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Rescuing Gomamon From Prison
Date of Scene: 09 August 2014
Location: Planetary Plains
Synopsis: The Confederacy makes an assault on a Union prison, to free a Gomamon and the other prisoners.
Cast of Characters: Kirito, 307, Theo Morrison, Alexis, 471, 478, Riva Banari, 516, 522, 529, 530, 538

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     It was a while back that Gomamon was captured, during his attack on the Rookery. Since that time, he has been in a somewhat normal prison. Nothing super high security. Gomamon was considered, more or less, just another random member of Violet's army. And this is more or less entirely true. In the grant scheme of things, he is no different than the hundreds, if not thousands, of other Rookie Digimon who work for Violet.

     But. Violet had a lot of respect for him. Despite his strength and disadvantages as being mostly water based, the Gomamon had a lot of spunk. So, she feels it is only right to rescue him. They can make the most of it as well. The prison is filled with many other prisoners as well. They can go ahead and break all of them out, and bring them to Confederate holdings. The violent criminals, especially, tend to be more willing to be Confederate allies. The others can be convinced in a number of ways, as well.

     Gomamon has been in and out of interrogation, though. They've been mostly going 'Good cop' to him, trying to show him that the Union isn't really super evil, and that Violet is mostly using propoganda. But, honestly, it has been hard to get even an honest answer out of him.

     A Union interrogator shows the Gomamon five lights.

     "How many lights are there?"


     Gomamon is being incredibly stubborn.

     Violet, meanwhile, is approaching on the horizon. She is walking along, towards the walls of the prison. Her goggles are on, and her labcoat flows in the wind, as per usual. She is still a ways away from the prison, but likely drawing attention already. Following her upon a broomstick is her Digimon, Witchmon. The red dressed witch chuckles. She doesn't care about rescuing Gomamon as much as Violet. But hey, this is a /great/ oppritunity to bust in some heads.

Hero Prinny (538) has posed:
    The Hero Prinny was hired by the Confederate side because he actually had a good reason to be here...

    Earlier, in Etna's castle, the Hero Prinny is sleeping, his computer pad given by the group for taking jobs left on as he was 'doing work' to 'get more money' for 'Master Etna'. He rolls over, his beak hitting accept on the job that came up. The snap wakes him up, as he looks down at it. "Crap, dood!"

    Later, the other Prinnies are scrambling trying to get him ready by shooting him out of a cannon. Fallen Angel Flonne is missing (again) probably buying anime at the Rosenburg outlet. One of the Prinnies looks at the Hero Prinny, "So why did you accept this job dood?"

    "Well, obviously because MINIONS have to stick together, right dood? And also, his master is trying to get him out! She's an example to be followed, right dood? Maybe Master Etna will learn from her, dood!"

    Moments ago, the Prinny lands in an explosion near the group.

    Now, he follows be-"Dood, we already covered what I was doing!" Oh sorry, Prinny.

    Hero Prinny looks at the back of the labcoat, "Soooo...besides cracking skulls, is there a plan here dood?"

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Gaius Van Baelsar could not come personally to assist this join break of a fellow confederate member, even if they also may be ally of. He was recovering and the Dreadnaught herself was under going some repairs. So when assistance has been requested, Gaius sends some of his men to act as aid.

There is about five of them really, all crouched down and just waiting for the signal to move. They wore the armor of the Garlean Empire, that of black metal and crimson red cloth to leather-- and there was one who was in solid black armor. While the others had half helm, he had a full face helmet that hid all features, including even his eyes.

He was the one who be in charge of leading the four men with him and with luck, maybe gain the prestige needed to advance in the ranks further.

The leader of this group and along with three others looked human, male by guess, and all carried a gunblade. The other one, who was slightly taller was female and had longer features, along with elf like ears-- an Elezen in their culture and she carried on her not that of a bow-- but that of a sniper rifle-like weapon of all things connected with that of a lance.

She was down on the ground, looking through the scope. Maybe she could assist in sniping out some guards or at least watching everyone's back when they descend down in there.

Garen (530) has posed:
    Having arrived a few days prior under the guise of a new guard, Garen AKA Cipher Nine, had secretly been feeding information about the site to his confederate allies. Today, he managed to get duty in the main security office. "Child's play..." He whispered to himself as he waited for the call to begin the break. Then as he spotted his people coming, he sprung into action. His fingers flew over the keyboards, before grabbing up his rifle and heading down to open the doors.

Ferham (516) has posed:
     Well, small digital being or not, Ferham was not the sort of person to scoff at the opportunity to help out another ally and all that. Her winged armor allows her to fly low along whatever terrain is between her and the prison under radar and approach it more or less steathily. It wasn't as if her gravity-based flight system made much noise. Her speed was quite fast as well, moving at around 200 miles per hour over grassland, forests and... cornfields? Well as long as no one is out patrolling out here all alone she wouldn't need to reinact that scene from North by Northwest.

Dr. Wily (529) has posed:
    Floating at the back of the Confederate troop is Dr. Wily, holding back in his flying saucer. His purpose in this affair? Science!

    More specifically, the science stomping along more closely with the rest of the group. A yellow, black, and red skeletal robot, clanking along in near silence. While Wily has no love for prisons, he could care less about breaking anyone out of one today. He's here to help because Doc Robot needs some field testing, and this is a perfect chance to collect some data.

    Wily's voice is jarring, coming from his robot - apparently this one has a vocal relay instead of its own voice? "Preparing for Doc Robot munitions test, Sail system test zero zero three. Record telemetry."

Alexis has posed:
Alexis is not in the interrogation room. Which is probably a good thing. She would of long since lost her patience with the stubbornness, and ended up playing 'bad cop' instead. Enough Rockets have learned that just because she's a good Trainer doesn't mean she's not going to be rough when it was called for. They usually came out of the encounter with the black eyes to show for it.

The tomboy is, however, standing at the one-way window these operations usually have with a couple of guards. Who were giving her an uneasy look when she cracks her knuckles. Being one of the Unions' experts on 'battle monsters' along with the Digimon themselves was enough to have brought her in to possibly help. "Still say you should let me have a go at him."

"Lex, we're trying to -not- look like the bad guys here." The gruff voice that speaks up behind her comes from a creature that looks as if someone had stuck a wolf's head and tail on a large cat's body, dyed it blue and grey, then decided why the hell not and stuck bull horns on it.
"Bein' nice only gets so far when they're bein' all stubborn and ana--" Alarms going off cuts off the brewing argument between Traner and Tiger, both snapping their heads up at the sound. "Oh that's just wonderful."
A few sparks crackle along Stormpaw's horns. "Sounds like his allies have come from him."
"Pfft," Alexis huffs into her bangs as she reachs over her shoulder for her bag'o'stuff. "Typical."

Kirito has posed:
    "No telling what we'll find there. If you get in trouble, stick close, alright?" Kirito radios his unexpected companion moments after bursting through a warp gate's nebulous energies. Streams of blue and white light peal away from him to reveal his mode of transpotation: black, translucent wings. He is unmistakable a... fairy? Well, a fairy with an all-black motif, but those are UNMISTAKABLY SPARKLES his wings are giving off as they vibrate with a sound like wind instruments and...

    ... and propel him at TREMENDOUS SPEED. The air before him's compressed sharply and the air trembles from his passage. It has all the hallmarks of SUPERSONIC FLIGHT, except it's not QUITE that fast.

    The black-haired Spriggan's already drawn his sword though, and focused his dark eyes on the prison below, while his black longcoat flaps about in the CONSIDERABLE wind.

Riva Banari has posed:
Well, this is problematic.

Among other things she's never done, she's about to cross 'stop a major multiversal jail break' off the bucket list. Riva arrives, resplendant in her Templar uniform as she draws her pistols. She runs towards the point of assault of the attack and is confronted with...

An group that would be appropriate in a comic book. "Um..." Riva says, "Halt!" She says, tryin to draw herself up and be dignified and authroritative.

She doesn't seem to quite hit it off. She falls back to a defensive position and prepared to get besieged. "Stop or we'll have to shoot!" She warns.

Theo Morrison has posed:
"Don't worry; I'll yell /really/ loudly." Kirito's unexpected companion is none other than Theo Morrison, arriving from the same warp gate at about the same time. Sometimes, grouping up for gaming with people who aren't worthless in a fight can be helpful when a fight rolls around.

Theo runs across the plains towards the prison, accompanied by a short, hopping bird-robot-thing. Kickotron, Myr of Action carries Theo's usual necessary tray table, with the inactive form of Theo's Abstractum -- a badge, not unlike a police officer's, with a crystalline eye in the center -- affixed to the side. He slows when he sees the approaching forces of assorted evil, staring across the grasslands at the exterior of the prison.

"...huh. Better sideboard in a field wipe," Theo mutters. He pulls out a plastic box and dumps a stack of plastic-sleeved trading cards into his palm. He goes through it for a second, pulling out a few things and sliding in others, and then starts shuffling them up.

The Myr moves up in front of him. He's standing just behind a rise, peering over and down at the incoming bad guys. Theo puts his deck down, pulling some cards off the top and taking a breath.

"If this doesn't work," he asides to the silent Kickotron, "we're running as fast as we can."

Kudamon (478) has posed:
    Day after day, it's all this. Kudamon's frustration built as he watched another failed interrogation through the glass. His claws tapped against the desk, and then he turned to leave the viewing room through the hallway door, with a paw rubbing his head. He had no luck getting any change of response out of Gomamon no matter what, and the interrogators had no luck whatsoever even getting a straight answer out of him.
    "You aren't having a go at him because the last thing we need is him ending up getting rescued and then going to Violet to tell all her minions how justified she is for fighting us," Kudamon tells Alexis, rrright after the alarm goes off. He actually expected this, too, by how calm he seems to be while the prison goes into Red Alert. He reaches to press the button on the intercom to tell the people in the room with Gomamon, "Leave the room and lock the door behind yourself. Leave him in there, his allies will have a harder time finding him in this mess if he's not in one of the cells."
    He expressed uncertainty on whether he should resist this sort of effort before but now that it's turned into a full-blown war operation he doesn't have any wiggle room anymore. He could just fork Gomamon over but now...
    "It's not that simple anymore," he mutters to himself, as he leaves the viewing room and races down the halls to find the exit and meet the approaching Confederates for a fight. He reaches to grab his Digivice like a good luck charm, and it responds with a flashing and beeping as someone gets within range of the conflict that's compatible with digivolving.


    A digital voice speaks that voice out of the Digivice, and a burst of light fills the halls as he reaches the exits the prison. The doors are blown open by a gust of wind, and the shimmering form of the freshly-evolved Reppamon sliiides to a stop on that pavement outside the building. His tail snaps once and accidentally slices a groove in the sun-bleached surface... without actually touching it.
    "Doctor Hunter," the deeper voice rumbles, with purpose and menace. He coils and then leaps into a run toward the direction Violet Hunter is coming from. He's not singling her out because of a grudge, but because he is uniquely aware of the capabilities of a lot of Digimon, among those who are coming to defend, as far as he knows.
    He's just never fought a Witchmon before.

Allyn (307) has posed:
A large wolf stalks slowly across the plains, still limping slightly and his fur still singed in a few places here and there. He's probably been off hunting, since being cooped up in cave while recovering from the last time he went out and about. He stops for a few moments as his ears perk on top of his head as he hears something interesting not too far off. He sighs, guessing he wont get to eat right now and then lopes off in the direction of the commotion.

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen grins softly to himself as he approaches the facilities cell release switch. A guard does come to accost the agent, but the hand raised to halt him was the first to meet the agent's hand-to-hand skills. After disposing of him, he walked over to the switch. "3.....2.....1....Chaos."

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     And, suddenly, the entire prison is filled with a number of 'click' sounds, as the prison doors open up. The Prisoners, cautiously, test the doors. While some of the more minor civil criminals stay inside their cells, such as those in for minor drug charges or similar? A /large/ number of other criminals are starting to burst out of their cells. A number of impromptu weapons are being used throughout. The guards don't have much for weapons, either. You're not allowed to bring guns onto the jail floor, after all. Too much risk. But, chaos all around.

     Violet, outside, grins.


     And with that, Witchmon flies forward, cackling, her head tilting back towards the sky. A good and solid witch cackle. As she flies forward, she starts circling around the outer edge of the building. Though the doors are open, a lot of the guards are moving for those almost /immediately/. And so Witchmon is making new doors. She holds up her hands, sending bursts of magical water down, trying to crash into the stone prison walls.

     Of course, she is assuming the other Confederates are going to /help/ open up even more holes in the prison.

     Gomamon, on the inside? He's staying still. The guards have bigger worries than him right now, so he's waiting for a /good/ chance to try and get out.

Ferham (516) has posed:
     Ferham arrives at the outer walls of the prison and her whip is already out in her right hand, moving to try and incapacitate any prison guards or sentries that might be stationed out there, if the walls are actually big enough to stand at the top of. If the walls simply bear barbed wire, well there's not much to be done there except sail over the walls themselves and try tripping up a few guards on the inside, while avoiding the escaping criminals that might be spilling out into the yard area outside.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The attack commences and the sniper is already looking for her target, she spots a small robot and a guy on a hill playing with-- cards? Either way, the robot could be a threat to the operation and so she moves a small switch on her lance-rifle.

