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ASW Training
Date of Scene: 09 January 2016
Location: Hikari Sea Port
Synopsis: More training this time, and with Momoyo's submarine antics, time to teach the destroyers how to better use Anti Sub gear.
Cast of Characters: Kotone Yamakawa, Staren, 367, 385, 410, 637, 675, Nagato, 739, Gaonoir, 901, 928

Nagato has posed:
    It's high noon around the Seaport, this time only a mile out of the base. Akitsumaru is by Nagato's side with a landing craft with two particular people in it: Cirra and Momoyo. "Nagato, sir, is this training wise?" a nod is given by the Admiral as she looks towards the destroyers nearby. "All training is wise, we should know what we will be dealing with, in addition, the new destroyers are learning as well." A studying look is given over towards the members of Destroyer Division Ten and the rest of the destroyers who made it to training today.

    Akitsumaru gives a quick, army-like salute towards Nagato and turns back towards all that are here today. "I am Akitsumaru, sir. Please leave transportation and landing combat to me, sir." Her voice and manners are quite detached and impersonal, not to mention her pale looks, she could almost fall for an Abyssal ship.

    A pop of a few heads out of the water and Goya, Imuya, Iku and Hachi make themselves known.

    IN German, "Good day... ah, my mistake... sorry. Please call me Hachi."

    "Hello! I-58 here! You can call me Goya! I'm not bitter!"

    "I'm I-168!... Is that hard to say? You can just call me Imuya."

    "I'm I-19! Yep, calling me 'Iku' is fine!"

    All four girls seem to be wearing just swimsuits and all seem to be holding torpedoes... except Hachi.. who's holding a book.

    "Today's training is anti submarine warfare." Nagato starts, "Since multiple destroyers are willing to partake in training, the submarines have offered to assist in it, along with another submarine I've... recruited." she turns to look to Momoyo, then back at the fleet ahead. "Training will end upon critical damage to all destroyers or all submarines. Everyone has been equipped with Type 94 Sonars and Type 94 Depth Charges while the subs have been equipped with Quad Tube Oxygen torpedoes... with Momoyo being equipped with triple tube, standard torpedoes.

    She thinks a moment, a nod, "In addition, I've considered a request.. upon successful training, the side with more damage will be treating the opposite side to lunch at Mamiya's."

Cirra Constantine (675) has posed:
    Cirra sits aboard the landing craft with her legs crossed. She's just an observer today, but the way the Fleet Daughters work could be important to areas of Galandia that are allied to Ramuh. Like Leviathan, the ocean that ironically moves through Galandia on a giant clockwork plate.

    Best just to accept that Galandia is wierd.

    "I look forward to see the results of this exercise, Admiral Nagato." The silver haired girl glances at Momoyo. She'll also get to see a small cross section of this other girl's power. To see how much is bluster and how much is fact.

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:

    Hoshi had spent the night at Hikari base specifically for this day. When morning comes she's up and about quickly to help out the girls. When the time comes for the training to start, she's in the dock wearing her Fleet Daughter uniform. "Hello, everyone!" She made sure to greet everyone she sees. When she's stretched out and ready, she gets on the pad confidently and calls out, "DDS Amakasu, launching!" And off she went!

    She keeps it slow for the first few meters, testing her ankles against the water and waves. A couple wiggles, not bad. Once she's gotten her confidence back, she zooms out to meet the Admiral and everyone else waiting for them.

    She encircles the whole group once, grinning, before slowly coming to a stop not far from Nagato. The new people on the boat get a small bow. "Hello everyone. I'm DDS Amakasu. Thank you for joining us for this training mission."

Suzuya (739) has posed:
"And don't worry about holding back!" Yuubari steps up next to Nagato and waves to the submarines. "I've worked with Akashi to make sure the training weaponry is safe. I promise it probably won't explode in your face!" Those are better odds than usual for something Yuubari has made, so it's sure to be safe.

Meanwhile, a blonde destroyer prances up to the water's edge. "Maikaze reporting in and ready to dance~!" She twirls on one foor before lifting a hand to shade her eyes. "Awww, Nowacchi isn't here? I wanted to see her being cool!" She only pouts for a brief moment, though, before turning to wave at the submarines. "Looking forward to it! And you too, standin-submarine-sis!" Maikaze giggles and waves toward Momoyo before leaping off the docks with a mid-air pirouette and landing on the water with only a tiny splash.

Momoyo Kawakami (928) has posed:
     Standing near the window from the bridge, she peers out over the edge. "Hmhmhm~. Going to be a challenge to get this lunch, I'm sure..." she muses. Her fingers toss back some of her long hair as those delinquent-looking red eyes of hers stared out over the opposition. Already dressed in the suit, her blank nameplate had been filled in with kanji: 'MOMO-SENPAI'

    "I've experimented a few times swimming further out in the ocean, but having access to scuba gear is a rarity for me." she quips. While she intentionally forsook flippers to stick to her otherwise bare limbs instead, she taps on the gear strapped to her back and waist with a knuckle. "Let me know where to dive off, then..." she muses, having been forbidden to fly since leaving port. She was eager to get started, and not because she had been annoying the Admiral off and on ever since recruitment most of the week and getting punished for it with mundane labor.

Gaonoir has posed:
"Yeah, this oughta be interesting," A scruffy voice remarks from just over where the group was gathered on the deck. Gaonoir's comment was echoed by the light thrum from the engines on his back that kept the cybernetic humanoid canine hovering in the air.

In all honesty he had thought it was polite mid-battle fluff when Nagato spoke of possibly asking for his help in the future. So he was actually a bit surprised when the Admiral actually contacted him to come watch and learn how the Fleet operates in case she does ever have to contract him for a mission.

None of that surprise showed though as he slid his aviator visor into position so he could watch more thoroughly through its sensors. "A real interesting show."

Momoyo Kawakami (928) has posed:
     Taking flight when given the signal, Momoyo takes a detour around some of the atolls and foliage sticking out of the water, what little cover there was. While it might have been obvious where the subs were starting, she didn't need to make it completely so. Tucking the mouthpiece for the airtanks into her mouth and putting on the scuba goggles, she performs a swimmer's dive into the water quietly.

    Underwater a few nautical miles out, she continues to test the depth with the subs... while it wasn't much, evidently her natural sturdiness let her go 33 feet deeper than a normal experienced diver before the water pressure started to become unsafe. That still wasn't as deep as the other subs, but given her smaller target area, it was more than sufficient to do some clever maneuvering through some of the coral reefs down below. While she gave her thumbs-up to the other subs to show she was in position and ready, she was still silent on the radio until the private channels were arranged with the Admiral while she checked her stocks of ammunition and the structure of her arm-mounted launcher itself.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa had been busy working on helping to set up the Flotilla's new colony. Thingds had been going well, but she had kept note of goings on outside of that. thus she caught the notice of another training mission. She'd been kept by finishing unloading a cargo of raw materials for said colony but she'd now managed to arrive to help with the testing, though in what aspect she's not sure, she may just end up watching the affair. That thought strikes her she could deploy drones to record the sesson for later review.

Her ship is not huge as ships go, but is still bigger than any human or fleet maiden in human form. The Bluenose hovers silently as it pulls in near the training area, Kotone knows her ship isn't part of the training really today as she thinks about it and she beams aboard the landing craft, after she asks, the admiral a quesion on the comm.

Nagato has posed:
    With some orders given over the radio, she gives a look towards Cirra and confirms it with a nod. "I'm thankful you were able to join, Cirra. Mind, this is just a training session with a new destroyer. Some of the ones here are more experienced at it." Nagato looks. Five submarines... two destroyers... This isn't the turnout she expected but that's fine. She gives a look to Yuubari and with another nod, "I thank you and Akashi for the assistance in making this work."

