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Garlemald Party
Date of Scene: 20 December 2014
Location: Ala Mhigo Captiol, Ala Mhigo, Hydaelyn
Synopsis: The Garleans are having a party and the members of the Confederacy are invited.
Cast of Characters: 399, 522, 552, 583

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Ala Mhigo, a once proud military nation just east of the Eorzea region. When the Garlean Empire came, Eorzea was sure 16 years ago that Ala Mhigo would oppose the Empire, but instead the people submitted to the Garlean rule with no blood shed-- at least not at first.

There was people however who did not agree with the sudden change of hands. Believing they changed out from one corrupt ruler to another and started to the Ala Mhigan Rebellion. Most of this Rebellion has been chased off across the nation line, but some still remain. It is for this reason security has been increased and Magitek Reapers walk the very streets and the soldiers march across the mountainous city in order to make sure when guests arrive all peace is maintained.

When the Confederates arrive, they do so right outside once was the temple of the people, turned into the very city hall and place where now Gaius Van Baelsar oversees the very nation. The massive doors are open for the guests to enter and the old structure, though modernized greets all within with its polished floor and massive pillars.

One room changed out for dinning lining from all sorts of meals. From bread, different types of meats, cakes, and chocolate. There is even wine and punch. Though for more of the exotic mixed drinks, there is also a barkeeper ready to mix it up.

In another room is lined with chairs and is a bit more quiet if people wish to escape from the music of the orchestra and enjoy maybe the sounds of running water. To talk in peace amongst themselves or to get a breather.

Once everyone leaves the main hall, they enter into an even bigger area which has been setup as the ballroom itself. The orchestra players here off to the side up a few levels from the actual floor. There is also the rug which leads all into the very room and that rug also leads up to several chairs that one can easily tell have been placed here for this very reason. These chairs have been marked with the emblems and numbers of the Legatus who will be present, two on each side with the center chair being the largest and holds the emblem of Garlemald itself, with draconic sculpted heads at the arm of the chair and clawed foot designs for the legs of the throne chair itself.

Those who come in will be greeted by a tall elf like individual dressed in a proper crimson red coat-tails with a black silk shirt underneath, along one, though a tall human stands on the other side. Both give instructions to the guests as they come in and a proper bow as well.

As for Gaius Van Baelsar, if anyone ask. They will say he will be down in a moment from the upper level as he is handling some last minute arrangements with some of the other Legatuses who have arrived.

Taro (399) has posed:
    Taro has this terrible habit of punctuality. It's a quality of his that is often looked upon favorably. However...the concept of 'fashionably late' is mostly lost on the android.
    He also when responding to the the invitation gave Gaius fair warning that he would be wearing what's considered formal attire according the the customs of his religion (It's not a cult. Really.) Which appears to simply be a cossack not unlike what he normally wears except of finer quality, along with a cloak. The prayer beads looped through his sash rattle softly as he steps through the impressively massive doors and through to the main hall. A quick appraising glance before he turns to greet and be greeted by the Majordomo(?), exchanging the bow with a deep nod of the head.
    Unsurprisingly, he completely bypasses the buffet. Music is far more satisfying to him, and so his footsteps lead him in the direction of the orchestra.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
It's like every time Mantigora comes to this world she sees more and more that reminds her of home.

Well not 'home' home, there's not nearly enough spikes and skulls for that; but home in the sense of the Dominion in general. Garleans are apparently fond of similar vaulted archways, high faced surfaces and decorative detailings as the Cassians are. Maybe a bit less gold and ivory trim as the more zealous sects of the highbloods use, thankfully.

Then again, the familiarities are part of why she gets involved in their doings, so we can't really complain.

"I swear, if you do anything to embarass us..." It's a good thing Mantigora's alien appearance and snarling (usually at her partner like right now) is distinct enough to reconize her by, because she's not clad in her usual armor lined longcoat and bounty hunter esemblem. The uniform style jacket with its small decorative shoulder empaulets is probably a holdover from her days when she was an actual soldier of the Dominion military legions, and the closet thing she has to a 'formal' outfit. She... doesn't really do formal events very often. The beret wedged in between her horns is definately a military hold over, as it bears the long-pointed 'star' that is the Dominion's emblem on the front.

Waddling behind her like usual Skuzzler just makes it all too apparent Chua don't even really have a concept of 'formal' in the first place, because it's an irrelivant social notion to their science and industry focused culture; he's just wearing some sort of retro-futuristic jumpsuit instead of his usual work armor. "Meh. She-draken's list of 'embarassing' is much too long. How Skuzzler suppose to -enjoy- party?"

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
There are a few random people here, some straight from Garlemald, others here from Ala Mhigo of the higher class and tend to work in Gaius's office over the nation. There is also a few men wearing black uniforms with gold trimming and some red. A few others with navy blue and sliver, few in almost solid white with some grey, and then those with black and forest green.

All of these men have name-tags, some with rank markers, and wearing their Legion's number along with emblem on their shoulder. Looks like the the guys in black and red are of the Forteenth Legion. Those in navy blue and silver are from the Eighteenth Legion. The ones with solid white are from the Third Legion, with the last being from the Ninth Legion.

While many of them are intermingling, it would seem the Eighteenth Legion members are keeping to themselves.

As Taro enters the musical hall, one of the Third Legion members almost bumps into him. He looks fairly human, but he has slightly pointed ears, "Sorry about that, chap." he says with a friendly smile and about starts to walk away, before snapping his fingers and turning about. "You are one of those Outsiders, aye? Here on behalf of Lord Van Baelsar?" He places out his hand, "Pleasure to meet you."

