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Midway     Welcome to the Mirror Sea.

    As before, this region is not especially kind to long range sensors such as radar, scattering ghost contacts and reflections. Without the scores of aircraft in the sky, though, radar does eventually return the approximate size of the Mirror Sea, as returning waves start outlining a distant border that isn't letting them go past. It's several kilometers across, a rounded-off square in approximate shape.

    Plotting coordinates works well enough, at least. And since this is the open sea, even with mist limiting visibility to around 800 meters, the Princess of Progress is easy enough to rendesvous with. Ghastly white and with a billowing silhouette, she almost seems to melt out of the fog the closer one gets, standing out most by only the small black accents dotting her equipment

    Midway stands upon the rolling ocean, her arms folded. Her parasitic rigging is nowhere to be seen, but her posture is neither aggressive nor turns aggressive as she is approached. It is no doubt the real Abyssal, rather than the hyper-aggressive clone encountered on the previous expedition. Her eyes are closed, but past a certain range, the telltale buzz of radar and the pings of sonar give away just what she's doing.

    "A most frustrating phenomenon. And yet. Quite fascinating."
Shigure     Shigure returns once more, accompanied this time by Yamashiro, the pair sailing into the area with Shigure acting as a transport in Ocean Fitout, while Yamashiro stands on the bow, leaning on the railings as the ship pushes through the fogbank into the area. Once they've arrived at the rendezvou point the destroyer cuts her engines and sits passively, Yamashiro watching the Princess for a few moments as the pair sit in the buzzing of the Battlefield's radar and sonar.
Reiuji and Rin It's time for an adventure across the sea! A tale of wonder and daring, of new sights and smells, of... A lot of water. A whole lot of water. It's kind of an excessive amount of water for the pair, and it's pretty obvious to anyone that's watching them that they're lost as they drifting steadily to the right, attempt to course correct, and end up taking hard lefts and just veering off in another direction.

Rin: "Are we there yet?"
Utsuho: "No."
Rin: "Are we there yet?"
Utsuho: "No."
Rin: "Are we there yet?"
Utsuho: "No."
Rin: "Where we goin'?"
Utsuho: "... Uhh."

This really wasn't a well-conceived plan. There probably wasn't a plan to begin with, but it's just their luck that there's a whole slew of unfamiliar faces on the horizon. After engaging in a thorough discussion of how to approach the strangers, consisting entirely of glancing at each other and nodding, the pair of Utsuho and Rin glide over to where Midway 'stands' in order to get a closer look at her and those actually intending to arrive here.

Utsuho: "Hey. Are you doing something cool over here?"
Rin: "Somethin' fun?"
Utsuho: "Is there going to be a fight?"
Rin: "If there is, try to float on something if you die!"
Kotone Yamakawa Kotone Yamakawa is glad for the lift and Kotone thinks more about it she need to get her own hardware and systems looked over. She has some ideas but those will have to wait today, she'll owe Shigure one for giving her a lift today.

"So this place is pretty strange...what do you think we'll have to deal with this time?"

She asks of Yamashiro as she too is just a bit back from the Bow of Shirgure.
Midway     Midway's eyes do not open. Rather, she simply tilts her head towards the approaching youkai with a thoughtful sound, "No enemy contacts. Combat is currently unlikely. They are likely marshalling their forces after the prior defeat. No doubt replicating a being of my capacity that many times was a significant drain on resources." One eye does open, a thin slit of burning, hateful crimson, "To think mere pawns would overpower a Princess. It would be funny were it not so pathetic."

    Both eyes open now, head turning towards Utsuho and Rin, "Make yourselves useful. I suspect this Mirror Sea conceals a facility. Find it. I shall reward you." No doubt this woman who smells like death, fire, cordite, and steel has something of value to offer Hell's cleanup crew.

    Her head turns towards Shigure's floating hull, "The same goes for you and yours. I have located several possible locations. The interference is significant. Visual confirmation is required." The Princess unfolds an arm, curling her fingers upwards in a gesture in the same moment she issues a radio burst transmission, "These coordinates. No doubt even your radar has sighted anomalies in these areas."

