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S6     Old Indus. The outskirts of the once-sprawling city of magitechnical marvels. The desert encroaches in this district, swallowing abandoned structures and burying streets. Old vehicles rust silently, mostly buried. These old buildings surround an arena, itself partially collapsed into the ceaseless desert, its floor filled with meters of fine sand. But, beneath that, the concrete and steel foundation. The perfect place to trap an enemy known for burrowing.

    This is the location provided by S6's POD some 30 minutes ago.

    Right on time, the black-clad android dashes through the external structure and out into the arena floor proper. Twisting herself mid-run, she dugs the sides of her boots into the sand, springing immediately back over her own footprints just as a black mass lurches onto the surface. Golden runes wrap around wreckage, singling out lengths of exposed rebar and steel rods. These lift, twist, and then thrust down into the sand over the entrance she had just lured the monster in through. Presumably to block its escape.

    The beast dives back underground, circling, then erupts onto the surface once more. A sinewy length of sickly black, glistening material forming itself into a serpentine body perhaps two dozen meters long. Almost like living tar, shot through with bony white rods. The upper body splits open into a Cobra-like hood, supported on ghastly white rods, exposing a face with no visible eyes but far too many saber-sized teeth nestled within flesh that almost looks like it should be melting, but somehow isn't.
Shigure     Kuma and Yuudachi area in position at the ambush coordinates, they've taken up spots in the stands, waiting for the Officer to spring the trap. Once the entrance is blocked and the serpentine monster is exposed, they open fire, dropping high explosive shells into the monster and the area of sand around it, disrupting its 'footing' and trying to suppress its movements. 15.5cm and 12.7cm shells fire in a steady staccatto of reports and explosive bursts as they hit and explode on impact. "Open fire, kuma! All units, open fire, kuma!"
Kotone Yamakawa Old Indus, it was quite a place once. Now it no longer is such it's a sprawling ruin. Kotone might like to go looking for things to salvage there someday but right now she's got other things to worry about. Namely the target that S6 has informed them of. It wouldn't take too long for the target to be found and it was time to engage. Kotone was carrying a rail rifle of some sort as big as she was like it was a water gun. She would bring the weapon up as Kuma and Yuudachi would open fire. She takes a moment to line up the shot then pulls the trigger. There's a crack as the round breaks the sound barrier heading right for the enemy.
X With the coordinates provided, and X being the primary liasion for inter-world operations from Hunter HQ for the time being, the blue bomber sat waiting until the time to attack arrived. "According to our information on these enemy types .. 'Nullborn' are completely aggressive and will attack on sight. There's no ability to reason with them." Alia informs him. "The previous battle data provided to us suggests that fighting it is more like fighting a mechaniloid, or .. a Kaiser Body. It is a giant enemy capable of causing extreme damage, and can burrow to escape confrontations ... "

Layer interjects, "If the ambush is successful and would prevent it from escaping easily, it might be the best chance to take it out."

"Right ... " X trails off, thinking. What would be the best weapon to use against an enemy like that?


A blue blast of light phases through the ruin and slams into the ground, solidifying into the form of Megaman X, who quickly arms his X-Buster, hand seeming to be vaccumed into the barrel and disappearing, being replaced by a bright red nodule. A flurry of thick and ovular masses of energy leave it in a volley as he immediately opens fire, squaring his legs to take a mighty leap into the air, kicking off of a nearby rock to propel himself laterally, and give him a better firing vector to try and blow a handful of holes into the cobra-esque 'hood' adorning the Nullborn.

    "So this is what it looks like..!"
Roxas A place like this... is easy enough to slip into, through the Corridors. Unusually however, Roxas isn't here for the actual objective. He's here to try to get a fix on somebody he knows Xion once opposed, and once stood beside. The radio alert of a Maverick Hunter response was an easy enough trail to follow, as well-- though he couldn't be sure of who would answer it until he was already there.

The swirl of dark opens up in the ruins of a building looking down on the arena, its structure tilted dangerously, its windows largely broken.