As Mantigora enters with her small companion, they both get a bow and motioned to where things are. A lanky male leaning against the wall talking to two others, glances over at Mantigora enters. He slowly quirks a brow as she moves in. His accent a little off compared to many of the Garleans and has slightly Asian like features. He is one in a black and green uniform. "That one sort of reminds me of.."

However his train of thought is interrupted as one of the Forteenth legion members taps him on the shoulder, a tall young man with broad shoulders,"Oi. Don't gawk. They are guests." Though his eyes turn to look at Skuzzler, followed by the other guy.

The third, another of the Forteenth who has the "third eye" takes a sip of his glass of win, "...at least she has a cute pet."

The Asian one snorts softly. "You should go pet it, if you think its so cute."

"Ha. You couldn't pay me to go pet that thing. Besides, I'd get fur on my suit." He then grins softly, "Why don't I pay you to go talk to /her/, Othard soldier. See if you can make friends with her."

The Othard soldier simply furrows his brows, "..how much..?"

The garlean takes another sip of his wine, "My salary."

"Deal." The young man says before he pushes off the wall and walks over to Mantigora and Skuzzler, "Greetings, you must be some of the guests from this Confederacy, yes? We been so eager to see what these proud guests are like."

Taro (399) has posed:
    Quick reflexes on both sides keep it from being a truly awkwad meeting, Taro taking a half-step to the side just the other fellow catches himself from bumping into him. No smile from him, but he makes a dismissive gesture to show the apology's accepted. That could have been the end of it, but the chance meeting presents the opportunity for conversation.
    "I am, on both counts," he says with a nod, then extends his hand to clasp the man's in a handshake. "Taro Daisho, of the city-state of Neo Arcadia. A pleasure." His gaze shifts in a quick glance in the direction of the musicians. "What sort of performance should we be expecting tonight?"

Mantigora (583) has posed:
Let's be fair here, if you're the sort into 'Green Skinned Alien Babes' then eyeing up a Draken lady is probably not pushing it too far. As long as it's done from a safe distance, of course. Some of them actually do have green skin.

The 'high society' music doesn't really interest Mantigora much, she's more a war drums and flute made out of an enemy's femur sort of girl. Food and drink, on the other hand. Even if most non-Draken cultures seem to have a thing about burning meat to the point most of the -real- flavor is out of it, but eh. Not everyone likes their food bloody raw. Or has the predatory teeth to eat it that way. But every culture can appreciate good food in some way, even the Mechari are designed to do so as part of their being able intergrate with organic races (just don't ask them what's in it, you'll get a long list of protien chains and biochemical formulaes instead of ingredients).

As she's musing choices the uniformed guy walks up to talk to her. She turns enough to give him a stern look for a moment, though it's mostly because stern is the natural state of her expression. "That is correct." Formality isn't really her thing, so she just gives him a sort of inclined nod of her head in way of a greeting. "Mantigora Vertibraeker." Just sound that surname out. Might fall into the 'names to run away from quickly' category depending on. "Confederate ally and bounty huntress of the Dominion Empire of Nexus."

Skuzzler, after a shifty look around, takes full advantage of her being distracted to scurry off towards the buffet table himself.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
"Dani." The man chuckles a bit, before he takes in what Taro is wearing and including where he says he comes from. "At least that is what everyone calls me, as for tonight.." He glances over as the band works on making sure everything is good to go. "Some classic pieces from Garlemald to be sure. This for people to ball room dance too and also just to listen too as well."

Dani then gives a shrug, "They may even play something upbeat as well, always hard to say what Lord Van Baelsar has planned. The man is hard to read."

Dani then looks back over, "Also possibly some dancers from Doma, but that wont be till after his Radiance shows up." Dani then gives a slight nod of his head, "Pleasure meeting you anyways. I need to head toward the front and go greet some of my chaps, cause I tell you." He starts to walk away with a chuckle. "Beats being in the bloody cold of Coerthas."

As the Othard soldier listens to Matigora introduce herself, he raises both brows at her last name and gives a very soft nod, "A pleasure to meet you. I am one of the Othard soldiers of the Garlean Empire, hailing from a place called Doma One of the members of the Ninth Legion."

The young man then watches as Mantigora's 'pet' scurries off to get food. "Is um.. is that with you?"

Taro (399) has posed:
    "Mm...I see." With lack of proper context, 'Classic' could mean anything. Classical Klingon Opera is certainly not the same as the classical music of Earth to which Sir Integra has introduced him...and Neo Arcadian classical music drifts somewhere away from either. However, Local Classical Music seems to involve live people performing on instruments, which is promising, at least. "Ah. Then don't let me keep you. Good evening."
    Mental note: brush up on the local geography.
    Taro will silently and somewhat absently watch the musicians finish setting up. He has no interest in the culinary delights in the other room...which, considering Skuzzler -does-, is probably just as well.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
Mantigora regards the Othard soldier up and down as he replies. "Doma.. I have not heard mention of this region yet. Is this why your appearance is different?" The question is asked out of an honest bit of curiosity, because knowing such things is usually helpful in her line of work. Such differences have be handy to know. It's why Exiles speak with such Cockney accents most people would never guess they're actually the same people as the more blueblooded and snooty sounding Cassians.

