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ID State Owner Title Description
8606 Finished Angela The Lobotomy Corp Team Try To Capture Turtles
8605 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants I'm Totally Fine
8604 Active Lilian Rook
8603 Finished Angela The Lowdown
8601 Finished Ishirou Tsubasa finally gets fed up of waiting
8597 Finished Ishirou Seeing Things My Way
8596 Active Petra Soroka Compassion is a 9mm Cartridge
8595 Finished Petra Soroka Petra Gets The Surgery
8594 Finished Lilian Rook Like Gungnir, You've Failed to Grasp Anything
8593 Active Angela Queen of Hatred
8588 Finished Kale Hearthward Accelerators of the Patriots
8587 Finished Stanley Padgett Lobotomy's Companion ft Stanley and Angela
8586 Finished Angela Sun In A Well
8585 Finished Petra Soroka Daughter of the Galaxy
8584 Finished Touta Konoe Put To Rest
8582 Finished Angela I Was A Teenage Magical Girl
8581 Finished Angela Corporate Dealing
8580 Finished Stanley Padgett In Which Adachi Gloats At Teenagers
8579 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: The Gang Gets Back... together?
8578 Finished Zero Kiryu WFAA: Interlopers
8577 Finished Kuroto Dan Confound That Blasted Fixer!
8576 Finished Petra Soroka What Is There To Hold On To
8575 Finished Angela Tennant and Yuri's Movie Night Sleepover Party
8572 Finished Angela The Extra Ingredient Of Me
8571 Finished Timespace Riders Decade Will Destroy This World
8570 Finished Zero Kiryu WFAA: Brunch After Battle
8569 Finished Hibiki Tachibana Overdue Meeting
8568 Finished Zero Kiryu Kvaland Intermission
8567 Finished Angela Cafe De L-Corp
8566 Finished Petra Soroka The Titanomachia's Wake
8565 Finished Petra Soroka Meet Once Again As Stars
8564 Finished Petra Soroka Ping-and-Response
8563 Finished Angela Carmen Is Visited By A Twink
8562 Finished Dysnomia Quaver Rest
8561 Finished Eggman In Every Life There Ought To Be A Little Chaos
8560 Finished Petra Soroka The Ordeal Of Violet Noon
8559 Finished Kale Hearthward Sometimes Coffee is just Coffee
8558 Finished Petra Soroka Clearing Up Misunderstandings About Heroism
8557 Paused Petra Soroka I Don't Need God Anymore, I Have Lilian
8556 Finished Ishirou Ultraman B: Episode 3.5: The review episdoe
8555 Finished Ishirou Ultraman B: Episode 4: King (Joe) of the Hill
8553 Paused Go Shijima The Ethics of Force
8550 Finished Hibiki Tachibana Bare Your Heart
8549 Finished Hibiki Tachibana Little Red Singing Hood
8548 Finished Remee Halcyon That's as Many as Three Fives And that's terrible... right?
8547 Finished Petra Soroka Trying Out Being Half-Normal Through the power of being treated alarmingly like a dog, Petra manages to make a girl happy for once.
8546 Finished Angela Angela Meets Another AI That Makes Her Think The Multiverse Is Cruel
8545 Finished Remee Halcyon I Don't Have to Worry About Petra (Yes you do)
8544 Finished Remee Halcyon Hurting the Wrong Sort of People
8543 Finished Solty Revant Solty tries to catch Remee
8541 Finished Zero Kiryu Work For An Axe VI
8540 Finished Zero Kiryu Work For An Axe V
8539 Finished Zero Kiryu Work For An Axe IV
8538 Active Angela The Knight Of Despair
8537 Active Kayoko Kirenai Two Fake Magical Girls
8536 Finished Zero Kiryu Work For An Axe III
8535 Finished Zero Kiryu Work For An Axe II
8534 Finished Zero Kiryu Work For An Axe I
8531 Finished Hibiki Tachibana Are You Similar To Me?
8529 Finished Rowdyruff Boys Devil's Due Diner II
8528 Finished Dysnomia The Spear and the Dragon
8527 Finished Hibiki Tachibana The Prime Material
8526 Finished Ishirou Ultraman B: Episode 3: Eleking, Eleking, Eleking
8524 Finished Petra Soroka Mail Delivery Strike Force
8521 Active Father Berislav How Are You Settling In?
8519 Finished Angela Pretty Soldier Love Episode One
8517 Finished Petra Soroka Sometimes What You Need Is A Bad Influence
8515 Finished Lilian Rook PNL(S): All the Time in the World
8514 Finished Metamorph One When We Were Stupid, Beautiful Kids
8513 Finished Ishirou Ultraman B: Episode 2: Gomora Nasai
8511 Finished Tamamo Magical Bindings Are Fine Actually
8510 Finished Touta Konoe =In this Reunion, I Want You To See Me
8509 Finished Petra Soroka Remee Steals The Kana Hibiki is reminded why she has an entry on the Villains Wiki.
8508 Finished Tamamo Investigating the Ekanamasha S1
8507 Finished Angela The Kuruing Chaos
8505 Finished Angela The Kuru From Out Of Space
8504 Finished Touta Konoe A Welcoming Return: Beach Party
8503 Finished Raziel Soul Reaver Plot: Sougo skips a few line Defs
8502 Finished Father Berislav Social Call
8501 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants The Siege of Borealis Pt. 1
8500 Finished Aidan Proudpick Final Fantasy MDCLXIV
8499 Finished Tamamo Cookie Gift Basket
8498 Finished Angela Is This What You Call A Muse?
8497 Active Kayoko Kirenai Storm and Stress - Interlude
8496 Finished Candy
8495 Finished Angela Scratch
8494 Finished Dimokratia Society for Two
8493 Finished Tamamo A Fox Revisits L-Corp
8492 Finished Timespace Riders Petra's Birthday Extravaganza
8491 Active Persephone Kore
8490 Finished Timespace Riders The Ultimate Birthday
8489 Finished Angela Help Without Empathy
8488 Finished Kale Hearthward Infinity Baggage: The Isekai-ish Board Game Car
8487 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants
8486 Finished Kale Hearthward You're Starting to Like the Moon, Aren't You? Please don't break the moon. The A/C is on, he has water, and is listening to his favorite music.
8485 Finished Lilian Rook Silver Fills the Wounds
8484 Finished Ishirou Ultraman B Episode 1: The King who See's Red!
8483 Finished Timespace Riders 9 5 DO
8482 Finished Kale Hearthward Infinity Baggage: The Caboose
8481 Finished Kale Hearthward Infinity Baggage: The Literal Running Gag Car
8480 Finished Ishirou What is a home?
8479 Finished Kale Hearthward Infinity Baggage: The Get-Along T-Shirt Car
8478 Finished Petra Soroka Meet My New Robot Best Friend
8477 Finished Petra Soroka Supervillan Dad And His Temporarily Robotic Daughter
8476 Active Petra Soroka Two Folding Chairs And A TV
8475 Finished Hibiki Tachibana Storm and Stress
8474 Finished Ritsuka Fujimaru The Differently Different Rangers
8473 Finished Angela Traitor
8472 Finished Petra Soroka The Control Department Welcomes Agent Petra Soroka
8471 Finished Petra Soroka
8470 Finished Hibiki Tachibana Different Worlds
8469 Finished Kukuru Misery Loves Gluttony
8468 Finished Kale Hearthward Infinity Baggage: The Heist Movie Montage Car this space purposefully left blank
8467 Finished Hamada Haru Chase & Go's Excellent Adventure III
8466 Finished Hamada Haru Chase & Go's Excellent Adventure II
8465 Finished Tamamo Just Some Girls Talk
8464 Finished Tamamo Reacquaintance
8463 Finished Raziel Below the Pillars
8462 Finished Raziel Jul 17 18:00/Below the Pillars=Raziel and friends decend beneath the Pillars of Nosgoth to unearth secrets that have been hidden since before the dawn of man, but learn far more than they figured they would. Reuploaded because I am a giant horse babby.
8461 Finished Timespace Riders Catching Up With Petra
8460 Finished Timespace Riders I Have a Good Feeling About This
8459 Finished Angela She Speaks To Me
8458 Finished James Bond Helicopter Arrives at Eight
8457 Active Lilian Rook It's Called A-
8456 Paused Candy Actually Your Sister Rules and I Suck
8455 Finished Meika Kirenai Scratched In Hearts
8454 Finished Angela The Call of Kukuru
8453 Finished Angela Mind Over Matter
8452 Finished Lilian Rook Choosing Your Side
8451 Finished Angela Meika In Wonderlab
8450 Finished Xion Talking Heads, Offscreen
8449 Finished Cantio Cantio Saves the World
8448 Finished Xion The Crummy Middle Part Of Figuring It Out
8447 Finished Kayoko Kirenai Coming Home, The Way We Always Have To
8446 Finished Petra Soroka Action Speaks Louder Than Empty Placation
8445 Finished Persephone Kore Family, Huh? Matthew Rook becomes the first billionaire on Mars.
8443 Finished Cantio SFR: Shuffler in the Dark
8442 Finished Ishirou Hibiki we need to have a talk...
8441 Finished Angela I Hate It Too Meika gains some sympathy for the 'Devil' of Lobotomy Corp.
8439 Finished Petra Soroka More of Us
8438 Finished Petra Soroka Blackmail Is Only A Crime If You're Not Cute About It It's like a scene from death note where L is replaced by a dog and Light doesn't notice the whole time
8437 Finished Lilian Rook
8436 Finished Dimokratia An Oasis In Gold From An Emptiness Of Silver
8435 Finished Angela Look Back To Me Malkuth invites Ishirou to Lobotomy Corp but can he give her what she wants from him? Should he?
8434 Finished Timespace Riders Shoveling Coal for the Strongest
8433 Finished Xion Midnight City Barista
8432 Finished Kale Hearthward Infinity Baggage - The Outside of the Tape Car
8431 Finished Kale Hearthward Infinity Baggage - The Candied E-Waste Car
8429 Finished Timespace Riders Free and Unbound
8428 Finished Petra Soroka Gasping For Oxidation
8427 Finished Angela Family Portrait Persephone brings a taste of spring to the underworld.
8426 Finished Angela The Courage to Believe in Others Rose and Hibiki decide to help each other be a little bit braver.
8425 Finished Petra Soroka Being Misunderstood Hurts More
8424 Finished Kukuru SFR: The Missing Miners
8423 Finished Hamada Haru KRE: Super Hero Taisen II-1
8422 Finished Hamada Haru Chase & Go's Excellent Adventure
8421 Finished Timespace Riders The Somewhat Unusual Time Traveler
8420 Finished Lilian Rook Start Hurting Other People
8419 Finished Angela Elijah
8418 Finished Angela The Willingness to Stand Up Straight Malkuth learns to look at her history dead on and gains the will to stand up straight. Seed of Light 10 percent and yet...
8417 Finished Persephone Kore Closed Mind, Open Heart
8416 Finished Petra Soroka Sooper 7 Motel
8415 Finished Petra Soroka Backhanded Reunion
8413 Finished Petra Soroka Instinctive Drowning Response CW: severe parental abuse, bigotry, like seriously guys be careful reading this one
8412 Finished Petra Soroka Us and This and Everyone and Everything Else Dimo inflicts Petra with Superhumanity 4 and an invitation into utopia. Petra hates both of these things.
8411 Finished Rita Ma Comfort Food
8410 Finished Raziel The Pillars of Nosgoth
8409 Finished Angela How It Is Here
8408 Finished Rita Ma War is Politics
8407 Finished Rita Ma Politics is War
8406 Finished Angela Corpse Recovery Service
8405 Finished Hibiki Tachibana Noise and Disharmony
8404 Finished Candy
8403 Finished Kayoko Kirenai Canary in the Catholicism Mine
8402 Finished Nephra Tangent Fight Night
8401 Active Strawberry Princess Memorial
8400 Finished Angela Servant of Wrath
8399 Finished Metamorph One DDS: Moving Target
8398 Finished Dimokratia Apparently We Need To Talk?
8397 Finished Rowdyruff Boys The Hardly Castle Stage Final
8396 Finished Rowdyruff Boys The Hardly Castle Stage 2
8395 Finished Rowdyruff Boys The Hardly Castle Stage 1
8394 Finished Rowdyruff Boys The Island of Dr. Hardly
8393 Finished Rita Ma New York, New York
8392 Finished Rita Ma Is It Wrong To Miss Her?
8391 Finished Go Shijima Feelings and Futures at the Boardwalk
8390 Finished Angela Her Bathtub
8389 Finished Angela Frozen People
8388 Finished Rita Ma Presumptuous, For-
8387 Finished Kale Hearthward The Birds and Bercilaks
8386 Finished Nephra Tangent Acrophobia
8385 Finished Rowdyruff Boys School's Out Forever
8383 Finished Lilian Rook Girls Unlike Them
8382 Finished Kukuru The scene where Kukuru steals Watch members
8381 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Ifighte Me Aboute Hit
8380 Finished Rowdyruff Boys Lake Tahoe
8378 Finished Hibiki Tachibana Shadows Without and Within
8377 Finished Angela Control and Information
8376 Finished Raziel Escape from Sarafan Keep part 2
8375 Finished Rowdyruff Boys Six Minutes
8374 Finished Lilian Rook Nobody Has To Know
8373 Finished Angela O-01-112
8372 Finished Ishirou The Petra Soroka fatalities club meeting.
8371 Finished Ishirou Reviving and Fixing Boy
8369 Finished Metamorph One Deadeye Deepfake Simulacrum
8368 Finished Evehime Gevurah Wish to Meet Again-1
8367 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Prom Night Blues
8366 Finished KNK Why Not Drink
8365 Finished Petra Soroka SWATting The Fly
8363 Finished Cantio DF-Topaz 2: Meet and Fight
8362 Finished Shadow The Ultimate Ham Radio Operator
8361 Finished Petra Soroka Doesn't Understanding Feel Worse?
8360 Finished Timespace Riders The Meddlesome Queen of Space
8359 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Baccalaureate
8358 Finished Kayoko Kirenai Holy Refulgence: Steps Planned
8357 Finished Kayoko Kirenai Holy Refulgence: Steps Established
8356 Finished Raziel Escape from Sarafan Keep
8355 Finished Lilian Rook Repeatedly and Artfully
8354 Finished Petra Soroka You're Not You When You're Not Hungry
8353 Finished Rowdyruff Boys Predator X
8352 Finished Rowdyruff Boys Beryl & Bellamy
8351 Finished Rowdyruff Boys FATHER
8349 Finished Lilian Rook BCC: The Videogame Part
8348 Finished Cantio DF-Topaz 1: Kingdom of Fists
8346 Finished Operator Resident Evil - Cold Storage
8344 Finished Raziel The Chronoplast
8343 Finished Rowdyruff Boys Devil's Due Diner
8342 Finished Vergil Night of Swords
8341 Finished Lilian Rook Spring and Autumn Garden
8340 Finished Kale Hearthward Cook Serve Destruction
8339 Finished Rowdyruff Boys 2627 E Colorado Blvd 91107
8338 Finished Rowdyruff Boys
8337 Finished Rowdyruff Boys Grand Slam*
8336 Finished Father Berislav Are You There, God? It's Me, Petra A
8335 Finished Metaphor Friendly Fires
8334 Finished Remee Halcyon Remee's Entirely Hinged Plan Which Will Fix Everything And Make No One More Upset Than Before
8333 Finished Starbound Flotilla CY: More
8331 Finished Futaba Nuki Regular Talking in in the Quarry
8330 Finished Kale Hearthward Smile and Wave
8329 Finished Raziel Cave of the Time Streamer
8328 Finished Powerpuff Girls Burger Time
8326 Finished Evehime Gevurah The Wish You Would Fight For
8325 Finished Nephra Tangent Skatepark Sincerity
8323 Finished Petra Soroka Two Creatures Go To The Zoo
8322 Finished Starbound Flotilla CY: Test Job
8321 Finished Charlotte Newman Watch Gals Pal Around
8320 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Bullying Works, Actually
8319 Finished Ishirou Facing reality
8318 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: The Team Gathers
8317 Finished Kale Hearthward The Taskmaster
8316 Finished Metaphor Common Reactor
8315 Finished Petra Soroka Fake Things
8314 Finished Phantom Thieves Pettry Thievery
8312 Finished Trudy Grimm The First Slain
8311 Finished Persephone Kore Teacher of the Gay Bullying Technique
8310 Finished Timespace Riders The Retainer's Shell
8309 Finished Petra Soroka A Housemaid's Duties
8308 Finished Lilian Rook NAZCA One - Exigent Serenity
8307 Finished Kuroto Dan The Eggverse Layer 1 - Painball
8306 Finished Kuroto Dan Mysterious Gamer P
8305 Finished Raziel Revilations
8303 Finished Kuroto Dan The Bugsters
8302 Finished Powerpuff Girls Animal Style
8301 Finished Wisconsin Mirror Sea Incursion
8300 Finished Sylvi I'd Like To Sample The Goods
8299 Finished Petra Soroka
8298 Finished Ishirou The Assassination
8297 Finished Ishirou The Extraction
8296 Finished Kale Hearthward Maid to Disorder
8295 Finished Xion Could We? Still. Are We Allowed?
8294 Finished Father Berislav
8293 Finished Ishirou Dress up Ishirou: Judgement
8292 Finished Father Berislav Stained Glass Petra visits Father Berislav during service to very mixed results.
8291 Finished Operator Karoshi Kaizen: Battle
8290 Finished Go Shijima Why Do You Paint Landscapes With Film, Racer?
8289 Finished Lilian Rook Tree of Completion
8288 Finished DRYCLEAN-SIGINT Wave Collapse Tango B
8287 Finished Operator Karoshi Kaizen
8286 Finished Lilian Rook BCC: Lakefont Boundary
8285 Finished Wisconsin Bodies in Motion
8284 Finished Liza Grier Three Week Review-3
8283 Finished Dimokratia What Have You Learned?
8282 Finished DRYCLEAN-SIGINT Wave Collapse Tango
8281 Finished Powerpuff Girls First Time At Confession
8280 Finished Petra Soroka There Is Passion In Taking, Too
8278 Finished Phantom Thieves Living History - Or Dying? (B Plot)
8277 Finished Phantom Thieves Literally Stolen Valor
8276 Finished Petra Soroka IHOB (The B Stands For Brat)
8275 Finished Cantio DF-1.5: The Skull Children
8274 Finished Raziel The Silenced Cathedral
8273 Finished Trudy Grimm The World Beneath
8272 Finished Liza Grier Three Week Review-2
8271 Finished Tamamo Shrine of Fox and Tanuki
8270 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Age of Majority
8269 Finished Dimokratia After The Brain Wash Is The Brain Spin Cycle
8268 Finished Hibiki Tachibana The Hanging Out Of Girls That Are Friends
8267 Finished Dimokratia Caught The 'Nuki Admiring (Respectfully)
8266 Finished Ishirou Why are our friends in need of help?
8265 Finished Lilian Rook Lavis and Vermilion
8264 Finished Ishirou Dress Up Ishirou
8263 Finished Father Berislav Reconciliation
8262 Finished DRYCLEAN-SIGINT Transit Time
8261 Finished DRYCLEAN-SIGINT Questionable Gameplay Loop
8260 Finished Petra Soroka A Girl Without Her Robot
8258 Finished Wisconsin Azur Lane: Welcome Wagon
8257 Finished Futaba Nuki Break rooms are hard places to lie about bad reception
8256 Finished Rita Ma Devil Four of Seven
8255 Finished Rita Ma The World Ends In Nine Months
8254 Finished Bowser Mario and Luigi In Math Attack! Fudge The Exposition Scene!
8252 Finished Chase Die, Kamen Rider
8251 Finished Candy
8250 Finished Petra Soroka Girls and Garages
8249 Finished Raziel The Soul Reaver: Begining
8248 Finished Ishirou Ishirou Hosts a party
8247 Finished Eggman To Make An Omelette, You Have To Overuse A Cliche
8246 Finished Blemishine Multivariate Cooperation
8245 Finished Remee Halcyon It's Like A Sleepover
8244 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Jungian Parfaits
8243 Finished Dimokratia Inoculation ~ Czernobog
8242 Finished DRYCLEAN-SIGINT Symposium A: Afterlife
8241 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: REDACTED
8240 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: VIDEOLAND
8236 Finished Liza Grier Three Week Review
8235 Finished Remee Halcyon Adventure Hooks
8234 Finished Lilian Rook Oreshnika-3
8233 Finished Hibiki Tachibana The Surface of Darker Depths
8232 Finished Ishirou Oblivion Protocol Pt.2
8231 Finished Ritsuka Fujimaru A Fire at the Station! But not the firestation
8230 Finished Midway WCW: Sea of Flames
8229 Finished Strawberry Princess Billy Tanner and the Magical Girls
8227 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Salem, Trial Witch
8225 Finished Remee Halcyon Club Penguin Fight Club
8224 Finished Petra Soroka Never Buying Unfurnished Again
8223 Finished Petra Soroka Went Down a Hill
8222 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Hey there, this is redacted, and let's play it out
8221 Finished Lilian Rook Oreshnika-2
8220 Finished Xion White & Black 2023
8219 Finished Cantio DF-1: Domestic Affairs Beckon
8218 Finished Eggman A Meeting Of Mind
8216 Finished Ishirou Oblivion Protocol
8215 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants
8213 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: We Put Our Faith In Blast Hardcheese
8212 Finished Veve Joueur The Future Beckons And Won't Wait
8211 Finished Hibiki Tachibana I'm A...Kamen...Rider?
8210 Finished Xion Intellectual Property Violations In The Jade Empire
8208 Finished Kale Hearthward No you're the one who's having relationship problems
8207 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: The Signal From Europa
8206 Finished Hiromi More Honest
8204 Finished Lilian Rook Oreshnika
8203 Finished Kuroto Dan Genm Corporation
8202 Finished Remee Halcyon Fox, Sheep, Cabbages
8201 Finished Kuroto Dan Dealing With The Devil
8200 Paused James Bond
8199 Finished Tony Stark Winter Holiday
8198 Finished Rita Ma Girlbestfriend Hangout
8197 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: I Got A Fever
8196 Finished Remee Halcyon Space Station Silicon Valley
8195 Finished N'Raha The Sea Swallows All ft Raha and Midway
8194 Finished N'Raha Impromptu Solstice Celebration ft N'Raha
8193 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Manly Discussions
8192 Active Sarracenia Winter Camping
8191 Finished Petra Soroka An Uninvited Guest
8189 Finished John Doe Remee Strikes First
8188 Finished John Doe Ambush of a Brat (ver Petra)
8187 Finished Remee Halcyon A Cold Winter's Night
8186 Finished Xion To Be Okay
8185 Finished Remee Halcyon The Unseasonably Warm Holiday Spectacular
8184 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Homewrecking ft Caelan and Char
8183 Finished Lilian Rook Operation Winter Hazel-3
8182 Finished Kale Hearthward Santa Kale
8181 Finished Operator Da Boyz Save Krustmus
8180 Finished Midway Through the Gates of Gatun
8179 Finished Metamorph One Applied Ontolgy - Obligate Meeting
8178 Finished Bowser Mario & Luigi: The Math Attack I
8177 Finished Timespace Riders The Return: 1989
8176 Finished Lilian Rook Operation Winter Hazel-2
8175 Finished Sylvi The Aftermath Of The Errandboy
8174 Finished Cantio The New Challengers
8173 Finished Xion This Isn't A Repeatable Quest Any More, Is It?
8172 Finished Petra Soroka Bikki's Rook Loredump
8170 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Kismet, Chained
8169 Finished Hibiki Tachibana Who's Flooring Who Now?
8168 Finished Midway WCW: Against the Whirlwind
8167 Finished Timespace Riders The Return: Fuuto City Det. Agency
8166 Finished Kale Hearthward Kale Hearthward Unsaves Christmas
8165 Finished John Doe Corporate Espionage
8163 Finished Remee Halcyon MHZ: The First Expedition
8162 Finished Remee Halcyon Monster Hunter Zoids
8161 Finished James Bond TWINE: Exercise at Gibraltar
8159 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: The Quiet Spaces Between
8158 Finished Metamorph One Severance to Ghost Light
8157 Finished Lilian Rook Operation Winter Hazel-1
8156 Finished Lilian Rook BCC: Yono-2
8155 Finished Remee Halcyon Wolves Meet
8154 Finished Remee Halcyon You Can Go Home Again
8153 Finished James Bond The People's Prater
8152 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Institutional Terrorism
8151 Finished Cantio DF-0: Unification and Containment
8150 Finished Kuroto Dan Seito University Hospital
8146 Finished Lilian Rook Bikki-chan's Magical Hibtraining
8144 Finished Remee Halcyon Mandatory Hot Springs Filler Episode
8143 Finished Midway WCW: Naval Review
8142 Finished Kuroto Dan Kuroto Dan Is Not Mad. He's Definitely Never Been Mad. He Has Never Devolved Into A Corncob And Is Definitely Not Doing It Right Now.
8141 Active Caelan Stuart PNL: Girl Talk
8140 Finished Kuroto Dan A Scene Where Kuroto Definitely Isn't Still Malding Over Something That Happened A Year Ago
8139 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: A Velvet Reception
8138 Finished Operator Agents of BUILD: Doomgate
8137 Finished Xion Quest: Rescue France! (Daily)
8136 Finished James Bond TWINE: Dr. Seabrook
8135 Finished Caelan Stuart PNL: A Father's Nightmare
8134 Finished Stanley Padgett Spooky Night is Serious Business
8133 Finished James Bond The World is Not Enough
8132 Finished Hiromi ...goes the throne.
8131 Finished Hiromi To the victor...
8130 Finished Operator Agents of BUILD: Helldive
8129 Finished Charlotte Newman PNL: Murder on a Misty Night
8128 Finished Stanley Padgett Stanley Learns to Deal With Riders
8127 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Stanley and Charlotte Meet a Child
8125 Finished Timespace Riders The Library
8124 Finished Friz The Blood-Drunk Miner
8123 Finished Timespace Riders The Return: Another Drive
8122 Finished Xion A Question From (X) // A Turn-(Key) Farewell
8121 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Enter, Cop
8120 Finished Charlotte Newman PNL: On the Prowl
8119 Finished Lilian Rook The Víla
8118 Finished Vantablitz Remnants People of the Valley-2
8117 Finished Kale Hearthward A Peaceful Talk Where Nobody Gets Drowned
8116 Finished Remee Halcyon Stew Meet
8115 Finished Kale Hearthward Dark Ride
8114 Finished Timespace Riders The Return: 2014 Split
8113 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Escalation
8112 Finished Lilian Rook BCC: Yono
8111 Finished Xion Before We Fly
8110 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: The New Guy ft. Stanley, Charlotte and John
8109 Finished Liza Grier This is a Watch Social
8108 Finished Timespace Riders The Return: Airport
8107 Finished Aptom The Advent
8106 Finished Lilian Rook Third Bloom of Humanity
8105 Finished Chains Knight (O) Reshuffled-2
8104 Finished Chains Knight Another Settlement Needs Our Help!
8103 Finished Stanley Padgett Teatime with Pirates ft Stan and Hook
8102 Finished Captain Hook Perchance To Dream
8101 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: A Very Important Date
8100 Finished Operator Agents of BUILD: The Mothership
8099 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Forsooth, a Hame Burgerer ft Stan and Charlotte
8097 Finished Timespace Riders The Return
8096 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Memories of Life ft Stanley and Charlotte Stanley finds out he's not alone in having a Persona, and meets his first party member, Charlotte
8095 Finished Operator Agents of BUILD
8094 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Todayborday Investigation Rita, Kukuru, Lilian, Rita and the Zi-O duo venture into the Reversal with Stanley, and find out the cause of the Lampport Time Loop.
8093 Finished Rita Ma The Bargain
8092 Finished Rita Ma Akroma's Ruins
8091 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Spring Ahead, Fall Back Rita, Hibiki, Kukuru, Sougo and Woz get a taste of the Reversal, and get to meet the Tour Guide, Delilah
8089 Finished Lilian Rook BCC: The Re-Log
8088 Finished Lilian Rook RIFTS: Silvereno
8087 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: COOL KIDS ARCADE NIGHT Stanley invites his new friends out to the arcade, and gets sucked into the start of a time loop!
8086 Finished Stanley Padgett PNL: Welcome... to Lampport Stanley meets a BUNCH of Elites, and shows them a smidge of what life is like in Lampport.
8085 Finished Chains Knight Questgivers Local 128
8084 Finished Timespace Riders Do You Believe In Gravity
8083 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants The Five Deadly Venoms - Salamander
8082 Finished Xion Episode Zi-0: So You're The Demon King?
8081 Finished Lilian Rook RIFTS: Campaign Map
8080 Finished Vergil Happy Birthday Nico
8079 Finished Lilian Rook Overture - Beach Head
8078 Finished Lilian Rook Holy City of Clef
8077 Finished Xion Everyone Asks What Is Cantio Doing, But Never How Is Cantio...
8076 Finished Kukuru The totally normal party scene
8075 Finished Rita Ma Here Be Monsters 2
8074 Finished Rita Ma Here Be Monsters 1
8073 Finished Staren Goodbyes
8072 Finished Phobos STC Stands For...
8071 Finished Surge and Kit Trouble at Egg Base Sigma
8070 Finished Kukuru The scene where the nice one flips out and goes apeshit
8068 Finished Sylvi Okay, Nerd, Spill Your Gamer Tea
8067 Finished Shadow Genie in a Bottle
8066 Finished Kale Hearthward My Rider Akamendamia
8065 Finished Kukuru Attack on the Auction
8064 Finished Evehime Gevurah Ishirou Invitational
8063 Finished Cantio The Treasurer's Still Alive
8062 Finished Ritsuka Fujimaru Siege of Orleans 2: Dragon Witch Boogaloo
8061 Finished Eggman Eggman: A Day In The Life
8060 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Consider This My Resignation
8059 Finished Ishirou The Eggman Returns
8058 Finished Kirishima Factory Fisticuffs
8057 Finished Cantio Waffle Maker Making Filler Episode
8056 Finished Persephone Kore
8055 Finished Staren The Rallied armies of Hyrule / Catching up with Kalia
8054 Finished Lilian Rook Time Flees From Us, But
8053 Finished Lilian Rook Armour of Aobheil
8052 Finished Kale Hearthward Softball Mission
8051 Finished Sylvi Now I'm Mad! And You've Gotta Deal With It!
8050 Paused Zephyrman
8049 Finished Kale Hearthward A Peaceful Talk Where Nobody Gets Stabbed
8048 Finished Tamamo Friendship vs Yakuza
8047 Finished Ishirou Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water...these elements are fucked yo
8046 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Five Deadly Venoms - Adder
8045 Finished Staren That's A Big Tower Let's See What's Inside
8044 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Interlude: the Five Deadly Venoms
8043 Finished Ritsuka Fujimaru A Sea of Flames in the Suburbs
8042 Finished Ishirou Preparing for things to come!
8041 Finished KNK You Weren't Using It, So...
8040 Finished Ishirou The Level Checker
8039 Finished Tamamo Divine Ink
8038 Finished Cantio BDR-3: The Treasurer's Last Stand
8037 Finished Kirishima Metro City Beatdown
8036 Finished Ishirou =The Shaking Planet
8035 Finished Vergil The Hellgate
8034 Finished Chains Knight Chainquest 1.0
8033 Finished Ishirou Robot Animal Testing
8032 Finished Midway The Shadow of Robotropolis
8031 Finished Ishirou Welcome to the City of Shades
8030 Finished Karlan Nobles Metro City Bay: Not a Stage for once
8029 Finished Hiromi Wolf Among Heroes
8028 Finished Lilian Rook Control Group: 1
8027 Finished Staren Another Doomsday, or the Razing of Robotropolis
8026 Finished Xion AdvenTinders In Cyberspace
8025 Finished Kale Hearthward Basic Train-ing
8024 Finished Lilian Rook Campfire Debrief
8023 Finished Friz Pet Detective (Pet Detection)
8022 Finished Persephone Kore
8021 Finished Midway AFAD: Prologue
8020 Finished Chains Knight A Questing Request
8019 Finished Lilian Rook ES-VC: Prelude
8018 Finished Vantablitz Remnants HELL
8017 Finished Vantablitz Remnants People of the Valley
8016 Finished Lilian Rook Welcome To The New Death Game
8015 Finished Lilian Rook RIFTS: Golden Eagle
8014 Finished Cantio Fireworks in the General's Front Yard
8012 Finished C Cryptid Hunt Finale - FELL LIZARD LINDBAUM
8011 Finished Lilian Rook Wheel of Lugh-2
8010 Finished Lilian Rook Wheel of Lugh-1
8009 Finished Ishirou Exploring the Unending Factory (and maybe ourselves)
8008 Finished Darren The Bus
8007 Finished Tamamo
8006 Finished Persephone Kore
8005 Finished Persephone Kore
8004 Finished Karlan Nobles The (mostly) Unfamiliar Wasteland Scouting Party
8003 Finished Cantio Peace, Pantries, and Production Project
8002 Finished Captain Flint White March: Breach
8001 Finished Captain Flint White March: Ogres
8000 Finished Lilian Rook RIFTS: Boothill
7999 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants The Happy Rebel
7998 Finished KNK Slipped Leash
7997 Finished Xion Did Your Answer Change?
7996 Finished Hiromi Bercilak Will (Not) Die
7995 Finished Kukuru Nuclear Codes Optional
7993 Finished BB Wish Upon A Data Star
7989 Finished Staren All-Day Social: Secundus Beach Day
7988 Finished Staren Symphogear: Anti-Noise Armaments
7987 Finished Lilian Rook Look I Said If There Was No Beach Scene on Secundus then I'd--
7986 Finished Kale Hearthward To a Beta Tomorrow
7985 Finished Rita Ma Deep Blue Sea
7984 Finished Rita Ma Devil And The
7982 Finished Kale Hearthward Not The Kind With Peanuts
7981 Finished Featherman Neo Extracting Secrets from Lukeoghamm's Elite
7980 Finished Arthur Lowell Secundus: End of Demo Disk
7979 Finished Kirishima The Resort is Ready to Rumble
7978 Finished Alexis
7977 Finished Ishirou Lukeghamm City Blues
7976 Finished Lilian Rook RIFTS: the Neuron Beast
7975 Finished Cantio Energetic Experimentation at the Empty Earth
7974 Finished Ishirou Establishing Site 13
7973 Finished Lilian Rook What's the Objective
7972 Finished Staren 2b2Forte
7971 Finished Kale Hearthward How Do You Fix a Problem Like 80995
7970 Finished Lilian Rook
7969 Finished Rhongomyniad In the Snow with Yaga and You
7968 Finished Rita Ma Waterproofing Bread
7966 Finished Cantio Round 3 is another horrible nightmare zone
7965 Finished Ishirou Strange Robots In a Stranger Land
7963 Finished Lilian Rook Gold Fills the Cracks
7962 Finished Lilian Rook Gatekeep Gaslight Glotboss
7961 Finished Warfarin A Vampire goes Exploring!
7960 Finished Xion I'd Like To Come Over, Generically
7959 Finished Kale Hearthward Onion Rings Help Everything
7957 Finished Xion Costa Del Birbland
7956 Finished Kukuru The Grand Opening of Happy Friendly Land!
7955 Finished Cantio Scoping out the Definitely Not a Cult or Meat Zone!
7954 Finished Kale Hearthward Kale Should Not Be Allowed To Gamble
7953 Finished Forte Forte's Secundus Food Tour (2nd Course)
7952 Finished Cantio Meat Tests and the Mysterious Thirteen
7951 Finished Starbound Flotilla Hovercraft Harassment
7950 Finished Starbound Flotilla Hovercraft Hangout
7949 Finished Undivided Queens Yes! Fight For My Attention!
7948 Finished Lilian Rook But Community Is
7947 Finished Lilian Rook RIFTS: Recommence-2
7946 Finished Forte Forte's Secundus Food Tour
7945 Finished Starbound Flotilla Solar Firewalls
7944 Finished Staren CONTACT: Autocthonia (Secundus)
7943 Finished Kale Hearthward Kale Shoots First
7942 Finished Staren Scene of Light! Scene of Magic! Scene of Aborted Timelines Tragic!
7941 Finished Cantio Researching the meatzone
7940 Finished Kale Hearthward Sargasso Startup
7939 Finished Lilian Rook
7938 Finished Evehime Gevurah Pandora Gate 3: Martian Parking Lot
7935 Finished Arthur Lowell Secundus: The Expedition Begins
7934 Finished Evehime Gevurah
7933 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Temple of Three Winds: The Immortal One?