A crunch of glass soon follows as he moves to the broken windows, staring down towards the arena in which the... /thing/... has been trapped. Roxas rubs his head uncomfortably, "I guess I probably shouldn't just bail on this, even if the person I'm looking for isn't--"

But he didn't even need to worry. A blue column of light collapses down into the battlefield. Roxas shrugs and gestures into the arena, columns of white light bursting into being and skating along towards the serpentine thing below.
S6     Ochia has whirled itself to confront S6, now blocking its path out of the sandy-floored arena. As it lunges forward, it finds itself under fire from multiple angles. Explosive shells burst against and around it, while bolts of energy and one hypervelocity slug slam into its head and hood. The creature emits a shriek, like steel tearing under stress, and immediately dives into the sand stirred up by the explosions, amidst the beams of light coming down around it. The pile of wreckage beneath S6 jolts, throwing up sand, and she lets out a grunt. Hands thrusting down, she forces the metal and concrete down more firmly with her runic power, until the creature gives up its attempt and the shape in the sand veers away.

    When Ochia surfaces again, it's only the monster's head and first few meters that emerges, the hood spreading only when the head is fully surfaced. The tooth-lined mouth gapes, letting out a horrendous gurgling noise, before the Nullborn ejects a stream of searing hot green sludge into the ruined bleachers concealing its attackers. It thrashes its head from side to side, spraying its acidic discharge across a wide area, although only covering maybe a third of the arena's full radius in its thrashing spray.

    Exposed metal starts to burn away; although it does little damage to the concrete and seems to neutralize itself in the sand right away.
Shigure     Kuma ducks behind a concrete pillar, getting incidental spray from the acidic sludge on her rigging. Fairy damage control teams quickly spray the area and wash it off before it eats too far into the metal. Yuudachi likewise ducks into cover and has damage control spray off the sludge that got on her before it eats in too far. They get off pretty lightly, but have to hunker until thbhe monster ends its thrashing spray.

    Once it does, they roll out of cover and resume firing, more measured than the initial barrage due to the smaller target profile. Kuma has swiched to AP shells, the tracers showing pale white instead of orange-yellow like Yuudachi's remain. Kuma is aiming directly at the creature, while Yuudachi is peppering around it, trying to pin it down so her heavier comrade and the others can get good hits in before it dives again.
X         "Is that..?"

Roxas' sudden assault catches his attention, but X is forced to quickly re-focus on the fight at hand, lest he end up snakefood. The screech is loud, as X's feet hit the unsteady ground, and the hunter is forced to rebalance himself to push off, tumbling shoulder first as Ochia resurfaces and releases a vicious acid attack.

X's arms raise in a cross formation over his head to protect him, the sizzling sludge smearing and marring the composite armor of his helmet and arms with a nasty sound. "Gh..!"

"X, can you hear me? Be more careful, while your body is capable of resisting chemical attacks, repeated exposure could be dangerous!" Alia suddenly speaks up, from his private line to HQ.

Breathing out, X lowers his arms and observes the damage. It truthfully wasn't bad at all -- his body was sturdy, and capable of adapting to all kinds of hazards ... but even still, getting hit by more corrosive than this could end badly for him. "If its specialty is in chemical attacks, then maybe a Water-based attack could work?"

With no time to sit around and think about it anymore, motes of light begin to gather, being sucked 'into' the nodule on his Buster as X charges it up and raises it, keeping his aim steady with one hand as a rapidly charged, green bolt races out to try and blast Ochia upside its head.
Roxas The fortunate part about being in a building way up here is that Roxas doesn't really have to put a whole lot of effort into dealing with the attack spewed into the bleachers. He summons his keyblade and shatters the remaining glass in the window in front of him, before just walking right on down the wall. He picks up speed on the way down and leaps, turning momentarily into a point of light to evade the splash of the acid before coming out of the short-range teleport to swing his silver-and-black keyblade at Ochia's head.

