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Welcome To The Citadel
Date of Scene: 24 January 2015
Location: The Citadel - Hall of Doors
Synopsis: With a new recruit in Gaius' ranks, the young woman is taken to the Citadel, where she gets to meet a few Confederates. This also leads the young woman into a spar with an equal elegant Bounty Hunter.
Cast of Characters: 399, 522, 530, 583, 691

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The Citadel is the main base of the Confederacy. A great deal goes on here and a place that Gaius Van Baelsar wants to make sure that his newest of recruits and Centurion get use too. Though really, it is for Yari's benefit more then anything.

As he remembers fully well when he started to interact with the Multiverse, while some things were quiet at home with, there were some other things that either raised eye brows or were just-- odd. No video or lecture can ever prepare anything or anyone for the real deal.

Though for the Legatus he walks in his full armor from head to toe. His hands though idly at the small of his back as he walks with Yari. She was probably given a map and if anything-- he was letting her pretty much lead on the adventure around the Citadel.

Gaius would though give a nod of his head to those coming and going. He mostly observe how Yari handles things and anyone they may come across...

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yari, for her part, does her absolute best to /not/ look like a lost tourist. Dressed equally from horn to foot in her red and black centurion armor, the woman has saw fit to keep the helm open so she can better take in the sights. Her standard issue Garlean pistol sits at one side of her, while at the other, sits a short-bladed curved sword in a wooden sheath. Certainly not the most flashy of armaments, but she generally doesn't /do/ flashy.

Aside from her armlet. Her natural arm, juxtaposed nicely by the metallic magitek arm currently twitching most irritatingly, holds up her wrist. Her thumb is poised on a small pad built into her guantlet to allow one handed operation of the device. A small screen project before her is turned and tilted, taking video footage of the area. She only stops when hailed by those passing her. A salute and quiet 'Glory and honor' are about all most get.

Yari is good at quiet and respectful. But even she can't help a look of awe in her gaze as she takes in the area, carefully studying and recording with little comment at first.

"....Open. Most suitable for heavy infantry defensively." Mutters the woman finally at her analysis. Pause.

A look to the chandeliers. "...Gaudy." She says even lower. Her pale lips lower in a ghost of a frown.

Garen (530) has posed:
    The citadel was an impressive place, even if one had been there before. Such is the case with Garen. The chiss agent had been there to use the range, always improving his deadly skill with the rifle, when he overheard a familiar voice. He turned and made his way over, offering a wave and nod. "Legatus. A surprise to see you here. I take it that this is the Centurion?" He asks. Right away, she would notice he wasn't exactly human. Rather, he bore blue skin and red eyes that scanned her. "We spoke over the radio. I am Garen, or Cipher Nine."

Taro (399) has posed:
    The multiverse never ceases to surprise, inspire, or dismay, whether one is a rank novice or seasoned veteran. Such is Taro's opinion, should anyone ever ask him of it.
    The Bishop Engineer is more or less using this grand hallway for its intended purpose - from getting from Point A to Point B. Measured bootsteps muffled by the carpet (no doubt it would get noisy in here if the floor were bare!), accentuated by the rattle of the prayer beads loosely looped through his belt. That, and the faintly cloying smell of incense mixed with machine oil cliniging to his hair and clothes suggest he's just come from some kind of religious gathering.
    Speaking of gatherings...While Gaius is not necessarily the tallest of men, he -is- distintive, and so it's little surprise that Taro notices him along the way. He changes course, weaving through the paths of other passersby to join him. Them, he quickly amends as he sees that the man is not along. "Legatus," he greets pleasantly and with a respectful nod. "With apologies for the trite expression, fancy seeing you here." His gaze passes over Garen - who also gets a nod - and the one he's not met before.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
One moment there is nothing there. The next a tall reptillian form seems to meld out of thin air as her cloaking field deactivates, because Mantigora likes to make a first impression with an appropriate entrance. Which is that appearing out of nowhere trick Stalkers tend to enjoy. Though all she does afterwards is give a proper greeting. "Legatus. Cipher Nine." Brief pause, as she's not entirely certain if there's a specific title to go with the other rival. "Taro." She'll correct it later, if need be.

