Something Old, Something New (Jorge-052)

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Something Old, Something New (Jorge-052)
Date of Cutscene: 19 May 2015
Location: UNSC Base
Synopsis: After Jorge returns to familiar surroundings, he's confronted with new tech -- whether or not he wants it.
Cast of Characters: 783

Jorge-052 studies his ruined MJOLNIR Mark V/B armor suit with a critical eye. He's already been fitted with the newer black uniform -- the black suit with silver armor attachment points, black cargo pants, and black lace-less boots. He still feels naked without the armor as his second skin. "You're certain?" He asks the nearby techs without taking his eyes off of his suit.

"Positive, sir," a young tech replies apologetically. Jorge recognizes him as the one who helped recover him from the 'Ardent Prayer'. "The entire system's gone, down to the last circuit and servo. It'll take too much time and effort to repair everything, especially since you need to upgrade to the MJOLNIR GEN2 anyway."

Jorge's eyes shift to the corners, staring distrustfully at the circular metal assembly at the other side of the room without turning his head. "Crewman. I understand it's been over three years since the Mark V/B's were considered experimental and cutting-edge. But to me, I've only had this kit for ten months." His focus returns solely to his suit. "I am not some robot you can update at your fancy simply because new tech becomes available."

The poor tech stutters, ears and cheeks reddening, but approaching footsteps saves him. "That is not the Crewman's implication, SPARTAN-052," the chief technician, a Navy Officer, replies patiently, waving off salutes in a silent 'as you were'. "Your orders are clear. You must update to a GEN2 kit before being returned to active duty."

"Understood, sir." Jorge is back to SPARTAN standard, hands clasped behind his back at stiff 'at-ease'. "I would simply appreciate the opportunity of choice."

The chief technician folds his arms over his chest, studying the SPARTAN-II towering a good head-and-shoulders over him. "The GEN2 is stronger, faster, more efficient, and more resilient than any preceding MJOLNIR generation. Beyond nostalgia, Chief Warrant Officer, why are you so insistent?"

Jorge's brow furrows at the pointed but honest question. "Sir, I don't understand the GEN2's, how they work or their limits. I could put myself and good men at risk because of poor preparation, and whatever advantages the GEN2 offers would be negated by my inexperience." He motions towards his ruined armor. "I know the Mark V/B like the back of my hand, customized it myself. I know its limits and how to safely exceed them if required." He offers a one-shouldered shrug. "There is also the Multiverse itself to consider, where the older tech could be more appropriate for a given mission than the newer."

The chief technician mulls over the counterpoints. "Orders only require an upgrade to the GEN2 system." He almost gets a conspiratorial look in his eye. "It never stated multiple kits were not authorized." He rubs his chin thoughtfully as he studies the ruined Mark V/B armor. "These Mark IV and V parts might be difficult to acquire, SPARTAN-052, between the passage of time and the Covenant. Few of my techs have had hands-on time with it, as well."

"Find me the parts, sir, and I'll put the suit back together myself. The techs only need to help me get it on and off. In the meantime, I will register a Recruit GEN2 as my introductory baseline." The chief technician looks surprised that Jorge had studied the GEN2's to such an extent despite his verbal reluctance. Jorge doesn't seem to notice this. "Once I've been qualified, I will be requesting full customization privileges for my final GEN2 loadout."

The chief technician chuckles a bit. "I don't believe the different GEN2 armors can be intermixed."

Jorge's mouth pulls taunt in a thin-lipped smile. "That's what they said about the Mark V/B's before I got my hands on it, sir." He nods to his ruined suit.

The officer's eyes light up in understanding. "Very well. Kit up, SPARTAN-052. Sooner you move, sooner we can get things done."

Jorge-052 snaps a crisp salute. "Yes, sir!" Only when the officer returns the salute does he execute a perfect about-face and stride straight to the armory. At least he can stay busy...