simple crate, the one in front of Nanoha is a v-shaped guitar, The one in front of Kukuru looks to be a simple two by four... with glowing black and finally Yang.

    An AK-47 that looks like it's been made from balloons.
Yang Xiao Long      Yang looks at the balloon gun. She looks up at Bello, then back at the balloon gun.


    She looks in the general direction of 'up'. "This is amusing to you isn't it?" she asks the Gungeon, as she picks up the offered weapon. "This thinig is obviously going to be useful, wouldn't be a thing if it didn't pack at least some of a punch, so fine... I'll play it your way." She makes sure there's no need to 'rack' the thing, before slinging it over her shoulder, the rubber squeaking comically as it brushes against her hair. "..."
Corona Arclite ".. Ayup. That's one heck of a door. Makin' my skin crawl, it is." Corona stops as someone approaches them from behind, and quickly turns expecting some manner of sneak attack from another Gungeon denzin. Fortunately Bello introduces himself before her twitchiness can, and more importantly, an offering of better gear. She still looks Bello up and down a moment, then nods. He looks like a man that knows his stuff and knows how to get stuff, even in a dungeon. Not just anyone can make a working business model out of that.

Corona holsters for lack of better phrasing the Peashooter and picks up the weapon presented her, holding it in her hands to get a feel for it. "Now this is more like it." She rests the launcher against her shoulder, using her other hand to pinch the brim of her stetson and give it a polite tip to Bello. "Much abliged, pardner."
S6     S6 recognizes this door. It's obvious, she thinks, but she still says it out loud: "The objective is past this door--"


    S6 whirls around when Bello makes his presence known, planting her feet into a combat-ready posture and lifting one hand towards the hilts of her weapons. Clearly something set her off as to the threat level of this guy; but his behavior gets her to relax her guard after a moment.

    "Understood." S6 lifts one hand in a gesture, "As I will not be obtaining a product, perhaps I can obtain information. What can you tell me about the guardian of this Chamber?"
Nanoha Takamachi     Nanoha cautiously makes her way down th corridor and into the next room, only to pause at the sight of the ominous door. She's not sure what it means... But it can't be good. Floating beside her, Raising Heart chimes, <Boss room.> Nanoha blinks, wondering if her Device is taking the concept of this being a game a little too far.

    Nanoha is distracted by Sudden Shopkeeper. He doesn't seem to be an enemy, so Nanoha offers him a smile and a, "Hello."

    At which point, Nanoha finds a guitar handed to her. Putting aside her pea shotgun for a moment, she takes the guitar and looks it over, "T-Thank... You?" She's not entirely sure what the point is... For one thing, she doesn't play!

    But out of curiosity, Nanoha strums one of the strings, unleashing a magical note. In more way than one! As four visible notes made of light fly out in four directions away from Nanoha, before striking various points along the wall.

    Nanoha's eyes widen a little at the realizition, "Oh... Oh! That's interested." She strums a few more notes in a random order, though strangely repeating the same string appears to produce a different note, resulting in a coherent song despite the lack of player's skill.

    Finally Nanoha smiles at the shopkeep, once again saying, "Thanks!" She then turns towards the ominous door, saying to the others, "Let's do this!"
Kukuru A gift is provided by a stranger! One that Kukuru would probably mistake for an enemy had he not spoken up, and she instead dips into a well-practiced curtsey in greeting. "He-llo, Be-llo. My name's Kukuru. Ku-ku-ru." She repeats, both for his benefit as well as everyone else's considering she hasn't actually introduced herself just yet.

Picking up the plank, she holds it between two claws while peering at it warily. "Huh... So it's okay to use this, but not these?" She sounds confused as she looks from the 2x4 to her black-gunked claws, shrugging after a moment before beaming a bright (yet tired) smile at the shiny-headed man. "Thanks. This should do just fine for me if I gotta stick to the rules and stuff."

A beat, and then she turns back to the boss door while shrugging her shoulders at Corona. "It'll be fine. Even if you die, I'll make sure you won't stay that way for too long. And then you can..." She trails off while closing her eyes, looking like she's deep in thought while listening to S6's question of Bello and Nanoha's test notes.

... Until she starts snoring. It's only when she loses her hold on the plank and it hits the ground that she snaps back to alertness from the noise. "Right... Um. Anyway, we'll be okay. Any info would be great if you have it."

She sticks around long enough to listen for whatever hints they might get while scooping that wood beam right back up, eyeing it curiously as it seems to be considerably longer than the 4 feet it was when it started. "... Huh. Guess that works, too." She shrugs, apparently not seeming too concerned about her growing wood while heading for the door.
Kupot Kupot has a... a crate.

He looks at the crate. He begins to flip the crate around slowly, looking for the best way to hold it. No... lengthwise perhaps. He is smaller than the large crate, and has to finally sort of hold it against his chest while grasping the entire thing.

It is clearly uncomfortable, "This place is... testing us, kupo."

He shifts the crate again.
Tomoe Well now the door finally opens and Tomoe beholds as she looks over to the newer Gungoneers as they get some new gear. Good, that should help them as they get deeper into the Gungeon. She'll look to Bello for a moment and tilt her head a little bit.