Later, as afterwards her gaze settles on the unknown in the gathering, tail giving a lengthy sway behind her. "And I presume this is your new associate, eh?" The Draken takes a few steps to the side, clearly sizing her up. "Interesting ..."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Gaius listens to Yari's own assessment of this place. He can only quip an amused smirk behind his full face helm and how she does not seem to relax from her position, even when she is not required to be. Good-- proper form indeed. She has been raised well..

Though his sights fall on Garen as the Chiss walks over and greets them, "Indeed." Gaius says calmly, his boot coming to an easy halt on the floor. It was amazing how quiet those steel boots were, even if slightly muffled by the environment already given. Crazy magitek.

He then takes notice as Taro shows up and the man gives him a nod. "Taro." He takes notice of the beads and the scent upon the man-- though he wonders if it is even stronger for Yari given her own species.. Gaius admits in silence.. he doesn't know much about the Au Ra, given they don't normally go far from their homelands, but Yari-- like a few-- is an odd exception.

Though before Gaius can give proper introductions, that is when Mantigora shows up and the Legatus gives a nod of greeting to he as well, "Mantigora-- I see you are alert as always." The Legatus then takes an easy step to the side, as one arm swings around and with an open palm motions to Yari.

"This is Centurion Yari Takane. One of my new recruits sent by another Legatus in order to aid me with the efforts between Hydaelyn and the Multiverse."

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yellow, slightly serpentine eyes meet Garen's own. The recording magitek device, wristlet held slightly downwards so as not to be in the man's face, keeps on rolling. Recognition dawns as a name is given.

The Au Ra settles on a salute. "Mister Nine! Glory and honor, Sir." Her voice is as soft in person as it is over the radio, yet somehow manages to carry well. There's a slight, awkward pause. This one's no social master.

Taro provides a distraction, and she turns to Gaius. "My Lord?" Questions the woman, then back to Taro.

Another salute. "Centurion Yari Takane of the Fourteenth Legion. Honored, Mister Taro."

And then Mantigora appears from nearly nowhere. Her body tenses, somewhat visible beneath relatively thin armor, only to relax slightly. The woman's flicking tail might add evidence to being unsettled, though her face is impassive. A few more flicks, and her wristlet switches to a scanning device. A small overlay of the area. Seems she's trying to check readings for /how/ she missed Mantigora. Clearly the face she didn't notice bothers her.

After a moment of that, at the Legatus' prompting, the taller lizard-woman gets yet another salute.

"...Ahh. Glory and Honor, Miss Mantigora. I look forward to working with you. All of you." She adds with a nod about.

Lips purse, tail flicks, but she doesn't quite yet ask the question that might be on the tip of her tongue. She occasionally glances to the scanner, breathing more controlled in an attempt to calm herself and her paranoia.

Garen (530) has posed:
    "A pleasure, though you seem to have been thrown right into the fire. Even so, I am eager to see what you can do." Garen says. He looks over and nods towards Taro and Mantigora as well, always glad to meet fellows feds. "Have you heard anything new about the Hydaelyn, by the way?"

Taro (399) has posed:
    Taro doesn't so much flinch as tenses when Mantigora decloaks without warning...but then whe he recognizes her, he relaxes once more. "Mantigora," he greets with another nod. "I imagine that's one way of passing through without being bothered..."
    Then, onto introductions. "A pleasure to meet you, Centrion Takane." A practices bow, arms at his sides, takes the place of a salute. "Taro Daisho, Bishop Engineer of SHODAN. I look forward to working with you as well."
    He's not one to stare, but his gaze lingers on Yari's arm for a moment before raising toward her and the others' faces. "Taking a tour of the Citadel, I assume?"

Mantigora (583) has posed:
It's not hard to see how even with the advanced technological state of their world the Draken fully embrace their predatory nature, Mantigora's movements are with a fluidity more like that of a viper looking for an oppritunity. She comes up at the opposite side of Yari and stands to her full height again, getting in rather close. Maybe a bit too close, enough to near breeching personal comfort space. Like she was testing the other woman's ability to keep the soldier-like composure.

It the end though all she does hiss out an bemused "Nice horns" before stepping back to a more comfortable range. Sharp fang-like teeth are visible as she smiles. "It will be a pleasure to hunt at your side when the time comes."

