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Owner Pose
Warfarin     A fresh rain recently passed in the area, the ground is wet, the skies a blue, the lush verdant greenery around gives off the fresh scent of ... greenery. The air is clean and crisp, untainted by the ravages of industrialization... and various beasts dot the landscape. A strange cat-like creature, bipedal in nature gives a nod while a larger, brick house built woman wielding a crossbow as big as themselves. "Are you sure you want to hunt this?" comes the woman's voice, a hint of concern in it.

    Comparitively, the tinier, frail looking vampire stabs the IV Holder into the ground with a nod. "I have intelligent and strong people with me, I appreciate your concern." there's a fanged smile, "Besides, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, generally. That's what the Operators usually say." The quote makes the woman laugh, "You got guts, girl, you'd make a good hunter. My Palico and I will be out at the camp, we'll come get you if you fall a few times, don't worry."

    As the cat and hunter wander off, "A Zinogre... for a non hunter? This will be nice to watch." Warfarin doesn't pay the comment /much/ mind, the red eyes looking back towards the pair as they trail off. "Well. They did not tell me much on this monster, outside it's a huge beast. Please be wary and record any special abilities that you see."


    If the elfin-eared sarkaz in the white outfit wasn't enough of a sore thumb in a world like this, the tall blindfolded woman beside her is intensely obvious. A silken velvet dress is a far cry from the spikes and teeth and scales adorning the armor of the typical Hunter; but the swords across her back are unmistakable tools of combat. She lifts her head slightly, skimming over data across the inside of her visor. The coordinates are cross-referenced to the map her POD has been generating with its scans, followed shortly by a recommended route.


    Without waiting, S6 steps away from Warfarin, the boxy POD floating along peacefully beside her shoulder.
Rita Ma      Rita isn't appearing as a perfectly ordinary girl today. That's because she isn't appearing at all. Mimic tentacles are wrapped around her body like a mummifying suit, shapeshifted to appear exactly like the background behind her.

     Completely invisible, silent, and still, she sits in the boughs of a tree and peers down at the hunters' party with keen interest. A little cell phone is clutched in her hand.

     "theyve arrived", she taps out. "when do we spring it?"