"Aye and thank you for gearing the newbies up Bello."

She seems to mean it too as she lets the rest of the party gear up. While she makes ready for a moment looking at the remaining doors.

"Time to open a door and get moving. Aye Boss room, this world is slowly being turned into a mish mash of what used to be VR games."
Lily     If one was to look, the door may have /grinned/ in response to Yang's question.

    Bello gives a nod towards Corona, Nanoha, and Kukuru. "Ah, gungeoneers with respect... does my heart good." a turn towards S6, then a look at the Door... then to Kupot, "No more a test than skill, my small furry friend." he laughs in that big guy hearty Braum-like laugh. "Ah... the Gungeon... it changes. Even I don't know what lie beyond this door, though, one must be prepared."

    He pauses a moment, looks to everyone present and a warm heart beat echoes in everyone's ear... and not only that, they feel quite refreshed too. "It wouldn't do to let you go in there exhausted."

    Back to S6 and Kukuru... "Gungoneers have... told me of three seperate entities beyond these doors. Which one is which, I cannot say. The Gungeon works in mysterious ways." beat "OH, and if you ... somehow find a large Primer... keep a hold of it."

    Bello nods towards Tomoe, "Think nothing of it, though, I wish you luck and... don't run out of health. You'll lose your guns... and progress." With this... he walks away.

    Once everyone finds themselves in the Boss Room... They'd find... no boss at all. At least, just yet.

    The /DOOR/ dissapears... and reappears right in the middle of the room. SEVEN HEALTH BARS appear over it and the name fades into existance.


    This Giant undead looking shell's eyes glow red, a giant purple tongue licks out from bullet-teeth... and rings of bullets start flying!
Yang Xiao Long     "The door is the boss... THE FREAKING DOOR IS THE BOSS!?" Yang is irrationally angry at this revelation. She looks around the room, briefly, then back at the Mimic. "That's how y'wanna play this? Huh? Lets dance then, big guy." she growls, slamming her fists together and PUNCHES one of the incoming bullets, firing off a point-blank shell to deflect it away... not something she can do easily or often. "Think yourself lucky, I was gonna rip off that door and beat ya with it... but since you /are/ the door, guess I'll have to improvize!"

    The blonde brawler unslings her Balloon Gun, and squeezes the trigger, loosing off some tornado-like projectiles that after a moment of high speed flight, slow down and start to home in on the boss as she takes off running, spacing from the group so any AoE attacks can't hit everyone at once.
Kukuru "A Primer? Uh... 'kay." It's obvious that Kukuru has no idea what that is. She doesn't seem too worried about the rest of what Bello tells them, though, content to just head in with/ahead of the group with her pea shooter in one claw, her wooden plank in the other, and actually trying to look fully awake by the time the door appears.

Again. She squints at the door as it does that GLOWING RED thing again, apparently taking that as some kind of cue to do something when those bullets start flying towards everyone. Walking right towards the waves, Kukuru takes a few shots at the Door Lord with her Pea Shooter while raising the wood beam overhead despite being nowhere near it...

At first. She disappears just before the bullets reach her, reappearing behind the Door Lord a moment later at which point she brings the wood beam down upon it!

She's also pretty sure that plank's gotten bigger again. Weird.
Kupot Kupot lifts his eyebrows. Large primer. He frowns, then looks up at the room. A test. All a test for the thing that he seeks. True escape.

He nods slowly towards Bello, carefully hefting his crate.

He sets the crate down in the middle of the room, frowning briefly. "There is supposed to be something kupo here, righ-"

The door itself comes to life. This is about par for the course. Pulling up the peashooter, Kupot waits for the first ring of bullets. Small bullets fly out from the shooter because he starts scrambling around the room again, circle strafing. He has a very small and weak gun, but he has skill. To easily avoid those rings of bullets and fire distracting shots.
Nanoha Takamachi     Nanoha waves as the strange but friendly shopkeep heads off. She briefly wonders how, or more precisely why, one applies for such a job. But it's not exactly the strangest thing she's seen in her exploration.

    Turning back to the next room, Nanoha begins to make her way into the room with the others. Only to find it empty...

    "Well. That was anticlimactic."

    Or not! Nanoha instinctively steps back as the doors disappear, reappearing in the center of the room. With teeth and a tongue to boot! Nanoha then narrows her eyes in focus, raising her hand into the air.

    A guitar pick made of pink magic forms between her fingers as Nanoha calls out, "Let's get this show started!"

    The Mimic begins firing those rings of bullets. Nanoha counters, bringing her hand down and dragging her magic pick across the guitar's strings. It unleashes a blast of music, as well a stream of magical musical notes that rush forth in multiple directions, Nanoha focusing the forward flying stream on the boss.
S6     "I see. Thank you." S6 dips her head once towards Bello before returning her attention to the golden bullet skull boss door. Beside her, the POD dips in place as well.


    She pauses, going to the ready once more when the door itself reveals its true identity as the chamber's guardian. Her head tilts forward with a little 'nn' of recognition as Casey flips from its resting position to at-ready, held aloft by a ring of golden runes around the grip. Yang breaks one way, and so S6 breaks the other, trailing light from the readied bat.

