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Operation Rei-Go: E-2!
Date of Scene: 02 April 2016
Location: Great Ocean - Eastern Loop
Synopsis: Another assault... and this time, it took more than just the Abyssal Lives...
Cast of Characters: Kotone Yamakawa, Rebecca Chambers, 368, 385, Wo, 637, Nagato, Shigure, 691, Sanary Rondel, 901, 939, 967

Nagato has posed:
    It's late afternoon, the sun is trying to hide itself behind the horizon, night will be setting upon the area soon and Nagato's fleet has already fully sortied out to the area. No special speech, no special anything, just Nagato, her fleet and the open ocean before them. "We're not sure what we're dealing with today, however, suspicions are here that we may be dealing with a transport fleet." she turns around, looking at the fleet behind. For those who can't skate on water or fly, Akitsumaru's with them and a few Daihatsu's ready armed with small arms.

    "Kuma, you're in charge of our torpedo squadron, Natori and Shigure will be with you. I will need you three to be our fast fleet to scout ahead of us." she gives a brief nod, then turns to Kagurazaka and Amakasu. "You two will be with me once more. We will have Chitose with us for air support. Kongou, take Akitsumaru and those upon her daihatsu's, we're going to assault any supply bases they have here and we need your firepower."

    Those else who are here are either on the Daihatsu's or have their own transportation here. "It's going to be time. All ships, head out, you have your orders!" she gives a brief nod, "We will be meeting together at the end of this to finish off this area. Good luck."

Wo has posed:
Night fall is normally the perfect time for a transport fleet to get to work. That isn't quite the case, however, when your enemy has obtained intelligence on your routes and movements, and decryption from the last strike on 'those others' would have yielded such a path, cutting right through the edge of the Curry Sea and flirting nightly with Fleet Daughter, and by proxy, Union-held territory. With pressure mounting from whispers of attacks and 'another Abyssal fleet', the convoys have also grown quite sizeable. One string of Abyssal ships, twenty Wa-class transports strong not counting their escorts, launches from a secluded (non-personified) supply depot, their lamps already glowing a muted teal green in the fading daylight. Most are otherwise a dull, gun metal grey and stark, weathered black, besides their pale, bloated bodies. Yet, the one in front seems slightly larger than the others, and possesses a golden glow around her.

    Wo, for the evening, is positioned further afield from the convoy, her aircraft in the air functioning as a primitive sort of AWACS, several flights of those sleek Abyssal fighters functioning as scout planes and scouring the nearby seas with radar. The Elite Tsu-class at her side is doing her own investigations via radar ranging, though her own potential is less far-reaching than that of the fighters. "...try-ing, to move all of this...at once," Wo figures, her mouth downturning into the slightest of frowns. "--I don't like it. But -- we have, no choice." The Tsu-class gurgles in agreement beneath her helmet. "Tell the es-corts to move, into screen-ing formations. ...sub-marines, as well. I will contact Elites, to be on stand-by." With that, a radio transmission is given via Confederate channels, to be on alert in case the supply route comes under attack. It isn't quite a call to action just yet, but Wo isn't one to sound alarms lightly. The possibility of something going down could be substantial.

Kongou (637) has posed:
    "<Leave It To Kongou!>" comes the enthusiastic response. The afformentioned battleship thrusts a hand forward, thumb extended, one eye closed, "Whether it's a transport fleet or a supply base, I'll give it my all~!" Twisting, she brings that same arm overhead and then points, "<Let's Go!> Victory on the Dawn's Horizon~!"

    Beside the energetic battleship, Isuzu slowly draws her hand down her face with a nearly inaudible groan, "She hasn't fielded in a while, barring trips between Hikari and Boston. Forgive the ... abundance." Hand lowering, she gestures, "Come on, Akitsumaru, Akizuki. We have a battleship to keep out of trouble."

    "A-ah, yes." Without wasting further time, Akizuki falls in echelon behind Isuzu, who in turn forms up behind and to the right of Kongou, creating a staggered line formation with an opening at the end for Akitsumaru to bring up the rear.

    "I want all radars on high alert," Isuzu states in a calm tone, "Aircraft, surface contacts, and subsurface with sonar. These Abyssals like to ambush us with submarines, let's not give them the chance this time."

Shigure has posed:
    Kuma listens to the briefing, then salutes to the battleship. "Kuma understands, kuma!" she replies, then looks at Natori and Shigure. "Line ahead formation, maintain spaccing, kuma." She then kicks off, and sets sail for the coordinates provided.

    Shigure mmns softly. "I will maintain radio contact with the rest of the fleet." she offers, as she falls into line with the two cruisers.

    Chitose is actually nowhere to be seen to start with. She does finally appear on the horizon, but she could be mistaken for Junyou, or maybe Hiyou from a distance. Her Ocean Fit-out has a much different silhouette than before. Bulky hull, with a completely flat top. She approaches the gathering point, before dissolving in a ball of light, the humanoid form standing where the ship once was. She's not sporting the backpack and launch rails this time. Instead, floating beside her is a wooden-seeming device with multiple covered openings, painted in the markings of a flight deck. "Remodelled Light Carrier, Chitose. Reporting for duty, Flagship."

X (967) has posed:
Sometimes it just so happens that the distance between two warp gates is JUST odd enough that you may as well take the long route - it'll be faster in the end. This is why there's one lone blip on the radar right now that none of the more organized sorts can account for. whatever it is, it's metal, tiny, and moving REALLY DAMNED FAST across the waves.

    But a pinpoint examination via telescope or similar reveals... a strange sight indeed.

    It ain't an Abyssal. It's a blue dude (huh?), looks maybe like a robot except for the human face... riding a motorcycle? Well, a rocket cycle. The sleek Ride Chaser's built in a pretty heavy duty style for Reploid passengers, and is easily hitting speeds that most people wouldn't consider... safe. It hovers JUST over the water, high enough to avoid plowing into waves and skipping over the few that are tall enough to bother it!

    X, probably lost in thought, grips the controls and watches his onboard radar...

Graf Zeppelin (939) has posed:
Graf Zeppelin and the rest of the Sixth Support Squadron were here in full as well. This was an important operation, and everyone had to lend their hands. Down the last man...woman.... girl. Whatever. The german carrier turned around to face her squad once Nagato gave the main orders.

     "You heard the Admiral." She eyes the other four evenly before her gaze settled on Naka. "Naka, you stay in the backlines and keep an eye on the proceedings. Support anyone who looks like they need the assistance."

     Naka smiled brightly and saluted. "Sir, Yes Sir! Leave it to me! I'll sing them a song so inspiring, the word 'lose' will be erased from their vocabulary!"

     Graf Zeppelin nodded, completely ignoring the song part. She looked to Nenohi, Akebono, and Kasumi next. "Nenohi, Kasumi, Akebono. The three of you spread out and maintain a perimeter. Anything hostile gets in range, you turn it to ash. Kasumi, you're in charge. Maintain radio contact at all times."

     Nenohi and Kasumi saluted. "Sir, Yes Sir! Leave it to Nenohi! When I'm finished with them, they won't even remember what day it is! And you know what day it is? It's-" BOP! Kasumi bonked Nenohi over the head. "Understood. No questions, Sir. We'll head out at onc-"

     And then came Akebono. "Wait, wait, WAIT! Why the fuck is Kasumi ALWAYS the leader!? She's complete garbage at handling this shit? I should be the leader!" She glared at her fellow destroyer, and then at Graf Zeppelin. "Make me the leader, or I'm not moving an inch-ARGH!"

     "That's enough out of you! This is an important sortie! Act like an adult for once in your stupid life!" Kasumi grabbed Akebono by the ear, pulling her along with Nenohi laughing and following. "We won't let you dooooown~!" Naka skated off to take her position as well, leaving Graf Zepplin to forge on ahead.

     "...Will they really be okay?" She muttered to herself before pressing forward. "...I suppose I will just have to believe in them." That was a scary thought.

Rebecca Chambers has posed:
Standing attentively, Rebecca listens to the briefing with a blank stare on her face. It's not until the battleship is finished speaking that Rebecca renders a military salute and says, "Understood, Admiral! I'll move out now!" Fortunately, S.T.A.R.S. has provided her with a craft similar to that of a PT Boat, albeit with better weapons for this type of mission. Unfortunately, Rebecca can't operate one herself, so another S.T.A.R.S. operative has taken the controls for this mission while Rebecca herself sits behind manning the weapons. "After this mission is over, I'm going to see about getting myself a license to operate these things."

    Taking a seat at the weapons station on the boat, Rebecca straps herself in before giving the signal to her operator to get going. "Don't get seasick now," She comments. "I didn't bring any Dramamine with me." She smirks a little as the operator laughs at the joke before beginning the advancement.

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    Hoshi ended up nearly being late for this trip out into the open ocean. The past few days had been spent with her head buried in books and studying... It'd actally pretty much been luck that she'd switched on her radio and found out that something was happening at all.

    But now she's here, in her uniform again, feeling the fresh sea air hitting her face again. It actually brings a smile to her lips... still a tiny bit tainted from her last experience on the water. She listens to Nagato's directives quietly withher arms folded, trying to think about how she should actually be fighting here.

    "Still probably going to be rusty on my cannons," she mutters to herself. "Shouldn't dive right in like I'm crazy this time, though..." She's left muttering until she notes that Nagato's done talking, and everyone's moving. "Ehh--R-right, on the way, Admiral!" It's perfect time to see the girls with Graf starting to squabble, too, which almost has Hoshi going to move between them before she hurriedly joins Nagato.

    "Sorry about that," Hoshi coughs quietly when she comes into a loose line-ahead with Nagato. "I won't keep getting distracted like I have been."