    The buzzing from overhead indicates another one of her guests and with a salute given up towards the flying jetwolf, she turns back towards the Submarines and Momoyo. With Momoyo going underwater, she nods and the rest of them follow suit. "All submarines, break off into a pack of three and a pack of two. I leave it under your discretion on who." and with a turn towards the two destroyers... with three more coming from the base... Wakaba Hatsuharu and Nenohi come along for the session. One of them doesn't seem to even belong in the same class, with what looks to be a suit and skirt than the traditional destroyer models.

    "Wakaba, Hatsuharu, Nenohi. You'll be facing off against three of the submarines." Nagato orders, "Maikaze, Amakasu, you will be taking care of the other two."

    Meanwhile, underwater, the four Submarines encircle Momoyo and nod. And through a specialized radio, Iku starts, "Goya, you should go with the newbie." Goya gives a brief nod and swims up towards Momoyo, smiling. "Let's do our best. Iku, Imuya and Hachi can take care of the other destroyers. You and me will focus on the new Special Type and her partner."

Gaonoir has posed:
Gaonoir returns the salute with a quick one of his own, abiet it was mainly out of respect. He may of won their matchup but Nagato had impressively put him through his paces to earn it. Which in many ways meant more to him that who's victory it had been. "Good to see you again too, Admiral. But I won't disrupt your focus." His engines spin up a bit faster and he lifts farther into the air overhead to get a good view.

Momoyo Kawakami (928) has posed:
     Functioning without radar wasn't a hindrance to Momoyo, as no one was concealing their aura and Nagato had allowed her time to adjust to the Fleet Maidens. Likewise, her own monstrous martial arts skills were hampered by a lack of experience here. Protecting her gear was the limiting factor, and remembering not to counter torpedoes with ki blasts. Her advantages, of course, were a smaller target area, her endurance aside from her gear and being a powerful swimmer... and without the radar, her aura sense provided instant feedback.

    "I can see a half-second sooner than most of you, but only two kilometers out, my cute new friends~." her deep voice cooed through the radio. Her eyes squinted as she watched the directions each destroyer split off in... and for Goya's benefit at least, started pointing out locations. "Goya-chan... shall we pincer attack Maikaze? If we crush her quickly, Amakasu will panic and call for reinforcements too early... we can use her as bait if we can bait her fire..."

Cirra Constantine (675) has posed:
    Cirra stands up and walks over beside Nagato to get a better view. "The abilities of the Fleet Daughters are interesting, and are a close parralel to what Gallandians refer to as Callers, the perticulars are quiete different of course."

    "Ramuh doesn't have a Navy though." The Judge muses. "So this is a learning experience for me as well."

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    New equipment was... an interesting experience to have. Hoshi glances over at Maikaze and nods firmly with small grin. "It's nice to meet you, Ms. Maikaze. I'll be in your care. I'm still a little new, but I've done a little fighting, at least."

    Hearing Mamoyo on the radio, Amakasu speaks up to address her. "I'll be looking forward to our fight, Ms. Kawakami. It's an honor to fight an actual samurai! A... Crazy magical superpowered one. A-anyway--I'll be doing my best to bring you down."

    Now, though, she peeks around at her equipment bemusedly. "So uh... Quick question, though. How exactly do I use this sonar or radar or... How do I use it?" She blushes a bit at showing her ignorance, but it's about the best that she can do for now.

Jeannette Thompson (410) has posed:
Jeannette Thompson wasn't about to let an allied training session escape healthy monitoring for the purpose of understanding the tactics of those fellow vessels conducting operations to protect and secure the Union's sea lanes for free and open trade. Or... let's be honest. No one on the small (2 ship) flotilla was going to miss a show of 'destroyers' hunting 'submarines', and there may have been a certain 'football match' atmosphere aboard the two smaller destroyers anchored just over the horizon of the seaport itself.

Granted, the fact that the sailors were aboard 'tin cans' meant that their were an heavy amount cheering for the destroyers themselves. Most were clustered around large screens and holographic displays, showing the take from the thin network of UAVs taking up formation above the exercise area (all squaking transponders loudly to avoid overzealous pompom fire knocking them out of the sky). Jeannette should have been with them, but despite the automation on the new destroyers, CIC or the bridge felt abnormally cramped for a women who'd speant the majority of her carrer on supercarriers. Hence the fact that she was aboard a small rigid hull boat, holding on and gritting her teeth as it moved from it's quick speed to slow to a stop near the landing craft itself.

"Don't bloody see why I couldn't have taken a helicopter over here. Why I listen to the council of marines is a a mystery to me, and I made the decision- Ahoy!" She yells to those on the landing craft. "I don't suppose I have to ask for permission to come aboard this floating tub?"

Suzuya (739) has posed:
Yuubari extends an arm and gives a thumbs-up to Nagato. "Always glad to help out!" At least Akashi being there usually prevents her from using her more dangerous ideas for others' equipment.

Spinning around, Maikaze lifts an arm to wave back to shore. "Aye, sa~!" she chirps happily, then turns to face Amakasu. "Nice to meet you!" The destroyer reaches out, and if Amakasu isn't careful then she'll get a hug and be spun around!

"How... um... I don't usually think about it." Maikaze taps at the sonar mount on her shoulder. "Just listen for the ping. A big ping means it's probably one of the subs! A little one is torpedoes, so be ready to dodge. You gotta be light on your feet!" She demonstrates with a twirl in place on the water's surface. "But don't worry, just stick with me and it should be okay!"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa is on the landing ship with those who are not directly in, however severall small hatches on the hull of her near by ship open and small flying dones about the size of a human fist deploy. They spread out seeking to get a full coverage of the area, as Kotone directs them and networks them all to herself. With the drones following those who are going out she goes to join Cirra and Nagato with a grin on her face.

"It really is something, my homeland has a navy. However naval warfare has changed a lot from this. I also admit I grew up on the water even if I didn't work on it."

She looks to the Admirl smiling a bit and Cirra gets an introduction.

"I"m Kotone Yamakawa, good to meet you."

Nagato has posed:
    With Naikui's entrance, Nagato looks towards the three Hatsuharu-class Destroyers who soon sail up towards the Daihatsu to watch now, in full gear, just in case and with Kongou showing up on the radio, she shakes her head, they were late but it's forgivable. A turn towards Jeannette and Akitsumaru gives a nod, "Permission to board, Granted, sir." ever formal the LHA is. And with Kotone now having a network up to record the training session, she gives a brief nod. "Good."

    Goya gives a nod, a grin across her face, "Of course, Goya will be glad to do that! But it looks like the rest of the training fleet is coming. Naikui's there now too so we'll have to let Iku and Imuya go play with two of them while Goya, Hachi and you work on the three!" Hachi gives a brief nod and swims up to the two, "They will most likely be in Line Abreast formation, which is great against submarines like ourselves. We may want to play it safe and go in echelon formation to protect ourselves. It's a diagnoal formation. I'll take the lead. Momoyo can take the middle and Goya can take up the rear. We'll switch from the echelon formation to a line ahead to get better torpedo coverage if we're going after one."

    Hatsuharu ponders this a moment and moves up towards the two new destroyers and Maikaze. "We are Hatsuharu~ Don't worry about the submarines, you'll do fine. We will be waiting for your victory." and she's off sailing with Nenohi to provide the backup for the other two submarines. "We are ready, Admiral~ Hatsuharu and Nenohi, Anti Sub training..."

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Nagato may or may not have been informed that there was a slight mishap at the docks while Yuna was equipping her loadout.

It may also not have been entirely a 'slight' mishap. Things COULD have been far worse than they actually were, but a couple of chains got tangled up somehow and instead of turrets or launchers getting secured onto Yuna, she wound up getting hoisted out of the water ENTIRELY by her uniform's collar. They still had to extricate her, reset everything, check the loadout equipment - both the Kagurazaka equipment and machinery which locks it into place on the girl's form.

