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Reliant The flying saucer that dominates the Maw of Tyrants at present isn't so large as to eclipse the floating continents that occasionally characterize this region, but it's larger than several of the single-town islands that make up most of the inhabited areas of the Maw. As for the airships that prowl this region however, it is easily the largest that anyone has seen in quite some time.

It hovers within what is regarded as a sort of Space Maelstrom, a region of tangled space-time so difficult to navigate at all -- much less safely -- that people rarely bother without very concrete goals.

The colossal flying saucer appears to have stabilized the surrounding space-time however. Several fields of energy emanate outwards from a series of glowing stripes that run through the middle of its rotating form, and those who have some ability to analyze energy signatures would be able to detect that space and time are being managed by separate outwardly-facing 'somethings'. Entities, machines, spells. It's hard to say.

The final ring is generating a helix-shaped spire th at is drilling down into the ground, though what it's doing is completely impossible to analyze at the moment-- save that it seems to be collecting some sort of residue, but anybody with eyes could have told you as much.

Compact helicopter-like hover vehicles with purple, cycloptic pilots flit here and there, bringing small islands into the column of helix. And yet, this is not where those responding to the saucer's request for defenders will be doing their defending from. A series of hardhat-wearing squat humanoid construction drones holding pickaxes are waiting on the ground, and guide everyone to a portal device that is set up a few yards away. It is a simple metal-framed device with two doors that join in the middle. Presently, it is swung open, a swirling portal displaying a room on the other side.

A variety of monitors and displays blink and flash nearby, their purpose uncertain. The room is more like a broad corridor than an actual room, with a high ceiling but no actual contents. A shutter-style door is on one side of the room, and a shutter-style door is on the other.


It leaves. Time begins to pass...

It's a little under ten minutes later that there is a strange noise, and the shutter on the "far" side of the room opens. A humanoid robot in white-and-blue that stands at 5'3" hangs in mid-jump, "sliding" through the air into the room.

Megaman Molto has the prominent forearms and boots characteristic of machines from worlds like his own; his bodysuit has a black core with a dark blue exterior, with twin red stripes dividing them from knee to just below the breast. A white vest-like pattern feeds into a comfy-looking fur collar. His forearms and boots are white with red nodes on either side opposite each other, and a dark blue stripe.

His helmet is blue-and-white, with red earpieces surrounded by a white cone-like structure that juts forward parallel to his jaw. The forehead is adorned with a yellow gem.
    hose who have had contact with Megaman X will recognize that they practically share a face.

Megaman Molto stares towards the collected group in shocked disbelief. A monitor on the side of the screen beeps and displays the scene, a pair of health bars lighting up-- one for the "party", and another for Molto. He glances towards it in aggravation, but the moment that the characteristic whining beep of the right-side healthbar filling up sounds he raises his arm which morphs a twin-barreled blaster atop it and fires a scattering of shots into the group.
Go Shijima      Okay... rule of thirds, check the lighting, the focus, make sure everything's in frame... Snapsnapsnap.

     Go chuckles, lowering the camera with a confident grin. How often do you get a picture of a real flying saucer? Real aliens? That... strangeness... it's almost like the time-dilation he's used to from home. Whatever it was, it fades the closer he gets to the saucer.

     Once he's through the portal device, though, his mood sours a little. This hallway's no good at all for pictures! Dressed in brown pants, a hoodie that matches the white and red of his bike, a set of comfortable sneakers and a shirt from the mysterious land of Arizona, he steps through the opposite end once the door opens.

     "Eh?!" The rapid beeping of health bars filling seems to agitate him. He looks up, apparently able to see something that others may not be able to. "Health bars?! Shoo! Shoo!" Looking to be about 19 or so, the young man makes an agile run up the wall followed by a masterful backflip, attempting to kick the bars away. No dice. He lands on his feet.

     "Fine then! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" Go throws his arms wide, smiling proudly, before dipping backwards into a handstand. "GET READY FOR SUPERSTAR ACTION!" What is he talking about? "Let's..." From his upside down position, he procures a belt with a strange device on it. It kinda looks like the muffler of a motorcycle. Standing just fine on one hand, he slaps the belt around his waist and slots a tiny white miniature motorcycle into that device.

     It snaps neatly into place, with two bursts of flame from the 'exhaust,' followed by an announcement and a jaunty jingle seemingly made of bike horns:

                              Signal Bike! RIDER!!                              

     With just one hand, he springs into a nimble front-flip, landing back on his feet. His right arm is held up, bent upwards at the elbow, left hand resting beneath the elbow. There's a dramatic flourish to reverse their positions, and a self assured nod. "Henshin!"


     A sleek bodysuit of lightweight white armor with two red vertical stripes down the left side appears, complete with a blue-visored full motorcycle helmet with V-shaped antennae, and a waist-length shoulder cape also at the left side. On the right side of the chest, at shoulder level, there's a wheel with the hubcap facing outwards. Asymmetry's stylish, no?~

     "Track..." His left fist closes, sweeping up towards his right shoulder. Wait, he already transformed. "Eradicate..." Both hands crossed at the wrist. What is happening? "I'm always at..." Now thrown wide open, and the sound of a superbike's revving engine. "Mach Speed! Kamen Rideeeeer..." Is he still going?! Two windmills of his right arm, accompanied by revving sounds, then briefly lifting his knee to his elbow, bending low, before stancing wide and low with both arms wide open, palms out. "Ma-ach!" Light jazz hands. He eats the blast full on, Megaman Molto's energy bursts drawing sparks and knocking him to the ground.