    "Aircraft have fallen out of contact past one kilometer. Aerial scouting has proven irritating."
Shigure     Yamashiro lifts a hand to her ear, as if cupping a headset as the radio burst comes through. She glances to Kotone, and simply says. "Be prepared for anything." Shigure triggers off a confirmation pulse back to Midway, before beginning to turn and head off toward the coordinates without a further word. The two Kanmusu don't trust Midway, but there's no point in antagonizing the Princess when she's trying to be helpful.
Kotone Yamakawa Kotone is not idle while she stands on the deck she'll be observing the world through her enhanced visual systems, she'd send out her drones. Yet given the warning she's got from Midway she'll nod and she thinks.

"I packed some heavier heat if It's needed."

She notes to a tarp-covered thing that is vaguely humanoid on Shirgure's deck.

She also looks to Yamashiro for a moment.

"Yeah this is going to end up being freaky I'm worried about what we might run into. Only one way to find out though.
Reiuji and Rin The pair of ~~dumbasses~~ inquisitive youkai seem a bit disappointed when it sounds like there won't be any fighting going on, but they perk up when a reward is mentioned. They don't answer her right away, though, as Utsuho raises a finger in the universal 'wait up' gesture before huddling up with Rin only a scant... Maybe twenty feet away from Midway, if even that far away.

Rin: "Whadda ya think, Okuu?"
Utsuho: "She smells trustworthy. Kinda like home, but..."
Rin: "Wet?"
Utsuho: "Yeah. Not as good as Master, but..."

Utsuho glances back at Midway briefly, then gets right back to her discussion with Rin. They are not using their inside voices for any of this.

Utsuho: "Nah, she's nothing like Master. Way..."
Rin: "Whiter."
Utsuho: "Angrier."
Rin: "More human-y."
Utsuho: "Bigger."
Rin: "Way bigger."

With their strategy session and vaguely immature hand gesturing concluded, they turn back to Midway. "Fine, but I get first dibs on any food they got there!" Utsuho responds as Rin watches the ships and their passenger heading in one direction. Noting that direction, Utsuho and Rin split their efforts, the first heading NORTH and the second heading EAST.
Midway NORTH
    As Utsuho flies north over the Mirror Sea, the fog eventually parts around a stark black rock formation. Almost made out of obsidian, it shines in the fog-dimmed sunlight but isn't quite reflective enough to show more than hazy shapes. The formation is tall and narrow, jagged in profile, and topped with a red and white lighthouse with its lamp shut off. There is no one around, just this derelict-looking structure that doesn't even have a door.

    Rin encounters a very similar rock formation; though there is no lighthouse. Just this jagged black eyesore forking into several points. She is however not alone; a trio of wedge-shaped aircraft, about the size of large model planes, briefly appear through the mist before dipping back out of sight to the west.

    What creeps out of the mist as Shigure approaches is a lighthouse that sits just above sea level. Barely high enough to stay out of the wavecrests, it marks the end of an undersized airfield complete with tiny hangers. On the opposite side is a model-sized control tower. All of the windows pulse with a dim blue light, including the tarmac lines on the airstrip. At a glance, it might be able to service the planes seen opposing Midway in the last encounter, but none of them are present now.

SOUTH is where Midway went, after assessing the directions attended to by the others.

    Throughout the Mirror Sea, the mist does not disperse. But the weather does change; the dim light from the Sun grows dimmer still, and the temperature drops. Before long, snow begins drifting down, thin flurries at first.
Shigure     Shigure continues at about 2/3rd engine, foglamps flaring to slice through the everpresent fogbank, searching for something at the coordinates given. She frowns within her Ocean Fitout and says over her speakers to Yamashiro and Kotone. "Ahead, an airfield of some kind... I will drop the launch if you wish to go take a look, Yamakawa."

    Yamashiro leaps over the railing and lands in the water, skating off to investigate the island and its mini-airbase, as Shigure drops a small motorboat for Kotone to use if she wishes.