It was more embarassing than injurious, and once Yuna was out of harm's way, she joined the dock staff in joking about it. So there's a valid reason, so to speak, for Kagurazaka arriving late at the training location. "Sorry to keep you all waiting!" Yuna calls out as she approaches Nagato, the submarine girls, her comrades, and whomever else is on-site to observe.

At least Yuna still has the hang of maneuvering on the water Kanmusu-style; she's moving like she's actually used to it now. Not thinking extra-hard about it probably helps - muscle memory has its advantages, etc.

Staren has posed:
    Staren is also observing. He may have never actually seen the Fleet Maidens in action, now that he thinks about it. It does, at least, seem pretty clear now that they /don't/ turn into boats, so at least he understands that much. It's a little bizarre to see girls in school swimsuits and military gear going through this military exercise, but when you've fought alongside magical girls and talking ponies, nothing's unbelievable.

    So for now he just watches. Hmm. Curious that Amakasu mentions a radar when he doesn't see one. How's that work? The interface Maikaze describes seems so primitive... He continues making mental notes, as he tries to figure out what the best way for he, himself, to fight in such a theatre would be.

Kongou (637) has posed:
    Somewhat late, two ships emerge from Hikari's harbor in a lazy arc towards the floating landing craft, a few meters behind and to either side of Yuna. The first is instantly recognizable: The red hakama skirt and white haori blouse, the black hair in twintails, and the gray equipment on her hips and in her hands-- It's Isuzu, the light cruiser and de-facto strategist of the Fourth Mobile Unit.

    The other is a shapeless black mass with feet, difficult to make out against the dark seasurface due to the billowing shape, the dark color, and the white stripes shot through to break up the outline. It's only when the stranger gets closer that her face becomes visible, mostly hidden behind a pulled-up collar that is only tugged down when the new shipgirl actually boards the Daihatsu: Kiso, the lone-wolf torpedo cruiser that reappeared fairly recently after her unexpected remodel.

    Isuzu remains in the water, joining the formation while her handheld guns hang from their straps, "Maikaze is handling the training. I'm here only to observe and offer assistance."

    Stepping up boldly to stand beside Nagato, Kiso folds her arms. "Don't mind me, Flagship. Jus' her to watch 'em. Lost most of my ASW gear off the Marinaras, y'see."

Gaonoir has posed:
Gaonoir remains hovering overhead, watching everything through his sensor visor. He's not an aquatic fighter but he might learn something useful if he ever has to deal with aquatic digimon if some of Leviamon's demonic naval forces survived into the multiverse.

Cirra Constantine (675) has posed:
    Cirra glances aside as Jeannette boards the landing craft and nods to her once before turning towards Kotone, "Cirra Cosntantine, a pleasure." she looks at the exercises again.

    "I should have asked Dolet to come, she's from Leviathan."

Nagato has posed:
    Nagato nods, the situation at Hikari giving her a frown. At least they're okay. "Kagurazaka, you'll be assisting Hatsuharu with ASW Training. It's good to have you here. And it seems you've been getting used to maneuvring. You'll want to use that." Hatsuharu sails over towards Yuna with a smile and points a ways back.. "We will be over there. They will have a pair of submarines just for us to practice with." a bow, "We are Hatsuharu, a pleasure to make your acquiantance."

    With Isuzu and Kiso's arrival, Nagato gives both of them a nod. Akitsumaru looks a bit warily as her Daihatsu's boarded by the Torpedo Cruiser, "You are with us now, Kiso, which is what matters." and a turn towards Isuzu, "They are still new to the ASW gear, fortunately it should provide enough feedback to allow them to see the torpedoes and the submarines."

    And now, with Nagato looking between the two Destroyer groups and then off in the distance for the Submarine Squadron... "SORTIE!"

    "And the Admiral's called it good to go, let's go!" comes Goya as Iku and Imuya split off while Goya and Hachi move to sail with Momoyo. "We'll go with your plan, Momoyo, so we will be targeting Maikaze first, then Amakasu and Naikui last?" Meanwhile, Iku and Imuya give each other a nod, and head forth, torpedoes at the ready...

    Back on the surface, Nagato looks towards Cirra, "Callers? Perhaps I should take a visit to Ramuh to see these callers and see how you operate as well, Judge."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa is in good spirits today, she's out on the water and enjoyingherself even if she's not the one of the ones in the water today. She folds her arms a little bit. Though it hits her she did forget to ask to comeaboard and looks a little bit embrassed as this thought strikes her.

"Forgive me for forgetting to ask for boarding premission, admiral."

She does seem to mean it, meanwhile her small drones are fanning out now to record the entire training area.

"Ah Miss Kagurazaka, hey."

Staren showing up was not expected but she gives him a wave.

"Didn't think I'd see yuou here Staren."

She listens to Cirra for a moment and nods.

"Good to meet you miss Constantine."

There are also mroe ships arriving now for trinaing, or should she say people. Either way she seems to be very chipper today.

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    The orders of the match were fairly well clear, and Hoshi takes a turn to try to make sense of Maikaze's instructions regarding her sonar. So... In the middle of a big booming gunfight, she also has to listen for sounds on this sonar thing. It... Doesn't really fill her with much confidence, but she nods along with the instruction. "Little ones mean torpedoes, bigger ones mean subs. Right, got it." ... Was she supposed to be able to get directions out of sounds?

    Too late to ask, Hoshi buries the question when it seems everyone's here and ready to go--even Yuna! "Hey, Kagurazaka! I'm glad you made it. Ready to be super action heroes?" She grins wide while waving. Maybe she doesn't know about the messup at the docks, or maybe she's trying to put a nice face on things.

    Staren gets a similar energetic wave, and she flexes toward him with a grin. When Nagato makes the call to sortie, Hoshi digs her heels into the water. "Kambei, Heihachi, Kyuzo--let's GO!" She starts off energetically, swooping slowly left and right to test herself out in the chilly sea.

    A quick tap on the Bluetooth in her ear gets her into radio contact with her side of the conflict. "So, do we have a plan, guys? I think we might want to try to take out Ms. Kawakami as soon as possible. Also, what formation should we get in? I've never really hunted subs."

Cirra Constantine (675) has posed:
    Cirra nods to Nagato. "Callers...summon spirits to aid them, but if they have a second Job class such a Magi-Tech Knight the spirit would be funneled into shape that works with that class. Such as becoming an armored knight of Levaithan."

    "If you want to visit Galandia or Alexander Academy, I'd be happy to guide you."

Momoyo Kawakami (928) has posed:
     "Hmhmhm~. Then the plan is simple, Goya-chan. We'll erase Maikaze and the other... then circle Amakusu like sharks. Reinforcements won't have time to approach carefully, and it will take off pressure on the other three. They will be forced to leave some of the other team as distractions to allow time for fresh teammates to rescue Amakasu." she continues on the private radio band. "By the time I take enough damage for my gear to quit functioning, you and the others should be able to mop up quickly." she muses. Her plan was straightforward and very aggressive, just as the Admiral had hoped she'd act, but cunning in it's own right... it would be possible to set up a situation where reinforcements would arrive too late while only damaging the last to the brink.

    Too bad no battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy... which was also the sort of chaos Momoyo actually thrived on, let alone submarines in general.

    Using her fingers to put Goya in the lead, she followed along, at the very least having no trouble maneuvering. She had to double-check the triple torpedo launcher, making sure her fingers were close to the fire button. The nice part about her swimming strength was that she could be in different places between pings, requiring leading torpedoes to prevent the greenhorn from dodging. Lazily she drifted through a coral reef, lurking behind sandbars. By contrast to all the noisy DD's, she didn't stop to chat much with Goya, concentrating on remaining in the best position to charge in guns blazing.