Then she turns a bit to glance past them as Skuzzler jumps up to grab the edge of the table, and with a few kicks of his stubby legs manages to pull himself up. A small, almost growling sigh escapes her. "He is my..." There's a strained pause as she considers something not in her usual snarkiness to say, before finally opting for the term she's heard other Confederates use, "sidekick, as it has been put."

It's a lot nicer than most of the phrases -both- factions of Nexus have for the Chua.

Skuzzler manages to get his paws on a wine glass, tilting it to take a whiff of the contents. "Considerable alcoholic content, a hint of berry.. or maybe that fruit. Pfft. Not important. But why big people always have to use such -spillable- utensils? Bah." He scoots off the edge to land back on the floor. "Good thing Skuzzler came prepared."

From his belt he pulls out... Well... it looks like a large copper plated sippy cup with a spout like a hamster water bottle (I kid you not, this is what the Chua mug is in-game) to pour the wine into.

"... Keep him away from anything explosive and he's harmless." Mantigora rumbles. "Mostly."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Taro finds himself mostly left alone for the time, unlike Mantigora who is dealing with the Asain man. Which when Mantigora asks her question about his appearance he hmms softly, "You could say that." Though he looks over to the Chua. "And do not worry. All the combat material is kept outside."

Though as Taro watches the musicians get things together, there was soon four people walking down some steps in much more proper officer uniforms. One of these being Gaius Van Baelsar himself with his peppered black hair, gold eyes, and face showing a bit of his age. Along side him is a woman in a uniform as well with pants instead of a dress, for where Gaius wears the black with red and gold. The woman wears black and forest green. She has her dirty blonde hair pulled back into a pun and her hazel eyes are ever as fierce as Gaius.

The other two behind them are far different in comparison. One is wearing all white with some grey who has solid white hair and is swept back. He has steel blue eyes and looks to be in his sixties, maybe seventies. His hands are behind his back as he walks with simple ease.

The other is in the navy blue with silver. Maybe around in his forties with dirty blonde hair kept in a military cut and green eyes that could cut a man in two. He stares out over all those before them and snorts softly in perhaps silent disgust.

As Gaius hits the bottom step his hands go out slightly as he calls over to Taro, "Taro. It is good to see you here."

Mantigora (583) has posed:
Fortunately the worst that Skuzzler is doing right now is being obnoxiously loud in his slurping from the cup. Trust me, it's just best to leave it at that. Just pray he doesn't try to do something more in depth in analysis than sniffing and drinking the local alcohol.

"The Chua.. lack social graces, but they are the core of the Dominion's technical and scientific superiority," Mantigora offers in way of explaination as she turns her attention back to her conversation partner. "They are just... eccentric. Very eccentric."

After looking at him for a moment she turns a bit to look at some of the other soldiers in their different uniforms, then back to him again. "Is there a distinction between the Legions other than number and uniform coloration?"

Taro (399) has posed:
    Thankfully Taro is not one to need constant attention or conversation. He's capable of amusing himself, and a bit of idleness is actually rather enjoyable.
    His attention is drawn away from the musicians by motion at the top of the staircase. Gaius he recognizes. The others he does not. Even so, despite their fine civilian attire, their bearing marks the lot of them as military. He watches the quartet's descent without going so far as to openly stare, acknowledging without gawking. At least until their host openly notes his presence, that is. At his name, the android priest gives the Legatus and his company ahalf-bow from the shoulders, then steps over to meet him. "Legatus Van Baelsar," he greets in pleasant tones. "Thank you for the invitation."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The soldier hrms softly as Mantigora explains her sidekick and then when she asks about the difference of Legions, he crosses his arms over his chest as he goes to explain. "Different Legions focus in different areas. For example, the ninth legion deals in Othard and thus Doma. The Eighteenth oversees patrols the capitols main borders along side the First Legion and acts as a back up Legion for if any other Legion needs boots on the ground quickly."

The young man then lowers his arms, "The Third deals in Ceorthas and keeps an eye on Ishgard, which is just northeast-- I think.. or is it northwest.. either way just a bit out from Eorzea. As for the Forteenth." He then shrugs his shoulders. "They handle Eorzea and the matters of the Multiverse. Though before we lost Van Darnus, it was the job of the Seventh Legion to oversee battle in Eorzea when Lord Van Baelsar first failed."


Gaius gives a very soft smile. "'Tis a pleasure, Taro. Though I do hope more of the Confederate shows themselves given this is rare chance."

The older gentleman peers over Gaius shoulder and looks over at Taro, before he cuts a glance to Gaius and ahems softly. This catches Gaius attention before he soft nods, "Let me introduce you to the others Taro."

Gaius then steps to the side, before he motions to the woman, "This is Lady Isaura Van Vitulus, Legatus of the Ninth Legion." she gives a proper bow when she is introduced, "A pleasure sir Taro." She says, her voice gentle with a hidden ferocity behind it.

Gaius then motions to the older man, "This dear sir is one of our older Legatus and my former Legatus when I was under his division. Aries Van Polus, Legatus of the Third Legion" The older gentleman gives a nod of his head with a smirk on his face. "A pleasure to meet you lad."

Though as Gaius goes to introduce the final Legatus, the forty year old goes to walk by, before place his hand up in the air. "I need no introductions," he then looks over at Taro. "These Outsiders will only lead us to trouble."

Isaura then lets out a soft hiss, "Van Luscus. Don't you start this now."

Luscus looks back at her and narrows his eyes, before he looks at Taro. There was then a deep furrow of his brow, a dangerous look before he walks on.