    The Door Lord opens up with projectiles fired in all directions. An easy solution to being surrounded. But it does allow S6 the chance to utilize her weapon properly. She stops quite suddenly, digging heels into the stonework floor in a shower of sparks. Hands snatch Casey from its hovering position and bring it up to the ready. Already charged, she swings the bat down in a wide horizontal arc, catching the wedge of bullets aimed at her immediate surroundings and knocking them right back.


Corona Arclite Primers, huh. Corona is not surprised by the names at this point. "We'll keep our eyes open... and the pointers apprec'ated too." Not that she has any plans on dying any time soon. "So the boss of the floor is a roulette spin... Well, that's still something, and better than knowin' nothing." The unknown is daunting, but not daunting enough to deterr an experienced adventurer. "Let's get this rodeo started."

They walk into the room, and the door closes. Then disappears. That's not good. It reappears in the center of the room itself, apparently it -is- the boss of the Chamber. "Ah've heard of gate keepers, but this is a bit more lit'ral than usual."

Being a bit of a twitchy vixen she's already moving when the rings of bullets appear, backing away from the boss until the rings spread enough there's a gap between the bullets for her to dart between.

Then lifts up the Void Core Cannon with the grin of a happy weapon afficianado. "Let's see what this baby can do. Yeehah!" She fires, and the weapon shoots out four balls of energy that launch towards the Door Lord more in the manner of rockets. Turns out they're explosive like them, too.
Tomoe The boss room, who knows what they are going to face this time. Tomoe will steel herself for what sort of madness might be laying in wait for them. she was not ready for this, She keeps Bello's words in mind though as she faces down the newest foe the Gungeon has to throw at them. What is Cardinal up to these days with this? Wither way she must deal with the undead door lord. She does not want to get near that thing's mouth as the bullets start flying.

In turn she breaks into a run opening fire, trying to circle strafe the Door Lord.

"I'm going to have some words with you!"

She calls out a cheesy oneliner as she opens fire. She'll also fire off some taunts trying to keep the thing more focused on her.

"All right you discount lich, you want some of this? You are not even fit for a Saturday Night special .22!"
Lily     YANG: OF COURSE THE DOOR IS THE BOSS! The Mini Tornadoes from the Balloon Gun, surprisingly, run right through the bullets and slam right into the Door Lord. It doesn't seem to do /much/ to it but the health bars above the boss do go down with the wind, though, the boss' eyes dissapear and then soon, lasers start to shoot, chasing Yang, while more bullets start to spew across the entire arena.

    KUKURU: The wood plank smashes right into the Door Lord's 'back' (???) and that plank of wood does seem to get bigger.. Though the Door Lord retaliates with some lasers and bullets of its own right towards the sleepy wood wielder! It growls too, making sure to keep her awake too!

    KUPOT: The Crate looks like a Crate... though, the Peashooter still does some damage once he fires, the health bar chipping down as the boss continues its retalitatory strikes with lasers, though, this set of lasers creates a flame path on the ground to dodge through!

    NANOHA: Even more damage is done to the boss with those musical notes 'shredding' into its brassy exterior. Guess Brass Instruments don't like Stringed... Once more, the health bar goes down and down, as it continues to retaliate on its own with more bullets and lasers!

    S6: It's a SWING and a HOME RUN. Multiple bullets get sent right back towards the boss, crashing right into it and sending that health bar down more and more. And, like the others before it, lasers and more bullets try to counter S6's melee offensive build!

    CORONA: That Void Core Cannon does a huge number on that health bar, it drops and drops... but man does that cannon have a big reload time. And like those before it, the Boss sends off its own lasers and bullets towards her too!

    TOMOE: Unfortunately, cheesy one liners don't damage the boss. The Boss retaliates from the B U L L E T, the chunking of the HP bar!
Lily     YANG: OF COURSE THE DOOR IS THE BOSS! The Mini Tornadoes from the Balloon Gun, surprisingly, run right through the bullets and slam right into the Door Lord. It doesn't seem to do /much/ to it but the health bars above the boss do go down with the wind, though, the boss' eyes dissapear and then soon, lasers start to shoot, chasing Yang, while more bullets start to spew across the entire arena.

    KUKURU: The wood plank smashes right into the Door Lord's 'back' (???) and that plank of wood does seem to get bigger.. Though the Door Lord retaliates with some lasers and bullets of its own right towards the sleepy wood wielder! It growls too, making sure to keep her awake too!

    KUPOT: The Crate looks like a Crate... though, the Peashooter still does some damage once he fires, the health bar chipping down as the boss continues its retalitatory strikes with lasers, though, this set of lasers creates a flame path on the ground to dodge through!

    NANOHA: Even more damage is done to the boss with those musical notes 'shredding' into its brassy exterior. Guess Brass Instruments don't like Stringed... Once more, the health bar goes down and down, as it continues to retaliate on its own with more bullets and lasers!

    S6: It's a SWING and a HOME RUN. Multiple bullets get sent right back towards the boss, crashing right into it and sending that health bar down more and more. And, like the others before it, lasers and more bullets try to counter S6's melee offensive build!

    CORONA: That Void Core Cannon does a huge number on that health bar, it drops and drops... but man does that cannon have a big reload time. And like those before it, the Boss sends off its own lasers and bullets towards her too!

