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Lily     It's early afternoon, the sun is nice and bright in the sky in San Fransisco, California.  People are bustling around, doing their things while a strange yellow seaplane sits in the harbor... black hooded beings standing next to the plane, awaiting the group of people.  There's a sign out front, with your standard quest marker that would appear on everyone's maps..

This is the place.

"Welcome adventurers.  By Beholster eye, Dragun tooth, Gungeon wind do whisper one truth, body the floor, put a bullet through roof, Ammo willin', Past Killin' gun shall shoot.  What awaits you all is the Gungeon, a castle that you have to clear chamber by chamber, without dying.  You will be able to save your progress and leave the Gungeon at any time after defeating the boss.  It is recommended that you do not bring any melee weapons as that will anger the Gungeon."

The strange, robed person presents a small case to everyone present, inside is a singular 'gun'.   It looks like a peapod with a pistol grip.  "This... is the Pea Shooter.  It shall be your first gun into the Gungeon."  Another hooded being peers out from the plane.  "Are you ready to go?  Plane's leaving soon."

"One final thing, the weapons you collect in the Gungeon cannot leave the Gungeon, however, we will store them for you, so do not worry about losing your hard earned progress.  With that, if you wish to come, hop aboard the plane."
S6     One of the first to approach the hooded cultists is a silver-haired woman in a black dress, her eyes obscured by what looks like a blindfold. However, she doesn't act like she cannot see, because that's a combat visor. S6 hears out the presentation, one hand lifting to cradle her chin gently in thought. Her gaze is drawn down to the strange weapon offered, which she collects and lifts to examine.

    "...I am a Striker. Ranged weaponry is not my forte." She isn't even certain how a dungeon could become angry. What would that look like? The weapon is lifted, then winks out in a flicker of golden light as it enters her inventory. Without any further words, the android steps past, boarding the aircraft without another word.
Tomoe Tomoe was known to have a few other appearances today was one such day she was using such Tomoe appeared one to be human, and was seemingly smaller. Her voice hadn't changed at all as she stroke to gets aboard the transport and nods to their strange host. "Got it they are all tied to the place, thanks for the heads up on that." Given her habit of just collecting all the things into her armoury or the guild's armoury. She also seemed a good deal shorter she seems to settle in. "No melee huh it's been a while..." She really missed that Shotgun she used to use in GGO. She looks over to S6. "Look our kinda has a mind of it's own these days Cardinal likes her plots, look the last time I broke one it got ... crazy."
Go Shijima      This is the place, and there's even a rhyme offered. Go Shijima is here, with a smile on his face and a backpack slung over his shoulder. "Man..." He looks the robed figures up and down, glancing briefly towards the plane before he acknowledges them all with an upwards nod. "Did you guys come up with that on the fly? That rules!"

     He gratefully accepts the Pea Shooter, turning it over in his hands. "Pea Shooter, huh..." he pockets it, running his free hand through his amber hair, grinning. "Pretty corny, but I like it," he admits, stepping on board the plane. Which is to say... he makes a totally unnecessary frontflip to land on the ramp, then vaults in from the upper portion of the entryway, as if he were trying to navigate a submarine.
Sierra Kereson A gun? That's not something Sierra's put her hands on before, but there's a first time for everything. As the witch looks it over, it's clear she's not sure how to actually inspect the thing since she's doing that by way of knocking her knuckles against the grip, fiddling with the trigger guard, and grabbing it by the barrel to see how it swings.

"Cool beans, mystery man! Not to worry, a witch is all about shooting stuff! Just... y'know. With magic and sparkles and complicated magical stuff that's too hard to explain!" She chimes with her usual overly-high pitched cheerfulness, stepping onto the plane with a hop, a skip, and nearly bashing her head into the top of it on the way.

"So does this mean we'll find other weird guns in this place? Because if there are, I really hope we find something cute and pink and sparkly. That would go pretty well with my image, don't you think~?" She seems to looking right at Go as she asks that, going as far as adding that sickeningly saccharine wink and upwards lilt in her voice to punctuate that question.
Lily     The robed thing looks at S6, "I see..." the robed being mutters "Be warned that the Lord of the Ja..."

    "Don't say another word..."

    "Mmm. Be warned at least." It turns over to Tomoe and gives a bit of a nod before turning towards Go, "No... we didn't make it up on the fly, the Gungeon has secrets that are best left unsaid but found. Perhaps you four can be the Gungoneers that can find it?"

    Finally Sierra gets a nod, the Gun feels very light and green, almost plant like. "Almost certainly. Now go, board the aircraft...."


The plane ride is a bit bumpy, being a strange turboprop airplane, but out in the distance from what seems to be hours as night falls across the world, a large island slowly makes its appearance across the horizon, various firearm-related imagery on the structure, including a huge rifle-styled bullet angling out from the area, the entrance it may seem looking like a giant skull with purple glowing eyes and mouth.

The plane lands nearby, the path to you all clear...  and once you ENTER THE GUNGEON, you are deposited into the Breach...

It's a large area, two floors... to the left of the entrance are some beds, a tent, a couch and a few chairs, as if someone may have lived here for a while.   Directly in front is a pedestal with what looks to be just a giant bullet with a smiling face on it.   Up the left stairs is a strange blue creature with a bunch of bottles next to him and a door to his other side.   To the right set of stairs is a blocked off door with another blue creature next to it wearing a large traveling backpack.  And finally...

Up the main staircase has two blocked off doors and what looks to be an enormous bullet with the primer, two helmeted guards with staves guard it, the staves have pistols ponting up.  The eyes behind those helmets look serious, as if they're important...

The bullet, however, is.
Go Shijima      "Pink and sparkly," says Go to Sierra, falling into a seat, "Isn't what I'd expect--something more witchy, like maybe a black cat or something," he admits, as he procures his camera from the backpack and checks the battery level. He gives her a thumbs up. "But with that kind of energy, you could make anything work for you!" Battery level looks good.. He checks the lighting from the window, and snaps a picture of the city skyline, framed by the plane's window and the wing. "I'm Go, by the way."

     He's tempted to snap another picture, this time of the island approaching at night--but the lighting's all wrong, and he can't get a shot without being reflected in the window. He does, at least, get a good one once he disembarks, of the approach to the Gungeon, standing clearly in the light of the moon.

     Once inside, it's pretty clear that the guards up front are where they'll go once they're ready to challenge this place. His interest, therefore, is on something that's not so clear--what's that little smiling bullet? Go approaches it and pokes it several times with his index finger.
Tomoe Tomoe looks to Go for a moment. "It is but you get used to it, you should see some of the monsters."

She can only guess at the puns they could end up dealing with here. She looks over to Sierra for a moment. "It's been a long time since I used one, but I think I can manage." It seems that this is the setup of the dungeon, she can deal with that. She'll check the gun for the moment and seem ready this did bring back old memories. Once they arrive though.

She'll get off the ride without much fanfare. She will chat with the others if they are up to it and after that, she enters the Gungeon.