Gaius sighs softly, "Do not mind him, he is the Legatus of Eighteenth Legion. Part of the fast responder group of border defense and responder to any of us who require the aid. His men are many, but old pains do not leave easily."

Aries then speaks up with a soft sigh, "He was once a Tribune under Neal Van Darnus.."

Mantigora (583) has posed:
Mantigora nods a little as he explains, then idly reachs up to tug off the beret. The thing never sat right because of her horns, and they were past the point of needing to make a formal appearance entrance, so she stuffs it out of the way in the belt of her jacket. "I see. The Dominion's Legions are divided in a similar fashion, from serving directly on the battlefield to those who only answer to the Emperor himself."

She pauses, shifting a bit as her sharp hearing picks up Taro's voice in the other room, and then Gaius speaking to him. "I do believe the Legatus has joined the party. I should go give my proper regards." She turns to walk towards the other room, living it up to the Othard soldier to follow her to continue the conversation or not.

Taro (399) has posed:
    For an Outsider, he hardly cuts an imposing figure, small and lithe as he is. Graceful, yes, but he's hardly physically imposing compared to any of the Legati to which he's being introduced. Smiling is one of those expressions that Taro rarely shows, and the ghost of one he sports now is the closest they're likely to see. Still, he gives Van Vitulus and Van Polus a deep nod in turn as they're introduced...
    ...and then they come to Van Luscus, who wishes to not be introduced, and probably wishes that rather be introduced instead be placing Taro on the next transport out of the city and the continent. His eyes follow the man as he's rebuffed, but as things are explained, he raises his right hand in a gesture of understanding. "I will not mind him, or take offense. He's hardly the first or the last to distrust that which is new and different."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
"To be honest," Van Vitulus says as her eyes look over Taro, examining him very closely. "Not many of the Legati trust any of you. The only reason many of those in Garlemald are going along in this is because of this man right here," her eyes then focus on Gaius. "Given his future position.. unless someone can at last take his position."

Gaius can only rolls his eyes faintly, before shaking his head gently. Though he finds himself look over as Mantigora enters the room. Though Van Polus speaks up with a grin, "Ah. Another of the Confederacy enters the ball room and what predatory grace."

Gaius cuts the old man a look before he motions for Mantigora to join them. "Van Vitulus, Polus-- this is Mantigora."

If Mantigora allows it, Aries Van Polus may attempt to take her hand and give it a kiss. "A pleasure, madam."

Luscus only watches as he stands with a few of his men, one of them offering him a wine glass they have been saving for him. Those eyes of his staring at all of them gathered together like a predator wanting to be unleashed from his cage.

Gaius looks over to Taro, "The music will be starting in another thirty. If you desire anything to eat or drink, feel free to get something." He then looks between Taro and Mantigora, "I also have gifts for all of you and hopefully others whom may come."

Taro (399) has posed:
    While he does not meet the woman's eyes, Taro does not shy away from Vitulus' gaze. Again, hardly the first and hardly the last. "The honesty is both refreshing and appreciated. Trust is something that should not be given but earned. Perhaps in time we will earn that." His own gaze shifts across all three of them. "Until then, I will welcome the chance to work toward that."
    He then turns his head, then the rest of him as Mantigora finds them. A half-bow from the shoulders is offered to her as well. "It's nice to see you again, Mantigora. You are well?"
    After she's answered, he'll turn again so that he can keep as many of them as he can within his line of sight. "Thank you. It looked like your chef prepared quite the feast...Are there any of the wines that you would recommend?"
    A gift? How thoughtful.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
The Draken's tail gives a brief flick at the tip, but she's been around Cassian highblood enough to know this gesture was just a different greeting gesture. If a somewhat bizarre one. But it's knowing enough to not reflexively claw Aries' face off. That would be bad for public relations. Not really her area, but it's important enough to keep one's allies in good favor. "Such caution is not a bad trait. An empire that accepts openly without heed is one that soon break from the inside out. Hopefully our assistance in matters will prove worthy of trust in proper time."

The looks from off to the side do not go without notice. That gaze is a very familiar one to see when Mantigora shifts her attention in Luscus' direction. Her response?

She just smiles at him. Granted, this is a smile that while not in direct theat in itself, does show her fangs and the assortment of sharp predatory teeth that go with them. It very much carries an aire of 'don't mess with me' between two large felines. Not a far off anology considering the few mammalesque traits Draken have.

Briefly she turns to return Taro's greeting with a polite nod as well. "Well but busy." A short, snarl like chuckle. "My occupation is never short for work."

Then back to the gathering in general. "Gift giving is.. some kind of tradition in many cultures for this time of year I've been told."

Soundwave (552) has posed:
The idea of parties and get-togethers has never been Soundwave's proverbial cup of tea. Senator Ratbat used to indulge in such things near-constantly, before the Revolution changed everything, and Soundwave used to find it a waste of resources and time. Of course, being invited to such a gathering by an ally -- and having more understandings of such customs since -- certainly helps the Decepticon make the effort to attend.

A pity he is roughly five times the standard human(oid) height. That certainly makes things difficult, albeit not impossible. He has ways around such logistical issues.

Rumble ducks his head slightly as he carefully steps into the ballroom, cautiously mindful of his surroundings if not a little visibly uncomfortable. His armor seems a bit more buffed and polished than usual, which is about as 'formal' as a Transformer can get, though he makes a concerted effort to avoid drawing too much attention to himself from the get-go.