7932 Finished Vergil The City of Fortuna
7931 Finished Chains Knight Knights of the Desired Takeout
7930 Finished Darren Hurt Badderly and the Scab Busters
7929 Finished Strawberry Princess The Other Ruined London (2)
7928 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Signal Echoes: Commencement
7926 Finished Chains Knight Honoji Academy Tabletop Club
7925 Finished Evehime Gevurah The Pandora Gate-2
7924 Finished Strawberry Princess The Other Ruined London
7923 Finished Lilian Rook RIFTS: Recommence
7922 Finished Evehime Gevurah The Pandora Gate
7921 Finished Flamel Parsons TPT: The Breakthrough Case (2)
7920 Finished Staren Sparring with Spaghetti
7919 Finished Sleek Shimmer Etched Might of the Great Wolf
7918 Finished Flamel Parsons TPT: The Breakthrough Case (1)
7917 Finished Undivided Queens More Exciting Is Better!
7916 Finished Vergil A Call For Help, A Cry If You Would
7914 Finished Undivided Queens The Hell is a Runecipher Anyways?
7913 Finished Midway Captain Morgan's Revenge
7912 Finished Hiromi Bioweapon Proliferation
7911 Finished Staren RIFTS: Line and Xinker
7910 Finished Chains Knight A Man, A Bridge, A Plan, Pambridgmana
7909 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Signal Echoes: Gilded Coast
7908 Finished Sarracenia Katt Doesn't like Princess Plushies
7906 Finished Darren Killadelphia Calls for Aid
7905 Finished Candy BNCM: The Bank
7904 Finished Midway Terror on the High Seas
7903 Finished Lilian Rook Feed Rita Monsters
7902 Finished Karian Icefang New Horizons
7901 Finished Evehime Gevurah Cult of Ares 2
7900 Finished Evehime Gevurah Cult of Ares 1
7899 Finished Flamel Parsons TPT: The Secret of the Second Head
7898 Finished Liza Grier PARASPRITE
7896 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Signal Echoes: Rallypoint Delta
7895 Paused Sarracenia Royal Sleepover
7894 Finished Midway Wolves of the Sea
7892 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Signal Echoes: Bazaar
7891 Finished Candy Ayudarla
7890 Finished Candy BNCM: The Villa
7887 Finished Undivided Queens You Can Try A Little Harder
7886 Finished Chains Knight The Unskippable Tutorial Zone
7885 Finished Muramasa Solipsism of The Sword (2)
7884 Finished Forte I'll Face Myself
7883 Finished Persephone Kore Fifty-First Subject, cont.
7882 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Signal Echoes: Desert
7880 Finished Candy BNCM: The Estate
7879 Finished Featherman Neo The Most Dangerous Game Finale
7878 Finished Featherman Neo The Most Dangerous Game Ch2
7877 Finished Persephone Kore The Fifty-First Subject
7876 Finished Eryl Fairfax Caffeine Crisis At MCM Academy
7875 Finished Evehime Gevurah Strength··········
7874 Finished Lilian Rook Urban: Money Isn't Real
7873 Finished Muramasa Solipsism of the Sword (1)
7872 Finished Featherman Neo The Most Dangerous Game Ch1
7871 Finished Lilian Rook UCCS: Antigravity
7870 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants The Plus One Conundrum
7869 Finished Lilian Rook Sacred Tree Sakura
7868 Finished Janine Liberi Target #1: Jose De Leon
7867 Finished Persephone Kore Regolith Lithobrake
7866 Finished Vergil Devil Arms Awaken
7865 Finished Rita Ma Women Love Me, Fish Fear Me
7862 Finished Hiromi Surtur's Fortress
7860 Finished Flamel Parsons TPT: The Censor Victorious
7859 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Signal Echoes
7858 Finished Flamel Parsons TPT: The Self-Keeping Secret
7857 Finished Undivided Queens It's Cutest When They Resist
7856 Finished Evehime Gevurah A Fallen Shard of Heaven
7855 Finished Lilian Rook Urban: Revolt
7854 Finished Kirishima Return of the IFAS
7853 Finished Miyamomo The Clash of the Strong
7852 Finished Go Shijima The Lodge: Epilogue
7850 Finished Forte The Distressed F - Finale
7849 Finished Forte The Distressed F - The Gospel's Refrain
7848 Finished Forte The Cost of Trust
7847 Finished Hiromi Return to Dungeons of Doom
7846 Finished Kale Hearthward Crossing Swords
7845 Finished Persephone Kore
7844 Finished Hibiki Tachibana The Mandatory Sleepover Episode
7842 Finished Hibiki Tachibana Food Channel ft. The Gal Pals and An Inspector
7841 Finished Hiromi Dungeons of Doom
7840 Finished Hiromi Wolf Beat
7839 Finished Forte The Distressed F - An Ace's Ambition
7838 Finished Hiromi Wolf Meet
7837 Finished Kale Hearthward The Aftermeeting
7836 Finished Midna The Graverobber Duo
7835 Finished Kirishima Rise of the IFAS
7833 Finished Lilian Rook Dragon's Garden - Vocation
7832 Finished Lilian Rook Dragon's Garden - ASIS
7831 Finished Priscilla The Last Spark of Chaos
7830 Finished Lilian Rook London Exclusion Zone - Strike Team
7828 Finished Hesinca Pop Up Dungeon (Direct2Video)
7827 Finished Hesinca Pop-Up Dungeon (Vol 3)
7826 Finished Xion How Odd The Roles Are Reversed
7825 Finished Darren The Vibe Check in the Woods
7824 Finished Persephone Kore Girls Like Us
7820 Finished Vaxis The Wolf (1/2)
7819 Finished Forte The Distressed F / A Father's Lament
7818 Finished Hiromi Put to the Test
7817 Finished Lilian Rook XiMae's Bizarre Social
7815 Finished Cantio Concerts in Cadenza
7814 Finished Forte A Fake Netbattler Goes To New York
7813 Finished Lilian Rook Operation Alphanumeric-4
7812 Finished Flamel Parsons TPT: The Shattered Mirror
7811 Finished Flamel Parsons TPT: The Winter Mirror
7810 Finished Flamel Parsons TPT: The Underworld Mirror
7808 Finished Hesinca Pop Up Dungeon (vol 2)
7807 Finished Go Shijima The Lodge: Finale (1/2)
7806 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Temple of Three Winds - Double Trouble
7805 Finished Lilian Rook Like "Family"-Overflow
7804 Finished Guzma Runaway Runway
7803 Finished Kale Hearthward Baba Yetu
7802 Finished Janine Liberi One More God Rejected
7801 Finished Vantablitz Remnants
7800 Finished Lilian Rook Like "Family"-2
7799 Finished Darren Step One: Run it Into the End Zone
7798 Finished Operator Doktor Rawbought's NEO-Mechanical Regents Type-X0 Legends
7797 Finished Hesinca Is It Okay To Run A Pop-Up Dungeon As Part Of A Convoluted Plot To Get Someone A Date? (vol 1)
7796 Finished Staren Treated As Means To An End
7795 Finished Staren Use HP To Recover Candy
7794 Finished Rita Ma Nuclear, Sub-Marine
7793 Finished Rita Ma Union Santiago
7792 Finished Vantablitz Remnants The Black Ash of Life
7791 Finished Darren Attack! At the Stadium
7789 Finished S6 On the Threshold
7788 Finished Vergil Land Court by Combat
7787 Finished Miyamomo Smoke and Pictures
7786 Finished Lilian Rook Like "Family"-1
7785 Finished Blemishine Midday Excursion
7784 Finished Lilian Rook Operation Alphanumeric-3
7783 Finished Cantio SORG 6:Mayor's Village
7782 Finished Persephone Kore Kore of the Problem
7781 Finished Strawberry Princess Handburgers
7780 Finished Operator Doktor Rawbought's Mechanical Monstrosities!
7779 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Run Theim Honds
7776 Finished Dark Generals Melody That Connects Hearts (1/2)
7775 Finished Liza Grier
7773 Finished Arthur Lowell Secundus: Resonance Experimentation 3
7772 Finished Lilian Rook Dragon's Garden - Second Act
7771 Finished Priscilla The Angels of Yore
7770 Finished Cantio Storming the Lab
7769 Finished Lilian Rook Aerial Exercises
7768 Finished Lilian Rook Operation Alphanumeric-2
7767 Finished Liza Grier This Scene Contains Penguins
7766 Finished Persephone Kore "Like Family" 2
7765 Finished Persephone Kore "Like Family"
7764 Finished Vergil Humans Against Demon Colonialism
7763 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants The Test of Temperance
7762 Finished Bowser Tinkle Absolutely: PRE-BLACK FRIDAY
7760 Finished C Old Schoolhouse Exploration - Finale
7759 Finished Xion Storm Season
7758 Finished Persephone Kore Organization of Interest
7757 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants The Bugster and the Green Knight
7756 Paused Sylvi Snake Shack
7755 Finished Cantio SORG 6: Uptown
7754 Finished Cantio Digging Around in the City of Sound
7753 Finished Midway The Ship With No Name
7752 Finished Cantio The BDF Deploys
7751 Finished Flamel Parsons TPT: Revenge of the MAD-Men!
7750 Finished Chase KRE:Beta Testing
7749 Finished Priscilla The Wall of Dregs
7748 Finished Undivided Queens Ilenjeh-Algwyll Pact
7747 Finished Kale Hearthward Curve Up
7746 Finished Lilian Rook
7745 Finished Candy Come On In
7744 Finished Trudy Grimm Fall Festivities
7743 Finished Trudy Grimm Monster Mash
7742 Finished Flamel Parsons TPT: The Motherlobe
7741 Finished Trudy Grimm Terror Time Again
7738 Finished Kukuru Snacktime at the Shrine
7737 Finished Janine Liberi Why Is The World Thiers?
7736 Finished Count Kord Shaking off the Rust 1
7735 Finished Priscilla Mysterious Maid-4
7733 Finished Hiromi Birds and Prey
7732 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Temple of Three Winds: Crossroads
7731 Finished Cantio SORG 5: vs. Mr. Big
7730 Finished Doctor Strange The Challenge: Finale
7729 Finished Doctor Strange The Challenge-3
7728 Finished Doctor Strange The Challenge-2
7727 Finished Doctor Strange The Challenge-1
7726 Finished Candy The Friends of Hibiki
7725 Finished Kukuru Deserted in the River
7724 Finished Hellwarming Trio Meeting the (dog and cat) parent
7723 Finished Brooklynn Bailey The (future) Queen of Neo York
7722 Finished Ishirou Worm Food
7721 Finished Cantio T for Tamed
7719 Finished Go Shijima The Lodge-6
7718 Finished Chase Belt Jacking
7717 Finished S6 Peaceful Days
7716 Finished Kale Hearthward SC5: A Song of Ink and Freedom
7714 Finished Kale Hearthward SC5: And It Don't Stop
7713 Finished Chase KRE: And Now...
7711 Finished Chase Timejacking
7710 Finished Gilgamesh The Royal Game Of Ur
7709 Finished Reyes I Wanna Fly High
7708 Finished Persephone Kore Sharing Is Caring
7707 Finished Hiromi Underroot Meeting
7706 Finished Cantio Bugsters at Home
7705 Finished C Cryptid Hunting File 04 - MERCILESS BLACK TORRENT GILDERGANON
7704 Finished Cantio Prototype Procurement Ploy
7703 Finished Muramasa Talking over Tea and Offerings
7702 Finished Gawain RIFTS: Operation Start - Dust Bulwark
7701 Finished Taelveras The Beast Beneath 2
7700 Finished Kukuru Heist at the Expo
7699 Finished BB You Remembered My NumBBer!
7698 Finished Captain Hook Interview With A Pirate
7697 Finished Ishirou Ghost Theory
7696 Finished Ishirou Sep 2 19:00/Ghost Theory=I4 has provided the Paladins with the location of a secret INDUS facility that had done work on androids, and could possibility solve the idea behind 'Ghost Theory' which is related to how Androids from his world are sentient. H
7695 Finished Hiromi Indiscretion of Youth-2
7693 Finished Ishirou What Lays Beneath p3
7692 Finished Ishirou What Lays Beneath p2
7691 Finished Ishirou What Lays Beneath p1
7690 Finished Reyes Time for a check-up?
7689 Finished Hiromi Indiscretion of Youth
7688 Finished Xion The Nacho Course
7687 Finished Hibiki Tachibana
7686 Finished Captain Hook Power And Industry
7685 Finished Chase Are You Ready To Meet God?
7684 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Temple of Three Winds: Defender of the Three
7683 Finished Operator Bonus District: Donkey Kong Country
7682 Finished Go Shijima The Lodge: Johnson Residence
7681 Finished Hibiki Tachibana The Shoe On The Other Foot
7680 Finished Qulan Kahkol
7679 Finished Phasewalker Meeting of Minds
7678 Finished Tamamo Old, Forgotten Things
7677 Finished Lilian Rook A Sword that Severs Seals
7676 Finished Shinnosuke Tomari KR Exodus 1-2
7673 Finished Chase Chadse vs. Shirou Emiya
7672 Finished Phasewalker SWN: Echoes of a Scream-1
7671 Finished Kale Hearthward SC5: There's A New King in Town
7669 Finished C Cryptid Hunting File Interlude 03 - Mishy Madness! The Wonderland Reborn
7668 Finished C Cryptid Hunting File Interlude 02 - The Pungent Gunsmoke Which Clouds The Dawn
7666 Finished Cantio SORG 4: Downtown
7664 Finished Kukuru Breakout at the Morgue
7663 Finished Shinnosuke Tomari KR Exodus 1-1
7662 Finished Brooklynn Bailey
7661 Paused Staren Socializing with the Seer
7660 Finished Kale Hearthward New Horizons: Pocket Camp
7659 Finished Reliant KRE: The White Grasshopper
7658 Finished Evehime Gevurah Second Verse Same as the First
7657 Finished Gilgamesh One And A Half Men
7656 Finished Rita Ma Crude Behavior
7654 Finished Evehime Gevurah Find Out XIV
7652 Finished Hibiki Tachibana After The Trials
7651 Finished Kale Hearthward Arrival: The Mysterious Saiyan?
7650 Finished Operator Tenth District: Jumpman Tower
7649 Finished Operator Ninth District: Exosphere
7648 Finished Operator Eight District: Old Donk Bridge
7647 Finished Lilian Rook Operation: Alphanumeric-1
7646 Finished Lilian Rook The One That Got Away
7645 Finished Undivided Queens Algwyll-Ilenjeh Alliance
7643 Finished C Cryptid Hunting File 03 - ICE DEVIL SEAH UNSURTR
7641 Finished Okada Izou Festival With A Manslayer
7640 Finished Rita Ma Sweet Sea Breeze
7639 Finished Go Shijima Seito University Hospital
7638 Finished Taelveras PF: The Beast Beneath 1
7637 Finished Hiromi
7636 Finished Cantio SORG 3: Parks District
7635 Finished Zephyrman A Visit To A Holy Place
7634 Finished Rita Ma Fight Like Humans Do
7633 Finished Xion Featherman NEO Season 1 Episode 7 - Clash! The Mysterious Darkness???
7632 Finished Tohru Adachi Adachi Dies In This Scene
7631 Finished Arthur Lowell Secundus: Resonance Experimentation 2
7629 Finished Candy BNCM: The Train
7628 Finished C Cryptid Hunting File 02 - PERPETUAL TERROR GROWTH HYDRA PLANT
7627 Finished Zephyrman Let's Play Board Games!
7626 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Temple of Three Winds: The Vision
7625 Finished Priscilla Mysterious Maid-3
7624 Finished Brooklynn Bailey Chessnut Island 2
7623 Finished Hibiki Tachibana Smith, Sentinel, and Swords
7622 Finished Featherman Neo The Trials of the Feathermen Hiromi shows up instead, ruins the trial, and takes over the mount. The Feathermen are wounded, and open for division.
7621 Finished Xion The Power Of Heart (Kingdom, Not Jawline)
7620 Finished Hiromi Oni Crashing Party-2
7619 Finished C Cryptid Hunting File 01 - VOID CALAMITY ELON ARK
7618 Finished Hiromi Oni Party Crashing
7616 Finished Go Shijima The Lodge-5
7614 Finished Midway The Mirror See Pt3
7613 Finished Staren True Psychic Tales: The Cat That Found Its Way
7612 Finished Guzma Meeting The Family Pickled cheese is weird.
7611 Finished Gawain The Prodigal Knight
7610 Finished Chase KRE: Robbie and the Robots
7609 Finished Hibiki Tachibana Where Omens Lead
7608 Finished Sylvi A Totally Normal Event Quest Haseo Does Not Get Crushed To Death In
7607 Finished Kale Hearthward SC5: The Restaurant At The Beginning of the Plotline
7606 Finished Gilgamesh Closet Of Babylon
7605 Finished Silver Carnation The Dream That Never Ends-2
7604 Finished Persephone Kore Phony & the Eater-Thought
7603 Finished Kale Hearthward Duel to the End of the Galaxy
7601 Finished Persephone Kore Sapient Heuristics
7599 Finished Muramasa GUDAGUDA Bancho Brawl ~interlude; like a summer whirlwind~
7598 Finished Lilian Rook Oda Clan: Grave Mistakes
7597 Finished Cantio SORG 2: Industrial Zone
7596 Finished Go Shijima The Lodge: Tree Orphenoch
7593 Finished Lilian Rook Domum Fortium Septem: The Revenge of the Return
7591 Finished Arthur Lowell Secundus: Resonance Experimentation
7590 Finished Kale Hearthward The Watch Stole the Precious Thing
7589 Finished Strawberry Princess The Langley Girls
7588 Finished Silver Carnation The Dream That Never Ends-1
7587 Finished Chase KRE: Alfredo and the Fetucini's
7585 Finished Silver Carnation Underage Mahou Drinking
7583 Finished Staren Bar & Grill: After the Beach Rumble
7582 Finished Nobunaga Sengoku Bancho: GUDAGUDA Beach Rumble!
7581 Finished Guzma Sword Through The Throat
7580 Finished Brooklynn Bailey Chessnut Island
7579 Finished Go Shijima The Lodge-4
7578 Finished Hibiki Tachibana The Singular Disaster
7577 Finished Staren TRUE PSYCHIC TALES: The Cat That Lost Its Way
7576 Finished Hiromi Speak With Your Fists
7575 Finished Hiromi Dragon-Eating Wolf
7574 Finished Silver Carnation Let's Blow Up Maine
7573 Finished Sarracenia Hate at First Sight
7572 Finished Persephone Kore Psychonauts Any% Speedrun (Glitches)
7570 Finished Persephone Kore This Is Not A Place Of -----
7569 Finished Strawberry Princess Runner
7568 Finished Chase Shinnosuke Tomari and Go Shijima Definitely Die In This Scene
7567 Finished Vergil The Divine Comedy 2
7566 Finished Muramasa Adult Male Sword Owners Act Like Children
7565 Finished Go Shijima The Lodge: Toad Orphenoch
7564 Finished Hesinca Yes I Am Laughing At You
7563 Finished Operator Seventh District: Senator Wario's Punitive Facility
7562 Finished Cantio Back to the Streets
7561 Finished Strawberry Princess Who Shot Me?
7560 Finished Lilian Rook
7559 Finished Captain Flint The White March-1
7558 Finished Maricel Thorne The Dream Machine
7557 Finished DIOMEDES Olympus - Departure
7556 Finished Lilian Rook Dragon's Garden-Sakura
7555 Finished Hesinca Pre-Pre-Pre-Emptive Strike
7554 Finished Go Shijima KRE: The Lodge-3
7553 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants The City of Tir
7552 Finished Kale Hearthward MI2: Causing Problems on Purpose
7551 Finished Vaxis Olympus - Trust
7550 Finished Go Shijima KRE: The Lodge-2
7549 Paused Lily Enter the Gungeon - Chamber 4!
7548 Finished Operator Sixth District: City Hall
7547 Finished Vergil Raising Pandemonium
7546 Finished Go Shijima KRE: The Lodge-1
7545 Finished Cantio Suddenly! Frogmen?
7544 Finished Vaxis Olympus - Arrival
7543 Finished Lily Enter The Gungeon, Bullet Time
7542 Finished Gideon Kaspar Girls Frontline: Yellow Zone PI-2
7541 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants BIOMARE: Gamma Clearance
7540 Finished Operator Wire
7539 Finished Cantio Suddenly! Sub-Human
7538 Finished Vergil Mineral Fights
7537 Finished Lily Enter the Gungeon, Chamber Mouse
7536 Finished Forte Reality Bytes
7535 Finished Kale Hearthward MI2: The Collaborators
7534 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants TIM and the Blind Eyemutant
7533 Finished Vergil Squatters of Elfame
7532 Finished Kale Hearthward MI Intermission: Friday Night Hawkin'
7531 Finished Miyamomo Miyamomo vs Utsuho!
7530 Finished Cantio Suddenly! Cheetahmen
7529 Finished Kale Hearthward MI: The Fate of Camembert Way
7528 Finished C Liminality
7527 Finished Priscilla DkS: Graves of Gods-3
7526 Finished Lilian Rook The Dragon's Garden-2
7525 Finished Evehime Gevurah Evehime vs Strawberry
7524 Finished Kale Hearthward MI: Shout It To The Heavens
7523 Finished Kale Hearthward MI: Courtroom Chaos
7522 Finished Gideon Kaspar Girls Frontline: Yellow Zone PI
7521 Finished Lilian Rook The Red Dragon of the Isles
7520 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants BIOMARE: Beta Clearance
7519 Finished Lily Enter The Gungeon, Chamber 3?
7518 Finished Yang Xiao Long A meeting of Minds
7516 Finished Samhain Rock'em Sock'em Monsters Samhain dies. Shaw lives.
7515 Finished Shigure Operation Crowd Control E-3: Interdiction
7514 Finished Operator Fifth District: The First Bank of Old Donk
7513 Finished Kale Hearthward Manifest Industriny
7512 Finished Jonathan Joestar JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gaiden EPILOGUE
7511 Finished Majima Goro Tokusatsu Ga Gotoku
7510 Finished Vergil Face Lord Dracul, Master of NEPHIL FIST
7509 Finished Ein KRE: A Second Heart-Sama?
7508 Finished Evehime Gevurah
7507 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants BIOMARE: Alpha Clearance
7506 Finished Ben d'Tarkanan What's Going On-2
7504 Finished Miyamomo A Backlog of Offerings
7503 Finished Tamamo Collision: Demon
7502 Finished Lilian Rook The Dragon's Garden-1
7500 Finished Priscilla Dks: Graves of Gods-2
7499 Finished Priscilla Mysterious Maid-2
7498 Finished Cantio Suddenly! Forestman!
7497 Finished Hellwarming Trio Bodega Break In
7496 Finished S6 Officer Type Drakos
7495 Finished Hellwarming Trio Sponsored by PRODUCT
7494 Finished Priscilla Mysterious Maid-1
7493 Finished Lily Enter the Gungeon, Chamber 2
7492 Finished Ben d'Tarkanan What's Going On-1
7491 Finished Kale Hearthward New Horizons: Redd Sky at Night
7490 Finished Reliant STAGE SELECT: Sir This Is A Wendy's
7489 Finished Reliant The Conversion Device
7488 Finished Forte Baba is You
7487 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Saint Patty's Cookout
7486 Finished Go Shijima Special Cases Outreach - Finale
7485 Finished Tamamo Collision: Burn the Roots
7484 Finished Cantio Suddenly! Machoman!
7483 Finished Kale Hearthward New Horizons: The Roost
7482 Finished Roxas The Dark Hand of Xemnas - Mission 06
7481 Finished Lilian Rook Clan Pendragon Reclamation - Caelton - 5
7480 Finished Cantio ID Required for Entry
7479 Finished Reliant KRE: X-OVER IV - Explain Yourself Kamen Rider!
7477 Finished Tamamo Collision: Too Late
7476 Finished Operator Fourth District: Magikoopa Academy
7475 Finished Go Shijima Special Cases Outreach-2
7474 Finished Captain Flint Stone of Storms-3
7472 Finished S6 The FANTOM Network - Deserter Inquiry
7471 Finished Midway The Mirror Sea Pt2
7470 Finished Jonathan Joestar JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Gaiden FINALE
7469 Finished Jonathan Joestar JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Gaiden Ch.9
7468 Finished Jonathan Joestar JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Gaiden Ch.8
7467 Finished Jonathan Joestar JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Gaiden Ch.7
7466 Finished Jonathan Joestar JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Gaiden Ch.6
7465 Finished Samhain Pop Quiz-1
7464 Finished Ein KRE: X-OVER IIB - A Jump To The Sky Turns To A--?
7463 Finished Shining Tiger The Secret of Chi-Li Dyng
7462 Finished S6 Officer Type Ochia
7461 Finished Tamamo Collision: Target-Rich Conclusion
7460 Finished Tamamo Collision: Target-Rich
7459 Finished Reliant Super Hero Taisen X-OVER III
7458 Finished Guzma G&C Versus Hau'oli City
7457 Finished Brooklynn Bailey An Ambitious Gathering
7456 Finished Kale Hearthward New Horizons: Bugs, Fish, and Dinosaurs
7455 Finished Kale Hearthward New Horizons: Amigo Festival
7454 Finished BB Five Star Precursor BBig Sis
7452 Finished Majima Goro The Slightly-Occupied Lot
7451 Finished Archer EMIYA I'll Haunt You Till The Day You Die
7450 Finished Reliant OVER: The Saucer Caper
7449 Finished Reliant OVER: Heist Roundtable
7448 Finished Vergil Infernal Yum Cha
7447 Finished Shinnosuke Tomari Where Do We Go Next?
7446 Finished Yang Xiao Long A Visit to Vale(And other stories)
7445 Finished Kale Hearthward New Horizons: Old Ground
7444 Paused Hanako Hirano A Visit At The Painter's Home
7443 Finished Kale Hearthward Kale Crossing: New Horizons
7442 Finished Go Shijima Special Cases Outreach-1
7441 Finished Sylvi Fistfraught
7440 Finished Yuuki Kuran Yes, I'd Like To Talk To Charles Please
7439 Finished Hesinca Community Service II - Neighborhood Watch
7438 Finished Reliant Super Hero Taisen X-OVER II
7437 Finished Reliant Super Hero Taisen X-OVER I
7435 Finished Strawberry Princess Endling Fight!
7434 Finished Evehime Gevurah Extra Corpses
7433 Finished Lily Enter the... Gungeon?
7432 Finished Midway The Mirror Sea Pt1
7431 Finished Shinnosuke Tomari Who is this Fake Roidmude?
7430 Finished BB To Dance on the Sun
7429 Finished BB Interlude: Majima Gor-Oni
7428 Finished Forte Interesting Times
7427 Finished Hanako Hirano Zhuanshu, The Seven-Color Capital
7426 Finished Hanako Hirano The Fangs of Zhuanshu
7425 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Getting the Band Back Together
7424 Finished BB It's Time To Take Over Earth!
7423 Finished Karlan Nobles SOR7: Finale
7422 Finished Karlan Nobles SOR6: The Tower
7421 Finished Karlan Nobles SOR5: Interception
7420 Finished Karlan Nobles SOR4: The Factory
7418 Finished Hellwarming Trio Perfectly symmetrical violence never solved anything
7417 Finished Vergil The Vulgarity
7416 Finished Hellwarming Trio Newark's Traffic Accident
7415 Finished Captain Flint Stone of Storms-2
7414 Finished Majima Goro Building Alliances, Tearing Families Apart
7413 Finished Gawain Cobra - Major Bludd
7412 Finished Captain Flint The Stone of Storms-1
7411 Finished Sylvi All You Can Eat
7410 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants The Churl and the Nobody
7409 Finished Archer EMIYA Alvari Estate: The Dead
7408 Finished Reliant OVER: Fraying Cleanup Detail B
7407 Finished Reliant OVER: Fraying Cleanup Detail A
7406 Active The Janitor Graywashing: Incompatible with Life
7405 Finished Zero Kiryu Terms of Service V
7404 Finished Evehime Gevurah Draw My Blood
7399 Finished Seifer Almasy Almasy: Ego I
7397 Finished Sylvi Fate/Garbage Order
7395 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants The SOL Bank Job
7394 Finished Sierra Kereson Subterranean Animism 3
7393 Finished Sierra Kereson Subterranean Animism 2
7392 Finished Sierra Kereson Subterranean Animism 1
7391 Finished Strawberry Princess Reignition-Versary
7390 Finished Hesinca Community Service I - Traffic Control
7389 Finished Sylvi Twas The Fifth Of Jan For The ZZ Top Man
7388 Finished Hesinca Into Purgatory
7387 Finished Tony Stark The Time Haters
7386 Finished Operator Third District: Septic Speedway
7385 Finished Robin Sundance A Bird In The Sand
7384 Finished Majima Goro Kamurocho Office Hours
7383 Finished Samhain Product Placement 2/2
7382 Finished Samhain Product Placement 1/2
7381 Finished Xion Who Is The Second Drive?
7380 Finished Forte Normal Cuisine
7378 Finished Penumbra The - Zenith
7377 Finished Penumbra The - Hub
7376 Finished Penumbra The - Acquisitors
7375 Finished Penumbra The - Makers
7374 Finished Penumbra The - Seekers
7373 Finished Penumbra The - Tempest
7372 Finished Sylvi Twas The Week After Christmas...
7371 Finished Chase Type DRIFT! A Post-Christmas Miracle! Type DRIFT Is Born!
7370 Finished Captain Flint Bon Homme Silver
7369 Finished Majima Goro Receive And Gift You
7368 Finished Yuuki Kuran Long Con Silver
7367 Finished The Janitor Graywashing: Board Meeting
7366 Finished Samhain Second Day of the Rest of Your Life
7365 Finished Samhain First Day of the Rest of Your Life
7364 Finished Kale Hearthward The Sky is Falling
7363 Finished Lilian Rook Clan Pendragon Reclamation - Caelton - 4
7362 Finished Hesinca Item World: Guzma
7361 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants
7360 Finished Samhain The True Meaning
7359 Finished Hesinca Red Moon Rising
7358 Finished Tohru Adachi Vegan Fear
7357 Finished The Janitor Graywashing: The Coverup
7356 Finished Captain Flint The Theft of the Royal Anne
7355 Finished Hesinca The Christmas Before Nightmares
7354 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants Condemned Subway: Finale
7353 Finished Janine Liberi District 2: Candy Mall
7352 Finished Forte Error 218
7350 Finished Vergil The Hippodrome Clock
7349 Finished Gawain ANB: Cobra-La
7348 Finished Lilian Rook Night of Bonfires-2
7347 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants The Gracious Ones
7346 Finished Janine Liberi District 1: Funky Park
7344 Finished Gawain A New Beginning
7343 Finished C ToCS: Meltdown! The Industrial Metropolis
7342 Finished Starbound Flotilla CRYPTARK (4)
7341 Finished Janine Liberi Cranky Kong Is In Prison
7340 Finished Priscilla DkS: Graves of Gods-1
7339 Finished Vergil Dante, It's Your Birthday Today
7338 Finished S6 FANTOM Traitors
7337 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: CRYPTARK (3)
7336 Finished Samhain Shadows Over Craco
7335 Finished Lilian Rook Night of Bonfires
7334 Finished Samhain Inside the Tiger's Den
7333 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: CRYPTARK (2)
7332 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: CRYPTARK (1)
7331 Finished Rubi-Kan Vagrants The Condemned Subway: Entrance
7330 Finished Ein Calibration After Dark
7329 Finished Gawain Spectre #2: Phantom Racer
7327 Finished Lilian Rook Lost Muramasa of Distortions
7326 Finished Lilian Rook Clan Pendragon Reclamation - Caelton - 3
7325 Finished Gawain Spectre #1: Night Fever
7324 Finished Ein Further Calibration Required
7323 Finished Vergil Turf Wars
7322 Finished Eryl Fairfax Fort Teamsters
7321 Finished Ein Please Fill Out This Survey
7320 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWO: Dishonor Among Thieves
7319 Finished Liza Grier You Have 20 Minutes to Comply
7318 Finished Eryl Fairfax Garoga Skymine Evac
7317 Finished Gawain The Blaze of Ifrit
7316 Finished Karlan Nobles Stage 3: Wood Oak Stadium
7315 Finished Lilian Rook PWI Clan Pendragon Reclamation - Caelton - 2
7313 Finished Adaruhn The New Normal
7310 Finished Forte Epilogue of Zero
7309 Finished Forte Division by Zero
7308 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWO - SEES and Desist
7306 Finished Lilian Rook PWI Clan Pendragon Reclamation - Caelton
7305 Finished Priscilla CI DkS: Forgotten City of Light-S
7304 Finished Priscilla CI DkS: Forgotten City of Light-3
7303 Finished Rean Schwarzer Class VII Presents Red Moon Rose
7302 Finished W Evil Time Part 2
7301 Finished Karlan Nobles SoR 2:Bridge Construction Site
7300 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji Rewind Reviews
7297 Finished Seifer Almasy Blades of Brass, Blades of Steel
7296 Finished Priscilla DkS: Forgotten City of Light-3
7295 Finished Priscilla DkS: Forgotten City of Light-2
7290 Finished Damocles Archeotech Pt 2: In Plain Sight
7289 Finished Shigure Operation Crowd Control E-2B: Indicative Vendetta
7288 Finished Priscilla DkS: Forgotten City of Light-1
7287 Finished Lilian Rook PCWU Siberian Ops - Level: Dragon
7286 Finished Lilian Rook Nova Heliosanctus - Right to Challenge
7285 Finished Lilian Rook Flight of the Crow on the Mountain
7284 Finished Lilian Rook Clan Pendragon Reclamation - Charitable Works
7283 Finished Rean Schwarzer Thors Academy Festival Prep
7282 Finished Seifer Almasy Lolorito Nanarito
7281 Finished Tamamo no Mae Summer War, Fox Style
7280 Finished Vergil A Terror of Style and Flair
7279 Finished Tamamo Fox Cafe
7278 Finished Nobunaga Summer Demon Advance 1
7277 Finished W Evil Time Part 1 Reunion was forced into a retreat, and the Catastrophe was stopped, saving many more lives than might have otherwise been possible.
7276 Finished Zero Kiryu Terms of Service IV
7275 Finished N'Raha A Long Respite's End ft. Raha and Inga
7274 Finished Karian Icefang Spirit of the Wolf
7273 Finished Karlan Nobles S1: The Streets of Rage
7272 Finished Forte Seeker of Zero
7271 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWO - Breaking Clockwork
7270 Finished Lilian Rook Arson on the Sacred Mountain
7269 Finished Hesinca Summer War: First Strike
7268 Finished Hesinca Summer War Placeholder 2
7267 Finished Hesinca Summer War Placeholder
7266 Finished Gawain Horse Quest-2
7263 Finished Ezra Mochizuki Men and Monsters
7262 Finished Ben d'Tarkanan Waidwen's Legacy: Cilant Lis
7261 Finished Big Boss SR Side-P: Revival
7260 Finished Zero Kiryu Terms of Service III
7259 Finished Zero Kiryu Terms of Service II
7258 Finished Zero Kiryu Terms of Service I
7257 Finished Ein Blind Eye Detective Agency: HEKATE
7256 Finished Priscilla DkS: Once Works of Humanity-3
7255 Finished Priscilla DkS: Once Works of Humanity-2
7254 Finished Forte Trolley Problem of Zero
7253 Finished Forte Bank Robber of Zero
7252 Finished Gawain Horse Quest-1
7250 Finished Haseo Descendant of Fianna
7249 Finished Shigure Operation: Crowd Control E-2: Cross Counter
7248 Finished Damocles Archeotech 1: Blood, Sweat & Necrotyr
7247 Finished Lilian Rook Gilded Hall of the Silver Chalice
7246 Finished Lilian Rook The 44 Grave Blades of Sengo Muramasa
7245 Finished Priscilla DkS: Once Works of Humanity-1
7244 Finished Ezra Mochizuki Breaking Out
7243 Finished Ben d'Tarkanan
7242 Finished Ben d'Tarkanan Waidwen's Legacy: Gilded Vale
7241 Finished Priscilla DkS: Archdragon Peak-3
7240 Finished Priscilla DkS: Archdragon Peak-2
7239 Finished Ben d'Tarkanan City of Towers: Ben and Guzma's Bogus Journey
7238 Finished Big Boss SR Side-W: Annihilation
7237 Finished Big Boss SR Side-W: Gods of War
7236 Finished Ezra Mochizuki The Scrapyard
7235 Paused Jonathan Joestar JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gaiden Ch.6
7234 Finished Ezra Mochizuki Fire and Lightning
7233 Finished Damocles Archeotech Pt. 1
7232 Finished Link Zora's Domain-4
7231 Finished Ein Blind Eye Detective Agency: Case #3
7228 Finished Big Boss SR Side-W: Striking Back
7227 Finished Haguro Training Montage... For kids!
7225 Finished Link Zora's Domain-3
7224 Finished Priscilla DkS: Archdragon Peak-1
7223 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWO - Operation Doggy Bag
7219 Finished Link Zora's Domain-2
7218 Finished Riku KHA: A Door to the Heart
7217 Finished Riku KHA: A Path To The End
7216 Finished Haseo Delta: Fading Past's Phantom
7215 Finished Haguro Do ghost-types ever see their own bodies
7214 Finished Vergil The Devils Cry
7213 Finished James Bond The Living Daylights - Part 2
7212 Finished Link Zora's Domain-1
7210 Finished Ein Blind Eye Detective Agency: RECALL
7209 Paused Edward Blackwell On Call: Rean
7208 Finished Big Boss SR Side-W: The Hand-Off
7207 Finished Ein Blind Eye Detective Agency: Case #2
7206 Finished Haguro SP - Gulf of Mexico
7203 Finished Lilian Rook
7202 Finished Shigure Operation: Crowd Control E-1A Reinforcement
7201 Finished Big Boss SR Side-W: The First Run
7200 Finished Haguro
7199 Finished Eggman Metal Sonic Shuffle 02: Emerald Spinball
7198 Finished Janine Liberi Persona: Were the World Ours
7197 Finished Haguro A Chance Meeting
7196 Finished Haseo Deepest Memories
7195 Finished Haseo Project G.U.
7194 Finished Haguro Invitation to Destruction
7193 Finished Ein Blind Eye Detective Agency: Case #1b
7192 Finished Shigure Crowd Control: Side Mission-Recruitment
7191 Finished Remilia Scarlet The Clearish-Greenish Mist Incident
7190 Finished Bloody Revelations *Wicked Northern Masques-5
7189 Finished Sylvi Haze Over Po Town
7188 Finished Eggman Metal Sonic Shuffle 01: Welcome To Maginaryworld
7187 Finished Mortimer Balman Shadows Over Agrippina
7186 Finished Guzma The Flower Girl
7185 Finished Guzma A Shiny Situation
7184 Finished Lilian Rook Where Are You Going from Scarborough Fair?
7183 Finished James Bond The Living Daylights: Pt. 1
7182 Finished Hesinca Where Demons Fear to Tread
7181 Finished Xion Excuse Me... What?
7180 Finished Xion The Knight('s) Test(ed)
7179 Finished Haseo Seeker of Karma
7178 Finished Xion The Dark Hero's Partner
7177 Finished Shigure Operation Crowd Control E-1(Opening Skirmish)
7176 Finished James Bond Interlude: Vesper Lynd
7175 Finished Evangeline McDowell Economic Stimulus
7172 Finished Ein Blind Eye Detective Agency: Case #1
7171 Finished Corona Arclite Checking In On A Friend
7170 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: Wishes Granted
7169 Finished Arthur Lowell Secundus: Mechanics and Demands
7168 Finished Nobunaga Nobunaga's War
7167 Finished Rean Schwarzer Intermission: Returning Home
7165 Finished Jonathan Joestar JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gaiden Ch.5
7164 Finished Arthur Lowell Secundus: The First Lock
7162 Finished Lilian Rook Oda Clan War Exercise
7161 Finished Shigure Operation: Crowd Control E-0(Scouting Party)
7160 Finished Shigure Operation: Crowd Control E-0(Salvage Work)
7159 Finished Bloody Revelations *Wicked Northern Masques-4
7158 Finished Seifer Almasy The Coliseum Conundrum
7156 Finished Jonathan Joestar JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gaiden Ch.4
7155 Finished Amelris Belthrone Scouring the Safehouses
7154 Finished Arkae Zellar BirdCats and Brokerages
7152 Paused Jonathan Joestar Apr 5 19:00/JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gaiden Ch.4=After the arrival of the ever interfering Speedwagon, the group chases after Jonathan and solves some rather esoteric and difficult puzzles in their dungeoneering! However, their efforts are curtailed by Ci