Immediately afterwards he compresses back into the point of light again, which zips backwards to X's position. Roxas emerges from the light and assumes a 'ready' position, though there's a cocky looseness to it at the moment.

"Seems like you turn up to all sorts, too. How do you avoid burnout?" He asks X, conversationally.
Kotone Yamakawa Ochia is proving why help was asked for to deal with this thing. It's still up heck Kotone's not sure how much damage her shot did. Still, it got the things attention and it's dived under the ground. this is going to make things a little more complicated than that. with X, Roxas, Yudachi and Kuma there, shes' confident they can bring this thing down.

Well if they have enough time to do so, who knows what tricks this thin has. She has a really bad feeling and she's on the move before Ochia bursts back out of the ground. The good news is Kotone has been able to avoid the acid spray. That brings back very bad and unhappy memories to the woman from just after her conversion.

She does not want to get hit by that ever. If she can help it, she'll level her rifle again and opens fire on the hulking thing trying to double-tap it while it's focusing on the others.
S6     Explosive rounds burst against Ochia's head and it dips its 'face' downward, shielding itself with its hood. Kuma's armor-piercing round punches through, but comes out the back of the creature before it explodes. Unless the bones are hit, it might be too soft for that sort of ammunition. But if the bones are supporting it; that might not be a bad tactic.

    X's charged shot slams into Ochia from the left, prompting the snake-like creature to fan out its hood and hiss in his direction, acidic gunk drooling from its mouth. A hiss that's cut short when Roxas appears immediately in front of it. The Nullborn has no time to react before the keyblade slams into its face, smashing the bulky head into the sand hard enough to snap off one of its numerous fangs. Staggered, it makes a good stationary target for Kotone, the rail rifle punching holes through its skull and splattering the sand with oily black liquid.

    Thrashing, Ochia surges forward and down, into the sand. As it does so, the entire latter half of its body surfaces, lurching aside to slam into the arena walls. The structure shudders from the impact, remaining largely stable, but this does dislodge loose objects and wreckage from the collapsing ceiling, raining debris down seemingly at random. Once again, the swell within the sand surges towards the exit. S6 braces herself, her makeshift barrier shuddering but not collapsing when the beast slams into it beneath the surface. The serpentine Nullborn surfaces once more, its entire body thrashing as it rears itself up over the android blocking its escape.
Shigure     Kuma braces against the shuddering, then gets hit by falling debris, burying her briefly. Yuudachi manages to avoid some of the debris but takes a lump of rebar to the rigging, causing a small explosion and streaming smoke from the hole now left. Kuma shoves debris out of the way, freeing herself enough to open fire again. "Reload High Explosive, kuma. That armour's too thin for AP, kuma!" she commands her Fairies, the tri-barrel turret on her rig swinging around and locking into the back of Ochia's head. "HEY UGLY, kuma!" she bellows, firing a volley to get its attention away from the local Android. Yuudachi's shots also lash out in an attempt to get the things attention.
X Steam wafting off of the barrel of his weapon after firing the charged shot, X can't help but chuckle slightly at Roxas' non-chalance. "I just keep at the grind, I guess." he responds, turning his eyes back to Ochia with a narrow frown. "This doesn't seem like your kind of haunt, though." But, maybe it was. X truthfully didn't know Roxas that well, but his impression of him from when they'd hung out hadn't been the kind that X would figure would go out of his way to show up just because.

Or, maybe putting it in those terms, it was perfectly in character for him to do so, X supposed.

When the debris begins to fall, X leaps from his position to attempt and avoid getting pummeled by it, but winds up buried under a large rock. "Nn!"

With Ochia thrashing as it was, X knew he'd be in trouble if it was allowed to attack him while he was down -- those fangs would sink deeply, for sure. He endeavored to free himself before that happen, red exploding all around him as he activated the Force Metal in his body to blast through the rubble and up into the air before it vanishes, as quickly as it comes. "Whew.."

Planting his feet firmly in the ground as it coils, he aims his Buster once again, but this time the gem adorning his helmet shines lightly and the coloring of his body begins shifting, a reddish, almost strawberry themed pallet.