A pointed ear twitchs in Taro's direction. Bishop? Okay, there is a title. Noted for later .... even if 'Bishop Engineer' sounds like something a Chua would come up with. They nearly worship Science as it is.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Gaius for the most part remains rather quiet, though he does look over to Garen as the man asks about Hydaelyn. "So far all monitoring has shown is the Dravanian Horde picking a bit of a battle with Ishgard, but they have not moved again. Still no findings one where the defunct Seventh Legion may be hiding out at... nor the people they have abducted."

"Once again, if something comes up, it will be reported." Gaius reminds the spy, though his voice-- as always-- keeps calm, even if it was a touch agitating at times. Including the fact he knew now that finding them would be hard then ever given Nael.

Gaius attention does move from Garen to Mantigora as she gets very close to Yari. This something he watches with some mild interest, seeing just what Yari will do toward the hunter.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Garen's words cause her a moment's pause. "Time is short. Hydaelyn's threats only grow with every passing second. For all its opportunities, the lands beyond our world pose a grave danger. We must scout, learn, and prepare or risk being destroyed by our own ignorance." Appraises the military-minded Au Ra.

A glance to Mantigora, then to Garen. "...Though my skills have yet to progress to that degree." Whatever else she might feel, the hunter has already impressed the woman.

The false arm is rather obvious: jarringly grey cermet amidst other magically conductive materials. There seems to be something akin to veins amidst the metal where ceruleum flows. Should Taro know of the substance, and its volatility? Wearing such a thing could well be desperate at best, or suicidal at worst depending on the amount and how well it's crafted.

Given how the false's index finger keeps twitching, the thing has quite a few glitches.

"...Bishop? Shodan?" Comes Yari's soft question, tail's lashing growing slightly greater, and eyes narrowing marginally. Suspicion slowly creeps into her. A glance to Gaius again. She manages to slow her tail.

"Explain, Bishop Engineer Taro?" Yari certainly has gained the Garlean distrust of religion.

But she can't ruminate on that, as she's easily overshadowed by a much, much taller lizard. The fluid hunter's movements, to her analytical mind, are a joy to watch. Natural and graceful, rather than the studied actions of one trained. She can't help but envy such grace, nor the strength and technology possessed by the huntress.

A very dangerous, very large huntress now looming over her. The Centurion, just as she feels the prickling touch of instinctual fear, lets out another quiet breath. The steel of discipline enters her eyes, and she stares back with her own yellow peepers. Her face is a solid wall of purpose and fortitude...a face that has a craning neck that is developing one hell of a crick. In the end, it only helps, not daring to back down and trying to project a look of confidence.

Fear gets you eaten. Discipline saves you.

But it's not fear that gets Yari to break, as she's hit nicely in her weak point.

Her eyes go wide at those words. A deep crimson sparks along her pale cheeks. Something between scandal and embarrassment lurks in that lizardy-hiss she utters.

For one second, Yari isn't a soldier, but a young woman not used to compliments.

"...Th...thank you..." Pause. She /scrambles/ to control herself. Her stance, by now, is rigid. Her tail is utterly straight behind her.

"Your own are beautiful, Miss Mantigora! Thank you for your kindness." She returns, following it up with a salute. That redness isn't going away.

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen nods, and looks over as well. It seemed something was starting to brew and he was eager to see. "Speaking of, If you have time, Centurion, I would like to see your skills. You mentioned something about a sword drawing skill?" He asks. Then, he grins softly at the comment. "Well, I wouldn't want to anger either of you, because even the most beautiful flowers can hide the most potent of thorns."

Mantigora (583) has posed:
Mantigora emits a low, almost growling chuckle at the response. Garen's observation of the matter just amuses her more... partially because it's pretty literal on Nexus. The plant life is just as dangerous as the wildlife, pretty or not. "She's trained well." That brief flash of confusion at the simple compliment was amusing too. A bit of humanity (so to speak) in an otherwise well trained soldier isn't a bad thing. As long as it's kept in proper control.