With a steady breath and then inhaling deeply to then hold her air. Her eyes narrow and then she pulls the trigger. Soon a shot fires from where she lays in the field right for the boy guy on the hill and his pet robot...

As for the fairy though...

The super sonic fairy soon finds herself being aimed at by four gunblades, "You will not interfere with this operation, beast!" The one with the full helmet says. Then all four gunblades open fire. Bullets screaming across the field for the being flying in.

One bullet after another, after another-- it seems Garleans have a thing against Fairies.

Hero Prinny (538) has posed:
    The Hero Prinny looks up at people, at Riva, and then back towards the doc.

    "Whatever dood." he says, shrugging. Nobody answers him anyway, so no skin off his beek. So the Prinny just walks forward, like he owns the place.

    "LISTEN UP DOODS. THIS PRISON IS NO PROPERTY OF MASTER ETNA DOOD! EXCEPT FOR HER DOOD, EVERYONE ELSE IS NOW OUR DOODS!" He shouts, walking on stubby peg legs towards the entrance. Seriously, just like he owned the place. "I AM GOING TO STEAL YOUR TVS TOO!"

Dr. Wily (529) has posed:
    With the attack force approaching the prison gates, Wily has retreated to the depths of his saucer and shut the hatch behind him. It seems that the old man himself is sitting this one out, at least for now. He does remain with the team in spirit though!

    And in remote telepresence, apparently. Doc Robot continues to transmit Wily's voice. "You know, this takes me back. I wonder if they'll name a wing after you here for this." The tone implies it's happened in the past, or he just really wants to believe it has.

    The robot itself, apparently only being used as a radio and not remotely controlled, simply trudges onward. If it has a voice of its own, it doesn't use it to voice any complaints. It's got a job to do, and that's that.

    "Activating systems. Sail Man, imprinting. Show me what you can do! Hehehehehaha!" At the command (voice command? Talking to himself while pressing buttons? We may never know,) the large Doc Robot's form briefly... wavers. For a moment, it seems overlaid, nearly replaced, with that of a smaller robot with a nautical design motif and a sail on its back. The display ends quickly, but it leaves an impact - everything about the robot shifts, somehow, as though inhabited by an entirely different 'personality' - if such a thing even has one.

    In the absence of anyone to stand in for a target, the robot seems to assume the prison itself is its enemy, tossing... spiked metal balls? They roll against the outside wall, and just sort of sit. They look like they should be doing more though.

Kudamon (478) has posed:
    And then Witchmon flies right over his head.

    Reppamon does a pretty impressive dirt powerslide, digging into the crumbly earth as he tries to correct his direction. He turns and follows Witchmon right back to the prison, and his tail tilts to keep track of her, the eye on the blade moving to follow her path through the air. The windfox Digimon lets out a soft 'tch' at Witchmon's efforts to damage the prison walls.

    "Do you think you've really got it so easy that you can ignore me?!" he bellows up at her in his muuuch more intimidating, deeper voice, and then he leaps up toward her in an impressive arc that sends him sailing toward where he thinks she'll be. He doesn't seem angry so much as mildly insulted, but it's clear he's about to try to harm Witchmon for trying to break Union property.

    "LION CLAW!!"

    A whirl of nearly-invisible wind surrounds his claws as he tries to slice at Witchmon as he passes with the claws on his forepaws!

Kirito has posed:
    "Tch!" Distracted by the Prinny, Kirito doesn't pay QUITE enough attention to things he should be. Like the imperial forces arrayed down below. (Thankfully, it seems they have much better aim than Stormtroopers, too!)

    A few bullets go whizzing past Kirito. A few more strike him in the arm, the leg, and one grazes his cheek. But his body is strange, to say the least.

    Where those bullets pierce and damage flesh, and should have penetrated to damage internal organs and draw considerable blood... there are only red, faintly glowing marks in the shape of tiny circles and one glowing 'scar' across Kirito's cheek.

    And all of them start fading a few seconds after appearing.

    His flight path alters into a sharp meteoric DIVE, and he plunges right down into the middle of the attackers with enough force to shake the earth a little and kick up a massive dust cloud. As it clears, the wings vanish, and Kirito regards his assailants with sword drawn.

    "Were those supposed to hurt me?" The boy blurts out, affecting the most playfully arrogant tone he can manage in hopes of intimidating the soldiers.

    For by the time the dust cloud clears, the marks have vanished, and his health bar - visible only to people who really, REALLY stare at him hard and intently enough - is rapidly refilling.

    Hooray for a maxed out Battle Regeneration skill!

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva had no idea that Kudamon had that kind of power. When Reppamon appears, Riva stares for a few seconds. "Wow. That's really cool."

And then his radio crackles with absurd amounts of Prinny sass. You can just /watch/ her expression go from a frown to heavily irritated.

Moments after the Prinny declares his ownership of the prison, there is a yell, "OVER MY DEAD BODY, PENGUIN!" Riva yells, levelling her guns at the penguin. Anima surges through the circuits running along the barrels, and she leaps, showering the area around the Prinny with glowing green bullets. "Your remind me of my Philosophy class!" She hits the ground, looking over his shoulder irritably. "I /hated/ Philosophy class. It was full of idiots who thought it was hilarious to try to claim cannibalism was a moral imperative."

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     The slicing from Reppamon tears across Witchmon. Streams of data fly off of her as it hits her, and she cries out in a little bit of pain. Yeah, she honestly feels she has /so much more important/ business than Reppamon. Like blowing up the walls. But alas, Reppamon is forcing hte point.

     Witchmon frowns a little bit, before turning to face Reppamon as he lands. She holds a hand out towards him, rather intimidatingly motioning at him with her claws.

     "...Seriously. This is /all your fault/, anyways. You should of just let Gomamon come back to us. But, whatever. Guess if you /really/ want to have your ass kicked, I can oblige you."

     And Witchmon flies in, full speed. She is trying something rather simple, to start: Swooping down, ramming into Reppamon, and follow up by swooping back into the air again, before turning around.

     Violet, meanwhile, is staying /far in the back/. She is not a fighter. At all. So best that she stays back and supports.

Alexis has posed:
Alexis was all set to head outside, but two things stop her.

1 - Kudamon (or now Reppamon) has a very good point about how stupid it is for -everyone- to go outside to fight.
2 - That's right when the cells start opening up for no apparent reason. Dammit, they've already got someone on the inside.

Guards are scrambling to recover, but while trained for this sort of thing they can only do so much to try and suppress a riot without their guns. "Guess we won't have to go anywhere for some action. Stormpaw?"
Instead of replying the Tiger inhales deeply and opens his mouth as if to roar, but instead it's a blast of frosty wind aimed to bowl a few prisoners over without harming them too badly by freezing the floor into a slipping hazard beneath them.

"Nevermind, you're already on it." Alexis reachs for her belted balls, hmming. Non-lethal, they want to stop an escape, not ... y'know... finally she grabs one and tosses it into the air. "Go, Blastzone. Use Whirlwind." The flash of light releases a small bat-like pokemon, that with a few flaps manages to start stiring up winds disportionately strong compared to its small size to help blow over the people trying to deal with the iced floor.

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn stops for a few moments when he reaches the prison and tilts his head. He then sniffs the air for a few moments, well something is going on, so might as well go check things out, so he wanders around the outside of the prison and come across Ferham while she is accosting the gaurds.The wolf stops and tilts his head again as he peers at her, "Why are you attacking those people?" Well, he was going to save it for another day, but might as well at least test it out for now. He shifts forms, the wolf changing into a large lizard as he becomes a komodo dragon.

Kudamon (478) has posed:
    "I know that!" Reppamon yells right back at Witchmon is he's getting buzzed by the broom rider's attacks. He takes them pretty well, even if they knock him around. He manages to keep his footing, and his calm, during the course of the strikes, his claws kicking up sparks against the pavement and slicing into the dirt to maintain his stance. He turns his masked head to follow her path afterwards -- how does he even /see/ her? -- with the big white mane billowing behind the mask thanks to the heavy winds blowing across the plains.
    "I just refuse to accept the way your leader wants to do this!" he adds, and then his tail does a bizarre wiggling motion, the blade warping and bending in a dizzying manner. The eyes on the blade also track Witchmon.

    She better watch out, because there's nearly-imperceptible blades of wind heading in her direction! He doesn't bellow the name of this attack, though, since it's supposed to be dangerous because it's harder to react to. Hard to use an attack like that if he's obvious about it!

    "Blast Kamaitachi!" he announces only after it's too late to take advantage of to dodge away from it. Turns out the compulsion is too strong for him.

Hero Prinny (538) has posed:
    The Hero Prinny is caught by bullets?!

    "Dooood!" he says, suddenly afraid as he tries to jump back...but luckily his quick movements...and scarf deflection keeps him from being completely shot up. Apparently that scarf is more than just for show, as the Hero Prinny pulls out a pair of...


    Seriously, these things are comically huge! However, he seems to take to the sky first, jumping Once...TWICE...

    And attempting to repeatedly jump on her head. "What?! Dood, sick!" A pause, "Is it cannibalism when Zombies do it? I mean, I know some zombies who eat humans, but like...they're demons. I don't think that counts."

Theo Morrison has posed:
Theo figures he'll play against the entire Confederate force. That way, anyone who comes at him can get handled by whatever he has. "Multiplayer sans the politics," he mutters. He thinks for a second, and then drops a card on the field: a Plains card, with a picture not unlike the field they're in right now. Kickotron, meanwhile, is looking up and around --


The sniper's shot is right on target for the young man's center mass. Theo gets nailed, the force of the shot bending him double and dropping him off his feet. He collapses into the tall grass, gently swaying in the wind. The robot is down, too; weird.

Theo rolls over, wheezing. He claws at his coat in a sudden panic... and finds a hole, along with a flattened metal slug pressed against his seemingly-normal tee-shirt. "Super-kevlar," he wheezes. "Thanks, Staren." He fumbles around, finding his dropped hand of cards in the grass.

Kickotron, who tripped him enough to avoid a headshot at that angle, gets no thank-you. Theo may not have noticed.

The tray table is in the grass, where the sniper can't easily spot them. Theo draws, and a second land goes down. He taps both, speaking clearly but quietly as he plays. "Hero of Iroas."

A muscular man materializes with a wisp of white, fog-like Aether. The man has a Mediterranean complexion, short, dark and curly hair and a thick beard. He wears a pair of fighting gauntlets, appearing to be bronze strips coiled around his forearms and across his knuckles, a white loincloth and a pair of sandals. He looks courageous. He also looks alert, spotting the woman with the lance-rifle in the distance.

The man drops into the tall grass and starts forward at a swift crawl. Theo remains behind with Kickotron, shifting position slightly so he doesn't get shot again. Just a bit longer....

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The soldiers continue to stand their ground as they keep firing, however, only the leader seems smart enough to /jump/ out of the way when the fairy comes crashing down. The other three get knocked on their bums by the impact.

The Centurion soldier stands there in his full armor and his gunblade pointed at the fairy. Any expression hidden by the helmet he wears, but his voice clear with some agitation. "Everything has a weakness and if the bullets do not find it-- we have other means to bring you down."

Though the other three are trying to get back up to assist, the Centurion proves why he is the rank he is. He moves in quickly as a flicker of red over the contour lines of his armor. He then slides in with the speed, before he comes to swing himself around and slash with his gunblade at the fairy creature.

As for the sniper, she takes notice as the man goes down into the grass, but she also spots the creature summoned, "..What? A man whom can summon a primal? But-- there is no.." Her brows furrow as she goes to do a reload and then swiftly goes to move into another position behind some cover.

Her hand almost fumbles the round however. The fact a person summoned a primal. The fact that it could /be/ a primal. It had her nerves rattled for that moment.

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen darts through the jailbreak, making note to hide his rifle nearby, not really caring if it gets taken as technically it was a loaner. As he looks up, he spots the Pokemon and trainer interrupting the prisoners and barring his way. "Damn....I thought that everyone was outside..." He says low. He walks up, quickly changing his voice to a perfect american accent. "You there! Where's the Gomamon? I was told to get down here by the superior officer to escort him to a transport in the back. It's going to take him to a different prison facility."

Ferham (516) has posed:
     "What? attacking? Eek!" Ferham likely hasn't seen someone turn into a komodo dragon before, so the shock at turning and seeing SOMETHING shift from another form into a giant reptile likely puts her off guard. Her attack is almost reflexive at this point, pointing a gloved hand at the Komodo dragon, she focuses a small beam of icy energy at it, hopefully this will deter it from getting closer. I mean, reptiles were cold-blooded already, right? They wouldn't like the cold.

Dr. Wily (529) has posed:
    *tink tink* Metal mines roll to rest against the prison walls. However, it seems like the mere force of being thrown isn't quite enough to set them off. Odd. But that's fine, Doc Robot knows just what to do! Or at least, just what it's supposed to do next, anyway. Taking two large hops back from the wall, it raises its arms, and... waits?