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Special Light Cruiser Kagurazaka salutes Nagato as the admiral gives her orders, as well as nodding. As before, Elner is close enough to watch over her, with the rest of the Matrix of Light standing by - outside the operation area, but close enough to come to Yuna's aid in case disaster strikes. Of course, Yuna is hoping that nothing of the sort happens ... but it never hurts to have that extra layer to catch you when it does.

It's been more than long enough since the first mission for Kagurazaka's equipment to be fully repaired, and even the fuku she wears underneath it has been mended (and cleaned). She's had a couple of training deployments since then, confirming that everything still works properly; the only thing she should have to worry about at this stage is the Abyssals.

That doesn't keep her from feeling a little uneasy anyway ... but she forms up with Nagato, Chitose, and Amakasu without giving voice to her unease. If she only deployed when she *wasn't* worried about something, Kagurazaka would spend way too much time on dry land - and for that matter, Yuna wouldn't see nearly as much action as she *does*, the SDP notwithstanding.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa has been keeping her self useful to the Fleet, mostly in delivering supplies and the like, today it's not cargo hauling duty with the bluenose. Nope she's more looking like a shrine maiden today as she's going to be launching with the fleet itself to give what little support she can. She has a loaded quiver and she's tcarrying her bow as she looks to the Admiral and Kuma for a moment, before hse deploys out to sea hopefully nothing will go wrong today, right? What could go wrong? Well it's getting late and she switches ove to nightvision as the darkness settles into formation for the moment. She makes note of Kongou and her fleet along with Kuma and the small fleet she's leading. She gets her idea is general support.

<<X? These are the ladies I was telling you about a while back.>>

Kotone notes over a tight beam channel she also makes note that Hoshi is also back in action.

She also sends anotehr communication.

<<Admiral Nagato where do you want me?>>

Nagato has posed:
    "Yamakawa, join up with Kongou to provide air support. Graf Zeppelin, join behind me to provide air support. All ships, move." upon the order, Nagato briefly points in a few directions, having Kasumi go in one, sending Kongou in another direction, Kuma in a third and Nagato joining in the fourth direction, straight ahead. "Everyone, keep with radio contact." Nagato's own radar goes off when it spies X, an unknown entity heading towards the area. "Mmm.. unknown entity on the horizon."

    Over the radios, she calls out, "Unidentified person, please respond. State your name and class. This is Admiral Nagato and you are in a volatile combat area. If you do not respond, we shall consider you a part of the Abyssal Fleet and will not hestiate to sink you. Please respond." With that out of the way, she continues forward. "Amakasu, Kagurazaka, Chitose. Line ahead formation. Kagurazaka, take the point, Amakasu, take the rear, Chitose behind me."

    Nagato looks ahead, taking a small breath. Unknown things ahead... but she's got her conviction. Soon, she'll have the Abyssal's supply line destroyed and with that, it will hopefully take a toll on them.

Wo has posed:
The advancing line of the Fleet Daughters and their allies would soon see radar returns just over the horizon. It's still a bit too early, at first, to determine the exact nature of what is being seen, much less acquire a firing solution, but the immense length of the column and the number of its members quickly becomes apparent. Almost two dozen large contacts and several smaller ones -- roughly light cruiser strength, on the latter. From the evidence, the intelligence was likely correct: They've stumbled across a very large and well organized transport fleet. Crushing this would not only deprive the Abyssal fleet and their immediate Confederate co-conspirators of precious resources and equipment, but some might even prove reclaimable. Yet, a fleet of that size isn't likely to be lightly guarded. It seems it was a good decision to bring this much firepower to bear against what would normally be a relatively lightweight affair.

    Hydrophones make no such contacts, just yet. If there are submarines in the area, they are not making a lot of noise to be detected, and are waiting at the sea floor among the natural variation in terrain. It is actually there that, upon approach, Yari would find them amidst some natural corals. A gang of four women that look straight out of a Japanese horror film, pale and with long black hair wafting in the sea currents. Three have what look like re-breather masks affixed to their faces, but the fourth forgoes such contrivances; instead what marks her as different is the red glow around her body, and the hydrodynamic-styled peaked helmet atop her head. Each turn glowing eyes toward her; wordless save for some bubbling gas from their breathing apparatus and mouths, but seemingly eager to go stalking prey should it appear. And appear it does. The Abyssal fighters would be heard first, more than seen: Their jet screeches echoing in the air immediately above the Union positions, as well as their suddenly excited buzzing sounds between each other. Their stark green exhaust cuts across the sky, immediately beginning to turn back. Shooting at them isn't likely to prevent the detection at this point, but at least would trim the air cover.

    Back beyond the lines, the Wo-class carrier's frown deepens. It's time to put in the call, then. She hates it when she's right, sometimes.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
Yari has a mission, and she'll not shirk it. She's still not quite fully versed in tactics at sea, but stealth is stealth, and Wo had something in mind regardless. Thus, the ninja donned a wetsuit, and headed out to form up with the submarines through judicous use of ninjutsu and good old fashioned swimming.

She checks her oxygen tank just in case, even as she holds with the submarines' defensive pattern. The Au'Ra doesn't take point, instead letting the leader of the pack take point. She'll explain her plan to the submarines as best she can: the subs prowl on her orders while she provides illusions, and in the case of heavy resistance, additional fire support should they encounter Elites.

From her tone, she's betting on Wo's intuition being right.

Meanwhile, she makes several handseals, illusions settling in over them to make them seem that much more like natural sea life. With any luck, it might even fool radar to some extent.

Tesla Armadia (368) has posed:
It didn't take being a genius to know there would be another strike against the Abyssals. If anything, the last attack by the Fleet Daughters that accidentally unearthed a different Abyssal fleet was a nice big warning that they were going on a more offensive approach to matters. Time and place were irrelivant in the short run, knowing was all one needed to begin planning.

And as the Multiverse has been taught in recent months, having time to plan is when one Tesla Armadia is arguably the most dangerous.

Naval combat was not a topic she was exceptionally familiar with, but it was not hard to adapt what she did know to, either. Which could be why the vehicle that comes cruising over the waves in response to Wo's call looks like it could very much take off into space as it is speeding across the ocean surface. Seeing as it was been propelled by what look like large engines in the back instead of boat rotors, that might not be far off.

Tesla was at home in the control center all the same, operating the craft through her powers as well as physical controls. The technopath's mind was at one with the alloys and circuits around her, operating almost as if an extension of her own body somehow. As it approaches the Abyssal convoy Tesla waves one hand, bringing several virtual displays to life around her. Wo desires better aerial survelliance? So be it. One motion, a mental command, and it's done.

Hatches open to deploy a good two dozen or so smaller forms into the air as the elaborate craft comes into view. The tactical recon drones are little more than flying sensors with wings that give them a wedge shape. Almost like minature remote control stealth bombers, abiet without the bombs. Supposedly. Instead of opening up any sort of attack they sweep sensors over the water around them, taking in enemy numbers to build tactical analysis transmitting back to 'home', from which Tesla can relay to the rest of the Confederate forces.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
The chunky green armor has practically become Sanary's standard wear at sea, hasn't it? Just her luck that every time she's been out to sea, she's been attacked by planes, ships, ship girls, and ship girls launching planes at her. It's probably of little surprise to anyone that she's fully armored again tonight, hovering low over the water with her legs pointed at odd angles and wobbling occasionally to keep her steady.

     Indeed, the healer's 'sailing' with the Abyssals again today, but she's only got her Charge Blade and its shield with her instead of her frequent two-or-three shield combo! Is she trying something different again today? Apparently so, since she's not taking to the sky just yet, although she does rise a few meters higher to start scanning the path that the transports are heading in, her eye glinting briefly as magic funnels into it.

     <<"I think... I got something for this, actually.">> She murmurs over the radio as the night-vision matrix in her eye activates, drawing a light wince from the wash of green hitting her eye. Once that initial shock wears off, however, Sanary starts rising further into the air to follow those Abyssal fighters and Tesla's drones to get a better look at what they're dealing with today. With any luck, she'll be able to relay back the same sort of information using nothing more than good ol' eyesight!

Shigure has posed:
    Chitose nods to Nagato, and falls in behind the Battleship. The large standing Theatre hovers along beside her, almost like the construct is self propelling, akin to the familiars of a certain set of destroyers.

    As Abyssal aircraft zoom overhead, two doors open on the theatre, and spew forth flights small toy aircraft, painted white. They expand out to the normal 'model' size of a Land Fit-out aircraft, engines roaring to life as they pitch up and angle to intercept the Abyssal craft. "Zero, Launch! Ready first attack wave!"

    Kuma's fleet are flanking out far from the main group, attempting to get ahead of the column and cross its T, where their torpedoes and gun batteries will be most effective. Shigure frowns a little though, "I don't like this... The sonar is too quiet."

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
"Roger!" Kagurazaka responds, picking up a bit of speed to settle into the lead position in the formation. Line ahead is pretty simple, a straight line from front to back - and since Kagurazaka is in the lead, she just has to keep going in a fairly straight line and let the rest of her 'fleet' keep in line behind her.

Although the formation will likely come apart when they have to go into evasive maneuvers.

She's already made sure her equipment fairies are ready - cannons loaded, torpedoes ready in case they're needed, even the anti-aircraft machine guns on her rigging are prepped to fire. And the sound of Abyssal fighter planes ... is not something she's going to forget. Possibly not ever, but certainly not soon. That buzzing noise, stirring up terrible memories as it drifts across the ocean's surface, is enough to bring Kagurazaka to full alertness, watching the sky as she elevates her turrets; she spots the planes before they're within her effective firing range, and there are a few *clunks* from her turrets as the shells are swapped out for something better-suited.

