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A-Mei-Zing Pursuit
Date of Scene: 14 September 2017
Location: The Tapestry
Synopsis: The Paladins request aid in the pursuit of a criminal speedster Eekay, and recieve help in a world where 80% of the population have superpowers!
Cast of Characters: Eryl Fairfax, 1102, 1134, Sir Gawain, 1119, 385, Kotone Yamakawa

Eryl Fairfax has posed:
    Eekay was a recurring face on the Paladin's Most Wanted list. A man commonly clad in a running suit of black with golden lightning bolts all over, wanted for a long string of burglaries. Once a scholarship track runner, he was expelled from his university owing to the use of illegal enhancers. He fell off the map for a while afterwards, but then remerged as Eekay, named for the shorthand for kinetic energy, 'Ek.'

    What followed was a long string of crimes. Smash and grabs using his newly obtained superspeed, rushing into banks during the short moments where the vaults were open and taking everything he could, and rushing through any government building her could find to grab as much data as he could in the hopes of finding something worth selling.

    Unfortunately, he chose the wrong envoy to strike today. Jewels of religious import were being transported, and the Paladins called in to help protect them en route. As soon as Eekay showed up, he had already bitten off more than he could chew, and chose to make himself scarce. One of the cars, with Eryl Fairfax himself riding shotgun, opted to pursue the speedster across the Multiversal highways.

    Their chase lead them to a major metropolitan area, screaming through the streets, sirens blaring. However, those on the sidewalk, rather than steering clear of the chase, take pictures and talk among themselves. "Oh wow, who's that villain? Never seen them before." "I don't think they're local, I found some stuff on them, but it's from other worlds." "Oh! That would explain the Paladin cruiser chasing them." "A Multiversal villain, how exciting! I wonder how they'll handle it?"

    Eryl is on the radio as the car pursues the black bolt through the streets. "Calling on all frequencies, to all heroes native to this world. A villain with what you would call a 'High-Speed Quirk' is being pursued through your streets. Any assistance would be appreciated and rewarded," he says, before rattling off his location.

Kotone Shiomi (1102) has posed:
Kotone Shiomi is sitting in the car as well, not being old enough to own a vehicle of her own, and without the ability to naturally keep up with people like that. She has already summoned a persona. A massive, floating brain with eyes on stalks and a bundle of tentacles coming out of the bottom floating behind the vehicle, ready for action should it be necessary.

Mei Hatsume (1134) has posed:
Ever since UA's granted her permission to check out the Multiverse, Mei Hatsume's been taking full advantage of it to do all sorts of research! Today just happens to be one of her off days from exploring (largely due in part to classes), but when that call for assistance comes in from the Paladins?

     She's not about to pass up a chance to rub elbows. <<"Mei Hatsume here! A speed quirk, hmm? Any visuals on his clothes? Or any ideas where he could be headed?">> She sounds focused as she breaks into a run, hurrying through the city's streets and keeping her eyes peeled for any signs of rapid movement.

     Liberal use of her Zoom Quirk certainly helps, though, to look down those long streets in case anything zips by: Cars blasting past traffic, people flying or running around at insane speeds. She's not quite sure who to look for yet, but her harnesses and toolbelts are in place!

Sir Gawain has posed:
The chase was on. As one of those protecting the envoy, Gawain had been primarily on foot, on top of the transport vehicle. When Eekay appeared and the pursuit began, though, he went down to one of the protection vehicles, requested to borrow the car, and then borrowed the car. The blonde knight took a seat in the car, put his hands on the wheel, and took a second to understand how to drive it, and then they were off to another world.

Gawain's use of Paladin vehicles is probably not the best, though, even if he's /trying/ to be safe. A finger flicks on the sirens as they drive into the new metropolitan area, and the knight decides to take a separate turn to cut him off. He does this via copious amounts of drifting, sliding between streets before moving to catch back up to Eekay, putting as much pressure on the gas as he can.

