A First Step (Raditz)

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A First Step (Raditz)
Date of Cutscene: 25 July 2014
Location: Raditz's Home
Synopsis: Raditz and Merra talk about first steps
Cast of Characters: 486

Raditz is glaring intently, and it's a glare that doesn't end. No, he's going to get results today from the little loyalty he has managed to attain. "Alright... Start walking." He orders, expecting it to be obeyed.

In turn, the toddler sitting there just stares back at him blankly, sitting on her butt without so much as a crawl in response to Raditz's order.

The Saiyan grumbles and facepalms, his voice letting out his frustration, "Come on, Gine, just get up on your feet and walk, it's not that difficult. I've gone over it at least a dozen times, why won't you do it?"

Gine keeps blinking at her father, proceeding instead to put a toy in her mouth and chew on it.

Raditz growls, "Dammit, Gine, -stand u--!!" His yell is promptly cut off by virtue of a suddenly boot smashing into the side of his head, sending him reeling over for a bit, and grabbing his head where he was kicked, "AUGH! What the hell, Merra?!"

The fiery haired Merra hmphs as she picks her baby up and holds her gently, "You were about to yell at your daughter. That's not how motivating people works."

Her husband just growls and picks himself up off the ground where he had been sitting the entire time, and mutters, "Well, no, but it gets the message accross." He rubs the side of his head, "I mean, you would thing being loud enough would get someone's attention."

Merra tilts her head, eying Raditz and saying, "Is this about the Union, Raditz?" She sighs and shakes her head, "You know that's not true, at least you -should-. The people of Earth responded better to you when you were calm and diplomatic. There's no reason the Union won't respond the same."

Raditz grumbles scratching the back of his head, "They're different. I fought beside them without any 'rank'. I was just there to help out and punch things when someone needed punching."

The wife sighs and runs her fingers through her red hair, replying, "You decided you wanted to make a difference when you went back and enlisted. You have to make that first step yourself by being the leader know you are, and the one THEY know you can be."

There's a few moments of quiet before Raditz nods, "I suppose... It's not exactly the easiest thing to do. I'm probably gonna explode in someone's face."

Merra smiles and says, "You won't... You're going to keep control of your temper and you're going to stop being needlessly antagonistic to your allies. Besides, you know that Matoi girl was wrong... 'Stockholme' Pfft. Please... I think I tried to assasinate you seven times in the first month alone, and you didn't so much as slap me in response."

Raditz rolls his eyes, "Well, yeah, you're squishy. Anyway, shows what I know... Stupid legal binding contracts... Sneaky devil woman."

Merra belts out a laugh, "OHOHOHOHO! My crowning moment of victory!" She walks away with little Gine in tow, "Now! Go off and do something with your Union Friends. Try a training session, you can manage that."

Raditz grumbles, "Yeah yeah... Witch..."