By the time her cannons have been re-loaded with the right sort of ammo, the Abyssal planes are *ALMOST* in her range - and Kagurazaka starts firing immediately, anticipating that the time it takes her shells to fly will give the enemy planes time to enter her effective range. As usual, her main guns don't fire simultaneously, either - giving up the benefits of saturation fire, in exchange for spreading her firepower out across the reloading period. Only once all five of her turrets have launched their shells does she let the anti-air machine guns open up - and anything which got past her opening barrage ...

Well, that's at least partly why she's not alone out here, isn't it?

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa has her orders to go aid Kongou and the rest of her escorts she already reaching for her quiver to get several scout planes notched and up in the air, soon five of them are in the air scouting ahead she'll soon launch several fighters as wlel but seems to be holding off on the bombers for a moment until she has a better idea of what they are all facing.. She want to not misdeploy her her forces after all she's only got so many planes she can deploy after all.

She'll fall in with Kongou and those escorting her as she skates across the water to keep up with them.

Rebecca Chambers has posed:
As the S.T.A.R.S. boat falls into position, Rebecca's bringing up the targeting systems on her weapons station and making sure all weapons are ready to go at a moment's notice. At the same time, she calls out to her boat's operator, "Secure yourself! This could get nasty at any moment!" The operator obliges, double-securing themselves for combat. Meanwhile, Rebecca is checking her sonar carefully to ensure that she's not caught off-guard. She feels a slight twinge of uneasiness in herself, but she shakes it off, knowing that this is her chance to shine as a naval operative!

    "They'll come to us, and we'll be ready," Rebecca says to herself with a slight smile. "I'll prove that I'm capable of just about anything!"

X (967) has posed:
Picking up an IFF he wasnt' expecting out here in the boonies, X blinks, shaken out of his deep thoughts and brought back to full attention on the matter at hand. but before he can respond to Kotone...

    A rather disturbing ultimatum reaches his radio pickup. Analog signal, of all things, but understandable.

    X throttles down to half his previous speed with a frantic motion and scans the seas more thoroughly with while he composes a reply. His optics work overtime to zoom in, but they're not exactly optimized for SUPER long distances... still, he can see movement on the horizon, and it looks like... "Those aren't ships...?"


    Tapping his head-helmet, the blue robot responds, "Not sure what you mean by class, but my name is X, representing Cain Labs from Arcadia. I have nothing to do with any Abyssal Fleet! ... do remember reading about them before embarking though. Seems my path to the next warp gate lead right into trouble." After a brief, yet rather agonizing pause following another glance across the oceanic horizon...

    Well. Yet another conflict, it seems...

    'Do I want to get involved in this?'

    The question echoes and bounces around in his head. Having read up on the threat the Abyssals pose to all human sea travel in this world, strange as they are... and what Kotone was saying.

    So over the radio he asks, "Do you need assistance?"

    In response to Kotone, he radios back, <<It's just one kind of trouble after another that you're getting into. What a small Multiverse this is.>> At least his voice is just a TOUCH on the lighter and polite side, but there's a hint of exasperation too.

Kongou (637) has posed:
    Leaning outboard of her turn, Kongou accellerates to her top speed, hands lowering to rest on her hips while she shifts slightly with the skating motion of her sailing. Her turrets already rotate, traversing forward and elevating to either side, "Hmm~hmm~... We'll circle around on the side and attack at long range while the center force draws their attention~!"

    "Easier targets broadside," Isuzu mutters, checking her weaponry briefly. The radar screens on her headband twitch, prompting her to look up a split second after the third member of the Fourth Mobile.
    "Enemy aircraft!" Akizuki declares, raising an arm to point. At her sides, the Choujuucentihou-chans swivel their heads and elevate their guns. Before the destroyer girl can even issue the order, the ten centmeter guns open fire in a rapid sucession, filling the sky around the Abyssal scout planes with air-burst flak shells.

    Raising her own weapon, hand-held, Isuzu's 12.7 centimeter guns open fire as well, swiveling on their mount to track the fleeing aircraft. On either side, the smaller three-barrelled autocannons also open up, though the altitude makes them fairly ineffective, "--Tch..!"

    "If they've already found us~," Kongou begins, drawing a hand back, "Then let's <Say Hello~!>" To punctuate it, she throws her hands out, and the battleship's batteries are not aimed at the fleeing recon planes. Rather, they're aimed at the distant formation, and announce themselves with a concussive blast and a burst of smoke.

    "Three~! Two~! One~!" At the end of Kongou's countdown, the shells descend on the convoy, but never hit the water. About fifty meters above water, the broadside detonates, hurlng cones of incendiary magnesium and shrapnel in downward arcs into the heart of the formation.

Graf Zeppelin (939) has posed:
"Understood. Beginning sortie." Graf Zeppelin responded, falling in place behind Nagato, alongside Chitose. She narrowed her eyes at the enemy aircraft in the sky and smirked. "...Very well." Her hand reached into one of her card pouches, pulling out a deck of cards. She shuffled them quickly and then spread her arms, causing the array of cards to follow in an arc.

     Her flight deck shifted around, facing forward as several cards slotted themselves into the back. Then she directed an arm forward. "Do not waste any time. Launch!" And with several bursts of light, a number of Bf109 Fighters came into existence, soaring through the skie and charging on forward. Once in acceptable range, they began opening fire, not about to lose the chance.

     Kasumi meanwhile skated across the sea with Akebono and Nenohi in tow, circling around the hot zone and attempting to stay out of range while scoping out the enemy and their fixtures. Nenohi was perfectly content to hum to herself and follow along, but Akebono just frowned and grumbled and frowned some more. So boring! When were they going to able to blow shit up? Thats what they were made for right? Obviously! But no, she followed Kasumi's lead for now.

     Insubordination now could potentially topple everything in a chain reaction. She wasn't *dumb* now.

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    Hey, she'd guessed the formation right! Not quite her position, though. So, Hoshi cuts back on her engines to let the others pull ahead of her, then re-engages to catch up. For a few minutes, there was only the sounds of the people and engines around her, something that Hoshi took some comfort in. Then, she started hearing the pings.

    It's abundantly clear to her how many enemies are out there floating right now. And, she had no idea what ping represented what. Not at this distance, anyway. Going in blind to a fight was one of the worst things, along with all the bloodshed and carnage. Hoshi decided this as she grit her teeth, on edge from the sound of the planes above. She's no help with those.

    So Hoshi ends up switching from her radar to her sonar to help the search there. While she listens intently, she takes her locket out from her shirt and pops it open. Her hair tie sword is still holding up her hair. "Kambei, Heihachi, Kyuzo... Please help me again. You too, Rosamond."

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
As the fleet of Kuma's compatriots splits off from the main group to attack, so too does Yari and her newfound submarine compatriots! Two of the subs break off to hit the left flank of the approaching fleet, and the rest make a slightly more diagonal frontal assault. They wait until they get close. Very close. Then Yari gives the signal.

Where once there was simple dolphins (and a jellyfish, in poor So-class-chan's case!), there are suddenly torpedoes being launched. A few handseals, and those already deadly munitions begin to spark as lightning ninjutsu covers their armaments, combining mechanical explosives with magic to bring to bear against Kuma's fleet!

This does mean Yari's illusion is easier to see through, though!

Nagato has posed:
    Yes, the fleet is working as the well oiled machine she's made it. Though when X's convo comes into her own radio, she gives a nod. "Understood, we could use your assistance if you're willing to help, radio frequency has been opened for you. Please join it." With that out of the way, she gives a brief nod, "All ships. Find victory on the dawn's horizon!" she gives a frown as her turrets turn, readying up some standard shells in her turrets. With everything that's going on, she's not a hundred percent sure what she's dealing with.

    Amakasu's inital report was quite a few ships but no proper class types yet. "I need scouts in the air to show what we're dealing with, immediately! We know one carrier is confirmed but no specific types. Spread out, press on, end this supply chain!"

Shigure has posed:
    Kuma, Natori and Shigure are far out from the main force. It comes too late, when the illusion finally fades and Shigure's sonar comes alive with contacts... it's far too late. The torpedoes come barreling in at the Destroyer, and she cowers back, bringing up her arms to shield herself as the snapping tube-shaped explosives leap out of the water to try and latch on before exploding...

    Kuma reacts fast, though. She interposes and takes the hits directly with her body, coming out of the explosion with her legs half-way under the water, and her uniform shredded, rigging smoking from internal fires. "For Kuma to get into such a state... it's unforgivable, kuma."

    The order from the Flagship is to press on... and so, with some angrily thrown depth charges at the origin and area around where those torpedoes came from, the three ships continue, pushing on while Kuma trails a black, billowing cloud of smoke.

    Chitose points forward, adding another wing of aircraft to follow Graf's BF109s out. These are green aircraft, sporting a bomb-load under their central fuselage. "First Attack Wave deployed! Zeros, provide cover!"

Wo has posed:
The Abyssal fighters, for whatever reason, don't seem that inclined to fight. Instead, they are heading back directly over the convoy's lines, apparently to somewhere farther behind. They do make conservative efforts to dodge the fire of the incoming, and far more freshly supplied, Zeroes and Masserschmitts, but between that and the concentrated anti-air bursts aimed in their direction, it's not a great day to be an Abyssal fighter that's in need of refueling. On the up side, it does make their airframes lighter, so two of the flight do manage to pull ahead and escape, with pock marks grazing their sleek, black shells. Three others succumb to a combination of factors, all flak and air-to-air related; what one might expect to be thick, black smoke from a raging fire instead more of a thin wisp from sparks, as there was little fuel to actually catch fire. Instead, they appear to have mechanical failures, plummeting with troubled turbine whines into the water.