"So just what is this place..."

She breaks off for a moment to go check out the blue creature.

"Hello, there..."
Sierra Kereson "I've thought about cats, but... Nah. No animals. That's just asking for health code violations." Sierra replies to Go with a bit more bluntness than her prior tone, but still keeping that upbeat inflection going and grinning ear-to-ear all the while. "Hey, thanks! Believing in me is what keeps me going to believe in everyone! Sierra, pleased to meet you."

Thankfully, Sierra isn't this energetic throughout the entire plane ride, opting instead to take a nap eventually to conserve her energy and not get airsick looking out the window the entire time. She wakes up just in time to see the giant skull island, though, letting out an excited noise while muttering to herself about food for some reason as the plane touches down and lets them head inside.

Once in the Breach proper, Sierra takes a few moments to take a look around. Guards, blue thing, creepy statue, weird pits. Against her better judgment, Sierra picks a coin out of her pouch, puts it back, then takes out a cheaper coin and tosses it into the pit. She listens to try and hear when it hits the bottom, apparently trying to gauge how deep it is if she even hears anything.

She's prepared to enter the Gungeon whenever, but she'll screw around outside until everyone's ready to get going.

    The drone floating beside S6 seems excited, somehow. The android herself, however, simply strides from the landed aircraft with long, even steps. Her POD swivels as it drifts along, clicking periodically as it documents the Gungeon's entrance. She spends little time admiring the amenities; instead approaching the entrance itself without hesitation. S6 only stops within a few paces, looking up towards the guards, one after the other.


    "Pod," the Striker states curtly.


    Her gaze lifts to the guards once more, and the android states simply, "I request entry."
Lily     Once everyone's in the Breach, some low music starts playing, the theme of the current 'area', after all. The statue with the smiling bullet does move but does have an inscription on the base of the pillar it sits on for Go. 'A statue in memory of a great bullet'. It also seems to have slots for... items. Strange. It's all stone, but does have a bit of a smell of gunpowder to it.

    Sierra's coin is tossed off the pit... and then lands right on top of her head, the blue one near the bottles giving a slight chuckle as Tomoe comes up to him.

    Tomoe gets a look from the creature, it has no hair, and a flat expression on it... "Well, what do we have here? You must be a new arrival. Let me guess. Here to change the past, right? Well, you're not the first. But there's no salvation here. I was like you once, came to change the past. And now I have no future... Heh heh heh heh..." beat "Well, since you're here... Let me help you out." He thumbs back to the open door, "Before you go in, you'll probably want to talk with Manny. He's just through this door here. He'll... give you a tour... So, off you go. It is why you came, isn't it? To this accursed temple? Hah hah hah hah..."

    The two at the Chamber Entrance look towards S6, then at each other... "Do you think this one is ready?" "It looks like this one brought help." "Normally only one enters the Gungeon, for this, gather your allies, android, and come speak to us." the both soon cross their staves, blocking off the entrance for now.
Go Shijima      Health code violations... he's still not entirely sure what Sierra meant, even here, hours later. But he does indeed believe in his allies, and so he therefore believes that she knows best.

     The statue draws a ponderous expression, after the poking reveals the item slots. In memory of a great bullet... "Hey, you can put stuff in this statue." After this announcement, Go rubs his chin, tilting his head thoughtfully. "Maybe when we get some more stuff from in there," he says, pointing at the entrance under guard, "We can see what it does."

     In any case, You Must Gather Your Party Before Venturing Forth. Go makes an impressive series of cartwheel, single handed handspring, backflip, moonsault, tumble, all the way up the stairs, until he's standing beside S6 with a flourish.

     "Yo," he calls out to everyone else. "These guys won't let us through until we're all ready, so once you're good, come on up!"

     He points at S6's Pod. "What's that? It's got a pretty nice lens. Is it a camera?"
Sierra Kereson Sierra grunts lightly as the coin bonks her on the hat, glancing up and scrambling briefly to yoink that coin off the ground once she realizes what's happened. "Huh. Some kind of teleporter down there, from the looks of it. Neat! And a... Storage statue?" She raises an eyebrow at Go's discovery, then glances at her pea shooter. "Oh! Or maybe we can stick this and other stuff in for pri-zes~"  

She's certainly optimistic, even if that tone of hers is still way too squeaky. With that mystery solved, she turns her attention to theguards as they stop S6 from moving onwards. "Looksl ike this is the way, huh? But I think... Uh...." As she addresses S6, she gestures towards Tomoe and the bottle creature. "She's getting some details about this place or something."

She shrugs lightly, sticks her hand up to her elbow into her pouch that is most definitely not large enough for all that arm, then takes out a janitor's mop to sit upon while twirling that pea shooter in her hand in anticipation of entering the Gungeon.
S6     "Understood," S6's response is simple, if curt. The objective appears in the HUD provided by her visor, and she nods once before turning her back on the guards. Before she can move, though, Go has relocated himself to her through Completely Unnecessary But Still Pretty Cool Parkour. The android pauses, regarding him for a moment, and then simply nodding, "That is correct. The party must be together to proceed."

    "This is my POD. A sensory and offensive support drone. Data recording is one of its functions." S6 offers, "I am Striker Six, Model 18A. FANTOM frontline combat unit. S6 will suffice."

    -THIS UNIT WILL DOCUMENT THE EXPEDITION.- the POD offers in its computerized voice.
Tomoe Tomoe is taking a moment to look at the strange creature for a moment.

"I am new and came here. I .. didn't come to change the past. I thought there was a new dungeon to explore." She pauses for a moment and peers at them.

"I think I get it."

She seems to understand there may be more as the idea of changing the past? There was one ... thing she wondered if she could change but what would happen if she did?

"Thank you, I will go talk to Manny at some point, I can't let my party go off without me."

She does want to talk to them but she's going to have to do it later as she rushes to catch up with the others before they head in.
Lily     With everyone gathered, the twin guards move aside and uncross their staves... guiding all four in as soon enough, they would literally /FALL/ right into the first chamber...

    Keep of the Lead Lord

    The first room looks strange, as if you're standing on a bullet's rear end, landing on its primer. A broken shrine to the north. Everyone would find two strange blue bullets strapped to their side, and a helpful little note. 'Blanks, they will clear the room of bullets. Use wisely.'

     Strangely, a black cloud wafts up from S6's location, skulls making mocking laughter... There's only one single door now, to the left, swung open, showing off what looks to be a library of sorts, tables here and there, switches and chandileres..

    And one... bullet. Upright, almost child sized. It turns around and /smiles/, small arms holding a gun. It waddles towards the group and /starts firing/ indiscirimately, bullets already starting. It's slow moving energy balls...
Tomoe Tomoe is let in and as she is alongside the others and starts to fall, she can't flare out her wings due to the lack of natural light and she goes thud. Right on her butt in the middle of the bullet arena. Well, it seems to be a bullet arena anyway. Soon she's back up as she sees the bullet.