    "Keep clear of this -- it's dangerous!"

Warning them and making sure that he caught none of his allies within his firing vector, X fires a bright spiral of nuclear power at the hissing mouth of the Ochia in an attempt to bore through it with the corkscrew shaped Annihilator Beam.
Roxas Roxas brings his keyblade to a less relaxed defensive position and begins hacking through debris as it rains down towards him. Some of it gets through -- largely 'shrapnel' produced when he extends a cut and partially breaks up the debris before it can reach the ground. On the whole, it's no more than scuffs and bruises.

With a casual spin of his keyblade in the immediate aftermath of the falling debris, he shrugs at X, "You've fought against Xion once. You've fought beside Xion once. Let's say, I'm interested in you the same way I'm interested in Kamen Rider Drive. Though, we're off to kind of a better start so far."

"And, I guess, this is just sort of how I live anyway," he admits, a little less enthusiastically.

Taking hold of his Keyblade with his opposite hand, Roxas pulls the weapon apart into the separate black-and-white Keyblades. He tosses both of them with a whistle towards the head of the rearing Ochia while circling 'round behind it.

Partway through the throw, Roxas summons the white keyblade to hand and leaps towards the back of Ochia's head, delivering a sweeping crescent of a light-empowered strike that is mirrored by the black keyblade on the other side.

He hangs in the air, not quite 'flying', but definitely falling more like a drifting leaf than a man.
Kotone Yamakawa Kotone Yamakawa has spent the ammo on her rail rifle for the moment and she's going to have to take a moment to reload which she may not get time to do so. For Ochis is dropping the house down on them. She's started using her mobility system to leap, dash and double jump her way through it but it's not enough to avoid all harm. She ends up finding that she's taken some damage from the blunt force of the impact of falling wreckage. She'll look at the monster as it's now staring down S6. She doesn't have time to reload, she pulls out a pistol and opens fire with it trying to just keep any pressure upon the officer.

"Hey over here ugly I have something for you!"
S6     Gunfire bursting around its head drags the Ochia's attention off of S6 once again, the snakelike Nullborn coiling on itself as it swings its gaze towards the distant kanmusu. The body above the sand twists into a spiral shape as it turns and lowers its head in that threatening posture, prompting the Annihilator Beam to go right through the opening produced. It isn't a clean miss however; the Nullborn's body sears and hardens, burning away just by being too close to the nuclear laser. A close call!

    Roxas comes at the monster's head from two angles, carving into its hood and face enough to throw out streams of smoldering black material. Ochia hisses again, surging forward into the sand with Kotone's gunshots striking around it.

    That horrendous gurgling sound echoes through the decaying structure. The sand in the center erupts, with the snakelike Nullborn surging outward. Jaw snapping open, it blasts out a spray of corrosive sludge and immediately dives. Twisting underground, the beast surfaces again, hurling its acid at the next party in its attack range. It keeps surfacing and diving, discharging acidic slime at its various attackers each time it surfaces; even if doing this leaves large portions of its body exposed after the head dives back into the sand.
Shigure     Kuma and Yuudachi shift and try to evade the incoming sludge. Unfortunately Kuma is still half-buried, and has to shield herself with a chunk of concrete, though the sludge still coats her arms and rigging, drawing a scream of pain from the brunette. Yuudachi doesn't fair much better, getting a leg caught in the stuff, the acid burning through the 'flesh' quickly before the fairies hose it off.

    The pair bring their weapons back to bear and open fire on the body of the creature as it dives. "It's weakened. Finish it off!" calls Yuudachi, leaning against a pillar with one leg a smouldering ruin. She draws torpedoes from her remaining launcher and hurls them like kunai at the Officer.
X     "I see. But, you're a welcome face, either way."