Too bad he's still a 10-foot tall boxy robot in a room full of people who have likely never seen the sorts before. This will be interesting.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Isaura Van Vitulus nods her head gently to both of them, "Indeed. We work a great deal on trust and merit. I am sure the Confederacy will prove themselves in time to us, as we will to them."

Gaius places his hands behind his back comfortably as he then goes to answer Taro's question about wines, "We have the finest wines available. Honestly I would go with the Emperor Red. It has been aged well and doesn't have a harsh bite to it."

Aries Van Polus steps back and rests his own hands behind his back, but his feet more snapped together. "Ah yes, this.. Christmas.. deal." He tilts his head faintly. "That is a custom not shared by us, but the notice of truce has hit many of our ears, though it honestly only effects really one." His gaze peers over to Gaius who looks directly back. "Maybe for once the dear Viceroy will learn to relax for a few weeks or," He then chuckles. "He'll go mad from boredom."

Gaius cuts over a glance, "Honor to know you believe me incapable of entertaining myself."

Aries then grins a playful grin upon that old face of his, "My dear old friend, I've known you since you joined the ranks. You are never the type to sit idly by and watch the flowers grow."

Though a good deal of those of Garlean Empire here are caught off guard as Rumble enters in. The doormen stare for a moment before they at last give the message they have given all night. Sadly it is not every day you see a walking machine and though they have the Vanguard drones-- there is something impressive about Cybertronians.

This causes Isaura to also take notice as Rumble enters the room, first to notice, as she crosses her arms over her chest, "My my.. Confederacy has many interesting allies, don't they Lord Van Baelsar?"

Gaius looks over about then and nods to Rumble, "Greetings Rumble." Aries can only stare and then tilt his head ever so slightly. "Impressive." He at last says.

As for Luscus, he only sips his wine and just stares at the back of Rumble's head. Marking the ten foot robot as a even greater threat, but he slowly closes his eyes and smirks faintly. To whatever thoughts he may be having to himself.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
"Reminds me of a few officers I've known," Mantigora gets a light jest in on the teasing as well. "My mentor was the same though. The only two passtimes he acknowledged were hunting... and planning for the next offensive." She shrugs her shoulders a little. "Some soulders just prefer to be professional all the time, no?"

She turns her head to look back along with everyone else, idly resting one hand on her hip as she does so. Another thing she'd picked up from the Cassians, mainly because it helped make her intimidating appearance a little less uncomfortable when she's -not- trying to scare people. "Hello Rumble." She assumes he's carrying Soundwave with him again, but doesn't say anything. She wants to see the expressions if he decides to make his own presence known somehow. "You and your fellows are functioning within perimeters I hope."

Yeah, dealing with living self-aware robots, nothing knew here. At least Rumble wasn't as stiff structured as most Mechari are. They literally have no sense of humor programmed into them.

Taro (399) has posed:
    Taro listens to the banter between the Legati with silent amusement, and does not intrude upon it. It's a bit short lived anyway, as Rumble's appearance (understandably) draws their attention. Along with nearly everyone else's.
    He's looking as well, of course. Unlike many of the others, however, he has no reason to stare. He's met Cybertronians before, even served under one for a time back when he held a commission. He's curious simply because he hasn't met this specific one before. Another half-bow from the shoulders, apparently his standard way of greeting others tonight. "Good evening, Rumble, is it? A pleasure."
    Then, mildly, "If any of you grow too bored during the truce, would you consider taking up chess?"

Soundwave (552) has posed:
Rumble finds a relatively clear spot and crouches down on one knee, pressing his right fist against the left side of his chestplate and bowing his head to the assembled Garlean elite. "Greetings t' you as well, sirs and ma'am." He even sounds somewhat uncomfortable given the circumstances, and his accent doesn't help. "We apologize f'r bein' late."

Wait, 'we'?

Mantigora seems to get it, and an added note of familiarity seems to ease the Decepticon's uneasiness as the start of a grin lifts a corner of his mouth. "Mantigora. I'm glad t' see ya again. We're all doin' well, thank you. I take it all's well for you too since our last meetin'?"

His red visor flickers as his helm turns, catching Luscus' stare out of the corner of his visor. No words are said and no issues are made, but it is good to know where one stands and who doesn't appreciate strangers in their midst. Taro's greeting pulls his attention away very easily and he nods in affirmation. "I am, though I don't think we've met before?"

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Aries grins at Mantigora, "That be Gaius as well. The boy is a great at the front lines and being able to move things without a single drop of blood laid if he can get away with it. Good head on his shoulders, just shame not everyone likes him." He nudges his head to Luscus.

Aries then looks to Taro, "Also don't worry about me lad getting bored. I get all the excitement I could ever want out of Coerthas.. but ah, you being an outsider probably never heard of the land of Coerthas. Beautiful once, now forever caught in snow. Home of Ishgard and they are very keen on killing all dragons."

Isaura Van Vitulus stares at Rumble for a moment, "We-- what is this.. we? I only see you."

Gaius rubs the bridge of his nose gently before he lowers his hand to rest back behind his back once more. "'Tis fine, Rumble. None are late nor are any early. This is a party after all. I expect many to come and go as they wish."

It is about this time a few instruments are tested out over on the stage. There was a collection of harps, drums, brass instruments, and even a grand piano. It is actually here does the piano start to play a slow piece, followed by the harps.

