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Kale Hearthward Welcome back to New Horizons.

There's a few things of note this week - probably the biggest being the museum, recently constructed on the east-by-northeast side of the island. Kale can be seen in the vicinity, running around going Island Chores again.

The resident services tent is being upgraded today - that is, it's being rebuilt, from 'revival tent' to 'actual building'.

And the island's newly populated by some new residents... all of whom are fishing.

It seems to be a very 'fishing focused' sort of day. Everyone's either fishing in the island's river, or talking with each other about fishing, or going to see the newest arrival about fishing...

... that newest arrival, himself, talking about fishing. Just... not talking about fishing to anyone in particular. "What's up, StreamChat! We're here at New Horizons, for those just angling in!"

He's facing off towards empty space while he's saying this. The orange cat who had been trading fish with him looks confused, looking from the beaver to the 'camera' he's addressing.

"We've got some heated competition, nyuk! Hey, thanks for the SuperChar, Fishfan99! I really appreciate it!"
BB The island's latest inhabitants... that may have won an SSR ticket to paradise!

"Welcome to~" A sweet voice begins.

"BB~" Oh no.

"Is-land Rabbu-rabbu!"

BB, in what could generously be called a complete outfit, at least for beachware, leans over the dock, only capable of 'looming over' the newest inhabitant because he is sitting and she is standing.

"Do you also have a full reality-insubstantiation digital iris always capturing *your* BBest angle?" She wonders.
Kotone Yamakawa Kotone Yamakawa has never been to New Horizons, she'd caught wind of this being an interesting place. She also heard there might be fishing here too. She could use a break and fish somewhere new than on the coast she called home. She's got a fishing rod over one shoulder and is carrying a small tackle in her other as she'll be moving to get a spot. Then she'll set the tackle down, get some bait on the hook sit down and goes to cast her line out. She'll wave to anyone nearby as she just looks to be chilling out for the moment. She will look over to the new arrival like herself. He's talking like a stream which causes an eyebrow raise.

"Nice day for fishing! I'm Kotone and you are?"

She will also give a wave to BB.

"Hey there."
BB "Heya!" BB raises, winking and fingergunning back at Kotone.

A real star twinkles off her eye like a cartoon, little action lines carrying it away from her face to thunk into the water and glow in the shallow surf.
Kale Hearthward "Hmm? Oh, no, that's expensive, I could only afford the fixed-angle insubstantiation..."

He coughs. "Er, oh hey!" he says, recovering. "Looks like we just arrived at a sudden tributary, chat, since this is now a Collaboration Stream!"

He rolls with whatever SSR nonsense BB brings forth. "Hey there, Other Streamer! My name's C.J., but my foreign viewers keep calling me Jasutin for some reason - either way, nice to hook you on the line!"

He beams. "So, BB! Kotone! How about you let the StreamChat know you are, introduce yourself and your anglersonas? Freshwater or Saltwater sona, and the canal poll of the day is do they like pack chips with their sandwiches or not?"
Kotone Yamakawa Kotone Yamakawa looks back to BB and grins. "You seem to be in a great mood today." Kotone's pretty chipper herself and she does catch on to the effects BB has. It's the multiverse, right? There are all sorts of fascinating things like this. At C.J. And will check to see if there are any active wireless signals about that could explain he just could be using some very advanced tech or it could be magic who knows.

"Good to meet you as well just came to fish for a bit. I'm a mechanic by trade though I took to adventuring and later fell in with the Paladins. I was just coming to take a day off and fish for a bit! Heard the fishing here was pretty good!"

C.J. is a bit strange but he seems quite friendly much like BB is.

"I fish both I grew up on the coast it depends on the time of the year really. A lot of Salmon though in the fall."

She has the answer for the poll, but she'll wait till it's done before she reveals it.
BB Laughing easily at the insubstantiation 'joke' -- or simply with him on the Real Struggles of the Real C.J. -- BB victory-fingers at her eyes and leans in next to C.J.'s head so she appears fully. "A chum-BBud special, BB Channel is here! I'm BB - BBut you already knew that~!"

She withdraws with a whimsical pivot as Kotone introduces herself, re-lowering herself into frame dangled by a fish-hook at the back of her outfit. "I'm a fan of octopus and squid, actually. So definitely salt-water! And who doesn't pack chips with their sandwiches? That's science, sempais, you have to alternate texture for the BBest experience! Cola, chip, sandwich, repeat until meal-out!"

She has that gentle 'ou-tou' affectation that Jasutin laments. "Do you normally stream fishing, or are you a lifestyle streamer?"

Kotone speaks of salmon fishing. "Really? Don't you get bored, being an apex predator like that? You should try ocean fishing, se-m-pai. Out on the infinite unreal ocean, where the game are strong and sharp and tooooothy--"

She fang-fingers over her face, before wiggling all ten digits BBonelessly.