     Pounding a fist against the ground! "Hey! Don't interrupt my intro," says the guy who tried to interrupt someone else's. He pulls out the Zenrin Shooter and blasts back from his position on the ground, rolling out of harm's way to stand back up.
Shinnosuke Tomari This was weird. A colossal UFO in a land of floating islands mining for something? It was super, super weird. But, Shinnosuke Tomari wasn't here for the pay, even if he was going to accept it. He was here to discover what's going on in the Multiverse, fight off attackers trying to halt a perfectly legitimate Mining Operation, and maybe progress some goals.

Once inside the 'room', he's got information to relay to the others. "Rinna- ah, that's our science expert- informed me that there's something weird going on with their mining. They're not mining out any recognizable materials, or really even digging up the island conventionally, but they still must be looking for something, right? Mr. Belt can't tell what that is, though." The belt on the detective's torso (Tomari's in his normal outfit for right now) is frowning in red lines, as Mr. Belt speaks up. "I tried, Shinnosuke. Hopefully, it's not important."

Go gets a nod in greeting.

And then, their shocked opponent comes in. Tomari has never met X! This seems weird, but, they're clearly some sort of armored man or a robot, have a gun, and are trying to stop this mining operation. "Hey there. I'm going to be stopping you today. Let's take you out for a spin." Taking the bracer on his arm, he grabs the red car with white stripes from his belt, places it on the bracer...


And as the health bar is loading up, he flicks the arm device, scans it over the belt receiver, and poses. Circles of data and energy begin to form around him, as armor pieces together - a black bodysuit, red breastplate, and a bug-like helmet. A tire literally flies through the portal into the room, clicks diagonally into place from the left shoulder down, and spins once.

DRIVE! Type -- Speed!

The energy blasts hit right at this time. They hit Drive head-on, but render sparks and grazing damage, due to being the first attack of the fight, they can't belt him out!

"Let's try and get this over quickly, if you're the only attacker." Though, there's something weird. Why the room? How did their employer know they'd come in here, and when? Tomari's feeling fuzzy, but he can still give a big attack!

He slides forward, tires on his feet spinning, and moves to punch Megaman Molto straight in the chest, hard enough to spark armor. This is followed up by a quick elbow to the shoulder, and a sweep at the leg, both at rapid speed. It's more flashy than it is super powerful, though, but it's certainly a good showing if it hits.
Xion "Today we're just defending this place, huh?" Xion asks, seeming totally okay with the situation. Snapping out a black and white checkered folding chair, the young member of Organization 13 seems entirely peachy-keen on just...

Sitting there. In her folding chair.

She even gets out her phone and starts playing some side-held game quite happily, this sort of guard duty always more about me-time for her than intense vigilance.

Until the door opens. Bip-bip-bip. A Mega Man slides through the door, and, upon seeing them (and their helpful Boss HP Bar), begins opening fire.

Xion doesn't move, beyond looking up and putting away her phone.

The blasts scatter across her, her chair, and the ground around her, sending up flares of Toku Sparks and pyros, shrouding her actual body from view. Her silhouette rises, not even having a hurtbox animation at first. Instead, she raises her hand, as an orb of light coalesces in her upraised palm, drawing from the power of the 'stage'. She lowers it, spreading wide her stance, a purple light and a red light in both outstretched fists. "Mega Man... That's an incredible power. I can feel it from here, exactly what kind of fierce heart you have. Still, my mission is to defend this room. To do so, I'll draw on any power I can reach. I've got a good feeling about this combi:"

As Go stances up, his callout of 'Henshin' being joined sequentially after by "Double X!"

It's pronounced 'Two Key'.
The purple medal shines brightly. JUSTICE
The red medal flares with a large, hanging W. WILY.

The purple medal flares, a black undersuit being studded by heavy plates of purple and gunmetal in greaves, gloves and bracers, chestplate, and helmet. One yellow optic fits over her left eye, and a black X covers the left.

Then, the W paints itself over the purple and the gunmetal-black of the helmet, adding a red dome to the helmet, red highlights, and a large white shield to Xion's left arm.

"The dark hero who holds this room - Break Mashin X!"

Her now-jetboots launch her from the floor, her large visored shield glowing yellow as she jet-dashes through Molto with a big glowing hurtbox while invincible, and then repeats two more times, waiting just long enough for Mach's shooter-blasts to airjuggle Molto and require complex maneuvers to escape the delayed Triple Boss Trap.
Chase Signing up to help defend a spot is easy. Looking at the list of those who have also taken the job is a lot harder. Drive and Mach in the same spot, and he can't do anything about it.

Because that's not his job right now.

But just because it isn't his current job to shoot aggressively at two Japanese men, doesn't mean he's not going to be standing as far away as possible. His only companions are his Ride Chaser which he's currently sitting on, and his Break Gunner, which he is currently cleaning. And probably Xion, at some point during all of this, but that doesn't count because she's everyone's friend.

Everything is going fine. Perfect, even. MEGA MAN MOLTO then appears, along with his health bar noises and heavy machine gun fire.

For a moment, it appears Chase is consumed in the small dust explosions created from the carpet bomb firing, up until a sudden, deep voice fills the air, though it's drowned out by the surrounding noise. It's followed up by a second shout out, however, this one being a lot more clear.


Where there was once a person, stands a mountain of various bits and pieces in the shape of one, a massive bat-like crossbow strapped to their arm.

There's a massive plume of smoke emanating from them, as they've appeared to tank the attack head on. Even with that damage however, they begin walking forward, weapon armed raised as they fire off a series of purple bolts at the Mega Man.
Reliant Megaman Molto doesn't look confused by his opposition at first. Actually, the expression on his face matches the expression you might imagine if he walked into a room and found Spiked Wall Man. A sort of passive, 'This is some bullshit right here.' It apparently doesn't actually occur to him just to talk it out in the moment for one reason or another, though precisely what that reason is is unclear for the moment.