It was very elegant really, almost oriental with a slight European twist to it. One that catches Isaura's attention. "You are having them play one of Doma's pieces?" She asks Gaius, though Gaius gives no real reply. Isaura can only sigh as she brings her attention back to Rumble once more.

Taro (399) has posed:
    "We have not," he confirms, "and my apologies for not offering my name before. Taro Daisho."
    Intruductions out of the way, he casts a glance back to Aries. "I have not, no. Though I would like to learn more about this world of yours...?" Invitation in those words, if the man wishes to educate him. (Wait, did he say something about dragons?)
    He's similarly ignorant as to who Doma is or was, but the opening movement does have a certain pleasant quality.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
"Of course," Mantigora replies to Rumble with a nod. "If dealing with such circumstances as we have was a problem, I would of been at an end a long time ago." And a bit of a smirk to herself at the others' confusion over 'we'. She doesn't really help when she leans her head back a bit to look up. "I wonder how tall this ball room is..."

Then lowers her gaze back to the group of conversion, particularly with a tilt in Aries' direction as he describes Coerthas. "Half the Draken homeworld is similar. Mikros is tidal locked with its sun, so only one side, hot and volcanic, always faces it. The other side is frozen wasteland, home to some of the fierciest cold weather creatures in the universe." To which, she just smiles her sharp-toothed smile again. "Surviving a hunt to the cold side is a passage right to many aspiring champions."

Yes, she said surviving. Not actually successfully catching something in the hunt. Just -surviving-.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
Meanwhile after helping himself to the buffet Skuzzler has managed to pass out underneath one of the tables. Despite being short and stout he doesn't really have a large amount of body mass, so even enough of the normal average proof wine is enough to knock him out.

Again, it's probably better this way. At least he's staying out of trouble.

Soundwave (552) has posed:
Rumble inclines his head respectfully to Taro. "Good t' meet ya, Taro." He does his best not to outright 'pffft' at Mandragora's hinting, but that lingering grin splits into a full-blown smile all the same. "Not tall enough-- I've already checked. 'Sides, he'd just scare everybody an' possibly do quite a bit of damage by accident, an' nobody wants that. Least of all us."

He tilts his head at Isaura for a moment as if considering something. "I apologize." He offers a hand out to her, a small hand-held device sitting on the tip of his pointer finger -- more specifically, a blue Earthen microcassette recorder. "Ma'am, meet my superior officer an' keeper, Soundwave. He's in his alternate form at th' moment 'cause he's too tall t' walk in like I did, but he still wanted t' come an' pay respects." He motions to himself with his free hand. "I've kinda become his proxy nowadays, since we now deal primarily with humans or human-sized beings."

The blue device seems to shiver despite Rumble's finger remaining perfectly still. "-Affirmative.-" The melotone is quite clearly coming from the external speaker on the recorder. "-A pleasure to make your aquaintance.-" As the music begins to play, Soundwave clicks as the tape-spools begin to whirr. Recording, perhaps? "-I am familiar with Earth music, but this is... different?-"

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Aries smirks a bit at Taro, "I'll be glad to tell you what I know, lad and I am sure so would Lord Van Baelsar. Though my knowledge dates back to a time when the Garlean Empire was a Republic.. and Gaius-- Gaius would have been just a boy when Garlemald became an Empire."

Aries frowns then softly, "..I do sometimes silently wonder.." He doesn't continue his line of thought as he places his hand to his ear where a small radio device was. His brows furrow gently as he listens to the transmission.

About that time all the Legati do the same, before Gaius can only close his eyes in that moment.

Aries then looks over to Mantigora, "Ah survival. Yes. An important thing for us all." The older man suddenly sounds a touch distracted, before he glances over to Luscus, or at least where Luscus was but the man was already on the move.

"Well then, please excuse me. We have to make sure everything is ready." Aries then walks away before making a hand gesture and some of his men quickly fall in line.

Isaura Van Vitulus listens to what Rumble has to explain and ahs softly. "I see." Her eyes glance down at the small device. "Curious. It is a sound recording device, correct?" When Soundwave speaks her eyes blink a few times and then smirks. "I like this one." She says looking over to Gaius.

Then her attention returns to Rumble, "The music is from the nation I oversee and the city of Doma. They are a proud people and are excellent workers. Masters of their own martial form at which I have adapted in order to understand their culture." She tilts her head, "..at least as much has they are willing to share."

Isaura then bows, "Though please excuse me." She then takes her leave and like Aries rounds up her men.

Gaius then watches the two leave, "We need to make sure everyone is order for when his Radiance walks in and that security is indeed in order. Just be sure to stand off the red carpet and all should be fine." Then Gaius walks off, allow them to enjoy the music while it plays before the group gets ready to change it up...

Mantigora (583) has posed:
"His Radiance?" But Gaius and the others have left before Mantigora can actually ask farther.

But she knows that behavior amonst soldiers. She's seen it enough times in service when someone of importance is going to make an arrival. Those who walk for and speak in the name of the Emperor get similar treatment from even the Elite of the Dominion. "It is safe bet we have not seen all the 'big names' to be present tonight."

Taro (399) has posed:
    Ah. the Doma is not a person but a culture. Another bit of information to be tucked away.
    Taro arches an eyebrow as Aries and Isaura abruptly excuse themselves. Gaius is quick to explain why, though, and hegives a nod of understanding. "Of course. Duty and business." The conversation with them can be resumed later.
    Attention shifts to his fellow 'Outsiders'. "A pleasure to meet you as well, Soundwave. I'd wondered if I would be the only mechanical to be attending this." To Mantigora, "Your world sounds like a study in polar opposites, if you will excuse the pun..."