    A gentle breeze begins to build around Doc Robot. And then builds, and strengthens. In a closed area, this would probably feel like the business end of a hurricane, but out in an open field... well, hats might be at risk of being skewed, but if it was meant to be an attack, it kind of...

    *tink tink CLUNK*

    Well, okay, so the wind did at least jostle the mines a bit? Good... good job, Doc Robot? "Hmph. Wind generation rig needs tuning."

    Maybe a good jostle was all it took, though. One quick set of four compact *PLOOM!*s later, and the prison's got a lovely new entrance! Onward, for great injustice!

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     As the blades of wind come in, Witchmon attempts to move out of their path. Instead, though, the blades cut into her rather hard. Reppamon has good aim, it seems. Witchmon tries to dust herself off a bit, while at the same time rapidly speeding up her movement.

     "You don't have to accept it, you know. It's /your/ choice on whether or not you want to just repeatedly get beaten up by the far superior forces you're facing. Though hey, maybe you'll /eventually/ get strong enough to be an actual threat!"

     It's mostly just bluffing from her, as usual. She isn't as certain on her success against Reppamon as she acts. But, hey, mental battle. Lower the opponent's chance of victory by making them think they have no chance!

     She zooms in towards Reppamon again. Instead of a ram, though, she lifts up her right hand. A burst of water forms, and she simply tries to slam it straight into Reppamon's face, before skimming upwards again. She shouts out, as she strikes with the water.


     Yeah, she's quite a wonder on the broomstick, it seems. Granted, that's basically what witches /do/. Broomsticks and magic.

Kudamon (478) has posed:
    BOOM! That attack sends Reppamon staggering backwards, but like before, he remains surprisingly firm and doesn't flinch away from the battle at hand. A crack has formed in his mask that leaks digital partcles, showing the wear and tear he's getting from the fight. Her continued banter doesn't seem to discourage him. He shakes the excess water off of himself, creating a spray that looks kind of silly, and returns to following her path through the air, doing calculated steps so that he can perform a counterattack on her if he gets an opening for it.
    "I don't fight because I'm strong," he tells her, "I fight because I have something to believe in, and allies to fight beside me. You don't sound as idealistic as your partner, so I doubt you understand what that actually means." He's actually trying to goad her, and measure just how far Witchmon is willing to go and how loyal she actually is. He's seen far too many Digimon who get into fights just for the thrill of it to accept that she really cares about this cause Violet is fighting for.
    He tries to predict an opening just then, again leaping at her but during a strange point in her flight path, so that he pops up under her. He spins in a forward somersault, and his tail becomes a dangerous buzzsaw from how quickly his wind powers help him rotate! His whole body glows and becomes obscured by wind!

    "RAZOR WIND!!"

Alexis has posed:
Oh good, there is still some proper security availa --
Wait a minute.
Reppamon said there wasn't time to move the prisoner on the radio. Not to mention doing so would bring him right into the middle of this ruckus. Something's not right with this, Alexis thinks to herself. That, and knowing that -someone- was in the facility to open the cells at the oppritunity... well, if it's really a guard, she'll apologize later. Maybe.

"That way," the Trainer replies, though she points towards the wrong corridor... And once the 'guard' turns around, kicks at the back of his legs with one of her feet. "Not that you'll have long enough to get to him!"


One of the prison walls abruptly exploding forces a quick response before prisoners and guards alike are severely injured by the rubble. "TIGER FORCE" Stormpaw shoots some electricity off his horns that hits the ground in front of him and fans upward and outward, chunks of prison foundation smashing into the defensive technique instead of squishy bodies. Unfortunately that just makes even more dust and smoke filling the area. "Dangit, I can't see now!"

"Noi noi..." <You can't ...> But the Noibat's sonar easily picks up the hole in the wall and the robot standing by it. "Noibaaaat!" With a screech Blastzone launchs himself towards the sailor-bot, and tries to chomp down on something with his small but really sharp fangs.

Garen (530) has posed:
    Well, so much for stealth. Garen frops to a knee and falls. He quickly rolls forward and back to his feet. He also drops his accent. "Not that you'll be able to stop me." He says. His hand goes to his back and he rolls something along the floor, a flash grenade. It goes off and the agent dissapeared, at least until a pair of energy bolts fly towards alexis.

Kirito has posed:
    "Wh-whoah!" Apparently Kirito was expecting the soldiers to back off from just that. Hoping, at least! But the blade comes in and he wants out. For all the centurion is fast, it's the element of surprise that wins him that exchange - as Kirito tries to sidestep, the blade comes down and grazes his arm, drawing another big red gash-mark... but there's no blood. And it exists on his CLOTHES... weird.

    "Hoh! You're not a run-of-the-mill soldier!" And now Kirito's short a bit more HP... ooops.

    CLANG! His own blade comes up to push the offending weapon away. Odd, though that as he engages with a somewhat late parry, he's only using one hand. But once the blade's pushed away, he lashes out with a powerful and lightning-speed KICK to the centurion's midsection in hopes of driving him back!

    All the while, Kirito's eyes lock onto the man's weapon... studying it for any flaws in design...

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn hisses at Ferham when she hits him with that ice beam, yes he is a reptiles right now and probably does have most of the weknesses of such a creature, but still he was wounded a few days ago nd well, wounded animals aren't known for backin down, no matter what. He flicks his long tongue out tasting the air and glares at the woman that just hurt him. Well, he's got a response for that, the large lizard llunges forward and tries to chomp down on her leg with a vicious bite.

Ferham (516) has posed:
     Ferham winces as she realizes she put the creature likely into a large amount of discomfort with her freezing the air in a ray like that. And she was flying low enough for the Komodo dragon to try and grab her with it's jaws.

     "Ahh! I'm not going to be your chicken wing!" Ferham pulls that decidedly quite long leg of hers out of the way of Allyn's snapping jaws. Giving a crack of her whip she snaps it first menacingly at the dragon creature, which was really more like some kind of large dinosaur or dragon to her with how large it was, before trying to coil the length of the whip around him to keep him from trying to grab her again, possibly.

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Reppamon gets the opening he wants, for he gets Witchmon talking. She simply cackles a little bit at the comment. Yeah, talk about allies, believing in something, idealism... Yeah. That's one of those things Witchmon finds hilarious.

     "Pfft, I do have a cause, you know! A couple of them. Yeah, I hate the Dark Ocean. I'll trust Violet to strategize to beat that. I'll do what she says for that. But, pfft. She can handle the allies and what not. Me? Once the Dark Ocean is beaten, I have my own goal. And it's pretty simple."

     She doesn't get the chance to continue that thought. At least not yet. The buzzsaw attack comes in, tearing at her even more. She is cut into. Deep. Wincing in pain. She works on staying upright. As she is cut into, she still works on counter attacking as well.

     She lifts both her hands. In both, balls of razor sharp wind appear. She doesn't shout out the name of this attack. Instead, she makes an even more firm assertion, as she slams the two Baluluna Gales straight at Reppamon.


Riva Banari has posed:
Riva gets bounces on. She reels, grabbing her head the Prinny rebounds off of it. "ACK! Hey, what the hell was that! I'm no turtle!" She backpedals, trying to keep the Prinny at range as they skirmish in front of the prison doors. "I... I don't think..." Riva pases, thinking about the question for a moment before she shakes her head. "No! I'm not going to try to figure that one out. Besides, demon zombies? That's even worse than normal zombies!" Riva continues shooting. "So what's up with the legs?" She asks.

Theo Morrison has posed:
The sniper takes cover. This is probably a good plan, all in all.

Theo shifts position a little bit more. Then, when no gunfire comes his way, he takes another card off the top... and adds it to the growing stack of land cards. That's fine, though; he can use those. He taps all three, then hesitates. He can help Kirito right now... or he can make the better play, and come out with a stronger position overall.

"...he'll be fine for another minute," Theo assures himself. "Maybe I can distract them...?" He looks around, concentrating. "Mesa Enchantress!"

A woman materializes in much the same way as the muscular man, but much further away -- on the far side of the squad Kirito is facing down, in fact. She wears a loose dress of white cloth, with strips of it dangling from about her throat like a makeshift scarf. Her hair is a few shades darker than her skin, and wrapped around gold ornamentations on either side of her head. The Enchantress raises the crooked staff in her hands, waving it in a spiral and kicking up a dust storm around the Imperial troops. Harmless, yes -- unless it distracts you while the Black Swordsman is coming from the other side.

The sniper won't have time to take the Enchantress out. The Hero suddenly jumps out of the grass, charging up the hill into the sparse trees. He swings one bronze-clad fist in a cross with strength enough to splinter a chunk of the tree's trunk, and brings the second around in a vicious uppercut. His voice booms with each swipe. "/Hoh/! /Hah/! We will see how tough you are /up close/, archer!!"

Theo does not remember his summoned creatures being so... boistrous.

Hero Prinny (538) has posed:
    Bullets dood!

    Bullets rain down, aiming to try and take him out! He spins, spins and SPINS some more...luckily the worst of the bullets do get avoided thanks to strange game mechanics, a few manage to wing off of his knives, and graze him.

    "Dooood, ow!" She attempts to keep him at range...she thinks that just because he has knives, that he can't attack her! The Prinny, if nothing else, is capable of doing many things. Including...

    Jumping into the air at her, aiming to throw what seems like a endless stream of knives that seem to hit the ground in explosions! How does this even work!? "All things from the netherworld are demons dood!" A pause, "What do you mean, we're made like this?"

Dr. Wily (529) has posed:
    Not far into the prison, Doc Robot encounters... a bat? A small, feeble, insignificant, entirely ignorable ba-- *CHUNK*

    Apparently, in this case at least, dark is completely effective against steel! The noibat's fangs sink into an outstretched arm casing, chipping electronic components beneath. Fotunately for all involved, Wily's machines aren't the flimsy sort that explode into sparks or bleed high voltage currents at the tiniest impact... but one at least does emit small puffs of smoke when bitten.

    "... miserable little pest! Manual target acquisition - destroy that thing, then get back to work!"

    Doc Robot's eyes flash a dull red for a brief moment, and it nods its skull-shaped head. A target that small would be a little difficult to hit, but... well, it'll manage somehow, right?

    As the next phase of the Sail Man program kicks into effect, water begins to condense around Doc Robot. Small droplets form along the floor, the nearby walls, and the surface of the robot iself. These give way to a small cloud of fog, then mist... and finally, a rush of water, briefly rising from the floor and sweeping forward. The robot stands firmly braced against the rushing water... but will the bat?

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn hisses in pain again as he whip hits him and wraps around him. Well, that's not a good thing. It doesn't look like he can bite back at the woman who has him tied up. That's ok though, he has ways out of it. If she was surprised about seeing the large lizard change before her last time.

He shifts forms again, changing from a lizard into a much longer winged serpent, around fifteetn feet long. He's still tied up with the whip though. The snake glares coldly at Fenham, because how else can a unblinking snake stare? "You may have gotten me, but that doesn't mean I can't get you back." he opens his mouth and shoots a stream of venom straight at her eyes.

Alexis has posed:
Alexis reflexively uses her soccer skills to kick the grenade away from her feet before it goes off, the flash bursting somewhere overhead. Short lived victory, as the flashbang was only a distraction and he's shooting energy bolts at her too. The trainer twists to duck one, the other catching her in the side. That's going to leave a welt in the morning, but being the enduring sort Alexis just muscles through it. That's a little bruise to someone that's wrestled Tauros barehanded for training.

"That's assuming you get the chance to stop me." Alexis drops a hockey puck to the floor, then winds back with her trademark stick and actually uses it like its meant to be for a chance. Sort of. She hits the thick, solid disc at Garen instead of a goal, after all.

Waves of water out of thin air? Nothing unusual here. The surge slaps the little bat away from the robot, Noibat's small size lacking the mass to avoid being tossed off by the sudden water force. "Noi noi noi!" <I had a bath already!> the little thing shrieks in annoyance before finally taking off to get out of the way.

Stormpaw, on the other hand, just snorts as the end of the wave sloshes around his paws. "Pay attention kiddo. Maybe you'll learn something." The Tiger spreads his legs just slightly to brace himself, head lowered much as a guard dog about to strike would. Whisps of frost swirl about his snarling mouth a bit.

"COLD BULLET!" Until it consolidates into a small chunk of hardened ice, which he 'spits' at Sail Man.

Kudamon (478) has posed:
    Using wind against a Reppamon is a fairly unwise plan to have, because he sees the attack coming and immediately knows how to deflect it. In fact, he seems uncannily aware of her movements for a Digimon whose main form is a Rookie shape. Probably something to remember for later? Right now she has to worry about the fact that his tail snaps out to mercilessly cleave the two Baluluna Gale air blasts. What the attacks did was leave a nick against his cheek, showing the wireframe beneath his skin.
    "There we go," Kudamon says, softly, satisfied not by his success in dampening the attack, but by her response. She's a simple sort and a lot like a certain Demon Lord he is very familiar with. If only more capable of teamwork than Beelzebumon was by a small margin. "Just clue me in on one thing..."