7151 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji Lumberly Things
7150 Finished James Bond Casino Royale - Finale
7149 Finished Jonathan Joestar JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gaiden Ch.3
7148 Finished S6 Dark Colossus
7145 Finished Jonathan Joestar JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gaiden Ch.2
7143 Finished Lilian Rook Hojo Urban Centre: Mt. Fuji Procession
7142 Finished Jonathan Joestar JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gaiden Ch.1
7141 Finished Rean Schwarzer Third Verse: Belief
7140 Finished Majima Goro The Knight And The Dog
7139 Finished Haguro Bold Break-in at the Bank on Bellevue
7137 Finished Seifer Almasy LI0: The End
7136 Finished Gilgamesh LI0: The War In Heaven - Ayudha Raksha (Finale)
7135 Finished Riku LI0: The War In Heaven - Ayudha Raksha (Finale)
7134 Finished Metal Sonic Everybody's Super (Metal) Sonic Racing
7133 Finished Vergil The Motocross Troll
7131 Finished Arkae Zellar GF1: Reshaping your Worldview
7130 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: Go The Spoils
7129 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: To The Victor
7128 Finished Bloody Revelations *Wicked Northern Masques-3
7126 Finished Riku At The Chase's End
7125 Finished Tamamo Return to a Mansion's Shrine
7124 Finished Shigure Operation: Crowd Control
7123 Finished S6 Heart of Rot
7122 Finished Seifer Almasy Conversation On The Hot Sands
7121 Finished Lilian Rook Magic is Fake Coffee Consultation
7120 Finished Lilian Rook Dead on the Shores of Tir Na Nog
7119 Finished Arkae Zellar The Mad Dog and the Slightly Less Mad Tengu
7118 Finished Arkae Zellar GF1: Shapes in the Mist
7117 Finished Shyra LI0: The War In Heaven - Discordia (Finale)
7115 Finished N'Raha FATE: The Castle Run In Under 12 Malms?
7114 Finished Lilian Rook The Night Shift
7113 Finished Priscilla This is a Very Belated Christmas Scene
7111 Finished Bloody Revelations *Wicked Northern Masques-2
7110 Finished The Kid How I Mine For Booze?
7109 Finished Terra What I Do, I Do For Friendship
7108 Finished Song of Rainbows A(n Endless) Night On The Town
7107 Finished Rean Schwarzer Rean and Mikoto on Ice
7106 Finished Arkae Zellar GF1: An Unshaped Prelude
7104 Finished Arkae Zellar The Hangover, Pt. 3
7103 Finished Arkae Zellar The Hangover, Pt. 2
7102 Finished Arkae Zellar The Hangover, Pt. 1
7101 Finished Lilian Rook Operational Request: Yamato
7099 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Happily Ever After
7098 Finished Lilian Rook Yamato's First Circle Flower Viewing
7097 Finished Tina Natsumi HOTD: Chapter 1
7096 Finished Lezard Valeth BCoB: Eternal Flame, Twisted Truth
7095 Finished Shyra LI0: Manlet At Arms - Realchemized (Side)
7094 Finished Shyra LI0: I'm Right Here (MSQ)
7093 Finished N'Raha The Time Between ft. the Warriors Of Light
7092 Finished James Bond Casino Royale Pt. 4
7091 Finished S6 Nomadic Impetus (4/?)
7090 Finished Alruna Greengate LI0: Retreat, Regroup, Recover, Rethink (Side)
7089 Finished Ishirou Ingredient Hunt: Celestial Milk Products
7087 Finished Linehart LI0: Black Swan, Yellow Hands (Red Shrine)
7086 Finished Riku LI0: Black Swan, Yellow Hands (Black Shrine)
7085 Finished Lezard Valeth LI0: Black Swan, Yellow Hands (White Shrine)
7084 Finished Shyra LI0: Black Swan, Yellow Hands (Central Shrine)
7083 Finished Arcadia Crossing The Lines
7082 Finished Haseo Guide to an Uprising
7081 Finished N'Raha GATE: The Deep Minds of Mahjong
7080 Finished Haguro Back to the Surface
7079 Finished Tetra Kamurocho Katt Kafe
7078 Finished Strawberry Princess The Director
7077 Finished Arthur Lowell Secundus: Kill The Lights
7076 Finished Rean Schwarzer Thors Amateur Grand Prix
7075 Finished Rean Schwarzer Old Schoolhouse Exploration 4
7070 Finished Xion Nowhere By Night - A Favor Returned
7069 Finished Touta Konoe A Status Report at Home
7068 Finished Shyra LI0: Desperate Assault (Side)
7065 Finished Linehart LI0: Harmony To Cacophany (MSQ?)
7064 Finished Shyra LI0: The Wisdom Of The World (Side)
7063 Finished Tamamo Silk from a Jorogumo
7062 Finished Lilian Rook HTO Study: Onyx Witch
7060 Finished Tamamo Incidental Sushi Shopping
7059 Finished Lilian Rook Intercontinental Cuisine, Domestic
7058 Finished Ishirou Ingredient Hunt: Maple Syrup
7055 Finished Strawberry Princess Definitely A Milk Bar
7054 Finished James Bond Casino Royale - Part 3
7053 Finished The Kid Secrets of the Distillery
7052 Finished Majima Goro Karaoke In Kamurocho, Concord Edition
7051 Finished Lezard Valeth BCoB: Beneath The Silence
7050 Finished Bloody Revelations *The Shining Path
7049 Finished Bloody Revelations *Wicked Northern Masques
7048 Finished Priscilla *Dead Man's Switch
7047 Finished Link Caldera Temple-Final
7046 Finished Eggman Eiggkons, Part One
7045 Finished Karian Icefang A fall
7043 Finished Rhongomyniad Rumors of Gallantry
7042 Finished Ganondorf Dragmire Desert Blues
7041 Finished Touta Konoe Princesses & Vampires
7040 Finished Strawberry Princess Gray Rock 2
7038 Finished Shyra LI0: The Sages Of Pradia (MSQ)
7037 Finished Yang Xiao Long = Huntress vs Warrior of Light
7036 Finished Raphael Cousteau Still Better Than Asking That Owl
7035 Finished Tetra Where the Buck Stops
7034 Finished Revali Birds of a Feather
7033 Finished Steve Rogers A Quiet Little Night In A Suburbs Bar
7032 Finished Strawberry Princess Gray Rock 1
7031 Finished S6 Seeking FANTOM
7030 Finished N'Raha What Do You Mean I Need A Vet? ft Raha, Inga and Silica
7028 Finished Riku Fight For Your Right To Be Edgy
7027 Finished Link The King and I
7026 Finished N'Raha FATE: We Need A Bigger Boat
7025 Finished Strawberry Princess Endling Hunt
7024 Finished Shyra LI0: Sage Advice (Side)
7023 Finished Lilian Rook Academy Visitation: Arx Zenith
7022 Finished Lilian Rook War Museum: Onslaught
7020 Finished Link Caldera Temple-2
7019 Finished James Bond Casino Royale - Part 2
7018 Finished Link Caldera Temple-1
7017 Finished Nanoha Takamachi Hitting Things 101
7016 Finished Raphael Cousteau Dance Dance Revacholution
7015 Finished Lilian Rook Neo Blue Planet Aquarium
7014 Finished Lory Thumper A bunny and a bird walk into a bar...
7013 Finished Muramasa Guda Guda Sidestory: Blade-Testing With The Daimyo!?
7012 Finished Linehart Guildless
7011 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: The Second Malformation
7010 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: The First Malformation
7009 Finished Lilian Rook The Riveting Spike
7008 Finished Lilian Rook The Silver Crater
7007 Finished Shyra LI0: Too Many Dragons (MSQ)
7006 Finished Link Triforce Ceremony
7004 Finished Seifer Almasy Skirmish On The Sizable Span
7002 Finished Tamamo no Mae Simple and Not So Clean
7001 Finished Tamamo A Mansion's Shrine
7000 Finished Touta Konoe Combat 2.0 A New Playstyle
6999 Finished Arkae Zellar HF1: The Squeal
6998 Finished Tamamo no Mae Magic Lessons for Witches
6997 Finished Tomoe A Friendly Spar: Touta and Tomoe
6996 Finished Touta Konoe 2020 2.0 OH YEAAAAH!
6995 Finished Link Hyrule Castle Town
6994 Finished Mordred Attack on Nantes
6993 Finished Yang Xiao Long I wanna be the ver--- what was THAT!?
6992 Finished N'Raha Life is Pain, Don't Let Anyone Tell You Different ft. Raha and Inga
6991 Finished Lezard Valeth CT4: A World of Darkness
6989 Finished James Bond Casino Royale: Part 1
6988 Finished Lezard Valeth Data-Driven Solutions
6987 Finished Raphael Cousteau Still No Truce With The Furies
6986 Finished Shyra LI0: After The End
6984 Finished Link The Taxman Cometh
6983 Finished Shyra LI0: Welcome To Finaria
6982 Finished Raphael Cousteau Mazel Tov Socioeconomics 101
6980 Finished Lezard Valeth CT3: You Have Selected Regicide
6978 Finished Pazkar Thy Dungeonman
6977 Finished Tamamo no Mae Mystic Raiding Party
6976 Finished Raphael Cousteau Between Names, Actually
6974 Finished Lilian Rook First Circle Shopping Redux
6973 Finished N'Raha Heavensturn 2020
6972 Finished Rean Schwarzer Ymir New Year
6971 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - The Wild Hunt
6970 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Lose Yourself
6969 Finished Riku Warriors Of Light And Dark... And A Princess
6968 Finished Riku Warriors Of Light And Dark... And A Princess
6967 Finished Vergil It's Pizza Time
6966 Finished Alruna Greengate Meet Warriors In Your Area Today!
6965 Finished Lilian Rook Entitlement to the Sun in Winter
6964 Finished Gawain Masquerade's End
6963 Finished N'Raha ALLIANCE: The Center Of The Maze
6962 Finished Arthur Lowell GHOST STATION 4-12 (4)
6961 Finished Lilian Rook Sisters of Woods, Stones, and Shore
6960 Finished Eryl Fairfax Tabula Rasa
6959 Finished Shigure An Unexpected Visitor
6958 Finished Sylvi Merry Snakesmas Eve
6957 Finished Big Boss Light Up The Night Festival
6956 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Thought and Memory
6955 Finished Gawain QUEST: Shop Til You Drop Gawain, Shyra, and Shigure do last-minute Christmas shopping.
6954 Finished Kupot The Dark Multiverse: The House of M
6953 Paused Touta Konoe =Groceries Galore and More!
6952 Finished S6 Resentment in Chains
6951 Finished Eryl Fairfax Off-The-Record Well-Wishes
6950 Finished Tina Natsumi Stage 4: Stop the Airship Bomb
6948 Finished Arthur Lowell GHOST STATION 4-12 (3)
6946 Finished Linehart Bellum Inter Fine Mundi
6945 Finished Arthur Lowell GHOST STATION 4-12 (2)
6944 Finished Arthur Lowell GHOST STATION 4-12 (1)
6943 Finished Riku A Game In The Darkness
6942 Finished Rean Schwarzer Majima VS Rean
6941 Finished N'Raha The Legacy of Allag
6940 Finished Guzma Ruins of Conflict
6939 Finished Rean Schwarzer Bean makes a house call
6937 Finished Doctor Strange
6936 Finished Guzma Say Alola!
6935 Finished Sarracenia Welcome to the Sundew!
6934 Finished Big Boss Searching for Santa Claus-Finale
6933 Finished Big Boss Searching for Santa Claus-3
6932 Finished Eryl Fairfax Operation: Divebomb - Part Two
6931 Finished Big Boss Operation: Divebomb - Part One
6930 Finished Big Boss Operation: Divebomb - Set-Up
6929 Finished Cordelay Levail Dragoness vs. Sundew Princess
6928 Finished August Kohler Crimson Tears
6923 Finished Tomoe Old Content 6: Cobra Down
6922 Finished Tomoe Side story ALO - Speak not the demon's name.
6921 Finished Big Boss Searching for Santa Claus-2
6920 Finished Big Boss Searching for Santa Claus-1
6919 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: Dragonsong
6918 Finished August Kohler Scarlet Goodbye
6917 Finished Priscilla The Works Lost to the Cold and Dark
6916 Finished Rean Schwarzer Welcome to Alfheim
6915 Finished Solty Revant Undercity Syndication
6913 Finished S6 The Drowned Coast
6911 Finished Theurgus We're all MAD here.
6910 Finished Gawain B: Death Knight
6909 Finished Priscilla Prying at the Edges of the Mask
6908 Finished Vergil The Ardents of Sparda
6907 Finished Lory Thumper
6905 Finished Tomoe Winter BBQ
6904 Finished Ritsuka Fujimaru (Literally) Painting the Town Red
6903 Finished Priscilla OFF - Secret Zone - The Batter
6902 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: Rebellion
6901 Finished Corona Arclite Retribution Railway - Sidetracked
6900 Finished Raziel The Fame of Tabor: Judgement
6899 Finished Yang Xiao Long A disturbing tale of Grimm, and other monsters.
6898 Finished Priscilla *Majima Construction - Imperium Branch
6897 Finished Priscilla OFF - Secret Zone - The Queen
6896 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM: Face My Fear
6895 Finished Eryl Fairfax Njorun: The Root of the Problem
6894 Finished Staren RIFTS: Traveling Salesmen Problem
6893 Finished Rean Schwarzer Lohengrin Castle Rescue
6892 Finished Rean Schwarzer Second Verse: Atrocious Raid
6891 Finished Lilian Rook Count to Ten
6890 Paused Touta Konoe =Halloween Horror(?) Night at Fairyland Hall
6889 Finished Corona Arclite Retribution Railway - Darude
6888 Finished Rhongomyniad We Three Kings
6887 Finished Archer EMIYA Fate/Dynasty Warriors: Archer's Ambition
6886 Finished Priscilla OFF - Secret Zone - The Boxxer's Adventures
6885 Finished Reiji Arisu Nullzone and Void
6884 Finished Raziel Fame of Tabor: Sidequest - From the Jaws of Despiration
6883 Finished Raziel Fame of Tabor: Revengance
6882 Finished Shigure The Sea and sky... are beautiful
6881 Finished Solomon Lau Canton Chaos
6880 Finished Haseo Delta: Choosing Superior Offerings
6878 Finished Remilia Scarlet The Petting Zoo (strong hands only)
6877 Finished Priscilla *Wipeout on the Line
6876 Finished Vergil Mummies Alive
6874 Finished Inga Freyjasdottir Don't Feed the Troll
6873 Finished Corona Arclite Retribution Railway - Hellion
6872 Finished Tanya Degurechaff Go To Gulag
6871 Finished S6 The FANTOM Bunker
6869 Finished Riku SWRD 3: Big Fish, Little Pond
6868 Finished Tina Natsumi Stage 3: Rail Line Shootout
6867 Finished Tina Natsumi Stage 2: Save the Mayor
6866 Finished Tina Natsumi Stage 1: Big Chase
6865 Finished Riku SWRD 2: Smoke On The Water
6864 Finished Karian Icefang An Imperial Update
6863 Finished Rean Schwarzer When a Martyr and A Broken Bird Love Each Other Very Much
6862 Finished Majima Goro Majima Handles Some Paperwork
6861 Finished Priscilla OFF - Secret Zone - World in a Window
6860 Finished Raziel The Fame of Tabor: Season Unending
6859 Finished Raziel Oct 2 20:00 The Fame of Tabor: Season Unending=Through the work of many parties, three sides are ready to agree to concessions to move forward and share their information about the strange rumblings of the planet. This will go well for all parties involve
6858 Finished Big Boss The Arms Dealer
6857 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji The Victor's Garbs
6856 Finished Majima Goro Mapping The Realm: Kamurocho
6855 Finished Lezard Valeth The Gallant Hero
6853 Finished Lezard Valeth A Guest In The Archives
6851 Finished Riku SWWD 1: Making A Splash
6850 Finished Riku Oct 1 19:00/SWWD 1: Making A Splash=Through the radio waves, a normal DJ set plays. But for people who can tune into the UG, the might hear something different when the DJ starts talking.... "Hey, this is DJ Crazy M, coming at you live from Sunnydale,
6849 Finished Vergil The Blademaster Doll
6848 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM- Non-Optional Debrief
6847 Finished Raziel The Fame of Tabor: Staren Declares not to believe in Slanesh's lies
6846 Finished Raziel The Fame of Tabor: Majima Travels Left
6845 Finished Priscilla OFF - Secret Zone - I Had Three Friends
6844 Finished Lilian Rook London Exclusion Zone - Black
6843 Finished Lilian Rook London Exclusion Zone - Crimson
6842 Finished Lilian Rook London Exclusion Zone - Gold
6841 Finished Lezard Valeth Banzai Bill Solid: Revengeance
6840 Finished Rean Schwarzer Old Schoolhouse Exploration 3
6839 Finished Priscilla OFF - The Cellar - Sugar
6838 Finished Phyllis Lancaster Big Problems Becoming Smaller
6837 Finished Lory Thumper Bunny Cop vs Warrior Robot
6836 Finished Haseo PVP Duel
6835 Finished Solomon Lau Days of Future Blast-4
6834 Finished Priscilla OFF - The Cellar - Grand
6833 Finished Haguro Don't Shoot Lasers in a Crowded Building
6832 Finished Raziel The Fame of Tabor
6831 Finished Corona Arclite Some Cross-worlds Training
6830 Finished Zero Kiryu Consult Doctor If Awkwardness Lasts
6829 Finished Nanoha Takamachi Summer War: Aerial Invasion
6828 Finished Solomon Lau Days of Future Blast-3
6827 Finished Solty Revant Aurora Shell Analysis
6826 Finished Lezard Valeth Hearts of Glass: A Study In Reflections
6825 Finished Nanoha Takamachi That Stings!
6824 Finished Xion Sociopathic Girl Talk In The Mystical Mansion
6823 Finished Rean Schwarzer Time to Talk
6822 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: Exorcising Regrets With Alcohol
6821 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: Archer's Last Stand
6820 Finished Phobos Factorum Renatus
6819 Finished Touta Konoe Another Guest for Fairyland Hall
6818 Finished Corona Arclite Stranger In A Strange Yet Similar Land
6817 Finished Theurgus Fight on the beach
6816 Finished Yuli Sin The Spirit of Silver and Glass
6815 Finished Priscilla OFF - The Cellar
6814 Finished Solomon Lau Days of Future Blast-2
6813 Finished Lezard Valeth Hearts Of Glass: Polychromatic
6812 Finished Lezard Valeth Hearts Of Glass: The Annealing
6811 Finished S6 Memories of Dust
6810 Finished Penelope Vasquez PAYDAY: The Flub
6809 Finished Solomon Lau Days of Future Blast-1
6808 Finished Solomon Lau The Opening Act
6807 Finished Phobos The Decoy Village
6806 Finished Starlight Bandits Pirate Assault on Yoji Island
6805 Finished Staren MajimaEverywhere Staren Edition - Part 1
6804 Finished Rean Schwarzer Rean VS Yang 2: Berserker Boogaloo
6803 Finished Rean Schwarzer First Verse: Exceed
6802 Finished Rean Schwarzer Summer Festival Shenanigans
6801 Finished Nameless Swift Death To Evil('s Saviors)
6798 Finished Lezard Valeth Hearts of Glass: The Flashing
6797 Finished Xion Nowhere By Night 2 - Alpha and Darkside Omega
6796 Paused Zenos yae Galvus Dinner, Drinking, and Fighting
6795 Finished Nobunaga Summer War Kickoff
6794 Finished Xion Nowhere By Night 1 - Deep Dark Dive
6793 Finished Penelope Vasquez Panacea: The Handoff
6792 Finished Roxas Interview With A Vampire
6791 Finished Tomoe Old Content 5: Dungeons and Law Officers
6790 Finished Tomoe Old Content 4: The Inn Keeper's daughter.
6789 Finished Tomoe Old Content 3: Where there is one? There is a hundred of them.
6788 Finished Tomoe Old Content 2: Staren and Google Maps
6787 Finished Nanoha Takamachi A Matter of Factory
6786 Finished S6 The Hunger
6785 Finished Cordelay Levail Dragoness vs. Bunny
6784 Finished Lezard Valeth Hearts of Glass: The Gather
6783 Finished Penelope Vasquez Hot BODD Pt 2: Kicking The Hornet's Nest
6782 Finished Doctor Strange
6781 Finished Bloody Revelations Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears - Finale
6780 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 3 - Enoch
6779 Finished Lory Thumper Are We Even Old Enough to Drink?
6778 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: A Catch-Up
6777 Finished The Janitor Into the Wound
6776 Finished Nanoha Takamachi Live Fire Exercise
6775 Finished Lory Thumper Police Not So Brutality
6774 Finished Shigure Airship vs Air Defense
6773 Finished Penelope Vasquez Hot BODD: Bustin Makes Me Feel Good
6772 Finished Yuli Sin The Hunt of Three Chiefs
6771 Finished Priscilla The Emperor's Share
6770 Finished Priscilla Zeitgeist of a Hive World
6769 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 3 - Vesper
6768 Finished Rean Schwarzer Yang VS Rean
6765 Finished Rean Schwarzer Beautiful Stranger
6764 Finished Lory Thumper A Bunnycop's First Bout!
6762 Finished Yuli Sin Reservation 107
6761 Finished Staren ALERT: Plague Cult Derelict
6760 Finished Gilgamesh Into The Warrens
6759 Finished Nanoha Takamachi Dangerous Forecast
6758 Finished Karian Icefang Explaining the friends
6757 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 3 - Area 4
6755 Finished Janine Liberi The Dark Empress
6754 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: Lancer
6753 Finished Sanary Rondel Paralogue: Raiding for Recovery
6752 Finished Roxas Emergency: Detroit
6751 Finished The Janitor Smooth Jazz
6750 Finished Yang Xiao Long MECC: Yang Xiao Long vs Nova
6748 Finished Bloody Revelations *Marama's Fell - Finale
6747 Finished Bloody Revelations *The Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears-5
6746 Finished Corona Arclite Two Girls and a Cycle
6745 Finished Mortimer Balman There Is Only War: Briefing
6744 Finished Xion The Mysterious Forest of Arcturus
6743 Finished The Janitor Open Caldera
6742 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 3 - Area 3
6741 Finished Yomi Isayama Far Reaches of a Wayward Heart
6740 Finished Majima Goro Heaven Or Hell? Purgatory, That's What
6739 Finished Kalia Born In Materium, From The Immaterium
6738 Finished Chrollo Lucilfer Shopping at the Red Dragons
6737 Finished Yuli Sin Escape from the Necromancer
6736 Finished The Janitor Decaying Orbit
6735 Finished Septette Arcubielle SiaT: Hunting Expedition
6734 Finished Nova Terra MECC: Nova Terra vs Stella
6733 Finished Stella MECC: Stella vs Touta
6728 Finished Xion Timber Maniacs
6727 Finished Haguro Erasing Doubts
6726 Finished Lezard Valeth Nothing For Nothing
6725 Finished Penelope Vasquez D.A.R.E: Drug Acquisition and Reasonable Evisceration
6724 Finished Tamamo no Mae MECC: Tamamo no Mae vs Jonathan Joestar
6723 Finished N'Raha Summer Cookout ft. The Watch and Co.
6722 Paused N'Raha Home Again ft. N'raha and Inga
6721 Finished Starlight Bandits Like A Bat Out Of Hell
6720 Finished Haguro MECC: Haguro vs Yang Xiao Long
6719 Finished Kalia Aboard a Ship of Black
6718 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Paramedicine
6716 Finished Staren RIFTS: Defend the Onyx Logging Camp
6715 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 3 - Area 2
6714 Finished Lily Automa-gone
6713 Finished Ganondorf Dragmire Journey To Mirage Graveyard
6712 Finished Staren Training Exercise: Majima vs Staren
6711 Finished Haguro MECC: Haguro vs Deelel
6709 Finished Yang Xiao Long MECC: Yang Xiao Long vs Deelel
6708 Finished Roxas Castle Oblivion
6707 Finished Septette Arcubielle SiaT: Faultlines Followup
6706 Finished Septette Arcubielle SiaT: Faultlines
6705 Finished Solty Revant =Pool Party in The City
6704 Finished Nova Terra MECC: Nova Terra vs Starbound Flotilla
6703 Finished Bloody Revelations *Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears-4
6702 Finished Rean Schwarzer Old Schoolhouse Exploration - First Lock
6701 Finished Rean Schwarzer Old Schoolhouse Exploration 2
6700 Finished Septette Arcubielle Test Your Metal
6699 Finished Sumiko Majima Goro Makes Everything Worse
6698 Finished Lily Necron and Slam, Welcome to the Lambs
6695 Finished Majima Goro Yakuza Of Light?!
6693 Finished Tamamo no Mae MECC: August Kohler vs Tamamo no Mae
6692 Finished Eurys Dead!
6691 Finished Stella MECC: Lezard Valeth vs Stella
6690 Finished Evangeline McDowell Round One... Dance!
6689 Finished Doctor Strange MECC: Doctor Strange vs Jonathan Joestar
6688 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: Anor Londo-Noon Tea
6687 Finished Kotone Yamakawa Hello Japan, Meet your Future
6686 Finished Krusty MECC: Krusty vs Touta Konoe
6685 Finished Nova Terra MECC: Nova Terra vs Sanary Rondel
6684 Finished Yomi Isayama MECC: Yomi Isayama vs. Starbound Flotilla (Moonfin)
6681 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 3
6680 Finished Atoli Delta: Heavenly Forbidden Daydream 2
6679 Finished Priscilla Big HP Bars Safari-2
6678 Finished Priscilla Big HP Bars Safari
6677 Finished Doctor Strange
6676 Finished Yang Xiao Long MECC: Yang Xiao Long vs Android 17
6675 Finished Shigure You've arrived, eh?
6674 Finished Haseo Crest Gun of Lia Fail
6673 Finished Staren RIFTS: The Enemy of My Enemy
6672 Finished Atoli A Cruise Around Mac Anu
6671 Finished Alea MECC: Alea versus Deelel
6670 Finished Maricel Thorne Clinical Trials
6669 Finished Starlight Bandits Deep Sea Drilling Platform 1954
6667 Finished Maricel Thorne Welcome to Sunny MORTASHEEN CITY
6666 Finished Ganondorf Dragmire Great King of Evil
6665 Finished Wandering Dog Ode to the Dog
6664 Finished Septette Arcubielle Storm in a Teacup: Return to Nessos 2
6663 Finished Septette Arcubielle Storm in a Teacup: Return to Nessos
6662 Finished Xion Operation T-Rexuar: The Twist
6661 Finished Xion Operation T-Rexuar: Realm Beneath
6660 Finished Xion Operation T-Rexuar: Train Graveyard
6659 Finished Xion Operation T-Rexuar: Briefing
6658 Finished Priscilla OFF - Purified Zone - End
6657 Finished Vergil The Devil In The Dark
6655 Finished Rean Schwarzer A Special Lesson: Multiverse Edition
6654 Finished Atoli Delta: Heavenly Forbidden Daydream
6653 Finished Haseo WELCOME!
6652 Finished Starbound Flotilla MECC: Kirito vs Starbound Flotilla
6650 Finished Maricel Thorne Flu the Coup
6649 Finished Lezard Valeth MECC: Note vs. Lezard Valeth
6648 Finished Riku MECC: Starbound Flotilla vs. Riku
6647 Finished N'Raha FATE: There Might Be Giants
6646 Finished N'Raha FATE: Blood, Augur, Hex, Magicks
6644 Finished Ganondorf Dragmire Temple of Asclepius
6643 Finished Arthur Lowell MECC: Arthur Lowell vs Lezard Valeth
6642 Finished Bloody Revelations *Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears-3
6641 Finished Remilia Scarlet Dare You Accept?
6640 Finished Priscilla OFF - Purified Zone - ????
6637 Finished Krusty MECC: Krusty vs Kirito
6636 Finished Nero 000 - Bringer of Salvation
6635 Finished August Kohler MECC: August Kohler vs Solty Revant
6634 Finished Tomoe MECC Tomoe VS N'Raha
6633 Finished Vergil The Records Of Man
6632 Finished Rhongomyniad Shadows: Blue Devotion
6631 Finished Homura Akemi A Witch Within A Witch
6630 Finished Stella Late Knight Theater
6629 Finished Jack Flash The Blues Brothers
6628 Finished Wandering Dog MECC: Wandering Dog vs Note
6627 Finished Touta Konoe =Getting back to the Basics
6626 Finished Tamamo no Mae MECC: Tamamo no Mae vs N'Raha
6625 Finished Tony Stark Of Their Own Accord (1)
6624 Finished Nova Terra MECC: Nova Terra vs N'Raha
6622 Finished Stella MECC: Stella vs Kirito
6621 Finished Krusty MECC: Krusty vs Riku=The MECC battle between Krusty and Riku!
6620 Finished Evangeline McDowell Well Dressed
6619 Finished August Kohler MECC: August Kohler vs Staren
6618 Finished Link The Great Deku Tree
6616 Finished Rhongomyniad MECC: Rhongomyniad vs Gilgamesh
6615 Finished Yomi Isayama MECC: Yomi Isayama vs Alea
6614 Finished Haguro MECC: Haguro vs Jonathan Joestar
6613 Finished Tomoe MECC: Tomoe vs Mortimer Balman
6612 Finished Nova Terra MECC: Nova Terra vs Mortimer Balman
6611 Finished Midway A Dark Place
6610 Finished All-Seeing Eye MECC: All-Seeing Eye vs Jonathan Joestar
6609 Finished Touta Konoe MECC: Touta Konoe vs Jonathan Joestar
6608 Finished Arthas Menethil Perilous Portal
6607 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - A Recast Shadow
6606 Finished Lezard Valeth MECC: Lezard Valeth vs Yang Xiao Long
6605 Finished August Kohler The Big Hit 1
6604 Finished Lezard Valeth MECC: Lezard Valeth vs Wandering Dog
6603 Finished Rean Schwarzer Old Schoolhouse Exploration 1
6601 Finished Riku MECC: Riku vs Katt
6600 Finished Zenos yae Galvus MECC: Zenos yae Galvus vs Siefer Almasy
6599 Finished Katt MECC: Katt vs Kirito
6598 Finished Spider-Man New York Actinides 5: Einsteinium
6597 Finished Spider-Man New York Actinides 4: Americium
6596 Finished Amon The Task Force
6595 Finished Deelel MECC: Deelel vs Alea
6594 Finished Deelel MECC: Deelel vs Sarracenia
6593 Finished Yomi Isayama MECC: Yomi Isayama vs Deelel
6592 Finished Deelel MECC: Deelel vs Alexis
6591 Finished Chrollo Lucilfer Some Light Banditry
6590 Finished Sanary Rondel MECC: Sanary Rondel vs Staren
6589 Finished Leyanne MECC: Leyanne vs Mortimer Balman
6588 Finished Jack Flash Jumping Jack Flash
6587 Finished N'Raha MECC: N'Raha vs Mortimer
6586 Finished Priscilla OFF - Purified Zone
6585 Finished Gideon Kaspar #04: Message - Eradicate the Disturbance
6584 Finished Bloody Revelations *Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears-2
6583 Finished Bloody Revelations *Marama's Fell-3
6582 Finished Homura Akemi To Trap A Bird's Wings
6581 Finished Homura Akemi A Tower of Dolls
6579 Finished All-Seeing Eye MECC: All-Seeing Eye vs Touta Konoe
6578 Finished All-Seeing Eye MECC: All-Seeing Eye vs Haguro
6577 Finished All-Seeing Eye MECC: All-Seeing Eye vs Seifer Almasy
6576 Finished Zero Kiryu Plague of Mind IV
6574 Finished Rean Schwarzer Old Schoolhouse Briefing
6573 Finished Yang Xiao Long MECC: Yang Xiao Long vs Note
6571 Finished Nameless Assisted Suicide
6569 Finished Tomoe MECC: Tomoe vs Nova Terra
6568 Finished Priscilla A Beach Episode (probably) not Drawn by Setz
6566 Finished Xion MECC Exhibition: Studying the Blade
6565 Finished Leyanne MECC: Leyanne vs Nova Terra
6563 Finished Vergil MECC: Vergil vs Solty Revant
6562 Finished Arthur Lowell MECC: Arthur Lowell vs Yang Xiao Long
6561 Finished Doctor Strange MECC: Doctor Strange vs Note
6560 Finished Doctor Strange MECC: Doctor Strange vs Lezard Valeth
6559 Finished Doctor Strange MECC: Doctor Strange vs Wandering Dog
6558 Finished Ereshkigal Three Ghosts And A Goddess Ereshkigal and Raziel meet up to discuss the nature of his world.
6557 Finished Sanary Rondel MECC: Sanary Rondel vs Solty Revant
6556 Finished Alexis MECC: Alexis vs Alea
6555 Finished Tamamo no Mae MECC: Tamamo no Mae vs Nova Terra
6554 Finished Shigure MECC: Shigure vs Deelel
6553 Finished Leyanne MECC: Leyanne vs Tomoe
6552 Finished Leyanne MECC: Leyanne vs Tamamo
6551 Finished Link Into the Woods
6550 Finished Haguro MECC: Haguro vs Seifer Almasy
6549 Finished Touta Konoe MECC: Touta Konoe vs Seifer Almasy
6548 Finished Vergil MECC: Vergil vs Staren
6546 Finished Sanary Rondel MECC: Sanary Rondel vs Vergil
6545 Finished Haguro MECC: Haguro vs Touta Konoe
6544 Finished August Kohler MECC: August Kohler vs Sanary Rondel
6543 Finished Yomi Isayama MECC: Yomi Isayama vs Sarracenia
6542 Finished Yomi Isayama MECC: Yomi Isayama vs Alexis
6541 Finished Starbound Flotilla MECC: Starbound Flotilla vs Katt
6540 Finished Starbound Flotilla MECC: Starbound Flotilla vs Krusty
6539 Finished Stella MECC: Stella vs Riku
6538 Finished Alea MECC: Alea vs Sarracenia
6537 Finished Shigure MECC: Shigure vs Alexis
6536 Finished Stella MECC: Stella vs Starbound Flotilla
6535 Finished Rhongomyniad In the Hall of the Lion King
6534 Finished Homura Akemi Magical Girl Interrogation
6533 Finished Krusty MECC: Krusty vs Katt
6532 Finished Shigure MECC: Shigure vs Alea
6531 Finished Wandering Dog MECC: Wandering Dog vs Arthur Lowell
6530 Finished Stella MECC: Stella vs Katt
6529 Finished Zenos yae Galvus MECC: Zenos yae Galvus vs Jonathan Joestar
6528 Finished Arthur Lowell MECC: Arthur Lowell vs Doctor Strange
6527 Finished Tamamo no Mae MECC: Tamamo no Mae vs Tomoe
6526 Finished Zenos yae Galvus MECC: Zenos yae Galvus vs All-Seeing Eye
6525 Finished Staren MECC: Staren vs Solty Revant
6524 Finished Shigure MECC: Shigure vs Yomi Isayama
6523 Finished Alexis MECC: Alexis vs Sarracenia
6522 Finished Doctor Strange MECC: Doctor Strange vs Yang Xiao Long
6520 Finished Tamamo no Mae MECC: Tamamo no Mae vs Mortimer Balman
6519 Finished Android 17 MECC: Android 17 vs Solty Revant
6518 Finished Zenos yae Galvus MECC: Zenos yae Galvus vs Haguro
6517 Finished Wandering Dog MECC: Wandering Dog vs Yang Xiao Long
6516 Finished Sarracenia MECC: Sarracenia vs Shigure!
6515 Finished N'Raha The Stage is Set ft Inga and Raha
6514 Finished Android 17 MECC: Android 17 vs Sanary Rondel
6513 Finished Krusty MECC: Krusty vs Stella
6512 Finished August Kohler MECC: August Kohler vs Vergil
6511 Finished Android 17 MECC: Android 17 vs Vergil
6510 Finished Archer EMIYA White Haired Anime Boy Club
6509 Finished Zenos yae Galvus MECC: Zenos yae Galvus vs Touta Konoe=The MECC battle between Android 17 and August Kohler!
6508 Finished Zenos yae Galvus MECC: Android 17 vs August Kohler=The MECC battle between Android 17 and August Kohler!
6507 Finished Android 17 MECC: Android 17 vs Staren
6506 Finished Android 17 MECC: Android 17 vs August Kohler
6504 Finished Inga Freyjasdottir Surprise! You're Going Out to Eat Tonight
6502 Finished Sanary Rondel Not that kind of Trolley Problem
6501 Finished Sarracenia The Princess and the Vampire
6500 Finished Zero Kiryu Plague of Mind III
6499 Finished Nero 000 - Divine Punishment Upon Us
6498 Finished Zero Kiryu Plague of Mind II
6497 Finished Abigail Barton Orange Toxin, JAM Project
6496 Finished Lexicon MISC: Exclusive Agreement
6495 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Wetworks
6494 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: A Ransomed Master
6493 Finished Link Ordon Village Visit
6492 Finished Remilia Scarlet The Long, Red Moon Night
6490 Finished Yang Xiao Long Yang's Bizzare (Mis)adventure?
6489 Finished Zero Kiryu Plague of Mind
6488 Finished Link A Link Between Universes
6487 Finished Rhongomyniad Shadow of the Vile King
6486 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 2 -Japhet
6485 Finished Lilian Rook Civil Response - Dissidence
6484 Finished Lilian Rook Urban Response - EC;CB
6483 Finished Lilian Rook Satellite Response - EC;CB
6482 Finished Bloody Revelations *Marama's Fell-2
6481 Finished Karian Icefang Lost in Ice
6480 Finished Homura Akemi The Worst Racetrack
6479 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 2 - Ascent
6478 Finished Thomas Alva Edison Dispicable Nobbu's
6477 Finished Nero 000 - The Path of Salvation
6476 Finished Spider-Man New York Actinides 3: Mendelevium
6475 Finished Spider-Man New York Actinides 2: Berkelium
6474 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji Worth A Thousand Words
6473 Finished Spider-Man New York Actinides 1: Fermium
6472 Finished Shigure Force Recon
6471 Finished Midway Apotheosis
6470 Finished Bloody Revelations *The Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears-1
6469 Finished Homura Akemi The Wings of Magius
6468 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 2 - Residential Area
6467 Finished Gideon Kaspar #04: Message - Reminiscing
6466 Finished Bloody Revelations *Marama's Fell
6465 Finished Touta Konoe So Many Alters
6464 Finished Nero 000 - Warrior of Darkness
6463 Finished Homura Akemi A Quiet Meeting
6462 Finished Spring Breeze Posse
6461 Finished Alexis More On The Rustic Side
6460 Finished Yuuki Kuran Forest of Memory // Upright Manor
6459 Finished Spring Breeze A Golden 6th Anniversary
6458 Finished Vergil The Stolen Oniken
6457 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 2 - Amusement Park
6456 Finished Xion Dark Hand B-Sides - MOOGLE
6455 Finished Xion Dark Hand B-Sides - AGRESTE
6454 Finished Homura Akemi Deadline
6453 Finished Lady Maria A Fine Night For A Hunt
6452 Finished Spring Breeze Prelude: Contact
6451 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: Downhill Battle
6450 Finished Yuuki Kuran Resolutions: Reversed Manor 2
6449 Finished Homura Akemi Once More Unto The Breach
6448 Finished Spring Breeze Welcome To Brockton Bay
6447 Finished Sarracenia Beauty vs The Beast!
6446 Finished Yuuki Kuran Resolutions: The Reversed Manor
6445 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 2 - Mall
6444 Finished Bloody Revelations *Heroes of Heaven
6443 Finished Bloody Revelations *Stars of the Underworld
6442 Finished Theo Morrison The Countdown Is At One
6441 Finished Cordelay Levail Dragoness vs. Trainer
6440 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Global Fear
6439 Finished Roxas The Dark Hand of Xemnas - Mission 05
6438 Finished Roxas The Dark Hand of Xemnas - Mission 04
6437 Finished Gideon Kaspar #04: Message - Search for Companions
6436 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 2 - Library
6435 Finished Tomoe Old Content 1:
6433 Finished Septette Arcubielle Storm in a Teacup: Cry for Help
6432 Finished Solty Revant The Girl in Blue
6428 Finished Sarracenia Hangin' Out with a Princess
6427 Finished Aranea Highwind Daemon At Large
6426 Finished Sarracenia Princess vs Pauper!
6425 Finished Sheriff Marti The Endless Desert (1)
6424 Finished Cordelay Levail Dragoness vs. Tidal Knight
6423 Finished Sanary Rondel GH - Stage 8
6422 Finished Sanary Rondel GH - Stage 7
6421 Finished Sanary Rondel GH - Dark Labyrinth
6420 Finished Cordelay Levail Dragoness vs. Yggdroid
6419 Finished Cordelay Levail Dragoness vs. Vampire
6418 Finished Cordelay Levail Duel of Noble Daughters
6417 Finished Sheriff Marti Welcome to the Sunbaked Desert
6416 Finished Septette Arcubielle Storm in a Teacup: Given Enough Rope
6415 Finished Yang Xiao Long Ace vs Berserker
6413 Finished Lilian Rook Auxiliary Hunt
6412 Finished Lilian Rook No More Black Robes
6411 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 2
6410 Finished Gideon Kaspar #04: Message - Assist the Mercenaries
6409 Finished Lexicon MISC: Jailbreak
6408 Finished Count Kord Shadows of an Old God
6407 Finished Count Kord Mar 14 19:00/Shadows of an Old God=Kord meets someone he once knew. Combat scene. Bring your war faces. This is going to get dramatic.
6406 Finished Mortimer Balman No Country For Old Pokemon- Intro
6405 Finished Sarracenia Sarracenia vs Pokemon Trainer!
6404 Finished N'Raha FATE: The Truth Is Out There
6403 Finished Kalia Memento Mori 1: A Blade Rattled
6402 Finished Aranea Highwind Unethical Battle Royale
6401 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 1 - Dedan
6399 Finished Roxas Day 3XX
6397 Finished Midway Curry Sea Recon Operation
6396 Finished Lilian Rook Domum Fortium Septem - Again
6394 Finished Evangeline McDowell The Bride Wears Crimson
6392 Finished Bloody Revelations The Bodhisattva Annointed by Dark Waters
6390 Finished Bloody Revelations Island 5
6388 Finished Xion Dark Hand of Xemnas - Mission 03
6387 Finished Kalia Memento Mori 1: A Blade Coveted
6386 Finished Alexis Down Time
6385 Finished Orchid The MRI goes to Remnant
6384 Finished Orchid The MRI in Spira
6383 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 1 - Alma-2
6382 Finished Chrollo Lucilfer A Spider's Nensplaination
6381 Finished Ereshkigal Death In New Form A group of Paladins make their way to the Scotland/England border and come across a new face on the Metastasis/Earth, and end up recruiting her in the process.
6380 Finished Xion The Dark Hand of Xemnas: Mission 02
6379 Finished Septette Arcubielle Storm in a Teacup: Brewing Trouble
6378 Finished Septette Arcubielle Storm in a Teacup: Pirate's Invitation
6377 Finished Xion The Dark Hand of Xemnas - Mission 01
6376 Finished Arthur Lowell Punchcard Alchemy at Kokkara
6375 Finished Count Kord One Thing After Another
6374 Finished Lilian Rook Domum Fortium Septem
6373 Finished Lilian Rook The Thirty Grand Dinner Bill
6372 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: Ruler's Ride
6371 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - An Off-The-Books Talk
6370 Finished August Kohler Sins of the Heart-2
6369 Finished Sarracenia Princess vs Blaster!
6368 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 1 - Alma
6367 Finished Orchid Kahului Social Afternoon
6366 Finished Zwei Arctic Warp-2
6365 Finished Nagato Ocean Patrol
6364 Finished Kalia Memento Mori 1: A Blade Purposed
6363 Finished Theurgus Viral Outbreak
6362 Finished Lilian Rook Four Black Beasts and a Silver Chalice
6361 Finished Yang Xiao Long A Grimm Tale 2
6360 Finished Kalia Memento Mori 1: A Blade Undone
6359 Finished Kalia Memento Mori 1: A Blade Without
6358 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 1 - Shachihata-2
6356 Finished Flamel Parsons At the Peak Again
6355 Finished August Kohler Discovering Knighthood - Round Table Edition
6354 Finished Bedivere Thy Kingdom Crash
6353 Paused Kotone Yamakawa Late Night Paladins
6352 Finished Wandering Dog Whim of the Wind-2 Cancelled scene.
6351 Finished Orchid A late-night conversation
6350 Finished Solty Revant The City and the Undercity
6349 Finished August Kohler Watch - Training Day
6348 Finished Tony Stark The Stark Internship
6346 Finished Gideon Kaspar #03: Silence - No Hunting
6345 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 1 - Shachihata
6344 Finished Yomi Isayama The Betrayal of Paradise
6343 Finished Corona Arclite Disaster Transport
6342 Finished Evangeline McDowell Immigration Control Two dozen victims of human trafficking freed August and Corona. Touta obtains the Hand of Evangeline, with the power to cause regret in Touta. Small vampire still at large.
6340 Finished N'Raha Le Roy Es Mort ft Inga and Raha
6339 Finished Tony Stark Winter Wizard Hubris
6338 Finished Nobunaga The Badger and the Samurai
6337 Finished Nagato Trying
6336 Finished Kalia Desecrated Ruins
6335 Finished Solty Revant Gramps vs Android Girl!
6334 Finished Touta Konoe All-Star VS. Immortal
6333 Finished Lemeza Kosugi Marksman vs Juggernaut
6332 Finished Lemeza Kosugi Marksman vs Ace
6331 Finished Yang Xiao Long Marksman vs Berserker
6330 Finished Yuuki Kuran Invited By Wolves
6329 Finished Bahamut A Royal Invitation!
6328 Finished Haguro Sinking Deeper
6327 Finished Septette Arcubielle Information Exchange
6326 Finished Zenos yae Galvus Battleship vs The Storm
6325 Finished N'Raha You Have Selected Regicide
6324 Finished N'Raha It's Possibly a Primal
6323 Paused Bahamut Samus and the Temple of the Dragon King
6322 Finished Evangeline Evangeline vs Orchid!
6321 Finished Septette Arcubielle Crystal-Clear Discussion
6320 Finished Samus Aran Chillin' in Spira
6318 Finished Bahamut A Hunter Visits Spira
6317 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Self-Actualization
6316 Finished Rhongomyniad The Holy City
6315 Finished Solomon Roget Cabbage Cultist Corrals Captive Customers
6313 Finished Thomas Alva Edison A Goddess Meets a Presiking
6312 Finished Theurgus A Wraith and a Fairy
6309 Finished Count Kord Noble Offense
6308 Finished Kalia The Citadel of the Vile King
6307 Finished August Kohler Sins of the Heart-1
6306 Finished Zwei Arctic Warp
6305 Finished Bloody Revelations A Dark Maiden's Voyage
6304 Finished Priscilla Once More Unto the Fracture
6303 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 1 - Pentel
6302 Finished Priscilla Once More Unto the Wound
6301 Finished Richard Stadler Dragonslayer! Rick and his team meet up with Samus. Dragon steaks are offered, and Samus leaves in a much more impressive way than Rick.