"Hey that things kind of cut..."

It starts shooting at them, Tomoe takes her pea shooter levels it and opens fire on the bullet before she starts moving trying to keep its attention.

"Why did you have to be cute!"

She'll keep up the attack trying to keep aggro on this.

"I'll try to keep it's attention on me!"
S6     Upon landing within the Gungeon, S6 straightens her posture, raising her hands to observe the anomaly that briefly surrounds her. She lets out a thoughtful, slightly displeased sound. That doesn't seem good; and the fact that it only happened to her; is this what the hooded figure was referring to? Well. If the Gungeon is angry; if it's already decided, than she sees no need to alter her tactics.

    In a wink of golden light, the Pea Shooter appears. S6 snatches it out of the air, then tosses it towards Go. Perhaps he can go Peas Akimbo. No sooner has S6 discarded her 'firearm' than a pair of swords wink in across her back. Paired katana, one in normal scale, the other easily twice the length with an offset blade to the hilt.



    Snapping a foot up, she flips one of the tables on its side. Using that same foot, she thrusts forward, hurling the tabletop straight at the aggressive ammunition.

    "Commencing combat operations. Clear all enemy units until the next feasible secure point."
Go Shijima      "S6! POD! Yo. I'm Go Shijima." He offers an informal little salute, and extends his hand for her to shake. "Just Go's fine--but when I'm suited up, call me Mach," he says, giving her a cool finger-gun gesture.

     As a matter of fact, he does just that, once everyone is assembled before the door. The Mach Driver is procured, mid-fall, and strapped around his waist. It's blue and silver, looks kind of like the muffler of a motorcycle.

     As the air whips past him, his hoodie flapping in the rapid descent, he lifts a tiny bike in red and white, inserts it into the belt, and presses down. It snaps neatly into place, with two bursts of flame from the 'exhaust,' followed by an announcement and a jaunty jingle seemingly made of bike horns:

                              Signal Bike! RIDER!!                              

     "Let's..." His arms are held out to slow his descent, but one hand quickly moves down to mash the button atop the Driver. "Henshin!"


     A sleek bodysuit of lightweight white armor with two red vertical stripes down the left side appears, complete with a blue-visored full motorcycle helmet with V-shaped antennae, and a waist-length shoulder cape also at the left side. On the right side of the chest, at shoulder level, there's a wheel with the hubcap facing outwards.

     He lands with a gracefull roll. "Track..." He rises, left fist closes, sweeping up towards his right shoulder, as the smiling bullet approaches. Wait, he already transformed. Why is he still mugging? "Eradicate..." Both hands crossed at the wrist. What is happening? He makes a sideways somersault over a row of slow-moving energy balls. "I'm always at..." He lands, arms thrown wide open, and the sound of a superbike's revving engine. "Mach Speed! Kamen Rideeeeer..." Is he still going?! Two windmills of his right arm, accompanied by revving sounds, then briefly lifting his knee to his elbow, bending low, before stancing wide and low with both arms wide open, palms out. "Ma-ach!" Two finger-guns towards the smiling little murder bullet. That stance means it's very easy for him to eat one of those energy orbs. He does so, knocked on his back in a shower of sparks. At least he got to finish it.

     Mach mashes the button on his belt four times with his fist. Into his hand appears...

                                  PEA SHOOTER                                  

     Mach returns fire, leaping over the slow-moving projectiles and firing from unusual midair angles, often running up and across walls to make his attacks.
Sierra Kereson And so, teh group forges on! Sierra's not sure what to expect, but a waddling bullet holding a gun is certainly not high on that list. Instead of being bewildered, though, she snaps her fingers with her usual cheerful demeanor. "Oh, I get it! Gungeon, gun-themed enemies!"

She twirls her pea shooter in hand, then thrusts her hand out and accidentally flings the entire thing at the waddling bullet. She stares at the gun as it hurtles through the air, her perception of time slowing down rapidly until everything stops for her.

The gun is en route. Energy balls are coming at her and the rest of the group.  Dodging them should be simple enough, so it's just a matter of turning her flub into something that actually works out for her. If she angles a burst of wind just so, maybe...

No, that wouldn't work. She needs to use the gun to follow the spirit of this place! Better than risking the entire place clamoring for her blood, anyway.

Her peception of time returns to normal, and Sierra starts dashing after her gun as it flies through the air. She slides past one energy ball, barely skims past another, then snatches her gun right out of the air with a deft spin, whirling around to bring the front of the pea shooter down at the bullet just in time to...

... misjudge her trajectory entirely and possibly pistol whip it right across the head.
Lily     The henshin makes the little Bullet pause in curiosity, it never saw something like this in the Gungeon before! So it lets up on its attacks just for a second... as it spins its gun around to reload with more bullets. There's also something indiscriminate about indiscriminate attacking, Tomoe would find that there is literally /no aggro table/ that she could find, no taunts seem to work but her aggression is getting the better of the little Bullet. With Go and Sierra, though... The Pea Shooter does /exactly/ what it says. It shoots peas. They go splat against the Bullet... and with S6 kicking the table, the Bullet pops.

    Room cl... targeting reticules with bullets inside them pop up and up and up... a small little army of bullets, some wearing headbands and wielding semiauto's start spewing energy bullets all over the place towards the Gungeoneers and behind a pillar two walking /shotgun shells/ wielding shotguns of their own make that little kchunk sound of a reload, firing a shotgun spread of bullets towards the group! What looks to be a /dynamite stick/ with a lit fuse rushes towards S6 while three walking /grenades/ start to chase the Kamen Rider, the Tank and the Witch!

    The bullets don't have words, but their smiling faces... for those that have them, have only one look on their mind, 'murder' or smiles... one of the two.
Sierra Kereson "That's one down!" Sierra pipes up as the Bullet bursts out of existence, then yelps as those targets appear around the room. They're nowhere near her, but it's still startling enough that she hops on her mop, already zipping around while seated in anticipation of getting shot by some giant gun. When those targets instead turn into more of those bullets, she...

No, she's going to stay on the mop. It's (presumably) safer on that, anyway, as she starts darting this way and there with far more agility and speed than she would on her feet, firing away with her pea shooter and not looking too pleased about its firing rate.

"This thing's so slow! Can't we just take one of their guns?!" She waves wildly at one of the shotgun shells before screeching when a stray spread shot from one of those shotgun shells nicks her arm. Her noises continue when she sees the walking grenades, meanwhile, going from one corner of the room to the other to try and keep that thing off her back as she fires (fairly inaccurately) at and around it to try and whittle it down.
Tomoe Tomoe watches Go transform and just stops for a moment as Go transforms into an armoured hero, she's pretty impressed at this. Sierra meanwhile has an issue with her shooting but it could be worse, right? Still, all things considered, it hasn't gone too badly for the group she's running with. She does call out to Sierra. "Keep at it."

To Go Shijima she notes.

"Geeze you outdo my transformation with that!"