    "What, exactly, would make you the Strongest? Defeating every Digimon? Conquering the Digital World? Making everyone respect you? Baking the perfect cupcakes?" He is EXTREMELY skeptical of her lofty goals, though he isn't trying to prod her beliefs and more trying to understand what she even means. "There are so many kinds of strength that you could not possibly cover all of them. Strength in numbers. Strength of the soul. Strength of bonds. Strength of the heart. Strength of the mind. Are you really telling me you are just going to be the Strongest? Because that strikes me as..."

    A huge cone of wind manifests on his tail! It spins until his whole tail is obscured, until he turns and whips it at her, creating a blast of air that sends dust everywhere and even tears up grass from the nearby decorative lawns!

    "Selfish and lacking conviction!"

Ferham (516) has posed:
     Despite a fair lack of biology, Ferham is actually surprised and stunned for a moment by the launch of the corrosive proteins towards her face, MOSTLY shielding her eyes from the torrent, but a good amount is currently eating away at the front of her armor at the moment. At least, it seemed to ACT corrosive when it interacted with her. After untangeling her whip from around the dragon, she found it changing shape--apparently she'd tugged just a tad too hard on the poor thing, as it hissed a fair bit. She felt bad in a way, though she kept her mind on the action at hand.

     When the Komodo Dragon suddenly shifted into a long winged snake, she found her whip still wrapped around it, which likely is what made her a great target for that venom spit. She put her feet down and would try to kick off from the snake's body while retracting her whip.

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen grimmaces as he's hit by the puck, shaking it off. He quickly drops down and adjusts his strategy. He chuckes another grenade towards Alexis, but this was just a normal frag grenade.

Riva Banari has posed:
Incoming! The knives slam down around Riva, and explode, definately catching her by surprise. "AGH! Explosive knives?! Really? Who makes up this stuff?" She yells, being thrown backwards from the impacts.

She uses a nearby wall to help herself get back up, and she squints at the Prinny. "Tell you what, I'll look up stuff on your world later. I'm sure there's got to be information on it. But you can't take over the prison. It's /our/ prison. Now back off!"

Anima charges into the pistols, growing more deadly as she adopts a fixed stance and unleashes a focused hail of bullets to drill towards the Prinny with greater force than previously.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The Fairy boy kicks the Centurion back and a one of the men gets to see something being summoned from the aether who then kicks up dust. He isn't sure /what/ he saw, but he knows it was feminine-- and it just did some type of wind attack, so that trooper yells loudly, "Its Garuda!!"

That particular soldier attempts to fly, before one of the others grasp him. "You buffoon! That isn't Garuda! If you run from this fight as a coward, you know the place Lord Van Baelsar will send you too! Now come and lets fight!"

Though sadly-- they are not the most brightest bunch of the group. Though they do try to run into the dust with their swords drawn. "For the Empire!!" --- and they run right past the Enchantress.

The third one who has gotten up, only face-palms at this to see the Centurion struggling to get back up after the hefty impact. He notes the armor is slightly cracked from the kick, so he decides to try and distract the fairy from his commander, by placing his hand out to the side. There was a glow around his bracer before a flicker of fire appears at the metal ends of his finger tips. Then with a spin around, he ignited a fire ball right at the Fairy.

As for the Sniper, she suddenly is thrown back by the massive titan that had been summoned and she rolls across the ground. She groans as she tries to get back up and then shakes her head slightly. "..but you don't speak like any Primal.."

She then narrows her eyes and then uses her spear to kick up dust, before moving to the other side and taking a chance shot for the Hero.

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     The wind continues to tear at Witchmon. Yeah, it's vaguely annoying to her, that they both use wind element. Mastery of wind is /her/ thing, damnit! And all of the insulting and whatnot is a pain, too. SHE DOESN'T LIKE HER MOTIVES BEING QUESTIONED DAMNIT. EVEN IF THE QUESTIONS ARE VALID!

     "I'll /tell/ you what will make me the strongest! WHEN NO ONE CAN STAND AGAINST ME IN STRENGTH. That's like the OBVIOUS DEFINITION OF WHAT I'M SAYING!"

     She gathers magic again, in both hands once again. But something else will be striking first. Leaping from her is a form of black, her cat 'familiar'. It rushes in, trying to pin Reppamon down.

     And this is soon followed by her throwing ball after ball of water straight at Reppamon, shouting 'AQUARY PRESSURE' with each one of them.

     Violet, meanwhile, is watching this from afar. Yeah, she is a little sad that Witchmon's buttons are so easily pressed. She is facepalming a little. Still, she loves her partner regardless.

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn hisses again as Ferham kicks off of him, but well, at least the whip is no longer around him and he;s free, but he doesn't stop the attack. He just gives her that cold, reptilian stare again. "You're good." he tells her. Well since he is mostly snake right now, he slithers forward at the woman and tries to wrap himself around her and give her a squeeze.

Dr. Wily (529) has posed:
    "Good, rising water attack is-- WHAT!? Another one!?" Dr. Wily's irritated voice echoes from his robot as the tiger - previously unnoticed - launches its attack. Now, bullets of ice, that shouldn't be a problem, right? Seen it a million times before?

    Nope. Looks like this imprint does not like ice. Doc Robot might have shrugged the hit off, but in Sail Man mode... the bullets strike the robot soundly in the chest, and immediately a film of frost begins to form over its metal plating. A crackling sound can be heard by anyone close by, as internal components are stressed a bit too far. Maybe the water generation equipment wasn't the best plan?

    Doc Robot takes a staggering step backward. If it could feel pain, it would probably be groaning. Certainly, it sounds like some of its parts are!

    "New plan. Manual targeting - attack the *buzz*." A flat, unimpressed buzzer. Something's not working? "... manual targeting is offline. Miserable unreliable worthless bucket of rusted bolts! You better hope you don't make it back to the lab! Rrrgh... fine! DESTROY THE BAT THEN!"

    Well, it sounds like a plan anyway. It looks like the robot's out of tricks though... it's simply tossing another wave of those spiked-ball mines, though with something of a shaky hand.

Hero Prinny (538) has posed:
    Riva suddenly barrages with BULLETS.

    This time, the Prinny is not so lucky, and is smacked out of the air and falls on his back. Ow! One of his scarf meters go down, and Prinny knows that he might have to /step his game up/. But...he doesn't have anything to step his game up with.

    The Prinny instead of actually having a good idea, charges recklessly right at Riva, aiming to litterally run through the hail of screaming bullets, before leaping gracefully into the air (which is kind of amazing) and attempting to repeatedly bounce on her head so she'll enter STUNNED mode.

    Also, meter dood!

    "No deal dood!"

Ferham (516) has posed:
     Ferham had to admit, the icy stare of the snake-like being with wings was enough to send a shiver down her spine, though she couldn't react fast enough to it's next attack and winds up wrapped up in his leathery coils. It would appear she's able to use the leverage of her wings as she's wrapped to try and keep the giant serpent from squeezing her TOO much, as she only lets it get around her and squeeze for a moment.

     "Arghh!" while this scene of an armored valkyrie woman being coiled around by a giant winged serpent seems like the kind of thing that'd be on a sci-fi fantasy magazine like Heavy Metal, the femmebot isn't all that happy with it herself and tries to rake her claws down it's side as she gets an arm free, hoping she can give it incentive to let her go.

Kudamon (478) has posed:
    Reppamon knows a lot about Digimon, but not a lot about the way this Witchmon fights, and he has managed to rile her up into a hotblooded fervor. He immediately regrets as her familiar blindsides him! He gets pinned down -- which baffles him, because he's a pretty large Digimon -- and then he meets with several blasts of water that SLAM into him, one after the other. After the second, he just screams in panic and thrashes as he tries to get away, but he doesn't manage to break free until the attack has done its damage and left a crater in the ground, with a Reppamon-shaped imprint!

    "Hrrrgh--!!" He complains with a growling noise. The blunt damage is harder to really see, but his mask has more cracks, and there's damage along the edge of his bladed tail now. It's clear by the painful way he moves that she did really well that time.

    And then he breeeeathes in, and then out. Air billows out from him, and then he leaps up toward her, as if weightless. He's carried aloft, giving him more airtime, and then he bursts toward her, spinning and generating a huge slicing aura of wind around his body. He spins sideways, though, propelled like a rocket, intending to strike into her and curve his trajectory toward the ground!


    Seems he's run out of things to talk about, now that the fight has gotten this serious!

Alexis has posed:
Apparently this robot thinks mines are a terrible thing to waste. The small bat-mon does his best to evade the barrage, but without Alexis paying direct attention to him the lack of instruction shows and one mine manages to score a direct hit and send the Noibat crashing to the ground. "Noooi!"

Ears mostly unseen in the shaggy mane-like growth to the back of his head flick at the crackling sound. But the mine assault forces Stormpaw to move first and consider it later, the more experienced monster having better skill at working on his own to dart around the mines. He does flinch at the Noibat getting blasted, but the most he can do right now for it is keep the robot away from finishing it. He leaps over the mine wash, curling his form up at the apex and coming back down towards Sail Man as a rolling ball of fur and fury to knock it away from harming the downed pokemon farther. "MOON ASSAULT"

Alexis attention is snapped back to the two monsters as Noibot is blasted by the mines, taking the moment to zap the pokemon back into its ball before it gets hurt worse.

Of course that's when the jerk throws a grenade at her. Sheerly by her own reflexes Alexis manages to dive out of the way of the actual explosive, but still gets pelted with the resulting frag shrapnel leaving tears in her clothing and a scowl on her face. And it made her drop her stick.

Which is probably why she gets halfway up from the floor, only to take off like a sprinter instead of standing and throw herself at Garen personally now.

Riva Banari has posed:
The Prinny comes flying at Riva again! She can see the attack coming this time, and the Prinny bounces on her once, causing her to get knocked to one side.

What he might not expect is Riva suddenly leaping back up as he bounces, folding her hands together in a distinctive pose. "You like to bounce, do you? WELL TAKE THIS!" Riva slams her hands downwards, attempting to straight up spike the Prinny into the ground like a volleyball.

This might not be the best idea.

Theo Morrison has posed:
While the Hero is tall -- over six feet, and built like a Greek prize-fighter -- he's no titan. He would, in fact, be offended if he was called such. He /punches/ titans, you see.

The dirty sniper tricks gets a shot off on him. He twists to one side, the bullet grazing a bicep and scattering blood to the grass. The man circles, adopting a wrestler's stance and grinning broadly. "I," he booms, "am the Hero of Iroas! I do not know what this 'Primal' is, but you clearly have not heard of me! Allow me to educate you!"

The Enchantress, meanwhile, seems content to let the soldiers barrel on past. She has no combat ability to speak of, at least offensively, so she just kind of sneaks away, distraction given. Success!

Theo draws, rolls his eyes, and drops a fourth identical land. He taps three, slapping another card down from his hand onto the one representing the Hero. This may be more in line with what the Imperial soldiers are expecting. "Eidolon of Countless Battles!"

A shape rises behind the Hero, forming out of misty Aether. It turns into a bounded space like a starry sky, only vaguely humanoid. The shape steps into the Hero's shadow, flowing into and merging with it. He casts a different-shaped shadow with a star field inside -- and more armor appears on him, a breastplate and skirt of bronze and a crested helm of the same.

The Hero casts the helm off disdainfully. He steps forward, seeming abruptly larger than life and lifting his hands as he speaks. "My left has felled a cyclops! My right has slain a giant!" He strikes, the Hero jumping towards the sniper, swinging his gauntleted fists instead of trying to grapple her like he seemed to intend. He attacks with powerful blows, superhumanly strong punches raining on her and her surroundings. "I bring both --"

Suddenly, the Hero rears back, fists raised. He swings them down in tandem, a quite-literally-crushing swing. "-- to every fight!!"

Theo, meanwhile, draws a card. Triggered abilities! Yay!

Kirito has posed:
    "You soldiers, you guys sure are morons." Kirito declares. He'd normally have some respect for people who put their lives on the line like this, but... really, where's their sense of tactics? For Kirito uses the dust cloud to his advantage, using his ears to listen to the men's approach. A bullet goes zinging past him, missing by just inches, but this doesn't break his focus - just heightens it.

    As they come in all in a rush, Kirito brings his weapon up... and a bright sky-blue glow shines from his weapon. "Huuuapppp!"

    With a single twitch of motion, his body launches into an elegant kata of circling about in perfect sync with the bumbling assault. He dances about the quartet, crystal-blue longsword striking with inhuman strength, speed, and precision, with blows aimed carefully at weapons and armor. it means more wear on Kirito's weapon, but he's trying to take the soldiers down WITHOUT grievously injuring them.

    When the kata completes, the strike contrails expand outward, forming a very visible square shape, before fading...

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen grunts as he's suddenly tackled to the ground. That definately hurt the agent, but he suppresses the pain and kicks back up. Seeing as the fight got up close and personal, he shifted into his close quaters combat skills. He moves in an attempt to slam Alexis down onto the floor.

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn hisses as he;s scratched by the claws, well that happens when you get to close to someone and try to hug them without them wanting to actually be hugged, right? The claws leave their marks in his skin, opening up some bleeding scratches. yeah, he's going to feel that for a while now.