This is when Mei speaks up. Gawain recognizes her voice from the radio, and grabs the microphone. <"This is Warden Gawain! Black running suit, golden lightning bolt pattern. Destination unknown, he's attempting to escape.">

Josuke Higashikata (1119) has posed:
    Josuke is in the area as well, merely to explore. Still relatively new to the Multiverse, Josuke's curiosity is still quite strong about the Multiverse. And when he catches word about there being a WHOLE WORLD full of people that (mostly) all have powers? Sure, he wants to see it.

    So he's in the area when the black bolt goes screaming part. "WHOA!" he yelps, barely missing being hit. "Hey! Watch where you're going!" he complains. Though once he sees the Paladin vehicle... well, he gets the idea that there's something wrong. He's worked with the Paladins before, they're not bad people as far as he's seen. So if they're chasing that thing... it probably did something wrong.

    The general call over the radio confirms it. Act fast, Josuke! What does he do? How does one go to assist the law when the law needs it? Steal a motorcycle, of course. There's one, right there. It's running, and the rider isn't on it. So he makes for it, and hops on. "Hey!" the motorcyclist calls out. "That's my bike!"

    "Sorry!" he calls back as he drives off. "I need to catch up with them! It won't have a scratch on it, I promise!" Because he can probably fix it once he's done if he DOES manage to damage it.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
As luck would have it, Yuna Kagurazaka - not a member of the Paladins, but sympathetic to their angle more often than not - happened to be not that far away as Multiversal distances go; when the call for support came in, she was quick to get the Matrix of Light in to assist her. She may not be official as far as either the Paladins or the government of this world go, but she *does* want to help.

At this point, Yuna is in Flight Form, soaring above the skyscrapers and trying to home in on Eekay's position. If she has to shift to ground-based pursuit - well, that's why Jiina is with her. Elner is helping them zero in on Eekay, if not directly, then indirectly (by tracking Eryl's car, which is purportedly in hot pursuit of the perp himself).

And as for Marina? She's basically here 'just in case'.

"Grandmaster Fairfax, this is Yuna Kagurazaka," Yuna transmits. "I'm here to assist if you can use the help; I'm in the air right now. Got a sense of which way the speedster's going so we can try to head him off?"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
So Eekay was on the Paladin's wanted list. She had taken note of this guy, She'd been wondering about how to deal with them. she also would see as this guy is just barrelling though and Kotone was not in a car. Nope she was wired in to her knight and on the road moving to catch up. This is one of those times Yamakawa would stop holding back and fully embrace what she is. Her reaction times are showing as she weaves in and out on her way trying to catch up with the chase.

<<Yamakawa here I am after the suspect>>

Eryl Fairfax has posed:
    Eryl has some thoughts about the floating brain behind his car (and so do many pedestrians, many a little creeped out) but he focuses on the pursuit. He immediately gets some responses over the radio, and patches all signals with each other to facilitate better communication, including Josuke's when he seems him in pursuit via bike. "Grandmaster Fairfax here. The fugitive is as Warden Gawain describes, currently turning east on the intersection of Amuri and Tanaka."

    Eryl composes the city map in his head using Original Face and begins calculating possible routes that Eekay is taking. He eventually finds the most likely one and reports it. "There is a small warpgate in Ginendai Park, too small for pursuing vehicles to fit through, and it forks several times. It would be easy for him to lose us there. Kagurazaka, keep to the skies and try to prevent him from escaping by running up buildings. Hold your fire unless you're sure that you have a clean shot. Gawain, Higashikata, Yamakawa, we're going to try and box him in so he can't change course. The other voice, young lady, if you are not in a vehicle, I recommend setting up a position at Ginendai Park to intercept him should we fail."

    He then looks back at Shiomi and says. "When we box him, I leave it to you to try and apprehend him with your... Persona." Another look to the floating brain. "All right, begin!" Eryl's driver makes the first move, gunning the engine to try and get in front of Eekay. The speedster's face is scowling as he tears up the road, putting on more speed to try and get by. But the driver is too skilled, swerving to keep him from getting by.