Nodding his head, as he could empathize with being a quest hobo fairly easily, X's face dips into frustration as he misses the finishing blow he'd been hoping for; but even that glancing attack had done a fair amount of damage to the creature. It was risky enough to fire it off here once .. he hesitated to do it again. But, that was fine, he'd already weakened the spot in its mouth, if he fired off a full force attack there and managed to hit it dead on, he might be able to put it down.

X's body reverts to its original color pallet as a flash of red explodes around him for the second time, the android using his increased capabilities to try and find a good opening while charging up his X-Buster, skidding and skating along the ground and bouncing off of rubble in a deadly tango alongside the other Elites.

Winding up right in front of that open maw, a wave of acid blasts out and begins to wash over him as X raises his arm cannon and fires, a hole punched through the middle of the deadly chemical as a large and potent blue ball of plasma is fired with the intent of sending it hurtling down Ochia's gullet, taking advantage of the weakened area from the earlier glance. "Ngh..!"

But, X's body was still splashed with the remaining ring that eats into his legs and helmet, turning the material fragile and soft as it compounded in the spots that had previously been eaten at by previous acid attacks.     Falling back to the ground, X hits his knees, grimacing.
Kotone Yamakawa The pistol was just a distraction she knows it she was forced to drop her rail rifle as she tried to evade the attacks, the good news is it is intact. The bad news is she can't get it right now, and the pistol isn't the best idea she's got another idea as she'll holster the pistol. Not a moment to late as she's covered with horrible acid slime that's already eating through her armour, and her synthetic body under it and she's in a good deal of pain. Some cyborgs from her world tend to turn off their pain receptors in combat. She doesn't do so, just a habit she's never really broken.

F She does as her gear is making and skin sizzle. She raises her arm back it warps unpack san expands into a weapon. It seems she's got an integrated shotgun. She'll pull the lever attached to it and then will make a full-out run sliding by the beast firing as she goes praying it will be enough to /stop/ it.
Roxas "Why is this thing even LIKE this?" Roxas wonders aloud. He's perfectly used to strange, otherworldly creatures; and certainly, to things of "darkness". Is this a physical manifestation of a similar idea, like daemons? He's not certain-- he's not certain, but when he lands he's faced with more sprays of acid.

He summons the black Keyblade back to hand and raises it against the oncoming acid. A half-dome of force seems to ride the edge of the Keyblade, which holds the corrosive substance at bay for a little while-- and then there is a shattering as the strength of the blow penetrates and Roxas is pelted with it.

He hisses in aggravation, combining the black and white Keyblades together and rushing forward. Briefly his form compresses back into that point of light again, rising abruptly for a moment just before Roxas comes out of it and delivers a single, light-chased strike.

Then he compresses again, circles, and executes the maneuver a second time. This time when he comes out of it Roxas doesn't re-compress, instead using the teeth of his keyblade like a hook to swing himself about Ochia, plant his feet on the other side of its surface and walk up its back digging the key in a wide circle before dropping off the other side and rolling forward to settle near X.

"Yeah," he says, "you too. I guess you DID just sort of get born into this stuff, too, huh? Or am I not remembering right?"
S6     Ochia's body erupts in explosions where the torpedo kunai land, blasting the monster's side open in a spray of black sludge and boney fragments. When it surfaces to screech, X's buster shot catches it right in the mouth, blasting out the back of the hooded head. The beast's body unburies itself, thrashing about. The remainder of its head is summarily blasted off by Kotone's point blank shotgun while Roxas carves its body open along the spine. His Keyblade hits something solid every few paces, which feels like stone.

    Under all of this punishment, the Ochia's thrashing ceases and the monstrosity collapses. There are a final few twitches, and its body begins to coil in on itself. At last, the ichorous black 'flesh' that looks like it should be melting, actually starts melting.

    "Get away from it," S6 warns. She releases her hold on the debris 'barrier' she had been maintaining, jumping down to the arena floor, "Nullborn flesh becomes highly toxic as it dissolves."

    Pausing a few meters from the rapidly liquifying carcass, the android lets out a thoughtful noise, "...Their origin is currently unknown. These creatures consume mana, including life. Their bodies are toxic. It will decay over a few days and return the energy it consumed while it was alive."