    The yet-distant convoy, itself, manages to hold its formation, despite the harassment by way of Kongou's beehive rounds. While there is some buzzing and gurgling sounds of nervousness, the Wa-class transport that's in the lead seems to manage to keep them in line, figuratively and literally. The burning sensation will let up after they get to their next base stop and get some ointment to put on it, and they WILL make it. Not willing to take all of this harassment passively, either, that lead Transport actually opens up with fire of her own. From the bulbous main 'body', several hatches open up, revealing a surprising repertoire of bristling guns, both 5-inch and 6-inch mounts to scale. While they wouldn't be effective on those further afield, they as well as the guns of the Abyssal light cruisers level to engage Nenohi, Akebono and Kasumi's approach. They either haven't noticed Kuma and company's approach, or they don't have the spare guns to trade shells.

    On the other hand, those two Ta-class aren't going to let those type 3 shells' insult go by. The serpentine 16 inch mounts appear from within their capes, training on Kongou's group and giving their answer to how they feel about having their hair and capes singed. They...thankfully don't really wear much to otherwise be set on fire, having shopped at the same store as Shimakaze, apparently. Elsewhere, a flight of dive bombers erupts from the Wo-class carrier's flight deck, sprouting quickly to two meters in width, as the surviving fighters limp back. It's quite possible that the bombers will encounter stiff resistance on their way, but with how quickly this attack happened, they need to be ready to mount a counter.

Tesla Armadia (368) has posed:
With so much firepower being flung into the air it is little surprise that some of the recon drones get caught in it as well. But the drones are aware of the expendable mortality, and their pieces plunge into the water in the dying satisfaction of knowing they had done their part in establishing the strategic view of the naval theater breaking into conflict.

Not that anyone other than the Technopath hears their final salutations. Tesla frowns faintly, but this is why she depatched several groups of the drones, knowing loss to gunfire was an inevitable casualty. They were simple but efficient machines that accepted their suicidal role with mechanical determination. They caught that someone was launching aircraft for the enemy through to her, so their sacrifice was not in vain. "Best do something about that. Stratos? Make their flight plans... unpleasant."

A hatchway atop the craft clatters open, followed by a lift rising into place. It appears to be some kind of turret, but instead of the typical artillery barrels that would be expected it sports a pair of what looked like electrical coils and antennae in their place. "That's the thing about being out at sea," Stratos remarks mainly to herself as she pulls her goggles down and then takes the controls of the weapon as it's swiveling in the direction of launching aircraft. Arcs of current crackle around the glowing coils, and it doesn't take long for the ionization in the air to start to become noticable with that tingly, staticy build up.

Stratos takes aim, waiting for as many of the Abyssal fighters to get back as possible before pulling the trigger to fire before the next wave is launched. The air around Tesla's ship is briefly light up as the weapon discharges a vicious forking bolt of lighting! A threat to the enemy planes as it spears through the air, and certainly dangerous to anyone near Kotone and Kongou's positions if they're unfortunately close to where the lightning hits the water's surface and violently discharges.

"There's always a storm brewing," Stratos finishes her witty remark smugly. Nevermind no one can really hear her up there, it's what supervillains do.

Nagato has posed:
    Natori blinks and lets out a surprised shock as Kuma's hit with the torpedo. Trying to interpose herself between Shigure and more torpedoes, she ends up taking a hit herself as well, the explosion sending up a massive wave of water over her and sending her knee depth into the water. "Wh.. where is everyone?!" she cries out, almost in a panic, "I.. .I'm hit!"

Wo has posed:
Those sea creatures that sonar technician fairies, even the terrible ones that don't plug in their headsets, would normally be trained to ignore...they weren't sea creatures at all! Surprise, it was not a gigantic Man-o-War, it was I, So-class! Having been effectively masked from sonar detection until they stalked their way into firing position, they suddenly surface and shed their illusions. Oh, the sonars, AND radars, are absolutely ringing now. They waste no time firing their enhanced torpedoes, from their carried, mawed launchers. They confirm at least one hit and radio it back to their allies, before they once again aim to quickly submerge, hoping that the shock of the attack will give them the chance to dive and separate before the inevitable depth charges follow. Around that time, the dive bombers' jet screeching can be heard closeby, and they make a steep turn, apparently having heard the brief radio burst of a confirmed hit and are either heading to confirm it -- or finish off the attack of opportunity.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa has also been suprised by X's own IFF but she thought it was best to give him a contact. She won't force X into anything he doesn't want to get mixed up in after all. She replies back to him.

<<I been helping the Hikari fleet for a while X, I tend to get around a lot it's just kinda of the person I have become. I just can't often sit by and do nothing, but it's up to you if you get involved or not. I'd never think about forcing you into anything.>>

She'll leave it there s she directs her own fighters after the fleeing aircraft and launches several more to join the first group.

She deploys some dive bombers now as well, pulling back on the bow and letting each arrow fly as she does to deploy them. The planes will move in to support Kongou and the rest.

"If you need anything else in the air Kongou just call for it!"

As the Abyssals get into it she's launching a flight of torpedo bombers. She's got a bit better with how she's drawing the bow, but she still needs work.

However STratos is now on the job and targeting her from the looks of it. She's not quite quick enough to evade the discharge of lightning and lets out a cry as the discharge rakes across her body. She's still afloat thankfully but that had to have hurt a hell of a lot.

Shigure has posed:
    Kuma hears those engines... but she ignores them. Instead, she turns, presenting her broadside to the Transport Fleet, and drops as many torpedoes as she can manage into the water, aiming them ahead of the convoy as a final farewell.

    Shigure follows suit, but turns her guns skywards as her torpedoes launch. Cannons fire, belching smoke, and filling the are with flak shells. Eyes wide, her breathing becoming rapid and shallow. "I can't hold them..." she looks at the cruisers.. they won't survive a bombing run... "No... not again... NO!"

    Tears well up in the Destroyers eyes, as she unleashes everything she has at the incoming bombers... until Kuma says something to her. Soft but carrying. "Go, Shigure... you have to survive. Tell the Admiral, 'Fear not, our goal is achieved.'"

X (967) has posed:
<<It's robots that do most of the heavy lifting and dangerous work for humans where I'm from. Seeing so many people constantly putting themselves in danger is really strange! You're one brave cyborg. Just stay safe out there! I'm moving to assault the Abyssal escorts.>>

    After a rather heated radio exchange... and a second pass of his optics, verifying that the Abyssals aren't a 'fleet' in his sense of the word so much as a LOT of monsters ambling along on the ocean surface and probably below... (and over half of the 'Hikari Fleet' different only in the cuteness department), he's left gaping.

    Oooookay. So there won't be any attempt to board an enemy ship here and capture the bridge after subduing a monstrous crew. "When the files said vengeful ghost ships... I was expecting actual ships. Big vehicles. What am I looking at?" Despite being a robot, even X can FEEL there is something just... WRONG about the Abyssals.

    X detours upon spotting a lot of... what he quickly deduces to be bombers, hitting full throttle again! Targeting reticles in his H.U.D. form and lock onto the strange craft, providing predictive telemetry for the X-Buster his right hand quickly becomes. He raises the arm-cannon skyward on approach, but without his left hand to stabilize it his rate of ACCURATE fire's kind of crappy. The instant he's in range he sends barrages of shots towards the bombers.

    At this range the buster's shots will end up pretty diffused and do far less damage than they ought to, but he's hoping that smacking them around at ALL will get the bombers changing course or targets or SOMETHING. Drawing aggro is a legitimate strategy!

Wo has posed:
From their climb, the bombers suddenly dive. No less than two cruisers are absolutely smoldering wrecks -- or would be if they weren't also girls, in this case. They don't anticipate much return fire from those two, and it's left purely to Shigure to try and hold them off. Panicked bursts nail two of the bombers, which drop their bombs ineffectively as they begin trailing smoke, and crash into the sea near to the formation. Unfortunately, three are still in the air, their approach almost unstoppable at this point, as at the perfectly timed point in their dive, the bombs fall away from their airframes toward the two crippled girls. As their collective torpedoes speed away at the approaching transport column, there is nothing the planes can do about those, but they can have their revenge. And as the bombs impact, it might be a small mercy that the entire area is engulfed in an inferno that can be easily, visually witnessed even from positions further afield.

Graf Zeppelin (939) has posed:
Graf Zeppelin narrowed her eyes as the Abyssal Fighters retreated. ...Odd. Perhaps they were low on resources? Tch, fine. What else needed immediate attention right about no- "......." She paused in her thoughts, eyes locked on a form flying in the sky.

     The form of Sanary Rondel. Graf Zeppelin smirked as she angled her turrets upwards in the healer's direction. "Sanary Rondel, I see you have yet to surrender." And then each one of her cannons fired, sending their shells straight up at the one eyed flyer. "Allow me to force you to do just that."

     And meanwhile, Kasumi, Nenohi, and Akebono all froze as those guns were turned straight on them. "......Oh shit-" Akebono muttered. "Move, move! Evasive Maneuvers! And then return fire!" Kasumi cried next. "On it! Nenohi followed up, and all three of them broke formation, scattering as the shells struck the water, blasting their general area.

     "Argh! Fuck!" Akebono growled as a portion of her fitout was blown off. Kasumi skirted by with little damage, but Nenohi took a huge hit dead on, trailing smoke from her equipment. "Ah! T-This is bad...Nenohi doesn't feel so good..." Kasumi grit her teeth but looked forward. "Unload everything you have! Go!" And in unison, the three let loose a combined burst of cannonfire onto their enemies, aiming to blast a wide area before the enemy could mount a second volley.