Mei Hatsume (1134) has posed:
<<"Oh? Mister skateboard! I have a prototype ready, now that you mention it.">> Mei jumps the gun a bit considering Gawain didn't mention that at all, but the description of Eekay comes in loud and clear as does Eryl's plan. Spying a convenient tourist map down the block, the inventor stares at it from afar while her eyes zero in on the points that have been mentioned.

     <<"Ginendai Park... Got it! I'll get everything ready and make sure nobody gets hurt!">> Mei replies with a decidedly focused, yet oddly excited tone as she starts running in the direction of the park. As she does, she spots several stragglers on the sidewalk, and Mei clears her throat while turning on her hover boots and balancing pack to start floating a good foot off the ground.

     "A Villain is coming this way soon! Get inside or stay off this streets, please~!" With little time to spare, she starts trying to usher said stragglers out of the way. She's got some time before Eekay might arrive, so the first step is making sure nobody else is in the line of fire.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
"Roger that," Yuna replies to Eryl. She can pretty well see the park from where she is, but spotting Eekay himself is still a little -

She puts on a burst of speed, trusting Jiina and Marina to look in the other directions from the intersection she's flying over at that moment, aaaaand there he is. "How does anyone go that fast?" Yuna wonders, pulling up further and angling towards the park after confirming which way the speedster is currently headed, relative to said park.

"I believe the generic term is 'superpowers,'" Elner supplies, "or 'Quirks' in the particular parlance of this world."

Yuna consciously does not roll her eyes. "Keep plotting his likely vectors, Elner; I doubt he's going to go running up the side of a building unless he really *does* get hemmed in at street level." She pauses. "Do they have pedestrian underpasses or anything that he might try to use? Going down instead of up, if he can't stay at street-level?"

Josuke Higashikata (1119) has posed:
    Box the speedy one in, and close off avenues of escape, comes the instruction over the radio. "Right!" Josuke agrees. If only he'd thought to bring a handful of ball bearings or something! Crazy Diamond is pretty precise, and can flick ball bearings fast enough to cause damage. Then again, the ideal result is to not have to hurt the guy.

    So in the meantime, Josuke maneuvers the bike into a position where he can do just that, and cut off one of Eekay's escape routes to the best of his ability. The problem is, a teen on a motorcycle doesn't exactly create a really big swath of 'no-go zone'

    So Josuke pre-emptively summons his Stand to further block the path. Well, partially summons it. To all appearances, the teen is surrounded by a purple aura, and he's got a pink-and-blue armored figure's torso sticking out of his back, and looming over the bike. The figure seems to grow more transparent and ghostly-looking the closer it gets to his body.

Kotone Shiomi (1102) has posed:
"Yes sir." Now Omoikane is not the best persona for apprehending people, but at least you'd have to be fast as lightning for speed alone to work for dodging those attacks. There still needs to be reflexes of some kind. Kotone stays quiet for the most part, focusing on the mission rather than socializing, Omoikane's tentacles are starting to build up electric charge,

Sir Gawain has posed:
<"Aha! I thought that was you! Miss Hatsume, thank you very much!"> Rocket-powered skateboard. Gawain is excited, but right now, they have a job to complete. At Eryl's command, he begins steering the car to try and box in Eekay, drifting around the others so that no one crashes during the attempt, before moving to his side. As the path closes up near the front...

Gawain leaps through the roof, phasing through it and landing on top of the car. He's in full armor, as he turns towards Eekay, sword at his side. "Eekay! You have the right to remain silent! Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. If you do not surrender, we will be forced to detain you." The knight glances at Eekay from atop the roof, but he's left one issue...he can't actually move the car anymore because he's not driving it, and Gawain's a bit distracted by quickly checking his PDA to see if he read the Miranda Rights correctly.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone is focused upon the suspect and the bystanders that's about all that's on her mind. She hears about the warp gate though and she's picking up a speed a bit more. She is wondering of just how to catch this guy but she's got to keep up with them. She'll also she guns her engine not that that makes much noise given her machine is not powered by a combustion engine. It rakes off though at pretty high speed to keep up with the speeders. she's very much intent to catch this guy.