But if she wants to bring out the claws, well, he can do that too. As he lets go of the woman, he slithers off away from her and shifts again, becoming a large sabertooth cat and stalks around her, eyeing her up, with maybe even a little bit of respect. He pants, but he's still not going to be driven off. He crouches and springs forward, swiping at her with sharp claws of his own, in an attempt to maul her.

Hero Prinny (538) has posed:
    Riva does not know how close to killing herself she came...were this a normal Prinny.

    The Red scarf doesn't quite go down in meter, instead he falls to the ground, being burried head first into the dirt.

    "DOOOOOOD!" is shouded, muffled, as he tries to pull his head out of the ground, before a large comedic POP sounds. Rolling over onto his side he groans...

    And then a bomb falls out of his pouch, it bounces around the area, and perhaps /right on Riva/ if she is not lucky.

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Witchmon howls with pain, as the attack that is definately not stolen from Pokemon (seriously!) is used. The cutting blade hits, and with the path Reppamon is in, Witchmon ends up pushed along with, straight into the ground. Repeatedly cut at, over and over again. She is pushed into the ground somewhat.

     Witchmon holds back a swear. Her hands stretch out, trying to grab into Reppamon. Her claws are trying to stab, hard, into Reppamon. Pushing in as much as she possibly can. Witchmon is just in full out 'rage mode' right now.

     Her familiar is also trying to scratch repeatedly at Reppamon as well, aiming specifically for that mask.

     Violet swears slightly. Yeah, this isn't good, when Witchmon gets this pissed.

Ferham (516) has posed:
     "Hey, I know you're in a lot of pain right now, let's just call it a draw, okay?" Ferham apparently is still struggling with the incredibly large serpent wrapped around her. She is grimacing in pain from being squeezed by it, for one, and her clawed gloves seem to be digging into Allyn's hide rather horribly (though she doesn't know his name of course.) When she's finally let go, she's suddenly finding herself face to muzzle with a large sabertooth tiger! Or some kind of cat, anyway.

     Realizing the large beast is pouncing, Ferham brings up her arms and whip in defense, the claws apparently grazing one of her arms for a bit of internal damage where it caught some unarmored areas.

     "More than one way to tame a cat!" she cracked that whip of hers, seeming now almost like a lion tamer, all she needed was a chair to help keep Allyn at bay with. However, as fun as that seemed at the moment, she's not toying with him on purpose exactly, and that whip is snapping at him again.


Dr. Wily (529) has posed:
    Being tackled by even a large animal shouldn't even register to something that's built like the Doc Robot. However, frostbitten as it is, and as weak as the Sail Man programming seems to have left it, that thump left... a bit of a mark!

    Struck in the shoulder by a leaping monster, Doc Robot is knocked off its feet and sent skidding along the floor. It leaves a faint trail of metal shards, screws, and bits of wire - the impact has shattered its chest plate and exposed - and damaged! - the robot's inner workings. It doesn't seem quite broken enough to stop working yet, though.

    Well, the robot isn't so broken, anyway. Its mind, on the other hand? It stands itself up slowly, returning to a combat stance, but.... does nothing. It simply stands, staring blankly at the space the noibat had occupied a moment ago.

    "Blasted robot! Restart battle script!" The speaker carrying Wily's voice picks up sounds of frantic typing, tapping, and beeping. Doc Robot's eyes go dim.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The Sniper, she does not have time to react. She is quickly thrown back and then pounded into. By the end of the assault she is heavily bruised and somewhere in a few bones make be broken, but she somehow finds the strength to lift herself up enough to take aim.

Blood trickling down the side of her mouth. "I do not care whom you are.. monster.. but you are not of this world of existence.. and so I will not give you the honor you deserve.."

She then takes out her knife and jams it into a slot in the sniper rifle. There is a flicker of bright blue energy from the impact and then as she forces herself to stand, she throws the lance right at the Hero's feet, before she can be seen suddenly leaping off the hill.

Once the lance impacts the ground, it flickers brightly before suddenly it explodes with a great deal of force. Blue flame erupting from the very location. As for the sniper-- she rolls down the hill and lands on the ground. She coughs out blood and closes her eyes. "..I am sorry Tadeo.."

As for the four men they have their hands full, as suddenly one find their helmet being knocked off. Another losing the belt to his pants, and one being disarmed. However the Centurion goes to block the blows as they come.

Only to watch the other three suffer the fate of sheer embarrassment-- oh-- the Legatus isn't going to like this... However one of the impacts that the fairy boy makes, ends up actually hitting the Gunsword wrong for one of the troopers, "Bloody 'el!" He barks out before he suddenly throws the Gunsword /away/ from himself which then explodes, but it was a bit to late and knocks all three down on the ground.

The Centurion grunts gently in disgust. Before he then runs right for the Fairy once more, this time he does a quick feint strike to mislead, before he comes around with another sword swing.

Kudamon (478) has posed:
    Witchmon's anger does not stop Reppamon's infuriatingly calm combat style from remaining calm and calculated. He keeps his eyes on her and her familiar, thanking his lucky stars for the extra eyes on his tail. When claws dig into him, he tries to make sure that's the only thing that gets him, puncturing into his digital flesh and creating more strange shimmering derez wounds.
    He leaps back away from her when he spots the incoming familiar, deftly avoiding it! And then bounds back in for another attack, making sure to lay in the aggression. If she's going to use her claws, he's going to use his, too! And now that she's grounded for a moment, he has plenty of room to get vicious with his fighting. He knows that if she wants to be the Strongest Digimon, he's not going to be her worst opponent, so he feels no desire to hold back against her.
    Honor is for chumps, right? No holding back against an evenly matched opponent until they can't fight anymore. Especially not one who only values physical strength.


    He roars his effort as he launches into a flurry of swipes that threaten to gouge with claw and blasts of sharp gusts! His fur stands on end from the feral fighting instinct running through his body, and his bizarre white mane gets blown back by his own attacks.

Alexis has posed:
Alexis spears the guy with her shoulder, only for him to grab onto her and slam her into the floor hard enough for the tomboy to grunt despite her stubborn streak. "I dunno who you are, but ya ain't gettin that digimon!" She cocks back one leg and kicks up, aiming the heel of her sneaker for Garen's chin, though it's an somewhat awkward position to do it from.

As the robot rattles up from the floor Stormpaw passes back and forth slowly, much like one would expect a predator studying his prey to do, head turning to never take his eyes off the machine. It's annoying, like one of those crackpot Hengars. Never liked fighting those things. Though he stops prowling when the frantic sounds come through the speaker. "Sounds like your little toy is broken, doc. I know what to do with it."

The Tiger darts in, mouth going for one of Sail Man's legs. But he's not biting hard enough to break the limb, just grab on to it. And then twist his body to heave-ho, hopefully pulling the robot off the ground and throwing it towards the trash cans in the corner of the room.

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn roars in pain and anger as he is hit with the whip again. He is in pain, battered, bruised and bleeding. He snarls at Ferham, maybe he can't beat the woman, maybe he should agree to her draw? Well, either way he can't really just let her go around and attack the guards either, but he knows when he's been beaten. It's going to take his current wounds a long time to heal on their own anyway. "Fine, we'll call it a draw, but you know I can't let you just go around and attack the guards here, or anyone else for that matter." he ponders, "So what do you propose that we do then?" he sits down in front of her.

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     The continued swipes come in, cutting deep into Witchmon. All over her body, she is constantly leaking out data right now. She is going to need a fair amount of time to recover after all of this. She remains bracing against the ground, trying to deal with the trouble. Stupid melee fighters!

     She reaches behind herself, grabbing for her broom. Finally getting a good hold on it, she moves it in. She's aiming to stab the broom straight into Reppamon. This might seem odd, but the Broom is honestly much stronger than just a wooden tool. It's a true weapon.

     Violet is currently considering the situation. No one has been able to get to Gomamon yet. Hrm. What can she do to turn this situation around.

     Gomamon, meanwhile, is still inside the interrogation room. Frowning. Yeah, he has guards around him, so he can't /really/ escape on his own in the chaos, unlike the others. Yeah, the Union is doing a good job making sure he doesn't escape.

     Suddenly Gomamon cries out, "OH MAN WHY DO I HAVE TO MISS THE EPIC PRISON RIOT."

Ferham (516) has posed:
     "I simply want to secure the rescue of the person they had held prisoner here, I am not here to secure the release of these others," Ferham hovered back a bit from Allyn, her whip still at her side but apparently open to negotiation for what it's worth. "I wasn't trying to hurt anyone either, not injure them--if I wanted to murder humans I could have done so by now," she shrugged a little, cracking the knuckles of one clawed, gloved hand. Definitely a bird of prey look with her armor.

     "You can make sure the others don't get away from you, but I need to go rescue someone!" Ferham would then turn and try to fly down into the prison to try and extract Gomamon from the interrogation room! ...If she could get there, of course. This is if Allyn would let her just zoom away like that, as well.

Garen (530) has posed:
    "Sorry, but Your not stopping my mission." Garen says, moving to sweep Alexis' feet out from her. He then turns around, taking a quick look for something, when he gets an evil idea. He figured it was worth a try. "Keeper, If you can, I need you to try and send in a falsified evacuation order." He says into a small radio. He changes stance again, waiting on Alexis and Wily.

Dr. Wily (529) has posed:
    Even the messiest of prisons isn't going to have a large enough garbage can for a toy like Wily's. Instead, the robot crashes down onto the cans, and lays there in a heap, amidst the scattered garbage. Wisps of smoke rise from the exposed chest circuitry, as well as the earlier punctures on the arm, but the robot simply does not react.

    "... reinstall targeting module... revert Sail Man pattern to 002... flush memory... now, boot! GET UP!"

    Finally, the doctor's frantic tech support efforts bear fruit, and Doc Robot's eyes once more light up with their dim awareness. The robot slowly forces itself upright, locks its gaze on the beast that had thrown it across the prison hall, and... stares? Oh, and raises its arms, in what is not a particularly threatening pose.

    But, gee. This isn't outside anymore, is it? This time, Doc Robot's wind-raising trick actually seems to have some effect. The puffs of damaged electronics smoke drift lazily toward Stormpaw as a gentle wind picks up... and intensifies. And this time, in an enclosed space, it keeps gaining force, until it develops into a brief but intense gale. The garbage cans roll across the floor as Doc Robot, showing a previously unseen speed, goes, well... sailing toward its foe at ramming speed.

Theo Morrison has posed:
The Hero snorts derisively, shaking blood off his knuckles. "Of course I am! Do you think me one of those Nyxborn creatures? I am of Theros, as surely as you!" He gestures at the sniper, taking his sweet time in moving forward. He makes a gesture like cracking his knuckles, and looks quizzically at the rifle. "Giving up already? Pah. I thought you w--"

The hill explodes.

The shape of the Hero is cast backwards by the blast, hurled into the tree at the top. There's a loud 'CRACK', and the already-damaged tree tilts over... and then the smoke and dust is joined by Aether, the summoned creature vanishing, presumably whence he came. Strange, though; there's still a shape up there...

...which charges out soon after. At first it looks like animate armor, a floating suit of finely-wrought bronze. It quickly resolves into a smoky, hazy shape, dark with the glimmer of distant stars inside it's body. It wields a gleaming sword, and it bursts out of the cloud, charging down the hill to finish the sniper off with a contemptuous stroke -- and carry on, rushing off towards Kirito and the rest of the soldiers.

Meanwhile, Theo winces, picking up the Hero's card and depositing it in his graveyard. "Sorry, Hero," he mutters. He draws, frowning a little at the thing that he gets. He shrugs. "Alright, let's see what they're made of." He taps all his land, takes a breath, and throws it down.

"Heliod, God of the Sun!"

The sky changes as soon as the card hits the table. Sunlight, pure and bright, streams down from the heavens. It illuminates clouds and travels in patches across the ground, brightening the whole of the battlefield. It shines in the prison's windows, brightening the interior with warm light. Theo is caught in one beam, his hiding spot revealed immediately.

A shape rises up, dominating the horizon and the sky as a whole. A man, black-haired and bearded, wearing robes of gold. A golden chain is wrapped around his waist, with a huge, round buckle closing it. In his hand is a spear, the haft dark wood, the length leading to the head a delicate filigree and shining like the sun itself -- which might be that round thing within the head of it. His whole body is flecked with stars, and in his shadows, constellations can be seen.

Heliod looks down upon the battle, watching in silent judgement.

Kudamon (478) has posed:
    Reppamon knows what a Witchmon is, but he did not, however, know that the broom could be used to IMPALE people. He makes a strangled noise of surprise as his flurry is cut off and the weapon goes right through one of his shoulders and out the other side. It doesn't hit anything that could be described as 'vital,' but it does look, and sound, like it hurts like hell! He shudders from the pain of the attack all over, briefly stunned and left with his mouth agape...!
    And then he snaps his head around to try to bite his teeth down on the broom and hold it still in the wound! Once he has done this, he twists his body, and then his tail comes up like a scorpion stinger. And it stabs right back down toward Witchmon to return the favor for her attack. The disturbing part of this is the tail makes a horrible giggling noise when it does this, audible only because Witchmon is so close and the wind isn't masking it anymore. It's almost like the tail has a murderous mind of its own.