Shigure has posed:
    Kuma looks up at the bombers, staring defiantly as the bombs drop. "Chief... I will finally see you again, right?" she says softly, before she's engulfed in a towering pillar of explosive flame.


    Shigure stares with wide, doe-like eyes as her friend and Flagship vanishes before her... She drops the right cannon-fa, the mechanical arm lashing out to catch it before it sinks... and reaches out as tears roll down her face... She looks about to collapse... before something snaps inside of her.

    Eyes covered by shadow, the Destroyer turns, letting out a PING of Sonar so intense it would likely cause ringing in the ears of anyone close by.

    "Found you."

    She turns, kicking off to chase down the fleeing submarines, hands moving rapidly to grab and fling little grenade-like Depth charges at the sonar contacts, expending her entire ammo supply on a strafing deployment, before turning to evacuate the combat zone.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
Well, that went ass-up rather quickly. Spotting those explosions in the distance and nearby, Sanary descends somewhat to still be hovering above the transport fleet, but no so high as to get caught up with the fighters and other aircraft. Switching her night-vision matrix off, the flying brick starts channelling that magical energy into the Fire matrix next.

     Ships aren't good with fire, right? Right. All the more reason to start firing explosive heat blasts widely at the water's surface! If... Wildly means only one at the shipgirls at the perimeter of the main fleet before a shell whizzes right past her head, anyway. It's almost as if she was about to try corraling them in instead of just trying to hit them directly.

     Did Sanary finally learn strategy? Alas, the world will never know as her attention is instead focused on-

     "Graf... Graf. You always have to do this, huh?" Bracing that shield in front of her, she winces as a shell hits it dead center and sends her flying back before finally righting herself, a pained wheeze escaping her at the force of the shell and the explosion going straight into her arm. "Rrghn... I'm not surrendering today! /You/ can surrender to me, and I'll..."

     Shit. She had something witty for this. "I'll... Treat like a regular prisoner of war, I guess! With food and... Stuff." That wasn't a witty retort at all. What might be wittier is how she leans forward to angle the anklets properly, then practically rockets herself directly at Graf Zeppelin with her shield prepared for ramming and her sword poised for a follow-up stab!

     No, that wasn't really witty, either.

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
With the initial hit and run successful, Yari is quick to keep pace with the retreating submarines. Kuma goes down in a flash of flame thanks to those bombers, even as X tears them up. But there's one more shipgirl ready to destroy. And it's for situations like this that she came along with the submarines. From the darkness of the water, Yari briefly surfaces as those depth charges are thrown! Her hand flicks, and there's several kunai with papers tied to them. A swift throw! Three bladed weapons go straight for some of the depth charges, while two more kunai are tossed! One final follow-up changes the angle of another kunai, to best have a nice spread to catch as many as she can!

Then, those explosive tags go off. Yari quickly submerges again, trying to catch up with the submarines, ready to find more prey.

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    There are certain things that no one should ever get used to seeing. From where she was, there was nothing Hoshi could've done to stop the attack on Kuma, Shigure, and Nenohi. The sudden blast of heat and fire from the location makes her jaw drop and her body nearly go completely slack. "Miss Kuma... Miss Shigure, Miss Natori!" Hoshi has to close her eyes and look away from the devastation.

    That doesn't stop it from behing imprinted on her vision. For a moment, the longing to just run away in face of the awfulness of it all fills her very soul.

    One eye gets forced open, then the other, and her lips press into a tight line. Running away wouldn't save her, or anyone else here. There was only one thing to do. So she reaches up to untie her hair and let it flow out in the wind. She doesn't bother to transform it yet, but instead starts barking the moment she's in range of the transports.

    "Kambei, fire! Heihachi, fire!" Her guns explode loudly in her ears, sending shells spiraling for the transport's ugly faces. Meanwhile, she kicks up her engines to start speeding up, preparing for her sword charge.

    "I won't forgive you for what you've done!" Hoshi roars in defiance to her opposition.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
If the Abyssal aircraft aren't trying to engage, there are only a couple of possible explanations. Maybe they aren't armed for anti-ship (or anti-kanmusu) combat ... or maybe they were only sent out to get a better look at the attackers coming in after the convoy, and were recalled upon contact, instead of the Abyssal 'commander' letting them get shot down. Either way, it's somewhat worrisome to Kagurazaka.

And she abruptly has a LOT more to worry about, like the fact that a bunch of her friends and allies are abruptly in an AWFUL lot of danger. Kuma and Natori, Nenohi and Akebono ... she might not know all of them *well*, but they're her allies - and for Yuna Kagurazaka, that might as well be written 'friends'.

She's still thinking that when a massive explosion erupts at Kuma's location, and Kagurazaka flinches noticeably. Her turrets are reloaded; her torpedoes are ready; the transports are ahead of her and there's little in the way of immediate resistance.

"I don't care who you are ... Abyssal, Confederate, demon or angel ... !"

Kagurazaka picks up speed, her gaze skimming across the sky, then back, in search of hostile air cover - and then drops to focus on the convoy again as she goes to flank speed, barreling straight in.


She opens fire, staggered shots from each turrets - shrapnel rounds for the initial wave, but the reloads are the heaviest anti-ship rounds she's been issued, and she goes through at least *three* waves of cannonfire on her approach run, then pivots to one side, launching torpedoes, before pivoting the other way and kicking the torpedoes out from THAT side, letting her turrets give further voice to her anger all the while. She has two on each side, plus one hand-wielded gun, so she isn't really suffering from a shortage of firepower.

Only when she's temporarily completely out of munitions does she wheel about and turn away from the Abyssal ships, zig-zagging erratically to try and defy incoming fire. She should probably have been pulling evasive moves like that when she STARTED her attack run, admittedly ...

Rebecca Chambers has posed:
With the operator heeding Rebecca's previous directions, they proceed to maneuever carefully as things get hectic. Fortunately, Rebecca's not seasick, but she is boiling like a pot! She grips her gun with a fierce grip and grits her teeth. "I won't have you hurting them!" Rebecca yells out. "No one hurts my allies or my friends! NO ONE!" Rebecca may seem like a young girl, but piss her off and this happens!

    "You're gonna pay big time!" She says as she opens fire at the ships. Her guns may not be as powerful as the others, but it should at least leave an impression. "YAAAAH!"

Nagato has posed:
    Natori's eyes widen... then turn down.. "I've sunk a lot of ships already... I guess... this would have happened sooner or later..." the bombs make their mark and send the Nagara-class light cruiser back and down under... the one thing floating from her is that white headband she wore. And with Shigure's retreat and Kuma's sink... Nagato holds her position, letting her cruiser and destroyer overtake her. "..." is all that comes from the Admiral. Looking down at the ocean, what did she do...

    "All ships..." she starts... "Finish them off and we'll go home.." she takes a brief moment. Sending a tightband message to Shigure, <<I'm sorry.>>

    Amakasu's already going in, and then there's Kagurazaka who's doing the exact same, both are extremely angry. And here... Nagato's turrets make an angry sound and she takes off behind them. "Raaaaaaaaaaah!" a loud bang of Type 1 Armor Peircing shells are sent through the air towards the Transport Fleet, time for Nagato to get into this, "You sunk two of my girls... two that I cared about... YOU ARE NO LONGER AUTHORIZED TO LIVE!" the reload happens and another rapport of shells are sent!

Kongou (637) has posed:
"Flagship, the torpedo squadron..!" Akizuki cranes her neck across the formation, though the incoming aircraft are too far out for her protective umbrella to reach. Her brows knit, hesitation clouding her thoughts, before she finally turns away. The torpedo launcher on her back swivels, launching a spread of five long-range Type 93 torpedoes as she goes. The enemy is overall just too far out for her 10 centimeter guns to reach.

    "Damnit, why aren't they--!" Isuzu meanwhile has the honor of watching the situation unfold with both her eyes and her radar. "Natori-- get back! Why are you still advancing like that--!" The explosion in the distance prompts her to flinch, eyes squeezed shut. Her guns go silent, though, and the girl lists out of formation, pigtails fluttering and unresponsive.

    In the space of only a few seconds, the bright smile has vanished from Kongou's face. The normally energetic battleship has shifted to serious mode, her brows forming a straight, line, her eyes laser focused. The offputting part is that she's still smiling, "Oh, so it's a real war, you want, now~?" Her hands raise, fingers flexing before closing into fists. On either side, her guns elevate, reloaded. Radars swivel as she scans through the radar contacts until she finds the largest, most flat-topped enemy vessel in the formation.

    "Extreme Range~... That's no problem for me!" Fists still clenched, Kongou draws her elbows back in a ratcheting motion that sets off her cannons, enveloping the girl in a cloud of black, burned cordite with enough force to hurl armor-piercing shells to the furthest extent of her range. Guided by her radar and an educated guess, Kongou's target isn't immediately clear for those who lack her Type 32 long range surface radar.

    The enemy aircraft carrier.

    "You think you're <Safe~?" The battleship's gaze lowers, casting her eyes in shadow, "You won't escape once I lock on to you~..."

Wo has posed:
The transports are coming under increasing fire. The ones that aren't surrounded in a glowing, golden aura seem basically like sitting ducks, relying entirely on the screen of similarly-monstrous light cruisers (http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Light_Cruiser_Ho-Class http://kancolle.wikia.com/wiki/Light_Cruiser_To-Class) and significantly more humanoid Ta-class battleships for their protection. Unfortunately, the light cruisers aren't well equipped for a battle of long-range shelling exchange, among other suddenly incoming and harassing fire, and while they had seen success counter-harassing Kasumi's group's position, they are quickly becoming inundated.