6299 Finished Nagato Compromise
6298 Finished Sanary Rondel Sanary Robs a Bank
6297 Finished N'Raha Market Day in Ul'dah
6296 Finished Rhongomyniad Seeking a Lucky Charm
6295 Finished N'Raha On The Topic Of Monster Hunting ft. Raha and Samus
6294 Finished Samus Aran The New Paladin
6293 Finished Karian Icefang Restoring a Flame
6291 Finished Samus Aran The Arrival of the Hunter
6290 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 1 - Damien
6289 Finished Spider-Man Cold Grave Epilogue: Left in the Cold
6288 Finished Spider-Man Cold Grave 6: Driven Snow
6287 Finished Spider-Man Cold Grave 5: Storm of the Century
6286 Finished Spider-Man Cold Grave 4: Snow Job
6285 Finished Spider-Man Cold Grave 3: Chilled to the Bone
6284 Finished N'Raha It's Not Mooching If You Make Lunch
6283 Finished Haguro Hiding in Plain Sight
6282 Finished Tomoe Yet another little Quest
6281 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: Ruler's Decree
6280 Finished N'Raha House Works ft. Inga and Raha
6279 Finished Kalia Under the Sea
6278 Finished Solty Revant The Aurora Shell and the Blast Fall
6277 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: Assassin Pursuit
6276 Finished Archer EMIYA Oh I Just Can't Wait
6275 Finished Haguro Easy Choices at Sea
6273 Finished N'Raha Heavensturn 2019
6272 Finished August Kohler P:WtWM - The Hound Queen
6271 Finished Yang Xiao Long Punzerker vs Punishlugger!
6270 Finished Rhongomyniad Divinity of Camelot
6269 Finished Touta Konoe A Weird Sort of Christmas
6268 Finished Count Kord Echo of a New God
6267 Finished Kotone Yamakawa A Ruined City 10: Black Site
6266 Finished Kotone Yamakawa A Ruined City 9: Deep Sixed
6265 Finished Kotone Yamakawa A Ruined City 8: War Ghosts
6264 Finished Cu Chulainn Delving In
6263 Finished Kalia Rebellion in Londinium
6262 Finished Spider-Man Cold Grave 2: Snowy Peak
6261 Finished Spider-Man Cold Grave 1: Frozen Assets
6260 Finished Solomon Roget Duelist vs Protector: The Sparrening
6259 Finished Kalia Best of Friends
6258 Finished Yang Xiao Long Berserker vs Glass Cannon Rd 2!
6257 Finished Staren Techno-Wizard Introduction
6256 Finished August Kohler GH - The Royal Knights
6255 Finished August Kohler Persona:WTWM - Clarity
6254 Finished Sanary Rondel GH - Stage 5
6253 Finished Sanary Rondel GH - Stage 4
6252 Finished Sanary Rondel GH - Monster in the Forest
6251 Finished Priscilla Painting in Memorium
6250 Finished Count Kord Crystalline Visitor
6249 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - A Hurried Pursuit Die Reisende cause urban destruction in pursuit of a member of the Wildekinder
6248 Finished Wandering Dog Whim of the Wind-1
6247 Finished Yang Xiao Long Berserker vs All-Star
6246 Finished Nagato Re-acquisition?
6245 Finished Yang Xiao Long Berserker vs Immortal
6244 Finished Count Kord Violence for Violence's Sake
6243 Finished Orchid Making Sure 17 Survives
6242 Finished Xianren Titanic Museum Robbery
6241 Finished Count Kord Under Glowing Steel
6240 Finished Nova Terra Broken Prophecy P1
6239 Finished Tamamo no Mae A New Challenger!
6238 Finished Priscilla OFF - Zone 0
6237 Finished Gideon Kaspar #03: Silence - Clearing a Path
6236 Finished Bloody Revelations Ancient Eye of Haggard's Keep
6235 Finished Bloody Revelations Orcinus Rex, Father of Whales
6234 Finished Evangeline Just What the Neuroi Girl Ordered
6232 Finished Zenos yae Galvus The Minstrel's Ballad: Gaius's Ambition(4)
6231 Finished Zenos yae Galvus The Minstrel's Ballad: Gaius's Ambition(3)
6230 Finished Zenos yae Galvus The Minstrel's Ballad: Gaius's Ambition(2)
6229 Finished Zenos yae Galvus The Minstrel's Ballad: Gaius's Ambition
6228 Finished N'Raha A Simple Meeting ft. Watch and Scions
6227 Finished Xianren A Shining Introduction
6226 Finished Morgan Berselius This Present State of Grace Pt.4
6224 Finished Midway Just Business
6223 Finished Captain Flint A Sacred Opportunity Pt. 3
6222 Finished Corona Arclite Loot Boxes Are Evil
6220 Finished N'Raha FATE: The Iron Contra Affair
6219 Finished Sanary Rondel GH - Prelude to Hope
6218 Finished Sanary Rondel Guardian Heroes - Awakening
6217 Finished N'Raha A Chance to Catch a Breath ft Raha and Inga
6216 Finished Metal Man Alpha and Omega
6215 Finished Archer EMIYA Tower of Santaga - Floor 6
6214 Finished N'Raha FATE: It's Not Lupus The Heroes obliterate a poor FATE Boss, and then kibitz over crabmeat and shipwreck tossing. Raha returns to the Multiverse, too.
6213 Finished Alea Emerald.EXE wants Admin
6212 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: Burning Saber
6210 Finished Kotone Yamakawa Tower of Santaga - Floor 56
6209 Finished Maya Tower of Santaga - Floor 55
6207 Finished Orchid Tower of Santaga - Floor 8
6206 Finished Doctor Strange Tower of Santaga - Floor 42
6205 Finished Corona Arclite Mystery On A Brimsteel Express
6204 Finished Yang Xiao Long Berserker vs Icon
6203 Finished Asterios Tower of Santaga - Floor 43
6202 Finished Morgan Berselius This Present State of Grace pt.3
6201 Finished Sarracenia Glass Cannon vs Berserker!
6200 Finished Orchid Shooting the Breeze in Kahului
6199 Finished Doctor Strange Fire and Water
6198 Finished Orchid A Ruined City 7: That Which Slept
6197 Finished Ritsuka Fujimaru Tower of Santaga - Floor 2
6196 Finished Tamamo no Mae Tower of Santaga - Floor 3
6195 Finished Aoko Aozaki Tower of Santaga - Floor 31
6193 Finished Yang Xiao Long Tower of Santaga - Floor 9
6190 Finished Gilgamesh Eye For An Eye, Gift For A Gift
6189 Paused Nagato A Flight Over Tokyo
6188 Finished Bloody Revelations Foundries of Platform 4
6187 Finished Gideon Kaspar #03: Silence - Defensive Operation
6186 Finished Morgan Berselius This Present State of Grace pt.2
6184 Finished Aoko Aozaki A Tanker Out Of Time
6183 Finished Korra The Blind Leading The... Invisible?
6182 Finished Orchid So Shall I...
6181 Finished Alexis Maaka Black Eye Friday
6180 Finished Touta Konoe Angry Guests?
6179 Finished Morgan Berselius This Present State of Grace pt.1
6178 Finished Aoko Aozaki Are These For Sale?
6177 Finished Janine Liberi Yuletide Wine-Tasting A big wine-tasting convention ends in trial by fire and nuclear dragon explosion.
6176 Finished Ryouma Sakamoto ORTptional Boss
6175 Finished Sanary Rondel Murderhobos killed my zombies!
6174 Finished Melisandre Lebeau An Ounce Of Roget A group of Multiversites & Riva dive back into The Secret World's home earth, and rescue another Bee on the way.
6173 Finished Archer EMIYA Heroic? Meeting
6172 Finished Doctor Strange Not at Home
6171 Finished Archer EMIYA Slightly Late Turkey Day
6170 Finished Thor Gods versus Yakuza
6169 Finished Yomi Isayama Gentle Days Vanish One By One Wherein our intrepid heroes follow the strange hallucinations and save a holy guardian beast.
6168 Finished Gideon Kaspar #03: Silence - Covert Reinforcement
6167 Finished Bloody Revelations Two Dark Seas
6166 Finished Bloody Revelations The Fallout
6165 Finished Doctor Strange The Meeting of the Sorcerers
6164 Finished Gilgamesh Walking The Path Of Falsehood
6163 Finished Tomoe GGO shoppen
6162 Finished Tony Stark A Knight at the Museum
6161 Finished Midway A Pacific War
6160 Finished Midway Far From Shore
6159 Finished Midway It's the Naval Way
6158 Finished Midway A Blood-Red Sun on the Rise
6157 Finished Ryouma Sakamoto What Was Awakened
6156 Finished Orchid Scavenging the Hulk
6155 Finished Nie Li The Secrets of Swordsmanship
6154 Finished Gilgamesh Gilgamesh and Enkidu
6153 Finished Tomoe A Bread Crumb Quest
6152 Finished Nie Li Mysteries of the Soul
6151 Finished Karian Icefang Blood for Blood
6150 Finished Tony Stark A Very (Dr.) Strange House-Call
6149 Finished Staren A Meeting With Mercy
6148 Finished Doctor Strange A Warm Welcome
6147 Finished Doctor Strange A Sorcerer Is Never Late
6146 Finished Nobunaga Memories of Satsuma
6145 Finished Tony Stark Magic in the Streets
6144 Finished Lexicon Resource Research
6142 Finished Orchid Cleaning Up
6141 Finished All-Seeing Eye Catharsis
6140 Finished Flamel Parsons TPT: In Arm's Reach
6139 Finished Ryouma Sakamoto Seabound Parade
6138 Finished Touta Konoe A Lost Hero
6137 Finished Archer EMIYA Fetch Quest #74164
6136 Finished Note The Tailed Girl and the Android
6135 Finished Nie Li To See the Path
6133 Finished Sarracenia Royal Rivalry!
6132 Finished Shigure Dogged Finale
6131 Finished Nova Terra Narrow Escape
6130 Finished Klasi Stryde High-Steaks Operation-2
6129 Finished Stella What Happened?
6128 Finished Tony Stark Response Escalation
6127 Finished Staren RIFTS: The Garnet Town Gambit Part 3
6126 Finished Gideon Kaspar #03: Silence - Intercepted Intelligence
6125 Finished Bloody Revelations Ghosts of the Family
6124 Finished Bloody Revelations Fate of the Whale God
6123 Finished Rurufon The Scouring Rush-2
6122 Finished Rurufon The Scouring Rush-1
6121 Finished Orchid A Quiet Night Out
6120 Finished Ryouma Sakamoto Tests of a Magical Nature
6119 Paused Tanya Degurechaff Artillery Training
6118 Finished Ryouma Sakamoto Case 2: On Her Deathbed
6117 Finished Staren Philosophy of Pacifism
6116 Finished Staren RIFTS: The Garnet Town Gambit (Part 2)
6115 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Pigs and Preambles
6114 Finished Cu Chulainn An Arm and a Leg
6113 Finished Seifer Almasy The Moonlit Knight
6111 Finished Staren RIFTS: The Garnet Town Gambit (Part 1)
6110 Finished Captain Flint A Sacred Opportunity Pt. 2
6109 Finished Gawain FateParadox: Jailbreak
6108 Finished Karian Icefang Clash of ships
6107 Finished Karian Icefang A skirmish of Flame and Ship
6106 Finished Shigure Dogged Engagement
6105 Finished Bloody Revelations Seas of Red and of Green-5
6104 Finished Staren At least I Have Chicken... Wait, No I Don't, Let's Get Some Chicken
6103 Finished Morgan Berselius Wings of Ill Omen
6102 Finished Wuyin Tsai A Good Spook
6101 Finished Priscilla Frozen Aether-7
6100 Finished Tomoe It is alright to meet in a dungeon!
6098 Active Count Kord Oct 13 19:00/Bones of Iron=Information gathered by interested parties lead a group of adventurers deep underground, into the hive of Team Golem cultists that dwell beneath Konigburg. Expect a fight.
6097 Finished Morgan Berselius What Does the Crow Say?
6096 Finished Ryouma Sakamoto The First Case
6095 Finished Ryouma Sakamoto Landlocked Parade
6093 Finished Nero Nerofest - Final Round
6092 Finished Morgan Berselius The Devil's In The House Of The Rising Sun Pt.2
6091 Finished Kotone Yamakawa A Visit to Mega Land
6090 Finished Captain Flint A Sacred Opportunity Pt. 1
6089 Finished Tony Stark That Which The Stars Lost
6088 Finished Foreigner The Lighthouse
6087 Finished Tony Stark A Weapons Test
6086 Finished Ryouma Sakamoto A Dragon At Avengers Tower
6085 Finished Klasi Stryde High-Steaks Operation
6084 Finished Gilgamesh A Clash Of Gold And Yellow
6083 Finished Flamel Parsons TPT: Scorching Moonburn
6082 Finished Ryouma Sakamoto Magical Protection Racket
6081 Finished Cu Chulainn Dead Presidents
6080 Finished Nero Nerofest - Third Strike
6079 Finished Cu Chulainn Cu Chulainn's Fishing Adventure
6078 Finished Kotone Yamakawa A Ruined City 6: It's probably Pirates
6077 Finished Kotone Yamakawa A Ruined City 5: Down Town
6076 Finished Gideon Kaspar #02: Echo - Termination-2
6075 Finished Morgan Berselius The Devil's In The House of the Rising Sun Pt.1
6074 Finished Starlight Bandits The Pigpen Shuffle
6073 Finished Amon "Business" Meeting
6072 Finished Bloody Revelations Seas of Red and Of Green-4
6071 Finished Bloody Revelations Seas of Red and Of Green-3
6070 Finished Priscilla Frozen Aether-6
6069 Finished Gilgamesh Gold and Yellow
6068 Finished Priscilla If You Can Dodge A Scythe You Can Dodge A Ball
6067 Finished Gideon Kaspar #02: Echo - Termination-1
6066 Finished Tamamo no Mae Fate Extella: Occupational Hazard
6065 Finished Nero Nerofest - The Second Coming
6064 Finished Twilight Sparkle Gilgamesh and the Royal Sisters
6063 Finished Morgan Berselius Once Upon A Midnight Dreary
6062 Finished Nero Nerofest: The Beginning
6061 Finished August Kohler Bad Decisions Over Drinks August Kohler talks with Empty Tidings. He commits an act that might change him...but for the better, or the worse?
6060 Finished Gilgamesh Eat Like The King Day
6059 Finished Klasi Stryde Sky Pirate Attack
6058 Finished Theo Morrison Worst Interrogation Ever
6057 Finished Mortimer Balman Pokemon Survival Safari!
6056 Finished Touta Konoe Apologies at the Concord
6055 Finished Amon The Equalist Rally
6054 Finished Shigure Dogged Betrayal
6053 Finished Kotone Yamakawa Machine Girls
6052 Finished Kotone Yamakawa A Ruined City 4: I have the Power
6051 Finished Kotone Yamakawa A Ruined City 3: Water, Water Everywhere
6049 Finished Cu Chulainn Castle Quentinus-2
6048 Finished Cu Chulainn Castle Quentinus-1
6047 Paused Solty Revant Dinnertime at the Apartment
6046 Finished Yang Xiao Long A Grand Tour
6045 Finished Solty Revant Payback is a *bleep*!
6044 Finished Priscilla Frozen Aether-5
6043 Finished Gideon Kaspar #02: Echo - Record Trace
6042 Finished Bloody Revelations Seas of Red and of Green-2
6040 Finished Yuuki Kuran Heavy Rests The Crown
6039 Finished Karian Icefang Return of the Bugs
6038 Finished Captain Flint An Unfortunate Discovery
6037 Finished Foreigner The Foreigner Is Coming Home
6036 Paused Seifer Almasy Restless On The Moon
6035 Finished Shigure Dogged Escape
6034 Finished Kotone Yamakawa 6021
6033 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: After the Line
6032 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: End of the Line (11)
6031 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: The Line (10)
6030 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: The Line (9)
6029 Finished Priscilla Frozen Aether-4
6028 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM: Dragon's Blood
6027 Finished Eryl Fairfax An Avenger In Paris
6026 Finished Yang Xiao Long Hamon wholewheat?
6025 Finished Bloody Revelations Seas of Red and of Green-1
6024 Finished Gideon Kaspar #01: Awakening - Operation Uproot
6023 Finished Shigure Dogged Execution
6022 Finished Kotone Yamakawa A Ruined City: PT 2
6021 Finished Kotone Yamakawa A Ruined City: PT 1
6020 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: The Line (8)
6019 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: The Line (7)
6018 Finished Shigure Operation Dogged Pursuit
6017 Finished Tomoe Aftermath Of the Dark Lady
6016 Finished Priscilla Frozen Aether-3
6015 Finished Rurufon The Jade Nexus
6014 Finished Rurufon The Violent Poison Area-2
6013 Finished Rurufon The Violent Poison Area-1
6010 Finished Bloody Revelations Saigoth That Was-3
6009 Finished Priscilla Frozen Aether-2B
6008 Finished Priscilla Frozen Aether-2A
6007 Finished Gideon Kaspar #01: Awakening - Rescue Signal
6006 Finished Tomoe 5979
6005 Finished Haguro Intro to spear-fishing
6003 Finished Eryl Fairfax Berserker's Big Day Out Berserker's shoplifting trip is interrupted by cops, princesses, and wizards.
6002 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: The Line (6)
6001 Finished Kotone Yamakawa The Dark Lady: Enter A Reploid
5999 Finished Asellus Legendary Alwho?
5997 Finished Asellus Dragon Brawl
5995 Finished Asellus DUNGEON: Shingrow Ruins
5993 Finished Asellus Me, You, And My Guards
5992 Finished Asellus DUNGEON: Sei's Tomb
5991 Finished Asellus Home And Welcome
5990 Finished Asellus The Water's Daughter-2
5989 Finished Asellus The Water's Daughter-1
5988 Finished Asellus Mad Machine
5987 Finished Priscilla Frozen Aether-1
5986 Finished Gideon Kaspar #01: Awakening - Missing Party
5985 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: The Line (5)
5984 Finished Mitsu Mirage A Counterfeit Counterfeit?!
5983 Finished Asellus The Region Ship Cygnus
5982 Finished A2 Family [G]athering-2
5981 Finished Tomoe Dark Lady: Mouse From Above
5980 Finished Mitsu Mirage A Master's Concern
5979 Finished Tomoe The Dark Lady End Game Part 2
5978 Finished Tomoe The Dark Lady End Game
5977 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: The Line (4)
5976 Finished Lemeza Kosugi Discussions about a Certain Businessman
5975 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - The Woodsman's Rampage
5974 Finished The Kid ICoT - See You In The Next One
5973 Finished A2 Family [G]athering
5972 Finished Gilgamesh An Audience Of Brick And Gold
5971 Finished Rurufon The Place With White Walls-3
5970 Finished Empty Tidings Red Sky At Morning
5969 Finished Empty Tidings Gold Gathers Greed
5967 Finished Rurufon The Place With White Walls-2
5966 Finished Bloody Revelations Saigoth That Was-2
5964 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: The Line (3)
5963 Finished Cu Chulainn Zombie Bash
5962 Finished Touta Konoe War Preparation-2
5961 Finished Bloody Revelations Saigoth That Was-1
5960 Finished Yang Xiao Long Red Talon Reprisal
5959 Finished Yang Xiao Long Red Talon Investigation
5958 Finished Asellus Escape From Facinaturu
5957 Finished Riva Banari A Spirited Discussion About Technology
5955 Finished Grave Matters Case #8
5954 Finished Wandering Dog Dog versus Mouse
5953 Finished Lemeza Kosugi Xelpud's Colosseum - 1
5951 Finished Septette Arcubielle Adverse Testing Conditions
5950 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: The Line (2)
5949 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: The Line (1)
5948 Finished Kushiko Void Safari
5947 Finished Flamel Parsons TPT: A Shadow of a Doubt
5946 Finished Flamel Parsons Jul 11 18:00/TPT: A Shadow of a Doubt=(I might not actually do this today, I'm just gonna see who all could hop in tonight now that I don't have a scene to jump into myself, and run if I can!) "REAL DANGERS IN REAL MINDS"
5945 Finished Azure Armature A Inquiry to a Colleague
5944 Finished August Kohler Never Powerless
5943 Finished The Kid Undone - The Mancers Dilemma It all becomes done.
5942 Finished The Kid ICoT - The Mancers Dilemma It all comes to a head.
5941 Active Sombra The Name
5940 Finished Tomoe Cat Fight
5939 Finished Gawain FateParadox - Duel
5938 Finished August Kohler The Psychic Storm of the Century
5937 Finished Zwei Blah Blah Do Not Touch
5936 Finished Rurufon The Place With White Walls-1
5935 Finished Bloody Revelations Brass Leviathan-2
5934 Finished A2 Living [F]actory
5933 Finished Dexter Arkwright A New Adventure-1
5932 Finished Orchid Mall Raid 1
5931 Finished Tomoe Mouse in the Castle
5930 Finished Touta Konoe Just a Single Servant
5929 Finished Flamel Parsons TPT: The Truth of Project Mystic
5928 Finished Flamel Parsons TPT: The Impossible Mind
5927 Finished Mortimer Balman Late Visitors and Early Guests
5926 Finished Gawain FateParadox - Ruler Sighted
5925 Finished Lexicon Liberty Bell
5924 Finished Carna Still-Life
5923 Finished Orchid Orchid gives Penny the finger!
5922 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM: Even Speedwagon is Taken! Die Reisende rush a tower in the Mirror Forest to save Speedwagon
5921 Finished Yang Xiao Long Grimm Attack: Tora Settlement
5920 Finished Empty Tidings Blood on the Water
5919 Finished Mairead Sandilands IS Training Mairead is trainign at the IS Academy and two of her friends join to watch.
5918 Finished Kushiko On Better Tools for the Trade
5917 Finished All-Seeing Eye The Other Creation
5916 Finished Rurufon Deformed Insect Territory-2
5915 Finished Rurufon Deformed Insect Territory-1
5913 Finished Empty Tidings Flowers and Secrets
5912 Finished Zek Heavy Robotic Signatures Detected
5911 Finished Penelope Vasquez Chemical Heist!
5910 Finished Theurgus Ringing the Bell
5909 Finished Gideon Kaspar G&K Weapons Expo
5907 Finished Grave Matters Case #7
5906 Finished Grave Matters One Year Passed-3
5905 Finished Lin Fury of the Storm (2)
5904 Finished Starbound Flotilla The Red Way of Thinking
5902 Finished Note The Notorious Mercenary X
5901 Finished Carna 6000 Years Before
5900 Finished Septette Arcubielle 5899
5899 Finished Septette Arcubielle Mutagen Leak
5898 Finished The Kid ICoT: The Notebook's Author
5897 Finished Eryl Fairfax Fate:Paradox - Opening Preperation
5896 Finished Yuuki Konno Dark Lady: To Catch A Thief
5895 Finished Septette Arcubielle Shrine of Adversity: Bones of Contention
5894 Finished Note The Sacred Land of Korin
5893 Finished Lin Fury of the Storm (1)
5892 Finished Mairead Sandilands Meet and Greet Mairead meets a new voice for the first time, Penelope Vasquez
5891 Finished Asellus Bring Ye Thy Cavalry
5890 Finished Asellus Ora Ora Oralouge
5889 Finished Lemeza Kosugi An Interview with Dracuet
5888 Finished Asellus Local Support
5887 Finished Yomi Isayama Tour of Ga-rei Tokyo
5886 Finished Yomi Isayama Ga-rei Tokyo Tour
5885 Finished Touta Konoe War Preparations
5884 Finished Zek Veterans of the Old War
5883 Finished Ice King Territory Creation
5882 Finished Carna What They Brought Back
5881 Finished Nagato Parents and Children
5880 Finished Shigure Stares Back
5879 Finished Note A Bad Enough Dude?
5878 Finished Note Kidnapped! The Plundering Mr. Panda!
5877 Finished Grave Matters One Year Passed-2
5876 Finished Tomoe The Dark Lady: Black Swords Man's Inquisition
5875 Finished Lemeza Kosugi Non-Philosophical Musings at the Bar and Grill
5874 Finished Wandering Dog Conquering the Brass Leviathan-1
5872 Finished Josuke Higashikata Teacher, Teacher Under the mistaken notion that the Mystics in Asellus's world are vampires, Josuke went to the person who knows vampires the best of anyone he knows -- Jonathan Joestar. He hoped to learn Hamon from his ancestor; Jonathan had to test him first...
5871 Finished Lemeza Kosugi Welcome to Hell Temple
5870 Finished Zek Retiarius Recumbentibus
5869 Finished Lexicon MISC: Seeker
5867 Finished Zwei ||Defragmentation||<>
5866 Finished Grave Matters One Year Passed-1
5865 Finished Kushiko Heavy Metal Sparring
5864 Finished Shigure And the Abyss
5863 Finished Carna Scholarly Sins
5862 Finished Kotone Yamakawa Reploid and Cyborg
5861 Finished Staren Eclipse Phase: Mind the WMDs (Part 2)
5860 Finished Staren Eclipse Phase: Mind the WMDs (Part 1)
5859 Finished Hoshi Amakasu The Strength Returns
5858 Finished Arthur Lowell Poker Night Beta Yet Again
5857 Finished Lemeza Kosugi Archaeologist Spars Warframe
5856 Finished Eryl Fairfax FateParadox: New Beginnings The new Grail War begins with a battle on a big bridge
5855 Finished Nova Terra Rise of Xanthos
5854 Finished A2 Lost and [F]ound
5853 Finished Bloody Revelations War in the West-Silver
5852 Finished Bloody Revelations War in the West-Vermilion
5850 Finished Septette Arcubielle Adversity, Revisited
5849 Finished Hemlock Downward Spiral-2
5848 Finished Nagato Worry Never Dies
5847 Finished Mairead Sandilands IS Visit Touta makes a trip to the IS Academy on Academy Island to visit friends.
5846 Finished Lexicon MISC: Blaster
5845 Finished Arthur Lowell Poker Night Beta Again
5844 Finished Carna OOC: Wandering Dog
5843 Finished Carna Landscape
5842 Finished Tomoe The Dark Lady: Wavering Heroes
5841 Finished Nova Terra Friendly Ghost
5840 Finished Nova Terra Catch and Release
5839 Finished Nova Terra Who Defends the Defenders?
5838 Finished Nova Terra Zergling Rush
5837 Finished Mitsu Mirage Deus Ex Logia: Travelers
5836 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Party Time Janine throws a party, Agatha gatecrashes, Hoshi might be in danger?
5835 Finished Starbound Flotilla The Opposite of Unearthed
5834 Finished Hemlock Downward Spiral-1
5833 Finished Flamel Parsons TPT: The Cold Readers
5832 Finished Mairead Sandilands Tour and Introduction A chance to met a new person tot he Multiverse and possible the Paladins, Mairead has invited ACT B3-114 to the IS Academy for a chance to have a simple conversationa nd to find out more about her.
5831 Finished Zerrawn =A joint Mission
5830 Finished John Rizzo Three Hots and a Cot
5829 Finished Rurufon Emerald Continuation
5828 Finished Rurufon Beyond the Emerald Key-1
5827 Finished Bloody Revelations An Unlikely Silver Tongue
5826 Finished Priscilla Prospektor's Revolt-Finale
5825 Finished Lemeza Kosugi Happy Hour at the Edge of the Multiverse
5824 Finished Lemeza Kosugi Social Hour at the Edge of the Multiverse
5823 Finished Hemlock The Pillars of Avarice
5822 Finished Twilight Sparkle Spellcrafters Day Decorating
5821 Finished Starbound Flotilla Aftermaths of Other Aftermaths
5820 Finished Zerrawn A joint mission
5819 Finished The Kid ICoT: Reunion Everyone gathers to plan their next step, with local law enforcement dropping by.
5818 Finished Septette Arcubielle And Teeth For Teeth
5817 Finished Carna Portrait
5816 Finished Shigure Stare too deeply
5815 Finished Staren Welcome to the Multiverse, ACT B3-114!
5814 Finished Carna OOC: Empty Tidings
5813 Finished Bloody Revelations Lookshy: The Aftermath
5812 Finished Lemeza Kosugi Return to La-Mulana
5811 Finished Rurufon The Blue Light Room
5810 Finished Mairead Sandilands Day at the Beach A day at the beach on the Island where Fairyland Hall is located at. Simple, relaxing and a time to have funa nd get to know people.
5809 Finished Flamel Parsons TPT: The Crimson Thought
5808 Finished Starbound Flotilla Two Aftermaths
5806 Finished Priscilla Prospektor's Revolt-7
5805 Finished Tomoe Dark Lady: Hunt 2
5804 Finished Wandering Dog Risen from the Depths-3
5803 Finished Touta Konoe Barbeque at UQ
5802 Finished Touta Konoe UQ Barbeque
5799 Finished Touta Konoe Bar-Be-UQ'ing
5798 Finished A2 [E]mergent Intelligence
5797 Finished Bloody Revelations Dead Man's Panopticon-Finale
5796 Finished Bloody Revelations Dead Man's Panopticon-8
5794 Finished Carna OOC: Tomoe
5792 Finished Carna OOC: Leyanne
5791 Finished Carna OOC: Kord
5790 Finished Carna OOC: Dorian
5789 Finished Carna OOC: Kushiko
5788 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - The Black Queen
5787 Finished Tamamo no Mae Where's the Tea Sets?
5785 Finished Tomoe The Dark Lady Hunt 1
5784 Finished Count Kord MM: Gang Trouble
5783 Finished Lemeza Kosugi Lemeza's Eleven
5781 Finished Priscilla Prospektor's Revolt-6
5780 Finished Count Kord MM: Shocking
5779 Finished Asellus Vampirism Sucks
5778 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Final Breaker Elites fell the Majordomo, the last member of the Black Queen's Court
5777 Finished Bloody Revelations Cold House-2
5776 Finished Bloody Revelations Cold House-1
5775 Finished Flamel Parsons TPT: The Ghost of Maslow Peak
5774 Finished Tamamo no Mae Servant Checkup
5772 Finished The Kid ICoT: The Rippling Walls Elites meet with the Kid beyond the Rippling Walls to try and remind him of a lost future.
5771 Finished Wandering Dog Risen from the Depths-2
5770 Finished Empty Tidings Good Intentions
5769 Finished A2 [D]esert Heart
5768 Finished Priscilla Prospektor's Revolt-5
5767 Finished Bloody Revelations Dead Man's Panopticon-7
5766 Finished Bloody Revelations Welcome to Heaven, Here's a Brochure
5764 Finished Asellus The First Princess
5763 Finished Dapper Avenger Meeting with the Basileus-1
5762 Finished Arthur Lowell Poker Night Beta Test
5761 Finished Ryu Miracle Dragon Visitor
5760 Finished Theurgus Shadow Boxing
5758 Finished Bloody Revelations Bracken Racket
5757 Finished Empty Tidings Oh You Can Go Straight To Hell
5756 Finished August Kohler The Secrets Trade
5755 Finished Welisse An Excess of Humanity
5754 Finished Wandering Dog Risen from the Depths-1
5753 Finished Carna Den Mother
5752 Finished Carna Wall Of The Sun
5751 Finished Dapper Avenger Meeting with the Basileus
5750 Finished Ice King Incursion - The Other Side
5749 Finished Carna Blood Red Planet
5748 Finished Asellus Meeting White Rose
5746 Finished Empty Tidings Wounded Deer Stumbles Home
5745 Paused Blossom A Stroll Through the Sundew Kingdom
5744 Finished Lexicon MDCC: Tempting Topaz
5743 Finished Lexicon MDCC: Stunning Sapphire
5742 Finished Lexicon MDCC: Gallery
5740 Finished Lexicon MDCC: Orderly Onyx
5739 Finished Lexicon MDCC: Vector
5738 Finished The Kid ICoT - A N(o)e(l)w(d) Day In a restored Caelondia, Elites track down Zulf with the help of Zia.
5737 Finished Count Kord Metal Men (1)
5736 Finished Carna The Morning Ends
5735 Finished Bloody Revelations Dead Man's Panopticon-6
5734 Finished Bloody Revelations Dead Man's Panopticon-5
5733 Finished Theurgus In the Footsteps of Giants
5732 Finished A2 Resistance [C]amp-2
5731 Finished Janine Liberi Coal-Raker Die Reisende draws ever closer to the Black Queen, so the rest of the Court bands together to deal with them.
5730 Finished Carna WANTED: The Conductor (3)
5729 Finished Carna Then The Morning Comes (4)
5728 Finished Finna Journey to Tusk
5727 Finished Priscilla The Screaming Divinity
5726 Finished Carna Incursion - Inside
5725 Finished Dapper Avenger A World Rewritten
5724 Finished Krusty A Challenger Appears!
5723 Finished Lexicon MDCC: Enigmatic Emerald
5722 Finished Leyanne Mouse Hunting
5721 Finished Asellus Operation: Dress Shop
5720 Finished Lexicon MDCC: Arcade
5719 Finished Carna Rebel Yell
5718 Finished Carna The Monster
5717 Finished Josuke Higashikata Revisiting the Lot Josuke returns to Windknight's Lot to see how things are coming along. He scares the hell out of poor Anco with his restoration abilities, finds Jonathan in the castle, and offers further assistance in making the castle livable. Jonathan also asks an uncomfortable question!
5716 Finished Carna Chasing The Sun (3)
5715 Finished Kyoko Takada DR: Moving Castle's Howl In which a castle is destroyed, a princess slain, and a dragon rescued.
5714 Finished Tomoe Tomoe's Anchor
5713 Finished Krusty Not Enough Time
5712 Finished Carna Shrines Of The Fallen
5711 Finished Karian Icefang Old men sharing a chat
5710 Finished Tamamo no Mae A Precious Fox Item
5709 Finished Asellus Charm Lord's Invitational
5708 Finished A2 Resistance [C]amp
5707 Finished Asellus Regions
5706 Finished Blossom Dinner with Eva and the Strike Witches. Blossom mistakes the Strike Witch base for a city, approaches to find out what sort of food is within, ultimately is invited to dinner by Evangeline.
5705 Finished August Kohler P:WtWM - Truth-Faker The Pied Piper plays his last tune. Part of the Persona: Were the World Mine plot.
5704 Finished Shigure Engagement
5703 Finished Ryu Friendship Ryu seeks a fellow healer, Blossom, as a friend. It works out just fine.
5702 Finished Carna Then The Morning Comes (3)
5701 Finished Carna A Faux Phoebe's Foe Pho
5699 Finished Priscilla Prospektor's Revolt-4
5698 Finished Lexicon MDCC: Alert Amethyst
5697 Finished Wandering Dog Lost in the Depths-3
5696 Finished Lexicon MDCC: Cadenza Social scene in the Amethyst City of Songs. Meeting Saltavi, Cantio, and the city of Cadenza.
5695 Finished Starbound Flotilla Duo Support Introductions
5694 Finished Carna A Great Stone Wheel
5693 Finished Ryu A Distant Place Ryu and Josuke pay a visit to Spira, and stop a fiend attack alongside the local living Aeon, Bahamut.
5692 Finished Bloody Revelations Dead Man's Panopticon-4
5691 Finished Carna Chasing The Sun (2)
5690 Finished Ice King Then The Morning Comes (2) - The Investigators
5689 Finished Carna Then The Morning Comes (2) - The Missing
5688 Finished Yang Xiao Long We're just saiyan, super saiyan.
5687 Finished Tomoe The Dark Lady Part Four: The Bar Maid
5686 Finished Kushiko Child of the Void
5685 Finished Wandering Dog Lost in the Depths-2
5684 Finished Count Kord Dog Fight
5683 Finished Count Kord What One Values
5682 Finished Count Kord In the Screen Aepicus speaks with Gil, and has some choice words about the nature of their 'paradise' and the anomaly they witnessed.
5681 Finished Carna Chasing The Sun (1)
5680 Finished The Kid ICoT - Setting Sail, Coming Home
5678 Finished Kyoko Takada Distorting Reflections: House-Hunting In which people are found, as are unexpected myths.
5677 Finished Carna Then The Morning Comes (1)
5676 Finished Bloody Revelations Dead Man's Panopticon-3
5675 Finished Carna Necromancer World Tour
5674 Finished Ice King You're Not Here
5673 Finished Wandering Dog Lost in the Depths-1 A group of adventurers travels to an ancient magitech city deep underwater, where the human population is being treated as slaves. Part of the Sunken Luthe plot.
5672 Finished Carna Imagine Dragons
5671 Finished Carna The Dead Seas
5670 Finished Kushiko Fragments: Mars The Tenno and allies have it fairly simple: exterminate a Grineer platoon that's in transition on Mars, while possibly finding more of those Fragments. But is it going to be that simple?
5669 Finished Staren Potential Psychic Essence?
5668 Finished Karian Icefang Fire and Flame
5667 Finished Priscilla Prospektor's Revolt-3
5666 Finished Shigure A little more conversation a little less action(Please)
5665 Finished Ice King Glad Tidings, From Hell
5664 Finished Carna Black Dog Strut
5663 Finished A2 The [B]unker
5662 Finished Touta Konoe Visiting Eternity Touta has a few guests arrive in his world and takes the opportunity to show them the sights.
5661 Finished August Kohler The Knight of the Round Table Alliance The Watch recruits Krusty of the Round Table Alliance.
5660 Finished Starlight Bandits Ma-con-bre
5659 Finished Carna Good Night, Moon - Act V
5658 Finished Carna Ghosts In The Machines
5657 Finished Krusty The War of Water
5656 Finished August Kohler A Dying World's Refuge
5655 Finished Carna Tale Of The Moon Calf
5654 Finished Lexicon System Tower re:BOOT
5653 Finished Carna Bibliotheca
5652 Finished Carna The Long Sleep
5651 Finished Sombra Fuki gets Tech Support Sombra makes sure Fuki gets information and a new paint job.
5650 Finished Theurgus The Broken Doll
5649 Finished Carna Huntress Of The Dark
5648 Finished Fuki Relic Recovery
5647 Finished Dapper Avenger TGSBP: Absolution
5646 Finished Count Kord Walk in the Woods
5645 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Toy-Makers Die Reisende find the Blacksmith's forge.
5644 Finished Kyoko Takada Distorting Reflections: On Your Mark In which people dig up dirt on a cop through legal, illegal, and semilegal means.
5643 Finished Shigure Interview with an Abyssal
5642 Finished Lexicon Winterland Visit
5641 Paused Kotone Yamakawa Mechanics
5640 Finished A2 Gone [A]WOL
5639 Finished Touta Konoe Returning to Eternity (Part Two) Touta and his friends take the final steps to return him home, but before that they find themselves dealing with a bit of a detour.
5638 Finished Lexicon System Tower re:DIVINE
5637 Finished Bloody Revelations Dead Man's Panopticon-2
5636 Finished Lexicon System Tower re:DEVIL
5635 Finished Dapper Avenger TGSBP: Dancing with Devils
5634 Finished Carna Good Night, Moon - Act IV
5633 Finished Touta Konoe R&R Touta late night training attracts friends both old and new.
5632 Finished Krusty Snake in the Grass
5631 Finished Eryl Fairfax Squire Day Paladins hold a Q&A for impressionable students (and Ice King)
5629 Finished Tomoe The Dark Lady Part 2 Dungeon Crawl=The PArty has to deal with a dungeon crawl and new players in this insane drama take
5628 Finished Lexicon System Tower re:APPEAR
5627 Finished Priscilla Prospektor's Revolt-2
5626 Finished Karian Icefang Winter Assault
5625 Finished Carna Good Night, Moon - Act III
5624 Finished Nagato A Bootleg Dawn
5623 Finished Priscilla Prospektor's Revolt-1
5622 Finished Tamamo no Mae Subject and Hime-Chan
5621 Finished Bloody Revelations Dead Man's Panopticon
5620 Finished Carna Good Night, Moon - Act II
5619 Finished Corona Arclite New Years Revelation
5618 Finished Kushiko Fragments: Venus The trail of Fragments--and troubling Corpus developments--leads to Venus.
5617 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Risk-Takers Die Reisende take their first steps into the Black Queen's Castle, and encounter a surprising interrogation.
5616 Finished Yomi Isayama The Crumbling Foothold In which our heroes investigate a supernatural missing persons case and find that not all youkai are nasty
5615 Finished The Kid ICoT: The Tazal Terminals The final battle between the Bastion and the Ura.
5614 Finished Septette Arcubielle Surface Tension
5613 Finished Dapper Avenger TGSBP - Interrogation
5612 Finished Kushiko Fragments: Earth
5611 Finished Carna Good Night, Moon
5610 Finished Bloody Revelations War Council of the Scavenger Lands
5609 Finished Gawain A Heroine's Origin
5608 Paused Tamamo no Mae Battle of Moon Cell - Caster vs Lancer
5607 Finished Touta Konoe Returning to Eternity Touta calls on the Elites of the Multiverse to help him investigate a certain body of water that appeared in the Quilt.