Maybe he thinks it's just faster to fight it out.

The performance by Go, however, seems to slow him down a little. There are multiple reasons for this, but a big one is that Mach -- everyone but Xion in fact -- is so hero-coded that even he has to stop and think about it. He hesitates, his blaster angling towards the ground for a moment. But, no...

Even if there's trickery afoot, it's a lot quicker to just get the misunderstanding fight out of the way than trying to argue your way out of it.

There is a flicker of color as he turns a golden-yellow, a rotating series of stylized stars orbiting him and breaking with its own shower of sparks in response to Go's attack. Molto staggers backwards, and-- the shield comes back! Molto dashes to one side to pass by Mach, taking a powerful blow along the shield that is reduced to a single orbiting star in the doing. But something happens then, too-- he reaches out and taps Mach on the hip as he careens past, and when he ends the dash he spins and cocks his forearm towards himself as if surveying something.

Molto abruptly changes colors and his barrier disappears. He has a dominantly white color scheme with red stripes and a blue visor which instantly tells anyone with two brain cells precisely what just happened. A belt buckle not dis-similar to the Mach Driver materializes at his waist.

He angles his blaster towards the ceiling, and a voice -- very much the voice from Go's driver -- announces:

                                 FULL THROTTLE!                                

Molto fires a sphere of blue energy at the ceiling and then slaps a button on his new belt buckle.


Simultaneous with this Xion charges through him. Not having a forcefield up he gets abruptly knocked backwards, forwards, and back again as the direction of the UNFAIR INVINCIBILITY FRAME CHARGE COMBO stops him from meaningfully responding to it, immediately followed up by being shot repeatedly by Mashin Chaser. A thin dispersive field around his body flashes dangerously as it distributes the damage across a larger area, preventing it from just drilling a hole straight through. Naturally, there are plenty of sparks and Molto goes tumbling to the ground for a moment before recovering.

When he comes back up, it is as the sphere of energy atop the ceiling begins to rain down bolts of energy on anybody who ISN'T Megaman Molto.

"Heavy extraversal response. I think Enker must have put out a call for mercenaries, but they're all superheroes," Molto responds to somebody who isn't visible in the room. The left earcup's interior is blinking red.

A pause.

"Kamen Riders," he says.

"Yeah, I think that's pretty cool too."

Further buzzes of noise from his ear cup. "No, I don't really recognize them or their names. We probably got a different set."

He keeps talking, "Mach, Drive, Break Mashin X, Something Chaser."

"I don't know, probably Mach or Break Mashin X, the other two feel too serious."

Another brief pause. "Weapon energy? Not good. I have more barriers and some of these guys have some really good stuff, but I'm already dry on Star Man's weapon."
Go Shijima      So many Riders in one place... Mach looks on, twirling the Zenrin Shooter around a finger as Drive rushes forward for that high powered punch. He's fast... Break is nimble, and Chaser... he's still standing after a hit like that?! Go's gotta impress. He's the star of this show! "Drive... Break... Chaser..." The twirling stops as he procures another Signal Bike. The shift bike is removed, and this new one's rear wheel displays a blue field with white arrows splitting off in several directions. "Get a load of this!" Wrong place, Go.

                                 Signal Change!                                

     The hubcap on his right shoulder changes to match that road-sign logo. Split turn ahead! But wait... Molto is approaching him? "EH?!" Mach whips around in confusion after that light touch. "What's the big idea?!" Wait, that callout is familiar...!

     Mach looks up just in time to avoid being totally pelted by his own finisher! Blue jets fire at the back of his suit, rapidly carrying him above and towards Molto. The tail end of the attack still scrapes against his helmet and the back of that lightweight breastplate, causing a shower of sparks and a grunt of discomfort.

     "Right back at ya!" Striking a knee-up dramatic pose on his descent, Mach blasts the floor behind Molto. Just as Molto had rained down from above, Mach's blue orb causes them to erupt from below and behind.

     Landing opposite Chase, between Drive and Break Mashin X, he makes an agile axe-kick, attempting to bring his heel down on Molto's shoulder. "Are you seriously on the phone in the middle of my first Non-US appearance?" His foot has scarecely come back down again before he makes an agile jumping back kick aimed at the chest, quickly turning with the Zenrin Shooter.


     The wheel spins with extreme speed as he attempts to burn rubber on the side of Molto's head!
Shinnosuke Tomari Drive looks over the group. Chase is here too! Luckily he's not shooting them. Xion probably brought him. Drive's attack is barriered, but that gives him an idea of combat capability. He looks over the fight, and then, makes a 'wha?!' noise as Mach is copied and his belt and attack duplicated. It's Mr. Belt who actually speaks. "The ability to mimick the Core Drivia...a most impressive threat!"

But Drive isn't too surprised to get hit. He knows how Split works, already. As the split shot comes down, he grabs the orange car from his leg holster, flicks the switch on his belt with his other hand, switches the car into the arm bracer, and shifts tires, an orange flame-shaped one flying through either the portal or the Entire Wily Stage to shift out with the regular tire, which shoots out to bounce off Megaman Molto.

Tire Change! -- Max Flare!

Moving quickly to dodge the blasts, those that do get into attack range are burned up by Drive striking them with a flaming hand, diffusing the split lasers into harmless sparks on his gauntlets. "Let's heat things up a bit- huh? What do you mean, I'm too serious?!"

A sigh from the Rider, but bit by bit, the pieces are coming together. Not enough for a conclusion, and he's still fuzzy, but...

Drive suddenly flexes his hands, as a recreation of his tire made out of pure flame is formed. "Let's get him into the air!"