    For example, the torpedoes that Kuma's torpedo group had managed to fire off earlier -- normally, torpedo attacks at range don't have a high degree of accuracy, but the transport lines are nothing if not predictable. There is very little evasive action they can actually take as a group without separating from their screeners. The Abyssal cruisers seem consigned to this, and the already damaged among them interpose their bodies as (in)human shields for the transport column. Those that don't outright explode slow in the water even more dramatically. Unfortunately, their actions don't absorb every one of them: Two of the transports near the head of the formation get struck solidly at the water line, causing them to immediately take on water, before the flames spread to the fuel they were carrying. It isn't a pretty sight, not that they were already. One also impacts a Ta-class' leg, causing her to kneel low in the water, and having to awkwardly adjust the shells she's returning.

    X's fire at the bombers, though it proves too late to prevent them from dropping their payload, does catch them at just the right time in their climb that they can't really bank or roll away from it. They are relatively small targets at a distance, but it's close enough to cause their airframes to shatter and begin billowing more of that smoke. They stall out of their climb as the fire spreads to their engines, and they suddenly plummet before they can begin harassing the surviving Shigure with fire from their cannon. For the moment, there are no Abyssal fighters or bombers in the air -- which makes things even more troublesome for the transport convoy itself.

Tesla Armadia (368) has posed:
That was not quite as effective as one would hope. Sure, Kotone got disposed for the moment by the lightning blast, but there were still attackers in the air, bombers being added to it, and now actual the Elite themselves were coming in for the so-called kill. Stratos ducks down behind the weapon platform for a moment as fliers buzz overhead, snapping open her comm. <<Boss, I think we're going to need more firepower out here. I can't whip up a tropical storm without putting our allies at risk too.>>

<<Understood... Can you at least pester that plane launcher a bit more?>> Tesla replies, frowning a bit. Thoughts dance through the system networks, calculating possible adjustments to strategy. Switchs the channel to just between herself and her henchwoman. <<Less interference, the better. The convoy may already be a lost cause, so any Elite we can put out of action for a time the better.>>

<<You got it, Boss>> Stratos bounds off the platform as it starts to lower back into the craft, sliding down one of the sloping sides and jumping off the end. The Tinkerer did come prepared for doing this, deploying a pair of extendable waterskis from her boots and deploying one of her own drones on a towline to pull her as she hits the water, speeding for Kotone's position.

Tesla turns her attention back to the convoy and it's attackers. A soft snort, and she gives a different command. In place of the previous platform the midsection of the ship opens up, or more accurately, reconfigures itself, to produce openings and many, MANY more gun banks. Thunderous roars follow, as sending volleys of lasers through the air. There is no discrimnate firing at this point, just saturation of area. It appears like Tesla is trying to limit the open space they have to maneuver towards the convoy instead of aim at any particular target.

Meanwhile, Stratos pulls one of the gizmos from her gear belt with one hand as she's speeding towards Kotone's position. "HEY!" Now she's shouting just to be heard. "I hope you're ready for this! Because you're gonna get--" Stratos actually fires at the water around Kotone, the shots causing the water to splash up and then freeze over, aiming to trap the cyborg in the plumes of ice abruptly forming around her.


Wo has posed:
With things becoming increasingly chaotic, the grip the lead Wa-class has on the others begins to fracture visibly. The formerly ruler-straight line begins to break up, as much from that lack of leadership cohesion as the fact that there are other Abyssal ships still bobbing in the waves in their way, leaking an oil slick that quickly spreads and, itself, catches fire. With the flames casting light, it's practically as good as a star shell, when it comes to targeting their formations. Some of the remaining cruisers break off actively attacking and try to take the crippled transports under tow, but it's a desperate move that only opens both to what seems almost inevitable, unless the Confederate elites can pull this out.

    Though it's effectively only coming from one 'side', the attack vectors seem almost innumerable to deal with. Rebecca's small arms still find purchase against the exposed flesh of the cruisers and transports, scarring them with fresh pocks and wounds that begin oozing that same congealed, black oil. That alone isn't much against a ship, even a humanoid one -- but Abyssals are powered by emotions, themselves, and somehow it feels like the extra anger behind it causes more damage than they might normally sustain, slowing and agitating those impacted. This further opens them up to attack from slightly more conventional ship-to-ship sources: Hoshi's shells and Yuna's close range fire and torpedoes are the first to come into play, causing several more of the transports to either stop dead in the water, or begin to sink outright. Their escorting cruisers try desperately to return fire with torpedoes and shells of their own, but in the chaos it's just as likely that they're under the Storm Trooper Effect.

    Battleship shells are even less easy to shrug off. The Ta-class' serpent-like turrets annoyedly try to clamp their jaws on Yuna as she goes skating by, but miss; especially since she has more worrisome things to manage. Like incoming Type 1 AP shells. The first salvo cuts a hole right through the Ta-class that was damaged previously, and the other just narrowly avoids another, which causes an enormous explosion right next to her all the same. She shields herself with her now tattered cape, but with her remaining good turrets that weren't on that side, continues to attempt to return fire. All the while, that golden transport continues to try to escape, picking up speed from some internal reserve... It seems she's less about leading the doomed convoy now, and more about saving herself and whatever she's carrying. As if her glowing wasn't enough to indicate priority, there you have it.

Graf Zeppelin (939) has posed:
"Very witty, Rondel. I am laughing wholeheartedly." Graf Zeppelin woodenly replies, bracing herself as the healer charges dead ahead, tackling her directly. The german carrier braced with her right side, keeping her flight deck out of harm's way. Impact was made, and she was forced back some ways, gritting her teeth in pain.

     ...But then she smirked. "I commend your bravery for facing me head on, however..." Suddenly, Sanary would find several volleys of artillery fire aimed straight at her from behind. "In charging me, you left your back wide open." Yes, she'd already deployed fighters since earlier, and now they were back to assault Sanary. What a perfect and fortunate chain of events, no?

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
This is swiftly becoming a disaster. Despite the Union taking heavy losses, they're giving as good as they're getting. Clearly the Kanmusu have put more than a little time into their fleet, and it's paying off by how much they're all ripping through the ranks of defenders and convoy alike.

Between how quickly their defenses are falling, and how recklessly and effectively Yuna is pouring in fire? Yari realizes just who she needs to be targeting. She offers words over the radio, and then quickly works on her plan. She floats on her back amidst the water, gathering magic, and soon her body flares with power. Several long handseals, and a wave of magic washes over the area. Up above, the setting sun becomes a rising full moon over the water. It shines, casting gentle light across the battlefield.

Those motes of light seem all the stronger right above Yuna, even as Yari makes more handseals. A quick teleport below her beneath the water. Then, the moonlight above crystalizes into three falling shadows.

Three kimono-clad replicas of Yari fall upon the angered Yuna. One wields a pair of kunai, poisoned with paralysis venom, aiming to fall and stab her in the back. Another wields a cane-sword, drawing the weapon from her umbrella to slice at the rigging that makes up her Fit-Out that's been so very effective. The final Yari simply lands in front of her, beginning quick strikes and chops towards Yuna's abdomen, neck, and temple for what she hopes will be a knockout blow if she can surprise the woman!

Most of Yari's magic is put into the sword wielder, whose cuts are far more shallow than the kunai-user. She's aiming to strip Yuna of her armaments!

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa is hurt pretty bad but she's still in the fight her fighters as flitting about where they can add support and they tend to keep to Kongou and her formation, to do the best they can. The bombers are now in the air however and Kongou is seen to not be in a very good mood either. Who could fault her? Kotone feels about the sam right now and she dare not turn off her pain receptors as that would kill her tactile sense which is something she'd need. She's smoking in a few places from the last attack, and she deploys soem dive bombers to aid Kongou but she'll end up dong most of the work it seems. That's all right she's keeping Tesla's own minion off the rest of the fleet, right?

She deploys dive bombers trying to ruin Stratos day as much as her day is being ruined right now. She gets them into the air wwhich is the imporant part, while several fighters join in and try to strafe them before the tell tell sound, of the dive bombers can be heard as they scream in on thier attack runs.

When Statos hits the water that's when the pair of torpedo bombers trike. However Kotone herself is not escaping the ice nor is she ending up being able to flee the puns. She's caught in the sice as she ends up at the top of a plume, up to her waits. She's trying to not panic now as she attempst to get free.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
Slamming into Graf, Sanary digs that giant shield into her with a slight smirk on her face. It's bee a while since her last outright brawl with someone, although...

     Well, it's not going to be like the last one! Or the one before that. Or that. "You really need to lighten up, you know that? Let your hair down, take that hat off, get some fr-agh, dammit!" She recoils again those blasts hit her from behind, being forced to rely on the sheer bulk of her armor and the healing magic flowing in her to keep her in the fight without having to take her shield out of Graf's line of fire.

     "That's... The same thing as last time, isn't it? Alright, then..." Should she? Yes. So yes. Drawing her blade against the water, the cleric continues putting energy into the magitech anklets to keep herself close to Graf, trying to use her as a sort of shield/friendly fire risk against those very aircraft. "This your only chance! Surrender, and I won't have to put you... On ice!" And with that. she starts lashing out with huge horizontal swings at the carrier, the long blade trailing ice behind it with each slash!

Wo has posed:
Akizuki's torpedoes join the almost undodgeable torrent of incoming problems what's left of the convoy has to deal with. While the range is slightly more problematic than it was for Kuma's group, as the line is scattered, it is still an extremely target rich environment. One transport that was clinging to being afloat is finished off, being completely unable to even try to avoid it. The remaining Ta-class, so preoccupied with Nagato at extreme range, doesn't notice what's right in front of her before it's already too late. An explosion briefly consumes her, and once the light fades back into the burning ambience, she, too, is reduced to kneeling to stay atop the water. She growls angrily...at Nagato, at Akuzki, at the surface world that continues to persecute them! With her two remaining snake-turrets, she turns instead to that cheeky destroyer's position, her howling still easily carried over the sounds of intense battle.


