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Nagato, Seriously Something Here...
Date of Scene: 17 January 2016
Location: Hikari Sea Port
Synopsis: After the attempted assassination, Momoyo breaks back into the port... and apologizes to Nagato.
Cast of Characters: Nagato, 928

Nagato has posed:
    It's late and the docks are near empty. Multiple small baths, big enough for just one person line the walls of this massive room, a larger pool is smack dab in the middle of it. The windows show a clear view of the moonlit sky... and Nagato is resting in one of them, nearly fully sunk into the green-looking waters. A small computer system, protected against the water, and small helmet designed to sit on Nagato's head is near by.

    Nagato reaches for the helmet, convinently labeled AMUSPHERE... "Mmm. To log in and forget a few things for a while...?"

Momoyo Kawakami (928) has posed:
     There's some radio chatter all of a sudden, but no combat alarms going off. Instead, there's commentary from one of the destroyers who had been put on watch and just gave up trying to stop her.

    "Admiral, there's an intruder. It's... ugh. It's Kawakami. And she's flying."

    She must have gotten sick of arguing with Akitsumaru and possibly the angry Kiso. It's not hard to tell she's landed outside the baths, probably dressed in her slacks and chipmunk shirt. Sure enough, she slips into the appropriate baths for battleships, the less-used ones... and breathes a sigh of relief. She even kneels on the floor beside you untily you're done with AMUSPHERE, her palms dug into her knees. If anything, she looked... embarassed. And extremely angry. But not with you.

Nagato has posed:
    Nagato sighs and sets the Amusphere to the side... "I see..." a light smile crosses her lips briefly before it fades... "Alright... just let her do her thing." she mutters, waiting and sinking underwater a bit more. When Kawakami comes in, she gives a brief nod. "Good evening, Kawakami... it's good to see you on base. Did you wish to be a part of the fleet again?"

    Nagato uses it as an attempt to start up conversation, eyes looking up towards the oddly embarassed looking girl. "What's wrong, Kawakami? You normally don't look like this?"

Momoyo Kawakami (928) has posed:
     "I'm sorry, Admiral." she bows her head to the floor, touching it. Which was, to say the least, absolutely frightening to see this woman do given her usual attitude. This was not the complete terror you fought the day before the assassination attempt.

    "I found Yari snooping around my private hangouts trying to dig up dirt on my friends. They're in danger now. I caught her because she was being sloppy. But I hadn't read Atago's reports yet, so I let her off... at the Fed-JSDF embassy in my world, instead of the Union-JSDF embassy." There was enough revised history around the Fleet Daughters to know she meant her world's military well after Nagato's history in Momoyo's Japan.

    "I should have hauled her straight to Njorun. I only found out when Yuna showed me a picture of her arm which she had regenerated. She's a Fed spy and I've spoken to enough German Spec Ops to know she's going to wish she was dead when her superiors get ahold of her for botching breaking and entering against me... but I'm sorry. I didn't know." She bows her head to the floor again, her fingers quaking.

    "Nagato, you need to give me the specs on the other ships in the fleet that attacked you. If I go now, I can make damn sure they suffer the rest of the losses they should have." If any other Battleships or Cruisers were eavesdropping on her now, she sounded completely insane. But to the Admiral... she just might pull it off.

    And get nothing productive done in the process other than stirring up the hornet's nest. What's more, there's only one or two ships awake that could stop her berserk rampage before it began.

Nagato has posed:
    Nagato blinks, who was this woman that is bowing in apology towards her. "Sorry?" she questions, then she goes into her conversation. She gives a brief nod... and a sigh, "Lack of information, while unfortunately, cannot be helped. Atago's report did come late at night, I do not expect many to read it until later." she goes off, watching the bowing once more and those fingers. Something was up with that woman... "I see..." Nagato leans forward, moving a hand under Momoyo's chin and lifting it up...

    "Kawakami. I can give that to you... but you have to promise me something..." outside the baths lean two battleships, whispering between each other, Mutsu and Musashi. Nagato's own high command... "Nagato is going to tell her, isn't she?" "For all that trouble, the girl does have some sort of spark within her..." "Really? She's wanting to commit suicide for the Admiral." "That's the spark..."