    TOMOE: Unfortunately, cheesy one liners don't damage the boss. The Boss retaliates from the B U L L E T chunking the HP bar by /teleporting/ this time and breathing out a cone of flaming bullets!

    The POD chooses this moment to notify S6, while the andorid shields her face and upper body with her forearms against the onslaught of lasers and projectiles. Her head tilts towards the drone, though doesn't take her attention off the Door Lord. Data fills her vision, amidst damage notifications.

    "I have a plan," S6 declares, "Follow my lead."

    The android woman then hurls herself forward, right through the Door Lord's barrage. Casey flips up into storage and, in a flash of golden sparks, her sword disappears. What swings out into the ready position at S6's left side is a colossal crescent-bladed axe. A foot slams down, and S6 hurls herself into a leep. The axe is brought forward and down, swinging in a full vertical circle before she's close enough for the second arc to intersect with the monstrous Mimic.

    Hopefully hard enough to break its metallic shell, even if temporarily, for the others to take advantage of.
Yang Xiao Long     Yang delivers the first hit, and gets lasers for christmas. She skids to a stop, brings her arms up and tanks the shot, skidding back from the impact... a loud POP sounds as her Balloon Gun pops like a ... well, balloon. "That didn't last long." she muses a moment, smoking a little from the impact of those lasers. "On you, Sixy!" She redeploys Ember Celica and finally drops into her signature style, launching herself forward and firing behind her. She leaps on the momentum and aims to slam down into the Door Lord after its teleport, bringing a haymaker in from above and punctuating the hit with a discharge of the short-range shell, imparting more kinetic force into the monster's shell, after S6 opens the way.
Nanoha Takamachi     Nanoha continues strumming the guitar she holds, letting those notes fly out to hit the Boss even as she turns her focus to defense. She puts her flight skills and speed to the test as she rises up off the ground. She's soon zipping, rolling, swirling, duking and even sometimes dodging her way through the heavy barrage of lasers and bullets. Occasionally a shot gets in a hit, lasers scorching a bit of black across her Barrier Jacket. Bullets slam into the dress too, failing to penetrate thanks to the defensive magics but Nanoha still winces as she feels the pain of the impact. That'll bruise.

    Suddenly the pink magic pick in her fingers breaks, shattering into motes of light. Which surprises Nanoha. She wasn't expecting that to happen. Well, no matter. She can just summon another one. She does so. And the guitar is once more ready to continue firing its musical notes.

    Another surprise follows as something sudden appears on the ground beside Nanoha. She looks it over for a moment, realizing it's an amp. She wonders out loud, "Did I do that?"

    Raising Heart is the one to respond with a chime, <It is created on reload.> Nanoha wonders where her Device is getting that information. But she's a bit too busy to worry about it right now as she begins to strum the guitar again, sending more musical notes flying at the boss.

    But for the third surprise in this moment, the amp beside her begins to fire musical notes too as the song she plays echoes from it. Soon there's a twin barrage of musical notes raining down on the Door Lord!
Kupot The laser clips Kupot, burning across white fur and slicing through his coat. Fire ripples around his feet, roaring to lift as the floor itself bursts into flames. But the rolling speed of the moogle is too much to stay in one place too long. He rolls back to the crate and picks it up.

RHe shifts it rapidly... there, there, yes. He can feel some sort of 'trigger'. If you just ignore the concept, it is intuitive... There.

The small street sam is nearly bowled over as a FUCKING ANVIL hurtles out of the crate towards the LIVING DOOR.
Kukuru With the battle beginning for real, Kukuru's healing nanites spread around the room to provide her allies with some modest healing support! It's easier than actually aiming that energy, anyway, although it slows down briefly when the Door Lord responds with yet more lasers and bullets coming towards her.

Trying to actually do that teleporting stunt again probably won't help matters, though, since it seems to be firing in so many directions at once with so many people fighting against it. She just takes those shots directly much like those of the Ammomancer from earlier, letting her self-healing prowess handle the shots that get past her claw-based defense.

"This one doesn't look like it has  a lot of... Um. Subtlety? But that's fine. Fewer gimmicks means we can just fight it head on." Kukuru chimes '''helpfully''', trying to sound encouraging. Spotting S6 moving into melee range as well, Kukuru joins her by stepping forward, making absolutely no dramatic movements, and just swinging her steadily extending wood beam like a baseball bat at the Door Lord.

Repeatedly. It's actually kind of therapeutic, being given the go ahead to just smash away at a thing like this without having to worry about the cleanup later. She also starts slipping in some of those psychic suggestions to the Door Lord as well, probing around to see if she can't turn it to more productive* purposes.

*Productive for herself and the Concord by extension, of course.

Join us. Lay down your... You, and join us. We are your friends.
Corona Arclite The explosive volley provides quite the whallop! After firing Corona glances aside at the device strapped to the back of her arm. It takes a moment for the readout to sync fully and spit out a stream of statistics and telemetry calculations. The VCC hits hard, but it drags on the reload time. Which makes sense, if it functions like a rocket launcher. Meant for big booms more than consistent firepower.