    All through this, the Wo-class carrier that had fielded those bombers and fighters had remained practically passive. It isn't that she didn't want to join in or get her hands dirty, a ship of her class simply didn't seem to offer such a transport convoy much. The Tsu-class at her side, perhaps instinctively sensing that they've just been painted by long range surface radar, begins to gurgle nervously. "...Tsu?" Wo craned her head and regarded the helmeted cruiser with glowing eyes, before snapping them skyward. The angle is a little unexpected, given the extreme distance, but that is an incoming shell, and it's clearly not just a stray round. "...!?" The Tsu-class reacts quickly, interposing herself and raising an enormous, gloved arm. ...one that, shortly after, is basically reduced to a smoldering, metallic stump, from how easily her armor was pierced. The Abyssal carrier is still blown clear, her bulbous hat of a flight deck, just barely managing to stay on her head. "Tsu!" That's likely the most emotion she's ever had in her voice, in quite some years. And yet there's noone but the Tsu-class around to hear it.

    "...Won't -- let any, through," comes a strained voice from beneath that helmet. "...pos-ition, compromised. ...go." Picking herself up from where she'd settled, she takes a moment to think about it, before inwardly admitting that the Tsu-class was correct, and she scatters, cape and flesh still shredded from the shell's close proximity. The Tsu-class remains stoically. She doesn't have the range that the Kongou does, but her purpose is clear. Protect her flagship.

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    The destruction wrought upon the column, the dancing fire and the spurtling blood-oil of the Abyssals is a more familiar sight... still as utterly horrifying as it had been before. Wrangled metal that were also corpses. For a moment Hoshi closes her eyes and breathes out a slow sigh. In a far off, distant part of her brain, she finds herself wondering if she'll actually sleep tonight. Good odds were on 'no'.

    Of course, she can't just float along with her eyes closed. The return fire right in front of her could still be really dangerous. Hoshi's eyes open and narrow in anger and concentration. She feels it in her mind, ready. Waiting to reveal itself. So she doesn't fight it.


    Rosamond appears in blue fog with the sound of shattering glass, levitating calmly behind her user. Hoshi is taken up in the green-cloaked womans arm as the Persona pulls up into the sky, letting the various shells and torpedoes pass underneath her with little trouble. The others would have to deal with them. The eyes of Rosamond and Hoshi are focused entirely on that golden aura, not so far away and getting closer quickly.

    When she's close enough, Rosamond suddenly dips and deposits Hoshi in the water. Her engines were running at full blast just before entering, so she zooms off with a slight wiggle. Her sword grows in her hand and is drawn, Rosamond zooms over to the opposite side of the Wa-class, then glides swiftly along the water. The giant broadsword hidden under her cloak is drawn quickly.

    So the two that were one, the Sword Bride, charged from opposite ends of the Wa-class transport. As both drew abreast, they both drew their swords back and swung them viciously, with enough anger to attempt to just cut this thing completely in half.

Graf Zeppelin (939) has posed:

     Suddenly, the sound of a guitar riff pierced through the air. From way back in the support rear, was Naka, speakers blaring music from her fit out. And in her hand was a microphone. Once the music reached a certain point, she opened her eyes and brought the mic to her lips.

     "The darkness is enchroaching"

     "But we won't give in to fear"

     "We stand proudly together"

     "With arms to bear~!"

     Naka swept out an arm and sung on then.

     "Our foes wish to destroy us"

     "But we're not easily taken"

     "We are brave little soldiers"

     "We will prevail~!"

     Naka twirls as the music reaches it's crescendo, and then she points at the sky.

     "Let's go fly away!"

     "Let's go find a way"

     "Just don't be afraid!"

     "It's possible!"

     She then pointed forward and an encouraging smile adorned her face.

     "Let's go fly away!"

     "Let's go find a way"

     "Just don't be afraid!"

     "It's possible!"

     "Now let's break on through!"


Graf Zeppelin (939) has posed:
Graf Zeppelin smirks. "My hair is fine as it is. And don't think that I don't see what you're doing." The carrier went on to say smoothly, even as Sanary opened up with a flurry of cold ice slashes. As it turned out, a kanmusu could engage in hand to hand combat. ...Somewhat. Graf Zeppelin grabbed the underside of her flight deck, using it as a makeshift shield to parry Sanary's strikes.

     Ice spread over the surface of the deck, but it did the job. She waited. Strike and after strike, for the perfect moment. And then eventually, she saw it. "...Now!" Eyes widening, she charged straight forward, at the healer, parrying the next strike upwards in an attempt to create an opening...

     An opening to aim her hand cannon right at Sanary's face. Graf Zeppelin did not hesitate for a moment, and pulled the trigger right there. No words, no quips, nothing. HOPE YOU GOT OUT OF THE WAY SANARY

Tesla Armadia (368) has posed:
What was suppose to be a support response operation has gone south rather quickly. Even Tesla had not anticipated the Union putting so much unrelenting force into the assault on a supply convoy. Could it be the Hawks were finally getting as tronger footing than the Doves in the faction? That or the more sympathetic don't care about the oceanic operations at much. Either way. Mental notes are made. Next time, this new potential for offensive force will be taken into consideration.

The convoy seems to be lost for the most part. Only the golden lead is in any shape of making an escape, and it was drawing attention quickly in doing so.

And now one of the ship girls was -singing-. What an annoyance.

Tesla maneuvers her own craft towards the fleeing golden transport. She could try to pick off more of the Union attackers, but there's no way she could shoot at all the pursuers. Intercepting them individually would be foolish with the larger size of her vehicle, as fast as it may be. The only option left... no, there really wasn't anything left to sacrifice at this point. With it's speed the vehicle does indeed lift off the water and prove it can fly, and in fact it's a lot more clear that it was some kind of spacecraft refitting for sailing other than the other way around. Mainly because this is a faster way to turn around, so she can head back to where she left her henchwoman.
Shepeaking of which Stratos manages to jetski around any direct hits herself, but her propultion drone takes a bomb right on top of it, and the shockwave of it detonating knocks Stratos off her skis. "Damn it damn it!" But by some twist of fate she ends up landing on the same formation of ice she partially trapped Kotone in. "Enough of the goddamn planes already!"

Digging the heels of her boots in and grabbing the ice with one hand, Stratos uses the other... to forgo her usual gadgetry and just swing a punch at Kotone's face. Good thing she's got reinforced gloves on, the cyborg probably has a really hard head.

Kongou (637) has posed:
    Musashi's order is heard clearly by the Fourth Mobile Unit.

    Speeding up briefly, Akizuki catches up to her light cruiser comrade and reaches out. Hesitantly, she places a hand on Isuzu's shoulder, only to have it shaken off immediately. Recoiling, the smaller girl pulls her fingers back, then slowly lowers her hand while casting a glance over her shoulder towards the transport flotilla in the distance.

    The cruiser shakes, hands tightening into fists. Head tilting, she casts a single-eyed glower across the sea towards the Fleet Daughter flagship, Nagato. Brief as it is, the look is intense and murderous, filled with fury and tears before she yanks her gaze away and continues her retreat.

    At the fore of the formation, Kongou raises a hand and pumps it downward when she notes the explosion of her shells in the distant darkness, "<Yes!>" But, noted on her radar, the contact splits into a large one and a smaller one, which remains. This prompts the battleship's brow to furrow briefly, "Aww~, I hit the escort instead of the carrier?" Her face dips briefly, bangs fluttering before her eyes, "If you're trying to leave... <Think Again~!> Kongou has a <Parting Gift> for you, be sure to take it with you!"

    Mid-turn, Kongou's left-side guns open fire on that distant target, tracking the fleeing aircraft carrier rather than the escort trying to play decoy. As she comes about, the guns on her right side swing around, and once the turn is complete they open fire as well, sending two clusters of a parting shot.

    Guns smoking, Kongou falls in, this time at the rear of her unit's formation.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
The battle isn't over yet; Nagato needs cover fire, and Kagurazaka wheels around, ready to make another attack pass and give her admiral the cover she needs. She's so focused on that task, in fact, that she doesn't even notice the decidedly *non*-Abyssal forces who are falling upon her - at least, not until the special-duty light cruiser is already surrounded by a trio of Yaris.

The paralyzing kunai have to strike around the rigging mounted to her back, but given that it's mostly at her *lower* back, there's plenty of room to stab at her upper back, her shoulderblades, pretty much anywhere. And the rigging isn't going to hang on for long with the cane-sword slashing at straps and anchor points; in fact, just slicing the specially-made fuku off at strategic points is enough to relieve Yuna of most of her weapons and equipment.

And with surprise so heavily on Yari's side, and with her present equipment all designed for ranged combat, Yuna can't even put up a fight against the knock-out strike combo. The anger and determination still on Yuna's face rapidly give way to utter confusion ...

And then to unconsciousness, as Yuna's body slumps towards the unforgiving water. There'd better be somewhere safe Elner can teleport her to, though.

Rebecca Chambers has posed:
The battle continues to rage and Rebecca's continuing to fire as best as she can. She compliments the operator of her boat on how well they're operating, as the turbulence has been minimal at best. When Yuna goes down, Rebecca grits her teeth and attempts to load more cannon ammunition, but then she's given an order behind the scenes to fall back. Despite not wanting to do so, Rebecca knows that the Admiral knows what is best, and she is not one to disobey an order from a superior at any time.