She's not mad she seems amused if anything at it. S6 meanwhile has just been blasting her way through this pretty darn well and the party will find the grenades chasing them. She will start shooting as fast as the Pea Shooter can fire trying to bring the grenades down as quickly as she can.


What next Crockets?
S6     Lower tier enemy. That's the determination S6 makes when the little bullet is destroyed so quickly. Her POD chimes when the reticule teleports appear and she shifts her posture into a readied position. Quickly, she evaluates the threats appearing from their various covers, flipping her sword out into her hand. Twisting, the android releases her weapon, firing it like a dart at the approaching dynamite creature. Fully intent on impaling it to the wall. Her sword could probably survive that. Maybe.

    Stance shifting, S6 cants her head towards Sierra, then towards the shotgun-weilding Shellkin. After a moment's thought, she reaches out with her empty hand, wrapping the weapon in rings of golden runes and attempting to wrench it out of the Gundead's hands using her VRCS. It's an act that leaves her open for the second Shellkin. A shower of pellets prompts a scattering spray of scarlet lubricants, but S6 focuses on the task at hand.
Go Shijima      "That's me!" says Go proudly to Tomoe, prodding his chest with a thumb when it seems like the room's been cleared.

That wasn't so ba--oh, man! That's a lot of them.

     Evading the spray has just gotten more difficult--but not so much that he can't indulge in some Bantz. "Go right ahead," he calls to Sierra, making a baseball slide under her mop to avoid a shotgun burst. He's got an idea for just such an acquisition!

     Those grenades are gonna keep hounding me... but I bet I can keep them moving!

                          SIGNAL BIKE//Signal Change!                          

    Go races around the room, his motion so fast that his form is a blur of red and white. The hubcap on his shoulder changes to a red STOP sign. His aim is to keep the grenades moving, and blast the Shellkin that S6 is stealing from with the Pea Shooter. The dinky projectile takes on a red aura as it travels, and will paralyze whatever it strikes! It should allow a clean steal.

     Unfortunately, he took is eyes off of one of those grenades for too long, and it cleverly placed itself in his path. He zooms right into it, triggering an explosion that throws him into the air with a cry of surprise, and a shower of Toku Sparks erupting from his armor.
Lily     The Bullet-like foes get dispatched and don't seem to get up, some of them dropping little silver bullets... meanwhile, innocent looking birds just watch from the walls.

    S6's sword pierces the Nitra, pinned to the wall with nowhere else to go, it does the only other thing it can do.. /explode/ in a line towards the group, taking out a few Bullet-kin on the way!

    The Pea Shooter doesn't do /much/ damage but combined with everyone around, the grenades explode, taking out some more of its own bullet-kin around.

    More of the explosions happen and soon everything starts to die down... the doors unlock and four items show up in front of each.

    A baseball bat appears in front of S6, glowing with that same black cloud from earlier... what looks to be a 3d printed lower case r in front of Tomoe, a pistol grip with a spiral horn, it looks positively MAGICAL appears in front of Sierra though, it has that same black cloud that S6 got... and finally, a large shotgun shell appears in front of Go. This one doesn't have a face on it.

    There does only seem to be one other exit here, leaning to a room with a gold skull door....
S6     Gunfire, explosions, and many squeaky bullet-shaped minions later, S6 straightens her posture. Surrounded by broken lumber from numerous tables and the shattered remains of a shotgun, she reaches out at last. The hilt of her sword returns to her hand, though the blade is severely damaged. She frowns slightly at this, dispelling the weapon into her inventory.

    The scarlet bat is collected to replace it. She lifts this new weapon, giving it a few experimental swings as her POD's scan provides data on it. She nods once, releasing the weapon so that it floats into position across her back.

    Everyone present is a skilled adventurer, she presumes, or they wouldn't be here. Thus, the android instead strides towards the golden skull-faced door. At least the leaking red lubricant has mostly stopped.
Sierra Kereson With Go's encouragement, Sierra weighs her options in figuring out how to snatch a shotgun from one of those animated shells. Most of those plans involve actually getting near the thing, though, and thati s very much something she would prefer not doing considering how much it hurt when she got grazed by a bullet earlier.

Well, maybe it didn't hurt THAT much. She could just be overreacting, but the witch isn't exactly the subtle sort if all that shrieking and fleeing is any indication. As cute as these foes might appear, she's having trouble dealing with them in the context of using these strange guns, and she's already looking a bit worn down by the time the room is finally cleared.

"The treasures from this place really better be worth it. I could be getting paid way more for less-ooh, what're these?" Her complaining, thankfully, is stopped short almost immediately as NEW WEAPONS appear in front of the group, and Sierra picks up the strange horn with the grip. She points it at the ceiling, giving it an experimental squeeze and jumping at the rainbow bursting out of it and the music following with that.

"... O-oh. Oh, this is obnoxious. Oh." Despite her words, she's grinning ear to ear. "Oh, we gotta try this. What'd you all get, partners?" She calls out excitedly even as she's already drifting towards the gold skull door with S6 atop her broom, ready to give her weapon a test against whatever dreadful thing might be inside and already forgetting her complaint literal seconds ago.
Go Shijima      Mach grabs the shotgun shell, holding it up for everyone to see. "Yo, check it out," he says, rolling it across his fingers with dexterous grace. He pops it into the air and catches it easily. "Maybe this'd fit in the bullet statue back at the entrance."

     There's a glance towards S6, and although his face is hidden by the helmet, it's not hard to pick up the concern. "Hey, S6, you okay? You're bleeding..."

     His fiddling with the shell ends up inadvertently using it, once he crosses into the next room. "EH?!" Go leaps aside in surprise, as the shell shoots shotguns. "I-isn't that the wrong way around?!" The shotguns thusly fired then shoot two projectiles upon colliding with a wall. "Oh. Still..."

     "That's pretty crazy! This place is cool."
Tomoe Tomoe keeps her eyes on the birds as things keep going she needs to be ready for grenade and thankfully they have enough firepower to bring them down. When it's all over she will pause pick up the strange ansi gun. It seems to do better than her Pea Shooter which is put into her inventory for the moment. With that, she'll take her new weapon and press on for the door.

"Looks like there's only one way out of here, shall we get to it?"

She pauses to make a test fire on her gun. It fires B U L L E T, it fires the word and she can't help but laugh at this.

"I was not expecting this."

She also gives Go a grin before turning her attention to Sierra.

"If it turns out to be a bust I know a few places that we could hit up later!"
Lily     The new room is huge. Almost open air. Books litter the ground while tables look to be untouched, even one has a giant cheese wheel with a slice next to it.


    What's even stranger is the /huge bird nest/ with a vulcan cannon, complete with obnoxiously huge ammo canister next to it in the nest.... And there's a caw.

    A loud one.

    A giant blue feathered seagull divebombs the nest and snatches up the vulcan cannon and canister... and flies away... only to land with it.. /equipped!/

    It does an absurdly manly FLEX and the feathers on its chest burst out to reveal and eight pack set of abs, hugely muscled arms... and a loud, crazed "CAW" as yellow, beady eyes stare at the four intruders!