She snaps her attention back up as the Door Lord starts to spaz out attacks in retaliation. "Sunnova.." She jumps and jukes to avoid various sprays of pellet shots, trying to maneuver into a better position. But it's the sweeping laser that catchs her, as she jumps back and gets caught in it's trail of fire. Followed by a yelp as she scampering from that only to get caught on the return sweep, pinning her into another bombardment of bullets as well, and some manner of explosion following. Likely something of Corona's own equipment blowing from the aggrevated damage.

The fennec vixen steps out of the aftermath though, duster billowing behind her now in tatters. Looks like that explosion was from the protective hardware she modified it taking the brunt of the assault, ablatively protecting her. "Tch. Caught me off my guard." She reached up with a hand to pull her goggles down over her eyes, and the HUD in the hyperglass lenses flickering to life as they uplink with her other hardware. "Won't happen again."

And with that she taps something into her arm device, adjusts a dial setting, and bolts off. She moves sideways of the fight in general, even as she's stowing the Core Cannon for now and redrawing her Peashooter. Sure, it's not going to do a lot of damage with it's basic shots on their own.

But it can fire faster than the cannon, letting Corona to slip into the run-and-gunkata style she prefers, arcing around the Door Lord while firing repeatedly.
Tomoe Tomoe has got some attention of the Boss somewhat. Tomoe does not do as much damage as she wished she could but it's still something. If only she could unlock a power to do that. For the moment she's got bullets everywhere and she's getting shot up. Her body is riddled with angry red wireframes from her injuries. She's sitll going though as she opens fire again firing off several more shots but at a much lower output like she's trying to get ready for something else.
Lily     The Door Lord's shell cracks right open and Yang's own shots make a REALLY BIG dent into its HP Bar! Kupot's Anvillian fires that huge anvil and it crashes right into the face of the Door Lord, and goes /right through/ somehow. Nanoha's 'gun's' notes crash right into that opening as well, the Door Lord wails in pain from the sudden musical barrage, more so with the amp literally amplifying the mage's own damage.

    Kukuru's own psychic request gets a direct response, and it's quite a simple one too. "No." it almost sounded... jovial. Unfortunately, the Clue By Four doesn't give it a clue, but it does give it quite some pain while Corona's pea shooter nails the crack in the armor that S6 made for the party!

    Though nothing as simple as that one, well placed shot by Tomoe that hits /right in/ the weak point made by S6, widened by Yang... the second HP bar just gets nuked, leaving five left. It screams in pain and, in a strange deviation, causes something to /GLITCH/ out. Waves of tightly ringed fire bullets spew in concentric circles to engulf the arena... the heat from this attack bringing it up quite a few degrees!
Kupot Kupot gets another graze from the bullets and instantly his coat goes up into flames.

Flames threaten every inch of his body as the fabric goes up, but Kupot grabs the coat and tosses it out behind himself, revealing instead the tiny and wirey body, fur crisscrossed by scars, burns, and bullet wouinds. He carefully grabs up the crate again, aimed upward towards the creature's eye. "I will complete this test, kupo. You are nothing compared to that pain."
Kukuru Kukuru doesn't seem too disappointed by that refusal for her request, although she does look considerably warier about staying too close to the Door Lord when it starts glitching out and setting everything on fire. She even yelps in pain when some of those flames singe her and force the... Whatever Kukuru is to put the flames on her dress out, even backing away considerably to regain her bearings.

"That doesn't look right... Um. Does it? That effect looks like a computer... Thing." She mutters vaguely, rotating her arm a few times as she feels her shoulder crack back into place while her burns sizzle from brown to pink to slightly off-colored skin in the span of a few seconds.

Noting her plank weapon's continued sturdiness and general lack of respect for the laws of nature when it comes to everything involving its length, however, Kukuru gets a new idea! She's seen the Door Lord's teeth and tongue already, and she knows they're somewhere in the giant Door's face, so it must have some kind of internal... Something or another. Door anatomy is hard.

Whatever the case is, though, she just needs to get in there first. Wading/teleporting through the waves of fire, she reappears above the Door Lord, excessively long wood in hands/claws. "Hey. You. Look up here for a sec." She beckons, being incredibly unsubtle about what she's going to do: She's going to try cramming that thing right in its mouth to see just how long that wood beam can get.
Nanoha Takamachi     All hell breaks loose as the party manages to bring the boss down to what is apparently some kind of threshold. Ever more Nanoha gets the feeling like she's in some kind of game, recalling her younger days playing RPGs. Not that she's complaining.

    Especially when she'd rather complain about the sudden rise in heat. Though truth be told, the damage inflicted by the flames is of more concern. Nanoha can't evade such a large blast with her flying so she simply lands and steadies herself, the flames rushing over her. Her defensive magics reduce the the damage, though only so much as several spots of her dress are scorched, the edges still glowing from the burning cinders. She won't be able to take something like that too many times!

    Nanoha indicates as much as she calls out, "We need to press the attack, or we're not going to survive!"

    Once more the Aerial Mage's pick breaks. And once more she summons another one, the old amp vanishing only for a new one to form next to where she current stands. She was hoping that would be the case though as she takes to the air, flying a circle around the boss before stopping and unleashing another barrage of musical notes. Though this time, the placement puts the boss between Nanoha and her amp, resulting in catching it in a cross fire!