    Shifting, she fixes an eyes-covered gaze on X and Roxas, since they are the closest to her, "Thank you for your assistance. This enemy was difficult to isolate."
X     "Born into it? ... in some ways, I guess."

Not one to spew his life-story needlessly, he didn't feel the need to get much more specific than that. The crux was what was important, which is that it was something that he was long used to by now.

Using the sandy dirt surrounding them to his advantage, X uses the grainy material to scrub the corrosive slime off of his body and prevent it from eating any more holes in his frame, with pained grunts. The damage was significant, but not excessive, thankfully.

With S6's advice taken to heart, X watches it closely -- in only a scant few days, it would break down and become little more than toxic waste, X considered with a thoughtful frown on his features.

"Despite consuming life and energy like that, the only thing it can leave behind is harmful residue, huh ... "

His eyes crinkle at the edges as he gives S6 a small smile, nodding his head, "Don't mention it. With all the trouble you had in pinning it down, lending a hand is the least we could do."
Shigure     "Mission Accomplished, kuma... Yuudachi, help Kuma out of this, kuma." the cruiser starts digging herself out of the pile of rubble, shoving lumps of rebar-filled concrete off of her, as Yuudachi limps over too help her fleetmate. The pair radio S6's POD that they'll be exiting due to damage.
Roxas "That's a weird metaphysical composition you're describing," Roxas replies to S6, obeying her instructions to get clear of the corpse more-or-less immediately and without comment. He rubs at the back of his head, "We've got Heartless, and Daemons, and a few different flavors of thing, but I don't think it's usually poisonous when they 'die'... although Heartless don't really have a fully material body at all. It's ectoplasmic."

"X has a point about that," he agrees, simply.

Returning to the prior, arguably grim topic, Roxas turns back towards X. "Xion and I don't really have a legal existence. It's easy enough to live in the UG, but it involves a lot of this sort of stuff. Not this dangerous, tho. The typical supernatural pest is just Noise. Noise are like, um... aggregate bad feelings reflected in the collective unconscious? People being annoyed about things."
Kotone Yamakawa Kotone Yamakawa is scrambling to get clear of Ochia, she does not want to stay here or get caught in more of the acid. It's a good thing too as she hears S6's warning. She breaks into a full-powered run going about as fast as a car for a moment as she puts some distance between her and the body. She'll soon form up with the rest of the party. She's looking roughed up but it could be a lot worse.

"Yeah it is but I'm not much for magic. I freaked out magic users before."

She looks to X for a moment "Yeah, these things are pretty twisted."

She takes this moment to repack her shotgun arm and comment to Roxas for a moment.

"Humm interesting problems you have Roxas."

    S6 nods once to her POD, then glances in the direction of Kuma and Yuudachi. A hand is raised in a more familiar farewell than some might expect from this particular android's curt demeanor.

    "The creatures consume mana, and their bodies are made out of it in high concentrations that become dangerous to normal life," S6 explains, "It will equalize with the surroundings now that it is dead. It only takes time." Her head tilts downward, looking down at the mangled head of the Ochia, even though her eyes are covered, "...It will be fine to leave it like this." Taking her gaze off it, S6 steps around the carcass, "The humans never leave the city's walls, so it poses no danger to them."

X "Noise, right, I think Hibiki mentioned something like that once." X nods. The idea of an existence being 'legal' or 'illegal' was strange to think about; but that was the hand dealt to Nobodies. It was a hand that X wishes had been better.

But even so, Roxas and Xion made the best out of their situation and lived their lives the fullest that they could. Relative to that, did it really matter whether or not they were 'supposed' to exist?

"I should have come better prepared," X admits, " ... I just haven't had the same kind of range I used to. But, it's too late to grouse about it now. It's just something I'll have to work on going forward."

"Still, it seems strange for something like this to simply appear out of nowhere."