            GATLING GULL

    This has /HEALTH BARS!/
S6     S6 strides into this next, larger room. Without missing a beat, she replies to Mach, "Repairs can wait until the operation is concluded."


    The android stops, settling into a readied posture when that enormous shadow descends, making off with an absurdly large weapon. When the creature lands and flexes, she's already examining its biology and equipment for weakpoints.

    All data indicates that 'Casey' is the ideal weapon. But with the method that 'Casey' is meant to function, she must wait for the Gatling Gull to open fire. Less than ideal. Instead, she reaches a new conclusion, barking out a short command, "POD."


    The POD drone's casing unfurls to reveal a rotary-barrel cannon, opening fire just past S6. With a gesture, Casey swings off her back and into the line of fire, swatting a cluster of small calibur rounds, giving them that Gungeon spice as she knocks a handful of rounds at the flexing Gull.
Go Shijima      "Sure thing, S6," says Mach in response. He's hardly one to nag people about fighting injured, anyway, and he knows it. "Whoa, look at that!" Mach points in the direction of the vulcan cannon. "Think that'd be fast enough for you, Sie--" He's cut off by a sudden caw, and he hurriedly readies the Shell. The STOP bike is still slotted into the belt he wears, his hubcap shoulder-plate still displaying a STOP sign.

It's huge... I'd better stick with Stop right now! Try and break up its attacks to let us soften it up first.

    That's exactly what he does. Having already accidentally used his weapon, and being somewhat familiar with its range, Mach runs at high speed, up the wall. There's a sound like a superbike's engine revving, his form again a red-and-white blur. A backflip at the apex of the wall carries him towards the bird's nest, and into the Shell's optimum range.

     When he fires it, each of the shotguns created bears a choke in red and white, which reads STOP across the side. The bullets created by these shotguns crackle with red energy, which slow the Gull down in increasing increments, the more that find their mark!

     "This is pretty crazy," comments Go, as he makes use of the last of his momentum to deliver an impressive inverted axe kick to the swole bird's shoulder, landing in dangerous point blank range and rolling to the side to keep out of S6's line of fire. "I thought this was just gonna be like, laser tag or something!" It's definitely not a complaint, however--he's clearly having fun.
Sierra Kereson "Yeah, no, I think this works." Sierra answers Tomoe, still giggling excitedly as she waves that horn-gun around. It doesn't register in her mind right away that the bird that comes down is as large as it is, but the flexing and it's RIPPLING MUSCLES give her reason to pause.

Also, the fact that it's got a freaking gatling gun. "... Ah. We're in danger." She comments dryly, inhaling deeply to steady her nerves as she straddles that mop once again. There's a pause as Sierra gets her bearings straight, and then she starts howling with delight as the unicorn horn starts blasting rainbow lasers and obnoxious music all over at the Gatling Gull.

"Come on! Let's see how much damage this magical baby can do!" She's even singing along with the music after getting it stuck in her head from the first few seconds, although it's less singing and more vocalizing the noise while completely tone deaf.
Tomoe Tomoe enters into the chamber she sees the gun she pauses for a moment when she hears the caw.

"Looks like we found them."

Wait it grabed the gun? Okay, she was not expecting that and she's now levelling the r at the thing. As she fires her allies can see B U L L E T as in actual letters being fired from her gun as she just tries to get up in the bird's grill.
Lily     The Gatling Gull doesn't even get time to FIRE to start, setting into an aiming position as bullets from the POD fire right into the humanoid bird, the bullets ripping right into it but it doesn't seem to slow him down at all, there is splatter as it all connects and the health bars go down! Same thing with those STOP-Gun Shells, the movements from the Gatling Gull do slow down some, but boss monster, it doesn't slow down TOO much... and even the word B U L L E T splatters and crashes right into it, the health bar continuing to go down...

    The RAINBOW LASER smashes right in and as long as Sierra keeps it aimed, it should continue to damage, even with the annoying happy music, and damage it does, as the health bar continues to deplete....

    Until it launches itself up in the air and across the room. A glowing energy ball starts from the front of that gun and /fires/... then another... and another, before they explode into a wave of energy ball bullets.. And strangely enough, it tilts its head back.... and reticles appear below the Gungeoneers feet... and the "THOOMP" of /rockets/ start being expelled from the Gatling Gull's beak, arcing in the air before coming crashing down.

    "Noted," S6's response is rather dry. A sidelong dash becomes a roll, from which the android springs across one of the scattered tables resting around Gatling Gull's lair. Twisting as she lands, she gives the edge a sharp kick, upending the countertop as makeshift cover. Casey swings about until she grasps it firmly in both hands, drawing the weapon up into a readied posture, her body tense.

    The second the Gull's storm of bullets breaks through the tabletop, S6 swings. A small percentage of rounds do make it through, splattering the castle floor behind her with scarlet lubricants.

    With a resounding *CRACK*, the bulk of bullets are captured by Casey, brought together, and knocked right back at the Gatling Gull while he's occupied with spewing out missiles on the other fighters present.
Sierra Kereson "Looks like this is working, everyone! Keep it up and don't stay out of cover for too long!" Sierra calls out to her allies, warning them of the potential for incoming fire even as her mop's path takes her far and away from actual cover in favor of letting her maintain that rainbow laser for as long as possible.

At least, she keeps that going until the bird starts to fly. "Hey! That's cheating! Only I'm allowed to do that!" Feigning irritation, Sierra kicks off the ground as she takes to the sky as well. With so many bullets flying around, though, it'd take great flying skill and honed natural instincts to not get shot down!

Instead, Sierra cheats. Being able to slow down her perception of time and making minute adjustments in mid-flight makes it a simple enough matter to swerve around those flying orbs, spinning around in mid-air and reaching out to just barely draw her hand over a wave of shots without outright touching them just to posture.

"And that's how you do it! Just like-" And then the rockets start exploding below her. That, of course, has Sierra shrieking again as she scrambles to get out of the explosion radius. Instead of firing her rainbow gun at the swole gull's body, though, she instead turns her weapon on its own weapon. "That gun's too big... Not allowed! Let's see if you got any other tricks up your sleeves, big birdy!"
Tomoe The Gatling Gull is proving to be no weak foe as it assaults the party. She will end up showing just how agile she is she ends up backflipping away only getting a few grazing hits rather than caught and pumped full of bullets. To those who don't know Tomoe, they might take note of the strange red wireframes on both her body and clothing where hit.

"Aye keep at it, don't sit still against something like this."

The bird, flying annoys her a bit as she can't fly in here either, she wishes she could do right now.

"Hey big bird over here!"

She keeps shooting more B U L L E T s at the Gull as she keeps on the move.
Go Shijima      "It's spitting out rockets?!"