Suzuya (739) has posed:
"Oh, Hatsuharu! Good to have you with us!" Maikaze is certain that someone as elegant as Hatsuharu can dance, even if it's more traditional. "O..oh, Isuzu is here too!" The blonde destroyer throws a quick salute, then begins to fidget. "Now I'm all nervous, you're a lot better at fighting submarines than I am..."

When the call goes out to begin, though, Maikaze leans forward and begins to skate smoothly across the water. She may not have rudders in her shoes like some of the other destroyers, but she seems to be doing just fine as she is! "Mmm.... better to experience it, it's really hard to explain otherwise! Oh, definitely line abreast. Easier to dodge the torpedoes that way. Even with sonar, they'll know where we are before we can pinpoint them, so be ready!" Even though she's moving forward, Maikaze's path isn't completely a straight line. She's humming softly as she weaves in and out, dodging the small waves and once or twice circling around Hoshi. "And don't be too nervous! Remember, it's supposed to be practice, so have fun!" If nothing else, her dancing probably looks really strange on the submarines' own sonar.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
"It's good to meet you, Hatsuharu!" Kagurazaka bows in return to her companion. "I'll do my best ... please lead the way for now!" She seems to be content to let Hatsuharu take 'flag' on the training exercises; right now, she's refreshing her memory on the firing cues for her weapons. The turrets are easy enough; the torpedoes ... she had a little trouble with those the first time out, and not much chance to really practice since then.

Hopefully she can do better this time out.

Staren has posed:
    So far... this is about what he pictured. They really do skate/surf through the water like that. Does their armor really look like enough to protect him? He supposes he'll see soon enough... then again, maybe not. They're probably using dummy training rounds for this, right?

Jeannette Thompson (410) has posed:
Jeannette herself, despite her slight bluster and the want to be off a boat that was rather annoyingly piloted by someone in the Navy who saw large grey ladies and decided they wanted to be in charge of the smallest ship they could see, waited for that permission to be granted. Even if it was a landing craft, you simply didn't board someone else's ship without permission. She still does manage to board the landing craft with a little bit of ease, skipping aboard with legs that are glad to have something that was a bit more stable underneath them. She'll nod to Cirra as well, once she boards.

Of course, right behind her is just a single Marine, in full combat gear, combat-suit assissited muscles allowing him (or her; it's a bit hard to tell) to get onto the deck a lot faster, the advanced weapon held at port arms as they make themselves scarce and somewhat invisable at the back of the boat.

Jeannette squints, slightly, looking forward at the ships in the distance, as they skae around the water. "Interesting formation. Your submarines are fighting with mainly unguided torpedos? I seem to remember a bit of a briefing that said you might have had some sort of... magnetic guidance on them.

Gaonoir has posed:
Gaonoir idly taps at the side of his visor with one metallic finger, fiddling with its scanner settings. It's mainly for his own curiosity if he can get a clearer reading on the subs under the water with his digital senors than it would take using radar or sonar to do. Something that might come in useful in the future.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa grins over at Hoshi, she seems to have confidence in her friend to do this. Some thoughts dance through her mind about what's going on here as Cirra brings up the school.

"That's the school that a friend of mine goes to. Kyra, do you know her, Cirra?"

Momoyo does get Kotone's attention the young woman does seem to be very hard to miss.

"This test should be something to see."

her drones by this point have fanned out entirely and are recordinf the test so far.

Kongou (637) has posed:
    "Guided torpedoes were somethin' the Germans played with, in our era-- but we only have prototypes," Kiso states without even looking towards Jeannette. The launcher mounted to the left side of her equipment hisses, then swings on its mount to present the Commadore with an eyefull of the five-tube Type 93 launcher mounted to it, "Don't matter. With these, I can break the keel on anythin'. Just gotta hit the right places." Her head at last turns, presenting Jean with Kiso's one-eyed face and a lopsided, fang-toothed grin, "I like a challenge, y'see. So no torpedo guidance is fine with me. Let the other girls play with that new stuff if they want."

    On the water, Isuzu forms up on the tail of the Line formation. One hand rests on her hip while the other collects one of her gun-like equipments, inspecting it briefly. The weapon is lowered and she speaks up, "The fairies will tell you-- Sonars and radars are operated by fairies the same as weapons. Think of them like your ship's crew and it gets easier."

    That is basically what they are, after all. Even to the shipgirls.

    "So just listen for them to tell you what they find and where it is. Sonar is imprecise, though. This formation is also good for sweeping large areas. And our fairies can coordinate between ships to help find submarines." One eye closes, "Once we find 'em, let 'em have it with your depth charges."

Nagato has posed:
    "As a battleship, I do not use torpedoes so I am remiss to know much about them, aside from their power." Nagato mentions to Jeannette, with Akitsumaru giving a nod for the permission to board. Fortunately, the Daihatsu is good at holding pretty much everyone on board, even a fully kitted out Yamato. But that's another story.

    Meanwhile Hatsuharu gives a nod, "We will lead the way, Kagurazaka~" and a bow is given towards Maikaze. Hatsuharu gives a brief look towards Kagurazaka and smiles, "You have been equipped with a Sonar. It shall provide a ping in your ears for when it detects something. On your sides, you have depth charges. Some launch them like grenades, some just let them drop in the water and some shoot them like guns towards the submarine. It's all in your style, my dear Destroyer~" Nenohi, however, scoots back towards the group with Amakasu and Maikaze. "Yo~".

    Goya and Hachi continue ahead, silent running with pings being sent to take a look at where everyone is. "Okay, it looks like Nenohi has joined with Amakasu and Maikaze. We'll go after Nenohi first, she's the weakest of the three. Then we'll go after Maikaze and Amakasu in that order." It takes only a few moments for them to get in position, large pings could be heard over the sonars on the destroyers. "Torpedo away~" Hachi opens her book and out comes one of the many Oxygen torpedoes that she carries along with Goya's launcher throwing out another Oxygen torpedo. "Just press the button and your torpedo will fire, then we'll turn around and ready for another approach!"

    Iku and Imuya are silent but follow along, spying the signals from Kagurazaka and Hatsuharu, torpedoes on the way, but the same noise pings in their ears as well.

    Back on the surface, Nagato looks at Staren with a studying gaze, "Does something bother you, Staren?" she questions, turnning back to Jeannette with a brief nod, "That question is best answered by Isuzu here." The battleship takes a deep breath... "This shall be interesting..."

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
     Huh. Well, it did make sense to think that her equipment faeries were crewmen, they DID do a lot of the work for running the various systems. Really, she just kind of skated around and tried to avoid being shot. "Then I guess I'll be putting myself up to you guys," she mentions to her crewfaeries. "Let's try to win this." A wave of greeting is sent to Nenohi.

    That thought brings her to reach under her flapping shirt and draw out her locket, opening it up so that the sun reflects against it brightly over the water. She doesn't summon her Persona yet, but the feel of Rosamond holding herself in Hoshi's mind and giving her strength is still a powerful one.

    The notes about the depth charges were recieved--damn shame she couldn't use torpedoes of her own, not in a way that'd be helpful. This is about when she catches the first of the sonar sounds. Big-sounding pings that slightly ring in her ears. "Contact!" Hoshi shouts, pointing ahead. The deeper sound is then replaced by a lot of smaller ones. "We're under fire! Uh... Crap, I'm so bad at measurements--ahead!" One of them starts coming dangerously close to her, but Hoshi sweeps left, then digs her heels in for a hard right that almost has her hand touching the waves. Miss. Now she's got to try to /find/ them.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Kagurazaka bows to Maikaze as well, then straightens up and double-checks her armaments for the depth charges. Yep, there they are: little canisters hanging at the waist of her uniform's skirt. Actually tossing them would probably be better than just willing for them to fall off at the right time and position.

She turns her attention back to Hatsuharu, nodding. "All set, I think. Might need a bit to get used to how the sonar works, but I'll figure that out as I go, right?" she asks with a grin. "And should I be using just depth charges, or will the torpedoes work too?"