5605 Finished Kushiko Solstice Solace Snowball-related shenanigans with a bit of help from advanced technology because snow fights are serious business.
5604 Finished Kotone Shiomi
5603 Finished Carna Clean-Up
5602 Finished Shigure Operation Quicksilver: Assault on Battery
5601 Finished Moonlit Saber Double Double Toil and Trouble
5600 Finished All-Seeing Eye Ran on the Moon A lost nurse is questioned based on an offhand comment.
5599 Finished Priscilla Song of the Deep, World Within the Canvas-The Antithesis of Life
5598 Finished Robert Speedwagon
5597 Finished The Kid ICoT - Edge of the World Kid leads a rescue mission to take Zia back.
5596 Finished Tomoe The Dark Lady PT 2: Little Trouble In a Little Villiage
5595 Finished Lexicon Home for Christmas
5594 Finished Kyoko Takada Distorting Reflections: Castle in the Sky In which a castle air-drops monsters, a check point is placed upon it for later, safer exploration, and a retreat is made.
5593 Finished Nagato Bootleg Inquiries
5592 Finished Priscilla Song of the Deep, World Within the Canvas-The Little Ones
5591 Finished All-Seeing Eye Wrench in the Works-4 The Elites discover the identity of Glocrim's saboteur, and piece together a motive from his handiwork.
5590 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Siege-Breaker Die Reisende begins their attack on the Black Queen and disrupts a parade.
5589 Finished Kyoko Takada Distorting Reflections: No Need for Deumans In which an alien crime gang is rooted out from an increasingly cosmopolitan Japan.
5588 Finished Kotone Yamakawa Vancouver By Night
5587 Finished Carna WANTED: The Conductor (2)
5586 Finished Shigure Operation Quicksilver: Interdiction
5585 Finished Priscilla Song of the Deep, World Within the Canvas-The Formless Things
5584 Finished Alucard Tepes Invasion of the Sweeper Eithne feels responsible for the near-destruction of Alucard's "bed" (his stone sarcophagus), so she travels to his sanctum to help sweep up the bits. Alucard finds her there and the two discuss what happened, and the definition of "family".
5583 Finished Mairead Sandilands Seeing the sights Mairead just got her new IS, Clota and is flying around the Multiverse trying it out after a year without one due to an incident and who will she meet that she has never met before?
5582 Finished Theurgus Visitation Rights
5581 Finished Kyoko Takada Distorting Reflections: Enter the Dragon In which an improbable school is discovered in the wastelands, and monsters are fought in defense of it.
5580 Finished Dapper Avenger TGSBP: Breaking News A killer has a conversation with a detective pursuing him. Part of the The Guilty Shall Be Punished plot.
5579 Finished Carna Chains and Blood (Finale)
5578 Finished Karian Icefang =Forced Vacation
5577 Finished Bloody Revelations Twin Cities' Denouement
5576 Finished Count Kord An Ancient Roar
5575 Finished Priscilla Song of the Deep, World Within the Canvas-AF2217/AC2
5574 Finished Carna When The Gutters Bleed
5573 Finished Bloody Revelations Twin Cities' Denouement
5572 Finished Theurgus System Tower: Floor 88
5571 Finished Carna Scholarly Pursuits
5570 Finished Alexis Steelix-y Resolve
5569 Finished Reaper From The Star(en)s Above
5568 Finished Carna Exploration: Chopping Grounds (3)
5567 Finished All-Seeing Eye Herald of the Black Engine Bloody Revelations meets, of all people, someone sympathetic to her cause.
5566 Finished Josuke Higashikata
5565 Finished Princess Luna
5564 Finished All-Seeing Eye Wrench in the Works-3 The Elites enter the inhospitable Reaches to search for the hideout of "Ever-Triumphant Strategist."
5563 Finished Priscilla Song of the Deep, World Within the Canvas-AF1624
5562 Finished Alucard Tepes Soliloquy of Reproach: Release, Part II The two groups met up again in the throne room of the castle, to face Magnus for the first (and last) time. Attempting to masquerade as Alucard, who he had previously kidnapped, proved fruitless for the incubus, as the Elites saw through his scheme this time. A battle commenced, and through the efforts of the Elites, Magnus was sent back to Hell, and both Erina and Alucard were rescued safely. All's well that ends well!
5561 Finished Carna WANTED: Wormfeast (2)
5560 Finished Shigure Operation Quicksilver: Threat Assessment
5559 Finished Princess Luna Crystal Recovery
5558 Finished Carna Exploration: Chopping Grounds (2)
5557 Finished The Kid ICoT: To The Stars Elites respond to a distress signal from the Ura. Kid is the cause for distress.
5556 Finished August Kohler Proper Cat Ownership
5555 Finished Tanya Degurechaff The Minotaur's New Clothes
5554 Finished Yomi Isayama Sacred Eyes Show You The Pain Yomi's friends are called to a house where something suspicious is going on. What could possibly go wrong?
5553 Finished Bloody Revelations The Denandsor Project-5
5552 Finished Karian Icefang Final Testament
5551 Finished Mairead Sandilands All-Seeing Meeting A meeting of the one call the All-Seeing Eye and Mairead at Academy Island.
5550 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: Binary Star (12)
5549 Finished All-Seeing Eye Harmegis Patrol All-Seeing Eye invites Gawain to come along on a patrol with him.
5548 Finished Priscilla Song of the Deep, World Within the Canvas-AF1346
5547 Finished All-Seeing Eye Wrench in the Works-2 Eye and his allies investigate an apartment complex for Autochthon's Chosen. Their search for the saboteur yields a face and a name, but his motive and precise whereabouts will take further searching to find.
5546 Finished Carna WANTED: Executor 13 (2)
5545 Finished Carna WANTED: Executor 13
5544 Finished Priscilla
5543 Finished Janine Liberi You'll Never See It Coming Die Reisende runs into the worst thing you could see in the Forest, or anywhere really.
5542 Finished All-Seeing Eye Heart to Heart All-Seeing Eye interrogates Miari to determine the threat she poses to Claslat.
5541 Finished Carna The Bloody Throne
5540 Finished Shigure Quicksilver, First Encounter
5539 Finished Bloody Revelations The Denandsor Project-3
5538 Finished Brikkfist
5537 Finished Alucard Tepes Soliloquy of Reproach: Release, Part I The group gathers to rescue Erina Pendleton from Magnus, and to end the incubus's danger. The group splits up -- some of them making a ruckus at the front, while others take a back route. The team at the front tangles with a dangerous Weapon Master, toughest of the Giant Brothers. The team sneaking in the back way confronts Magnus... and his treachery! Disguising himself as Erina, Magnus attempts to rend Jonathan Joestar's soul. He is stopped by Alucard... who takes the attack in Jonathan's place. Now Magnus has Erina AND Alucard, and he invites the group to try to stop him now that all the pieces of his plan are in place.
5536 Finished Carna Exploration: Chopping Grounds (1)
5535 Finished Tomoe The Dark Lady
5534 Finished Septette Arcubielle Skandalia: The Survivors
5533 Finished All-Seeing Eye Wrench in the Works All-Seeing Eye requests help from the Paladins for what appears to be a routine dissident. The culprit, and the implications, surprise everyone.
5532 Finished Lexicon System Tower - Floor 85: Five More Hours at Patty's
5531 Finished The Kid ICoT - The Siege
5530 Finished Asterios A Minotaur in Paris - The City of Shadows
5529 Finished The Kid ICoT - The Secret
5528 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: Binary Star (11)
5527 Finished All-Seeing Eye
5526 Finished Priscilla Song of the Deep, World Within the Canvas-AF1123
5525 Finished Atalanta Leaf In The Wind A summoning goes awry when a mage uses the worst kind of setup for the right type of Servant. A new contract is formed, and thusly, was Atalanta welcome to the Watch, and a world of wonders.
5524 Finished Count Kord
5523 Finished Alucard Tepes Soliloquy of Reproach: Beset A group of people go to Alucard's tomb to confront him for his role in the attacks at Windknight's Lot. A fight ensues and Alucard summons several beautiful thralls to battle the group. However, "Alucard" is revealed to be someone else -- a vampire named Lyudmil, a servant of Alucard's from long ago, mind-controlled by an incubus named Magnus. While the group is in Wallachia, Erina Pendleton is kidnapped by Magnus. He demands that Alucard raise Castlevania... or he will kill Erina.
5522 Finished Carna Chimes
5521 Finished Septette Arcubielle Skandalia: Bird-Caging
5520 Finished Priscilla Joint Training
5519 Finished Priscilla Song of the Deep, World Within the Canvas-AF951
5518 Finished Yang Xiao Long Gold Rush
5517 Finished Alucard Tepes Soliloquy of Reproach: Forewarning Maria Renard draws together the Elite defenders Windknight's Lot and gives them the information about Alucard she has. She points the group to Alucard's resting place, and begs them to end his reign of terror. Not all of the gathered Elites are convinced that killing him is the best idea, but all seem to agree that to get to the bottom of this, Alucard must be confronted.
5516 Finished Carna Layers
5515 Finished Carna Lost Light
5514 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: Binary Star (10)
5513 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Re-confessions Due to Mirror Forest-induced amnesia, Janine must tell her family once more of what she has been doing.
5512 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: Binary Star (9)
5511 Finished Alucard Tepes Soliloquy of Reproach: Duplicity After many days of ill omens -- unnatural fog, clusters of bats, and even reports of a wolf in the countryside -- Jonathan finds a man that exactly matches the image in the three girls' mind. The man does nothing to dissuade this notion. Jonathan defeats him, but he escapes. However a woman named Maria appears, claiming to know the vampire. She offers to return, and tell all that she knows about the vampire that plagues Windknight's Lot, if Jonathan will but gather his allies.
5510 Finished Dapper Avenger TGSBP: The Fires of Justice
5509 Finished Takeda Takahashi
5508 Finished Princess Luna Magical Mischief!
5507 Finished Bloody Revelations The Denandsor Project-2
5506 Finished Eryl Fairfax The Root of Civilization Paladins descend into an underground Mesoamerican city to bring the fight to the Urban Breath.
5505 Finished Priscilla Seat of the Ego-3
5504 Finished Midway AOH: Dark Sky Atoll
5503 Finished Corona Arclite Northern Expedition: Prismatic Point
5502 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji The Final Taint Tomoyo calls a meeting during the final improvised Taint to ensure that bad blood does not linger. Loose threads are tied off, and the city is finally left alone.
5501 Finished Alucard Tepes Soliloquy of Reproach: Prologue Three pretty blonde girls of marrying age have been attacked for their blood in Windknight's Lot. Drained near to the point of death, they've only survived but for their speedy discovery. Jonathan Joestar asks for assistance in investigating the matter, and a team of Elites come to gather clues.
5500 Finished Carna Hands
5499 Finished Carna Nine Of Crows
5498 Finished Starlight Bandits In The Closing Act, Everyone Wants The Same Thing For Different Reasons The execution date for the old monarchy of Chapter and the traitors in the new government arrives. Loyalists, assisted by the Starlight Bandits, play their last card.
5497 Finished Theurgus Locus Learning
5496 Finished Midway AOH: The Dreadnought
5495 Finished A2 "The Way to a Better Tomorrow"
5494 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji OMNI: One More FiNIsh Both Inspiration Trust and the rebellious splinter group make their way to OMNI's central server. The matter is finally settled.
5493 Finished Priscilla Seat of the Ego-2
5492 Finished Nagato Anger under the Water
5491 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: Binary Star (8)
5490 Finished Captain Flint Renovations
5489 Finished Rhapsody Led Zeppelid When a Stratozeppelid is hijacked by the Gruul, members of the Izzet Explorers Division come to the rescue!
5488 Finished Corona Arclite Burning Bridges
5487 Finished Bloody Revelations The Denandsor Project
5486 Finished Dapper Avenger TGSBP: The Guilty Shall Be Punished
5485 Finished Reaper Masks and Bullets and Death, Oh My
5484 Finished Eryl Fairfax A-Mei-Zing Pursuit The Paladins request aid in the pursuit of a criminal speedster Eekay, and recieve help in a world where 80% of the population have superpowers!
5483 Finished Yomi Isayama Perfectly Symmetrical Violence Yomi calls for help after encountering a youkai that can match her move for move.
5482 Finished Septette Arcubielle Tea is Better
5481 Finished Ran Itoh It's Not Really Gossip... Emily Branford and Ran Itoh get together to talk about what they can do to help the younger members of Die Reisende.
5480 Finished Pippi A Bad Meeting
5479 Finished Eryl Fairfax Urban Lungs Elites descend into sealed tunnels below the city where the Urban Breath pervades the very air, aiming to rip it's influence out from the roots.
5478 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: Binary Star (7)
5477 Finished Ran Itoh Worrisome Thoughts After the latest delve into August's mind, Ran invites him to the Shack for cake, tea, and a chat.
5476 Finished August Kohler TRUE PSYCHIC TALES: The Mad Machinations of Kohlerworks
5475 Finished Shigure Sub-Operation: Abyssal Transport Fleet
5474 Finished Septette Arcubielle A Stilted Conversation
5473 Finished Lapis Lazuli The Frozen Princess Thanks to the combined efforts of warriors from across the multiverse, Luna is saved from the grasp of Lapis and allowed to return to her people. However, in the chaos, Luna was forced to betray her friend and Lapis' gem was lost to the tide. What will happen with the core of the powerful gem now lost to the depths of the ocean?
5472 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - The Wheels of Fate Janine's family is kidnapped by The Constable, who challenges them to a race of life and death to save them.
5471 Finished Tanya Degurechaff The Lost Battalion
5470 Finished Xiaomu Come On Down to Electric Town Xiaomu, upon hearing about the retrograde state of entertainment at Hikari Seaport, invites Nagato to go shopping for some up-to-date entertainment equipment. What manner of shenanigans will this lead to?
5469 Finished Lapis Lazuli Prisoner of ice Lapis and Luna have a short talk. It does not go well for the princess.
5468 Finished Tutela Jailtour.exe
5467 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: Binary Star (6)
5466 Finished Lapis Lazuli A castle of ice Luna, Staren, Althela, Maya and Kung investigated a growing ice castle. Luna was soon kidnapped and revealed the perpetrator to be Lapis, possibly under the control of some strange monster! Who proceeded to send enough water to drown a continent back into the ocean and force them to perform an evacuation of the coast.
5465 Finished The Kid ICoT: A Bastion of their Own The Kid leads a team of Elites up Mount Zand, a sacred place to the Ura... and a Bastion for the beasts of the Wild.
5464 Finished Tamamo no Mae Land Acquisition!
5463 Finished Kyoko Takada Monster Pharming
5462 Finished Alexis Maaka Date Night
5461 Finished Captain Flint The Conspirators Sombra discovers a nascent conspiracy taking root within the Walrus crew.
5460 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji Final Preperations Final plans are established, on both sides.
5459 Finished Sombra A Deadly Game of Hide and Seek Reaper introduces a new kind of training for Sombra, and Nicky joins the fun.
5458 Finished Starlight Bandits A Grand Celebration For Two Covers Co-Conspiracy By Many The Watch and Concord both gun for Forrester Houl, traitor to Chapter and self-interested politician.
5457 Finished Carna Depths
5456 Finished Septette Arcubielle Duel in the Deep: Starbound Captains Part 2
5455 Finished Carna Names
5454 Finished Reaper The New World Order(s)
5453 Finished Yunomi Stadler
5452 Finished Bloody Revelations The Manse of Lady Vermilion
5451 Finished Bahamut White Berserker goes Home
5450 Finished Midway AOH: Operation Hercules - Pursue the Enemy Fleet!
5449 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: Binary Star (5)
5448 Finished Lexicon System Tower, Floor 80
5447 Finished Bloody Revelations Vodak
5446 Finished Kotone Shiomi Fear the Reaper
5445 Finished Yumiko Kojima "It fell off a truck, I swear!" Yumi meets some Multiversal friends, and they go out for barbeque. A good time is had by all.
5444 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: Binary Star (4)
5443 Finished Bloody Revelations City Under the Mountain-3
5442 Finished Midway AOH: Operation Hercules - Secure Pearl Harbor!
5441 Finished Midway AOH: Operation Hercules - Harbor Defense Breakthrough Force!
5440 Finished Bloody Revelations City Under the Mountain-2
5438 Finished Septette Arcubielle The Storied Libraries
5437 Finished Bloody Revelations City Under The Mountain-1
5436 Finished Eryl Fairfax Hostage Sect-uation Paladins work to save the city council from the Urban Breath cult.
5435 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: Binary Star (3)
5434 Finished Midway AOH: Operation Hercules preamble
5433 Finished Alucard Tepes Shattered Reflections of Future Imperfect Alucard discovers that there is ANOTHER version of Lunara, this one from the Lunara he first met's future. And she knows about Xavius's war on Ashenvale.
5432 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Woodsman's Rampage
5431 Finished Captain Flint
5430 Finished Reaper Competitive Survival Training - Aka, Beach Time
5429 Finished Josuke Higashikata
5428 Finished Josuke Higashikata Aftermath in Chaos
5427 Finished Ran Itoh It's Not Olive Garden Janine and Ran have a discussion over the town's finest pizza.
5426 Finished Mortimer Balman Thoughts in Chaos
5425 Finished No Brakes Megacorp Runaway!
5424 Finished Lunara
5423 Finished Lunara The Nightmare's Corruption in Ashenvale
5422 Finished The Kid ICoT: The Cauldron's Fire
5421 Finished Rhapsody Transeliwhat? When a transforming artifact is set loose outside the Izzet Sector, the Explorers Division is called up to deal with the problem!
5420 Finished Captain Flint
5419 Finished Sombra
5418 Finished Karian Icefang A Last Gift
5417 Finished Septette Arcubielle
5416 Finished No Brakes Aug 7 16:00=Megacorp Runaway/A solo job goes south and No Brakes finds herself in a high speed pursuit from the Megacorp
5415 Finished Captain Flint The Barlow Woman Sombra does some legwork to discover who the Barlow Woman is and the nature of her relationship with Captain Flint. What she discovers may threaten not only the Urca hunt, but the stability of Flint's captaincy.
5414 Finished Priscilla The Royal Tailor and Children of Ash
5413 Finished August Kohler TRUE PSYCHIC TALES: Hot August Night
5412 Finished Midway AoH: Intersection
5411 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: Binary Star (2)
5410 Finished Sentinel Lunara An Everlasting Legacy Lunara helps Nine speak with his son.
5409 Finished Sombra
5408 Finished Captain Flint Unraveling On the eve of the Urca hunt, a member of the Walrus crew comes forward with some troubling information.
5407 Finished Miari Towers of the Mighty
5406 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji OMNIous Festival Inspiration Trust holds a concert with Yang and Yuna as the stars! Sadly, it is interrupted before the finale can be reached.
5405 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: Binary Star (1)
5404 Finished Sombra
5403 Finished Bloody Revelations The Double Edged Sword
5402 Finished Starlight Bandits 'A Needless Flashy Escape' Can Have Two Meanings Depending On How You Read It The Starlight Bandits clue in the Watch on corruption in Chapter's new rebel government.
5401 Finished Bloody Revelations Sun and Ice
5400 Finished Sombra Hacking on Hold Reaper and Nine have bad luck as nurses to a difficult patient.
5399 Finished Theurgus = System Tower: Floor 73
5398 Finished Nozomi Houken The Mouse Scolds The Fox
5397 Finished Bloody Revelations The White Walls
5396 Finished Septette Arcubielle Duel in the Deep: Starbound Captains
5395 Finished Nagato Abyssal Learning
5394 Finished The Kid ICoT: Trigger Hill Kid, Flamel, and Alexis have a shooting party with the rest of the Bastion crew.
5393 Finished Captain Flint Talent Acquisition Captain Flint is spoiled for choice when it comes to hired help. He and Gates hold a meeting for interested parties, to discuss strategy, and, more importantly, payment.
5392 Finished Pippi Summer in the City
5391 Finished August Kohler Discussions
5390 Finished Chevalier Will and Consequences
5389 Finished Ran Itoh House Party Everybody loves a potluck.
5388 Finished Midway AOH: Every Rivet, Every Weld
5387 Finished Priscilla Seat of the Ego
5386 Finished Starbound Flotilla Four Parties and Six Obligations
5385 Finished Gawain Foodbringer - Subversion
5384 Finished Tamamo no Mae Out-fox-ing the Need of Money
5383 Finished Septette Arcubielle Jewel of the Abyss
5382 Finished Allan Bodily Union Strike
5381 Finished Alexis Maaka CARTEL CRACKDOWN: Muzzling the Wolf
5380 Finished A2
5379 Finished Count Kord Spectres of Thought The Count of Dragoni takes a few allies and other interested people for a journey into his past, and he answers some questions that contextualize his behaviors. Athela shows up by coincidence, and discovers that there's an awfully wide grey area to the Count's behavior.
5378 Finished Rhapsody Sunday Magic: Explorers Division The announcing of the Explorers division to Ravnica, friends, and others. Q&A then social!
5377 Finished Karian Icefang Trial of the Wolf
5376 Finished Ran Itoh In her efforts to rescue Janine from her own self-loathing made manifest, Ran told her a story that wasn't Ran's to tell. Upon arriving home afterward, she and Hikaru discuss damage control and how much of his past he wants known.
5375 Finished Eryl Fairfax Warp Iris: The Conclusion The finale. The end of Loci Iris.
5374 Finished Sombra To Ward off Death Jack gains a new friend who bears gifts.
5373 Finished Sombra A Test for Talon Sombra thinks back to the first mission she did in order to prove herself to the terrorist organisation.
5372 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - The Intendent of Shallow Desires Die Reisende set out to stop a member of the Queen's Court from harrassing some peaceful Shadows at the request of Spriggins Jack. And... well, they do succeed at that...
5371 Finished Pepper Potts The Interview
5370 Finished Reaper Dead Man Plushing
5369 Finished Jonathan Joestar Land of The 77 Rings (cont.)
5368 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: Starwatch (4)
5367 Finished Sombra Lamentablemente tuyo After Reaper's attempt to discipline her, Sombra still thinks there are a few more things to be said.
5366 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: Starwatch (3)
5365 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji (What) Do People Think? Inspiration Trust wrangles some helpers to survey the common folk in the city in which OMNI sees all.
5364 Finished Corona Arclite Expedition Exposition
5363 Finished Starlight Bandits Loyalists, True to their Name, Profess Much Loyalty to Each Over, Even in the Face of Harsh Consequence The Concord get a lead on the loyalists and descend into the Opera Bibliotheca with the intent to kill them. But what they discover makes them stay their hand, for now.
5362 Finished Alexis Back In The Backyard
5361 Finished Josuke Higashikata The Tainted and The Pure Josuke's pureheartedness leads him to assist what looks like a one-man curbstomp of a troupe of warriors! But has he made a horrible mistake?
5360 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: Starwatch (2)
5359 Finished Yuna Kagurazaka Return to the Ruins The night that Njorun Station fell, Yuna promised to see that the children of the great tree would have a chance to flourish across the Multiverse. Since then, events have kept her from getting around to fulfilling that promise ... but the Watch has discovered that it needs better training facilities, and the suggestion has come up that the old Ring of Philosophy might be worth investigating. So the time has finally come for Yuna and a small group of her fellow Watch members to make their own first visit to the Ruins of Njorun and begin searching out what they can. As familiar as the old Njorun Station was, the Ruins of Njorun are totally unknown ground ...
5358 Finished Starbound Flotilla Machines and Their Repair
5357 Finished Sombra Aim High It's time to plan the next raid for the Concord's newest members, and Sombra and Maaka are only too happy to contribute.
5356 Finished Reaper Failure To Communicate
5355 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - House Call Ran and Hikaru have a PTA with Bella Liberi
5354 Finished Starbound Flotilla MISSION: Starwatch (1)
5353 Finished Jonathan Joestar The Land of 77 Rings
5352 Finished Guest Sarah Spelunking While exploring underground ruins for signs of humanity, Devola and Popola happen across the Runebearer, Sarah.
5351 Finished Sombra Intruders and Invitations The Flotilla chatroom has an unathorised user log in. Though she doesn't appear to have hostile intentions, rather the opposite.
5350 Finished Septette Arcubielle Undying Antiques
5349 Finished Eryl Fairfax Money is the Root Cultists for the Urban Breath hijack several money transport trucks to spread tainted currency through the city.
5348 Finished Gaige Productions for Sanctuary Gaige gets some acquintances to help her clear out an old abandoned factory on Pandora and defeat the gargantuan Blue! Step one of more stuff for Sanctuary, complete!
5347 Finished Midway AOH: Fan the Flames
5346 Finished Karian Icefang Homecoming
5345 Finished Yang Xiao Long Huntresses Meet
5344 Finished Gawain Foodbringer - Corporate Investigation
5343 Finished Starlight Bandits Those Who Fought For Freedom And Those Who Fight For Themselves Come To An Accord The Concord strikes a deal with the rebel rulers of Chapter; the heads of the loyalist movement in exchange for the Opera Bibliotheca.
5342 Finished Tomoe Dark Castle of the Forest
5341 Finished Tomoe On Sabers and Gamers
5340 Finished Mortimer Balman A Not-Unexpected Party
5339 Finished Bloody Revelations Swords of King and Shadows
5338 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Confessions Janine tells her mother about what she's been doing. It goes about as well as you expect.
5337 Finished Starlight Bandits Sanary Mucks Out A Grand Auction Like It Were A Pig Sty The Bandits hold an auction for a stolen book that tells the future in the kingdom of Chapter. Rebels and loyalists argue over who gets it, but in the end, it's traded for fresh pork.
5336 Finished Bloody Revelations Passage to Orak-Tau
5335 Finished Midway AOH: Behind Enemy Lines
5334 Finished Leyanne Don't Dis the Hair
5333 Finished Kakashi Hatake War Propheteering
5332 Finished Bloody Revelations Bone Carver's Pit
5331 Finished Nagato Meeting a Sky of Anger
5330 Finished Lexicon System Tower: Floor 70
5329 Finished Guest Sarah One Survivor to Another The King of Knights reaches out to a fellow survivor of Annu for an urgent personal favour.
5328 Finished Kotone Yamakawa Shop Talk
5327 Finished Evangeline Home Cooking with Evangeline
5326 Finished Priscilla Vying for the Eclipse of the Sun-5
5325 Finished Corona Arclite Undead Reckoning
5324 Finished Reaper Running The 'Edge'. Get It?
5323 Finished Gaige Just a day at the beach... With Gaige Gaige and Ferham go to beach city and meet Steven Universe! Things get OFF THE HOOK! And Gaige causes more property damage, which Josuke fixes.
5322 Finished Xiaomu Gamer Grrls
5321 Finished Bloody Revelations The Devil's Games
5320 Finished Yari Takane
5319 Finished Midway AOH: Purify This Hate
5318 Finished Staren Concord: Link Start After mentioning the possibility of setting up VR training simulations, Staren finds some of his allies unfamiliar with the concept and decides to teach them about FullDive.
5317 Finished Tamamo no Mae Ramen with the Exorcist
5316 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji Yang's Punishment Yang is subjected to her August-approved punishment.
5315 Finished Laer Castle Greyhawk Part The First
5314 Finished Reaper Unearth The Dead
5313 Finished Corona Arclite Field of Steams
5312 Finished Nagato Madagascar Meddling
5311 Finished Sir Bedivere Cinders and Smoke Various defenders of Dun Realtai turn aside an invasion launched by mysterious creatures of flame.
5310 Finished Reaper The Grave Cannot H- Stop That
5309 Finished Tanya Degurechaff Training Day
5308 Finished The Kid ICoT: Spike in a Rail Kid and co. take the Grand Railroad to deliver the Shard and supplies back to the Bastion. They pick up some extra cargo along the way.
5307 Finished Reaper The Rebellious Debrief - Concord
5306 Finished Priscilla Vying-Duel of Judgement
5305 Finished Tanya Degurechaff Brushfire
5304 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Coachmistress' Challenge Plumbing in the Mirror Forest is not the best.
5303 Finished Sokka Frozen technology Sokka and Ferham meet and get some ice cream, before discussing Ferham's future a bit.
5302 Finished Guest Sarah The City of the Seven Tiers While investigating a new region, Sarah and Luc discuss life, the universe, runes, the multiverse, and the sensibility of adopting a more nomadic lifestyle.
5301 Finished Count Kord
5300 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji Tainting the Taint A splinter cell of Taint artists seek the Watch's help in disabling one of OMNI's server farms. But Yang has already informed the government of their intended actions. A clash between punks and public security begins here!
5299 Finished Reaper A Beacon - Of DARKNESS
5298 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji Yang's Stand Yang visits the Grand Chancellor and OMNI in regards to the rebel's plans.
5297 Finished Yuna Kagurazaka Recovery A few days ago, Yuna put her life and sanity on the line to teach the Warp Iris about friendship and love. She knew it was going to be a costly attempt, whether it succeeded or not, and while it didn't kill her, it scrambled her memories and plunged her into a coma which may or may not be laced with nightmares. Elner has been analyzing the options, and has enlisted Flamel Parsons' aid to lead a group of Yuna's friends into the depths of her fragmented psyche, to repair the damage and help bring her back. What secrets will they uncover, and which of them will hold the key to bringing Yuna back to the waking world?
5296 Finished Yang Xiao Long A Beaconing Tour
5295 Finished Reaper Death Waits
5294 Finished Reaper The Clock Strikes 11:55 Not Quite Midnight
5293 Finished Lyner Barsett A New World
5292 Finished Mortimer Balman Queer Lodgings
5291 Finished Corona Arclite Getting Back On Track
5290 Finished Dreamgazer For the love of the nation The Nation of Trebinburg has been a member of the Concord for almost as long as its conception. It has been embroiled in war with its neighboring countries for nearly two decades, and a lot of its resources are poured into purchasing the latest armaments from Concord affiliated weapon manufacturers. So imagine the surprise when the Governor-General decides to cancel any further orders for heavy ordinance and has repealed the draft that was instated when he rose to his current position. While the populace has suddenly had a turn around in their opinion ( which was never made public due to outspoken dissent being a punishable offense ), the higher ranking members of his long standing regime are clueless to his sudden turn around, and have contacted Concord to conduct a covert investigation in the guise of a diplomatic visit. At the same time, the leaders of a covert revolutionary group that has been working against the government have maintained radio silence for far too long with the rest of the organization, and have sent a request for help from the watch in locating them. Could these two separate events have a common thread? This scene is primarily for Concord and the Watch, but it is open to anyone interested.
5289 Finished Yang Xiao Long High Impact Grimm Explosions
5288 Finished Staren Warp Iris: Nettled In the aftermath of the last encounter with the Warp Iris, Staren is reminded that an old friend may be able to help...
5287 Finished Eryl Fairfax The Warp Iris: Confrontation Poor communication kills.
5286 Finished Golden Adventures In Cooking
5285 Finished Reaper The Blurbly Open Debriefing
5284 Finished Shigure The Hounds and the Admiral's Present
5283 Finished Eryl Fairfax Cultist Crackdown Paladins interrogate the arrested cultists and manage to get some factoids from them.
5282 Finished The Kid Proving Ground: Trapper Shingle Kid invites some folks to try their luck on Trapper Shingle.
5281 Finished Pippi
5280 Finished Lyner Barsett Knell of Ar Ciel Finale B - The End of All
5279 Finished Soldier 76 Dorado Deadline
5278 Finished The Kid Nova vs. Kid Nova doubts Kid's mettle and capability to lead the Mighty, and sees fit to test it herself.
5277 Finished Lyner Barsett Knell of Ar Ciel - To The Ends of a Certain World
5276 Finished Laer Greyhawk? More like GREAT hawk!
5275 Finished Golden Through The Breach
5274 Finished Reaper Give Me Your Edgiest Glass
5273 Finished Starlight Bandits The Ruins Beneath The Minds Holds Statuesque Secrets The rebel government, headed by Perplex and backed by the Watch (and Gaige) descend to find the treasure spoken of by the Starlight Bandits.
5272 Finished Princess Luna One Day in Equestria 2
5271 Finished Theurgus Grid-Lock
5270 Finished Reaper Beware The Blurb
5269 Finished Lapis Lazuli I have to PAY for that? Lapis goes to buy a tazer! And actually gets one, thanks to Jeannette's help! Oh, how doomed the world is...
5268 Finished Buggabix
5267 Finished Priscilla Vying for the Eclipse of the Sun-4
5266 Finished Baiken I Humbly Ask, I Humbly Ask
5265 Finished Lexicon Britannica Staycation 2: The Staycationing
5264 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Janine's Birthday (summerized) A summary of what happened in the original scene, lost in the server crash.
5263 Finished Gaige Death game? More like death planet Gaige meet Josuke and Tomoe! Poor... poor... poor people. They never stood a chance.
5262 Finished Gaige Cocoa for the cocoa-puff. Maaka Meets Gaige and brings her cocoa. Also, finds out that Pandora suuuuuucks. But they have the marshmallows, so it's all good now. Mmmmm. Delicious cocoa and marshmallows.
5261 Finished Tomoe Yet another Bizzare Adventure Begins
5260 Finished Priscilla Fundamental Fragments of Human Nature-3
5259 Finished Priscilla Njorun Think Tank
5258 Finished Reaper The Ghosts of The Past
5257 Finished Alden A mouse, a dog, and a digimon...
5255 Finished Nagato An Ocean of Hostilities
5254 Finished Reaper On The EDGE Of A New Era. Get It? Edge?
5253 Finished Genji Shimada Fashionably Safe
5252 Finished Laer Mercykilling
5251 Finished Tamamo no Mae Mirror Mirror
5250 Finished Pippi The Doghouse After news about missing dogs came about on the Eyewitness News, two separate groups arrive at a suspected warehouse marked with the Lambda symbol -- Alopex, Rebound, Corona Arclite and Pippi take a two-prong approach, while Kakashi Hatake arrives and provides a more orderly back up.
5249 Finished A2 [D]isjointed [P]ast
5248 Finished Eryl Fairfax The Warp Iris: Debate A heated debate on the matter of what to do about the Warp Iris.
5247 Finished Pippi A Tip of a Hatter
5246 Finished Chevalier Testing Metal
5245 Finished Gaige Tune-up! Gaige and Ferham meet up again, allowing Gaige a closer look at her machinery. It's off the HOOK!
5244 Finished Karian Icefang Secrets and Sands
5243 Finished Ainsley A Familiar Sight Ainsley introduces Berserker to a new friend.
5242 Finished Laura Kinney Claws and Effect Laura arrives in the Multiverse, makes a friend, and joins the Watch.
5241 Finished Lapis Lazuli GAHHHHHH!
5240 Finished Toph Beifong A Peace Offering A mutant and an earthbender meet on the streets of New York.
5239 Finished Priscilla Fundamental Fragments of Human Nature-2
5238 Finished Gaige Gaige and the mouse Gaige heads to revenant to shoot giant scorpions and means a mecha mouse! Her day got AWESOME!
5237 Finished Gaige Just a bit of wild fun! Gaige found a friend in Ferham! A robot friend. The BEST KIND!
5236 Finished Carna The Forge of Gods
5235 Finished The Kid ICoT - Brusher Patrol On his latest hunt for a Shard, Kid and co. are forced to battle with a living myth
5234 Finished Gaige Welcome to Pandora Lyria, Dorian and Laura meet Gaige, the vault hunter of pandora. They go on a wild adventure, shoot some people, almost get blown up(Well, Laura gets blown up a few times) and learn a bit about Pandora. Pandora sucks.
5233 Finished Theurgus =System Tower: Floor 67
5232 Finished Laer Sign o' the Times
5231 Finished Echo Resurrection of The Bat Kari Wolf, Staren and Princess Luna respond to a gunbattle over a strange ancient book sought after by Dracula cultists... but they find something else!
5230 Finished Alexis Maaka Unwanted Merchandise
5229 Finished Kain The World Unveiled
5228 Finished Lyner Barsett Knell of Ar Ciel - Resolution
5227 Finished August Kohler Watchtower Delta Survey august don't forgive to give A2 the water bottles
5226 Finished Yuuki Konno Welcome to Our World
5225 Finished A2 Original [C]ode
5224 Finished Flamel Parsons TRUE PSYCHIC TALES: Tongue Twister
5223 Finished Lexicon Britannica Staycation
5222 Finished Laer The City Of Doors
5221 Finished Eryl Fairfax PETA: The Animist Chambers Paladins, Watch, and League descend on the Animist Chambers, a historic building with a rather dark present...
5220 Finished Dr. Vahzilok Issue #3: A Council Of War (Kraken Down)
5219 Finished Lyner Barsett Knell of Ar Ciel - The Right Answer
5218 Finished Kirito Welcome to Alfheim
5217 Finished Tamamo no Mae A War without a Master
5216 Finished Young Arthur Border Skirmish
5215 Finished Kotone Shiomi Full Moon Shadow: the Priestess
5214 Finished Gawain Foodbringer - For Cooperation
5213 Finished Captain Flint Reform
5212 Finished Alice Margatroid Alice in Techoland
5211 Finished Lexicon System Tower Researcher
5210 Finished Laer Silent Treason, Loud Anger
5209 Finished Captain Flint The Shipwrecks
5208 Finished Golden Easter Eggs?! Downtown Digitama Deluge
5207 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Clash in the Forest People have wandered into the Mirror Forest once more. It's up to Die Reisende to extract them while avoiding the Wolf and Woodsman in the middle of a battle.
5206 Finished Priscilla The Corpse of the World Yet Lives-3
5205 Finished Toph Beifong
5204 Finished Drustan Cynbel An Old Hero's Hurts
5203 Finished Millium Argent The Undersea City - Part Two
5202 Finished Taro New Projects
5201 Finished Dr. Vahzilok Issue #3: A Council of War (The Council Strikes)
5200 Finished Priscilla 2346=Vying for the Eclipse of the Sun-3
5199 Finished Dr. Vahzilok Issue #3: A Ship Passing...
5198 Finished Dorian Pavus
5197 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Sasha Returns Ira and Sanary return to the den of the Wildekinder to attempt to lure them into their scheme against Janine.
5196 Finished Starless Night The Punishing Typhoon
5195 Finished Starlight Bandits What Follows An Uprising, Is It Called A Downlowering? Molly has lost Irvine! Time to track him down. Luckily, some nice loyalists have found him, and just need a bit of info from him...
5194 Finished Nagato Here Comes Easter Rabbit!
5193 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji Velvet Fashions Velvet Crowe finally upgrades from her rags to a respectable look.
5192 Finished Captain Flint Manhunt
5191 Finished Velvet Crowe Code Red: Echidna
5190 Finished Lyner Barsett Knell of Ar Ciel - Illuminate
5189 Finished Dr. Vahzilok Issue #3: A Council Of War (Clockwork Paladin)
5188 Finished Carna A Forge Left Cold
5187 Finished Mitsu Mirage Wood You Like Magic?
5186 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji The Taint: Public Council Inspiration Trust gathers to debate OMNI, the AI overseer of a futuristic city that forbids personal expression. More progress than expected is made!
5185 Finished Kazusa Ujikane Playing the Long Game
5184 Finished Nagato A Paladin and her Charge
5183 Finished Rebound Chance Meeting in NYC
5182 Finished Drustan Cynbel Let Me Tell You About My Youth
5181 Finished Eryl Fairfax At A Party? Try The Punch Worst. Fundraiser. Ever.
5180 Finished Captain Flint Cause and Effect
5179 Finished Carna WANTED: The Conductor
5178 Finished Lyner Barsett Knell of Ar Ciel - She Who Knows
5177 Finished Velvet Crowe The First Shepherd
5176 Finished Theurgus System Tower, Floor 62
5175 Finished Captain Flint Philosophy in the Park
5174 Finished Raylene Dunwich The Haunted Amusement Park
5173 Finished Flamel Parsons Dr. Langeskov, the Dragon, and the Treasure of the Star King
5172 Finished Eryl Fairfax Warp Iris: The Lure Elites gather to beckon the Warp Iris, the being from beyond the universe. Reasons differ, conflict ensues. Negotiation occurs.
5171 Finished Tomoe Moving Day
5170 Finished Golden Mini-Kaiju Rumble
5169 Finished Tomoe A Pirate Pub
5168 Finished Velvet Crowe Charity Sees The Need
5167 Finished Sokka It's off to school we go, hi-ho hi-ho hi-ho! Toph and Sokka get schooled! Sokka shows her around the college he's registered with and will be attending next term.
5166 Finished Pippi Key to Happiness... and Bacon? Alopex arrives right on time to save a burger-slinging friend from some dragons. Bring Your Own Burger Knight?