<<Anyone got any ides how to trip this guy up? I might be able to freezer foam him but we'd need to ambush him or slow him down a bit. Even then it might not hold someone like him for long.>>

She gets the order from Eryl to box the guy in.

<<Copy that, sir.>>

She funs it and tries to get into formation, she's got the orders on where she needs to go and she's going to do it, as the Knight picks up speed as she moves to star to box this guy in.

Eryl Fairfax has posed:
    Over at Ginendai Park, everyone turns to look at the pinkette as she makes the announcement. There's some grumbling, but it's more about 'damn villains' more than her telling them to disperse. This kind of thing happens often, so everyone is quick in making themselves scarce.

    Back at the chase, the boxing technique succeeds! Eekay now has no easy means to slip get around, ensuring that he can only maintain the current heading. Yes, the motorcycle has enough room to slip through, but that purple haze around the rider has the speedster second-guessing that option. And now the weird brain right in front of him seems to be charging up for something. Not good... However, Gawain's display has him smirking. "Not today buddy!" He reaches out and grabs the handle of the car door that Gawain now rides upon, and retracts his arm at super speed. This results in the door coming right off its hinges, right before Eekay wings it at Omoikane. He then scrambles through the open car at super speed, throwing open the other door and getting back on the road outside of the cage. "Nice try fuzz!" he shouts, before piling on the speed once more.

    He cuts a hard right as they pass a skyscraper, so he can run right up it! Windows shatter underfoot as he speeds up the structure, before kicking off to launch himself at Yuna! "Don't think I forgot you!" he yells, trying to swipe her in mid-air. It's not a hard or well-aimed punch, but at the speeds he's going, it'll be debilitating no matter where it hits!

Mei Hatsume (1134) has posed:
Now that Mei's in the proper path, she can actually see what's going on better! There's a stunt driver, a flying blonde, an armored eventually-skateboarder, a siamese haircut, some kind of brain... Thing, and a biker chasing Eekay! Although none of them look like they really belong in this world, the inventor doesn't seem the slightest bit perturbed.

     Instead, she's grinning widely even while she finishes getting the last of the civilians off the road. "Don't worry, everyone! We've got this all under control, so just stand back and watch my super cute babies in action!"

     Except everything's still far off ahead of her. "... Soon!" For now, she takes out a folded up rectangle and unfolds it, quickly assembling it into what looks like a... Surfboard?

     With a rocket on it. She sets that out, then starts fiddling with the rest of her tools to get everything else set up!

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Yuna will react to the improbability of a man being able to run straight up the face of a skyscraper when she's not getting decked in the face - or in the anything-else, for that matter.

What happens in the immediate moment is that Elner gives Yuna *just* enough forewarning that she can breathe in before Eekay is flying at her - and when the speedster approaches, Yuna calls out, "SHUGOSEIHEKI!!" and brings her left arm up - and her kite shield, the Wall of the Guardian Star, materializes just in time to take the brunt of Eekay's punch.

Given that Eekay probably weighs more than Yuna does even *with* her armored battlesuit plus the kite shield, it should be little surprise that Yuna goes flying nearly straight backwards as a result of all the momentum being transferred from his body into hers - and she might very well be flying faster than Eekay was running, in the split second before her flight system's thrusters start trying to brake her backwards flight. All Shugoseiheki really did was keep the impact from translating directly into injury ...

And while Yuna is trying to recover, Jiina snaps off a shot with her beam cannon, trying to ring *Eekay's* bells before he can start picking up any speed again. It won't pack the kind of punch that Yuna could unleash - it's kind of anemic even compared to the Matrix Divider - but Jiina, Yuna, and Elner alike are hoping it'll at least take some of the wind out of the speedster's sails.