The tire is kicked forward with a strong downwards foot from above. If it hits, it creates a flaming cyclone underneath Molto to launch him upwards, making it hard to dodge future attacks!
Chase Molto fires off a copied Signal Bike attack, and Mashin Chaser's advance forward immediately grinds to a halt. The distinct sound of a flock of bats can be heard as his arm mounted crossbow slides up and onto his back to form a pair of wings.

He audibly clicks his tongue as he pushes his feet against the ground, flying up and back through the air as multiple blue spheres pelt down on him, causing him to rock in the air as he nearly loses altitude.

He doesn't though, and immediately pushes through Danmaku Hell, moving forward once more as he flies at top speed. He presses the barrel of the gun into his hand for the briefest of moments as he approaches the robot master(?), his weapon making another call out as he winds an arm back.


They're greeted with a powerful downward punch powered by the thrust of metal wings, the Break Gunner glowing a bright purple as it connects with the enemy's defenses.
Xion Ending her melee combo with a rising shield swipe, Xion is carried through Toei Man's Regulation Fighting Warehouse, flipping once, and landing in a crouch 'back where she started'. "Your defense is very strong for someone who doesn't wear a shield on their arm!" She calls, sweeping battle smoke off the glowing-silver arm shield. Her 'eyes pop' (indicated by her chin rising a bit in suit actor language, and a 'huhn?!') as Mega Man -- also... henshins?

"Wow! It really is a super-battle! But I think you're underestimating what kind of duel--" It's not a duel, it's a 4v1. "-- you're having! When it comes to borrowed powers: I've got the Strongest!"

Bringing her shielded fist down, Break Mashin X plants herself against the rain of fire that isn't intercepted by Go, a digital grove of green spiralling out of the impacts on her shield.

As the attack ends, X pokes her head out from behind the shield, emitting a cheeky 'heheen'.

"Transforming heroes *are* cool!" Xion loudly agrees, reaching her right hand into the digital forest and grasping a straight cylindrical bar, pulling it free. As she pulls, the nano-blooms are pulled with it, first back through the green shield and then back into more and more shaft before a beak forms, and then a blade, and the head of a large greataxe that Break Mashin X wields one-handed. Shield disengaged from the ground, X clangs weapon to shield twice before disappearing, a trio of green voxel-ringed portals appearing with the alert:


From each portal, a lunging axe-chop attack that trails silvered green beads of wild energy.
Reliant Molto blinks at Mach's reaction. He waves his left hand around, "I took your power. Well, more like borrowed, you still have it. Let's say... I pirated your power! Your copy still exists, but I have one too for now. That took a lot of energy just to fire the one shot, though... I guess that makes sense, you're one of 'those'."

One of 'those' is a high-level area-effect attack. Usually they only have one shot and they are viciously stolen at every possible opportunity.

"Ah?!" Molto changes colors again. This time he's a bright orange, and a transparent blue bubble surrounds him. The kick aimed at his shoulder strikes the barrier, which flickers-- the SCATTER aimed behind and below him however strikes it from behind and BOUNCES HIM forward, the barrier breaking for a moment as Molto hits the opposite wall with an OOF. He blinks rapidly, grimacing and bringing the barrier back up as Mach lands a firm kick to his chest-- the barrier doesn't hurt Mach coming back up around his leg, but it does IMMEDIATELY bounce Molto up towards the ceiling and get him clear of the follow-up swipe.

The flaming cyclone of Tomari's MAX FLARE tire change gets underneath him and launches him up-- but the bounciness of the barrier keeps him going, rebounding him into the ceiling and down to the ground before it breaks. He lands heavily, boots beginning to crack from the bottom up.

"I'm just--"

Molto meets Chase's charge head-on, his barrier breaking again as the blow comes down on crossed, defensively postured forearms. The prominent bracers crack as the boots did, though the fissures don't run nearly as deep-- and the moment's contact is enough to cause the gems flash.

The gems flashing seem to indicate power theft though, and not a warning signal.

"Talking to my operator!"

"Also, it's not that there's anything wrong with you, it's just that guy is a lot cooler!" Molto adds, pointing at Mach.

He proceeds to get AXED three times from portals by Xion. It seems like his final shield weapon is broken however, because he doesn't raise it again and although the basic damage diffusion that flashes across his body does still occur, his lifebar on the monitors actually does deplete significantly.

Megaman Molto kicks back in place, grasping a fissure -- it is more a fissure than a wound, because he is indeed mechanical -- in his side and frowning. He tilts his head slightly. "Yeah... they outlasted the shield. How do you think I should handle this?"

"Uh huh?"

"Alright I guess," he decides.

Molto does not use whatever he just copied from Chase, nor does he return to Mach's attack. No, in fact, he just-- raises his blaster and starts firing low-energy plasma bolts in three-shot bursts at everyone! Looks like his handler told him to take it a little easy this time around and look for an opportunity to shift strategies.
Shinnosuke Tomari Molto is impressive. He's able to get through that tornado and keep fighting. Tomari's going to take it slightly easier to conserve energy, but as the three bursts come in, he just speeds forward to try and push through them with the flames again!

However fast he is, he can't keep melting every type of energy. These lemon shots hit him straight on, staggering Drive back slightly, before he rushes forward again, thinking over Molto's words and attitude. "I think it's starting to come together..."

"You're a hero too, aren't you?"

But Drive can't stop fighting. There's too many misunderstandings, and also convincing Chase and Go may be difficult. Instead...

He punches for Molto's abdomen, fire around his strike, before shifting a knee up to burn into him. If he can get a good hit, he might be able to get enough energy to make the next his big finisher.
Go Shijima      "He's right," says Mach to Drive, making a 'little bit' gesture with his thumb and forefinger, as he does a quick spin to avoid a flying energy bolt. Drive's just a bit too serious. "You've gotta have a cool intro like me!" Break's was pretty cool too. He presses a thumb to his chest proudly, standing tall for a moment.