    <Midway. Location confirmed. Airbase located. Sending investigation.> transmits Shigure, amping the power to try and get the signal to go through.
Reiuji and Rin When Utsuho finds the obsidian-ish formation, she lets out a curious noise while approaching it. The lighthouse is certainly a curious thing that (probably) fits the bill of what the Abyssal had been looking for, right? Right. Thus, she takes out a phone in an orange-yellow case with an eye on it, turns it on, and...

Begins streaming, complete with the selfie camera aimed at herself and the lighthouse. <<"Hey. Utsuho from BB channel here. I found a weird lighthouse on top of a big black rock in the ocean. There might be food inside, so I'm gonna check it out.">> She transmits to both the people involved in this whole thing as well as...

She is totally just broadcasting this.

Rin, meanwhile, is doing her own investigation of the curious rock! It certainly doesn't look like it has any real structures on it, but maybe looking at it from another angle...? No, still just a rock. Or maybe the other-nope. Still rock. She sighs dejectedly, feeling the promised reward slipping out of her grasp when she sees...

Movement! Big things moving, even. <<"Whoa. I think I found a... Something flying!">> She relays while starting to follow them at a not-quite-chasing, but not-quite-tailing pace. <<"Oh. And a big rock, but... Flying things! They're headed... Uh. Back towards you, big sis!">>

She might be referring to Midway.
Kotone Yamakawa Kotone Yamakawa does catch sight of what seems to be a lighthouse, it's strange though it seems to have some sort of small airbase. She scopes it out at range and mutters.

"I think I understand why suit actors for Kaiju films never ... give up the job if they can."

The urge to just knock things over that are smaller than you down is there and she's just feeling the urge to rampage through the base. She will control herself and she nods.

"Thanks that would help a lot Shigure."

With that she'll get on the boat and head for shore intending to land away from the mini airbase. Cloak and go in invisible to try and get an idea about the base before anything else goes down.
Midway WEST
    <Destroy it.> comes Midway's curt response to Shigure. Her voice is filled with static, but it does little to conceal the restrained malice so typical to her tone, <Leave no assets for the enemy.>

    The blue lights flicker to red when Kotone and Yamashiro approach the airstrip. This is accompanied by an air raid siren, but no other activity at the little airbase. Is it simply out of aircraft after the prior battle? Did it have any to begin with? The hangers are completely empty, after all.

    Air radar does pick up some small contacts now closing in, barely discernable against the background noise caused by the Mirror Sea. Clusters of half a dozen coming from the other three points Midway had outlined. The group coming from the South however suddenly gets much larger and far more obvious-- only to disappear completely.

    The sound of gunfire from that direction suggests Midway is dealing with it.

    The aircraft Rin sighted flicker their coloration from blue to red, banking out into the mist. They're definitely headed west, in Shigure's direction.

    In the same moment that the planes change their colors, the obsidian stone formation also produces lines of light, shooting up its sides and turning at odd angles to match the crystalline surface. It's stark red, pulsing slightly.

    <Destroy the device. Leave the aircraft,> comes Midway's response to the cat's excited report.

    Utsuho's stone formation likewise reacts with odd-angled scarlet lines rising up from the waterline. These cease when it hits the lighthouse, which itself suddenly lights up with a bright omnidirectional scarlet lamp. This lamp is visible through the fog at any distance, clearly having something to do with the distortions of the Mirror Sea.

    <Destroy it,> is Midway's response to the crow, <It matches what I have encountered; and is now broadcasting some manner of alarm.>

    A few minutes after her last transmission, an explosion sounds off from the direction of the Southern contact. Presumably, Midway taking her own advice. Though perhaps destruction isn't the only way to deal with these strange Siren devices.
Shigure     >Yamashiro, Yamakawa, engage the airbase and destroy it. Leave nothing standing.< transmits Shigure locally. >Air Radar is picking up some intermittent contacts. Unable to localize... bringing point defenses online.< Shigure's AA battery all spin up, angling to track around as her Radar dish begins to spin, radiating more intensely in trying to pin down the incoming contacts.