Kotone Shiomi (1102) has posed:
Inside the car, Kotone winces as the car door smacks into her Persona, but the response is instinctive even as she reaches for her bleeding forehead. The gathered charge is discharged, a powerful blast of lightning magic from Omoikane, aimed straight for EK. The girl wipes off her forehead some, the bleeding isn't too bad, just a single hit.

Josuke Higashikata (1119) has posed:
    "Crap!" Josuke doesn't have to be told twice to get moving again, once he realizes that the speedster has gotten out of their makeshift box. He guns the motorcycle engine, and sets off in the direction that the speedster went in. Now it's a chase, trying to keep him from getting out of the warpgate and into the wider Multiverse.

    Josuke turns his bike for the park, since that seems to be the last place they can reasonably expect to stop the speedster from getting out, and guns the engine. He just hopes the rider filled up the tank enough that he doesn't run out of gas...

Sir Gawain has posed:
Well, Gawain screwed up. In his distraction, Gawain's not fast enough to stop Eekay from ripping the door off, and his first instinct is to move to glance at Shiomi when she's hit, instead of securing Eekay. As the speedster escapes, Gawain frowns, especially as the speedster goes for Yuna. This is his fault in a few ways...but then, he hears Mei and her optimism and belief in her tools. Suddenly, the knight's dashing for her location.

And then, Gawain's checking the skateboard, and her other tools. "Miss Hatsume! We don't have much time, I screwed up there. But, if you believe in your gadgets, then I believe in you! We need to close ground if he's up in the air...do you think this will do the job?" The knight steps onto the rocket-powered skateboard, taking a glance at Mei, as he stares up at Eekay. "It's going to have to, atleast! Can it do ollies?"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa is just hauling tail-pipe at this point movin to get into the right sport she's got to play her part in boxing this speedy guy in. She's not quite sure though what the speed guy has in mind. So she'll have to keep on her toes. She speeds onward and the glass rains down on her as she passes, she has not got his full wrath just yet but she's got to avoi the glass or she's going to be running. While she can run fast the Knight is far faster than she is on foot.

Eryl Fairfax has posed:
    Overhead, Eekay kicks off from Shugoseiheki upon impact, launching himself back towards the buildings, clearly intent on getting onto the roof of one of the loy-lying ones. But that parting shot from Jiina, clips him, throwing off his momentum and making him fall short. He hits a building, and runs down it back onto the street.

    Eryl looks back at Shiomi with concern as she begins bleeding from the forehead. Reaching into the glove compartment, he passes a portable first-aid bag back to her as he begins relaying orders. "He's back on the ground. Gawain, pressure him with that board. If we give him too much space, he'll slip away. Kagurazaka, if you can keep going, continue the pursuit. When we approach the park, rain down shots on the sides to keep him from turning. Mister Higashikata, you do what you can too. Young woman, I hope that whatever you have planned is ready. Shiomi, Yamakawa, we continue the pursuit. Whenever a turn comes up, do what you can to discourage himm from taking it."

Mei Hatsume (1134) has posed:
Another chance to shine! Spotting Gawain rushing right for her, Mei keeps that broad grin up as she raises a fist in greeting. "Ho! Of course I believe in my babies! Ah, so you're going to take this one on its first test run, then? In that case..." As Gawain gets on the skateboard, the inventor slips the balance wing harness off and moves over to starts grasping at his midsection.

     "Hmm... Might be a tight fit, but... Ah. This auto-balancer would make even a senior look like a skateboarding expert!" And without further ado, she straps it right around the knight rider's torso. What looks like a stylish pair of mechanical tube-wings truly are auto-balancers that would indeed keep him from any unintentional falls, likely intended to work with the rocket skateboard Gawain's already standing on. "Don't think too hard about making either of them work. Just feel the flow and go!"