5165 Finished Velvet Crowe Code Red Hunt: Orc Kong
5164 Finished Priscilla The Corpse of the World Yet Lives-2
5163 Finished Lapis Lazuli A drowned rat Lapis meets a giant mouse! Also, she learns about 'milk shakes'.
5162 Finished Carna WANTED: Wormfeast
5161 Finished Lyner Barsett Knell of Ar Ciel - Into The Sky
5160 Finished Flamel Parsons TRUE PSYCHIC TALES: The Heat of August
5159 Finished Yunomi Stadler Chance Meeting
5158 Finished Lapis Lazuli Fairy meets Jewelry Lapis and Tomoe meet. Tomoe is, miraculously, not too horrified.
5157 Finished Priscilla Fundamental Fragments of Human Nature
5156 Finished Toph Beifong
5155 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Beneath the Library Die Reisende go do some late-night spelunking into some recently unearthed caves that may have a tie to the Mirror Forest. What they uncover is perplexing. Also, birthday planning ensues.
5154 Finished Argast Wyrdseeker Relics of the Dark Pantheon
5153 Finished Nort and Scar Crazy(?) Ermon
5152 Finished Lapis Lazuli Fire and Water Lapis drowns a Natasha! She gets better and the two chat and meet up with Luna! Before going back to the castle for Lapis made soup.
5151 Finished Velvet Crowe Graceful Charity (not the card)
5150 Finished Tomoe A Visit to Dun Realtai
5149 Finished Lyner Barsett Knell of Ar Ciel - Angel of Death
5148 Finished Lexicon System Tower, Floor 59 - Another 5 Hours at Patty's
5147 Finished Tubalcain Alhambra A Mouse in the House In which Tubalcain discovers his warehouse needs bigger traps.
5146 Finished Priscilla Vying for the Eclipse of the Sun-2
5145 Finished Kutsuuko Shiratori Lost in the Forest of the Goddess
5144 Finished Nort and Scar Keep on the Flowerlands(Pt 1)
5143 Finished Harry Dresden Dresden Files: Winter Of Our Discontent Harry Dresden and friends meet the Winter Lady and are given an Impossible Task
5142 Finished Eryl Fairfax Measured Responses Eryl teaches a class on avoiding damage and keeping your head in a combat situation. Practical exams on the subject occur.
5141 Finished Alden Royal visits in the digital world
5140 Finished Anne Blakely Little Engine That Could
5139 Finished Sokka Learning about Eve The talk went well. They learned a bit about each other. Also, ice cream, best bribe.
5138 Finished Velvet Crowe Taking Charity
5137 Finished The Kid ICoT: What's Left Undone Kid invites Elites into the rarely-explored Jawson Bog on his hunt for Shards. What happens next is I N T O X I C A T I N G
5136 Finished Theurgus The Diamond City
5135 Finished Priscilla The Corpse of the World Yet Lives
5134 Finished Toph Beifong Rockin' Sixteen Toph turns sixteen. Of course there will be party!
5133 Finished Velvet Crowe Jailbreak
5132 Finished Lyner Barsett Knell of Ar Ciel - Day of Light
5131 Finished Flamel Parsons TRUE PSYCHIC TALES: The Scales of Justice
5130 Finished Strea Acts of Aggression The Gatecrashers Union go on a dungeon run, but are ambushed by PKers.
5129 Finished Pippi Hunting Season The Enemy of my Enemy is...
5128 Finished Kotone Shiomi School is Hell
5127 Finished Flamel Parsons TRUE PSYCHIC TALES Preview
5126 Finished Golden Dinner AND A Show
5125 Finished Gawain Foodbringer - For Conflict
5124 Finished Sokka Totally jelly of your expansions Sokka and Toph call in for back up to deal with a couple of rampaging jellyfish seals that are stealing food from the Southern Water Tribe boats.
5123 Finished Leyanne Hot Dogs in New York
5122 Finished Lapis Lazuli The out of touch leading the completely ignorant Lapis and Luna have a hearts and hooves date. There is only a little bit of damage to the electronics.
5121 Finished Staren The Mad Magician Comes To Call
5120 Finished Kotone Shiomi A Midnight Mission Offworlders chasing a thief, or in one case trying to relax, come across something far more dangerous, and help a local fight it.
5119 Finished Theurgus The Diamond Drive
5118 Finished Reinhardt Wilhelm Reclaim the Fallen
5117 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji The Grand Reopening of Tomoyo's Boutique Tomoyo's Boutique finally reopens with a new look!
5116 Finished Xiaomu Pull the Switch It's not every day that a much-anticipated new video game system finally comes out, and Xiaomu has been looking forward to the Nintendo Switch ever since it was announced. A home console that you can take anywhere like a portable, with all of Nintendo's classic franchises on the way, and more robust third-party support than the past three generations? What's not to love? Of course, not even Ouma would be crazy enough to tick off Xiaomu by pulling something on launch day. Right? ..... *Right*? On the bright side, they know better (this time) than to go after a bunch of gaming nerds waiting in line. Ensuring a successful Tokyo launch for the Switch will require going further afield.
5115 Finished Orta Wormrider's Den
5114 Finished Eryl Fairfax Aftermath of the Warp Iris Elites of the Paladin and League investigate he village of Mobo for aftereffects of the artifical warpgates with the black warpgate within in. Curious readings are revealed, and impromptu experiments further scar the villagers.
5113 Finished Volund TestScene
5112 Finished Yuuki Kuran Musings On Forever
5111 Finished Toph Beifong Hisoka, Yosoka, Byesoka During one of their trips Toph and Sokka run into somebody that they both find difficult to handle.
5110 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - Back in Business The Majordomo sends a summons to those who assist the Black Queen's Court in secret, to compose a new conspiracy against Die Reisende.
5109 Finished Lunara A Quiet Lunch at the Ponyville Cafe Lunara visits Ponyville for the first time and shares a quiet afternoon at the Cafe with Rarity.
5108 Finished Richard Stadler Patient Zero and You
5107 Finished Shin Tokuyama Restaurant Battle
5106 Finished Gawain Foodbringer - For Cooperation
5105 Finished Taro Rearmed and Remastered After losing her arm in the destruction of The Citadel, Zarenna has it replaced with a cybernetic one desgined by Taro.
5104 Finished Inga Freyjasdottir
5103 Finished Priscilla The Cheshire Cat's Hunters-4
5102 Finished Flamel Parsons TRUE PSYCHIC TALES: Nightmare of the Blind Mind
5101 Finished Ainsley Wills and Contracts 3
5100 Finished Tesla Armadia Back To Business As Usual
5099 Finished Pippi Flyby By and By
5098 Finished Kutsuuko Shiratori Nobody's Goddess-2
5097 Finished Samira Amirmuaz Operation: Ominous Truth
5096 Finished Cirno Burn It Down
5095 Finished Priscilla The Cheshire Cat's Hunters-3
5094 Finished Wo The Logic Bombs
5093 Finished Toph Beifong Wheat and Weapons A King totally doesn't get lost. Farmlands are the best places to have philosphical talks about law, treasure and opulence.
5092 Finished Gawain Foodbringer - For Answers
5091 Finished Lexicon System Tower, Floor 55 - Bodybuilder Parade
5090 Finished Toph Beifong Minding Your Business Information and conditions regarding a potential mind dive are exchanged.
5089 Finished Taro Something something changes something
5088 Finished Toph Beifong Scratching at Old Wounds After much consideration Toph decides to ask Tony about his help and opinion regarding an old matter that's resurfaced.
5087 Finished Henry Jekyll The Misbegotten Fruits of Psychovirology
5086 Finished Flamel Parsons TRUE PSYCHIC TALES: Heart Attack
5085 Finished Elise Leroy Operation: Secret Father
5084 Finished Gilgamesh Something Golden In The State Of Denmark
5083 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji Annual MainTAINTance The annual Taint, an artful protest against a technological reigme has come. Elites fight on both side, even when they don't want to.
5082 Finished Alden Waking knight
5081 Finished Eryl Fairfax PETA: Follow-Up The Paladins follow up on a prior case, and discover things may not be as they seem.
5080 Finished Toph Beifong A Deal Set in Stone and Fire Toph and Sokka oversee a business merger outside of Yu Dao on behalf of the Paladins, where things mostly go as planned.
5079 Finished Chat Noir Anxious Months
5078 Finished Celes Chere Probably The Worst Performance Ever
5077 Finished William Pauwel No Place Like Home
5076 Finished Eithne Sullivan Ain't Misbehaving Inga chances upon Gawain chancing upon Eithne's 'Me Time'. It is not as risque as assumed.
5075 Finished Millium Argent The Undersea City - Part One
5074 Finished Pippi
5073 Finished Kirito Newcomer at HQ
5072 Finished Samantha Middleton We Didn't Start The Fire
5071 Finished Sokka Let's have a nice, calm chat Toph visits Sokka after his injury and they have a little... talk about an e-mail he sent her. Also, she steals his pudding. The monster.
5070 Finished Eryl Fairfax A Hole in the World The League moves in to take an artefact they were previously monitoring, the Paladins come to defend it. Several unexpected things occur.
5069 Finished August Kohler Persona:WTWM - Rival Tensions
5068 Finished Kari Wolf Clearing Out Monsters
5067 Finished Toph Beifong Not so Trigger Happy today Two bitter rivals walk into a bar...
5066 Finished Wo The Chase (Neo Detroit)
5065 Finished Sokka Oh my gosh, those shoes with THAT sword? Sokka and Toph head to CCS verse to handle some benders. There they meet Tomoyo and Neva and get a new shirt. Sokka and Toph continuously troll each other.
5064 Finished Yomi Isayama Category D An outbreak of specters draws helpers to a newly-unified Tokyo. The situation goes from bad to worse when a much stronger spirit makes an appearance!
5063 Finished Toph Beifong Nerdy guys and the girls who love them Ziggy stops by the Beifong Metalbending Academy and meets Sokka!
5062 Finished Priscilla Whose Idea Was This?
5061 Finished Rhapsody We have smoke alarms?
5060 Finished Taro Reunions
5059 Finished Gawain Foodbringer - For Truth
5058 Finished Nagato Supply Convoy Attack!
5057 Finished N'Raha TRIAL: The Bowl of Embers (Hard)
5056 Finished Lapis Lazuli Mud and Mushrooms Lapis almost causes a multiversal incident in the mushroom kingdom, but an old friend and a new friend help her smooth things over.
5055 Finished Celes Chere Doll Factory
5054 Finished Medusa Gorgon Slithering Into The Depths Flamel leads an expedition into Medusa's mind to showcase just what a psychonaut can do. Just what is a witch's mind like?
5053 Finished Gudako Ordria We Are Number One but it's a Scene
5052 Finished Guest Psyber A Visitor???
5051 Finished Eithne Sullivan
5050 Finished Sokka Picnicing on Toph.
5049 Finished Bahamut High Flying Fun
5048 Finished Juno Eclipse Repairwork Juno calls in a friend to help with some mechanical quandaries.
5047 Finished Yang Xiao Long A meeting of fists?
5046 Finished Kutsuuko Shiratori Nobody's Goddess
5045 Finished Wo Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
5044 Finished Nagato A New Flagship's Lesson
5043 Finished Sokka A flurry of bad decisions Toph gets visited in the hospital. Sokka does some dumb things, they laugh and then study.
5042 Finished Starlight Bandits History Is Like a Dusty Library Shelf; Packed Together, And Oft Ignored Revolution! Repressed serfs march on their literary masters with the Watch and Kirito assisting. The League push back! Oh yeah and the Bandits were there too.
5041 Finished N'Raha An Ember Enkindled
5040 Finished Xiaomu Hold the Line It's been a week since Nintendo held its big online (and RL) press conference with release details about their next game console, the Nintendo Switch. Now stores in Japan are finally taking preorders, and dedicated otaku have lined up overnight to ensure their places in line to place their preorders. Tokyo-52605 being what it is, though, an overnight gathering of otaku is unlikely to go unmolested, no matter how many of them can (or more importantly, can't) protect themselves. Good thing a certain sage fox will be around to call for backup, right? .... what, you thought Xiaomu's going to give up her place in line? Not that easily - although she will if she has to ... and then there'll be hell to pay for whatever forced the issue upon her.
5039 Finished Tubalcain Alhambra Wings of Death Toph Beifong, Alden and Alexis show up to deal with an ancient World of Ruin threat... DOOMGAZE.
5038 Finished Lyner Barsett Reunion in New York!?
5037 Finished Celes Chere Returning the Sword
5036 Finished Toph Beifong Toph drags Sokka out for one of his favourite things to do; shopping.
5035 Finished Sanae Kochiya 5033
5034 Finished Samantha Middleton Last Days of Summer
5033 Finished Lexicon Christmas Party
5032 Finished William Pauwel Covenant Code
5031 Finished Toph Beifong Punny Moments The masters of pun meet at long last.
5030 Finished N'Raha A Crystal In A Dune ft. Raha and Mihk
5029 Finished Ayako Hasekawa A Water Spirit's Fortune Telling 13 Ayako tells the fortunes of Yuuki Konno, Millium Argent, and Nagato!
5028 Finished Gawain Foodbringer - For Knowledge Part of the Foodbringer arc. The Concord talk to an uncooperative witness, who has a few secrets to hide.
5027 Finished Lapis Lazuli Liquid over reactions Luna and Lapis talk and play video games. Lapis still has some trouble grasping a few things that Luna takes for granted. Poor Luna.
5026 Finished Danse The Mysterious Serum
5025 Finished William Pauwel The Black Morass
5024 Finished Dukemon X Explortion Of The Lost
5023 Finished Drustan Cynbel The Shadows Grow
5022 Finished Priscilla The Cheshire Cat's Hunters-2
5021 Finished Sokka How could it go wrong? Toph came with Sokka to the south pole. Again. WHY?!
5020 Finished Ainsley Wills and Contracts 2
5019 Finished Cirno Follow the North Star
5018 Finished Priscilla Vying for the Eclipse of the Sun
5017 Finished Gawain The Devil Wears Khaki The Paladins investigate Luke A. Fure's Hobby Emporium on suspicions of shady deals with cursed items, but find it might be more complex than that.
5016 Finished N'Raha FATE: A Hells-Damned Arms Race
5015 Finished Nagato Jan 21 14:30=Supply Convoy Attack!/All has seemingly been okay in the waters around Hikari Seaport and seemingly normal
5014 Finished Nobeard The Spider's Web 3 - Webspace
5013 Finished Carna When The Sun Goes Out
5012 Finished Golden Guardians
5011 Finished Celes Chere Important Memento
5010 Finished Toph Beifong
5009 Finished Priscilla The Cheshire Cat's Hunters
5008 Finished Golden Trailing Behind
5007 Finished Maya She's Not a Robot Really
5006 Finished Anne Blakely The Fall of Middleton
5005 Finished Danse Parsons State Insane Asylum
5004 Finished Elise Leroy Operation: Bleeding Empire
5003 Finished Toph Beifong Attention Hogs Robert James Stark gets to challenge two new people after tiring out his dad and mom.
5002 Finished Yari Takane Little Girl Lost Part 2
5001 Finished Lloyd Irving Harmony Star Sarracenia comes to visit Lloyd at his home, where he provides her with two gifts, and they share another.
5000 Finished William Pauwel The Other Battle On Big Bridge An attempt at pilfering experimental weapons from a convoy in Iskandria does not go as planned. A giant robot is involved, Mel is called an old hag, and Vatol is the only one to survive completely unscathed. Also, scene 5000 GET.
4999 Finished Toph Beifong Love and Pleasantness in Ponyville Several ponies and non-ponies meet in Ponyville, trying to deal with the icy cold and warm feelings of love and friendship.
4998 Finished Gawain Foodbringer: For Sustenance
4997 Finished Tomoe A Space Wolf Comes to Call
4996 Finished Starless Night Be Careful What You Wish For
4995 Finished Pippi Museum, not Zoo
4994 Finished Tubalcain Alhambra Cutting Cards Tubalcain Alhambra travels to Barcelona, Spain to tie up one of the old group's 'loose ends' and runs into Heinkel Wolfe!
4993 Finished Starlight Bandits Masks Are Used To Hide Your True Self In A Literal And Metaphorical Sense The Starlight Bandits make a public threat to steal a key of great value from a ball filled with guards and foreign military. Some come to prevent this, some come to watch, and some come for the free food.
4992 Finished Toph Beifong Everybody Loves Sokka Luna comes to visit the Beifong Academy. Love triangles ensues?
4991 Finished Eithne Sullivan At the Lake Eithne studies a kelpie, and gets some company.
4990 Finished Orta Mutual Newness
4989 Finished Guest Psyber Dietary Experiments
4988 Finished Lloyd Irving A Pleasant Forge Visit Toph and Sokka drop by Lloyd's forge. Sokka gets some training, Gnome shows up and shovels people, and much teasing is had.
4987 Finished Sigrun Stem Before the Loophole Closes
4986 Finished William Pauwel Rosin Up Your Bow
4985 Finished Taro Comrades In Arms
4984 Finished Crys Gattz Ragol the Return
4983 Finished Sokka River vs Mountain It happened. Toph and Sokka like each other now. Prepare for oogies.
4982 Finished Yari Takane Little Girl Lost Part 1 A ragtag group investigates the Ito Company on suspicion of slavery, and a lost little girl important to Yari Takane. What they find chills the blood.
4981 Finished William Pauwel The Seat of Empire
4980 Finished Guest Sarah The Best-Laid Plans Sarah discusses a few largely infeasible, yet intriguing, plans with Luc.
4979 Finished Toph Beifong Troubled Teenaged Tenants How will Amalthea reeech theeese keeeeeds?
4978 Finished Guest Sarah To Meet the Wizard Now no longer on opposite sides of the battle lines, Sarah invites Loros for a cup of tea and a chat.
4977 Finished Sokka Tempering the relationship Sokka and Lloyd have a talk by the moon light. Lloyd even teaches him a new way to break his neck and what to say to Toph.
4976 Finished William Pauwel The Vertical Metropolis
4975 Finished Orta When the Dawn Breaks
4974 Finished Danse The Cabot House
4973 Finished Tony Stark Teen Angst Part IV: the Revenge Tony has a man to man talk with Sokka.
4972 Finished Taro Conversations and Armor Repairs
4971 Finished Tony Stark Teen Angst Part III: Now Tony is Involved
4970 Finished Toph Beifong Teen Angst Part III Tony and Toph have a talk about stupid boys.
4969 Finished Sokka A simple request Sokka goes to Stadler about women troubles. Teenagers. Gosh darn teenagers.
4968 Finished Sokka Unstoppable meets unmovable, young love edition Sokka tries to make things better after Toph's confession! Sokka's an idiot! Do the math!
4967 Finished Toph Beifong A New Year and A New Stark A New Year's Eve party at the Stark mansion takes a sudden turn as there's a latecomer to the party!
4966 Finished Sigrun Stem Classified: Sacred Security
4965 Finished N'Raha Leve: A Fishy Smell In Ul'dah
4964 Finished Kiyohime City Under Siege: Chicago
4963 Finished Setsuko Kaminagi Bushin - Homura
4962 Finished Harry Dresden A New Year Comes ft Inga and Harry
4961 Finished N'Raha A Year Reborn ft. N'raha and Nina
4960 Finished Corona Arclite Clocking Out
4959 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - School Daze Die Reisende meets with Alexis Eberhardt and Johnny Bridgeston, the two Drachenblatt students they rescued from the Forest.
4958 Finished Sokka Some hard hits Toph and Sokka have a training match! And then Eve showed up and... well, Sokka had a little talk with the young, love struck maiden.
4957 Finished Setsuko Kaminagi Bushin - N'raha
4956 Finished Nagato Parfaits and People
4955 Finished Dorian Pavus Fade-ing Memories
4954 Finished Nozomi Houken Bushin - Himei
4953 Finished Medusa Gorgon A Favour Repaid Usually one might think that Tony Stark is the wrong person to ask for help regarding romance.
4952 Finished Amalthea Critical Failures: 2D6: Return of The Fail Rolls.
4951 Finished Setsuko Kaminagi Bushin - Kushiko
4950 Finished Uriel and Qemuel Power From The People
4949 Finished Toph Beifong 3 am Three Paladins find themselves in the Bar and Grill for late night food and talk.
4948 Finished Vatol Halftail Book Ratturn
4947 Finished N'Raha Leve: Fishing 101 ft. Yari, Raha and Sokka
4946 Finished Heinkel Wolfe Building Bridges Heinkel Wolfe meets with Seras Victoria in a London coffee shop. It's a great opportunity to deliver a few reports, and also for each to learn a little something about the other.
4945 Finished William Pauwel The Best That's Ever Been
4944 Finished Dr. Vahzilok Precision Engineering Pt. 1
4943 Finished The Kid ICoT: The Welcoming Committee The Kid leads everyone on the final Core hunt, which goes without a hitch. But what happens when they return to the Bastion is far more concerning.
4942 Finished Pippi Did you hear what I hear?
4941 Finished Setsuko Kaminagi Bushin - Amalthea, Ellestaria, and Ariel
4940 Finished Tomoe To Find a Home
4939 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji Multiverse Career Day Tomoyo sets up a career day for new factions and groups! Come one and all to learn about where you might fit in the new Multiverse!
4938 Finished Cirra Constantine Cirra Troubles
4937 Finished Nicky Prospectatur
4936 Finished Elsa Maria A Winter Witch
4935 Finished Nagato Christmas at Hikari
4934 Finished Ainsley
4933 Finished Kushiko Solstice Snowday
4932 Finished Yari Takane
4931 Finished Raine Arland A Holiday in Space
4930 Finished Setsuko Kaminagi Bushin - Psyber
4929 Finished Sokka A cold dip Toph hangs by the pool and Sokka drags her in for a swim. Her own fault, really.
4928 Finished Heinkel Wolfe Greenhouse 73 Heinkel Wolfe travels to Ad Coelum to meet with Na`Sabal-Une Fang for a meal and some gardening.
4927 Finished Setsuko Kaminagi Bushin - Reiji and Xiaomu
4926 Finished Yari Takane Party Time Yari Takane hosts an End of the Multiverse Party. No one dies. Boats sing and get drunk
4925 Finished Nobeard Old Soldiers
4924 Finished Carna The Nature of Darkness
4923 Finished Sokka Wang Fire's flaming game Wang Fire's first table top game! Can the group work together long enough to save some poor town? Probably not! But tune in to find out!
4922 Finished Guest Psyber Christmas Scene
4921 Finished Heinkel Wolfe A Matter of Morale Several Paladins converge on Ferdinand Luke's orphanage to hand out some Christmas cheer. They're met by Heinkel Wolfe.
4920 Finished Reiji Arisu There Is Nothing We Cannot Cleave
4919 Finished Wo The Contrary Contraptions
4918 Finished Tutela System Tower, Floor 53!
4917 Finished Kushiko Operation: Rathuum (2)
4916 Finished Heinkel Wolfe Against the Unliving Vatican Section XIII investigates a region of the Austrian Alps that has been hit by a ghoul infestation, and brings along multiversal allies for the ride.
4915 Finished William Pauwel Border Crossing
4914 Finished Toph Beifong Gaoling to see the Folks Toph drags Sokka and Tony with her to Gaoling to check up on her parents after the whole multiverse went funky.
4913 Finished Ainsley Wills and Contracts 1
4912 Finished Rhapsody A New City to Explore Star Caster finds Ravnica!
4911 Finished Kari Wolf League Requisition: Shinki CMS
4910 Finished Amalthea
4909 Finished Eliot Ness Fool's Gold
4908 Finished Sokka Studying hijinks Toph and Sokka study! Sadly, Sokka may be book smart, but he's still oblivious.
4907 Finished Guest Psyber Shady Meetings
4906 Finished Alexis Maaka Holiday Hostage
4905 Finished Harry Dresden It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Cop-Mas
4904 Finished Yari Takane A Dwarven Accident The dwarven land of the Iron Holdings is facing a war and a citizenship crises between it's two species of dwarves. One ambitious Dark Dwarf wants to end that crises. Members of the Concord set out to a dwarven spa in order to get rid of the one dwarf standing in the way.
4903 Finished Eryl Fairfax Paladins for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Eryl leads a raid on a mysterious cabin in which trade on rare furs is being conducted. Legality ensues.
4902 Finished Henry Jekyll Sharking Around Progress
4901 Finished Sokka Don't break ANYTHING! Sokka met a Maya and a Candle Cutter while polishing his shield in the dorm lobby. They talked a bit.
4900 Finished Allan Bodily A-party-lypse
4899 Finished Wo Breaking Away
4898 Finished Alexis Catching Up Again
4897 Finished Gawain Speed of Justice hey does anyone like redline
4896 Finished Mitsu Mirage Leggo my Logia!
4895 Finished Henry Jekyll Containment Breach
4894 Finished Heinkel Wolfe The Space Wolves Heinkel Wolfe meets with Karian Icefang to discuss, in brief, her world's persistent problem of cheap knockoff vampires.
4893 Finished Priscilla Initial Complications
4892 Finished Amalthea Critical Failures Never trust your Dungeon Master
4891 Finished Ren Tanaka The Man Who Came In From the Cold Ren and Li discuss current goings-on, and going into business, over dinner.
4890 Finished Ainsley
4889 Finished Yari Takane Old Allies United Three Elites, having worked together prior to the Superfactional destruction, find themselves on the same side. Yari calls a meeting and reconnects with Tesla and Kushiko.
4888 Finished Sokka Forging friendships Sokka crafts a new gift for Toph and then learns his first Arte from Lloyd. Hopefully both go well.
4887 Finished Heinkel Wolfe Visitation Sir Gawain visits Heinkel Wolfe in the hospital.
4886 Finished Lexicon System Tower, Floor 44: Saving Christmas
4885 Finished William Pauwel Meet the Boss
4884 Finished Heinkel Wolfe The Big Bad Wolves Bigby Wolf requests a word with Heinkel Wolfe. The irony of the latter's name is not a fact that escapes its owner.
4883 Finished Harry Dresden Damocles Released Harry Dresden is double conscripted into being a double cop, is very confused about it.
4882 Finished Inga Freyjasdottir
4881 Finished Anne Blakely The Weight of Decision
4880 Finished Sokka The ignorant leading the blind Sokka and Toph study together. Toph explains some math, Sokka gives her a gift, a few people get high blood sugar.
4879 Finished Henry Jekyll Progressing into the Fordidden Forest
4878 Finished Priscilla Grand Dorado Invitational
4877 Finished Lloyd Irving Water Cooler Chat Lloyd and Toph discuss the role of the Paladins and other things. Someone ends up floored.
4876 Finished Heinkel Wolfe Chevaliers A meeting of Paladins in Hellsing-1 Earth.
4875 Finished Yang Xiao Long No Brakes!
4874 Finished Kyle Katarn Recruiting a Fox
4873 Finished Kushiko Operation: Rathuum (1)
4872 Finished Sokka Wasn't Sokka already Jinxed? Sokka meets up with Jinx on the beach. Toph finds out and gets understandably annoyed.
4871 Finished Guest Psyber Interviews: Kazusa and her Saber
4870 Finished Nobeard Spider's Web Pt 2 - Contingency
4869 Finished Ainsley Unwind
4868 Finished Sokka Justice is blind. But still a snarky little brat. Sokka and Toph wake up, decide to clean up a bit, then the group meets up with her parents for dinner. Some weird guests arrive and convince Toph to be a cop, leading to her great destiny as mistress of justice! Oh, and Sokka joins too.
4867 Finished Heinkel Wolfe Uneasy Alliances Heinkel Wolfe of Vatican Section XIII meets with Seras Victoria of the Hellsing Organisation. This can't possibly end badly.
4866 Finished Benediction ...come to an end
4865 Finished William Pauwel Paladin
4864 Finished Toph Beifong Rough Mornings Toph and Sokka wake up after being rescued, only to find the multiverse having a worse time than they did.
4863 Finished Benediction All good things...
4862 Finished Golden Topaz
4861 Finished Alexis Maaka Hokkaido Heist From a watery insertion to an intense indoor assault, Maaka and a team of assorted specialists infiltrate an R&D compound in the subarctic mountains of Hokkaido. Many cyborgs and droids get trashed, and valuable prototypes and data get raided with glee.
4860 Finished Toph Beifong Southern Hospitality Part 3 As the mission nears its conclusion Toph, Sokka and Sarah work on getting the Fire Nation ship out of the ice. Except things don't work out as planned, of course.
4859 Finished Deelel Ink and Idenity
4858 Finished Toph Beifong Southern Hospitality Part 2 Today's activity at the South Pole is fishing. Both for fish and for info.
4857 Finished Tomoe Before the Storm
4856 Finished Mitsu Mirage Team MYST at Beacon!
4855 Finished Toph Beifong Southern Hospitality Part 1 It's the first day of the expedition to the South Pole!
4854 Finished Kotone Yamakawa What Is Lost: Cold Storage
4853 Finished Lenka Utsugi The Unjust Gods
4852 Finished Toph Beifong Commander Boomerang Goes to Malibu Tony gets a new fanboy when Toph drags her best friend to Malibu.
4851 Finished Nobeard The Spider's Web(Pt 1)
4850 Finished Adele Rozenbach The Ancient Grudge: Trench Warfare Edition Heinkel Wolfe visits Castle Rozenbach, introductions are made, tempers flare but the departure is peaceful
4849 Finished Yang Xiao Long It is in passing that we achieve.
4848 Finished Priscilla Schism of the Waning Moon-Epilogue
4847 Finished Yunomi Stadler Back to Normal
4846 Finished Bahamut Big Trouble in Bevelle
4845 Finished Adele Rozenbach Not Quite Sinspawn This Time Adele stops by Bevelle to get something to eat, but ends up biting off a little more than she can chew.
4844 Finished Sokka Oh... sokka... no
4843 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - The False Raid
4842 Finished Anne Blakely Saurfari Grand Opening!
4841 Finished Toph Beifong Several Blows Toph takes charge when Sokka needs to go to medical and also when he needs some sense knocked back into his head.
4840 Finished Ren Tanaka Tomb Blaster
4839 Finished Lunara
4838 Finished William Pauwel MANDATORY BEACH EPISODE
4837 Finished Eryl Fairfax Final Destination Eryl's final stop on his century-long journey, a mysterious bunker on Yunaska. Another peek into the final days of the Before Times is found.
4836 Finished Rarity Unicorn Meeting Unicorn
4835 Finished Priscilla Schism of the Waning Moon-4
4834 Finished Rhapsody Initiatives require initiation..
4833 Finished Kotone Yamakawa A trip to another China
4832 Finished Priscilla Schism of the Waning Moon-2
4831 Finished William Pauwel Angel of Victory
4830 Finished Sokka But I broke one moon! Sokka meets the princess of the night, Luna! Hopefully this goes better than the LAST moon he met.
4829 Finished Anne Blakely Open the door, get on the floor
4828 Finished Nagato Fitting and Trial
4827 Finished Sokka A cold meeting.
4826 Finished Drustan Cynbel The Darkness in the Deep Chasing bandits leads a group of well-meaning men into an abandoned mountain elf mine, there they meet a wanted fugitive known as the Darkbringer.
4825 Finished August Kohler The Soldier and the Fox
4824 Finished Heinkel Wolfe Requiem for a Corporation In the interest of acquiring more information on elements of Alexis Maaka's home world, Heinkel Wolfe calls the mercenary to Rome to discuss an upcoming operation with her.
4823 Finished Priscilla Schism of the Waning Moon-2
4822 Finished Nagato Weekly Operation: Transports
4821 Finished Alexis Maaka SAIYAN VS CYBORG
4820 Finished Lapis Lazuli Rosy breakfast
4819 Finished Gaonoir Catching Up
4818 Finished Dukemon X These Streets At Night
4817 Finished Taro Untangling Poetic Verse An android and a shinki attempt to make sense of 20th Century Earth poetry.
4816 Finished Elise Leroy Operation: Crimson Vengeance
4815 Finished William Pauwel Imperial March
4814 Finished August Kohler PWTWM - The Greatest Heero QUEST TIME!
4813 Finished Pippi No Place like Home
4812 Finished Ainsley Wanting To Be Human
4811 Finished Priscilla Schism of the Waning Moon-1
4810 Finished Wo It Came from the Pond
4809 Finished Nagato All The Guns!
4808 Finished Neva Fernandez Homecoming Neva goes home, with Yang for morale support.
4807 Finished Lapis Lazuli Soggy moon
4806 Finished Inga Freyjasdottir
4805 Finished Xiaomu Mission 5: Bargaining Chip Ouma's plot to reassemble the Killing Stone and unleash its power has been thwarted, and three of the four fragments are now in Shinra's safekeeping. But Ouma's erstwhile allies in the Confederacy stole away the fourth fragment - and as long as it's out there, any attempts Shinra makes to exorcise the ancient curse and purify the fragments are subject to fail. They need the fourth piece ... But the Confederates have their own plans to enact before they're ready to give back what they see as a potentially useful weapon.
4804 Finished Guest Psyber Catching up with Wo-ld Friends
4803 Finished Rhapsody Tin Street Meetup. Rhapsody confronts Neva about possibly running away from the Izzet League.
4802 Finished Samira Amirmuaz A Shen's Last Gift
4801 Finished Dorian Pavus Takes One To Know One Argast Wyrdseeker comes across Dorian after a fight with a dragon. Dorian's not alone in his own mind, either. In a moment of altruism, Argast decides to help the poor Altus out. What nefarious purpose might this action serve?
4800 Finished Nagato Nov 22 15:00/All the Guns=Against Nagato's better judgement, and in hope to prevent the teens of Die Reisende from killi
4799 Finished Devon-7 Darkness From Beyond
4798 Finished Kutsuuko Shiratori Signal
4797 Finished Heinkel Wolfe A Werewolf (Back) In Boston The prodigal gun-toting priest comes home to the Heaven or Hell Tower in Boston.
4796 Finished Eryl Fairfax The Mystery of the Denali Cabin Eryl summons people to a hidden bunker on Denali. A peek behind the curtain of the Before Times begins.
4795 Finished Staren SPACESHIP!
4794 Finished Lexicon System Tower, Floor 40
4793 Finished Sokka A day at the mall.
4792 Finished Sokka A pirate's life is gonna suck
4791 Finished Princess Luna Pony tales: On the Boardwalk
4790 Finished Annie Sandberg Dark Toys
4789 Finished Yunomi Stadler The Halo
4788 Finished Toph Beifong A Late Night Dinner Party It's another meet and greet at the Bar and Grill as Sokka discusses important topics like cons, love and boomerangs.
4787 Finished Kotone Yamakawa A Gem and Cybor Spar
4786 Finished Golden Topaz
4785 Finished Bahamut Deck Work on Bikanel Island
4784 Finished Heinkel Wolfe Bump in the Night Iscariot dispatches Heinkel Wolfe to a small town in Ireland to clean up a ghoul infestation, and she calls in some multiversal help from Alexis Maaka.
4783 Finished Nobeard Space Cowboys
4782 Finished Lapis Lazuli The blue moon
4781 Finished Alden Making friends with digimons.
4780 Finished William Pauwel Bunker Hill
4779 Finished Captain Flint Testing the Waters Flint's first step into the Multiverse proves a profitable one.
4778 Finished Sokka Sokka's first day
4777 Finished Toph Beifong Introducing the Motivationbender Toph convinces a certain boomerang guy to join the Union.
4776 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji
4775 Finished Li Syaoran A match for the ages
4774 Finished Golden Topaz
4773 Finished Lin How to Armor: 101
4772 Finished Rose Quartz
4771 Finished Priscilla Schism of the Waning Moon
4770 Finished Starless Night The Puppet War
4769 Finished Alice Margatroid Backstage: A Visit of Malice With the Queen of Tears having her icy grip now on Alice, or should we say Malice, the stage is set for quite a musical number, but with the object of the Princess of Tears desire coming to her doorstep, the oppor...
4768 Finished Isabelle Mercer A Digging We Will Go?
4767 Finished Priscilla Contract of the Gods' Forge - Titanite
4766 Finished Danse The Journey to Salem
4765 Finished Drowned Ophelia The Morningstar
4764 Finished Pippi Sunshine
4763 Finished Captain Flint The New World Captain Flint strikes an alliance; Finna learns of an intriguing plan; the Walrus gains not one, but two new crew members.
4762 Finished Yunomi Stadler The Nexus - Finale I
4761 Finished Heinkel Wolfe One Bizarre Bar Joke A space cop, a priest, and a talking sword walk into a bar...
4760 Finished Yunomi Stadler Always Time for Coffee With Yunomi captured by the Magic-Eaters and no way to discern her location, the allies of the Izzet League are forced to wait, and plan, for whatever outcome might occur.
4759 Finished Wuyin Tsai Urban Mythos
4758 Finished Taro Airplane-related title here
4757 Finished Rhapsody Radio, active.
4756 Finished Lapis Lazuli Another meal?!
4755 Finished Inga Freyjasdottir
4754 Finished Xiaomu Mission 4: The Hour When Demons Pursue The struggle for the pieces of the Sessho-Seki, the legendary Killing Stone, has reached its climax. Three of the pieces have been found; the fourth is somewhere in Tokyo. And so is Ouma's target for the Killing Stone's use. Shinra needs all four pieces in order to neutralize Tamamo-no-Mae's ancient and deadly curse; Ouma just needs to bring them all together outside Shinra's control. What forces will be unleashed in the streets of Tokyo, and who will carry the day?
4753 Finished August Kohler P:WTWM - The Most Dangerous Game A fateful encounter. End of Act One. The sun shines in the rain, as Die Reinsde faces off with The Huntsman for the final time.
4752 Finished Garnet Water and Waffles Garnet meets a Crystal Gem from another universe, Golden Topaz, whose history is a bit different than she remembers. Discussions of the differences and the multiverse are had. They are joined by Lapis Lazuli, a fight is avoided, discussions are continued, and waffles are made and eaten.
4751 Finished Drowned Ophelia When The Night Falls
4750 Finished Nagato The Dying Tree
4749 Finished Golden Topaz
4748 Finished Wuyin Tsai The Sweet Laughter of Children (2)
4747 Finished Hana Song Motion in the Ocean
4746 Finished Kongou Motion in the Ocean
4745 Finished Ellestaria Lab 6
4744 Finished Pippi The Pound
4743 Finished Saber A Fair Bit of Weather Saber, Sir Bedivere, and Inga enjoy a brief Indian summer in Dun Realtai.
4742 Finished Captain Flint
4741 Finished Yunomi Stadler A Personnel Attack!
4740 Finished Alden Digimon observation
4739 Finished Fiora Laurent The Harrowing
4738 Finished Sir Bedivere Samhain in Dun Realtai The various denizens of Dun Realtai celebrate Samhain.
4737 Finished Carna Hallowed Estate
4736 Finished Devon-7 The Coming War
4735 Finished Rhapsody A meeting at Dun Realtai A Junker and an Izzet meet to talk about the Nexus Incident.
4734 Finished Kotone Yamakawa A Lost Gem Golden Topaz gets very lost in the Multiverse and ends up in a world where humans are undergoing rapid and radical change and he runs smack into Kotone Yamakawa.
4733 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji Party at Frightmare Manor The subtitle of this scene is NIGHT OF THE LIVING COSTUMES!
4732 Finished Samira Amirmuaz Operation Glass King
4731 Finished Xiaomu Mission 3: Calamity of Land and Sea The 1707 Houei earthquake was the most powerful quake recorded in Japanese history; seismologists refer to it as a 'megathrust' earthquake, with multiple sections of an undersea faultline erupting almost simultaneously. Between the earthquake itself and the ensuing tsunami, it affected most of the main islands of Japan, and is additionally suspected of triggering the last known eruption of Mt. Fuji. But the legendary youkai Nurarihyon doesn't really care about ancient history. He's taken over a fairly luxurious estate in Wakayama, and a bunch of Ouma's members have been spotted in the area as well. They're looking for something, not just on land but underwater ... specifically, another fragment of the Killing Stone. Of course Shinra is going to get involved - if only because Nurarihyon is a jerk who takes over people's houses, but they can't let Ouma get another piece of the Killing Stone, either. And naturally, both sides will likely want whatever help they can get from the Confederacy and the Union, respectively ...
4730 Finished August Kohler PWTWM: The Wolf of Samhain
4729 Finished Garnet Bits and Donuts. Kotone meets the Crystal Gem Garnet as she returns to Beach City from a long journey. While picking up treats for Steven, Garnet learns some news about her little family and some of the major events going on in the Multiverse. Garnet offers advice while getting a few surprises from the cyborg.
4728 Finished Priscilla Contract of the God's Forge - Divine
4727 Finished Janine Liberi An Unconscious Bond Janine finally awakes, to find her faithful butler by her side.
4726 Finished Rebound Rooftop Meetups: A Heroic Tradition
4725 Finished Wuyin Tsai The Sweet Laughter of Children (1)
4724 Finished Faruja Reassessment
4723 Finished Ciel Alencon FRIAR, days earlier
4722 Finished Danse To the Promised Land (Fallout 4-1)
4721 Finished Drowned Ophelia Mob Rules
4720 Finished John Rizzo Powder Keg John enlists the help of his newest friends to confront his past.
4719 Finished Drowned Ophelia Heaven Laid In Tears
4718 Finished Rarity A Robot in Wolf's Clothing
4717 Finished Shigure The Nightmare of Hikari.
4716 Finished Lapis Lazuli Lapis and the Moon
4715 Finished Steven Universe The Less Lonely Gem
4714 Finished Li Syaoran Li's poor, poor fridge.
4713 Finished Raditz Saiyan Invasion Simulation
4712 Finished Kutsuuko Shiratori Pool of Sunshine
4711 Finished Yunomi Stadler Out of the Way
4710 Finished Garen Recovery
4709 Finished Samira Amirmuaz Operation: Excavation is Magic
4708 Finished Li Syaoran Even more training for Li
4707 Finished Lapis Lazuli An unlikely fusion
4706 Finished Garen All along the watchtower
4705 Finished Mitsu Mirage A Silent Shiny Mitsu and Friends attempt to get a Lost Logia... only to find Vivio, Rebecca and Soma Cruz to stop her and her firends.