     There! That's his opening. Leaning preposterously low to the ground, Mach is carried across it by the Shooter's wheel, well below the hail of projectiles, nimbly racing underneath a swing of Break's axe, coming up on the other side of Chase's downward strike.

     But those plasma bolts are still coming! Mach mashes the button on his belt four times, causing flames to spit from the 'exhaust.' Sounds of a superbike's revving engine follow a white and red blur, a shoulder cape dramatically whipping through the air as Mach darts at incredible speed around those lemon-shaped projectiles, blasting back with the Zenrin Shooter, sending blue darts towards Molto in quick bursts. A zig-zag pattern eventually finds him a safe spot to stand...

                          SIGNAL BIKE//Signal Change!                          

     With the inserton os a new Signal Bike, the tire on Mach's right shoulder changes to a \!/ symbol. Go does not take it easy, unlike Drive, nor does he conserve energy. "If he's a hero, how come he's shooting at us?!" With that brilliant philosophical quandary posed, Mach makes another advance at-speed, throwing a supercharged upwards hook kick to try and pop Molto into the air. Giving the Zenrin Shooter a fancy twirl, he stops the twirl and fires.

     A red bolt of energy, now, instead of blue! The paralyzing power of STOP will briefly lock Molto in place, even midair, should that kick connect! Mach is quick to capatalize even if it misses, following up with a series of hit-and-run palm strikes, knees and roundhouses.
Xion The question continues to hang in the air, investigated thoroughly with weapons and shocking finishers and the return fire of...

Standard... energy... lemons?

Break Mashin X's shield, still shining green-silver, ricochets blasts off of the nano-layered metal with cascades of sparks. X's single headlamp-eye shines through the shield's visor-hole.

"You can do better, right?" Xion asks, curious. For a moment, she doesn't advance or react, until Go's question - and showing off of Stop - gets her to butt in on the Special Cases Department's business.

"You keep asking if he's a hero. He is! He's Mega Man! And of course, I'm a hero - X, the hero of everyone's hearts. We can all want good things - but if you notice, right here, right now, we're the ones on the right side of the room, and he got to jump through the door. That means, today, in this room, on this world, we'll fight."

Planting shield and axe into the ground, Break Mashin X sets into a charge-up stance, gesturing outward with a hand. "I see it. A world that's better! That means we can't end it here. You have to live, Mega Man Molto - because this is fun!"

"But even so - we don't have to stop fighting. The power of Mashin Chaser -- is the power of a Grim reaper who doesn't kill! Let's go!"

Her right fist clenches, and she sweeps it out, to grab her axe in both hands as a crackling purple aura and a growling big rig horn <HNK HNNNKS>. "Super! Triple X!"

Pronounced 'Super Three Key'.

The axe-head reconfigures into a rocket-engine that screams into flight, controlled by Xion's jet boots as she clearly moves on an intercept course for the STOP'ed Molto.


The rocket-axe cuts out just as she enters strike range, using stored rotation to roll out into a series of rotating chops with the frenetic axe-head, teeth of purple electricity sparking off every blow.
Chase Mega Man Molt fires lemons. Mashin Chaser, not liking this gift of fake lemons, ungratefully shoots them down in a hail of purple energy bullet, though not before pressing the barrel of the Break Gunner, into his hand again as it announces that it is, in fact, a GUN!

With the energy pellets neutralized and nothing stopping him from approaching, the Roidmude finally lands, armored fingers slotting in a new viral core into their weapon.


The wings on their back find themselves back on their arm, the sound of a thousand scurrying spiders echoing out as it forms into a massive punch shield.

In proper close range, they're a lot more aggressive, swinging the new weapon from right to left with precision. Eventually they stop swinging, only to deliver a swift sweeping kick to the robot's legs in an attempt to throw them off balance, followed with a crouching punch to their torso, the pincer-shaped protrusions on the shield glowing as they add additional power to the attack.
Reliant // You're a hero too, aren't you? //

Megaman Molto hesitates. He doesn't really think of himself that way. No, for that matter-- although he is called 'Megaman', that's not his name. It's more like a title. Smiling, he shrugs, "I take care of some problems that tend to cause trouble for people. Though, for what it's worth... this was a target of opportunity. It's not hurting anybody right now. Actually... if you want to learn more about it, be sure not to break away because you saw something familiar in me. It'll let you know what's up better than I can."

He pushes backwards in reaction to Tomari's attack, deflecting the punch from center mass but still getting burned along the way. Drive can see a silhouette of light flash from the point of contact and then surround Molto's weapon. He definitely just copied something of Drive's.

Wincing, he says, "To tell you the truth, I kind of thought something like that might be going on, but... it's usually easier to fight it out in these situations than it is to talk it out up front. Things happen faster."

He spins loose. There's something odd about his footing-- maybe that flame wheel did more damage to the bottoms of his feet than are readily apparent. Either way, it's obvious he's been a bit off-balance now that they're up close like this.

Molto comes about with his blaster, training it on Mach-- Mach, who was too fast for him the first time around. Minuscule explosions push outwards from points of contact, indicating where the diffusion field is being partly overwhelmed. Scorchmarks and runny plating begin to appear at the points of contact.

There's a moment of intense concentration in which Molto is waiting for Mach's follow-up. But he misses it-- the hook kick pushes Molto into the air, followed up by a healthy middle-of-mass blast that suspends him there in the moment. Mach gets his round of uninterrupted attacks, and gets a better feel for the diffusion field's operation. Armor cracks and crumples strategically, though the under-body holds up better in the same manner that the rider suits seem to be able to even when badly damaged.