     Once Gawain's set up, Mei moves onto the next step of her plan: She takes out what looks like a white and gray super soaker and a really long slap bracelet with metal bits on each end. The slap bracelet gets laid out across the street behind her, and then she starts moving away from the warp gate towards Eekay's projected path while snickering to herself.

     "This is my chaaaance~ Oh, everyone's going to see how great my super cute babies are even against Multiversal Villains, and then...!" She's even starting to cackle a little! Thankfully, she catches herself before she gets too creepy, and she raises the hose to start spraying the area down with... Water? Water. Everything just looks wet now. <<"There we are... Mister Grandmaster, everything's in place!">>

     Surely there's something else planned besides a little spritzing , though, right...?

Josuke Higashikata (1119) has posed:
    Josuke hears the instructions over the radio. "Gotcha!" he confirms. He assumes it's the park that the speedster is headed for, and furthermore, for the warpgate contained therein. So he heads that way as fast as the motorcycle can take him. But when he arrives there, he doesn't go completely into the park where Mei and Gawain are. No, he skirts the edges. Why? Because he has an idea.

    He pulls the bike to a stop at the place he expects the group will be coming in. But he waits, to make sure that IS where they're all coming in. Once he's sure exactly which path Eekay is going to take in to the park, he takes off, again skirting the park. But he's not thinking to stop the speedster by riding around in a circle, no.

    As he drives the motorcycle around the perimeter of the park, he shouts, "<Crazy Diamond>!" The Stand appears at his side, the side closest the park. And as he drives around the perimeter, the Stand begins to punch the ground at super-speeds. He's not just tearing up the ground, though. He's trying to 'fix' the ground in an eight foot, inward-facing barrier. That way, if Eekay tries to run up them, the ground will just force him back into the perimeter he's trying to cut off.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
It takes a concerted effort and some determined focusing, but Yuna manages to recover from getting punched across the sky and gets back on task, zeroing in on Eekay and angling to keep him in her line of fire. She's tempted to switch to Powered Form and join the effort at ground level, but there's still a chance of the speedster going for altitude again and she doesn't feel like letting him make another play for aerial superiority.

Jiina remains close by Yuna in any case, though, leaving Marina to head down to provide additional firepower - or at least another pair of optical sensors - closer to ground level, where she can cover the warpgate if Eekay actually DOES break through despite everyone else's joint efforts.

Sir Gawain has posed:
The rocket-board is real. Gawain is STILL excited, and now he gets to ride it and use it to fight crime. As Mei puts on the auto-balancer, he nods, looks forward...and pedals his foot. When the rocket boosters go on, Gawain puts both feet on the board, using the auto-balancer and his own balance in tandem to start skating forward, as he holds his sword out flat-side first. As Eekay begins moving for the street, Gawain is zooming across the city, and...doing an ollie and a flip onto a bench, which he slides the board across for ADDITIONAL SPEED. When Eekay is about to move for the park, Gawain closes up alongside him, shouting over the board. "Eekay! Your days of crime are done! You've ran yourself...straight into a corner!"

Gawain's relying on Josuke's 'half-pipe' here to slow Eekay down, but knows what he's doing either way. He focuses the board straight at it, lets it fly up into the air, and shifts in midair to go back down and pressure Eekay away from it...and into the 'water' Mei made. "Man, this is harder than a video game. I haven't even done any flips!"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Eekay is doing some stupid moblity tricks now. She hears the orders and she'll move after Eekay is the main targets. Shiomi is handled with help. She's going to tak her bike and is going to attempt to keep up chasing him. she's gunning it now and she's tracking Eekay hoping to keep up with him. Whatever comes up she need to keep him from getting away and she's got some ideas but she also knows they got someone waiting in the park too to help them so it seems they still have a pretty good shot take this guy in.