Taro (399) has posed:
    He's been posed a question, but Taro waits to answer for the interplay between larger and smaller predators. He flicks a glance at Gaius, just in case the superior officer is going to intervene, but since that seems to not be the case, he also simply allows for this to play itself out.
    Minor note on social structure - horns are a source of pride of vanity.
    The blushing is not remarked upon, and really he pretends to not notice at all. "Briefly, I am a senior member of an organization whose purpose is to see to the needs of the CyberGoddess SHODAN. We believe in the sacredness of machine and electronic life and the quest for further perfection of science and engineering." A pause. "More practially, I am a roboticist and cyberneticist of highest caliber within her Church, and I have been granted the rank and title for my accomplishments."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Gaius glances over to Mantigora. "The Legatus she served under you met at the party, Mantigora. The woman with a mile long stare that can see clean through anyone." He doesn't exactly give names, as he is sure Mantigora will figure out who.

Though when Yari starts to get all bristled by Taro's title, the Legatus hms softly. His arms then go to cross over his chest and he just /looks/ at Yari. She may feel the sudden stare down from her superior. Perhaps a silent warning to not cross a line.

She may know what the line is-- and if she doesn't-- she'll find out soon enough.

Gaius does look over to Taro though, "Speak of.. have they been treating you and Fuki well in the Archive Holding?" That was another subtle hint to Yari.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
That woman's stare was hard to forget. The larger, burlier males of her race would of been put off by it, and they'd be close to twice that woman's size. There's a flick of her tail a few times, but otherwise Mantigora has gone back to her own usual passive nature. "She comes from good background then." Most of the other conversations at the moment she doesn't get involved in, though you can bet she's listening. Those devilish ears are for more than making her look alien.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Did someone say demonstrations? The red-faced Au Ra latches onto the distraction with almost indecent haste. Yet another salute. The gesture must be automatic for the woman.

"Yes!" Pause. She feigns a cough. "...That is, I would be delighted." She tries again in a far more neutral tone. She immediately pulls up the map once more. Flipt bzzt flipt bzzt.

/Damn/ this place is huge. "However I would be appreciative if you would show me the way to the training grounds, Mister Nine." Flipt bzzt.

The horned woman tries to pretend she didn't hear Garen's compliment. That's definitely not a flicker of a smile on her face that the two have managed to give her. Score one for the non-Garleans today.

Gaius steps in at just the right time, first a look and warning, followed by the mention of the Archive. The growing suspicion lessens at her leader helps the missing pieces fall into place. It's not /quite/ a friendly look, but at least she can offer respect and politeness without looking as though she's plotting a knife to the back.

"...Understood. I would be interested in a document on this 'Cybergoddess' as well as your capabilities, as we may be working together." There's a card handed over. It happens to be the address of her direct superior.

Gaius' and Mantigora's conversation is met by the briefest of flicks of an eye, and a small breath. By now, she's darn good at hiding the look of longing whenever her name is mentioned. But her toes curl just a bit. For someone like Mantigora or Garen, it might be easy to note something about this particular woman is meaningful to Yari.

She knows that stare. What she wouldn't give to be able to see her adoptive kin give it to her right now.

"The Lady Legatus is exceeding competent. An example to us all." She finally chimes in. Perhaps the reports on her relationship with the young Au Ra doesn't quite do it justice.

"Miss Mantigora, would you be willing to tell me of your people, time allowing?"

Mantigora (583) has posed:
"Ah, yes. Ring of Trials. Best to do demonstration of potentially lethal arts in appropriate training facility." Mantigora would not mind seeing the Centurian in actual action, either. Knowing the capabilities of allies is just as important as knowing the ones of your enemies. Moreso, depending on the circumstances. Fortunately it was the hallway of doors to everywhere, so getting to the training ring wasn't all that hard. If you knew were you were going. Otherwise you might open a door to very uncomfortable things. "I am no lorekeeper, but it would surely be interesting conversation all the same."

Taro (399) has posed:
    Though the information was directed more at Mantigora, he recognizes to whom Gaius is referring. Ah yes, her. Interesting...
    "They've treated us both well," Taro replies to Gaius, gaze shifting to the man. "I think we may have caused them a bit of confusion when we did not avail ourselves of their fine kitchens, but after we explained we have no need to eat..." He makes a small gesture implyang 'and that was that'. "I believe on the whole all of us have been benefitting from the collaberation."
    The interplay between Gaius and Yari have not been lost on him, and neither has the young woman's expressions. His own have been rather lacking, just that faint frown, but his tone has remained polite throughout. He takes the cards, scanning it over before tucking it safely away in a belt pouch. "Of course. I'll admit now that I am only just now learning of magitek. I did not know that it was used in the way that you're using it now..." Referring to her arm with the twitching finger.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Gaius listens to the conversations going back and forth. His weight shifts slightly and his arms lower once Yari loses her aggression. Good girl. He really didn't want to call her down unless he had too, after all.