4704 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - To Face Courage
4703 Finished Lexicon System Tower Floor 31: 5 Hours At Patty's
4702 Finished Anne Blakely Grandpa's Crazy Stories
4701 Finished Garen All along the Watchtower saturday october 22 18:00
4700 Finished Nero Saber's Tabletop Hour II
4699 Finished Danse Making Contact (Fallout 4-1)
4698 Finished Golden Storytellers
4697 Finished Kari Wolf Superconductor Blues
4696 Finished Lapis Lazuli Continuation: I'm scared...
4695 Finished Anne Blakely It's All Hot Air
4694 Finished John Rizzo
4693 Finished Li Syaoran Out of this world hunting(half price)
4692 Finished Elise Leroy Operation: Crystal Serpent
4691 Finished Drowned Ophelia No One by My Side
4690 Finished Ainsley
4689 Finished Priscilla Contract of the Gods' Forge - Crystal
4688 Finished Eryl Fairfax The Rabbit and Fox in Eden Mitsu and Camilla descend into the bunkers below Eden on the hunt for Lily Cooper. Someone unexpected awaits them.
4687 Finished Alexis Maaka Removing a Brand
4686 Finished Tesla Armadia Fright Factory - The Machine Queen
4685 Finished Sakura Kinomoto A Lovers' Spat?!
4684 Finished Li Syaoran Dwarf vs Heir
4683 Finished Argast Wyrdseeker Rituals and Demons
4682 Finished Xiaomu Mission 2: The Forest of Death Aokigahara, a dense forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji's northwest slopes, is either famous or infamous for the number of suicides which are carried out there. Some people go so far as to say that the forest is haunted by the spirits of those who die there - whether by taking their own lives, or as a result of murder. And not all of the killers roaming Aokigahara are ghostly, or even of human origin. Ouma is scouring the Forest of Death for the second fragment of the Killing Stone, and they're calling in assistance from the Confederacy to boot; Shinra's agents can't deal with the combination alone, so they've requested Union support. Who will find the second piece of the Killing Stone ... and who will fall in the search for it?
4681 Finished Athela Valemore Go With The Flow
4680 Finished Carna Building A Better Deathtrap
4679 Finished Jinx The Easy Way To Meguca A raid on a magical research facility turns into a pilot for a new anime! STAR GUARDIAN! TRANSFORM!
4678 Finished Li Syaoran Hyper aggressive dragon
4677 Finished Drowned Ophelia While We Sleep
4676 Finished Steve Crimson Cult Redux
4675 Finished Li Syaoran Lil dragon vs lil yellow
4674 Finished Young Arthur Boys will be Boys Li Syaoran and Arthur Pendragon duel one another in the ring. The fight is close, but the young king prevails.
4673 Finished Ren Tanaka Good Morning, Cr- Li You've got to keep sharp. Ren and Li have a morning chat.
4672 Finished Isabelle Mercer An Inn Room Meeting
4671 Finished Li Syaoran A chance meeting.
4670 Finished Anne Blakely Winterfield's Secret
4669 Finished Li Syaoran Petals and Dragon
4668 Finished Bahamut Chaos in Bevelle
4667 Finished Carna Stone Devils Cometh
4666 Finished Toph Beifong An Unlikely Student When the gems stop by the Beifong metalbending academy Peridot learns something new about herself to everybody's amazement.
4665 Finished Harry Dresden Recooperation and Restoration ft Eithne and Dresden
4664 Finished Faruja Dregs of Humanity A hostage situation gets alerted to Union Elites!
4663 Finished Anne Blakely In For A Penny
4662 Finished Tesla Armadia Fright Factory - The Killing Floor
4661 Finished Faruja
4660 Finished Finna
4659 Finished Li Syaoran Plans for Petals
4658 Finished Yunomi Stadler The House in the Dark
4657 Finished Elise Leroy Operation: Black Ring
4656 Finished Drowned Ophelia Spirit Crusher
4655 Finished N'Raha Leve: Fry Me A River ft. N'raha and Yuuki Yuuki has an unexpected guest in ALO, as Mr. N'raha crashes in to do some Fishing and conversing with a fellow adventurer.
4654 Finished Inga Freyjasdottir
4653 Finished Yang Xiao Long Of Grimm and Warring Lords
4652 Finished Duet Fortuna The Frozen Passage
4651 Finished Drowned Ophelia Cemetary Gate
4650 Finished Lapis Lazuli Flowery pools
4649 Finished Cirra Constantine Judgement bolts and Lightning
4648 Finished Xiaomu Mission 1: The Nine Tails' Curse
4647 Finished August Kohler P:WTWN - Training Excursion
4646 Finished Samira Amirmuaz Retaliation! Operation Brutal Pyre
4645 Finished Tesla Armadia Fright Factory
4644 Finished Samira Amirmuaz Researching Codename: Bishop
4643 Finished Argast Wyrdseeker Prelude to Oblivion
4642 Finished Eryl Fairfax The APOSTLE Initiative: Send in the Clowns ReGenesis mounts an attack on Vancouver City Hall to arrest a bunch of thespians. Mitsu Mirage comes seperately to get paid.
4641 Finished Millium Argent The Library of Puppets - Part Two
4640 Finished Drowned Ophelia An (Un)friendly Visit
4639 Finished Steven Universe Petals on the Beach
4638 Finished Lapis Lazuli Walking the pier
4637 Finished Carna Contact: Hookcloaks (1)
4636 Finished Yunomi Stadler The Butchery
4635 Finished Young Arthur Assault on Caerleon Sanary Rondel attempts an assault on Caerleon, but Arthur steps in her way. After a brief fight with introductions, the status quo is preserved.
4634 Finished Dukemon X Monster House
4633 Finished Yang Xiao Long The Strength of a Warrior's Fist lay in their Heart.
4632 Finished War Witch Worlds Beyond Pt. 2
4631 Finished Letty the Elf
4630 Finished Morrigan Forward Unto Capella
4629 Finished Yunomi Stadler The Forest Below The various notebooks recovered from THE REDFERN FLAT and from Rhapsody's meeting with IJIWARU have been translated! Coded notes from Yunomi's personal studies, secreted away from the Izzet and prying Magic-Eater eyes both outlining not only the plans for the Mana Nexus's components and the Mana Vine network planned to cover much of the city of Ravnica -- both above, and below. The notebooks pointed to several locations within Ravnica, possible secret labs of the tanuki's work. The first of these was called The Underground Forest, and it is true to its name.
4628 Finished Alden Digital mayhem (2)
4627 Finished Samira Amirmuaz Union of the XCOMs
4626 Finished Dukemon X Return Of A Knight
4625 Finished Jet Black Uninvited Guest
4624 Finished Xiaomu Mission 0: Yo Ro Shi Ku
4623 Finished Elise Leroy New and Old, Two Worlds Collide
4622 Finished Kutsuuko Shiratori Those Who Would Hunt Gods (B)
4621 Finished Kotone Yamakawa What is Lost: Space Hulk
4620 Finished Lyner Barsett Arcade Run Part Deux
4619 Finished Drowned Ophelia Walk On Water
4618 Finished Sanary Rondel A Meeting of Foes
4617 Finished Millium Argent Library of Puppets - Part One
4616 Finished Lapis Lazuli Extra salty pearls
4615 Finished Young Arthur Scion vs Legend: Round 1
4614 Finished Argast Wyrdseeker A meeting of Chaos
4613 Finished Argast Wyrdseeker
4612 Finished Kutsuuko Shiratori Those Who Would Hunt Gods (A)
4611 Finished Lapis Lazuli A gift for dot
4610 Finished Samira Amirmuaz Operation Lone Prince
4609 Finished Lapis Lazuli Pearl's extra salty day
4608 Finished Drowned Ophelia Season of Pain 2 - War Pigs
4607 Finished Shigure Digital Fleet Ops: Battle Royale
4606 Finished Luc Rough Awakenings
4605 Finished Jasper Gems in the Crystal Valley
4604 Finished Nagato A flight patrol
4603 Finished Sir Bedivere Apples and Cordwood Sir Bedivere pays a visit to Wisewoman Inga to split some logs for her. And also investigate rumours of apple pie.
4602 Finished Priscilla Contract of the God's Forge
4601 Finished Albert Wesker Defective Assets Wesker and Umbrella has tracked down one of their employees, who has intended to defect and provide secrets on Umbrella's latest projects. This cannot stand, so Wesker has enlisted Confederates to help him in tracking the scientist down.
4600 Finished Lapis Lazuli The birds, the bees and the gems.
4599 Finished August Kohler Persona:WTWM FA4 - A Lesson on Bravery
4598 Finished War Witch CoH Issue #2: Rularuu Invasion Pt. 3 (Finale)
4597 Finished Lapis Lazuli Romance advice from a rock
4596 Finished Lapis Lazuli Not on a boat
4595 Finished August Kohler Persona:WTWM FA3 - Operatic
4594 Finished Samira Amirmuaz Jazz/Booze for the Fallen and Lost
4593 Finished Lapis Lazuli Lapis by the lighthouse
4592 Finished War Witch CoH Issue #2: Rularuu Invasion Pt. 2
4591 Finished Mitsu Mirage A New Faunus at Beacon?
4590 Finished Drowned Ophelia Season of Pain 2 - I Had An Angel
4589 Finished Mitsu Mirage A Lost Faunus?
4588 Finished Guest Psyber Recruitment!
4587 Finished Anne Blakely I've Got No Strings!
4586 Finished Lapis Lazuli Misery meets despair
4585 Finished Lapis Lazuli Gems and dresses
4584 Finished Sir Bedivere Though She May Be Old and Worn Bedivere asks for Amalthea's help in an endeavour he's planning.
4583 Finished Taro Tourists Hiro and Baymax make their first trip to Techno Urbania. Taro not quite literally runs into them.
4582 Finished Duet Fortuna The Best Thing About HeroQuest
4581 Finished Drowned Ophelia Grief, Misery, and All The Happy Things
4580 Finished Drowned Ophelia In The Forgotten Halls
4579 Finished Toph Beifong
4578 Finished GoGo Tomago
4577 Finished Guest Sarah Circles Within Circles Sarah invites a friend and an acquaintance to visit the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia.
4576 Finished Sir Bedivere Lazy Afternoon A few guests and residents of Dun Realtai meet on an autumn afternoon.
4575 Finished Danse The Silver Shroud
4574 Finished Adele Rozenbach The Scion enters Castle Rozenbach Eithne Sullivan comes to the heart of darkness, and finds herself meeting a bloody defeat.
4573 Finished Yang Xiao Long A Huntress and a God Eater walk into a gymnasium.
4572 Finished Nort and Scar The Silent Ones
4571 Finished Samira Amirmuaz Operation Dawn Song
4570 Finished Lapis Lazuli Iced pearls Pearl meets with Lapis after a very long hiatus.
4569 Finished Sir Bedivere The Young King Continuation of Scene 4564. A young king arrives in Dun Realtai seeking sanctuary, and is met by Sir Bedivere, Wisewoman Inga, and the visiting Rhapsody.
4568 Finished Faruja Darkness in Gariland Murder in Gariland! The Inquisition and Elites investigate, and find there's more than simple death involved.
4567 Finished Jim Raynor Rebel Yell
4566 Finished Alden Digital mayhem part 1
4565 Finished Kyra Hyral Yang Check-up
4564 Finished Rhapsody Visiting the Village
4563 Finished August Kohler Persona:WTWM FA2 - Hit the Shack The adventures of the pizza guy! Also beer, poker, catgirls, the return of the King's Game, and a startling revelation about the White Pig.
4562 Finished War Witch CoH Issue #2: Rularuu Invasion Pt. 1
4561 Finished N'Raha FATE: Adventures in Throatslitting A small band of Offworlders braves a dark cave to assault a bad anarchist who's called The Slitter. Not Lewd.
4560 Finished August Kohler Persona:WTWM FA1 - A Bunch of Fools
4559 Finished War Witch Invaders From Beyond
4558 Finished Samira Amirmuaz Operation Gatecrasher
4557 Finished Lapis Lazuli A day on the beach After a minor incident inside the Steven household, Lapis decides to relax on the beach for some much needed relaxation.
4556 Finished Drowned Ophelia So Frail
4555 Finished Chat Noir MIRACULOUS: The Diplomat
4554 Finished Nobeard Fire of Wrath!
4553 Finished Drowned Ophelia The Sea of Black Tears
4552 Finished Lapis Lazuli "Return of Lapis" Lapis Lazuli returns from her scouting mission, in far worse shape than she left.
4551 Finished Priscilla The Way of the Everlasting Dragon
4550 Finished Sigrun Stem The Dead Harvest
4549 Finished War Witch CoH Issue #1: Spy Games Pt. 4 (Finale)
4548 Finished Drowned Ophelia At The Edge Of Grief
4547 Finished Ashurel Cloudbank Valuable Research Subject
4546 Finished Danse My Buddy
4545 Finished Mitsu Mirage Let's BURN! The Dust Caper in Vale!
4544 Finished Ren Tanaka Mountain of Light
4543 Finished Khusso Sanctum Harbor
4542 Finished Yunomi Stadler The Namamura District
4541 Finished Tony Stark
4540 Finished Mitsu Mirage Healing Time
4539 Finished Carna Exploration: Guillotine Square (1)
4538 Finished Eryl Fairfax The APOSTLE Initiative: New Tomainia In the remains of British Columbia University, only Nazis remain.
4537 Finished Sanary Rondel Poking About in New Aincrad
4536 Finished Toph Beifong Do you want to tamper with some AI? Alden stops by Malibu to discuss AI with Tony and to hang with Toph.
4535 Finished Nagato Rabbit Repair Bucket
4534 Finished Konoe Kanno Into the Sunset - Idol of Nothingness
4533 Finished Kazusa Ujikane Silver Grail War: Mine, All Mine Big showdown at the abandoned mine. Archer steals souls, Kazusa becomes a survival horror boss, Rider howls at the moon, Tomoe is the only hero to shoot an actual gun, Shielder wins by tanking. Kirito thinks the Grail War totally blows.
4532 Finished Merlin Time For Healing Enya brings home a creature to bury, and learns a little healing magecraft.
4531 Finished Adele Rozenbach Hospital Raid Adele recruits Argast Wyrdseeker to strike at a hospital for materials, but the Union's Eithne Sullivan and Rebecca Chambers foil that plan.
4530 Finished War Witch CoH Issue #1: Spy Games Pt. 3 (Finale)
4529 Finished Drowned Ophelia The Apostasy Canticle
4528 Finished Lexicon The System Tower
4527 Finished Yunomi Stadler At the Edge of Ruin
4526 Finished War Witch CoH Issue #1: The Rikti War Pt. 4 (Finale)
4525 Finished Drowned Ophelia Go Into The Water
4524 Finished Steven Universe Have you seen this boy?
4523 Finished Athela Valemore The Slug Moor
4521 Finished Sir Bedivere Debt Unpaid Arturia Pendragon takes the opportunity to meet the Black One, Bedivere's pooka steed, and bargain for the creature's help with a project.
4520 Finished Anne Blakely The Cutting Edge
4519 Finished Sir Bedivere Autumn Light Several residents of Dun Realtai get together on a clear autumn evening.
4518 Finished Yuna Kagurazaka It's Not Good to Be Alone Rhapsody has been holed up ever since the one-sided press conference the night before. Yuna decides that isn't a good thing, and after convincing Rhapsody via radio, drops by for a private visit.
4517 Finished Geralt of Rivia With Siren's Wailing
4516 Finished War Witch CoH Issue #1: Worlds Beyond Pt. 1
4515 Finished Yuuki Kuran Questions and Ashes
4514 Finished Ren Tanaka Band Aid
4513 Finished Toph Beifong Cutiemark Crusader Wildlife Expedition Go! It's time for the Cutie Mark Crusaders to befriend some badgermoles.
4512 Finished August Kohler Persona:WTWM - Old Man Turtle
4511 Finished Priscilla tFSoK-The Wolf's Trail-2
4510 Finished Yunomi Stadler Snake in the Grass
4509 Finished Adele Rozenbach Sea Dragon vs Pteranodon Thief Adele attempts to steal a Pteranodon, Fiera interrupts after the zoo calls for aid, and the process makes Adele decide she didn't want a Pteranodon that badly anyway.
4508 Finished Janine Liberi Persona: WTWM - The Inquisitor Ainsley has been taken by the Piper. A team is mobilized to enter the Cathedral of Lies to save her from her own Shadow.
4507 Finished Guest Psyber A Job Interview
4506 Finished Fuki Storytime
4505 Finished August Kohler Persona:WTWM - Long Live The King
4504 Finished Kotone Yamakawa What is lost: The Stranger
4503 Finished Sir Bedivere The Devil's In the Details Bedivere returns a potential clue for finding Yunomi's whereabouts to Rhapsody.
4502 Finished Yari Takane Medical Exam: Undead Princess Edition Yari comes in for a checkup, and is introduced to how the undead heal people. The ninja might have nightmares now.
4501 Finished Adele Rozenbach Exploring the Multiverse Adele comes across Liberl when exploring the multiverse, and talks with a flirtatious priest for a while.
4500 Finished August Kohler Persona:WTWM - The Winds of Time
4499 Finished Morrigan Eyes in the Storm
4498 Finished Konoe Kanno Into The Sunset - Meaning of Birth
4497 Finished Yunomi Stadler Hiding in Pain Sight Yunomi is no longer in Ravnica -- a group of investigative adventurers search SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA for a sign of the missing mage.
4496 Finished Yunomi Stadler
4495 Finished August Kohler Persona:WTWM - The Doctor Is In
4494 Finished Adele Rozenbach The Rozenbach Estate A space wolf and a digimon come across Adele's minions in the middle of their recruitment efforts, they interrupt.
4493 Finished Emiya Shirou Heart of the Forge
4492 Finished Toph Beifong Rock and Roses Steven and Toph discover something while bending on the beach.
4491 Finished William Pauwel Mudbaths
4490 Finished Felicia A Felonious Feline
4489 Finished Isa Reichert The Airfield Comrade Crush visits the airfield of one Isa Reichert, in GLORIOUS MOTHERLAND.
4488 Finished Guest Sarah Autumn on the Lake Luc and Sarah discuss apple pie, autumn, and whatever it is the restless Holy Kingdom of Harmonia's up to this time of year.
4487 Finished Morrigan Hate the Traitor
4486 Finished Anne Blakely Chase of Last Century
4485 Finished War Witch CoH Issue #1: Spy Games Pt. 2
4484 Finished Danse Welcome to Goodneighbor
4483 Finished Morrigan Caps at the Edge of the Universe
4482 Finished Shielder What Chaldea Beheld Kobayashi Nasu
4481 Finished Priscilla tFSoK-The Hawk's Eyes-2
4480 Finished Drowned Ophelia Nymphentamine
4479 Finished Toph Beifong Badgermoles and Knights Reinhardt shows Toph the coolest hammer, and there is discussion of life and bucket lists.
4478 Finished Morrigan Midwinter Bellwether
4477 Finished Yunomi Stadler A Spider's Teatime Rhapsody, Richard Stadler, Eclipse, Kirika and Rebound drift down into the Spider's Den to ask O-Hiko, an ancient Spider yokai, what she knows about the missing Izzet mage
4476 Finished Ziggy Grover Digging for Talent
4475 Finished Sir Bedivere The Black One Merlin has a few words with Bedivere about Bedivere's ornery would-be steed.
4474 Finished Rose Quartz
4473 Finished War Witch CoH Issue #1: The Rikti War Pt. 3
4472 Finished Raine Arland Drifting Through The Void
4471 Finished Kushiko Curiosity on Fenris
4470 Finished Nagato Carrier Training Expedition
4469 Finished August Kohler Persona:WTWM - Howling
4468 Finished Priscilla tFSoK-The Lion's Pride-2
4467 Finished Yunomi Stadler What Dreams Merlin reaches out through dreams to an exhausted Yunomi Stadler, in order to find answers -- and is left with enigmas, more questions, and a tired fugitive on the run.
4466 Finished Jasper Lurking Beneath The Waves
4465 Finished Jeannette Thompson
4464 Finished Shadowed Scales Ghost of the Desert
4463 Finished Konoe Kanno Into The Sunset - Revelation
4462 Finished Drowned Ophelia Dismantling Devotion
4461 Finished Amalthea My office if you please, Kazusa
4460 Finished Morrigan Welcome to the Dreamdscape
4459 Finished Yunomi Stadler The Guilds Meet The Guilds meet.
4458 Finished Drowned Ophelia Children of the Grave
4457 Finished Sir Bedivere For a Quest Bedivere questions Saber on whether she truly wants to return to a mortal existence. If she does, he admits that he will do whatever it takes to find her and restore her.
4456 Finished Mordremoth The Return of the Scarlet... Briar
4455 Finished Kotone Yamakawa A Demi Goddess and a Cyborg
4454 Finished Shigure A Puppy, an Idol and a Punk
4453 Finished Sir Bedivere The Raven in the Oak Tree Wisewoman Inga drops by Dun Realtai to deliver medicine to Bedivere, and finding the supposedly sick knight unable to sleep, knight and seer chat by the fireside.
4452 Finished Cecily The New(Old) Kitsune on the Block A new Cecily appears! It's a new fox, not quite the same as the old fox. Her shop is under siege by bandit beastmen! The Union comes to the rescue with air and artillery support!
4451 Finished Toph Beifong The Beifong Metalbending Academy It's the grand opening of the Beifong Metalbending Academy!
4450 Finished Sir Bedivere In Out of the Cold A few offworld visitors descend upon Dun Realtai.
4449 Finished Yunomi Stadler Yu and Mi Rhapsody speaks with Yunomi's Kodama in Nivix.
4448 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji Life Goes On Ren and Tomoyo catch up, months after the fire.
4447 Finished August Kohler Persona:WTWM - Black Coffee
4446 Finished Yuuki Konno The Flying Dutchman (CCO)
4445 Finished Karian Icefang
4444 Finished Sir Bedivere A Challenge Nero drops in on an ill Bedivere, to brighten his day with the glory of Rome.
4443 Finished Carna Exploration: Pristine Plagueway
4442 Finished Yunomi Stadler THE GRAND PRESENTATION Yunomi officially unveils the Mana Nexus! AND NOTHING BAD -- everything bad happens. A coup, betrayal, fighting -- and pain, so much pain.
4441 Finished Sarracenia The Princess after the Party
4440 Finished Princess Peach A Mushroom Beach Trip
4439 Finished Xiao Li Yu Operation Ghost
4438 Finished Jedah Dohma Common Code
4437 Finished Sir Bedivere All the King's Men Sir Bedivere plays a game of chess with Merlin, the only native of Camelot who could beat him at the game.
4436 Finished Sarah Rogers
4435 Finished August Kohler Persona:WTWM - The Magician
4434 Finished Konoe Kanno Into The Sunset - Transcendence
4433 Finished Guest Oersted The Hate Knight Returns
4432 Finished Yunomi Stadler TINDER: Kaeruhime's Shrine Rhapsody, Yang Xiao Long and Kirika investigate the Grotto Shrine in Namamura, to try and determine why the Shrines could not connect ... and discover a murder.
4431 Finished John Rizzo
4430 Finished Sanary Rondel Too many newbies!
4429 Finished Yunomi Stadler Tinder - The Start Up The Test Start Up! A Catered event where a few select members attending can witness the birth of a new era in Ravnica as a test start up for the Mana Nexus occurs -- AND NOTHING COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG.
4428 Finished Jasper Boardwalk Beat Mania
4427 Finished Lute Pokemon Hatching Marathon
4426 Finished War Witch CoH Issue #1: The Rikti War Pt. 2
4425 Finished Uriel and Qemuel A Vampire Walks Into A Bar...
4424 Finished Sir Bedivere A Knightly Audience The folk of Dun Realtai meet their newest resident, rescued from the wreckage of the Chaldea Security Organisation.
4423 Finished Mairead Sandilands Hikari Seaport Test What will happen when a new unit is shown that has not been seen by anyone except for a select few that is available to Nagato and possibly others at a future date?
4422 Finished August Kohler Persona:WTWM - Feeding Frenzy
4421 Finished Kushiko Drifting Debris
4420 Finished Nagato Preflight Checklist
4419 Finished Anne Blakely Missing Links
4418 Finished War Witch CoH Issue #1: Spy Games Pt. 1
4417 Finished Sanary Rondel ALO Money Making
4416 Finished Toph Beifong A Fanboy and his Blobby Robot Arrives Hiro Hamada decides to get an audience with Tony Stark, but runs into some hitches before he catches a break.
4415 Finished Shielder S.O.S. In The Snow
4414 Finished Chat Noir The Chat Came Back
4413 Finished Sir Bedivere
4412 Finished Ren Tanaka Is it Really OK to go to a Public Restaurant When You're Sick? Dealing with sentient viruses, talking about current events, eating pizza and drinking orange juice in a futuristic hole-in-the-wall eatery. Just another morning in the multiverse, really.
4411 Finished Eithne Sullivan Eithne visits Inga in the village of Dun Realtai.
4410 Finished Inga Freyjasdottir
4409 Finished Priscilla tFSoK - The Wolf's Trail
4408 Finished August Kohler Persona:WTWM - And This Little Piggy
4407 Finished Chat Noir MIRACULOUS: The Pioneer
4406 Finished Sanary Rondel A red-haired Spriggan appears!
4405 Finished Sir Bedivere Into the Wilds Sir Bedivere offers John Rizzo instruction in the bow, and a short history of Dun Realtai.
4404 Finished Priscilla tFSoK - The Lion's Pride-1
4403 Finished Kari Wolf Rat Catchers
4402 Finished Ladybug Bringing Home The Alley-Chat
4401 Finished Yang Xiao Long A Song of Wolves and Ursa
4400 Finished Kushiko Dealings in Death After enough intelligence gathering and other matters to settle, the offer made by Keilandus is visited upon, resulting in the Tenno's visit to the rather unique 'world' from which he, and Keilandus' Master originate from...
4399 Finished Princess Luna
4398 Finished William Pauwel Avast Me Hearties! Yo-Ho!
4397 Finished Ladybug MIRACULOUS: The Illustrator
4396 Finished Dr. Vahzilok CoH Issue #1: Undead In The Big City Pt. 5
4395 Finished Sir Bedivere A Gift of Horses Sir Bedivere presents Wisewoman Inga with a steed of her own.
4394 Finished Chat Noir In the Witch's Shadow
4393 Finished Janine Liberi Eurobeat in the Velvet Room The Velvet Room extends temporary contracts to off-worlders, so they may meet the long-nosed Igor and his lovely assistant Agatha.
4392 Finished Zephyr Windstar Fateful Discussion
4391 Finished War Witch CoH Issue #1: Undead In The Big City Pt. 4
4390 Finished Sir Bedivere The Awen Inga happens upon Bedivere in the courtyard and experiences a vision of his past; the two then talk about the "awen," the mysterious gift of far-seeing prevalent in both their cultures.
4389 Finished Toph Beifong Broken Dialogue Peridot wishes to have a talk with Jasper, and for that she needs some help.
4388 Finished Homura Akemi What's A Greenhouse For?
4387 Finished Toph Beifong Striking Ore - Patching Work on the Beifong Metalbending Academy continues as Toph gets help from Dun Realtai as well as one green technician.
4386 Finished Xiao Li Yu Operation Outbreak
4385 Finished John Rizzo The College Try Enya pays John a visit, seeing at once his dark gifts, his profound hope, and his curious sense of guilt in play.
4384 Finished Chat Noir Mystery of the Chat
4383 Finished Konoe Kanno Voyage of Fallen Shadows
4382 Finished Sir Bedivere Shaping Steel At Sir Bedivere's request, Toph Beifong visits Dun Realtai to repair a suit of armour.
4381 Finished Priscilla tFSoK - The Hawk's Eyes
4380 Finished Stygian Mirror Drinks in a Place of Death A good meal and a contract.
4379 Finished Toph Beifong Striking Ore - Foundations Ziggy and Toph work on clearing up what will become the Beifong Metalbending Academy. Eventually.
4378 Finished Yuri Stinson What's Best For Creation
4377 Finished Sir Bedivere The Glory of Rome Nero visits Sir Bedivere at his behest, along with a few other recurring friends and residents.
4376 Finished Chat Noir Mystery of the Gate
4375 Finished Ferham Power-up Training Traveling to Sarracenia's Sundew Kingdom, Ferham meets Sarracenia herself and gets a crash course in power ups!
4374 Finished Han Solo Smuggle Me This
4373 Finished Sir Bedivere Testing Limits Sir Bedivere invites Eithne Sullivan to a sparring match, to gauge where to begin in teaching her swordplay, and gets more than he bargained for.
4372 Finished Khusso Rata Novus
4371 Finished Kotone Yamakawa Fayt Is Dragooned
4370 Finished Priscilla tFSoK - The Hornet's Sting
4369 Finished Mortimer Balman Monuments
4368 Finished Reiji Arisu So You Want to be a Samurai
4367 Finished Nagato Diving Resources
4366 Finished Mordremoth Heart of the Jungle
4365 Finished Toph Beifong Striking Ore - Part 1 Toph gets help in looking for metalbending students, with her friends running into some peculiar situations while doing so.
4364 Finished Yalai the Stave Alchemical Science Aedan does some alchemical science in Skyloft's plaza, with a small audience of curious and skeptical Sheikah. Don't ever ask what's in the potions.
4363 Finished Shirley Yeager The Siege of Liberion
4362 Finished Pearl
4361 Finished Pepper Potts Late Father's Day
4360 Finished War Witch CoH Issue #1: Rikti Crash Site
4359 Finished William Pauwel The Queen Naka's Revenge
4358 Finished Sir Bedivere The Horses of Dun Realtai Sir Bedivere shows Saber his plans to create a cavalry for Dun Realtai.
4357 Finished Weiss Schnee The Quest for the Golden Bow
4356 Finished Drowned Ophelia From The Depths
4355 Finished Toph Beifong Donuts on the Beach On a trip to Beach City Toph meets Steven who's a bit confused. And so Toph decides he needs some sense knocked into his head.
4354 Finished Khusso Into the Breach
4353 Finished Staren A Lizard Talks With A Cat
4352 Finished Yunomi Stadler Green Living A Visit to Dun Realtai's greenhosue
4351 Finished Starlight Bandits Multiversal MegaMotor The annual Multiverse MegaMotor race is here! GOTTA GO FAST!
4350 Finished Rose Quartz
4349 Finished Emily Branford Safe and Sound There is no spoon, Janine.
4348 Finished Rose Quartz
4347 Finished Rose Quartz
4346 Finished Xiao Li Yu Operation Uprising
4345 Finished Stygian Mirror Shadowland in the Sky Striking a deal, and then Ophelia goes for a swim.
4344 Finished Shadowed Scales Blood Moon Waning
4343 Finished Sigrun Stem
4342 Finished Princess Luna Not You Again!!
4341 Finished Morrigan Delenda Est
4340 Finished Genji Shimada Crisis on One Particular Earth
4339 Finished Ren Tanaka If At First You Don't Succeed
4338 Finished Danse Courser Encounter Pt. 1
4337 Finished John Rizzo Breaking Bread
4336 Finished Lin Gear up!
4335 Finished Morrigan Deals in Shadows
4334 Finished Carna Prayer For The Refugees
4333 Finished Lute Pokemon at the Beach
4332 Finished Reize Seatlan A Volcanic Rage A village within an island has undergone strife due to their Guardian being enraged. One adventurer went to investigate the matter, joined with another traveler and a bit of opposition. What they learn about the Guardian is not as expected.
4331 Finished Alden
4330 Finished Staren Twilight Explains Social Stuff to a Robot
4329 Finished Eithne Sullivan History!
4328 Finished Hitoshura Heart of the Cards (Cheat cheat cheat)
4327 Finished Sir Bedivere Good Help's Hard to Find Sir Bedivere negotiates with Eithne Sullivan to hire her on as castle staff for Dun Realtai.
4326 Finished Taro Uncreative Title
4325 Finished Weiss Schnee The Calm Before the Storm
4324 Finished August Kohler PWTWM-An Acknowledged Threat-2
4323 Finished Priscilla Spear Sleepover
4322 Finished Nasrin Some joke about locks and Assassins
4321 Finished Nagato Overwatch-ing Hikari Seaport
4320 Finished Lexicon Quest: Great Poochooze
4319 Finished Morrigan What Binds Us
4318 Finished Anne Blakely Testing Grounds
4317 Finished Staren Taking Initiative
4316 Finished Yunomi Stadler FISTS OF LOVE A couple of trouble-makers raise a rabble, while Yunomi takes a crushing blow from Rhaps and reminds her that unless it's part of a spell, words are mostly harmless.
4315 Finished Morrigan Flight Training III
4314 Finished Lise To Wendel and Wisp!
4313 Finished Guest Madeline Target: Howling Manse
4312 Finished Nero A Lesson of The Sword
4311 Finished War Witch CoH Issue #1: Undead In The Big City Pt. 3
4310 Finished Sir Bedivere Duel at Dun Realtai Mordred and Sir Bedivere spar each other for honour, glory, and most impotantly of all, bragging rights.
4309 Finished Guest Psyber Some Sword Pun
4308 Finished Mihk Lihzeh = Occult Expedition
4307 Finished Inga Freyjasdottir
4306 Finished Homura Akemi Community Service
4305 Finished Seto Kaiba Space Station Game
4304 Finished Mel Brock The Marshal and the Blade
4303 Finished Nasrin Interrogation No. 9 and Taro attempt to tempt an Assassin with baked goods in exchange for a weapon. It almost works.
4302 Finished Alden A gem and a digimon at the beach! (city).
4301 Finished August Kohler PWTWM-An Acknowledged Threat-1
4300 Finished Ariel Ariel's 4th Birthday
4299 Finished Toph Beifong Gems in Unexpected Places Rose explores the Earth Kingdom and meets one of its most famous citizens.
4298 Finished Rose Quartz
4297 Finished Ferham Burning the Midnight Oil Ferham seeks the help of John Rizzo, private detective to get to the bottom of a missing relic.
4296 Finished Graf Zeppelin Blowing Off Steam
4295 Finished Peridot
4294 Finished Yuri Stinson Human Testing
4293 Finished Priscilla The Four Symbols of Knighthood - 1
4292 Finished Drowned Ophelia Lost to Apathy
4291 Finished Nicky recruiting
4290 Finished John Rizzo
4289 Finished Heaven's Armory You were indicted
4288 Finished Sanary Rondel Mom-Mom and Healbot
4287 Finished Fujiwara no Mokou Grudge Match Burning love.
4286 Finished Thirteen Roy's Bad Day
4285 Finished Heaven's Armory Meteoric Immigration
4284 Finished War Witch CoH Issue #1: Undead In The Big City Pt. 2
4283 Finished Reize Seatlan The Blooming Aether
4282 Finished Guest Psyber 4th of July Cookout
4281 Finished Heaven's Armory Artifact Crime
4280 Finished Lin A Matter of Spirit
4279 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji New Ideas In which a new creative collaborative is formed: Inspiration Trust!
4278 Finished Ferham Magical Revenge Sigrun Stem goes looking for Ferham and gets her in touch with her less than photogenic side!
4277 Finished John Rizzo The Midnight Oil The mysterious John Rizzo asks the Union for help and makes them an offer all at once.
4276 Finished Taro Under the spreading willow tree Nine and Taro travel to the Cavern of Life to visit Haythem Kenway's grave and Everlast (a red willow tree that Nine considers his son). There, they speak of their own brushes with death and their determination to continue living, twisted monsters or not.
4275 Finished Mairead Sandilands 1-on-1 IS training
4274 Finished Athela Valemore Ye Olde Chase Scene
4273 Finished Genji Shimada Run Tracer Run
4272 Finished Fuki 'Trainer' vs Knight - Round 1
4271 Finished Graf Zeppelin So a Chaser and a Fleet Daughter walk into an amusement park...
4270 Finished August Kohler PWTWM-An Acknowledged Threat-Prologue
4269 Finished Yuuki Konno Island's Got Booty!
4268 Finished Ferham The Digi-Virus Ferham assists Jedah with the creation of a bioweapon to use against Gaonoir. But what consequences will it have...?
4267 Finished Yalai the Stave The Shadow Temple Yalai the Stave reveals a little more of Sheikah history to her friend and ally Aedan MacCarvill.
4266 Finished Genji Shimada Attack Commences in 30 Seconds The Talon and Shimada try to steal some weapons. Kool-Aid Reinhardt learns the awesome power of Go Fast. Stygian Mirror ensures that all dealings are shady dealings. Sir Bedivere talks philosophy with a robot in a suit. Weiss is a-Mei-zing.
4265 Finished War Witch CoH Issue #1: Undead In The Big City Pt. 1
4264 Finished Taro Dining out, Nine's Treat Nine invites people over to The Bar & Grill, his treat. Assorted friends, frenemies, and others take him up on the offer.
4263 Finished Dr. Vahzilok Pain and Healing Pt. 4
4262 Finished Nasrin A Light (sabre) in the Dark Nasrin enlists "local specialists" Galen Marek and Juno Eclipse in helping her figure out why Taro's "beam sabre" isn't working for her -- to no avail. Maybe, just maybe, she meets someone /just/ as depressing and unenthusiastic as herself.
4261 Finished Reinhardt Wilhelm Dragon Slayer
4260 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji New Ideas With the Boutique under construction, Tomoyo decides to fill her time by initating the next stage of her long-term plans. The time has come... to NETWORK. But she is not the sort to be content with impersonal business deals.
4259 Finished Sir Bedivere Dreaming of Bygone Days Bedivere dreams of days past, returning to Camelot and remembering his duty's singularity of purpose.
4258 Finished Argast Wyrdseeker A rift in the warp
4257 Finished Princess Luna The Royal Blade
4256 Finished Janine Liberi P:WtWM - The Dashing Herald of Bad News Die Reisenden and friends travel into the Forest to rescue a rumormonger from the Shadows within.
4255 Finished Dr. Vahzilok Pain and Healing Pt.3
4254 Finished Toph Beifong Here's Your Wakeup Call Toph visits Sigrun in medical after their fight against Confederates in Techno Urbania
4253 Finished Taro And then afterward Kari tries to cheer up Nine and Taro while they're recuperating in The Citadel's medical center after their disasterous raid on a cybernetics factory (see: Scene 4250).
4252 Finished Janine Liberi Unwavering Loyalty Janine finds Emily a hard butler to sneak past. A prequel scene to 'The Dashing Herald of Bad News.'
4251 Finished Carna Unlit Boss (1)
4250 Finished Taro Throwdown at the Cybernetics Factory
4249 Finished Yunomi Stadler Nivix Shenanigans
4248 Finished Lexicon Gunbreak Malvader Nest
4247 Finished Lexicon SYstem Tour
4246 Finished Guest Madeline Turning the Blade: Presentation
4245 Finished Nagato A Cait Sith, Imp and Salamander Duel
4244 Finished Ferham Unboxing a Golem Taro, Kari Wolf and Ferham head down to the dark holds medical bays to help No. 9 AKA GOLEM KING out of his healing pod.
4243 Finished Sephiroth Aggressive Surveying
4242 Finished Danse Troubled Waters (Fallout 4-1)
4241 Finished Princess Luna Welcome to Canterlot, Lise!
4240 Finished Stygian Mirror The Shadows Closest To Heaven Lise wanders through a Warp Gate and winds up in a Shadowland.
4239 Finished Yunomi Stadler Father's Day Yunomi gets to play her out some pranks on her dad for post-father's day chicannery! Rated B for Boxes
4238 Finished Xiaomu Of Physics and Philosophy What happens when you mix science and spirituality? Xiaomu, Staren, and Sigrun find out.
4237 Finished Juno Eclipse Checking In Kyra Hyral checks in on her Rebel friends, Juno Eclipse and Galen Marek
4236 Finished Sigrun Stem Bows, Guns and Misunderstandings Staren attempts to teach Sigrun and Athela about firearms. As things go more complicated, Sigrun's frustration with her lack of understanding boils over.
4235 Finished Eryl Fairfax The APOSTLE Initiative With Eryl absent, it falls to contracted Elites to bring civilisation back to the world, starting with the ruins of Vancouver. No clowning around.
4234 Finished Nerevarine Discerning the Transmundane
4233 Finished Lise Meeting with the 'Outlander'
4232 Finished William Pauwel Spooky Action at a Distance
4231 Finished Wo Abyssal Questions
4230 Finished Carna Elimination: Urban Decay (3)
4229 Finished Toph Beifong Not Child's Play More problems and annoyances lie ahead for Toph when an unconventional person expresses a desire to learn from her.
4228 Finished Sigrun Stem
4227 Finished William Pauwel DOOM
4226 Finished Athela Valemore See The Seaside
4225 Finished Lise To Wendel and Wisp! It's time to break out and head to the Holy City of Wendel and talk with the priest! But what will happen after those talks, it's only anyone's guess! Lise, along with Fairy and a few others will make the trip to help the ...