Other than the barrage of questions, she *is* ready to proceed with the training ... but, better to get her questions answered now than to wait until something comes up in mid-exercise. The submarines might get crafty and try to attack while Yuna's distracted questioning Hatsuharu about something.

Momoyo Kawakami (928) has posed:
     Hmmm, the opening salvos. Time to see how the enemy reacts. Eyeing the triple barrelled launcher a moment and checking the tally of torpedoes, she slowly moves toward the surface again. Likely close enough to trigger pings, but it wouldn't matter this early on.

    She aims squarely at Nenohi which Goya pointed out, noting the weakest aura. Pressing the button on her launcher sends her volley at the weakest Destroyer, noting what the torpedoes looked like and how they moved for a second. Quickly though, she turns and uses her powerful breaststroke to choose a direction... back deeper and at a diagonal. Away from Goya most likely, for a wide circle. With such a powerful volley, it would do no good to fire very frequently just yet until mobility was damaged by a weaker sub.

    "Time to dance, cuties~."

Jeannette Thompson (410) has posed:
The Commodore cocks her head slightly as the... Damn it, which one as this? If she was a destroyer, she should have been out there. Torpedo cruiser? That sounds like a safe bet. "I see." She says, taking a step forward. One of her hands moves to hold the Marine at the rear back (they stood up as soon as that mount had hissed over), while the other runs a hand over in examination of the presented weapon. "Hmmm. Part of me wishes to rebuke with the standard response of the best victory being one that's as far from a challenge as possible. But given that I carry steel into places others carry rifles, I shall recognize you as the pot, I as the kettle, and refrain from lecturing about challenge. I do hope you'll enlighten me abou the right places to hit with those..." She frowns a moment. "Oxygen torpedos, if I recall my lessons?"

A slight nod to Nagato. "At the very least, I can understand that. Using a weapon you don't often employ is somewhat academic even for the Reniassance men and women among us. Lord above knows that I had very little reason to see the guns of a battlecruiser as anything other than abstractly impressive when I was plying more of the aviatrix trade."

A view of those ships skating around the sea, as they engage in evasive manuevers when the submarines begin their run. "It seems those submarines are taking the knife fight approch. Hurt them first and gain the advantage."

Staren has posed:
    Staren continues to watch -- Ideally he's able to share vision with Kotone's drones. "There's a thought. Could we put guidance systems in your torpedoes, or would that... break the magic, somehow?" He quirks an eyebrow as Goya and Hachi go to work, not afraid to judge their comrades' strength. It's good to not let social stuff get in the way of military planning.

    "Hmm?" Staren glances at Nagato. "Just... surprised. I've never seen a battle quite like this, although in any case I'm not familiar much with naval battles period. Sometimes I've been air support against monsters." He looks back out over the sea. "I don't go out onto the battlefield without being in the cockpit of a giant robot or at least being covered completely in armor. It's not that I'm afraid, I'm just... /not/ supernaturally tough, and to do any less when stuff like battleship cannons and torpedoes are involved seems like... a bad idea. I'll have to run tests on your armor clothing sometime, I guess. Ooh, now it's getting interesting." He pulls something like wraparound sunglasses from his bag and puts them on. They're probably full of sensors or zooming optics or something.

Suzuya (739) has posed:
Pingping. Ping! Maikaze tilts her head slightly as she hears the sonars go off. "Sorry, Amakasu, I'm just not really that good at explaining it... I kinda just feel the flow~!" Her eyes scan the waters ahead, listening carefully to her sonar, and begins to hum a bit louder. Instead of veering off to the side, she gathers herself and leaps, doing a half-twirl before landing on the other side of the torpedo at the very moment it detonates. Dancing is all about drama and timing! She continues her spin as the plume of seawater rains down all around her, once more facing the direction of the submarines.

Something gets her attention, though. "Ooooh, our guest submarine knows how to dance? Dance with me, dance with me!" Maikaze squeals happily and claps her hands, spinning once more before skimming forward. "One, two~! One, two~!" And with each call, one of a quartet of depth charges are arced neatly up into the air, then splash down in the water toward where she -thinks- Momoyo might be.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa has already let those able to on to her drone network for the moment. She seems ued to such things as she looks to Staren nodding a bit.

"That era is one of the last on really big naval engagements like this. Back home for example stealth craft and the odd carrier for the most part now."

She grins a bit at the admiral.

"It's interesing to see people who really know these tactics. Also Staren this was around the time, at least on my world when Radar and sonar really came into to use too."

She pauses peering at staren.

"You know I hadn't thought about it like that... and woah check out camera four."

Nagato has posed:
    "I'm not sure, you would want to speak with Yuubari and Akashi as they're the two who do the equipment modification." a turn to look at Staren and she nods, "It's not for everyone, honestly. And it's good that you are able to watch, to see if you would like to participate, otherwise I know other ways we can use your genius around the battlefield." A look at Camera four per Kotone, "Hmm..." Meanwhile...

    Hatsuharu gives a brief look, "Torpedoes don't work well against submarines, so only depth charges work." the sonar pings in both Hatsuharu's and Kagurazaka's position... "Torpedoes, eleven o'clock... Two submarine contacts. Unknown designation, but that's okay. We shall eliminate them." she smiles, pulling off a couple of the canisters before listening to the pings once more... and she lets them fly to where they might be! "You'll get used to them, but I recommend dodging now~" with this, Hatsuharu moves to dance upon the waves like Maikaze, that hair of hers just going almost everywhere, fortunately not in Kagurazaka's way as the torpedo sails past... but there's still one heading right to Kagurazaka. Nenohi, however, isn't so lucky. As Hoshi dodges the first torpedo, the one from Momoyo sneaks past and, with a surprised scream and a large water splash, Nenohi gets nailed by it, looking a bit worse for wear but still up and going, "Ne...nenohi is still here! I won't give up!"

    "Confirmed hit from Momoyo, good job. Let's go for another one!" Though, Maikaze's four charges being sent out, Hachi gets a worried look as small splashes indicate the explosion from the depth charge, Hachi seems to be okay, but her swimsuit is definately damaged...

    "Confirmed hits on both sides. Good..."

Kongou (637) has posed:
    "It takes a lot of trust and intuition," Isuzu states, weaving aside and then banking sharply the other way around a torpedo as well. She is, after all, an experienced ASW-dedicated cruiser in addition to her strength in anti-air operations. "The fairies' direction and the sonars are both only giving you the vague idea. But once you know what to look for..."

    Lifting up her gun assembly, Isuzu angles it so that the underslung depth charge projector fires in an arc, launching a tumbling canister. Her aim adjusts and a second is fired. Another adjustment, and a third. And then the cruiser leans away, maneuvering around the area she'd just fired her weapons into.

    "You'll pick up on it fast enough. Anti-submarine combat is /difficult/ though, so don't feel bad if you don't pick up on the more subtle parts right away, like telling direction or searching for periscopes."

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Dodging DOES sound like a really good idea; Kagurazaka turns hard to starboard and accelerates, going as fast as she can laterally to get out of the torpedo's path. Of course, if it's locked on and follows her, that's going to be a small problem ...

She doesn't go straight, either, but enters a gradual turn to the left, trying to close in on the source of the torpedo, 'listening' to her sonar. She glances over her shoulder every so often, and if it looks like the torpedo *is* chasing her, she chucks a depth charge over her shoulder to try and blow it up. Then she focuses on the submarine, tossing two more depth charges - not exactly throwing them *like* grenades, but a passable facsimile thereof, maybe. If you aren't grading her technique, anyway.

Momoyo Kawakami (928) has posed:
     Eyeing the dancer above her, she was right to quickly change her position evidently. "Goya... I know this won't apply to every destroyer, but Maikaze can't attack if her dance routine doesn't allow it, yes?" she murmurs. She had fought enough fighters that used capoiera to try to make an intuitive guess, which is why she didn't immediately retaliate to the depth charges. Ordinarily she would have crushed her opponent, but she was satisfied hitting Nenoshi as the hornet's nest gets stirred up. The problem was her acceleration had a nasty habit of making her noticeable on sonar within a certain range, so it was clear what direction she shot off in after Maikaze fired.