Though he looks over to Mantigora. "Perhaps the two of you could spar against one another, given I have a feeling both of you may be working soon with one another." He then looks to Yari. "Takane, Mantigora is employed into my service, don't you agree that it would be very beneficial for the two of you to know how both of you operate in combat situations?"

His attention then goes over to Taro, "Excellent to hear," He then looks to Yari's arm once Taro points it out. "Mm. Not normally no.." He tilts his head faintly. It would seem he'll let Yari explain.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
At least she can latch onto a common interest. She raises up her fake arm for Taro to better study it. It's /still/ twitching. Up close, there might even be a slight grinding sound.

"It is experimental." She states, looking at it rather balefully.

"There are no combat-ready models that I am aware of. Still, it makes my soldiers less nervous, and assists in common tasks." She doesn't mention 'when it works right'. That much should be obvious.

A pause. "Any design improvement would be...welcome."

Gaius and Mantigora's suggestion has the woman sizing up Mantigora a bit more openly now.

"Miss Mantigora, it would be an honor to hone my skills against your own." Is her quick acceptance. Here? She offers a bow, stepping into her homeland's traditions even as she follows Mantigora's leads. Best to not walk in on the wrong place. She's blushed enough today! One might note there's more of a bounce to her step now.

Mantigora (583) has posed:
"Oh that could be very... interesting," Mantigora agrees with practically a purr in her voice. Gaius has been around her enough to reconize it as a sound of anticipation, the inflection is probably lost to the others. After a short walk she stops, pulling open one of the doors. "This should be right way... if no one changed doors again." Not that she hesitates any in stepping through.

Taro (399) has posed:
    "May I?" Taro is polite enough to ask first before setting his gloved hands on her arm, though not quite so polite as to wait for her to answer. He's gentle at least, as he gently moves to uncurl her fingers and attempt to hold the twitching finger still as he gives it greater scruitiny. Then, he runs his hands gently down the length of her arm to the elbow, not unlike a more typical physician would. "Mm. I can't say for certain the problem given my lack of knowledge of your specific technology, but I would say it's either a problem in either the interface mechanism or in a servo." Another pause. "Perhaps if I would be able to look at you - at its schematics...or perhaps I could suggest an alternative to this....though we could discuss this at a later time, if you're interested."
    Another offer's been made, and he is not about to get between Yari, Mantigora, and the Field.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Gaius watches as Taro's observes the arm with care. He then looks at Taro. "I will express to the team back in Garlemald of your interest in the prosthetics. See perhaps if his Radiance will waver someone, such as yourself, the chance to observe the schematics and give them aid."

He look back to Yari, "..though I can make no promises as Magitek is still one of our most guarded secrets."

He then goes to place his hands behind his back once more as he watches Mantigora walk off, then looks to Yari one last time. "You are dismissed Centurion. Go show the Bounty hunter your capabilities and make your mentor proud."

Gaius then looks to Taro, "Feel free to observe them--- I need to go handle some matters elsewhere." With that said, the Legatus then takes his leave of the group and while he love to watch Mantigora and Yari beat one another up in a holographic simulator-- he knows he'll hear about it later.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
There's a hint of hope in her eyes despite it all, which her Legatus promptly sees fit to, if not crush, deflate. /Blast it/.

Ahem! "...As Lord van Baelsar says." She says quietly. If she weren't so disciplined, she'd be kicking her feet right now.

Still, she /listens/. Something to tell to the engineers.

There's a parade-ground salute to Gaius, and then Taro.

"Lord van Baelsar! I shall endeavor to not dissappoint. Bishop Taro, honor and glory, Sir." Another snapped salute, and she's off behind the taller lizard-woman.

(( Roleplay Continued here: 1408/Ladies_Locking_Horns ))