Patch Notes (Xiaomu)

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Patch Notes (Xiaomu)
Date of Cutscene: 05 March 2015
Location: Tokyo-142403
Synopsis: The solution to a rather frustrating problem finally comes to light.
Cast of Characters: 707

"Early" morning for Xiaomu is a moving target; some days she's up with the crack of dawn, others she tends to sleep until noon or so, depending on how late she was up with her assorted hobbies. Today saw her up early enough to get in a decent workout, then curl up in her futon again until about eleven in the morning.

A bit of rummaging in the fridge comes up with a box of fried tofu, an apple, and a can of soda. It's not the best breakfast but it's an adequate lunch, so Xiaomu settles in with her laptop and starts scrolling through news reports - a mix of public news, reports from the Union and Shinra VPNs, and some gaming updates.

"Huh. Roundsoft's got a patch out for Epic Fantasy ..." Xiaomu trails off, checking another article first as one of her allies mentions displaced wildlife on the Union chatter band; she finds the report about the Zinogre wrangling, skims through it, and looks at the related images, raising her eyebrows. "Wow. Wouldn't wanna tangle with those in an RPG," she observes, then goes back to the patch report.

"It has come to Roundsoft's attention that one of the late-game boss battles in Epic Fantasy Saga II suffers from a set of AI glitches, causing it to counterattack overwhelmingly if any of its designated weaknesses are targeted or if a critical hit connects with its main weak point - huh, it has more than one weak point?" Xiaomu reads. "Accordingly, we are issuing an update to EFS II which corrects Sundarin's behavior in battle --"

Xiaomu freezes, her eyes narrowing as she re-reads that sentence. Sundarin is a name she's grown far too familiar with since she got stuck on ... exactly that boss.

"YOU'RE TELLING ME ALL THAT TROUBLE WAS OVER A FLIPPIN' PROGRAMMING ERROR?!?" she explodes, heedless of who might overhear on the radio.