    Yamashiro nods, looking over to Yamakawa. "Kaiju time." is all she says, before lifting a leg up, then RAMMING it down into the center of the air strip, using all the torque and power she can muster to shatter the material and make the landing strip unusable.
Reiuji and Rin As Rin gets directions from Midway, she shrugs and turns right back to the obsidian thing just as it lights up. With the promise of rewards still fresh in her mind and Shigure's and Kotone's safety barely even a blip on her radar, Rin gets right to work trying to break the thing!

With fire, of course. She starts launching fireballs at it in a needlessly complex, yet aesthetically consistent pattern. Rin's not about to bash her head on that thing, after all. That'd be stupid.

Utsuho, meanwhile, ~~flying headbutts~~ gets a closer look at the lighthouse first. There's a strong temptation to touch the thing as she backs up to get a better angle on the lighthouse and that strange red lamp on her phone, but the mention of an alarm has her restraining herself just a little.

<<"You sure? It looks cool, but... Yeah. Fine. There's no food here.">> That's reason enough for Utsuho to mess with the lamp, although she doesn't just blast it with excessive fire right away. Instead, she tests the light-modifying properties of the lighthouse first by holding her control rod out towards it. A searing white light starts coming out of the tip, and she tests the lamp by waving that burning light 'sword' through it a few times to see how it reacts.

If it doesn't react, though, then she just starts blasting it hard with a beam of fire from that same rod.
Kotone Yamakawa Kotone Yamakawa gets the message to destroy the airbase, all right that would be quick, it's time to go Kaiju. She's okay with this as the bases come to life somewhat she's remained invisible and makes for the base. She reads the grenade launcher on the underside of her rifle. The alarm goes off she drops the cloak and fires the grenade into one of the hangers, she'll then start shooting at things that look vital. Such as fuel tanks should they not have them hardened somehow. She'll also start smashing into things as well rampaging like the Kauji she spoke of before she landed.

Midway EAST
    Rin opens fire, as denizens of Gensokyo are known to do. The stone formation remains steady for some time under the onslaught, as one might expect. But after a few moments of Gensokyo-style projectile density, it starts to shake with each hit. The crimson lines grow brighter and more erratic, and more start appearing like thin cracks. When it goes; it goes hard, quite suddenly bursting into a scattering of misshapen digitized particles. Immediately, the wreckage starts dissolving, before the shrapnel has even had a chance to travel very far.

    Running the laser blade through the lamp of the lighthouse creates a noise like glass breaking. The lamp flickers and then ceases. The blade also tears pieces out, leaving behind a disconcerting 'hall of mirrors' sort of appearance that takes a moment to self-correct. This doesn't last long once the crow opens up, though. She might not be using hundreds of projectiles like Rin, but punching holes through the lighthouse and stone formation still destabilizes it until, spectacularly, the entire formation explodes.

    Yamashiro stomps a crater in the airstrip while Kotone grenades the hangers. The expected wreckage is there, parts of buildings, chunks of asphalt, but mixed in is the same digital corruption that shed from the planes and the fake Midway during the last encounter.

    The snowfall throughout the Mirror Sea escalates. If it gets much worse, it might be whiteout conditions. But it's not enough just yet to obscure the red lights cast by two groups of Siren aircraft. Wedge-shaped planes, like a less organic-influenced version of the Mark 2 fighters favored by Abyssals not affiliated with Midway. These groups come from the northeast and east; no squadron arrives from the southeast. As they approach, they break into separate groups; bombers bank into attacks on Shigure, while the fighters dive to strafe Yamashiro and Kotone amidst the airfield.

    In all honesty, though, it's a rather small force. These appear to be squadrons sent out on regular patrols, rather than a dedicated attack force. And it looks like Midway already dealt with one of the patrols earlier.