     Mach's alarmed cry matches well the urgent panic evident in his movements. The HUD on his helmet blares imperatives and warnings as those reticles appear below his feet. It's only thanks to the slow-down effect of his currently-slotted Signal Bike that he's able to outrun them, making a dramatic baseball slide beneath one of them just before it strikes the ground and explodes.

     He's back on his feet with an agile kip-up, kicking a table into the air to form a hasty barrier for a quick greeble-change.

                          SIGNAL BIKE//Signal Change!                          

     When the table clatters to the ground following S6's counterattack, Mach's shoulder-hubcap has changed to a road sign signaling a dangerous turn up ahead, in caution yellow with an exclamation point... and a bullet?

     "Good idea," says the Rider, finger-gunning at Sierra as she cries fowl. Thrusters on his back ignite with blue flames, and he comes in for another pass with the Shell. This time, the shotguns created spawn two anthropomorphic hard light bullets, with grinning fanged teeth, angry eyes, and... boxing gloves? A group of four of them rapidly appear before the gull, pummeling it before dissipating.

     Coming around for another pass, Go flies up, the Shell tucked between his knuckles, and makes a gun-assisted haymaker, to spawn some point blank shotguns and the resulting punch-bullets!
Lily     Unusual biology is the name of this entire thing!

    The gun makes a click noise as it starts to prepare another hailstorm of bullet, only to have some of its own bullets batted RIGHT BACK at the Gatling Gull, splashing it with more damage, and ripping some of its feathers off its head. Oh, and yea, the health bar went down quite a bit too! It angry-caws at S6 and looks to leap towards her location....

    Movement interrupted by Witch.

    The Unicorn Horn does its damage, the gun's barrels start to seize up, greatly diminishing its output... but it still has the rockets out of its beak! Stupid cheat time!

    Tomoe's being an annoyance as well with the LETTERS trying to spell out its doom, and its doing quite a good job, not even needing to spellcheck the damage there and Go... well, go does something. Something unusal and his own hard-light Bullet-kin go after the Gatling Gull, along with the point blank SHELL shot, the bird is really feeling the heat here... but Go's right in range of something unexpected...

    Gatling Gull tries swiping at Go with the vulcan cannon, before going back to firing off more rapid shots of bullets, a bit more dispersed now that a couple barrels aren't working, at the entire Gungeoneer's retinue!
Sierra Kereson "What kind of bird even spits missiles like that?!" Sierra's still freaking out over the bizarre attacks being thrown about by the Gatling Gull, apparently more comfortable with things like W O R D S gun, rebounding bullets, and anthromorphic bullets than a bird spitting out explosives. The continued volley of bullets should be a small respite from that, but...

No, no, Sierra's still going to keep shrieking and flitting about like a panicking bird herself. Without having the wherewithal to utilize her time perception abilities, she actually gets grazed by some of those shots as well, and her mop even loses some of its dampened  brushes to the bullets.

"Wh... Oh, you jerk! I spent a lotta money on this one!" Circling back around, Sierra reaches into her pouch and yanks out a flask of suspiciously green liquid. "Watch your ears, because I think this bird's going to really start singing after this!"

It's acid. She's not sure what's going on with this creature's biology, but she does at least have copious amounts of terrible chemicals on her side. The witch flings the acid flask towards the Gatling Gull at full force, apparently trying to douse it with acid and cover it in glass shards all in one fell swoop!
S6     S6 sweeps Casey back once more, tensing every artificial muscle in preparation for Gatling Gull's onslaught. Now she has a pretty good idea of how best to use this weapon, thanks to the initial scans and some in-field use. With the next flurry of chaingun fire, she swings again in a wide arc. This was somewhat mis-timed though, as rather than hurling every bullet right back at its source, it sort of scatters Gatling Gull's bullets in a fan in front of her. She immediately notes the mistake, adding it to her growing knowledge of the weapon.

    One of those errant bullets slams into a chain winch. The chain snaps, disappearing up into the ceiling.


    A heartbeat later, S6 prepares to jump off. She's fast. Gravity is faster. One of the Chamber's opulent chandeliers collapses right on top of her with a resounding crash. This was not the only thing held aloft by that winch, though; the room's other chandelier also descends..!
Tomoe The fight rages on, and the thing biology is strange but she's not thinking about that too much. She has more things to worry about, like getting shot. Or her allies getting shot by this gun-happy birdman. She keeps moving, weaving, bouncing, doing flips. Somehow she avoids any harm this time. She'll take this moment to level her r again at the gunner bird.

"I have no idea Sierra!"

S6 is still going strong and Go? Well, he's just basically doing a variant on a rocket punch as far as she's concerned. This is also a very awesome thing to her, to see something like that. She keeps shooting words at this thing hoping to do enough damage to help bring it down.
Go Shijima      "What kind of gun shoots letters?" asks Mach of Sierra, gesturing towards Tomoe with an exaggerated point. "Just go with it! It's fun!" Thumbs-up!

     Gatling Gull attempts to swing that huge vulcan cannon in a melee attack. As is part and parcel of Riders, Mach attempts to skill-parry.

     This doesn't work well, because even the Mach System's strength enhancements aren't quite enough to put them on equal footing, and his combat banter means he screwed up the timing for a true Perfect Parry.

     What happens instead, as his arm moves up in an attempt to turn it aside, is that the huge gun slams into his shoulder instead of his waist, smashing his wrist and forcing him into the wall hard enough for it to crack. His thrusters cut out, briefly robbing him of his flight.

Gh! Those muscles aren't just for show... but we can't let ourselves be pushed around by the first boss!

    Mach retaliates by using leverage, running partially up the wall and thrusting with his legs to force himself free. He's just able to manage, flipping over Gatling Gull to strike its head with a hard elbow.

     Landing behind, he makes a roundhouse aimed at its leg to throw its aim off, cartwheeling out of the way of Sierra's acid only to land in the path of the chandelier. "Whoa!" Leaping backwards and reactivating his thrusters, he dashes back in, this time to utilize his speed.

     A rapid flurry of punches aimed at those impressive abs, every second one causing a new set of hard-light shellkin to appear and add their might to the flurry!
Lily     This is a kind of bird that spits missiles.

    It caws angrily at everyone and it visibly looks pained and still going at it though! Bullets fly, missiles continue to be thrown, chandeliers are dropping. ACid being thrown by Sierra and bullets being reflected back by S6's bat smash right into the angry bird, loudly screeching causing bookshelves to drop and chandeliers to fall from the ceiling again!

    The weaponized ansi continues to pelt the big bird, but at least Go is GO-ing with it. The mach speed punching connects solidly while the acid continues to eat through the health bar of the Gatling Gull! It breaks off once more, taking flight and landing at the far end...

    It fires four huge bullets... easily dodgable... until they hit a wall, causing massive arcs of bullets to come spewing from the resulting explosion, though the missiles finally stop...
S6     It takes a moment for S6 to extricate her damaged body from the ruined chandelier, twisting metal out of her way and hauling herself free. As it was mostly damage by crushing, fortunately none of her terrifying android internals are all that visible, although she is 'bleeding' an alarming amount by human standards. Damage readouts are quickly scanned in her HUD, then shrunken down and pushed aside. She can deal with that later.