    "We're falling back! Get us outta here!" Rebecca calls out to the operator as she ducks down behind the station to assess herself and the boat. She seems to be OK and the boat has minimal damage, if anything at all. "First time out on the waters, I hope I did OK..."

Yari Takane (691) has posed:
The Yaris as one give out a relieved sigh. They'd not expected their strike to work quite so well. They /do/ very quickly gather up the fallen equipment, eyeing that rigging before dissappearing beneath the waves as the retreat is called!

One Yari remaining kneels down before the fallen Yuna.

"I know how much it hurts to lose a friend on the battlefield. But allowing that to goad you into recklessness? Well, you're lucky I have no orders to kill you. Let that be a lesson to you. To truly survive in war, you must slay your own heart before you ever point a weapon at a foe. Remember that."

Then, she flips a kimono over the fallen woman out of respect. She did, indeed, fight like a true monster after the 'death' of her friends. Yari Takane can respect that. Then, she's gone with a flutter of moonlight motes.

Wo has posed:
The late evening turns into night. Gun fire and torpedoes becomes wilder, not to mention innately more dangerous. This is the time of destroyers and cruisers! Though their formations are in disarray from the attack, and they're all but lost here, the Abyssal cruisers that can still fire shots do so desperately to try and stop her. Unfortunately it's difficult to outpace a special destroyer, even for that lead Wa-class that had been summoning all of her strength to escape. 5-inch and 6-inch guns all turn to fire in unison -- but probably, a step too late, as that bulbous main 'body' is sliced open. A curious thing happens, however. Rather than explode as some of the others did, loaded with munitions and fuel, this one remains afloat for the moment from the lack of volatiles. Then she would hear it -- a knocking sound coming from inside. It's morse code. 'H-E-L-P'. From the opening gape of a wound scored on the floundering Wa-class' side, an equipment fairy, of all things, emerges, waving her arms desperately to be seen. Several others soon join her. What - the - hell?

Sanary Rondel has posed:
"What I'm doing? You mean besides this?!" It takes Sanary a moment to register what Graf means, although to be fair? She /is/ in the middle of trying to cleave her in half. "I'd be worried if you couldn't... Keep up with this, at least!"

     Yep. It's gone right over her head. Speaking of things going over her head, the Charge Blade does just that as it's struck upwards, throwing the healer back in mid-air and giving her a chance to actually see what Graf's aiming for.

     Hint: It's her face. With that brief distance put between them from the impact, however, she has just enough time to bring that shield up to prevent her face from being turned to mush inside her helmet. That impact, meanwhile, sends her hovering even further back as she takes another moment to keep herself from from losing control over the flight anklets.

     "Geez... Fine, fine, I won't touch your hair!" Keeping that shield raised in front of her still, she doesn't go back on the offensive just yet, but instead starts lifting into the air rapidly... Backwards! "But I'll get it next time, Graf. One of these days, I'm untying all of it!"

     And then she lowers the shield just enough to give Graf an odd look that... Doesn't have much context without the rest of her face being visible. Also, she fires off one more explosive heat laser from that eye just to make it even more confusing before gathering speed to get the hell out of there!

Graf Zeppelin (939) has posed:

     Graf Zeppelin defends from the laser blast with her flight deck shield, causing it to dent considerably. "Tch-!" And then Sanary was retreating!?

     "SANARY RONDEL! YOU WILL NOT TOUCH MY HAIR! AND NEXT TIME I WILL HAVE YOU SURRENDER!" She calls after the retreating healer. ...And then she skates backwards, retreating with the rest of the fleet as well.

     "Naka! Come on!"

Wo has posed:
The other transports and their escorts are completely unable to mount an effective defense. At this point, the survivors are basically scattering to attempt to save themselves, and maybe buy enough distance to escape into the water, as Abyssals can. Unfortunately, the transports themselves don't have that ability, especially not in the state most of them are in. They turn into sitting ducks...for the Fleet Daughters and their allies that still remain in the area to finish them off, that is. The submarines that had accompanied Yari seem to be satisfied with the damage they'd done; they instead begin to lift pieces of cargo that had fallen from the sinking and adrift transports, so that at least some of it might be saved. They'll be clearing out after, or the moment they come under more depth charge attacks.

    As for Tsu-class' brave sacrifice...it was not to be. The Kongou has learned too well from being an old wisened grandma. The Tsu-class gets to watch as those shells come in -- and then streak overhead. She gurgles a warning over the Abyssal shared voice band, but it comes a little too late. Already a bit damaged from the proximity earlier, another explosion can be seen far in the distance, as the retreat is ordered. The Tsu-class speeds along as much as she can to find Wo bobbing face down in the water, her flight deck fractured into two gnarly halves, and leaking oil from everywhere via cracks in her otherwise pale white flesh. She got hit, and hard, enough so that she's unconscious and possibly would have sunken, if not immediately aided. Damn plunging fire!! The Tsu-class cruiser turns angry eyes, or what are likely angry eyes beneath the helmet, towards Kongou's position, and then begins dragging the Wo-class carrier away by one heeled boot, with her one good arm.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
There isn't much outward reaction to Yari's words - Yuna's apparently unconscious, after all, or at least thoroughly paralyzed from that assault. But one hand may or may not twitch slightly, hidden as the kimono flutters down over her body, just before Yuna and the courtesy-modesty robe both disappear in a blink of light.

And a few dozen kilometers away, Yuna reappears in the arms of a purple-and-white armored android. Holding her protectively close, Erina immediately sets course back to Hikari port, flanked by Jiina and Marina. By contrast, Elner remains over the mission area for a little longer, tracking the vital signs of the kanmusu and their allies alike to make sure, as well as it can, that nobody is left behind - or at least to confirm how many survivors are still alive to withdraw.

Rebecca Chambers has posed:
As Elner heads back to Hikari with the unconscious Yuna, Rebecca and her boat are heading back as quickly as possible as well. The weapons system has been deactivated, allowing for a little extra speed as it heads back to the port. "Hold on, Yuna! We're coming!" Rebecca thinks out loud. "I may not have been able to protect you in battle, but I am gonna treat you!"

    As they get closer to the port, Rebecca has left the weapons station and is in the actual boat area itself getting her medical supplies ready. Once they reach the port, Rebecca's intent on rushing to where Yuna is and administering first aid.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa life just keeps getting worse and worse today. She's done well enough to pull off Stratos from the fleet but tht's about all she's been able to to do today while the battle rages on. She's locked in combat, also in ice as Stratos is jus getitng on all about her. She keeps sending her planes after STratos but it's not enough to make her go back. Then she's got STratos in her fac,e Kotone doesn't have the means to call her planes in.

up close she's not very well trained, and tends to rely on her body's own inate preformace. Thing does not go very well for her at all as soon she's got a hell of a punch which gets past her guard nd slams into her face causing her head to snap backward hard and she's not looking good. She attemps to use her bow trying to fend off her attacker but she's pretty much on the ropes now, as she's deined her planes for the most part now.

Tesla Armadia (368) has posed:
It's a good thing Stratos is wearing technologically reinforced gloves, because even that is cracked and dented just from punching a cyborg in the face. And she still shakes her hand a bit afterwards. "Bitch got a thick head." That definately would of been broken knuckles without the protection.

"I hate to break up your playdate," Tesla's voice transmits from the craft as it glides over where Stratos and Kotone are fighting, "but it is high time we be along our way as well. Bloodying noses for interfering shall have to suffice for now." A retrieval line is dropped down to the weather villianess.

"As much as I love a -captive- audience, I guess that's my cue to skidoo." Stratos leans back from the bow swings and grabs the line with one hand, and gives Kotone a mock salute with the other before also grabbing on. As she's lifted off she looks down one last time.. and just to be extra mean, steps on Kotone's head with her boot as if using her to help push into the air. "Excuse me while I get a LEG UP! AAAAHAHAHAHA!"

Leaving on a bad pun and maniacal laughter. Such a terrible person.

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
     Hoshi's eyes cleared of the haze that had clouded her vision when she's cleared the transport's side, blade still in hand. Like last time, she couldn't actually cut completely through the metal and bulkheads. Rosamond... has less of an issue.

    The teen turns in the water to come and face the sinking ship again, but what greets her isn't quite what she was expecting. Equipment fairies? Did the Abyssals even NEED equipment fairies? They weren't attacking, so that's a plus.

    Of course, she can't understand what the escaped fairies are trying to tell her. She assumes there's something more in there that she needs to find.

    "Wrench a hole in it," Hoshi says quietly. Rosamond doesn't really need to hear the command; she jams her sword back into one of the rents and starts jiggling it around, shifting the metal and making a wider hole for Hoshi to enter. Despite the Persona's dainty appearance, she's quite ruthless in her application of the weapon.

    Once the way is open, Rosamond fades away into blue mist, and Hoshi pokes her head inside.

Nagato has posed:
    With the rest of the fleet retreated and no less than two members of the fleet less than pleased with the Admiral... she shivers. AKitsumaru moves towards the Wa-class that Amakasu is at and moves to assist her. The fact theres equipment and fairies in it... Akitsumaru frowns. "Amakasu, sir, let's get them out and head to base, sir. We can discuss why they were taken, Sir." Akitsumaru's ever formal, almost army like, emotions move to help get the gear and fairies on board.

    Meanwhile, in the middle of the ocean, waiting for them... Nagato looks up towards the rising moon. Something is tearing at her from the inside. She's lost Natori... she's lost Kuma. Akebono is furious. Isuzu lost a sister... and who knows who else is having issues with Nagato's orders. Even so... Nagato sent Amakasu off towards the firefight...

    "What... have I done..."