    The Installation is nowhere to be seen, though what might be her contact is now on the move, plotted to be moving due north from her position, towards the center of the Mirror Sea itself.
Shigure     Shigure's point defenses open up as soon as they get a track on incoming aircraft. The Destroyer isn't exactly bristling, but every shot is much more accurate than they would normally be, like she's testing some new fire control system or something. The bombers do manage to get a run off, bombs detonating on her deck and wrecking a few of her more isolated AA guns, and tearing into one of the main turrets.

    Fighters come to dstrafe Yamashiro. She stares them down and aims a turret at them, firing a single shell that explodes into a blooming flower of white-hot magnesium and shrapnel, the Sanshiki designed to take out this kind of threat, .
Reiuji and Rin And it explodes! Rin lets out an excited whooping noise as the obsidian thing bursts, flinching briefly and then gawking when she sees the strange digitization of it. She doesn't do anything about that, having no interest in actually collecting the dissolving stuff. Once she's confident that the formation is destroyed, the stretches her arms out with a relaxed yawn, then starts floating back to wards the CENTER-ish area.

Utsuho, meanwhile, mixes her attention between breaking stuff and gawking. It's certainly easier for her than her partner in crime, but it might end up taking longer to actually finish the job between gawking and also making sure she has the phone camera trained on it at least a third of the time.

She is not very good at aiming that thing.

Both youkai notice the snowfall coming down harder, though, along with the Siren aircraft flying in overhead. Naturally, they just watch them flying by with passive interest, the raven only going as far as streaming their flyby before finally getting on the radio again several moments later while heading back to the center as well.

Utsuho: <<"... Oh. There's some planes heading towards you guys, I think.">>
Rin: <<"You saw 'em, too? Looks like they started coming after I broke this thing.">>
Utsuho: <<"Same here. It looked really cool when it blew up.">>
Rin: <<"Right?! It was all blocky and weird!">>
Utsuho: <<"Kinda reminds me of the games on this thing.">>
Kotone Yamakawa The tiny airbase is laid to waste in short order. There could be more coming she's not sure how many planes were out when they hit the base. She finds out soon as she comes under assault. She'll open fire on the incoming air units, with her rifle and will call out several armed combat drones that will add to the volley of fire coming from her. She's not sure how bad this weather is going to get though. She will also start to get on the move as the planes are pretty intent to go after those who just took their base out.

The things may be small but they hurt just like the real deal do...
Midway     It doesn't take long to deal with this token force. The airfield's attempt at rescuing itself falls flat through concentrated anti-air fire and Japan's ridiculous concept of air control. Damage is relatively minor, as these planes had been lightly armed for their recon range. They clearly weren't expecting an attack, and this place is clearly under-equipped for any sort of attack.

    But once the last of the airbase is destroyed, there's a digitized banging noise. The fog quite suddenly disperses; leaving only the snow on a crystal-clear day. With visibility so suddenly improved, a looming facility becomes apparent near the center of the Mirror Sea; with Midway fast approaching it.

    It's the same thing that Rin and Utsuho see from other angles; an angular, squat building sitting on the water. It bobs up and down, clearly some sort of large seacraft or platform rather than an island like the airbase was. The architecture is shot through with glowing lines and lights. It doesn't look like it belongs in any modern era, but some sort of future thing.

    Midway disappears into the structure at the waterline, smashing through a wall into the lower levels.

    At this same time, a pale woman emerges on the upper deck. Silver-gray hair and glowing yellow eyes, this new person might superficially resemble an Abyssal, but doesn't give off the aura of hate or malice that one such as Midway produces. She strides out across the upper works, with materials peeling off and gathering around her into a high-tech combat rigging. As her equipment builds itself, her radar contact grows more distinct, rising in signature until she rivals a Demon-class Abyssal in displacement.