    Nagato's eyes look towards the door before leaning back, "Before I do, why? Do you intend to sacrifice yourself as retribution for what was done? To take payment for something that I have accepted as part of my duties?" she shakes her head, "There are many ships, varied as they are us. Monstrous looking things... to some that look human... and some that take a horrifying visage of what we are..."

    Nagato submerses herself into the water a bit and pops back up, head above water. The timer on the wall states twelve hours and some change left. "Momoyo..." she starts, taking a soft breath, "You know I cannot ask you to take on the entire Abyssal fleet by yourself..." she pauses, it's a long pause, "But... I can give you the means to enact your revenge... if you give me time."

Momoyo Kawakami (928) has posed:
     She lets her chin be raised, her own hellish eyes meeting yours. Her bangs fell over her face a bit, messy as they always were, but she finally nodded.

    She could already sense Mutsu and Musashi anyway, and either one of them alone was enough to stop her... both were more than enough to put her in the brig until Zelgius picked her up if she protested further. She didn't intend to commit suicide, but her lack of self-preservation and samurai spirit was evident. It was roiling and it demanded blood to atone for her accidental mistake.

    "Alright." she replies. It was almost surprising that she assented so easily. "I knew you would never give me permission to do that even if I'm not under your command. But they aren't aware of me yet. Give me the chance to rain hell down on them." she mutters, getting to her feet. Seeing as how Nagato was alright and, near as she could tell, clearly exhausted, she didn't have anything more to say. "I'm going to turn myself in to the two girls out there and get out of here." she replies, expecting to be escorted off-base for her behavior. Still, she was reasonably abrupt and professional... a marked change in her behavior. Even since just that one fight, she nearly acted like a Samurai toward her Lord toward you instead of a ronin idiot... it was in her blood, after all.

    Unless Nagato spoke sharply and stopped her, she stalked toward the entrance to the baths to go face down the eavesdroppers peacefully.

Nagato has posed:
    Nagato gives a brief sigh. "Momoyo Kawakami..." it was spoken sharply, "I will give you your chance." she does hope this stops the stalking towards the exit, but knowing Momoyo.. maybe not... Nagato gives a sigh, it was evident that she was reluctant to do this, but... seeing Kawakami's behavior. "You remind me of the Admiral I had a long time ago. And for a while, even if it was brief, you were part of my fleet. You're still one of my girls, even if you're not. It.. actually pains me to do this."

    It's at that moment Musashi opens the door and stares down both the Admiral and the Subordinate. "We understand your fire, do not get us wrong. We just don't want you to... sacrifice yourself for the Admiral." comes Musashi's firm voice, "Admiral Nagato. Your orders?"

    Nagato sighs softly, "Kawakami... you want your chance to rain hell on them? Are you willing to be the that one shell we launch? That one fire to sink an entire fleet?" she gives a brief wince of pain, "Nagato! Rest..." Musashi turns towards Kawakami, staring down the girl. Oddly enough, Musashi seems to be just a tad more powerful than the Admiral. "Kawakami, huh? I heard your exploits... and what you did to Nagato." Mutsu just strolls on by and leans near Nagato, not even caring about embarrasing the Admiral with a brief hug. Musashi shakes her head and stares down Momoyo...

    "The attack fleet was three battleships, a heavy cruiser, a light carrier and an standard carrier. The battleships have heavy armor and armament, not unlike the Admiral. The Cruiser is hardened but is less armored than the battleships. The carriers have light armor but can launch planes. It's best to launch a suprise attack if you want to do the most damage..."

Momoyo Kawakami (928) has posed:
     She continues to stare Musashi down. She wanted, of course, to get angry, but if anything these would be the girls creating her opening. The point of sending Momoyo in to retaliate was quite a bit different than sending Yari in... Yari was designed to take out a specific target.

    Momoyo's attack would be designed to do as much damage to enemy morale as possible. If they were shaken at all, they wouldn't get very far from the Fleet Daughters even if they overpowered Momoyo temporarily.

    Still, three battleships. That gave her pause. She was standing next to three battleships now. That was far different than some stupid mock school war. Any one of them were tough enough to stop Momoyo in her tracks. Momoyo, of course, was an excellent counter to a single Goliath... but only sent in at the right time and sufficiently pissed off.