Alexis has posed:
Alexis uses the momentum from her kick to get back onto her feet fully. Then he tries to kick her legs out from under her, but despite it catching her ankle she's having none of that now that she's stable. "Dunno, seem to be doing a good job of it," she retorts as she tugs one fingerless glove back into place by the cuff. Then clenches that hand into a fist and swings it at Garen while he's.. doing something or other. Details aren't really important to her.

"Hmph. Guess you have some fight left in you after all," Stormpaw retorts as the robot gets up properly this time, and launches itself towards him. Except it's using the wind to propel itself again. Pfff. Claws dig in, legs flex briefly as if waiting for the incoming impact.

That never comes because at the last moment the wolf-cat nimbly uses his Tiger Step maneuver to side-step the charge. Hitting the floor afterwards he spins around and launches again, this time at the robot's backside with his head down to use his horns before it has a chance to recover. "TIGER CHARGE!"

Kirito has posed:
    All of this focusing on taking down equipment and non-lethal combat has a major downside. It's leaving Kirito exposed to counterattacks instead of cutting down on the number of things he needs to track. His reaction is a bit slow when the captain comes in. "ghh!"

    It doesn't help that everything turns so RIDICULOUSLY BRIGHT and he's at a bad angle to see the exact things his opponent's doing.

    So Kirito's parry is slightly off. He clearly tried to account for the feint, but the parry is still at a bad angle and the centurion's blade cuts into the Spriggan's shoulder.... going THROUGH the armor-like coat, and just cleaving another of those 'damage' marks.

    All the blows have shaved down his HP to around half - or would have, had his regeneration not been handling it all. These guys need to learn how to DPS!

    "Those weapons are pretty cool-looking!" Kirito remarks. "Mixing a gun and a sword... the trouble is, you end up with the weaknesses of both! Swords don't explode."

    Again, kirito's blade shines sky-blue and he steps forward into the technique.

    The crystal-blue longsword rockets upwards at an angle. It's a simple strike that any fool could see coming - but at these speeds, with the force and acceleration boost provided by a Sword Skill, it can cut deep into metal and turn aside most defenses, possibly break weapons... opposing that head-on without something equivalent is a pretty bad idea!

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen smirks and then has it knocked off of him. He was starting to feel the effects of the fight, but didn't plan on giving up. "You've got more fight in you then I expected. My complements." He says. He could draw his vibro-knife and actually does. He takes a swing at Alexis and shifts his momentum into a gut level heel kick.

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn growls in frustration, not sure what he should do really. He always helps the Union out, but just letting the woman go would go against that, but he can't defeat this opponent he just shakes his head and follows after Ferham, "Who are you helping and who do you want to free? If you are trying to free some kind of chaos, then I really shouldn't let you get away from me." he sighs a bit, "I don't suppose you'd just give up trying to free whoever it is? I doubt you'd get into too much trouble for that."

Ferham (516) has posed:
     "The prisoner is a white talking seal with a red mohawk, I don't think we're being the oppressive one's here," Ferham pushes past escaping convicts and likely even guards trying to get out of dodge before the prisoners lynch them. "I wouldn't get into trouble but I wouldn't be doing my job either," using information she has from the confed intelligence, Ferham tries to locate the Gomamon's cell and once there, deal with the guards in a non-lethal fashion if possible.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The three morons attempt to get themselves together, because at least one of them has enough wits to see what is coming after them and the sudden bright sunlight helps, well, illuminate this fact. Though they are also aware that the female sniper is no where to be seen-- aand that isn't good.

So they attempt to go on the defensive, but fail and are knocked back with simple ease. One of them actually impacting into the side of the building really and falls to the ground old cold. The other struggles to get his Gunblade hissing out about Primals, beast men, and he should just flee while the fleeing is good-- cause this is madness-- apparently forgetting the warning words of what would happen if he returned a coward.

The one who lacks a Gunblade actually throws his helm off to the side and grits his teeth. It seems he has had enough. "Be you Primal, beast, or creature from another world. I will not let my commander nor that of the Garlean Empire down!"

He draws out his knife and goes charging toward the armored figure. He then quickly moves to the side as he strikes, but it isn't the knife that the armored figure have to worry about. It is the electrical magical strike the Trooper calls forth from the magitek armored gauntlet that he blasts out.

As for the Centurion he is dancing with the Fairy really, he attempts to parry the blow, but the speed was greater then his own foot work. The magic-enhanced blade cuts across the chest armor and the Centurion staggers back a step. "Nnrh.. Being bested by a flying man.. but I will not fall!" Though as he goes to get ready to attack, he takes notice of the coward trying to flee. Which he sharply turns his gunblade on and actually /fires/ on the fleeing coward. "And like my lord will not tolerate cowards!"

His other hand is open toward the Fairy. There is a glow of red between his finger tips, before a fire ball is blasted right for the Fairy, once it fires he quickly follows in for a strike with his sword. He doesn't even seem to care to know if his attack killed the man or-- just downed him in a KO state.

Dr. Wily (529) has posed:
    If there's one thing Dr. Wily's creations are renowned for, it's the big predictable attacks that would hit like a truck if they ever connected... and once more, this bit of flair has served the doctor and his creation poorly.

    The horns manage to tear through Doc Robot's still-frosty metal, severing servos in the legs and sending metallic debris scattering across the floor. This time, sparks DO start flying, as the robot collapses, no longer able to keep itself upright.

    "End telemetry feed. I've seen enough. Okay, rust bucket... you're not coming home from this. But you ARE giving somebody a VERY large vet's bill on your way out! *taptapbleep! Bleedle-boop beep!*"

    The sparks intensify; small arcs of electricity begin to jump around between sets of wires within the robot's frame. The chest components even catch on fire, as... something... happens inside the robot.

    Doc Robot's movements are jerky now, halting. It seems to be trying to move much faster than before, but lacks the control to do so. However, it DOES still have enough control to fire its weapons systems at least one more time. Once more, water starts to condense within the prison hall - but this time, as droplets form on the robot they cause sparks and pops, components shorting out as they get too wet too fast.

    A pool of water forms once again - this time, rising up just enough to meet those... lovely exposed wires. Oh boy.

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Witchmon is pierced through, and quite violently at that. Her eyes narrow with pain, and her body sweats with anxiety and pain. She keeps a firm grip on her broom, to make sure it isn't completely thrown away from her. She works on pushing away Reppamon, trying to get some distance between them again.

     With a bit of space, finally, she holds up her hand. Her broom remains in her left hand, her right hand up. She stands, glaring straight at Kudamon.

     She starts reciting some sort of chant, over and over again. The ball of water forming in her right hand grows to an intense size, before bursting into various ribbons of water, each one repeatedly trying to pierce into Reppamon.

     Meanwhile, IN THE HALL OF JUSTICE. By which I mean the prison's interrogation room.

     Ferham has managed to avoid most detection as she speeds along, mostly on account of everyone else, guards included, being /incredibly/ distracted. One of the guards probably fires off a radio message letting people know that someone is rushing in, but it may or may not be lost in the chaos.

     Gomamon is being held in a room with four glass windows surrounding it. Guards stand at the two doors into it, about four in total. These guards /are/ armed, but their guns are probably not much compared to Ferham. Gomamon himself is resting on a chair in the room. Kind of laying down in it, trying to wait for a moment to break out. Despite being handcuffed, and no water being around for him to summon fishes from.

     It probably won't be an issue for Ferham to knock the guards out with a good bonk to the head, or even just removing their guns or something similar.

Alexis has posed:
While she doesn't follow a particular style, Alexis has had some martial arts training like most of the Trainers in Ash's posse of teen heroes.

The scary part? That training typically comes from Ash's -MOM-.

The point of all this is that Alexis has little trouble getting in and using her arm to stop the knife by blocking Garen's arm with her own. Just that's when Ferham manages to dart past towards the interrogation sector. "Hey, get back here yo--oof!" And then Garen kicks her in the side. It doesn't hurt but it staggers her back, preventing her giving chase. "DAMMIT." The best she can do is take out her frustration.... oh hey, there's her 'weapon'. She grabs the hockey stick off the floor, and takes a swing with THAT at Garen.

Water and exposed electricity, that's a combination for trouble ... but for who? That might not be what you expect. Stormpaw hops back a few steps, sparks arcing between his bull horns as he does so. "Here, let me help you with that..." Some of the sparks from Doc Robot lick at his fur, but his footing to help keep his own current under control as the electricity forms into a swirling ball of thunder between the points of his horns helps ground out that as well.

And then he leaps away backwards, to make sure there's enough distance away from the robot as he snaps his head to hurtle the ball of electric current at the robot's exposed and now wet innards to make sure it's going to fry itself in the process. "LIGHTNING TORPEDO!"

Kirito has posed:
    "---Hieeee--" Kirito hisses, shocked beyond words at the sudden incident of friendly fire. To this point, Kirito had been trying his best not to kill or grievously injure anyone. Of course, that's just him. He'd be a moron to not realize how serious his opponents are about this being a military operation...

    But seeing death - or an attempted murder of one's own men, at the very least - fills him with a cold rage. All the noise of battle fades from Kirito's mind, and his gaze narrows. The boy shifts his stance, standing tall as he spots the magic casting. Years of playing video games serve him very well indeed as he estimates exactly when that's gonna launch and what it's gonna be.

    His sword shines, this time a brilliant crimson, when he steps into a new stance and STRIKES.

    The blazing sword cuts into the flames and disperse them. Not as cleanly as it would fairy magic, but he's only singed and scorched by the flames, not pummeled and bowled over. The impact of spell on blade is not enough to stop his advance, but it does slow the motion slightly! For unlike the last strike, his skill isn't over with the first motion. He instead has stepped INTO the centurion's strike, as his longsword seemingly RICOCHETS off the air itself to redirect and slam against the offending weapon to turn it aside.

    Kirito's body continues to follow the motion it started, with the blade swiftly turning into a wall of steel for five more strikes, each more ferocious than the last.


    But most distressing of all is the boy's rageful battleshout. Like a demon awakening from its thousand-year sleep!

    "7 strike original sword skill.... SEVEN SINS!"

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn ponders as he follows after Ferham, trying to come up with a way to get her to stop trying to rescue the prisoner. He knows that he wont be easy. He is injured and bleeding after all, but perhaps a ploy will work, at least to distract her. When he follows her into the room where the Gomamon is being held he pushes his way in front of her and then 'collapses' on the floor. "I think I've lost too much blood, I think I may be dying. You said you didn't want to hurt someone so you should take me somewhere to get treated. I can feel my life slipping away." he closes his eyes and pretends to lose consiousness, shifting back to his human form as he would if he were really unconsious. Well, it's worth a shot.

Garen (530) has posed:
Garen feels himself struck by the weapon and that HURT! He shakes it off and narrows his eyes. He rushed forward, aiming to slam alexis down to the ground again, but this time he pulls his blaster pistol he had hidden on his person and takes a shot at the down foe.

Ferham (516) has posed:
     Ferham keeps her eyes on Allyn for the most part, realizing the talking saber cat is probably really hurt, but Ferham's green eyes shoot over to the two armed guards near the cell before them. She throws two projectles formed in her gloved hands of concentrated ice--trying to splat each guard and freeze their arms to their sides, ala a concentrated freeze blast. They will likely be in for a good amount of discomfort, but the ice is simply to immobilize them before they can do anything stupid like get to their weapons.

     "I'll get you help soon as I get the seal out of here, don't worry," A hand is placed to the reinforced glass, the surface of it instantly freezing over with a sheet of ice before Ferham makes a tight fist and attempts to SMASH right through it with her fist. This of course likely leaves her open to attack if Allyn so chooses, but she's getting the objective.

Theo Morrison has posed:
The Eidolon charges into the fray, meeting the knife-wielder head-on. It parries the knife-blow easily, slipping to the opposite side when the magitek gauntlet strikes. The electrical blast accompanying it strikes it, lightning cascading across the armor of the Eidolon. It staggers, but it doesn't go down; it instead withdraws a step, bringing it's sword back in line and facing off against the trooper.

Theo plays fast. He grabs a card -- more land, on top of the stack -- and then taps all of it, dropping another spell and drawing another card. The Enchantress continues to hang back, providing her useful effect. "Bestowing Ghostblade Eidolon! Attack!"

The Eidolon of Countless Battles turns on one foot, extending its free hand outward. The gleaming bronze blade is held up towards the soldier; its other hand closes, taking the grip of a hazy, ethereal figure that seems similar to it. The other Eidolon nods, shape warping... until the armored one is holding a second sword, a slightly curved blade that seems to be composed of mist and stars.

It moves. It jumps forward, blurring off its feet on the approach. the Eidolon is suddenly wickedly fast, deadly fast, striking with both blades almost quicker than the eye can follow. The bronze blade has more force to it than the starry one; /that/ one seems to ignore armor completely, seeking body and spirit over mortal armaments.

It doesn't consign itself to one opponent. The Eidolon darts between the remaining Imperial troopers, attacking exposed flanks with a ruthless skill unseen in the other swordsman facing them. A halo of light surrounds it, an aura bestowed by Heliod's outstretched hand. It has no weak points to speak of; it's defenses are never lowered, and it's speed is never diminished. Divine intervention, maybe?