    Bracing herself briefly using Casey like a cane, the android then sweeps the bat up and grips it firmly with both hands. An alert flashes across her vision, Targeting Impairment. She dismisses it, going entirely with her instinct as Gatling Gull starts shooting huge bullets.

    This is it..! With Casey fully prepared, every artificial muscle fiber issuing integrity warnings, S6 brings the Gungeon's bat down in a hard, sweeping arc right into one of those great big bullets. It shatters into its small parts, as it was meant to do against the walls; but each and every pellet is instead quite suddenly and violently repurposed by Casey into a dense cluster of projectiles sent careening back towards Gatling Gull.

    The effort staggers S6, and she braces herself using Casey once more as bolts from the other orbs burst against her back. All she can do is endure it for the moment.
Sierra Kereson It's back in the air! Sierra doesn't seem quite as irritated this time, though, as she's also floating off the ground on her trusty mop moments later. "Fun? Heh... Yeah, I guess! Sure haven't swung around a unicorn's... Anything like this before. But keep moving, everyone! Just move through the shots and you'll be fine!" She sounds confident announcing that, although her confidence is going to have to crap out considerably once she realized how much she's failed to consider.

Namely, the bullets becoming from behind. The four giant bullets are avoided easily enough, and she even laughs when it sails harmlessly past her. "Really? That's all you've got left? Come on, you're gonna have to do better than th-"

And then the bullets explode from the wall, striking Sierra right in the back. She howls with pain and thrashes about in mid-air, overreacting a bit even with the actual pain she's feeling. Jerking forward, Sierra lifts further into the air to keep herself out of the line of fire from her allies, and it's also being used as an opportunity to figure out what her next angle of atack should be.

"This guy really seems to like flying around, doesn't he...? Well, let's see how much he likes not being able to fly so much!" Drawing shapes in the air with the unicorn horn now, Sierra combines the strange gun she's found with the power of WITCHCRAFT as a shining magic circle gleams in the air in front of her. She thrusts the horn gun through the circle to cap off the hex, causing a purplish haze to surround the Gatling Gull in an effort to sap its mobility. The rainbow laser comes out again as well, targeted towards the flying beast's wings to try and stop it from darting around so damn much!
Go Shijima      Usually--when it's not modified by weapons like the ones here in the Gungeon, Danger is very similar to the Gull's next attack: big and slow, but very dangerous. Mach knows well to keep far away from those huge bullets, leaping over one, speeding around behind S6 as she winds up for the fences.

     "Don't be fooled!" he cries to Sierra, too late to do any good. He himself, is fooled, too, for though he manages to avoid the explosion, he wasn't expecting the resulting hail of orbs afterwards.

     They catch him as he's trying to close the distance, smashing into his suit and breaking his super-speed approach. Mach is thrown to the ground amidst a hail of sparks, hastily rolling from harm's way into a kneel.

He's more than just a musclehead with a big gun... the coverage on his attacks is huge! I'll have to change my strategy...

                          SIGNAL BIKE//Signal Change!                          

The symbol on his hubcap changes into a blue multi-headed arrow, signifying diverging turns ahead. Rising back to his feet, Mach makes an erratic zig-zag, flipping between tables, over Tomoe, juking behind Sierra, kicking off of walls, all the while firing the Shell.

     This time, instead of anthropomorphic bullets, or even shotguns, it's curious blue orbs that strike portions of the room. They open rapidly into blue portals, which spit out the aforementioned shotguns, attacking from bizarre angles such as 'directly below,' 'the adjacent wall,' 'the ceiling' and even 'the Gull's bicep.'
Tomoe Tomoe was into Parkour long before she ever became the person the multiverse knows now. She has however not stopped being into it either. It shows now as Tomoe zigs sags and just avoids the hail of fire coming her way. Even she is shocked she's evaded harm, now is not the time to stop, however. As Gull seems to be in a period of reloading she needs to press the attack now and she just opens up, firing again and again at the hulking birdman.

"Not done yet, take a look big man it's in a BOOK!"

Okay that wasn't the best one-liner but it's what she could think of as the ANSI now becomes a bullet hell of its own.
Lily     The Gatling Gull looks battered and bruised, the word play from Tomoe doing damage, scraping here and there. The adage is true, sticks and stones will break this bird's bones, but words are truely hateful. It angrily caws at the B U L L E T hitting it and starts off towards Tomoe, only distracted long enough for Go's Split, the erratic zig zag makes it hard for the Gatling Gull to follow, only for those blue orbs to get shot out and shotguns fired from /those/ instead, confusing the hell out of the ammo slinging avian!

    Once those wings became MUSCLE HAVING ARMS, it's more been /jumping/ than flying, but it's close enough! It caws loudly when the bullet explosion hits Sierra, but is it from laughter? Hatred? Pain? Did it suddenly remember a funny bullet joke that was out of primer? Who knows! It caws once more and tries to jump out of the way but that hex and the RAINBOW laser make pretty damn sure it doesn't move...

    All the better for S6's HOME RUN STRIKE, sending that exploding bullet to clip the bird right in the head, the entire thing chunking a /huge/ hit of HP from its bar... and with a debuff too. All the better for it to LASER FOCUS the android. It summons up what strength it has left, aims its head to the sky and reloads... a rapid stream of missiles come shooting out to strike in a wide area, the majority of them focused on S6, as the gatling gun drops to the ground and explodes. It wasn't doing any more shooting after this....
S6     Surrounded by a downright gruesome amount of red splatter, one can only accept S6 is an android by the fact that a human would have passed out by now. Her grip slips on Casey, but she quickly corrects it. The Striker isn't ready to give in just yet. She inhales deeply, releasing that breath with a jet of steam. Alerts cross her vision related to system damage and overheating, which she takes only a moment to address. Purging superheated coolant, rerouting damaged lines to her HCS. A shimmering heat-haze begins to form around the android as she straightens her posture, steam rising from tears in her skirt.

    "...This has been a learning experience," she states simply.

    Crouching suddenly, the android hurls herself into motion, right into the spray of rockets. One explodes close to her. Another is a direct hit. She weaves through the onslaught, dragging Casey on the castle floor for about half the distance. As she closes, she sweeps the bat up in a two-handed grip, similar to how she'd use her larger katana. Her heel catches. By the time her toe strikes, her knees have bent, and the woman hurls herself upward and forward.

    When S6 descends, she brings the bat down, her legs sweeping up to either side in a 'V' in pure reflex reaction to the force she's placing into the swing. All for that singular, satisfying sound.
Go Shijima      The room sounds like a freeway, as every dash Mach makes creates a revving sound like that of a superbike's acceleration.

He's preparing for something... I can tell! If I don't get a finisher out, it might be me that's finished.