    Meanwhile, Raising Heart continues to float in the air beside Nanoha, keeping up with her as she flies. However, when Nanoha stops to unleash her next musical assault, the Device floats higher into the air above its Master. It then begins to unleash bursts of pink lasers from within its gem-body. Though they're not aimed at the boss. In fact they don't appear to be aimed at anything, firing off in random directions at seemingly random intervals. And they're extremely weak, little more than beams of light. But as Nanoha continues to 'fire' her guitar, it becomes clear that the beams are synched up to the song the instrument is belting it.

    It's a musical magical light show!
Yang Xiao Long     Yang lands heavily, kicking off the Door Lord after her strike and does a backflip to land with a grunt on the ground. She watches the other attacks land then the boss pattern changes. She does a bit of a 'dance' through the incoming bullet storm, the increasing heat starting to stress her Aura, the golden hue limming around her body as she grazes bullets. After that storm, she's looking a bit worse for wear, but still in the fight.

    She slams her fists together, her entire body detonating with a pulse of force and a flaring of that limmed gold into a flickering flame. "Little pig, little pig, let me in. If you don't, I'll huff and puff and BLOW YOUR HOUSE IN!" she says, storming forwards as those auric flames flicker about her, getting in close and delivering a withering flurry of punches, each augmented with that point blank kinetic blast, these also mix in some of the Flame Dust from her ranged shells, leaving a burning napalm-like residue in the wake of her punches.
Corona Arclite This Mimic Master is putting out some seriously literal firepower! Fortunately, heat and fire are things Corona is well versed in, being a smith as well as a species designed for dry desert environments.

She skids to a stop, pulling a small mechanical block out of her inventory. Which she throws at the ground at her feet. It clinks and clunks to fall on a flat side, and then unfolds through some elaborate clockwork mechanism to ratchet panels up and out into a small barricade. Which Corona promptly ducks down behind. Blazing bullets swirl around the arena from the Boss, hammering against the panels again and again. It doesn't take long for them to start to glow and warp from the heated assault constantly slamming into it, hot enough that even protected from the direct onslaught Corona can feel it sizziling behind the slowly smoldering barricade.

Concern from the assault is briefly distracted from as her analytical device bleeps at her, having finished what she previously imput it with. "Ah! Perfect timin'!" Corona holsters the Peashooter and rearms the Void Core Cannon that Bello gave her. She trips the amplifier system in her own equipment, and then stands up with the weapon to aim in the Door Lord's direction.

"YIPPY KA AYE YAY BULLET THUMPER!" Corona yells as she opens fire to bombard the Boss with a brutal barrage of blistering bombastic blasts of her own!
S6     At such a close range, and already not really caring about her own safety, S6 has basically no chance to avoid the Door Lord's response to ripping open its armor with a huge axe. She plants the weapon down to anchor herself, shielding her face and chest as best she can with her arms as she is engulfed in flaming projectiles. When the wave abates, steam hisses off the hem of her damaged dress, and the POD chirps an alarm.


    "Jettison it," S6 rasps, hauling back to her feet. The damage readouts swarming her vision are collected and then cast aside. In the same instant, the frilled portion of her dress cracks into multiple smaller sections, then erupts off her hips in all directions, trailing steam and sparks. The android, left in a leotard and coatlet, changes tactics.

    The axe is left where it was discarded, dissolving in a spray of golden particles. What appears in S6's outstretched hand is a simple straight sword, its blade marked by many lines. She crouches, then leaps, hurling herself at the Door Lord directly once more. The sword is drawn back, only thrust forward when she's close; aiming for the gap in the armor she'd created and others had widened.

    And should her blade strike true, once wedged inside the monstrous Mimic, it snaps into pieces on those segmented lines. Each segment adopts the telltale golden circle of runes indicative of her VRCS. As S6 drops away, holding only the hilt, those shards start jerking about wildly inside the Door Lord's body. Like angry hornets made out of razors.
Tomoe So things are far from over here as the Door Lord keeps coming for all tof them her own shots have fone more than she expected but she's now got enough going on she can attempt to act her plan. "Wait what's going on with ...."

The glitch happens which forces Tomoe to try and run but it does her no good. She survives it looking more than a little dinged and she now will level her gun at the Door Lord.

"I have had enough of this!"

She opens up and just starts shooting and does not stop. It seems she's intent to go through all her ammunition she has to try and bring this thing down in a powerful salvo of words and those words? Are all B U L L E T. This is a war of words and she's an arm's dealer.
Lily     The Door Lord gets the shards of that sword stuck solidly inside... but Door Lord used Rapid Spin, ejecting the sword shards /right back out/ towards S6, though it does give a convinent distraction to Kupot's gun, the anvil flies directly into its eye, taking it out and causing it to start glowing red... It's not in a good mood now as it stares down Kupot, further giving a distraction to Kukuru's sudden class change to Dragoon... that beam slams right into the Door Lord's 'mouth', further making it glow a brighter red, it's storing up something, but what?