    "Damn..." she punches the doorframe, not that close to Musashi and fairly slowly. "Okay... I get it. If I want this raid to be effective, I have to avoid the battleships. It's the only way. If I mow down enough destroyers and about three cruisers, that should turn into a rout and keep them from retreating, right...? What about... six cruisers?" Even six cruisers was extremely ambitious for a surprise attack... but Nagato had plenty of warning in advance. The berserk martial artist could do untold damage if she didn't aim at any armored targets. Luckily, though, the conversation kept her from acting rashly near the dusky platinum-blonde.

Nagato has posed:
    Musashi eyes the fist and places her hand on it. "Kawakami, the best way to damage their morale? Attack their princesses or attack the Wo-Class herself. She regularly appears in Boston, however, it's neutral territory." Musashi makes a face, seems she doesn't like neutral territory... "Most of their fleet is replacable. Sure, you'll damage their ability to attack or supply themselves for a bit, but to attack and defeat a Princess..." Nagato and Mutsu gives Musashi a strange look, Musashi grins a sly grin... something the two other battleships know damn well.

    Musashi continues "The problem becomes finding them. None of our scout planes have come back alive to report. We are going to be starting a combined fleet soon, to take out what we can... a sweeping advance." Another knowing look towards Mutsu and Nagato, "We can send you with a team, I know you will work better alone, but you'll want to have some protection, even if it's just to bail you out. So what I'm offering you is a chance to join up in cruiser gear, even if it's just to get close, and lead a fleet to it. I've seen how you fight. I've seen your battle lust. Nagato has said stories..."

    It's here Mutsu finally speaks, her voice is softer, more caring, "Musashi might just have a bit of battle lust in her own self as well. But, she is right, you'll want some backup even if it's to rescue you~. I'm not so sure about making Kawakami here a Flagship, but her... unique way of leading did prove very effective with the Submarine crew..."

Momoyo Kawakami (928) has posed:
     She nods. "Alright... damn. We'd have to flank them." she rubs the back of her neck. "Wo-class, huh... Got any paperwork?"

    Looking at the pictures, she finally had a target to vent her fury on. But all that armor made her heart sink a bit. All those skull-like planes would be pelting her... and the bombers would be willing to bomb Wo to protect her and hit Momoyo. Momoyo wasn't going in with any armor after all, only rapid regenerative capabilities, just as likely to damage enemy morale but she could only heal most wounds at most 30 times. She was going to have to use Restoration far more than that even if 30 was beyond impressive.

    She sits with Musashi chattering over the diagrams of Wo and some Ri and Ru-class supporting cruisers. "My world is neutral territory. An Abyssal fleet could attack it too, in spite of everything." she muses. Even Kawakami City was rather coastal all things considered, and the Gate was separated from the City by suspension bridge.

    "It's faster if I just challenge her in Boston. Not as much armor, and if she's not facing a Fleet Daughter she'll be completely flat-footed even if I frontally assault her." she grouches to Musashi, chattering about an unrealistic plan.

    "...Wait, that's it!!!" she hops to her feet, moving over to Nagato. "Okay, so what if I find a way to talk to Ageha and commission 20 Cookie Droids? If they send in a new experimental prototype, you can spread false rumors about a new super-weapon!" she shakes the Admiral's shoulder a bit, pointing her to some articles on Kuki Corp. through the Union internet. "Each droid is about as strong as a light cruiser, but they don't even have to do the same kind of damage. They're filler for the Fleet Daughters. If we flood the air with planes and Droids, that's more than enough cover for me to crack Wo's armor even in an extended solo engagement...!"

    It depended entirely on Wo's personality and what Nagato could glean of Cookie's capabilities.

Nagato has posed:
    Musashi shakes her head, this girl was something. "You'd give Tenryuu a run for her money..." a hearty laugh and she gives a sigh, "Kawakami, let's discuss this when it's not so late. The Admiral needs some more rest..." as she points to the dwindling clock, "And us three have to have a chat with each other. Your room is still open, by the way, here. Go ahead and get a bath in the destroyer's docks and head to bed, we'll catch up with you later? OK?"