The STOP effect doesn't wear off until well after all the attacks go off-- and in the moment prevent Molto from meaningfully responding. He is cleaved down the middle from one side by Break Mashin X, and cleaved down the other by Mashin Chaser because it is natural for dual techs with generally melee bladed-ish weapons to converge in an X, whether they were coordinated or not. Time resumes, from Molto, who fires his dash boosters before he even hits the floor and rights himself.

Megaman Molto clutches his chest, across which a great prominent X scar has been carved. The yellow gem in the middle of his helmet flashes dangerously, warning that Real Damage is being accumulated. The bar on the monitors is a little below half-- surprisingly high for the beating he's taken so far, and for the distress he's demonstrating in play.

"Heroes fight, Kamen Rider Mach," he says, plainly. "That's how things go sometimes. And usually, it's not possible to resolve without the fight. We understand each other better like this. In light of that, I'm not going to be shooting to kill. Even so, I can't receive your best efforts without..."

Molto looks towards Xion, "Giving my own."

He gestures towards Mashin Chase, "By the way... you seem a little different. Well... please treat my cousins the way you'd treat any other machine life, okay?"

Straightening up, Molto nods firmly to himself. "Okay. Here I come."

His color scheme flickers to purple for a moment. It's just a moment-- the blink of an eye, but it's a blink of the eye that lasts for eternity. There is a ticking noise as time slows down, but doesn't stop. This doesn't seem to apply properly to Molto, who initiates another copied weapon change.

Mr. Belt's voice rings out clear as day:
Reliant                              DRIVE -- TYPE: SPEED!                              

Megaman Molto's helmet fully encloses itself with a headlight-style visor, his color scheme turns a distinct black-and-red, and his arm blaster generates a lever while a belt appears at his waist.

By now, Tomari probably knows exactly what's coming.

Molto twists the ignition on the belt and then hammers the lever repeatedly, clenching a fist. A blade emerges from the blaster port, the lever atop it morphing into a steering wheel.

He rockets forward, augmented to ludicrous speeds by Drive's own speed-augmenting traits and bolstered by the slowing of time. His left hand settles on the steering wheel at the blade, which Molto uses to adjust course abruptly and run a tremendously fast circuit between the four, bringing the blade about on a dime to strike at them repeatedly from obnoxiously unfair angles before rounding on the others and repeating the process until-- finally, the time slow wears off and his KAMEN RIDER DRIVE weapon power runs out.

Megaman Molto drops out of the transformation with a heavy sigh, sagging on the spot because he has almost literally run out of gas.
Shinnosuke Tomari Molto is a reasonable guy. Drive's having trouble handling it, but he has a point. He has to keep on driving - he can't break away. As Molto speaks to him, he speaks up anyways. "If we understand each other, we don't have to fight- mmmgh, no, I understand. Well, then."

And then it turns out Molto copied Drive. "Ehhhh?" It's Mr. Belt who calls out, as he hears his own voice, and then-

Molto blurs forward, slashing straight into Kamen Rider Drive. A flaming gauntlet is brought up to deflect the blow with incredible speed, just enough to avoid a full-on chest blow from a bad angle, but it slices into his gauntlet armor, the largest sparks yet, literally forcing him backwards.

Drive mocks straightening a tie. "It's all come together now, anyways. I'll show you how 'cool' I can be. I'm all fired up. Mr. Belt, let's wrap this up."

A flick of the belt switch. A twist of Shift Max Flare. He shifts into position, as the tire begins to heat up...

Full Throttle! Max Flare!

And launches a barrage of fireballs, straight at Molto! They're flaming hot, but they're not going to kill the Megaman, just deplete his health-bar. As will the followup.

Drive goes rushing in, leaps straight towards the last fireball, and impacts with it in a forward kick as soon as it's about to impact his opponent. There's going to be a fiery explosion around Molto, but hopefully it shouldn't, well, destroy him.
Go Shijima      >We understand each other better like this.

     Break gives this mysterious mechanical life form a name. "Mega Man... I'll keep fighting, then, to understand you!" He'll have to ask Big Bro Shin just what she means by a Grim Reaper later... and why is Mega Man telling Chase to treat his cousins as he would any other mechanical life? No time for that! Not now.

     "Amazing! It sounds just like Mr. Belt!" It's more than just a novelty imitation. Mega Man is fast in that form--but Mach is used to that kind of speed. The time slow briefly affects him, as Mega Man races towards him with that sword out, there is a tense moment where Mach's hand is reaching for the belt. Two presses of the button, and a surge of energy surrounds him with a brief, brilliant flash. Another two, and...

                            HISSATSU//Full Throttle!                            
                                 MACH KICK STOP                                  

     Red lightning crackles around Mach's armor as he races with Mega Man to avoid those sword swipes, his evasion equally as preposterous and unfair as Mega Man's attacks. Jumping splits, absurdly low bends, side flips, wall jumps, a twirling somersault. It's that last evasion where the energy reaches a boiling over point, and Mach stops. Fists held at chest level, he leans away from Mega Man as that energy concentrates at the bottom of his foot, until it's a near-blinding corona.

     With a backwards kick, his heel is driven into Mega Man's stomach, STOPping him in place to leave him vulnerable to Drive, Chase and Break's finishers, a giant Stop Signal appearing over his body as Mach zooms away!
Chase Mashin Chaser just stands there as he processes what the Robot Boy said, his compound eyes staring off into the distance as he thinks. Treat his cousins like he treats the rest? Like the rest???

There is no time to broodily think at the moment however, as Molto pulls his faux Shift Brace and SP-SP-SPEEDS his way through everyone. They raise their shield weapon in front of them, doing their best to guard their front. They can't defend from every angle however, they're not fast enough, and soon they're brought to one knee, drowning in a flurry of sparks generated from their own body.