    Is this a fight? Or can she be reasoned with?
Shigure     Shigure would blink, if she were in human form, but instead her surface radar shifts from area sweep to a directed cone when that surface craft, and the !Abyssal appears after the mist clears. Yamashiro dismisses her rigging, and moves to board Shigure again. <Yamakawa, return to ship. Keep your eyes open, she doesn't scan as an Abyssal... but I am not taking any chances.> The destroyer waits for her two companions to get back aboard, hoisting the launch back into place on its cranes, before turning and setting off to approach the CENTRAL POINT on a wide arc. Not threatening just yet.
Reiuji and Rin It's an even bigger place! Before Utsuho and Rin can ask about whether or not to break that for extra rewards, they spot Midway just ramming right through it. That certainly answers their questions for them, and they're just about to get to work blasting that water-building when they're interrupted by the sight of another person arriving.

It's... Also somebody they don't know! Once again, they huddle up briefly to discuss strategy(?).

Utsuho: "She seems different."
Rin: "Way different. Calmer, right?"
Utsuho: "Yeah, like she's not so pissed off."
Rin: "Or ready to burn everything."
Utsuho: "... Hm. Yeah. That's kinda boring, isn't it?"
Rin: "Yeah, but it's weird. Like.. It's not a human thing she's doing. She's just... Getting bigger."

Once again, they're too loud to really be subtle by the time they float on over to confront THE PALE WOMAN. They both wave to her with the same clueless looks they had on their faces since they started getting involved in this entire situation.

Rin: "He-ey. Is this your place?"
Utsuho: "Someone crashed into it."
Rin: "Is she your sister or something? You both look kinda samey, but different."
Utsuho: "She's angrier than you."
Rin: "But you... Might be bigger? Hard to say without lookin' at ya both side to side."
Kotone Yamakawa The airbase is handled the fighters are gone for the moment Kotone only relaxes a little bit. She knows more trouble may be on the way and she's trying to make ready for it she does however lower her weapon as the mysterious woman shows up. She's giving hallmarks of an Abyssal with one difference, they don't seem to have the aura of hate or malice. Which is almost concerning what is she who is she. She's about to say something until she gets the order to fall back, so she will withdraw tying to get her drones to come with her, but if she has to she will leave them as she makes for the boat at a fairly high speed far faster than a normal human on her world would be able to manage.

If she makes it to the smaller boat she'll sail in a beeline for Shirgue.
Midway     At the end of the platform, the newcomer raises a hand to shield her eyes, peering across the waves at the distant destroyer. Her rigging weapons swivel into position, taking aim but not yet opening fire. Two idiots landing near her do draw her attention though; immediately the gold-eyed woman whirls around. Her various guns swivel as well; about half of them retraining on Shigure while the other half swing towards CAT AND BIRD.

    "Yeah, I came out here because a bunch of idiots were breaking our observation posts!" She pauses, "Ehh? I don't have 'sisters'. Partners, sure, but--" Pausing again, she leans back and over the edge, eyes resting on the hole at the waterline, "Oh *damnit!*! Observer's gonna decomp me for sure!" Swinging her attention back, she points at Utsuho. She hestitates for a second, then shifts to point at Rin instead, "I'm Purifier; what are you doing here and who the hell was that? Answer before I open fire!"
Shigure     Shigure notes the weapons trained on her, her own turrets tracking to return the gesture, though she also doesn't open fire. <Midway... report. What is happening? There is a woman on the deck of that ... ship. She appears Abyssal, but something is off.> she transmits, her radar staying trained on Purifier. She's too far away to hear the conversation, but the fact that cat and bird are nearby is enough for the Destroyer to know 'something is Happening, and it isn't good'.
Kotone Yamakawa Kotone Yamakawa is not fired on so that is good news she will be aware she's in the mysterious woman's gunsights thought. She will get the boat back on Shigure and will scramble back on to her deck. Kotone will again turn her enhanced senses at the strange abyssal like woman. Just who is she maybe by scoping her out better she might get a few more ideas on her or at least get more footage to report with.
Reiuji and Rin The turning of the guns towards them has Rin flinching and Utsuho staring with that confident half-grin that everyone hates.

Utsuho: "Is that what those things were?"
Rin: "Not that we had anythin'-"
Utsuho: "They looked really cool when they blew up."
Rin: "A-anyway! So that big lady wasn't your sis, sis?"