"Or deeper still, where that which forever dreaming lies..."

She winks, dropping her hands. "Just kidding!"

BBeat. "Unless..." Another wink. This time, no stars fall out of her.
Kale Hearthward "Octopus and squid... oh! Ah, a salmon-fishing anglersona! Verrrry tasty! Do you want to keep that salmon, or spin... the wheel of feeesh!"

To Korone, he turns and gestures in the air, at nothing in particular.

In BBVision (tm r c llc), though, he's brought up a new Viewer Interaction Gimmick, in which his StreamChat are rapidly voting on options to fill a large wheel of fortune.

The StreamChat are also being belligerent that the Movie Reference that CJ is trying to make is for a red snapper, not a salmon.

"Um, what are you... doing?" says the orange cat, who can't see it either.

"C'mon, Kotone, give it a spin! Right chat?"

He looks at the incoming chat messages, which again are in some parallel reality apparently. "Yeah, see, chat agrees! Give it a big heartfishy spin!"
Kotone Yamakawa Kotone Yamakawa says "Well now enough people have time to answer the poll if they do exist. "I pack chips with my sandwiches as well." She looks at BB for a moment as she replies about Salmon Fishing. "There's not a lot of big fish that are fish a...." She pauses for a moment looking at BB with this gob-smacked look on her face and then looks a bit startled. BB's got to be kidding right? She has to be joking ... right? Visions of some of the sea horrors she's run into over the years.

A welcome change of topic comes from C.J. While she has no idea what the chat might have set up for her. She's going to try to however if she can see the wheel give it a spin. If she can't see it she will just reply. "Sure I'll give it a spin, lets see what the chat has got in mind."

Ko at the mercy of the internet? It could be better to take up BB's off to go fishing for great old ones, than this. However, it is too late she's spun the wheel one way or another.
BB "Spin! Spin! Spin!" BB chants, fully aware of the Deeply Interactive Chat Experience.

She's no amateur, who sees next-level streamer tactics and shouts 'BBakana!'. Still, it's impressive. BB nods approvingly at his numbers, a finger tracing across the air to Kotone meaninglessly that, to CJ, tracks the bar metrics as they race to their conclusion.

"Sure. Yellowtail right out of the water? You really can't get BBetter, though I think I prefer lightly marinated fatty tuna - good soy sauce can pull out the ~wow~ flavor!"
Kale Hearthward "Yeah, spin! Alright!"

The wheel spins. Somehow it can be heard, despite not actually existing. *tic tic tic tic tic* it goes, in a '.wav file stolen from wheel of fortune' fashion.

*tic tic tic... tic.*


The wheel stops on 'Octopus Challenge'. "Octopus Challenge! Oh carp, this one's a hard one, streamchat? Whoever put this one up there was being mean!"

"I still have no idea what's going on, nya," says the orange cat.

"Alright, let's put sixty seconds on the clock..." says CJ. "All you've got to do is not freak out! And..."

He pulls a token from his pocket, and tosses it at Kotone. "Fishing Challenge, Starto!"

Kotone is now wearing a large octopus like a hat.

It is a very squirmy octopus, who is not terribly happy to be worn like a hat.
Kotone Yamakawa Kotone at least knows what streams are, heck she's been in on them in the past after all. However, this is new she pauses at the result. "Octopus Challenge?!" She has this WHAT look on her face as the next thing she knows. She now has an octopus on her hair it's i9n her hair she can spell it she now looks up at it and is trying to not freak out. Her skin crawls and she just has this look of unhappiness and discomfort on her face, she's hanging in there for the moment anything else she's distracted she'll talk about Tuna fishing later, for now, she's got a tentacle thing on her head.
BB "I see tako-ing about Octopus has gotten chat fish-fried up into a feeding frenzy!" BB commentates, laughing uproariously at Kotone's predicament, capering around in the periphery.

"I don't have any idea what's going on either, chat, but I think she's supposed to land a catch with that catch landed on her? How exciting! Fish for a bite, Kotone, before that cephalopod on your cephalo-BBod does something weird!"

It's probably not going to do something weird, but it *could*. She's hyping up the meaningless content, like pokemon card pack opening streams.
Kale Hearthward "Oh? Want to see if you *can* catch something with the octohat on?"

CJ reaches for a fishing pole - but then there's the *ding* of the timer ending.

"Oh, looks like this Octopus Challenge is fishnished," he declares, happily. "Codgratulations!"

He removes the octopus from Kotone's head.

"And you earn... the CJ Anglerstream Official Fishing Rod!"

He presses some Branded Content into her hands.