Eryl Fairfax has posed:
    Eekay finds his avenue of escapes locked down by the pursuers, forcing him to keep going towards the park. He doesn't get why, that was his destination all along... but it immediately becomes apparent why as Josuke erects a barrier around it, and Gawain immediately starts keeping up with him via rocket board. "What the hell?!" the speedster shouts. This is easily the strangest chase he's ever been a part of!

    He runs all about the park, trying to deny Gawain's attempts to steer him, but no exit presents itself, especially when the car with Eryl and Shiomi parks at the open entrance to block it. Eventually, there's no helping it. He steps right into the water that Mei sprayed! But that can't be the goal, can it? It's just water, right?...

Mei Hatsume (1134) has posed:
Mei watches Gawain taking off with a boisterous laugh, the auto-balancers keeping the knight from any unsightly spills even with all that jumping and moving he's doing inside that makeshift half-pipe. "Good work, Pompadour! Now it's Mei Hatsume's time to shi-iiine~!"

     And of course it's not just water. It looks like water, sure, but when Eekay touches down? He'll notice that it's incredibly slippery almost like oil! To make matters worse for him, there's also that oversized slap bracelet thing that's poised to and indeed wraps around him like a...

     ... Oversized slap bracelet. "And there you go, folks! My newly developed water-based Villain control spray can take even the fastest foes off their feet!" She strikes A POSE. "It dissolves quickly!" Another pose! "It's odor-free!" One last pose. "And it's non-toxic, so it's ECO-FRIENDLY~!"

Josuke Higashikata (1119) has posed:
    Once Josuke finishes his 'barrier', he pulls the motorcycle around to the one remaining means of ingress and heads down it behind the others. It's in time to see Gawain's skateboarding. "Woo!" he calls out. "Get 'im!"

    'Pompadour'? Josuke is a little confused at that, at first. Oh, right. They call his hairstyle that in other places. Well, it's a little weird to him, but it's not exactly an insult. Besides, she doesn't know him yet, so what ELSE can she call him?

    Oh! There's her trap sprung, too! Josuke cheers again when the giant 'slap bracelet' reaches up to grat Eekay. "Oh hey, you got him! Kewl!" He grins when she makes what sounds like a sales pitch.

    Mind, he isn't ready to pull the walls down JUST yet. He's wanting to make absolutely sure the speedstar doesn't get away. Taking down the walls too soon might result in Eekay being able to run away again, and he'd rather not have that happen.

Sir Gawain has posed:
As Eekay slams into the...oil? and straight into the slap bracelet, Gawain brings the board to a sudden halt (it takes a few seconds, though), kicks it up into his hands, and moves to hand it over to Mei. "Good work, Miss Hatsume! This board and auto-balancer work pretty well!" He's removing the auto-balancer as well as he speaks, this time leaving Eekay's actual detainment to someone else, like Eryl and either Kotone. "It felt seamless, and I've only rode a skateboard once before." There's an appreciative nod, as he suddenly moves his sword to make sure that Eekay doesn't break out again, readying for another speedy strike.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Yuna is standing by just in case she needs to help either corral Eekay, or subdue him.

It looks like she might not need to do anything, though. "Nice!" she calls out, giving Mei a thumbs-up at the results of her handiwork. She might actually have to check out that anti-whiplash harness Mei was talking about on the radio ... maybe it wouldn't help that much with her Light Suit (not that whiplash is a frequent concern for her), but Mei might have other things that'd be handy ...

Eryl Fairfax has posed:
    Eekay steps! He slips and slides right into the snap bracelet trap! "What the hell is this?!" he yells, trying to move his body as much as he can to build some speed. But in this state, there's no chance of that. He's reduced to just struggling as Eryl makes his way over and examines the restraints.

    "This is some quality work... ah, I remember you. You were on the Mordion Gaol tour with me," he says, recognizing the inventor. He also bends down and runs a finger along the slick ground, getting some of the chemical on his finger and rubbing his thumb against it. "Hmm..."