Utsuho peers over the waterline as well, not even noticing when Purifier shifts her pointing finger to Rin instead. Instead, she's just staring at the damage with an impressed noise. "Whoa... Big hole. What's got her so pissed off?"

Rin, meanwhile, is compelly on the defensive, complete with a wide stance to look as large as possible while staring right back at Purifier. "We were lookin' for stuff to do! And then we found that giant lady that broke your..." She gestures arund vaguely at what they're standing on. "... Thing, and she told us she'd give us cool stuff for looking around!"

It's only then that Utsuho turns to Purifier again, actually looking inquisitive for once. "So. What's going on between you and whoever she is?" A moment later, she cracks a challenging grin while resting her control rod on her shoulder. "And don't lie, because I might have to open fire if it sounds like you're not telling us everything."
Midway     "...Huh..." Purifier processes what Rin explains, but also the conversation cat and bird hold with each other. Her weapons swing away and she gestures, "So you're not here to steal our research or raid our shipyard for prototypes or any of that? Did you seriously just do things because some sketchy hate monster told you to?"

    From a distance, while the conversation can't be heard, Purifier standing down is somewhat clear through the falling snow. In stark contrast is Midway's static-filled response: <That must be a Siren. Nothing but an obstacle. Destroy them. We are very close to uncovering what is concealed here.>

    On deck, Purifier turns a bit and gestures with her thumb, "That mass production model's huge, by the way. Thought I saw some kansen before we lost the planes, too. They with you, or is the Empire sniffing around here too?"
Shigure     With Purifier standing down, Shigure's turrets return to centerline and level off, going back to 'resting' position. She then turns in to approach. Midway's order to destroy the Siren is ignored, Midway's alliance is crumbling already. Yamashiro stands at the bow, her miko outfit billowing in the wind as her red eyes stare down Purifier.
Reiuji and Rin 'So you're not here to steal our research or raid our shipyard for prototypes or any of that?'
Utsuho: "Uhh... No. Why would we want any of that stuff?"
Rin: "Sounds boring."

'Did you seriously just do things because some sketchy hate monster told you to?'
Utsuho: "Uhuh!"
Rin: "Yeah!"

Truly, the wisest duo. It probably doesn't help perception much that Utsuho just laughs following that question, and even Rin seems to have settled down somewhat (despite still trying to look larger than she is to assert dominance). They both raise eyebrows when she mentions 'mass production model' and 'kansen', and then Utsuho just lets out a long, confused noise at mntion of 'the Empire'.

"I dunno what any of that means. But.. They were helping what's her face, if that's what you mean. The..." Utsuho moves over to the edge of the platform, squinting as she peers down towards Shigure, Yamashiro, and Kotone. "Big boat that... Huh. Humans can really pilot something that big with just two of them? Then again."

She stomps once on the platform before turning to Purifier. "You got this whole thing moving just by yourself, yeah? So you might be a match for that big lady from before..."
Kotone Yamakawa Kotone Yamakawa stands down as well her weapon being lowered down. She looks at the Siren for a moment then over to Midway. She knew the alliance wouldn't last long but it may have saved them a fight, well she hopes. Kotone seems a bit out of place standing there nd it would be easy for the Siren to scane her an realize what she is. Kotone thinks for a moment "So I'm not sure getting in a brawl right now would be a good idea Shirgure...with Midway or this woman."
Midway     Purifier spreads her hands, "Well you broke our stuff; but the real problem is that woman who charged right into our facility!" Gesturing, she adds, "Look your kansen are steering the mass production type over here already." Shifting, the Siren points, "So you two and those two are gonna help me get rid of that monster before she breaks all our experiments! You created this mess, you help me clean it up!"

    Turning, Purifier raises a hand and waves to the oncoming ship, "You hear that! You're fixing this!"

    Lowering that hand, Purifier bites the tip of her thumb, muttering, "If we fix it fast enough, Observer might not notice..!"