Strange, though; those maneuvers it's using seem kind of... familiar, don't they?

Kudamon (478) has posed:
    Reppamon wheezes from the agony of all of his wounds buckling down against his willpower, following the freeing of the broom from his shoulder. His teeth grind when he realizes that he can't keep track of the battle situation in its entirety from here. His head turns as he overhears the sound of straight-up war in the distance, and the shining of Heliod makes him visibly hesitate. He has no idea who did that. "Is that the enemy?" he wonders aloud, sounding exhausted.
    His head snaps back toward his opponent when she begins to create another spell. He chatters over his radio, and tries to dance around the water ribbons, but one slices him, one slams right into his side and pierces his flesh, but the others only leave small lines of damage as he manages to learn the attack pattern halfway through, preventing a complete beatdown from getting through his defenses. She's definitely keeping him on his toes!

    And then he whips about on his feet, and sparks fly up from his claws again. His tail swipes in a sudden horizontal movement as if doing another wind attack, but this one most certainly is NOT invisible. In fact, it slices a nearby streetlamp right off its stand, despite the lamp being made of metal! Here's to excessive anime collateral damage! The blade of wind is very fast and very sharp and headed right for Witchmon.

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Gomamon smiles as he spots Ferham. Yeah, he doesn't recognize her, but obviously she is friendly. Why /else/ would she be busting him out? But, even more important, she freezes things. A smile.

     "One second, let me grab something first!"

     He leaps up onto the table, and takes the ashtray off, carrying it in his mouth. His movements are somewhat stilted due to his handcuffs, but he is seemingly a bit more manueverable right now than he let on.

     He then takes it near the ice, breathing on it fast, to get some of it to melt. He doesn't need much water. Just a /bit/. And with some quick work, he gets some water in the ash tray.


     And, from the few drops of water, a number of multicolored fish fly out. They start to pummel his handcuffs until the chain breaks. He smiles at Ferham.

     "Thanks! Let's get out of here, /fast/."

     He takes the ashtray back into his mouth. Can't let his minimal bit of water get away, or else he can't summon fish anymore!

Dr. Wily (529) has posed:
    Failsafe: A system, strategy, or safeguard that ensures that, should something cease operating in an expected manner, nothing catastrophic occurs as a result. In short, something which causes something which may fail to fail safely.

    Dr. Wily is not a fan.

    The doubly electrified water continues to rise, as the additional blast overloads Doc Robot's circuitry and causes small explosions all across the robot's frame. Were it above water, it would be spraying more sparks than an Enterprise bridge console by now; underwater, however, the damage is hard to spot, save by twitches and jerks of limbs as components inside burst.

    One of the components which has been lost would, were the doctor more meticulous in his documentation, have been labelled 'fire control'.

    As a result, each little pop and twitch that shakes around the robot's arms also has a surprising side-effect, scattering about a mine here, another there, as its weapon systems trigger at random. Without the water to float them away, they would simply have dropped down and caused an ironic self-termination, but with the water, they instead form into a messy haphazard blanket of potential destruction.

    At the same time, Doc Robot's death throes seem to be firing up its wind generator... it can't seem to stay running long enough to get past 'breeze', but it can set floating objects drifting. Catastrophic system meltdown, or best critical attack pattern yet? ... no, no, probably the first one.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Divine Intervention would be for those who believe in gods and goddess alike-- sadly Garleans do not believe in such things and really.. the style of combat is probably lost on the ones who are still standing. the one who was attacking the armored figure, or was it two? It was hard to tell at the speed the figure was moving.

The one can feel the cut somehow bypassing the armor, which causes a strange interaction with the Magitek within the armor itself. A blue aura of energy almost follows the blade and the one Imperial solider nearly collapses to his knees.

The other who is starting to get back up on his feet, notices that one of their own had been taken down not far from his position, but he has little time to realize what did, when suddenly he is knocked off his feet /yet again/, by the rapid armored figure.

As for the Centurion, he sees the Armored Figure coming in and quickly creates a magical barrier. He watches the sword slam into it and burst into a million fragments of wisps. This however leaves him open for when Kirito comes raging in. He doesn't have time to activate another barrier and when he goes to deflect the blows. He finds himself always just shy of doing so.

The armor getting cut up which way and that, before the final strike finds a weak point in the armor and draws blood. The Centurion staggers back and is softly laughing. He then takes the sword in both hands , "One moment-- Fairy. I need to slay a Primal... then I'll deal with /you/."

In a strange way-- it seems the Centurion trooper may have lost his mind in the midst of this battle, but then again-- sniper is missing, though truth be told. Another by his own hand lies dead.. another whom is perhaps on the verge of dieing-- and the final one who can't seem to get up without being mowed over.

With both hands on the weapon, it charges the gunblade, before he pulls the trigger. The sheer force causes the Gunblade to recoil extremely and then after he fires that one shot for the armored figure he spins around and fires a shot right at the Fairy as well-- though not as power.

Riva Banari has posed:
"DOES EVERYTHING YOU DO EXPLODE?" Riva yells moments before the black bomb smashes into her and detonates, sending her crashing into a wall painfully. And on fire. This is like DOUBLE painfully. "Ughh... I think I'm going to be sick..." She groans as she collapses back to the ground, wavering on her feet.

but before the Prinny can take advantage of that moment of weakness, Riva shakes her head. "What's your deal, anyway?" Riva asks. "Look, you don't have to keep doing this. Just go away!" The good news? Riva holsters her pistols.

The bad news? Riva pulls her sword. The broadsword ignites with Anima energy as she lunges forward, trying to skewer the Prinny with a single strike.

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn mutters under his breath, but it doesn't seem to work on the woman. Well, at least het ried. While Ferham is distracted with freezing the glass the digimon is trapped in, he looks around for something heavy, wait he ahs something that might work. He stands and draws his long-knife and then brings it smashing down on Ferham's head. He's not trying to hurt her, but maybe he can knock her senseless.

Hero Prinny (538) has posed:
    Riva comes in to...

    Show him her stabs! The Prinny, already knows what stabs look like, and opts to spin around in a circle...this is odd, because somehow each time she swings, the spinning Prinny somehow avoid the attack...like phyics why this doesn't even make sense...

    Until the scarf turns into a giant fist that tries to repeatedly punch Riva across the face.

    Finally he stops, looking dizzy...

    "Can't stop now, dood! I got paid to help! Also the TVS! We don't have our own TV at the palace, we gota wait for Master Etna to go to sleep, or get bored...or watch with Flonne! But all she does is watch anime!"

    And then... "My deal? I'm a Prinny, dood."

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Reppamon is a lot more powerful than Witchmon really wants to admit. She is far outpowered by him right now. With the massive injuries she is taking, she's close to having to retreat. It's made worse by the fact that a giant blade of wind slashes into her, cutting her across the chest.

     Her body is only kept together just barely. There is a massive chunk missing out of her torso, replaced only by data bleeding out rapidly.

     She then stands tall, despite the pain. She drops her broom, and holds her hands out.

     The magical chanting intensifies. All around her, various magical circles simply start appearing. She herself is standing atop a massive one.

     And all of them are leading way to several /massive/ balls of magic. Wind and water, floating in the air. A torrential force flies forward, trying to tear at Reppamon. Cutting wind, bashing water, howling wind, and piercing drops.

     And she will /not/ let this barrage of magic stop, not until Reppamon is either fallen, or she is.

     Violet, though? She is /running/ in, fast, trying to get to Witchmon's location. There is no way in /hell/ she is gonna risk Witchmon, her trusted partner, getting deleted.

Ferham (516) has posed:
     While trying to lead Gomamon out of the cell and out of the prison she is taken by surprise and konked over the head by Allyn, reeling from the attack before falling back, ironically tripping on some of the incredibly slippery combination of ice and water she's turned the area into, whoops. Ow. She looks like she's dazed but not unconscious, and will likely get up soon.

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     And Allyn proceeds to knock out Gomamon's ride.

     "HEY! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST DO. That's totally unfair and cheating! She was just trying to save me!"

     And, Gomamon, /incredibly/ pissed, shouts out with a fierce rage.


     A series of fish fly out of his ashtray of water. Each one trying to pummel straight into Allyn.

     This is probably exactly as effective as it sounds.

Alexis has posed:
Alexis feels a little better after cracking the guy with her best friend, so to speak. But the moment is short lived as he slams her to the ground again afterwards, though the tomboy manages to shift to the side to avoid being shot in the guy in addition to being pounded on the floor again. That might of been tasty by the looks of the burn it left in the floor.

With a growl she kicks up her legs, this time to try and get them around Garen's neck. Then use it to pull him off his feet and flip him over herself to slam him into the ground instead! Looks like what she didn't learn from Delia Ketchum, she picked up from her wrestling fanatic pokemon.

Stormpaw splashes in the water after his vaulting attack. Tch. He's not particularly fond of being wet, but he's too stubborn to let it slow him down. Mines floating in the water? Pfff, that's not going to do anything if he doesn't get close to the--


--Okay the first mind being stirred by the underwater air current drifts close enough to trigger and explode, and it's only by honed reflexes that Stormpaw jumps out of the water with only several dark scorches across his blue and grey fur from the blast, and lands on a table. "Oh no you don't."

He inhales, much more deeply this time, to the point that motes of frost start to churn around his mouth in kirby dot style. And then. "BLIZZARD!" Much like a certain wolf of fairy tale exhales a powerful blast of frozen wind, many times stronger than the one he used to freeze the floors before, using it to blow the water back towards Doc Robot, and the mines in it. Which might freeze to the robot before the actually explode.

Riva Banari has posed:
Aw, but her stabs are so nice! They go with her purse.

Riva flails at the Prinny, totally WHIFFING as the Prinny abuses I-Frames. "What the... HOLD ST-WHOOF!" The scar-fist smashes Riva by surprise, klonking her with a good hit. She staggers for a moment, rubbing the wound and frowns. "Look, you can't have our TVs! They're /our TVs/." Riva says, and thinks. "What if we pay you more to fight them instead? I bet that guy has a lot of TVs. Look, he's a Doctor, he can afford it." She points at Wily.

Riva then tries to stab the Prinny again while he might be distracted.

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn tries to knock the fish away when they come barreling at him and he glares at the Gomamon. "You must be one of that woman's slaves?" not the woman he just knocked senseless, but another one, "Blame her slave named Angemon, it threatened me and I'm not big on being threatened." he chuckles some, "Besides, I was warned not to be a thorn in her side anymore, but I just can't help myself, it's too much fun."

He blinks as fish are suddenly coming at him and he tries to bat them away, which he might not be able to get a few of them. Especially since he looks to Ferham, well she did show some concern for him and now that she is knocked down, he actually shows a little for her, "You alright?" he asks her, "Sorry, but I couldn't let you just take this creature away, once I saw it."

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen grimmaced as he was flipped down onto the ground. He struggles to get free, and once he does, he was angry. He draws his pistol and locks eyes onto Alexis. He then went all rapid fire against his enemy. "Gomamon. Move now! Through the breach in the wall. If you move fast, you can escape."

Hero Prinny (538) has posed:
    The Prinny takes a STAGGERING HIT, flaing his arms and getting INVICIBILITY Frames! Gasp, another scarf counter is lost as he tries to recover. Ow...ow ow ow!

    "BREAK DOOD!" he shouts, suddenly full of /DETERMINATION/! "They'll be /our/ TVs when we get them, that's how things work dood! You gota /crack/ skulls. Also, you just can't pay me more dood! I'll be kicked out of the syndowhatever! We might be criminals, losers, and the worst kinda doods, but we can not break that contract..seriously, they'll send wolves after us. WOLVES dood!"

    Uh oh, the Prinny has /turned red/. This can't be good.

    It isn't, because suddenly he jumps into the air, aiming to repeatedly hip bounce off of Riva's head...before jumping straight up, and throwing his Prinny knives down into another barrage!

Kudamon (478) has posed:
    Reppamon gets hit by a barrage of magic that presses him back, and obscures him behind his pained scream and the destruction the attack causes! It even shatters his mask, revealing his fox-like face, complete with squinty eyes. He clenches his teeth and forces his way through the attack, pushing forward, growling and digging his claws in... and then he leaps in for a last-ditch attack. The wind is used entirely so /he/ doesn't get deleted in the process, so he can't use that. He's in too much pain to use anything complex. So he defaults to the good old fallback for heroes who have a chance to win by the skin of their teeth.

    He tries to do a flying headbutt to Witchmon so she stops spamming magic at him like some sort of berserk warlock.

    Complete with a shockwave of water and wind, should he make contact like he's trying to do!

Kirito has posed:
    "...Yeah, like I'll just WAIT. You're... you're gonna die if you keep this up...!!" And the last thing Kirito wants is more blood on his hands. Gulp.

    Sensing the centurion's intentions, Kirito swerves and takes a graze to the arm. The Black Swordsman is very dodgy! His reflexes are getting quicker and quicker as somewhere, Kirigaya Kazuto's blood pumps faster and faster, surging with adrenaline.