Soundwave (552) has posed:
Rumble nods politely to Isaura as she excuses herself. Someone Important coming, he understands how that is. "Of course."

His head moves as if to note people, places, and locations. Not anywhere near the red carpet, good. He moves to rest his back against a wall, taking to watching and listening for the moment. It's the first time he's been able to actually see the Garlean people as a whole and not just Gaius and his unit. A very big learning experience all the same.

"I think you're right, Mantigora," he chuckles. "Definitely gonna need t' mind our manners now." Hopefully Skuzzler remains asleep for the forseeable future?

Soundwave, still sitting on Rumble's finger, hums an acknowledgement at Taro's words. "-There were concerns our presence would be disruptive.-" His melotone has a note of relief that such doesn't seem to be the case. "-Cybertronians appear to be the largest known autonomous mechanical race in the Multiverse, regardless of origin. Adaptation is an ongoing process.-"

Mantigora (583) has posed:
Mantigora shrugs her shoulders a little at Rumble. "You are like Mechari but the size of Warbots. I have to worry more about keeping Skuzzler from wanting to ... examine one of you." Snort.

Fortunately the furball is, yes, still asleep. Though someone has at least dragged him out under the table and propped him in a chair so he's not going to get tripped over.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
BGM Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJNR00QQKWs
Image: Ffxiv-solus-zos-galvus.png

It will not be long till the drums beat to a more military sound. Though it can't be seen from the ball room the sound of a cane hitting the ground in time with steps can be heard. The impact never missed a beat and men had already moved in to snap to attention at the sides of the carpet.

It would not be long till those of the Confederacy that have come get to see the very man himself behind the power of the Garlean Empire. Wearing his magitek battle suit armor and crown upon his head. He look to be at least in his eighties and the age showed across his face with ease with years upon years of stress.

He is followed by the Legati. Their steps in time with his own. Gaius at the right side, with Aries to the left. Behind Gaius is Luscus, with Isaura behind Aries. Once the Emperor reaches the steps, he walks up with ease, using the cane to assist but seeming to keep himself from seeming as if he fully needs it.

With a flow of his cape he turns to face those who have come, the Legati take their positions at the chairs. Gaius then speaks up, his voice easily carrying across the ballroom and out into the main room itself. "People of the Garlean Empire and allies of the Confederacy. I present to you, his Radiance and Emperor over all of Garlemald holds and shall hold. His Majesty, Solus Zos Galvus!"

The Emperor stands there as the people of Galemald quickly turn to face him and give a proper salute before going down on their knee, while all saying, "Hail Your Radiance! Our might is yours to command!"

Solus then extends out his hand, "All my people, stand." His voice carrying easy, but age can be heard in his words. He then looks over to the Confederates who have come. "We are here today to enjoy the festivities and partake in them with our guests n' allies. 'Tis they we give this celebration honor too. So enjoy your time here, members of the Confederacy and enjoy our food, drinks, and music."

After he speaks he goes to sit down, before he looks over to Gaius, "..you are free to go, Legati." His final words cast a glance to the other side.

They all bow to him, before they go to step back down. The music then changing over to something a bit more European sounding.

Though those with the right type of sensors may noticed it when Solus was walking by. The man himself-- is not well. Either by age or a disease, but something plagues the old Emperor.

Taro (399) has posed:
    The ritual of a processional. He recognizes the cadence of it, even if the specifics of this one are entirely new.
    Taro lets the conversation drop at the first drumbeats, his mantle draping back over his shoulders as he lowers his arms, and turns in the direction of where the Emperor and his retinue are entering. He'll stand in respectful silence as they pass by, head slightly lowered. Being not of this Empire and owing no allegience, he will not salute. Nor will he kneel - such submission is reserved solely for his Goddess and his Master. He will, however, bow deeply as a sign of respect for the man and the position of power he holds.
    Another of those half-bows of his as the Emperor bids them all to be merry...and as it appears they have all been dismissed from attention, he'll turn back to the others.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
Old habits die hard. Even though she hasn't been enlisted in an official sense for some time Mantigora stands more straightly at attention the music takes the tone of an authoritive march, tail curling itself at her feet in a manner that it won't get in the way.

Realizing that the elderly but politically powerful man walking into the room is the local equivilent to Emperor Myrcalus might have something to do with it too.

Though personally, the ancient yet domination aire of his presence remind her more of Warmonger Menthor. Which was all the more reason to not disregard that cane -- even in his twilight years Menthor used his sword as such, and could still beat the tar out of three warriors in their prime with it. If Zos Galvus could do the same with that cane despite his age... well she wouldn't really feel sorry for the fools that found out, they probably did something stupid to deserve it.

When he looks their way she does give more of a respectful partial bow, because this is a man clearly deserving of the respect.

Soundwave (552) has posed:
Rumble bows his head respectfully as the Garlean Emperor enters, offering him the same salute he had given the Legati upon his own entrance, but nothing more. He swears no fealty to the Garleans as anything more than allies, and he bows his knee to only one mech... But a leader is a leader, regardless, and deserved respect is given indeed.

Soundwave, near invisible in his alt-mode, has no ability to do the same, but trusts Rumble's display will do for the both of them. As the Emperor passes, the Decepticon's sensors and heightened senses register readings about Solus that silently concern him. Age? Illness? Both? Difficult to say without more details, but to ask would be disrespectful at best -- so the spymaster keeps it to himself.