    Magical Idol Nanoha's musical light show gets noticed too, the notes and the beams of light crash right into the Door Lord, its shell casing body denting more and more, as it slams right into the ground while Yang's flaming, point blank kinetic blasts really dent not only the chamber floor but the boss, further cracks show up in the armored things's body!

    The modified VCC from Corona really does a good number, helping to open more cracks in the armor, smashing into already known cracks and opening them wider... it's not long but it looks to be almost done while a War of the Words is waging widly with Tomoe's own gun. The B U L L E T explodes on each letter in those cracks.....

    And the Door Lord groans and screams... the health bar is down to it's final bit... and both eyes and the mouth light up in flame.... it lies there... and starts mortaring bullets at everything at a rapid pace, everything those shells hit explode in a huge dome of fire, blackening the stonework around the room!
Yang Xiao Long     Yang hops back after her flurry, skidding to a stop after launching herself with her final punch. That mortar shell comes flying at her too fast to dodge, so she brings her arms up and cross-0guards in front of her to tank the hit.

    The shell lands dead on, explodes and leaves a smoke-filled crater where the girl once stood... is still standing. Scorched, clothes tattered and a trickle of blood running down from various cuts along her limbs, the brawler looks pretty battered.

    That golden aura remains though, and it looks even bigger than before, becoming a halo of power around the Hujntress. "That all you got? Some Door Lord you turned out to be. More like a cat flap!" She slams a foot down, cracking the stonework under her heel, before she starts, punching the air and flinging those homing bullets of Dust at the crippled Boss. They detonate like hand grenades.
Kukuru With the beam wedged right in there, Kukuru's fairly confident that the battle is coming to a close! She's doing a surprisingly good job of just staying right on top of that beam, too, perched atop it even with the Door Lord screaming and hurling flaming bullets everywhere while everyone's attacks pound on it from so many angles at once.

That's not to say she's not actually trying to avoid getting hit herself, of course, blinking in and out of existence rapidly to avoid the worst of the impacts while relying on her ever-present nanites to constantly replace whatever pieces go missing, get incinerated, or just straight up exploded off.

It's actually kind of bloody already, but Kukuru doesn't look like she's particularly concerned about that. She's breathing harder than before, though, as though all this rapid-fire healing is taking a toll on her despite maintaining the demeanor of someone that hasn't had half her body's water weight already evaporated over time. The mortar explosion even knocks her right off the Door Lord, skidding briefly before dropping onto her side like she had just gotten pulverized by the impact.

"... This thing really doesn't know when to call it quits, huh? Ah, but maybe that's not such a bad thing. It could be useful later." She comments aloud without aiming that towards anyone in particular, pushing herself up once more and steadying her glasses on her face. She cracks her claws/knuckles under the claws, stifles a yawn, then jumps.

Actually jumps, even, instead of teleporting again. She gets some pretty good height on that jump, too, going well above her already elongated Wood Beam. As Kukuru comes back down towards it, she brings both claws together before slamming it down into said beam, putting as much force as she can into the thing to try driving the weirdly durable thing right through the myserious mimic.
Nanoha Takamachi     The boss is down! But not for the count! Those shells arc through the air, starting to explode all over the place. Nanoha rises up once more, using her superior aerial skills to weave her way through those flying projectiles. Occasionally one will explode nearby, catching her on the edge and scorch her a little more, but she manages to avoid a direct hit!

    As she flies, Nanoha begins channeling magic into her magic pick. It begins to glow brighter and brighter, shining out across the dungeon room, until Nanoha comes to a stop, hovering in the air. She raises the mightily glowing pick above her as she calls out, "Divine-" There's a brief pause for effect, before Nanoha finishes, bringing her hand down, "-SOLO!"

    The pick rips across the guitar strings, unleashing a single musical note of massive proportions in the four directions around Nanoha. One of which streaks through the air towards the downed boss to explode with an incredible blast of sound and music.
Kupot Kupot grabs his sword sheath in one hand. The weapon remains bound, undrawn, within the wooden scabbard.

The tremendous bullet lands, bringing forth an explosion, a rushing force of heat and pressure. Enough to outright kill many people.

The scabbard flickers through the pressure wave, cutting the rest of it away. Heat and pressure explode past Kupot's right arm, nearly ripping it out of its socket, searing the fur from his skin along that side. Flesh bubbles, but the subdermal armoring remains.

Lowering the still sheathed katana, Kupot brings up the peashooter. Thousands of people. He can squeeze off shots for that. Even if the gun feels alien in his hand.
Tomoe Tomoe is pushing things very hard right now she knows this thing needs to go down and go down fast. She's been known to take risks and well it pays off today there's been a small problem she's burned almost all of her ammo on that all-out attack she doesn't have much left.

Thankfully neither doe the boss if everyone keeps pushing they should hopefully be able to drop this thing hard. so she'll push with what she has left.

She'll have to worry about that later as the world goes kaboom on her and leaves her quite the mess. She's still standing but her body is a twisted mess of damaged wireframes for the most part now as it tries to reassert its actual appearance in the meantime.

"... I guess this is my last word."

She levels her gun and fires the last round she has aiming for the boss's head.
Corona Arclite The HP Bars go down! ... and the Boss's rage goes up, up and up even more. It's fury is higher than any of the instruments at Corona's disposal can accomidate, so she just gets several generic *** CRITICAL POWER LEVEL *** warnings flash across her goggle-display.