    "Goya, I've got Maikaze's attention, but if we don't make Amakasu panic, this plan won't work. Try to damage Nenohi some more." she grunts into the radio, eyeing Maikaze's ice-skater-like moves. "I'm not sure how much ammo I'll waste trying to hit her..." she muses, checking the amount of air left in her tanks. Two hours. She would have to make her move brutal and violent once she got a better handle on how destroyers move.

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    Yeah, there were some parts to this that just left Hoshi confused and worried as she keeps trying to jig potential hits. Not everyone in her group is so lucky. Neohi takes a hit and Hoshi looks over her shoulder with some concern. "Ms. Nenohi!... Okay, if you're sure. C'mon, we can do this!"

    Now, however, it felt like it was time to start pulling out the stops. She's not good enough to know if her charges are actually going to go anywhere helpful. Instead, she points up, into the air. "Let's go! Persona!"

    What sounds like glass shatters as blue mist grows to envelop Hoshi and move behind her, gathering into a large form behind her. A green-cloaked figure with the hood up in a muddy wedding dress carrying a sword. Once fully formed, Rosamond soars out over the water, towards where Hoshi thinks she might get a bite. Preferably on Momoyo before she can do more damage.

    Hoshi's not sure if she can actually send the Persona underwater, so instead the Persona raises her blade, gathering Light magic into her sword until she fires it down into the ocean beneath her. Flashes of bright gold light errupt and send water splashing violently around and into the air around them as they become explosions.

Cirra Constantine (675) has posed:
    "Hmn, yes. Kyra Hyral and I attend the same school." Cirra replies to Katone. "We don't share any classes but we're both part of th eLight Warriors club." She looks out to the field where the destroyers skate over the surface where the submariens lurk below.

Suzuya (739) has posed:
"Wha--Nenohi, are you okay?" Maikaze spins around whens he hears the explosion, but looks relieved to see the pink-haired destroyer still on her feet. "Just be careful! You too, Amakasu~!" She reaches a hand out and gives a thumbs-up to the long-haired destroyer, "Good job, Hatsuharu! Keep up the beat~!"

The blonde destroyer lets out a happy giggle as she skates back over the waves. "Don't think you can run from me. I~ found~ you~!" Another pair of depth charges is launched toward where it seems Momoyo is going, "One, two~!"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "Admiral the fairies do ad a lot to the fleet, from what I 'm seeing o them. Depth charges are certainly something to see. They are also getting better, at it Admiral."

She seems to be certain on that, as she watches bot with her eyes and on her camera feeds.

"I heard a little of the club but not too much, and look at them go."

She notes pointing to the skating destroyers.

Gaonoir has posed:
Gaonoir has starting to take a more thorough interest in things once some actual action gets going. Particularly in the way these 'ships' move around. Interesting. Could be useful, considering how many Digimon seem to be based on cars and jets and tanks he bets there's a couple of boat or submarine ones out there too.

Nagato has posed:
    And there's the Persona. Nagato's only seen it twice before this and only once in action, but at least she knows who that one is being gunned for. "Impressive..." she whispers, arms crossed. She allowed the use of it, along with Momoyo's self healing ability, it was only fair. "Perhaps... she won't need depth charges..." she shakes her head and looks towards her sideline, "This is not a normal training session it seems.

    Nenohi's eyes go wide as she watches Rosamond, apparently oblivious to anything else. "Ooooh woooow....", and underwater, Goya gives Momoyo a nod and a grin. CUT IN ATTACK! Four torpedoes launch simultaneously out of Goya's launchers, all streaking towards the distracted destroyer and soon... a pillar of water envelops the destroyer who shoots back and skids along the ocean, landing face up in critical damage. "Owie..."

    Hachi smirks at this and nods, "Good call, Momoyo, perhaps you might be great at this after all!" her book opens once more and a pair of torpedoes fire out towards Amakasu, trying to cut her off from the dancer.. Meanwhile, Iku and Imuya move to swim around, the torpedoes are non guided, fortunately, and those depth charges are lobbed, with explosion splashes around the area. Thanks to some camera actions and the like, another two confirmed hits on the submarines. Hatsuharu smiles, "You're doing a good job, Kagurazaka~ but keep up the pace or We will grab MVP." and a turn towards Maikaze, "We thank you, Maikaze!" while back underwater, Iku and Imuya's swimsuits look a bit worse for wear but they're still going at it, both of them sending a wide spread torpedo attack towards the two destroyers.

    Back on the surface, the Battleship listens to Cirra and Kotone, a light nod, "Perhaps if you have time next week, Cirra, I can take an operational tour of your station. And yes, Kotone, the fairies are instrumental to our equipment, more so with the modified equipment the Special Destroyers are using." It's not long but Atago shows up with a small box and a smile, "Staren, here's your outfit~, have fun."

Momoyo Kawakami (928) has posed:
     "Tch!" She saw it coming of course, but now her cover was completely obliterated, putting her back on Maikaze's radar. She was soooooo sorely tempted to shoot back, but not only was it against the rules but it would be overkill if she did.

    "Goya, I'm going in. Concentrate on harassing Amakasu but don't sink her. Watch her Persona, it's not a dangerous magical attack (ha, at least, not to a monster like Momoyo) but it reveals your position more reliably than sonar because the light pierces the water."

     There was a concept known as the 'Death Strike' wherein rogues and assassins took advantage of the moment a comrade falls to gain momentum. For better or worse, even though she was now revealed and perfectly visible, this was her chance! Her acceleration boosts massively, finally showing off her full speed underwater. Like a shark, she charges in on the dancer, but she doesn't shoot directly at her... no, she used the three launchers to try to create a spread /around/ her where she was dodging. This of course required her to try to charge through the depth charge explosions, which she wouldn't unscathed... but it was her best chance to savagely assault the nimble dancer before she was concentrating on her rhythm again.

Staren has posed:
    Staren continues watching the fight.

    When the box is handed to him he looks at it in surprise, taking it and opening it to peer inside. "Thank you!" He smiles back, then looks a bit embarassed, "Um... obviously it's rude to damage stuff people just gave you, but since this is /armor/, do you mind if I, uh, shoot it to see how it holds up?"

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Kagurazaka's gaining some confidence now; she double-checks her supply of depth charges, thinking grateful thoughts towards her equipment fairies. She's less worried about grabbing MVP than some of her comrades on the water ... but hey. It's *Mamiya's*. That's SERIOUSLY good food (and better desserts), and it's enough to motivate her into trying harder. "Hatsuharu, let's close in and helix them!" she calls out to her companion.

So what does she mean by 'helixing'? Yuna explains that over a quickly-implemented private channel, thanks to Elner offering communications support: basically, a repeated scissor maneuver, taking advantage of the fact that the submarines are operating deeper in the water than Hatsuharu and Kagurazaka, who are on the surface. Criss-cross each other's paths as they follow the submarines' courses, and shower them with love and affection (that is, depth charges) from both destroyers.

Of course, how well that works to take out BOTH subs depends on Iku and Imuya staying fairly close together - but it's possible for Kagurazaka and Hatsuhara to spread the helix wide enough to keep both of them within it. It's certainly not a standard naval maneuver ... but Yuna Kagurazaka isn't a standard destroyer girl, either.

Cirra Constantine (675) has posed:
    Cirra nods to Nagato, "Next week should be fine." though calling it a station might be over estimating it. "Alexander Academy always welcomes visitors." she crosses her arms as things start to heat up out there.