Once the Emperor dismisses the Legati and the festivities resume, Rumble casts a dubious glance at the buffet. "Seems someone's already taken th' Emperor up on that," he comments amusedly, seeming to focus on Skuzzler snoozing in a chair. "As for what ya said earlier, Mantigora, 'bout him possibly tryin' t' examine me or my comrades? I'm almost curious t' see how he'd manage that without gettin' stepped on." He might only be partially joking.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The other Legatus move on, but Gaius makes his way over to the three. He does wait for the conversations to end before stepping in. It would be rude if he did. "I thank you for giving him your respects. I assure you that he took notice, even if he may not have acknowledged it. His Radiance was once a leader in war and the best their was for Garlemald when it was still a Republic."

Gaius then tilts his head slightly in thought, "He and Darnus worked together to create the Magitek we have today. If not for Darnus, we would not even have the technology of the Airships or even the weapons we now carry."

The Legatus then shakes his head. "It is this reason when all of the house of Darnus fell that it has placed a great sorrow in our land and it is this reason, more so then ever do we need the youth to step up to fill in those gaps."

Gaius then inhales deeply, "But enough history, I do believe it is time for your gift hmm?" He then gives a very light smile before he leads them to where the presents are. "Seek the ones with your name on it. I will have the others shipped out by morn."

Taro (399) has posed:
    "He's rather good at climbing," Taro interjects, giving a nod toward the sleeping Skuzzler. Followed by another nod, given to Gaius as he rejoins them. "We are guests in his country and under his roof, metaphorically if not literally. My homeworld takes hospitality quite seriously."
    Ah, yes. Gifts. Though the history lesson would be a gift in itself, he'll go look for the more tangible one.
    A book. Perhaps 'tome' would be a more accurate description. Apparently his endless pursuit of knowledge has been noticed and appreciated. Ewald will be getting a thank-you note from him in addition to Gaius.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
"The sad part is that the Chua would regard getting stomped flat in the pursuit of their 'science' as an honorable death," Mantigora replies to Rumble, making no attempt at hiding her snickering.

Right, the gift thing. She had kind of forgotten this was a holiday sort of thing. "A good leader must be able to honor the past... but know when change is needed to make the future." History isn't really her thing, so that's about all she has to say on the matter unless farther asked.

It doesn't take long to find the right packaging, or get it open thanks to having sharp claws for nails as well. It takes a couple of looks over the wrist blade style weapons before she notices the gunbarrels incorperated into the weapon as well, making them practically armblade versions of their gunblades. "Not knowing much of this holiday, but if this is what it come with..." Sounds like the gift of new ways to -hurt things- is an effective way into the she-draken's graces.

There's also a note that she flicks open to read over while the others are going over their own gifts. And a little sack of magitek parts... well that can wait until Skuzzler's not in a stupor, yes.

If there's one thing more dangerous and chaotic than Chua Science, it would be Chua Drunk Science. We'll just avoid that sort of mess, yes.

Soundwave (552) has posed:
Rumble groans, the sound similar to gears grinding. "One o' /those/. Gotcha. We'll think of something less permanent but equally effective, then." None of his brothers-in-arms are gonna be guinea-pigs to a sentient guinea-pig, nosiree.

When Gaius rejoins them and gives them a brief explanation of the Emperor and the history he helped forge, Soundwave hums in wordless acknowledgement. There were noted similarities between 'Magitek' and Cybertronian technology, if only on the surface, but this information helps bring some of the details together. As long as Shockwave hasn't touched this world before its merging with the Multiverse, perhaps it will remain an intriguing view of parallel technological advancement.

As the topic shifts to the gifts, Rumble takes his time so he avoids damaging anyone else's presents. He soon finds an envelope with Soundwave's name on the front, careful to slip the seam of his knuckle under the edge in order to open it. It takes a little effort to open the letter due to his blocky fingers being a little too large for the parchment it was written on, but it doesn't take long before the maroon Cassetticon begins scanning the text.

Soundwave emits a quiet chuckle as Rumble relays the contents of the letter over a private channel. Not a typical 'present', in the standard human Christmas sense, but a promised favor from Ewald is appreciated all the same. "-We accept,-" Soundwave speaks as Rumble carefully re-folds the letter and places it back in its envelope. "-Our thanks for the consideration of you and your men, Legatus.-"

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Gaius gives a nod to all and a gentle smirk as many of them seem to approve of these gifts given either by himself or by Ewald.

As the group looks over their gifts, Gaius walks over to one particular box marked for Vi'Sharra. He goes to look down at it, debating if he should remove it or not. Perhaps keep it from being even sent out, however he steps away from it about the time Isaura shows up with silent steps and look dead on at the taller man.

"Lord Van Baelsar. A word." Her eyes glance over at the package then back at him. Though she does look at the others, "Do enjoy the party and your lovely gifts. I am sure they will all serve you well in the future." She then goes to spin on her heels and walk out, glancing over at Gaius over her shoulder before she continues to walk on.

Gaius grunts softly before muttering something about that woman. He looks over at the others, "If you need of anything. I believe Aries has moved to the main hall and Luscus is about-- somewhere. Also if you wish to speak to his Radiance directly, feel free to do so."

Gaius then looks away. "However I need to find out what I am needed for, so if you leave before I have the chance to return. Have a pleasant evening and may your travels be safe." Then the Legatus goes to walk out.