When there's finally room to breathe, they stand back up on their two legs, pressing the barrel of the Break Gunner into their palm one last time.


There's loud static sounds as the shield on his arm begins glowing purple. Chase levels the weapon at Molto's chest as he uses his free arm to help brace it and pulls the trigger.


  A massive pair of projected energy pincers fire out, aiming to wrap around the Man of Mega before clamping tightly together.
Xion For all of the power using three different borrowed medallions at once, Break Mashin X Strongest still isn't *fast*. Everyone else has either the power of a true Core Drivia, a near-limitless combustion engine.

Xion has medallions of borrowed hearts.

"Strongest Shield!" Xion announces, as her shield re-materializes in a quicksilver leap from the ground into a green-silver barrier program that immediately gets bubble-bobbled around, trapped in slowed time and hyperspeed pinball blasting.

Her bubble-shield disdends and pinches around sword-swipes, popping after enough pressure is applied with sparking scrapes of damage and health-bar depletions...

But the form isn't called Break Mashin X Strongest for nothing. Deflated by the defensive program, the damage that should have rightly finished her off three times over - or each rider once - only shaves off a few orange pips here and there.

Still, she has no chance to respond but to gasp in shock and slowed time.


When it ends, and she finally can jet-boot drop with a 'clank' to the floor below, it is with damaged, degraded armor - the 'Mashin' medallion's power all but spent.

"I'm glad I came here, Mega Man Molto. Glad I took this job. Glad I met you, and glad everyone is here. I'm so glad I could cry! Feelings are so complex. Now I'll show you why this form - Break Mashin X - is the strongest form I've ever come up with. The greatest combi--!"

The green light rises out of Break Mashin X, Bercilak's power retreating from full manifestation back into a medallion. Her silvered likewise de-rezzes, though that was just part of the Wily medallion.

"When four keys align, that power is--!

While in Break Mashin form, Xion thrusts out a red medallion -- Drive's -- and Bercilak's again. Both crackle and hum, a reckless amount of power linking the Speed Tire and the Frenesie medal's power.

Bands of red spin around Xion's already red-tinted armor, magic tires wrapping like muscular bindings around her arms and legs that provide shoulders and bulk. Bracers like frozen green-silver flames sprout a pair of long tusks each, adding long punching-spikes to both arms. The leg and back armor reconfigures into heavy motor-machine layers of thundering pistons that expel yellow-white jet exhaust.

"W Gear!"
Pronounced 'Double Gear'.
"With the fastest power and the strongest power combined, this is: Break Mashin X Ultimate!"

She draws back her fist into a cocked-back ready stance, the jet turbines in her armor whining up.



One moment, she stands readied, and the next, a seared-through line in the boss chamber, with a burn-in afterimage in sizzling red, crackling purple, bright yellow, and flashing green.

Then the whole trail explodes. Of course it does.
Reliant The diffusion of damage becomes clearer the more damage actually piles up, and by the time he comes out of his superspeed-timeslow, Mach has kicked Molto in the chest with a STOP effect and prevented him from making meaningful defensive progress, depleting a decent chunk of his life bar.

It's most especially evident with Drive's final attack, that pushes in on the recently de-transformed Molto and proceeds to fray apart his his armor in bits and pieces. His helmet cracks down the middle and splits apart, revealing dark brown hair. He winces, shutting one eye. A little under half of his health bar disappears from the display, ticking down as the diffusion field flashes across his body.

Mashin Chaser's follow-up, straightforward as it is, bleeds away another sizable chunk that only isn't worse because Molto suddenly turns dark purple and re-obtains a helmet in the style of Mashin Chaser's own, albeit with a blinking yellow crystal in the middle that helps distinguish it. Scattered pieces of Chaser's armor litter the ground to one side of him, doing most of the work of keeping Chase from finishing him off properly.

Molto turns towards Break Mashin X, anticipating her follow-up. She's bound to have a follow-up, and so far they've been deceptively nasty. He sorts through his remaining weapons-- there are a few. None that would make a dramatic difference against this crew, though.

Molto is, it goes without saying, a classic power copier himself. He knows that Xion has some Shit up her sleeve, and he can only guess what it is with what it's been so far, if she's going to leverage several in a row right now. Four keys, though??? He materializes a sub-weapon of the Mashin Chaser copy, generating a SPIDER-SHIELD on his arm that he raises defensively in reaction to Break Mashin X's charge.

The spider takes the brunt of it, fragmenting away steadily and finally bursting off when the line properly materializes in the boss chamber in accordance with the rules of DRAMATIC TIMING. The remaining MASHIN CHASER-style armor explodes off of Molto's form, bringing him back down to the generally beat-up cracked and frayed-looking armor of his own.

There are two yellow bars left in his life meter.
Reliant "G-geez," Megaman exclaims, "Drive's not the smoothest, but he sure hits like a Guts."

To Mach, "And you! How'd you even do that?! I'd better bring a real Time Stop if I ever get into it with you again."

"And you--!" Molto marches up to Mashin Chaser, completely nonthreateningly. He's comparatively quite short, but gives Chaser a shove against the shoulder that feels like a friendly interaction between relatives. "Quit being so quiet. I have a ton of brothers, and I know your type. Cousins, too."

Megaman Molto flashes a grin towards Break Mashin X, fistbumps her, and doubles back to the door he came through. Then he steals a helmet off the construction WORKER DRONE, heaving a great sigh, "That was a pain of a fortress, too. Stupid giant chess set."

"Well... it's pretty clear I'm not going past this room, and even if I could at this point, I wouldn't survive the stupid mecha," Molto says, dropping his hands to his sides.

He pauses, "No, I can't get their autographs right now, they won't take advantage of this but I bet he will."

"Maybe next time."