4224 Finished Kushiko Suspicious Minds What happens when a Tenno loses contact with their Ordis and is displaced by freaky Void incidents and can't find their Liset? We go out and find their Orbiter, that's what.
4223 Finished Anne Blakely Getting the Ley of the Land
4222 Finished Morrigan At the Mountains of Tharsis
4221 Finished Yunomi Stadler Electrifying the Guests!
4220 Finished Mairead Sandilands Introduction to Infinite Stratos (IS) Members of the Union attend an open house of the IS Academy, for a chance to learn about them and to pilot one of the massed produced IS'.
4219 Finished Karian Icefang Necron Incursion
4218 Finished Carna Exploration: Grand Gallery (1)
4217 Finished Nagato A School Opportunity
4216 Finished Yuuki Konno IMPossible Sword Skills
4215 Finished Kazusa Ujikane Silver Grail War: Showdown An excursion to a virtual world turns into a four-way brawl between Pecos Bill, Kaguya-hime, Odysseus, and Frankenstein's Monster. Kazusa turns into a robot spider. Kirito screams like a girl.
4214 Finished Kushiko Orokin Derelict Displacement A strange Orokin Derelict, and even stranger contents speak of the latest arrival to the Multiverse...
4213 Finished Count Kord
4212 Finished Dr. Vahzilok Pain and Healing Pt. 2
4211 Finished William Pauwel The Great Gale Turkey Shoot
4210 Finished Yang Xiao Long Red Dust Red Union comes to town. Red Union take things from big company. Red Union... working with White Fang?
4209 Finished Carna The Library of Murdered Knowledge
4208 Finished Yuuki Konno Skull and Crossbones
4207 Finished Allan Bodily Testing the Hull Ripper Allan has made a horrifying new toy, now someone just needs to test it...
4206 Finished Nagato Found at Sea and in Heart
4205 Finished Ren Tanaka Surf Warriors: Final Stage A final showdown! The power of friendship awakens. Wield the Tiki Spirits' power!
4204 Finished Mitsu Mirage When Rabbits Make Noise, People Listen
4203 Finished Danse Gut Check (Fallout 4-1)
4202 Finished Inga Freyjasdottir
4201 Finished Yuna Kagurazaka Girls Go Shopping
4200 Finished Morrigan Aristeia
4199 Finished Dr. Vahzilok Pain and Healing Pt. 1
4198 Finished Linne Spies, Ninja, and a Linh Garen comes to check up on Yari and Linh! Fleet Daughter murder, hobbies, and pets are discussed.
4197 Finished Momoyo Kawakami The Eighth And Final Rule - Match 1
4196 Finished Steve The End (Minecraft-1)
4195 Finished Janine Liberi The New Help Janine has a new butler, by the name of Emily Branford. Certainly nothing unusual here.
4194 Finished Guest Madeline Discussions on the Silver Kingdom
4193 Finished Taro Into the Wild Blue Yonder
4192 Finished Yang Xiao Long This Will Be The Day Vale will be hosting the Vytl Festival this time around. But before the event can begin, there are some missions that need doing, preparations to be made, and new Multiversal Huntsmen and Huntresses to inaugurate.
4191 Finished Lyner Barsett Phantom Cocoon Final - Rising Up
4190 Finished Yang Xiao Long Covert Rendezvous
4189 Finished Duet Fortuna It's A Dam With Guns!
4188 Finished Carna Elimination: Urban Decay (2)
4187 Finished Yari Takane A Lizard A Vampire and A Cat Walk Into Medical
4186 Finished Fate Testarossa Grand Theft Arcane One of Urbania's museums has come into possession of some magical artifacts. Precia Testarossa wants them. Fate Testarossa, Stygian Mirror, Sanary Rondel, and Marisa Kirisame don their heist masks, while Yuna and Vivio try to stop them.
4185 Finished Ela'Ashbel Desolation at Sunset
4184 Finished Toph Beifong Rock and Paper Toph decides to search for metalbending students by entering a bending tournament... except she is stuck with a partner she doesn't much care for.
4183 Finished Yari Takane
4182 Finished Sigrun Stem
4181 Finished Lexicon Enter the System A new world connects to the Cyber Core via a bullet train. What lies on the other side?
4180 Finished Mizuki Dirge at Sunrise
4179 Finished Luc Fun With Elementals
4178 Finished Lu-Mey Human Resources Day Off(?) In which our vacationers learn to read the fine print on their contracts; or: In HR, vacation is just a euphemism for double pay work day.
4177 Finished Dr. Vahzilok Welcome to SERAPH
4176 Finished Morrigan The Plunder
4175 Finished Carna Stone Devils (1)
4174 Finished Ferham Mecha Madness Hitoshura responds to a call about a robot factory producing mavericks and finds... Ferham?
4173 Finished Ren Tanaka SW: Stage 3, 4 and 5 Rolling Boulders! A river full of threats! Pushing on no matter what!
4172 Finished Medusa Gorgon A Not So Gentle Touch It's time for Yari to get a new arm to replace what was lost, and Medusa is only happy to help in her own way.
4171 Finished Drowned Ophelia What Lies Ahead
4170 Finished Ela'Ashbel Chaos in the Deep
4169 Finished Yari Takane Not So 'Armless Anymore
4168 Finished Xiaomu A Few Friendly Spills
4167 Finished Fate Testarossa Grand Theft Arcane
4166 Finished Walter Bernhard A Walk In The Woods
4165 Finished Count Kord Sentinels of the Pure World
4164 Finished Momoyo Kawakami Schoolyard Brawl: Real PK
4163 Finished Nagato Base Tourism The Sword of Keledo takes up the offer to tour Hikari Seaport and Nagato learns more about her than she expected.
4162 Finished Nagato Refraction
4161 Finished Yuri Stinson Bloody Usurpation 3 - Why Have You Not Killed Her Yet? (This is Ridiculous)
4160 Finished Danse ArcJet Systems
4159 Finished Yari Takane
4158 Finished Alden Friendly encounter between digimon.
4157 Finished Athela Valemore A Knight By The Lake
4156 Finished Morrigan Martian Aces High
4155 Finished Yari Takane Lizard Trap Admiral Nagato leads a team of Yuna Kagurazaka and Momoyo Kawakami to put the ninja Yari Takane out of comission. Sanary Rondel comes to support Yari. Will they manage to put down the feisty lizard!?
4154 Finished Wo The Torpedo Girl's Soul
4153 Finished Kari Wolf Home Monster Movie: Doctor Gross-O's Creature Carnival
4152 Finished Ren Tanaka Surf Warriors: Stage 2 A curse on the ocean! A sea full of traps and tidal waves. Can you protect the mysterious girl?
4151 Finished Alden Encounter
4150 Finished Dr. Vahzilok Welcome to ELITE
4149 Finished Count Kord Jus Primae Noctis Ophelia comes to give Kord a guitar and a lesson in Metal!
4148 Finished Carna Contact: Escher (2)
4147 Finished Drowned Ophelia The Black Depths
4146 Finished Felicia A blissful evening Felicia meets an old friend/foe at a bar in the Makai... a musical number ensues?!
4145 Finished Anne Blakely Hippos Are Deadly
4144 Finished Dr. Vahzilok Welcome to GIFT
4143 Finished Yuuki Konno Party Like It's 2028!
4142 Finished Princess Luna Pizza in Canterlot!
4141 Finished Lute Lute and Medusa Talk About Sanary
4140 Finished Lyner Barsett Phantom Cocoon - The Legend of Ar Tonelico
4139 Finished Sigrun Stem Welcome to Antichthon Some members of the Union come by Sigrun Stem's office in Antichthon to make acquaintance.
4138 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji Raid for Justice Tomoyo leads a raid on Gentle Brooks, an apartment block for criminals. Their target is one man, but many stand between they and him.
4137 Finished Raquna Sheldon First Stratum: Rescue the newbies!
4136 Finished Kushiko Jupiter: Infested Outbreak (Final) The final confrontation with the source of the Infested that have been resurgent in Jupiter's orbit.
4135 Finished Dr. Vahzilok Welcome to DATA
4134 Finished Ren Tanaka Surf Warriors: Stage 1 SURF WARRIORS and the TEMPLE of TANGAROA: Horror on party beach! The monster that came from the ocean. How many umbrellas will you break?
4133 Finished Lunara
4132 Finished Alice Margatroid Devil Wing Bakery's Opening!
4131 Finished Linne Training Day Linne trains Ferham on how to be a maid! There's fire, tea, bullets, and tickling involved!
4130 Finished Kari Wolf Digging My Tomato
4129 Finished Twilight Sparkle Twilight takes a Cab!
4128 Finished Dr. Vahzilok Welcome to MAGI
4127 Finished Drowned Ophelia White Noise And Black Static
4126 Finished Silica Cats and Dogs. Round 1. FIGHT!
4125 Finished Guest Sarah Where the Wind Blows Sarah and Luc discuss the possibility of sealing the True Wind Rune in a way that allows Luc to survive.
4124 Finished Yuuki Konno Imp and Impish
4123 Finished Maya Salvage in Space
4122 Finished Jedah Dohma Derelict Discovery
4121 Finished Drowned Ophelia The Death of Love
4120 Finished Yuna Kagurazaka Friendly Visitor
4119 Finished Morrigan Flight Training II
4118 Finished Guest Madeline What the Sun Touches
4117 Finished Carna Contact: Escher
4116 Finished Setsuko Kaminagi Quarantine Procedures
4115 Finished GoGo Tomago A Walk In The (Atlass) Park
4114 Finished Danse Fire Support (Fallout 4-1)
4113 Finished Count Kord The Crow and the Priest Kord attacks Seagrass City during Alice's concert, and gets into a tooth and nail fight with her. Alice commands amazing power, but eventually falls to Kord's own combat prowess.
4112 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji In Pursuit of Justice An illegal auction is broken up by Elites at Tomoyo's suggestion.
4111 Finished Princess Peach
4110 Finished Ren Tanaka Q&A Time With Ren
4109 Finished Yuuki Konno Black Descent (CCO)
4108 Finished Toph Beifong Camping Buddies Peridot is introduced to camping, smores and that the fact that you don't eat sticks.
4107 Finished Nagato Sailing Away, Nagato's "vacation?"
4106 Finished Kushiko Jupiter: Infested Outbreak (P3) With less Infested in the way, an attempt can be made to obtain the information necessary to track down PHORID where it has manifested most recently. Surely it isn't a trap?
4105 Finished Starlight Bandits The People Cry Out, Saying 'Such Opulence Cannot Be Allowed!' A callous queen has worked her people to the bone to create four grand statues of herself from precious metals, and made all her subjects show up for the unveiling. The inevitable riot happened, and a 100ft tall bronze statue was stolen in the mayhem.
4104 Finished Drowned Ophelia Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery
4103 Finished Nagato Operation Rei-Go E-4-B!
4102 Finished Nasrin Fashion Assassin Sakura stops by Alamut for an update to her wardrobe!
4101 Finished Defiant Let Sleeping Dragons Lie?
4100 Finished Kazusa Ujikane Card Table Kazusa solicits a spider and a bride-er for their powers, and teaches the glory of mozzarella sticks.
4099 Finished Yari Takane A Hunting We Will Go Yari takes Ferham and Sanary into a horrible hellhole of a swamp looking for plants. Toxic goo ends up /everywhere/!
4098 Finished Carna Elimination: Urban Decay (1)
4097 Finished Toph Beifong Dropping into ALO Tony Stark and Toph Beifong join the ALO craze with some expert help.
4096 Finished Drowned Ophelia The Dark of Gold
4095 Finished Count Kord
4094 Finished Toph Beifong Sands and Shields An impromptu beach party with sparring occurs at Malibu, it's all where the cool kids are.
4093 Finished Guest Psyber The Upsides of Mundane Life
4092 Finished Anne Blakely Typical Solar Dinner
4091 Finished Nagato Operation Rei-Go E-4-A!
4090 Finished Ren Tanaka Slaves to the Metal Horde: Part 4
4089 Finished Mitsu Mirage The Rabbit's Checkup
4088 Finished Lyner Barsett Phantom Cocoon - This Silence Is Mine
4087 Finished Janine Liberi The Dragon's Heartbeat Strange noises have been heard at night coming from Drachenblatt. Janine organizes a team to make sure the noises aren't Forest-related.
4086 Finished Reize Seatlan Through the Dark Treacherous Cavern
4085 Finished Toph Beifong Not Quite Mother's Day Breakfast Pepper's second mother's day is a bit different from the one the previous year
4084 Finished Nero A Clash of Legends
4083 Finished Carna Exploration: Escher
4082 Finished Pepper Potts Kobolds (attempted to) Steal the Baby! Toph is put in charge of her younger adoptive cousin Liz when Pepper, Georgia and Carolina go out for a 'Mom's Day'. Kobolds attempt to steal the younger Ironling, and Toph not only has to bend a way out of the situation, but tend to her young charge at the same time!
4081 Finished Lin You met WHAT?
4080 Finished Toph Beifong Do You Want to Play a Fairy? Toph decides to join the ALO craze, but first decides to drag her dad into the mess.
4079 Finished Alexis Maaka MODELING! Maaka needs help for a mysterious purpose, and also some time on terra firma after that whole mess with the TEVs.
4078 Finished Drowned Ophelia Under Black Flags We March
4077 Finished Garen
4076 Finished Morrigan Darkest Hour
4075 Finished Anne Blakely Hickory Dickory Dock
4074 Finished Carna Exploration: Urban Decay (2)
4073 Finished Morrigan Flight Training I
4072 Finished Alice Margatroid Miko and Dollmaker
4071 Finished Ebon Ribbon
4070 Finished Mitsu Mirage Logia Hunt?! The Rabbit takes the scene!
4069 Finished Kushiko Jupiter: Infested Outbreak (P2) While a source vector has been identified for the Infestation on Jupiter, getting more information to track down it's location is a problem that only wiping out more Infested can help deal with.
4068 Finished Bahamut Akebono goes Home
4067 Finished Tyravean Unexpected and partly unwanted allies
4066 Finished Lyner Barsett Phantom Cocoon - Fate
4065 Finished Morrigan Post Meridian
4064 Finished Alden Casual meeting and some digimon training!
4063 Finished Janine Liberi A Gem's First Job Peridot needs some of this 'currency' stuff. Janine has some, and a school system she needs hacked. Funny how things work out, isn't it?
4062 Finished Yulia Koslova Same Planets - Different Universe
4061 Finished Ixqor Nathrach Questions and Answers: The Eightfold Path Two survivors of a strange intervention return to the scene of the skirmish that took place soon after their unwilling arrival in the strange realm. Two new outsiders arrive to the scene as well and the strange group meets and greets at the sight of a won battle.
4060 Finished Yuuki Konno A three hour tour, an uncharted isle
4059 Finished Yuri Stinson Bloody Usurpation 2 - Ongoing Investigation
4058 Finished Darth Vader The Imperial Heist
4057 Finished Carna Exploration: Urban Decay (1)
4056 Finished Tyravean Man-Sized Rats and other Unnatural Things
4055 Finished Blurr Roadside Picnic
4054 Finished Nagato Vacation from Real Life
4053 Finished Kari Wolf Ways to Upgrade a Katze
4052 Finished Sir Bedivere You Didn't Ask In which Saber learns of a hidden martial skill of Bedivere's during a sparring match, because after all, she never asked him about it.
4051 Finished Nasrin Assassin's Feed!
4050 Finished Fuki The Shinki and the Space Marine(?)
4049 Finished Franken Stein Karma Chameleon
4048 Finished Juno Eclipse Shores of the Void After a rendezvous near Earth of the Origin System, Kushiko explains to Juno Eclipse the inner workings of her world, and shows her the dangerous Void.
4047 Finished Tyravean The Call of Chaos
4046 Finished Lyner Barsett Phantom Cocoon - To The Beginning
4045 Finished Fuki Experience Fuki works on training and gets a lesson in how far she has to go from her superior... Lute.
4044 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji Ashes to Ashes Tomoyo's Boutique burned down. People come along to see how the owner is coping.
4043 Finished William Pauwel Sepulchre of the Giants
4042 Finished Dr. Vahzilok City of Heroes - Year One: Critical Moments
4041 Finished Reize Seatlan Side Quest: Gotham Package - Pt 1
4040 Finished Ren Tanaka SttMH: Part 3
4039 Finished Ferham Rediscovering a lost gem Ferham runs into Peridot again under Malibu.
4038 Finished Priscilla First Rays of the Prodigal Dawn
4037 Finished Kushiko Jupiter: Infested Outbreak (P1) The first encounter with the Infested also demonstrates how severe of a threat they are that old hostilities are put aside in a bid to draw attention off other operatives in order to escape.
4036 Finished Reize Seatlan Mission: Crystal Flora Madness
4035 Finished Juno Eclipse White Noise Juno Eclipse and her allies raid an Imperial base for information.
4034 Finished Yunomi Stadler WEIRD SCIENCE!
4033 Finished Morrigan Collateral Damage
4032 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji Business Upswing New outfits and interlopers at the Boutique!
4031 Finished Kari Wolf Two Shinki, A Girl, And A Digimon
4030 Finished Juno Eclipse In Unlikely Places Juno Eclipse travels to the Smuggler's Moon, Nar Shaddaa, to enlist the help of the Tenno and the Lotus in her battle against the Galactic Empire.
4029 Finished Juno Eclipse A Soggy Meeting Juno Eclipse travels to the sodden planet of Aquilaris to recruit the help of her friend and Jedi Knight, Lowri Revan-Shan.
4028 Finished Juno Eclipse Cloud City Rendezvous Juno Eclipse meets with Alexis Maaka in Cloud City, Bespin, to catch Maaka up on the Imperial state of affairs.
4027 Finished Morrigan The Cost of War Laporte and her team assist a UEF convoy in the wake of Unification
4026 Finished Yang Xiao Long A Drowned Aftermath
4025 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji Socializing > Algebra The two girls from Tomoeda take a break from study to converse lke (mostly) regular high-schoolers.
4024 Finished Konoe Kanno A Place in The Sun - Extra Stage
4023 Finished Carna Welcome To Barrowville
4022 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji Third Time's the Charm For the third time, Mamimi and Tomoyo meet on the streets of Tomoeda. Both progress in their relationship with the other, in their own ways.
4021 Finished Nagato Operation Rei-Go E-3!
4020 Finished Dr. Vahzilok City of Heroes - Year One: Meteorite Marauders
4019 Finished Blurr
4018 Finished Ren Tanaka Slaves to the Metal Horde: Part 2
4017 Finished Yalai the Stave Spirit of the Forest In an effort to beat some Sheikah history and culture into his head, Yalai drags the Rescue Knight Aedan MacCarvill into various and sundry Sheikah Temples, starting with the Forest Temple.
4016 Finished Toph Beifong The Extraclodorial and I The earthbender and a gem meet again and catch up.
4015 Finished Nima Kairn Imperial Raids
4014 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji A New Project?! Improvised Filming in Tomoeda! Tomoyo is filming a short movie for a school project, and she needs Elites to serve as actors!
4013 Finished Reize Seatlan Beginning of a New Journey Reize washes ashore during a voyage to what he hoped would had been a grand adventure. Luckily, he is treated by a few passerbyers.
4012 Finished Toph Beifong Friends of Different Sizes Toph drags two of her friends along to meet a new batch of badgermole babies.
4011 Finished Juno Eclipse Imperial Acquisition The Rogue Shadow needs a few specialty parts, so Juno raids an Imperial shipyard to get them.
4010 Finished Konoe Kanno Measuring Up.
4009 Finished Alden Digital Disturbance
4008 Finished Janine Liberi Death Recuperates Janine finally recieves some visitors at the hospital.
4007 Finished William Pauwel Roll the Old Chariot Along
4006 Finished Shunrin A Meeting in the Ring Not knowing what a kirin is, or perhaps curious that she's really a kirin, a few Unionites go to meet Shunrin in the Ring of Philosophy.
4005 Finished Yuri Stinson Bloody Usurpation - Foot in the Door
4004 Finished Dr. Vahzilok Zero To Hero
4003 Finished Twilight Sparkle The Library gets some visitors
4002 Finished Ren Tanaka Slaves to the Metal Horde: Part 1
4001 Finished Zwei Automated Armistice: RIFTS 2
4000 Finished Karian Icefang Wolves in-game
3999 Finished Silica Of Imps and Cait Sith.
3998 Finished Cirra Constantine Tourists
3997 Finished Lyner Barsett Phantom Cocoon - Harmony of Sound
3996 Finished Shunrin The Jewel of the Outer Kingdoms The Kingdom of Shun throws open its gates in welcome of their new Union allies, and invites a number of them to visit Jewelbough Palace.
3995 Finished Yuuki Konno Set Sail for Adventure!
3994 Finished Alice Margatroid A Shrine Maiden Returns
3993 Finished Alden Meeting in crystal valley.
3992 Finished Raylene Dunwich Devil In The Details
3991 Finished Kushiko Corpus: Rescue Operation A rescue mission aboard a Corpus ship; new intelligence and the existence of other factions brought to bear.
3990 Finished Dr. Vahzilok We Didn't Start The Fire!
3989 Finished Nasrin
3988 Finished Eryl Fairfax Operation HEPHAESTUS A force of Elites set out to bring justice to villagers of ReGenesis' world turned Multiversal bandits
3987 Finished Sarracenia Princess in 'Trouble'
3986 Finished William Pauwel The Mountain Cycle
3985 Finished Himei The Shadow of Guilt
3984 Finished Moonlit Saber A Saber, A Berserker, and a Master walk into a bar
3983 Finished Twilight Sparkle A Human of a different color
3982 Finished Gaonoir Shadows In The Forest
3981 Finished The Kid ICoT: From Wharf to Wilds "Well... no point explaining what happens next, right?"
3980 Finished Nagato An Amewsing Conversation
3979 Finished Yuuki Konno Cutlasses 'n Cannons Online
3978 Finished Taro Visiting Hours Ferham visits Taro while he's recovering from his scuffle with Nasrin.
3977 Finished Gaonoir Chasing Shadows
3976 Finished Taro Zarenna Gives Taro a Hand (or two)
3975 Finished Hoshi Amakasu Operation Rei-Go: For Those Gone
3974 Finished Toph Beifong Musings about Metalbending and Magic Discussions of magic tricks and seismic senses alongside metalbending.
3973 Finished Nasrin McGuffin Technology Pass-Off
3972 Finished Nagato Operation Rei-Go: E-2!
3971 Finished Janine Liberi Action and Consequence Lezard comes to Alberichstadt to teach Janine a lesson on consequences.
3970 Finished Eryl Fairfax Operation HEPHAESTUS BACKGROUND: ReGenesis expends great effort to support the scattered outposts that SAVIOUR-001 (Eryl Fairfax) has visited. Each one has been made self-sustaining with occasional support from Eden delivered via vehicle or ...
3969 Finished Julio Scoundrel Speak Now Or Forever...
3968 Finished Lina Brand Western Deva vs Space Wolf!
3967 Finished Alden Shinki and friends!
3966 Finished Kutsuuko Shiratori Rank 4: Symbol of Swords
3965 Finished Laer Hlal Do You Pronounce That?
3964 Finished Auron
3963 Finished Sarracenia Nicky visits Sundew Castle
3962 Finished Ruby and Cobalt Race to Burgle!
3961 Finished Mute Downfall
3960 Finished Bahamut No Place Like Home
3959 Finished Priscilla Penumbra of the Old Dark
3958 Finished Linne
3957 Finished Toph Beifong Easter Eggs in Malibu With the family gathered it's time for the non-adults to hunt for Easter eggs!
3955 Finished Mortimer Balman Dinner at Morty's II: The Return of Three Fingered Pete
3954 Finished Nagato Chasing Ships
3953 Finished Yang Xiao Long A Grimm Tale
3952 Finished Septette Arcubielle Uncertain Footing
3951 Finished Madcap Circus Of The Damned Madcap's premiere circus show in the Multiverse, free admission for this special occasion!
3950 Finished Ren Tanaka Last Woman Standing Kazuko Kawakami'll fight anyone. She'll kick your fish's ass. She'll kick your bird's ass. She'll kick... her own ass? Just what kind of jungle did we end up in?
3949 Finished Inga Freyjasdottir
3948 Finished Toph Beifong A Blast in the Earth Kingdom Unionites come to investigate reports of kidnapping, and what they discover is a sinister scheme!
3947 Finished Graf Zeppelin Base Happenings 001
3946 Finished Xiao Li Yu First Contact
3945 Finished X All a Techno-Misunderstanding
3944 Finished Sinon Hunting the Most Dangerous Bug A dangerous tyranid finds itself in the rare situation of being prey, as Sinon and Karian hunt down the final shred of a hive fleet.
3943 Finished Hitoshura
3942 Finished Yari Takane A Very Fluffy Mission Yari Takane, Sanary Rondel, Inga, and Dorian have a mission to sheer sheep. It ends in explosions.
3941 Finished Zephyr Windstar Of the past.
3940 Finished Yunomi Stadler A Spider's Woes Yunomi, Iria and Guildmaster Rhapsody arrive to aid a refugee Yokai in search of her missing daughter. Judging by Yunomi's involvement, it's not going to be an easy case.
3939 Finished Yunomi Stadler Tending
3938 Finished Kari Wolf Katze Way
3937 Finished Alden Training and sparring between digimon.
3936 Finished Zephyr Windstar Sylphs and Skills.
3935 Finished Kari Wolf Spare Parts No. 2
3934 Finished Mute
3933 Finished Sarracenia Unexpected Adventure
3932 Finished Toph Beifong The Quest for Sustenance Three BRATS walk into a grocery store...
3931 Finished Kushiko Grineer Derelict Grineer! Warframe! Violence! All this and more at the introduction of Warframe to the Multiverse.
3930 Finished Molly Lampson This Girl Is On Fire Litwick, I don't think we're in Bayern anymore!
3929 Finished Starbound Flotilla
3928 Finished William Pauwel ____ By the Sea Shore
3927 Finished Nasrin Coffee and Milkshakes!
3926 Finished Mute Door to the Past
3925 Finished Alden Of Digimon and Tamers.
3924 Finished Toph Beifong Teleportation Troubles and Space Station Shenanigans Ziggy and Toph have to handle an emergency situation when testing of Ranger Green's capabilities don't go as planned.
3923 Finished Zephyr Windstar A Sylph in time.
3922 Finished Raylene Dunwich Typical Haunted House(?)
3921 Finished Kari Wolf Spare Parts No. 1
3920 Finished Xiaomu A Wild Ride
3919 Finished William Pauwel What Do You Do With A Cyborg Sailor?
3918 Finished Nima Kairn Lunch Aboard the Breaker
3917 Finished Ren Tanaka Ripsaw Hoshi, Ren, and an awful, terrible, horrible not good at all adventure in time travel.
3916 Finished Kari Wolf Digivice Digits
3915 Finished Gaonoir When Paths Finally Cross
3914 Finished Alden Meat plants and negotiations.
3913 Finished Steve Fort Strong
3912 Finished Starlight Bandits Despite Efforts, the Deluminated Encounters Internal Turbulance The Deluminated takes off on its maiden voyage, with many Elites on board. Things spiral out of the control from there.
3911 Finished Zephyr Windstar Seriously: Wind Mage vs Puppy
3910 Finished Terry McGinnis Shock and Awe Terry looks for Ruby at Beacon to start work on the designing and building of the dust powered weapons for him to use when hunting Grimm.
3909 Finished Ira MacNally Just Punching Stuff
3908 Finished Zephyr Windstar A Digimon and a Wind Mage walk into the Ring.
3907 Finished Lunara If a crate falls in the forest....
3906 Finished Mute Flower of a Distant Pond
3905 Finished Toph Beifong One Night at Maison Stark While Tony and Pepper are away on their honeymoon, Malibu is still bustling as Toph celebrates her fifteenth birthday with a sleep over.
3904 Finished Sanary Rondel Pig Birthday!
3903 Finished Amaterasu A Place In The Sun - Stage Six
3901 Finished The Kid ICoT: The Hard Way Cinderbrick Fort was the home to the Marshals. Now it's only home to Windbags and a Core. And so begins a race between Cael, Ura, and their associates to kill the former and obtain the latter.
3900 Finished Momoyo Kawakami Seriously, The Absolute Blade VS. The Northern Deva!?
3899 Finished Juno Eclipse Rebel Solidarity Kyra asks Juno to borrow her skills of questionable provenance to hack information from Murasame Zaibatsu hardware.
3898 Finished Steve Thaumic Intermission
3897 Finished Sir Bedivere A Meeting with the Wisewoman Saber and Bedivere stops by to chat with Inga while surveying near Inga's cottage.
3896 Finished Tomoe A Face from the Past
3895 Finished Starbound Flotilla Domain Core: Lab Ship 1(2)
3894 Finished Kutsuuko Shiratori Rank 3: City Riot
3893 Finished Graf Zeppelin An Academy Tour
3892 Finished Count Kord The Hollowed Kord brings Alexis, Ira MacNally, Steve and Fuki out to the woods near his lands to hunt the Hollowed. It's an introduction into what these things are and what they mean for Kord's world, and what it's like for a bunch of Elites to fight them.
3891 Finished Ayako Hasekawa A Water Spirit's Fortune Telling - 12 Ayako is telling fortunes again! This time: Alice Margatroid, Raine Arland, Eclipse, and Mel Brock!
3890 Finished Yang Xiao Long Grimm Attack in Urbania!
3889 Finished Ren Tanaka IFOS: Action, Please It's time to finish this once and for all. And what better way to do it than with a musical number?
3888 Finished Kotone Yamakawa Digital (Kotone and Rory)
3887 Finished Tomoyo Daidouji An Intruder at the Boutique?! Just as Tomoyo was closing up, Yari slips into the Boutique to make off with some very dangerous gems.
3886 Finished Septette Arcubielle Emissary of the Deep
3885 Finished Amaterasu A Place In The Sun - Stage Five
3884 Finished Alexis Stranger From A Strange Land
3883 Finished Nagato Operation Rei-Go! E-1
3882 Finished Pepper Potts A Stark Reception. NO ONE PLAY RAINS OF CASTAMERE!
3881 Finished Ren Tanaka IFOS: Bad Moon Rising There's one last piece of alien technology to find before the aliens can leave Amarillo: it's located in the sewers under the city. But light-hearted weirdness belies the fearsome atmosphere brewing above ground...
3880 Finished Pepper Potts A Vow Unchallenged The Wedding of Tony Stark and Virginia "Pepper" Potts
3879 Finished Alice Margatroid A Tiny Nuclear Test
3878 Finished Dominic Masoch High Tide
3877 Finished Staren Staren Invites People Over For Space Tea
3876 Finished Tamiel Divine Chef Episode 1: Mushroom Cloud
3875 Finished Taro It Came From Warehouse 23
3874 Finished Nima Kairn Crawling With Colicoids
3873 Finished Nagato Kanmusu Hinamatsuri!
3872 Finished Momoyo Kawakami A Misunderstanding Of A Clarification Of A Mix-up
3871 Finished Lina Brand Seriously, Punches versus Arrows!
3870 Finished Ren Tanaka IFOS: Jumping Jack Flash Mike's got a chip on his shoulder and a voice in his head telling him to ROLL INTO TOWN and CRUSH ALL OPPOSITION. He's bringing some real fury to the road, and it's up to the heroes of the day to go on a car crushing saga.
3869 Finished Kazuko Kawakami Seriously, Give Me a Job!
3868 Finished William Pauwel 49°51'S 128°34'W
3867 Finished Golden Spirits In The Material World
3866 Finished Terry McGinnis Social Between Friends Terry has been busy with school at Beacon Academy and work as Batman. For a change, he is getting a break from both of those activites and Max is not taking any other word, so she has got a hold of someone who might help in keep Terry away fromt he Batcave.
3865 Finished Eryl Fairfax Fists+Science=??? Momoyo volunteers as the test subject for an anti-Elite railgun. What could go wrong?
3864 Finished Laer Dragons and Diplomacy
3863 Finished Zephyr Windstar Gooey Round-up A distress call? Or just a distorted transmission for aid. Either way, something's up in the Planetary Plains.
3862 Finished Ren Tanaka Skeleton Pun Quantum physics! Compressed space! Too much high power man! IT COULD TEAR A HOLE IN THE FABRIC OF SPACE AND TIME! And also, a skeleton in a top hat!
3861 Finished Frankenstein A Servant's Questions
3860 Finished Misha A Girl's Heart Is Chilled
3859 Finished Momoyo Kawakami The Walls Between Titles...
3858 Finished Corona Arclite Taking A 'Shine To Things
3857 Finished Kutsuuko Shiratori City of Mercy
3856 Finished Momoyo Kawakami Seriously, Grand Duelist vs. Northern Deva!?
3855 Finished Ren Tanaka IFOS: Evil Men
3854 Finished Guest Psyber Hiring Housekeeping
3853 Finished Konoe Kanno A Place In The Sun - Stage 4.5
3852 Finished Pepper Potts Barganing is Fun
3851 Finished Hoshi Amakasu Free Food for Finals
3850 Finished Audrey Stormfist Fire in the Skies of Ramuh
3849 Finished Amalthea A Special Day
3848 Finished Lyner Barsett An Arcade Run
3847 Finished Evangeline NG Therapy
3846 Finished Golden New Mirage City
3845 Finished Nagato ShipWoman and JetWolf
3844 Finished Rory White Research and DOOM - er, Development
3843 Finished Momoyo Kawakami Seriously, A Tiger In The Dojo!?
3842 Finished Nero For The Sake Of Pride
3841 Finished Evangeline Staren and Toph and Eva and Ice Cream
3840 Finished Xiao Li Yu So About Making Stuff Float...
3839 Finished Momoyo Kawakami Seriously: Don't Stop To Think Kawakami!!!
3838 Finished Kazuko Kawakami Seriously, East versus West! Eastern Deva and Western Deva collide! Bow vs spear! Magic vs ki! Also, rips in space time and dis-arm-ing.
3837 Finished Chica Mendez Remember Me?
3836 Finished Yunomi Stadler PUNCHING THINGS is a GREAT BEGINNING. Yunomi and Yang introduce one another THROUGH THE PUNCHES OF FRIENDSHIP!
3835 Finished Misha Roommate Intervention
3834 Finished William Pauwel Black Ship in the Harbor
3833 Finished Yunomi Stadler The Truth Yunomi tells the truth about how she feels regarding Rhapsody, the daughter of her mentor and leader of the Izzet League.
3832 Finished Amaterasu A Place In The Sun - Stage Four
3831 Finished Guest Psyber Timebubbledentines Day
3830 Finished Ren Tanaka Cobalt Mire When they journey to Gorsh to find the cure for Kazuko Kawakami's poisoning, the Union finds more than just the swamp's vicious monsters to threaten their day.
3829 Finished Corona Arclite Bar Diving Steampunk Style
3828 Finished Dominic Masoch A Totally Mundane Adventure
3827 Finished Karian Icefang Endgame
3826 Finished Lina Brand West Wind Title Match
3825 Finished Valentha Summers A Question of Motive
3824 Finished Lloyd Irving Spar! Lloyd vs. Mairead!
3823 Finished Zephyr Windstar Lost Logia Hunt
3822 Finished Laer The Lich Ki- Du- Ba- Kni- Minor Local Jerk
3821 Finished August Kohler P:WTWM - Cat People
3820 Finished HK-47 Returning Favors After months in apparent hiding, HK-47 is finally spotted on the graveyard planet of Dahrtag - otherwise known as the 'Necropolis'. With his first open appearance since the truce, now is the best time to make the hunter into the prey - in one of the most brutal battles with the droid thus far.
3819 Finished Lute Lute and HK Meeting
3818 Finished Guest Psyber I Know A Guy
3817 Finished Bahamut Into the Calm Lands
3816 Finished Yang Xiao Long Sleepy kitty, Happy kitty Team RWBY seek their wayward member. What will they discover if/when they /do/ find her?
3815 Finished Kazuko Kawakami Seriously, It's something else?!
3814 Finished Steve Eye on the Prize
3813 Finished Alden Meeting at Crystal lake.
3812 Finished Momoyo Kawakami Seriously, That's A Carrion Rose!!!
3811 Finished Kazuko Kawakami Seriously, Food Poisoning!? Kazuko gets free food from HK-47, suspecting absolutely nothing from a freaky talking heart guy! Also, food poisoning and mucus mash.
3810 Finished Zero Kiryu Vampire Hunt: Foreign Predators
3809 Finished Scarlet Everille Blueshift
3808 Finished Yang Xiao Long And by my shoulder
3807 Finished Lute Valentine's Day At Lute's Place
3806 Finished Momoyo Kawakami Late Night Cafeteria Run
3805 Finished Nima Kairn Strange People, Strange Place
3804 Finished Starbound Flotilla Domain Core: Lab Ship 1
3803 Finished Amaterasu A Place In The Sun - Stage Three
3802 Finished Nero Seriously, Maybe You Should Reconsider!?
3801 Finished Ainsley On Perfection's Illusion Ever the honest creature, Ainsley addresses the inherent problems with perfection in a brief discussion about wishes with White Berserker.
3800 Finished Mairead Sandilands Valentine Dress Assistance Mairead travels to Equestria, specifically The Carousel Boutique for her first ever dress measurement and fittng from the master seamstress Rarity.
3799 Finished Kyra Hyral Commune with the Patron of Rebellion
3798 Finished Kazuko Kawakami Eastern Deva Match: Kazuko vs. Lu-Mey
3797 Finished Mel Brock The Psychic Didn't See It Coming
3796 Finished Karian Icefang A calm moment.
3795 Finished Gudako Ordria Tainted City in Flames - Stage 2 A group meeting focusing on building a base.
3794 Finished Nagato Carriers Ahoy!
3793 Finished Riva Banari Time For A Rivavention Riva finally pins down Psyber for an intensive talk about things.
3792 Finished William Pauwel Amber Fields of Grain
3791 Finished Rebecca Chambers Droid Stalker While out and about in New Haven-3586, Rebecca Chambers meets an old fiend, who wants her dead. How will things turn out for her?
3790 Finished Yang Xiao Long Fangs for the Memories A seemingly normal bookstore, owned by a human and staffed by Faunus. What could the White Fang want here?
3789 Finished Frankenstein Bridezerker vs Wanko!
3788 Finished Wo Talking Points (Wo)
3787 Finished Audrey Stormfist To Slow Production Down Kyra is a dirty terrorist.
3786 Finished Yunomi Stadler Down the Tubes Yunomi leads a group of adventurers down an access tunnel for some repairs -- but who knows what they will find?
3785 Finished Momoyo Kawakami Seriously, She's Fighting A Hobo!?
3784 Finished Kotone Yamakawa Shop Talk (Kotone and Staren)
3783 Finished Yang Xiao Long Strength versus Strength Hoshi Amakasu and Yang Xiao Long, two of the strongest fighters of their worlds duke it out in a friendly sparring match. Kendo Might versus Berserk Brawler!
3782 Finished Lute Lute's Post-Wanko Medical Treatment
3781 Finished Amaterasu A Place in The Sun - Stage Two
3780 Finished Kazuko Kawakami Seriously, Lute vs. Kazuko!? Eastern Deva Lute versus challenger Kazuko! Pokemon versus dog! Ice cream versus fists! Also, wrong places and times.
3779 Finished Raylene Dunwich That Darned Thang
3778 Finished Kari Wolf Of Reaverbots and Digimon
3777 Finished Ren Tanaka Seriously, Smell This For Me?! Kazuko's been feeling a little down. What better way to get her mind off of her troubles than a trip to Anaheim? I mean, a creeping, assimilating, acidic plant monster trying to eat Anaheim?
3776 Finished Lunara
3775 Finished The Kid The Guardian of the Mason King The Pantheon reaches out. Auron, as one who has dredged hope from despair, is approached by Lemaign.
3774 Finished Mandy Rose Changing The World May Have Explosive Effects
3773 Finished Lyner Barsett God Will Rise - Finale
3772 Finished Ainsley IT LIVES - White Berserker White Berserker stars as The Berserker in this story of misunderstandings, summonings, and adorable hugging. Also stars Ainsley, Saber of Silver and Kazusa Ujikane!
3771 Finished Nightblind Aftermath and Cookies
3770 Finished Inga Freyjasdottir
3769 Finished Nagato Axe-ing for Training
3768 Finished Nima Kairn 2nd Battle of Balmorra
3767 Finished Riva Banari Sisterly Intervention
3766 Finished Taro A friendly visit Intrigued by his past meetings with Alden, Taro invites the digimon to visit.
3765 Finished Kazuko Kawakami Seriously, what am I doing?! After having her dreams dashed, a depressed Kazuko gets some guidance from Yang Xiao Long! Also, chicken wing. Singular.
3764 Finished Nima Kairn Clenched Teeth Teamwork Called by a Jedi temple to ward off a Sith intruder, Jedi Revan and Kyle Katarn bring Maya and Mairead Sandilands, only to end up working together. There they find revalations about themselves and their actions through the Force...
3763 Finished Yari Takane Lizards and Puppies Yari and her daughter meet Wanko! Fights, food, and depressing pasts are hinted at.
3762 Finished Momoyo Kawakami Seriously, Knight+Mage vs. Martial Artists!?
3761 Finished Momoyo Kawakami The Goddess of Martial Arts Returns