    "UUUUOOOOOHGGHH!" He CHARGES, with sword drawn. Sky-blue light flares along Lucent Arrester, this time blazing in a drill-like fashion. Kirito ROCKETS after the Centurion, blade extended like a spearhead. Swordsman and weapon PLUNGE as one, moving like the wind - they simply glide across the ground as though gravity were meaningless, and that glowing blade aims to BURY itself in the Centurion's leg!

Dr. Wily (529) has posed:
    The battered remains of Doc Robot continue shorting out in the water. The blizzard barrage striking them... actually help the robot briefly - once again, a layer of icy cold spreads across its surface, but this time, it forms a skin of ice which holds water out and shields the delicate exposed components.


    Of course, at the same time, what's left of the metal outer shell of the robot is becoming brittle, cracking, and buckling under the strain of being washed about in turbulent water, as well as warping and twisting as parts continue to pop from being shorted out. The result, in short order, is less robot than pile of barely connnected metal.

    And at the heart of that robot - exposed now as most of the chassis is ripped to shreds - is a reactor core. Not extremely high-power, but powerful enough. And it's been overclocked for a while now, pumping out more power than it can handle. Add to that the icy electrified exploding swirling water, and... well.

    Even someone unfamiliar with robots, machinery, and basic electronics should have a good idea what it means when a swirly energy-looking thing in a heavy glass container with metal fiddly bits starts flashing white, angry yellow, and red.

Theo Morrison has posed:
The Eidolon of Countless Battles leaves the Centurion open for Kirito's attack, and then backs off. It holds both swords in a defensive gesture, holding position, as if waiting for something. Maybe to intercept an attack?

As it turns out, swords aren't good defensive weapons against guns unless you're /hyper-specialized/. The magitek gun-lance goes off, hitting the Eidolon in the center torso. The blast carries through, flying off into the distance. It lands near Theo, the incidental fire kicking up a plume of dust and freaking him out.

The Eidolon collapses, armor coming apart as it hits the ground, broken and smoking. It dissipates into two shades of white mist. One grows into a cloud; the other wicks away into the air, as if pulled out of sight. The cloud, meanwhile, swirls around...

...and forms the Ghostblade Eidolon, taking the hazy shape of a faceless woman in a tattered dress of smoke and stars. She wields two of those misty swords with hilts of gold, standing tall but seeming... unsure. Heliod, in the sky, seems more indistinct as well, a silhouette rather than a man observing the fighting.

Theo handles that easily. Untap, draw, tap, play. "Angelic Destiny!"

The Ghostblade Eidolon suddenly comes more into focus, with her face revealed and a pair of huge, feathered wings sprouting from her back. She rises off the ground, the now-angelic woman readying herself to strike with a look of determination. She is unsure no longer. She raises her swords, and the sun seems to shift in the sky --

Wait a second.

Heliod, once more solid, casts his spear straight up. It disappears into the sky, the colossal Sun Spear flung high into the heavens. It disappears into the actual sun, vanishing with a briefly-bright gleam far above. He turns his gaze down to the Centurion.

The Spear falls from the sky, tall as a man, burning with the power of the sun... and woefully sharp and terribly solid to the Centurion it descends upon.

Ferham (516) has posed:
     Getting to her feet after helpfully freezing the ground under her from a slurry into a solid bit of ice and frost, Ferham shakes her head, having not been damaged by the attack. "Ugh, you did that?" Ferham looked up to the shapeshifter, shaking her head a little before drawing her whip, likely with Gomamon at her feet. "THIS is what they were keeping prisoner here, a white seal," Ferham gestured to the child level digimon as if it was quite overestimated as a threat, with her free arm. And with that free arm, she'd attempt to gather Gomamon up and simply fly away, rather than risk any further altercation, hopefully she can get out of there before someone stops her!

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Witchmon continues launching her spells at Reppamon, even as he advanced for his attack. But, finally, the headbutt comes in, and Witchmon is struck. She stumbles back, collapsing.


     Violet runs in, panting heavily. She isn't physically peak, being a bit of a techy and a nerd. But she hold up her Digivice, and Witchmon returns to it, and returns to her Baby II Stage, Tanemon.

     Though this does leave Violet near an adult Digimon. And she is mostly defenseless against him. She breathes deeply, preparing to flee. She feels /really sad/ that they haven't got Gomamon out of there yet, though.

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     As Gomamon is grabbed? Gomamon still keeps the ashtray in its mouth. Some water is still in it, though rapidly emptying as picked up and being pulled away.

     And he is still trying to pummel Allyn with fishes.

Alexis has posed:
Somehow it's the robot's dying breath.. err. dying blast, that finally gets something done. Ice, water and bits of robot fly from the explosion, the blast knocking Stormpaw off his table perch and against the far wall with a loud thud. The Tiger slides down to the floor, then slowly gets up and shakes his head, trying to clear the rigging from it. He can't do much else at the moment.

Crap crap crap, everything has been going downhill now and fast. Alexis had hoped that move would toss the guy out so she could do something about the real jailbreak, but no he comes back at her with guns blazing.

Sometimes the Trainer doesn't need to make a command. Sometimes the pokemon senses when there is trouble faster than they can.

The gunshots hit, but not the tomboy. They hit the human sized badger that just appeared in front of her, riddling his underbelly with the marks. "Tyyyy--" There's a FWOOSH as her rears up and the flames around his neck ignite like a blazing collar. "--PHLOSION!" Though it pales to the shearing blast of flames that erupts from his mouth like an exploding furnace to get the guy the hell away from his trainer.

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn would probably run after Ferham and the Gomamon, but he's busy trying to dodge the fish and bat them away from him with his knife. There doesn't look like thee is much more that he can do. He slips the knife back into its sheath when he gets a moment and shifts once more, becoming a mouse, well, maybe if he is small enough those fish things wont come after him as he scurries out of the room.

Riva Banari has posed:
The Prinny has gotten mad. "Wolves?!" Riva says, shocked moments before the Prinny unleashes a brutal assault. Explosions rain down around her and leave her in a smoking crater. Riva is left insensate for several seconds, bleeding from a large number of wounds. "D... damn..." She gasps. "Ugh..."

She drags herself to her feet, using her sword as a prop. "Well... I guess I can appreciate you have some form of honor. But you know what... YOU'RE NOT TAKING MY TV!" Riva yells, angrily, as she leaps forward, bringing her sword down in a brutal series of overhand strikes, chopping at the Prinny over and over!

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The one who is bleeding moves swiftly over to the other who has fallen down, and tries to help him back up to his feet. Ignoring his own pain. Both were injured and neither was in shape to continue the fight, but all they could do in this moment was watch as the Centurion trooper was out matched.

The Centurion attempted to parry away the blade, but it dug into his leg, causing him to kneel straight down in pain. "Death.. will always come for us all... at least, hehe, I will face it bravely and be known for it!"

Sometime later-- someone will realize why this Centurion is a little off-- he was apparently a pull over from Nael Van Darnus' group.. and if you understand the history-- his desire to welcome death would ever be so understandable... sort of.

When the Centurion tries to stand up, something far worse comes for him before he can. The Centurion looks up as the sky opens and becoming brighter then the sun, "..what.. is.." His eyes go wide under his full face helm. Soon the lance of sun slams into his body and he screams in agony only for those few seconds before where there was a man-- was now nothing. Not even ash was left in the destructive wake.

The two who remained started to move out. Yet the one who could walk better, then pulled out two stone like items. He tossed it at one of the dead bodies, to actually /burn/ it to ash, and while the passed by the female sniper-- they did the same as they attempted to hobble out of the battlefield.

They were the last two survivors of this battle and have to be the ones to explain to the Imperial Legatus what transpired here.. and hope.. he is in a forgiving mood.

Garen (530) has posed:
    The luck had to run out sometime. Unfortunately for Cipher Nine it was at the end of a living flamethrower. Singed, and burned in a few spots, he took about three steps before dropping down to a knee. "Nine to keeper...Requesting Medi-vac." He says. Moments later, a speeder pulls up and he hops on it, his escape secured.

Hero Prinny (538) has posed:
    The Hero Prinny is cut so bad...he is CUT SO BAD..

    "I WISH I WASN'T CUT SO BAD, DOOD!" he cries out, before falling over...twitching.

    Was that it..?

    Was the Prinny done?

    The last scarf counter goes down.

    What Riva doesn't know is, without the scarf counters...nothing stops the prinny from being a normal Prinny. Slowly, from out of nowhere a bird lands on the Prinny. Those wiser will know what will happen. It pecks at the 'dead' Prinny.


Kudamon (478) has posed:
    Reppamon turns to look at Violet Hunter when he spots her. His squinty eyes focus on her for a second. He doesn't seem to have any ire for her, for some reason. His wounds sparkle and leak data, but he stays standing after the fight.

    His eyes widen a bit, and his head tilts in such a way as to focus on her properly, his snout lowered. His eyes are a stunning gold. He looks incredibly serious.


    Seems he's giving her the chance to get away. He doesn't want any human blood on his hands, so he's not going to attack Violet. Even if his an Ensign and she's an enemy combatant. Some situations are just not that simple.

Dr. Wily (529) has posed:
    Out on the outskirts of the cornfield, Dr. Wily sits comfortably in his flying saucer, safely away from the action - and loudly, if inaudibly to those outside - cursing his dearly detonated robot and the pet monsters that destroyed it. Perhaps the surviving Imperial troops shall find solace and shelter in the saucer's obnoxious hum. And maybe, just maybe, their ruler shall decide that the journey home beneath it shall be punishment enough for their failure here today.

Kirito has posed:

    Kirito was already shaking at the man's mad obsession with death, but his crippling blow, he hoped, would get the man to surrender. It is not to be.

    For in a wave of light and burning power, the man is gone. Utterly gone. "H-huuu... ah...!" Kirito's eyes go wide, horrified... but he didn't do it. It wasn't him, at least... but still...

    It's over.

    The boy grits his teeth quietly, swinging his blade about to flick the blood free of it.. then, out of pure habit, swings it a few more times in a final manner and sheathes it across his back. *CLICK*

    The Black Sworsdman casts a brief yet shaken gaze over at Theo...

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Violet makes note.

     Reppamon at least won't /kill/ her. That is really good to know.

     Either way, she turns and runs.

     It's worth noting, the guards are finally getting the riot under control, at least. So most of the prisoners are remaining entirely safely captured, albeit the prison will need some repairs all over.

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Also the prison kind of now smells like fish due to the line of dead marching fishes Gomamon left behind.

Ferham (516) has posed:
     Ferham apparently has been able to escape with Gomamon in tow, flying off and leaving a trail of fish behind her.

Allyn (307) has posed:
Allyn sneaks past the fish as he makes his way out of the prison and once away from the marching fish he shifts back to his normal dire wolf form. He couldn't stop Ferham from taking the prisoner, but well, at least he tried.

Theo Morrison has posed:
Khrusor, the Sun Spear, stands straight up where the man once stood. It is free of blood, and glows with an inner light. It's terribly beautiful -- and terribly deadly.

Theo stands up slowly. He looks around at the rapidly-diminishing Confederate forces, and then starts heading towards where the actual fight took place. Heliod and his Sun Spear vanish, and the angelic Eidolon goes with them. It looks like the game, deadly though it may be, is over.

Theo stops a short distance from Kirito. He looks at the remnants of the fight, and rubs the spot on his chest where he is going to have a nasty bruise for at least a week. "That was... uh..."


Riva Banari has posed:
Well, that was... unexpected. Riva's going to need to learn to do more research in the future, as she chops, chops, chops, and then she levels the blade at the Prinny. "SURRENDER!" She declares. She knows she's got this in the bag.

And then the bird lands on the Prinny. "Um..." She says... And then there is a massive detonation. "WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Riva yells, her voice vanishing in the sound of the detonation.

She is left pained and crispy in the blast crater. She's going to be lying there for a bit. "Ugh.... My /everything/ hurts." She's not doing any victory dances /today/.

Well, not for a couple hours.

Man, she could totally go for a taco right now.

Hero Prinny (538) has posed:
    From off screen...

    A normal looking Prinny walks on stage, and slowly walks into the crater. It looks at Riva for a long moment, before it picks up the scarf on the remains of the Hero Prinny...and puts it on.

    "You suck, dood." It says, and the Prinny disappears, the dead one. However, the new Prinny Hero walks away, and something SHINY is on the ground.


Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:


Alexis has posed:
Scorch's fire is still burning, but Alexis grabs his arm before he can try to set the speeder on fire as it leaves with her opponent. "Not worth it. Do something to help the guards get the rest fo this riot under control." "... Phlosion." <... Yeah, fine.> The flame-badger huffs a bit of smoke, then lets his fire dim as he wades into the lingering fighting between guards and prisoners to help break it up. Mostly by spitting Smokescreens to blind people so the guards can get them wrestled down.

Alexis mutters a bit, but shrugs it off to go check on Stormpaw. "Stop yelling, ya old dog. The deafness will go away in a little bit."

The Tiger turns his head.. in the opposite direction. "NO THE BAT TRIED TO BITE HIM," he barks loudly. Yep, ears still ringing.

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva gets Key Item: 1x Ground Taco.

She is not eating that. She also doesn't sass the new Prinny back. She'll deal with it.