     If only it were so simple. Mach mashes the button on his belt four times in rapid succession. The belt's chipper AI announces:

                             HISSATSU//Full Throttle!                            

     Just in time for the volley of missiles to begin. Warning lights flare across his HUD as he pushes the suit to its limits, leaping over missiles, kicking off of them in midair. One misstep--a foot placed on the edge of a table with a leg damaged from the fighting--is all it takes for him to be caught in the blast of one of those multitudinous missles.

     With a shower of sparks and blue lightning, Go is thrown from his perch mid-leap, crying out in surprise and pain as the suit's safety features convert the energy of the attack into stinging bio-feedback. It's almost more than the suit can handle...

     But the energy of that finisher is still there, waiting to be used. Hitting the ground hard, slammed into a wall, Mach struggles back to his feet with a grunt. With a triumphant cry, he leaps into the air. Blue lightning crackles all over his body as he flips end over end, turning so rapidly that his form becomes a white blur.

     The thrusters fire in coordinated bursts, speeding him towards the Gull--and at the last minute, he sticks his leg out to deliver a kick boosted by centrifugal force, moving so quickly that the air around it burns.

     At that precise moment, duplicates of his kick appear from shimmering blue portals, each one aimed at a vital point, creating a spectacular explosion to match those of the missiles, timed For Style just as S6 makes her bat impact with that satisfying CRACK.
Tomoe Tomoe has pushed herself a bit too hard and she's paying for it as she's trying to recover. Gatling Gull transformers gaining some of the most dangerous guns utterly ripped arms. It's also now humping that gives her some more play but its HP bar isn't quite gone yet as the missiles come. Tomoe tries to shield herself with her arms but it's bait she's sent flying and when she rises? Her body and face is a mess of angry red wireframes and only one of her eyes appears normal at all. She doesn't look happy though as she has some shots left in her gun she'll be moving a bit slower as she just fives S6, Go and Sierra some covering fire. She's already spent most of what she has and she knows it.
Sierra Kereson Go's mention of the bird's coverage has Sierra thinking. With so much coverage to worry about, does she even have room to dodge? Only one way to find out as it starts barraging the group with a rain of missiles, forcing Sierra to look for gaps in the attack. She can identify a few potential spots, although actually getting through them properly is going to be quite a hassle.

"That's... Go's right! If you can't dodge 'em, just take one from the sides instead of a bunch at once!" Sierra recommends actually goes with that bit of advice, flinging herself to one side of the room where only a few missiles might catch her in their blast radius instead of the bulk of them.

As the smoke clears from the explosions that covered Sierra entirely, she can still be seen floating in midair, singed and battered in multiple places, but she's still alive! She's also standing on her mop, balanced precariously atop it while gripping the horn-gun in one hand and the pea shooter in the other.

Naturally, she's going to fire both guns at once. So what if the recoil or rate of fire doesn't match? All she needs to do is fire as wildly as possible, joining Tomoe in providing covering fire for S6 and Go complete with clashing audio cues.
Lily     The room's freeway sounds, the steam rising from the android, the gunnery from the others...

    There wasn't much more that the Gatling Gull could take, without its weapon, and /possibly/ its stockpile of regurgitated rocketry, it gets ready to try one more thing... At least, it would if the current events were going its way instead of the Gungoneers way.

    There's a loud resounding /CRACK/ as Casey is swung over the head of the Gatling Gull, echoing through the freeway-sounding room, as if something /critical/ was hit, it definitely felt it as it staggers from the mighty blow.

    The covering fire from Tomoe is definitely useful as it distracts the Gatling Gull more from Sierra's own Unicorn Horn's rainbow laser blasting and the tiny pea shooter's green for the earth bulletry. The Pea Shooter does do /some/ damage, more of annoyance damage, but the constant laser fire (and included music track) rip right into the Gatling Gull's HP Bars... the constant damage over time effect getting to it.

    Last but not least, the Kamen Rider's own RIDER KICK... slams right into the chest of the Gatling Gull, and, where the Shell's gun's once fired from, the copies of the Rider slam right into the head, legs and back of the Gatling Gull, the HP bar depleted from the group's combined effort. The Gull freezes, eyes going blank as it falls over with a massive, dust shaking /THUD/... and various gold and silver shell casings... along with some chips that have a strange symbol being projected in the air... the Hedgemony Credits, drop as well.

    Not to mention the massive Congratulations! message and one final door opening... where they'd see a bullet being 'loaded' into an elevator shaft... doors sliding open and a BIG RED BUTTON with a face on it... this one talks...
Tomoe Tomoe sees the word Congratulations and flinches like she'd been hit in the face it passe fairly quickly she'll collect loot where she cana nd then move to head out, she's beaten she's tired and looking like she's ready to go. "Going to have to recover before we can go deeper in here I think..."
Lily     The BUTTON responds. "Yea, you're looking pretty beat up, you wanna take a break and come back later?"
S6     S6 rebounds off Gatling Gull just in time for Kamen Rider Mach's multidirectional Rider Kick, giving the armored warrior plenty of clearance. When she lands, she staggers, slamming Casey down to brace herself once more. Her gloved hand slips in the greasy residue her injuries have left on the handle, but she holds fast. Two breaths, and she raises the weapon to ready once again.

    But the Gull is down, it seems. The colossal, absurdly macho bird collapses. S6 remains at the ready for several moments, shoulders rising and falling. Only once it becomes clear that Gatling Gull is not getting back up does her posture relax. The baseball bat Casey flips up out of her hand, sweeping down gently to rest across her back over her larger sword. The shell casings are collected by her POD, though neither machine knows what good they are. Likewise with these credits; though she can at least recognize these as some form of currency. The POD distributes these credits evenly amidst the four fighters present before returning to S6's side.

    "Rest and repair seems like the best course of action," she states in simple agreement. Her voice is quite calm, given the state of her body.
Go Shijima      Mach lands, the smoke clears, he lifts up the faceplate on his helmet. Behind it, there is a shuttered black plate, from which there is promptly expelled a burst of steam. "Ah, man..."

     The chamber on his belt which holds the Signal Bike is lifted up, the bike removed. The belt's chipper AI proclaims:

                                   Good Work!                                  

     ...and as the armor disappears in white-blue light, Go sighs with relief. "I'm all for that," he says, in response to the BUTTON. "Before we go..." He reaches into his backpack, procuring a tripod and setting up his camera. "Group photo!" The timer is set with just enough time for anyone who doesn't want to be in the picture to awkwardly scramble out and leave just a foot or an arm in frame. Go makes a backflip and lands center shot between Sierra, S6, and Tomoe, making a V-sign with his fingers and smiling confidently, despite the sheen of sweat sticking to his brow.

     It'll be good to have something to commemorate the successful completion of the first boss--and it's a good shot, too, with the loot, and the elevator in frame. Beep, beep, beep, beepbeepbeep, bebebebeep! Click.

     "Great work, everybody!" After the photo is snapped, he collects the tripod, the camera, and a few Credits (mostly for souvenirs) before he departs.