"Okay, bye," Molto says, waving. He collapses into a blob of energy that rises back up into the sky in a very familiar column of light-- blue rather than blue-black.
Reliant A few minutes later, a similar humanoid robot in golden-and-blue armor emerges-- he's taller than Molto was, not quite six feet tall. Enker has a spear levitating to one side of him, and carries a secure briefcase. He swings it out, and a set of legs folds out of it on the bottom. A pair of eyes open on the lower edge of the seam, towards the floor.

Inside the briefcase are a set of bracers that are very similar to the arm armor worn by Molto, Enker, and Dynamo. He nods towards the group, "You may each take a Demibuster and one of two installation capsules. The gold one will, when triggered, produce either a sizable amount of currency pertinent to the world that you are occupying at the time. The deep blue one will hypnotize the target to perform your instructions for a moderate amount of time, provided that it is not so jarringly out of their nature as to be immediately suicidal."

"It's been a pleasure doing business with you," he says.

Then he leaves.

The briefcase mechaniloid blinks at you.
Shinnosuke Tomari Nice drive.

Drive has no idea what Megaman Molto's saying, but as he teleports away, Drive takes a breather. Once it's clear the Mission Is Over, he detransforms by removing the Shift Cars, back into his normal wear. As Enker and the briefcase robot appear, Tomari nods. He wants to ask questions, but he gets the idea he's not the big boss, and moves to confirm that, whether or not he'll get a name not mattering. "You're working for someone, aren't you? Like those other machine men yesterday. A roboticist, I'd imagine?"

Once Enker's left, Tomari's already made his decision. He takes the Demibuster and the golden capsule, holds them, and then nods. He doesn't try to take both capsules, he assumes that'll provoke an attack and it's wrong anyways.

"Well, good work. Go, you want to grab some food?" Whether or not he wants to hit a food cart, Tomari leaves after that!
Go Shijima      When the smoke from the four-finisher pileup clears, Mach twirls the Zenrin Shooter, holding it upright in a peaceful gesture. It disappears. With his now empty hand, he gives a two-finger point of Cool Guy Acknowledgment to Mega Man. "Core Driviars can counteract time dilation, and even generate a little!" With the opposite hand, he taps the Mach Driver proudly. Then, he lifts up the faceplate of his motorcycle helmet. Excess energy is vented from the black mask beneath it in the form of steam.

     The compartment with his Signal Bike is popped up, the bike removed.

                                   Good Work!                                  

     ...says the peppy voice of the on-board AI. The armor disappears, revealing Go... sweating. "Catch you later, Mega Man!" He smiles confidently, but not in a smug or condescending way at all. "Let's hang out soon."

     >The gold one will, when triggered, produce either a sizable amount of currency--

     "Awesome! Hey! Big Bro," says Go, clapping Tomari on the shoulder, pointing with the opposite hand to the Demibuster capsule. "...we could give most of that to the SCD, keep 'em from worrying about funding for a little while... and still have enough for some seriously cool stuff." He's decided which one he wants--the demibuster and the gold capsule are seized pretty quickly.

     Does he wanna grab some food? "Yeah, let's do it," he says.
Reliant Enker pauses near the righthand side shutter door, turning back around.

"I am the commander of this vessel and its immediate mission. We are the agents of our creator, Lord Wily," he explains, matter-of-factly. "I don't know what other machine-men you're talking about... unless it's Megaman Molto. We're cousins."

"I have many cousins."

Looking at them, their design elements are recognizably parallel but not the same. A deeper analysis would reveal that there's a chronological link; that is, Dynamo is the same thing "advanced by a few years", though the advancement disparity is a little strange in a way that's hard to put your finger on.

The golden robot master seems to be waiting to see if he's needed for anything else.
Xion When everything is over, Xion is all too happy to release the power of her form, the four copies worth of energy lifting off her body. "Autographs next time!" She waves, with a big thumbs up.

Mashin Chaser -- Chase -- is able to see something specifically. An energy, like a Roidmude Core, rises like a data pattern in the cooling smoke of her exited power-aura. The purple light, the Chaser medallion, returns to Chase's chest in a similar way to when it left. The scrap of a heart returns, like a warm coat on a cold day.

Xion sneaks a smile towards Mashin Chaser while Go and Tomari plan around grabbing food. "We can grab food too, you know. With Heart, and Brain! I think Molto was right: there's friends out there for you, too, that aren't just Roidmudes or humans."

Xion speaks while collecting her Demibuster with twinkling eyes, and the gold Wealth Shot capsule. "Thanks, Agent of Lord Wily! The W-" Double. "-power really came in handy. I'll use it and think of you."
Chase "Gh..."

Molto's comment seems to bother Mashin Chaser a bit, his grip on his weapon tightening with enough force to create the distinct sound of crinkling leather.

His weapon lets out one last rumbling growl, the armor surrounding him flying off in purple chunks.

Clean Break

As Xion also exits her transformation, Chase takes notice of the purple core that flies back to him. He doesn't feel any different, he thinks, but he still raises an eyebrow. An internal eyebrow though, because his face is just as emotionless as it usually is.

Enker offers a capsule, and despite not really having a use for either, grabs hold of one of the currency granting ones, stuffing the object into his purple jacket as he spins around and begins to walk away.

And then Xion suggests they all get food together. With Heart, Brain, and everyone.

  He completely freezes, his mind trying to unpack what's just been said, before he begins moving again, this time at a faster pace.

"Ask them yourself if you want, but my job here is done. Next time, me and Kamen Rider are enemies."
Xion Xion grabs Chase by the arm.

"We'll ask them together!"

A yawning portal of darkness appears in a dark hoop about the pair, like a droplet of water. With a pouf of implosive smoke, the pair disappear into a clearly Toku Villain Coded Fast Travel Portal.