Suzuya (739) has posed:
"Aha, I see you now~!" Maikaze chirps cheerfully as Momoyo's quick movement makes her stand out on the sonar. "You're right over--whoah!" She definitely wasn't expecting the stand-in submarine to charge right into her depth charges, nor did she expect those torpedoes to come from within the explosion!

The dancing destroyer spins and twirls as she spots the incoming torpedoes. "And one two~!" One more depth charge flies out, exploding close enough to detonate one of the torpedoes before it gets too close. Maikaze's twirling steps bring her safely away from a second... but at this range, she can't easily dodge two, and the third torpedo explodes dangerously close to her feet, the blast sending enough shrapnel up to rip some holes in her skirt and socks. "Only... light damage, but.. nn." Maikaze keeps moving, but she's a bit slower now, and he has another problem - that explosion stirred the water around her enough to make it hard to detect Momoyo at such close range. She's effectively blind for a few dangerous seconds.

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    No hits registered, though Hoshi gets a momentary glance through the darkness of the water to spot Momoyo before she goes out of sight again. "Rgh! Man, and while we chase like idiots, the others will sneak up and get us." Though it seems like she's not getting near as much fire put on her as she might've thought she would. Why was tha--

    Oh. That was why. Suddenly Nenohi was surrounded by small explosions and splashes. They'd taken her out while she was distracted. "Ahh--man! That's okay, Ms. Nenohi, nice try!" It was almost like some kind of sport, here.

    As tempted as Hoshi is to keep pushing the envelope on Momoya, with one of their group down she'd have to make sure to keep the other two from engaging on Maikaze. "I'll try to keep them off your back, Ms. Maikaze. Deal with Ms. Kawakami!" She calls over her radio.

     The Persona remains flying over the field, draining some of Hoshi's energy, but casting a Mahama like that had taken a lot out of her. She'd have to rely on single-targets, or her depth charges! Which, while trying desperately to figure out where Goya and Hachi were--oh wait there where torpedoes! "Whoa!" She speeds up immiediately to avoid the salvo, and grabs depth charges in both hands. Both are thrown vaguely in Hachi's direction. She's really not good at figuring out where they were.

Gaonoir has posed:
"I think it's time to get a closer look at the action." With that said Gaonoir launches fully into the air, looping over backwards to get to a horizontal position and speeding off towards the encounter proper. Though he keeps up high enough that he won't interfer in things, but he wants to get a direct look of the sortie as it's going on.

Momoyo Kawakami (928) has posed:
     Low-yield indeed, while Momoyo's suit was slightly scratched up, at some point she would be ordered to stand down even if her gear and air tanks were intact. Attacking this brutally was going to burn through her air tank even faster, but if she let her Maikaze was going to ruin her plan by dragging things out till the other team was handled by Yuna.

    "Mhmhmhm...hahahaha!!! I'm watching you dance, Maikaaaaazzeeee~!" she calls out, as she hurriedly punches the launch button enough to throw six in a slightly delayed circle around the dancer at close range. She was so sorely tempted to punch at or near Maikaze... but Nagato had hammered her with enough hard labor this week that she thought better of it. There was one thing she could do though that would be patently hilarious and more or less in the rules though.

    She was going to yank Maikaze halfway under the water by her ankle and zerbert her until her giggling clogged up the radio. Pbbbbbbbbbt~!

    Admiral would /not/ be impressed at all, but it would take the edge off her vicious assault...

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "They do seem to fill a lot of jobs that computers might on my world. It's curious to see honestly."

She looks at STaren for a moment peering at him tilting her head and does something strange as she looks at him.

"You going to field test that your self, Staren?"

Nagato has posed:
    Nagato watches the training sortie happen and with Nenohi's critical damage, she shakes her head. Then there were four. Nagato keeps her silence this time and frowns, at least her submarines are being effecctive... and Momoyo's tactics are effective as well... perhaps...

    Back on the battlefield, Hatsuharu shakes her head, "Our sister has fallen, we shall pick up the pace as it were." with Yuna's guidance, she assists with the helix maneuver, showering the two submarines with depth charges! The intricate dance on top of the water leaves the two submarines, Iku and Imuya scrambling, too many depth charges! Many explosion splashes are up and soon, Iku and Imuya float to the surface, white flags raised. "We surrender!"

    Meanwhile, Goya and Hachi revel only slightly in their first 'kill' and start to close in on Amakasu now that Momoyo had Maikaze busy. "Large spread?" a nod, and a wide spread of six torpedoes are going Amakasu's way in a criss cross pattern to make it difficult but not impossible to dodge. "Momoyo, finish Maikaze, hurry! We can't take the assault much longer!"

    Atago smiles and looks towards Staren, "Of course, we can repair it without an issue and it doesn't take that much to fix!"

Suzuya (739) has posed:
More torpedoes! Even through the roiling water, Maikaze can make out those sudden movements. "Wh... H.. hey, it's dangerous to fire at such close range!" One of them explodes dangerously nearby, and a frantic, panicked launch of depth charges take out a few more, but she has to dodge the rest. And at this range, it's not easy! "A...ah, one, two~ one, two~!" She missteps and actually steps on the tail end of a torpedo, fortunately not close enough to the front to cause it to explode, but it does make her lose her balance. Arms flail wildly as she tries to keep from tipping over, when she feels hands grabbing onto her leg.

Maikaze lets out a shriek of surprise as she's yanked down partway underwater, then squeals and flails as her stomach is assaulted. "N...nooooo, stop, I'm ticklish there~!" Seems like she's out of the battle.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
"You put up a good fight!" Kagurazaka calls out to Iku and Imuya, doing a brief pirouette on the water, then sailing past Hatsuharu to give her a quick high-five. "Should we help any of the other teams ... ?"

She comes to a near-stop and looks around to see how the other groups are faring.

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    And then suddenly Hoshi was completely alone. She could only get split-second looks at what happened to take Maikaze down, but seeing her go partially into the water was alarming as hell for a second. "WHa--!" Then she was giggling. Hoshi's face collapses into grumpiness as she lets out a slow, long-suffering sigh. "Oh good."

    Her sonar was beeping at her eratically as suddenly there were a lot more torpedoes coming her way. "Aww crap!" Way too many for her to dodge flat out. THen she gets a bright idea. It's not going to be pleasant--but it'll keep her up.

    Rosamond whips around from where she was and flies immediately towards her User, striking the water four feet away from Hoshi hard enough to send the kendo girl scrambling on a decent wave. As the torpedoes come in, the Persona flourishes her sword and charges forward, slashing the torpedoes as they came and tearing them apart. Some still explode, throwing the Persona a couple feet, but it gives Hoshi room to slip through the gap. "Ghh. Minor damage," she grunts.

    Now she /knows/ where those two subs are, and as she charges through the breach Hoshi takes up two more depth charges and throws them down. "No way I'm going down without some of you! Take that!"

Nagato has posed:
    With it down to three destroyers and three submarines, Nagato gives a nod, watching how Amakasu deals with being by herself. She gives a nod, that Persona coming into play and with that, "Good..." comes the voice of the battleship. "Using her Persona to take the damage while suffering minimal herself, a good tactic..." Though, with Iku and Imuya giving up it's up to Goya and Hachi. Two submarines versus a lone destroyer. Usually this would be a bad matchup... for the Destroyer.

    With Momoyo 'dealing' with Maikaze, Goya and Hachi turn tail for a moment... spotted by the Persona Destroyer... "She needs work.." "She'll be effective at surprise attacks though..." and with this, they turn around and launch two torpedoes each, straight line ahead into the charging Amakasu. BUt with the spotting and how late they were to the torpedo firing... those depth charges strike water, strike submarine and with a splash... the two float up with white flags...

    "END SORTIE!" Nagato shouts, "Rally to my position..." she waits a bit, looking along the gathered girls... "I commend you on your effectiveness. Momoyo, while brutish and... unorthodox, your underwater tactics were effective. Good job." she turns to Nenohi and sighs, "You need work to get less distracted, you failed the training test..." Nenohi pouts a bit and nods, "I'm sorry, Admiral."