X pauses, as she looks away. "Then, the only ones who come out here to fight are .. "

It made sense. It was the same for him, too, the human population was dwindling and when faced with war reploids, they just couldn't compete -- not without Ride Armor or other similar apparatus' to give them an edge. The danger was simply too great.

Looking between her and Roxas, he stops to inform Hunter HQ that the mission was a success, before lowering his forefinger from his ear node. "What you all do is important," he says to S6, "..whatever life is like in that city, can only exist because you fight for it. Whether or not it's worth fighting for, I'd like to think it is. Right? ... but I should be going, soon. I look forward to working with you again, S6."
Roxas "Interesting? I don't think so. It just is what it is," Roxas says to Kotone.

On the subject of the Nullborn, he nods towards S6. "That part is Heartless to a T. Guess it just works differently here... or maybe ours just aren't so dense that they're toxic by themselves."

"Should you? You seemed fine to me," he asides to X, spinning his Keyblade absent-mindedly. A faint shimmer emanates from the chain dangling at the end of it. "You can't think too much about situations like these. It's like... taking a test. You need to make yourself ready for the test, but if you get worked up time-of, you're ruining it for yourself more than helping yourself."

A circular emblem in blue, with a black field and a red X cutting through it replaces the black-and-silver keyblade's own symbol. The blade itself is simplistic, similar to Xion's starlight. The hilt is white with red trim, the blade a light blue, and its golden-yellow teeth meet around a gently rounded triangular red gem structure that shines for a moment.

Regarding the transformed weapon for a moment, Roxas gives it an experimental spin-- and then turns it back into the black-and-silvery white blade characteristic to him.

"Well... I should get going, too. Buuuut... I would like to hear what you have to say about life in the city," Roxas says, gesturing vaguely towards S6 with his keyblade before resting it at his shoulder.
S6     "Mm," S6 nods once to X, "FANTOM exists to protect Indus from the Nullborn." Gesturing to the carcass, she adds, "Eliminating key officers such as this is part of my duty." His next statement gives her pause, though, to the point where the android simply falls silent as if in thought while X and Roxas share their conversation.

    It takes a moment for S6 to react when Roxas asks her his final question. The start is the most subtle of jumps, but definitely there, "Ah. While there is a rather strict class-based hierarchy, there are no longer any humans within the lower classes. Automation has taken over the majority of duties. I would say human life is rather comfortable, although I will not pretend to understand the intricacies. I have only recently given consideration to outfitting beyond my uniform, much less properly studying other cultural norms not shared by androids within FANTOM."
Kotone Yamakawa Kotone Yamakawa looks a bit embrassed at Roxas replies to her. She'll just leave it there she doesn't have native supernatural horrors to worry about. She will just sattle in to listen while she asses the repairs he body is going to need when she gets back to base. "Fair but what happned to the working class?" She tilts her head a bit.
Roxas WHAT ROXAS IS TOLD: // While there is a rather strict class-based hierarchy, there are no longer any humans within the lower classes. Automation has (...) //

WHAT ROXAS HEARS: // Artificial people are slaves here. //

"I see," Roxas says, coolly. It's practically possible to taste his enthusiasm and interest dying. He banishes his keyblade with a sharp ringing.

"Hmm?" He seems to pick up on Kotone's embarrassment. Shaking his head, he says, "Not everybody finds the same things interesting, I guess. That's why documentaries of all sorts of things are a thing, right?"

"See you," Roxas says, to nobody in particular. A swirl of darkness opens up next to him, he steps through, and is gone.
S6     "Farewell," S6 offers as Roxas departs. His reaction is something she finds rather perplexing, that sudden drop in mood was something even she could pick up on. She casts another glance to the decaying Ochia, then turns her back to it. Kotone's question isn't ignored, though S6's answer is rather curt: "They built a solution for that."

    Without another word, S6 strides her way across the arena floor, her POD floating silently beside her.
Kotone Yamakawa Kotone Yamakawa calls for her ship to beam her out, she needs to get going. She's got a lot of synth skin to replace, or she'll look like some horrible broken time traveling murder bot.