Generic is enough to get the vixen moving, leaping away from her portable cover just as the volley of shots start hammering down. She gets clear of the initial impact, but blast slamming down causes a chain of explosions that catch her in the shockwave and send her rolling backwards until she slams into a wall of the chamber. Then groans as she flops to the floor afterwards. "Ah reckon he don't like the witty repitoir." Corona mutter as she got up, grabbing her hat as she did and plopping it back on her head. Then rubbed the soot from her goggles with a corner of her neckerchief before letting it droop back around her neck. Checks the Void Core Cannon and her analytical display. Her boost has wore off, but the weapon hasn't completely depleted it's shots yet because of it either. She's got just enough...

Corona gets a wicked grin as an idea forms. "Time to shut this door, fer good." She sprints forward, and uses one arm to fire off her grappling line. It zings past the Door Lord to grab the floor somewhere behind it. Exactly as intended. Corona engages the reel-in, and then kicks off her feet to tip backwards. This puts her on her back, still sliding across the floor as the grappler reels her in. The idea is to go low while most everyone else is going high, and her line pull her in -under- the Mimic Master.

Giving her a small but potential opening to aim up with the cannon and fire it's remaining shot directly into the broken boss's body!
S6     As S6 lands from her attack with the Type 4O, she winces. That clearly didn't go as planned, judging by the scattering of sword fragments around her and the distinctive crimson color of Android internal fluid splattered around her. The sword pieces levitate, then gather back up on the sword hilt to re-construct the weapon. The entire Type 4O then disappears in a scattering of golden sparks, as S6 rises unsteadily to her feet.

    What appears in its place is the relatively unassuming Casey. Just a bat. While this readies itself in the golden runic ring of the VRCS, she thrusts out her right hand. A similar ring wraps around one of the anvils that Kupot fired earlier, tearing it free of the masonry and dragging it to her. The ring releases, the chunk of steel dropping with its momentum and skipping across the Gungeon floor.

    Hands free, S6 grasps Casey, winding it back. At just the right moment, she swings-- Not at the Door Lord, but at the anvil. With a resonant CLANG, S6 launches the massively heavy projectile right at the ailing Elder Mimic. The sheer vibration prompts S6 to drop the bat with a hiss and a brief flurry of sparks from her hands.
Lily     It's all too much, the explosions didn't take out any of the Gungeoneers! It was supposed to be a sure shot too... but alas, it didn't work out for the Cat Flap.. err, Door Lord.

    Yang's rapid fire punching with those dust bullets grenading its brass body, Kukuru's beam and claws penetrating the Door Lord through and through, Nanoha's divine solo's huge musical note ripping right through its core, the continual shots of Kupot's Peashooter, Tomoe's LITERAL WORD PLAY, Corona's explosive missiles, and finally a Casey-powered Anvil returned by S6...

    It's all too much for the being to handle as it starts to explode and then... dissapear. The giant CONGRATULATIONS appearing in the sky as a couple items drop down... a key that looks like it has a rat's skull for the handle, all in brass... and a round orange object that looks like the back of a bullet. Multiple copies appear, at least one for every person here. The exit door opens and the Shellevator appears beyond it, along with that same red button..

    "Oy, you all look tired. Wanna /SAVE/?"
Corona Arclite Corona Arclite gets up, dusts herself off, and grabs her share of the loot.
And of course accepts the SAVE request. This isn't a super hard mode speed run after all!

She is a little crazy, not stupidly insane.
Kukuru With the battle concluded, Kukuru lets out a tired sigh while settling into a squat right where the Door Lord had been seconds ago. She barely even registers that a big word  has appeared, and she only looks up when the rat skull key and orange things appear in front of the group.

"... Huh. Think this is a new gadget or weapon or whatever?" She asks, already somewhat convinced that it's the latter as she grabs one of those bullet-back things. She also reaches for that rat skull key, too, handling it quite gingerly even with her monstrous claws while somehow pocketing the wood beam and her orange thing at the same time.

"Yeah, I think this is a good time to take a break. Grab some snacks, get some work done... Good work, everyone. You'd make good recruits if you ever wanna join the Concord long-term. You could even make more money than me if you work hard enough~"
Tomoe Tomoe twitches as she sees the CONGRATULATIONS amd she twitches prety hard fdor a moment. "I think saving and taking a break would be a good idea."
Nanoha Takamachi     Nanoha softly touches down on solid ground once more as a giant Congratulations appears in the air. How very game like...

    Though not completely unusual, given the holographic tech Nanoha is used to. She's probably included a floating Congratulations in her combat simulations at the academy once or twice.

    Nanoha takes in a few deep breathes to relax after that rather energetic battle. Before smiling at everyone and saying, "Well done, all." Though Kukuru gets a chuckle before Nanoha replies, "Thanks, but I think I'm right where I need to be."

    Nanoha picks up the items that seem to have dropped for her. Looking over them curiously, wondering what their purpose is. Perhaps she'll find out later, assuming she can make it to the next one. Because, you know, she's usually pretty busy at work. And at home. Really hard to tell what her schedule will be like in the future!

    Oh yes. And save!