    "Kagurazaka, Amakasu, Hatsuharu, commendable job. You have seemed to grasp anti submarine warfare decently." a direct look at Hatsuharu, "Well done.". A look towards Maikaze, "Commendable job being distracting to the enemy, however, that can prove fatal on a real sortie. Be careful next time." she is handed two flags by Atago and with a nod... "The victor for this training sortie is..."

    She lets it linger for a good thirty seconds... "The destroyers!" she gives a brief nod, "You are all to report to the docks to refuel, and to head to Mamiya's after for dinner. On my tab for everyone." she turns to Momoyo, "After you're done at Mamiya's, you are to clean the halls of the barracks and do the laundry for the entire Destroyers hall. After that, you are free to leave the service."

Staren has posed:
    Staren gives Kotone a 'really?' look. "No, I'm going to lay it on the ground and shoot it." His hand goes to his holster and taps his laser pistol for emphasis.
    Then he nods to Atago, "Alright." opening the box and taking out the shirt and jacket. If they're on a hangar, he finds a wall to stick the hangar against. Otherwise, he lays them out flat on the ground. Either way, he puts plugs in his ears, then...

    After each weapon he inspects the armor for how it handled the damage. He starts with a few shots from a conventional pistol. Then moves up to his laser pistol on its four settings from low to high, then a slash and stab with his beam saber... he's really not going easy on it, trying /everything/. There's some kind of energy grenade, and then tests a few kinds of missile. One is about the size of a magic marker, and flies off in the distance a few hundred feet before coming back with built-up speed and ramming it and exploding with the force of a few old-timey grenades. Staren draws a seperate missile pistol design and fires one with some kind of energy-explosion warhead, like the grenades from earlir in miniature. Then he fiddles with the first missile pistol, loading some kind of special ammo and firing it. It may be hard to tell from watching, but on impact it suddenly releases a concentrated and unidirectional blast of plasma.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "Not bad, use what you got, that's how I'm still alive. She's getting good. I admit the more I see of this the more curious I get about it. Also I'll have the recordings sent to you by morning, Admiral. Hopefully I can do this more so it can help with everyone's training."

She looks out at the training ground as she calls the end of the sesson. She looks back at Staren for a moment looking at him.


Staren has mentioned he's a shape shifter after all. She attemps to look as innocent as possible on the subject. Kotone also turns on her own noise filters as Staren does his thing to test things out.

Kongou (637) has posed:
    "Not sure how I feel 'bout humans doin' our work," Kiso comments toughtfully, "Though, gotta admit, the extra hands are always .. handy. Heh heh heh..." Eye closing, she scratches at the side of her nose for a moment in quiet contemplation, then turns around in a billowing of her camouflaged cloak, "I'll handle th' perimeter patrols tonight. Let the kiddos rest it off, eh Flagship?" With that, Kiso hops down from the observation platform, and then down again into the water with a splash.

    Given the fading light, it's difficult to see her almost immediately as she accellerates out to sea, due to the camo pattern on her outerwear. Only the offset white cap stands out atop her head, and the occasional glimmer of metal from her shoes.

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    Whoo! Two down! Hoshi grins a bit fiercely as she manages to at least hold her own against all of this. She tries to turn around to get a look for Mamoyo, but then Nagato calls the exercise, and she lets out a tiny, thankful breath. Perfect timing. Releasing her hold on Rosamond, the Persona fades away once again.

    Back with the others and the Admiral, Hoshi is honestly expecting to lose, but--hey! They did it! Hoshi grins tiredly, patting Nenohi to try and comfort her. "Good fight, everyone. I... am so freaking hungry, too."

    With the ceremony over, such as it was, Hoshi grins and waves to everyone who watched, then starts making her way to the dock for her well-deserved break.

Cirra Constantine (675) has posed:
    When things conclude Cirra nods her head slightly, "Unconventional by Kawamaki, but in this case it's hard to deny the effectiveness." she turns towards Nagato, "THank you for having me." and bowing with her helmet under her arm.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Kagurazaka grins ear to ear at the announcement that the destroyers' side won, and comes to attention, saluting Nagato. "Thank you, Admiral!" If there's nothing else she needs to linger for, she heads back to the docks - possibly alongside Hatsuharu, so they can chat some more about how the exercise went. Not that Yuna can think of that much to say about it, but - well, any excuse to strike up a friendship with another kanmusu, okay? Although she should also attend some to Iku and Imuya, particularly if they need support (physical or moral) on the way back. It sounds like the carrot/stick of 'losers buy winners' meal' got rescinded, so she's not worried about *that*.

She may be wondering what to order when she gets there, though.

Nagato has posed:
    "I understand your concern, Kiso, however these girls are specially picked from previous engagements with and they entered on their own volition." Nagato mentions, the bad pun gets a very... very light chuckle out of the battleship as she turns towards the Torpedo Cruiser, "Understood, you'll have a space in the docks reserved for you, and if you would like to enter discussion about this, I will more than happy oblige." she gives Kiso a salute and....

    Suddenly armor testing by Staren. Akitsumaru looks less than pleased about her Daihatsu being used as a platform for such, but the craft holds up under everything that Staren's throwing at the outfit... Atago is likewise looking less than pleased about this, her handcrafted outfit getting blasted and the like. Fortunately, the outfit seems to only suffer minimal damage. Holes here and there... and everything UNDER the outfit... is intact.

Gaonoir has posed:
Gaonoir eventually comes to land next to Nagato, though land is a relative term since he remains hovering just off the ground, his engines spinning down to an almost silent hum once he's not moving. "Quite a fleet you've got around you, Admiral."

Nagato has posed:
    Nagato turns to Gaonoir, "I'm glad you were able to join us on this sortie. It's been a few months since we've last had our own little battle, has it not? Good to see that you are still active." she turns to look at her fleet and then back towards Gaonoir, "It's a wonderful fleet, is it not? I look to add more to it, more daughters... but only time will come for that."

Gaonoir has posed:
Gaonoir emits a barking laugh in return. "Considering how that went, I'm glade I haven't ended up on the other end of your guns again too." There's a subtle sound similar to the buzz of a viewscreen shutting off and he flips his visor up onto the top of his head with two fingers. "Yeah, I'm still around. Just... been occupied with Digimon matters." It's the best way to put it. "Not been in much for naval battles so it was interesting to see."

Staren has posed:
    She said it would be easy to fix or replace! Staren makes an impressed grunt at the way it stands up to the earlier attacks, though eventually it becomes clear that further attacks will just reduce it to an even more tattered state. He's fairly surprised and impressed. "Maybe it's not quite as tough as a heavy suit of body armor, but it's better than my coat!" Beat. "That's not, like, an insulting comparison or anything. The coat is special armored clothing, just in case... But it doesn't cover me as well or weigh as little or take quite as much punishment as /this/." He picks up the now-damaged outfit and puts it in the box. "How do you make it? Magic?"

Nagato has posed:
    Atago looks at Staren curiously, "It's carefullly made using fabric we have made here. A mixture of the steel we use for our repairs as well along with something else. Akashi doesn't even let me know the composition of it." she ponders a bit, looking to Staren some more and the tattered outfit, "And now I have to go get it repaired. Akashi just made this today too..."

Staren has posed:
    "Steel fabric?" Staren sounds interested. Then sweatdrops. "Err... sorry. I guess, in retrospect, I should have asked for a bolt of cloth to test it on... at least the pants are okay! But I mean... I had to see how well it stands up. I'll pay Akashi for the work and materials, have them send me an invoice through the Union."

Gaonoir has posed:
Gaonoir just raises a brow quietly at the conversation. He's still grasping the aspect that non-Digimon don't just have their clothing or armor or whatever appearing as part of their form when they evolve.