    As everyone comes over, he starts speaking aloud again. "Thank you all for your help in apprehending this criminal. You will all be given due reward for your efforts, with a bonus if you care to help repair damages caused by the chace. As I understand it, this world has excellent resilience to this kind of thing, but the Paladins clean up their own messes."

    And finally, he looks to Mei while reaching into his coat and producing... a Paladin recruitment pamphlet! He offers it to her as he launches into a speil. "Miss Hatsume, is it? I realize that you are probably studying at one of the many quality hero academies in this world. But I ask you to consider some extracurricular activities with us. You and Warden Gawain clearly have some excellent rapport, and I think you could go far with our support. But for now, think of this as an internship offer. What do you say?"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa is now pulliong in from another flank on hr bike as she moves to help pin this guy in, they can't let him go to the gate but soon it seems to not be needed as Mei gets Eekay good. She comes to a halt she hopes off and laughs a bit at the whole situation.

She'll be moving in now to make sure there's a enough backup with the guy going down but it seems he's over she pulls the cables from the back of her neck and goes to join the rest.

"Tht was pretty good thinking there miss."

she nots to Mei with a rather big grin on her face.

Josuke Higashikata (1119) has posed:
    Josuke stands properly as Eryl approaches. At the mention of repairing the damage, Josuke nods. "I can do that, sure!" he assures. A look around at the assembled Elites, and he offers, "If anybody's hurt or anything got damaged, I can try to fix it." Pause, and he looks around at the environment. "After I get this put back, I mean..."

    Speaking of the makeshift half-pipe, since Eekay seems to be more or less under control, Josuke can start helping to repair the damage with that! Crazy Diamond is summoned again. And then a loud, droning "DORARARARA!" rises from the Stand as fists fly fast enough to look like multiple fists, setting to work quite literally beating down the raised walls of earth.

    But it's not just turning the walls to rubble and tamping down the dirt. He's FIXING it, an orange aura surrounding the ground as he tries to return the earth to its prior state of laying flat on the ground, with grass, concrete, and/or asphalt over it. He might end up fixing a few cracks or potholes in the meanwhile!

Mei Hatsume (1134) has posed:
As the Multiversal heroes approach, Mei starts to notice that they're.. Actually not much older than her for the most part. She showboats for a little while longer, of course, but it doesn't take that much longer before she finally turns to address them more properly.

     "Nice trick with the walls. Hmm... This is sort of like Cementoss'..." She murmurs to herself while tapping on part of the half-pipe that Josuke had created. She snaps out of her inspection, though, when Gawain speaks up, and laughs again as she takes rests her hands on her hips. "That's the beauty of the auto-balancer! Unless you want to, it'll keep you from falling flat on your face!"

     Yuna gets a long, probing stare from Mei (probably with a bit of Zoom use), and then the inventor strokes her chin. "I'll need to get you fitted for that whiplash harness later. It shouldn't be too hard." Kotone, meanwhile, gets a curious stare as well, although the inventor seems a little more confused about her. "Wasn't there...? Hmm. I'll have to check you out sometime, too. Maybe something like Mister Gawain's..."

     Mei trails off while her brain starts to run at a mile a minute, but stops when she spots Eryl as a familiar face. "Extracurricular...? Ah.. Ahah! I accept! It'd be a great honor to work with the Paladins, Grandmaster."

     That was rather easy, wasn't it? No, she's definitely not plotting how to leverage this for more exposure and investment opportunities. Not at all.

Sir Gawain has posed:
Gawain nods in support with Eryl when he thanks everyone, and then turns when he hands Mei the recruitment pamphlet. He tilts his head for a second, and when he realizes what's going on, the knight grins. "Indeed! Your attitude is refreshing. I'd be happy to work with you, and also mentor you in the field of being a Paladin, if you'd like...Chevalier Hatsume!" He says the last part right as she agrees. "Welcome aboard! It's a lot like being a superhero, with responsibility to upkeep. I look forward to your achievements!"