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Sir Gawain (Scenesys ID: 533)
"In the event that there is a next time, an opportunity to restore my honour; a second life -- then, at that time, I will devote everything I am to the king."
Full Name: Sir Gawain of Camelot
Gender: Male
Species: Heroic Spirit (Human)
Theme: (OFC) Fate/Maelstrom-1
Function: Knight of the Sun
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Paladins (3-Warden)
Groups: Dun Realtai, Heaven or Hell
Other Information
Physical Age: Late 20s Actual Age: 1450+
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Mizushima Takahiro
Height: 180cm Weight: 78kg
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Son of Morgause, nephew of King Arthur, Sir Gawain was a Knight of the Round Table, cheerful and loud, honorable and chivalrous, until death. Often called the Knight of the Sun, Gawain is radiant in both title and personality, a bright grin accompanying his almost every action. Additionally, his connection to the sun is much more than a title, with the sun itself giving him a blessing at certain times in the day. However, even with his cheer, Gawain is plagued with guilt for the fall of Camelot, and constantly tries to atone daily for his perceived failure. With the powerful sister blade of Arthur's Excalibur, Excalibur Galatine at his side, Gawain was summoned to partake in the Chicago Grail War, of which he was the only surviving Servant, his belief that everything would go well turning out incorrect, and the War ending tragically with highly personal consequences. As a result, Gawain refuses to speak of the events of the War, even to his closest allies, and getting him to get involved in another Grail War is a difficult task. Even then, his cheer is still ever-present, and despite these hang ups, he can always be counted as an incredibly loyal ally.



HEROIC SPIRIT: Gawain is a Heroic Spirit, a legendary figure brought back as a sort of 'magical ghost' in order to take part in the Holy Grail War, taking human shape but surviving on mana, provided to him by his Master. As Saber-Class, one of the stronger classes that wields a sword in combat, Gawain is one of the 'well-rounded Servants', possessing high Strength, Endurance, and Agility, allowing him to put up against many other combatants in the Multiverse.

COMMAND SPELLS: Whoever possesses Gawain as their Servant gains three of these bright red symbols along their hand, which dim when used. By using a Command Spell, Gawains Master can issue an absolute order that he cannot disobey, or boost his powers significantly for a single action.


SERVANT SKILLS: As a Servant in the Holy Grail War, Gawain possesses several special skills, both as a Saber class and personal ones from his own legend. (See +info Gawain/Skills for more information)

KNIGHT: Gawain is a trained and skilled knight, having served under King Arthur in the Knights of the Round Table. He is adept with a sword, can lead men to arms, and is both honorable and chivalrous.


NOBLE PHANTASM: Gawain, as a Servant in the Holy Grail War, possesses a Noble Phantasm, an objects associated with his legend.

EXCALIBUR GALATINE; The Resurrected Sword of Victory: A shining holy sword and the sister sword to King Arthurs own Excalibur, Excalibur Galatine is said to represent the rays of heat from the sun, and possesses a 'pseudo-sun' in the hilt. When activated, the pseudo-sun creates a miniature sun above, which, using a magical circle, allows Gawain to harness enough energy to extend the sword as far as one can visualize its blade, about 13 kilometers. A horizontal slash of flame is unleashed that pierces through the enemy and erupts into a giant ball of fire that engulfs them. It is capable of hitting an army of up to 300 men and is his trump card.



GUILT: When Sir Lancelot betrayed Camelot in order to save Queen Guinevere from execution, killing Gawain's brothers Gareth and Gaheris in the process, Gawain felt pure treachery, and was unable to forgive him, even when King Arthur did. When Lancelot attempted to partake in the Battle of Camlann, Gawain rejected him hostilely, leading to the downfall of his king and country, and his own death. Gawain feels guilt and regret that his own grudge with his former brother-at-arms led to the ruin of his king, and even admits his own enmity to Lancelot comes from his lack of virtue. As such, this haunts Gawain to the point of being his wish, the wish that he would have never let this grudge come in the way of serving his king.

PASSIONATE: Concepts such as honour and chivalry are very important to Gawain, and he holds these close to him. He will defend these concepts to the end, and act against anything he feels may be a slight against these concepts.

TO THE KING: Gawain is very loyal and protective of his king, willing to defend her at all costs, even risking his life to do so. If he can help it, he will allow nothing to fell her or cause her great harm, and will always be by her side when she so wills it.

HONOURABLE: Dishonour is not something Gawain can handle. He refuses to use stealth, seeing it as dishonour compared to the more honourable way of battling an enemy at arms, and will have nothing to do with it, in a very loud manner.

UNENDING CHEER: Gawain is a very optimistic individual, loud and cheerful in almost all situations, even combat. And this can bug people. And this can bug /certain people/ very much.

BROTHERS IN ARMS: Gawain's fellow Knights of the Round Table are almost as important to him as his king. He will fight with them and protect them with the same zeal he would his king, and an act of betrayal to one or from one is unthinkable to him.

COMMAND SEALS: The Command Seals that symbolize the bond between Servant and Master are expendable. When all three Command Seals are used up, or his Master dies, Gawain's contract with his Master is severed, and he will fade away without any mana to keep him on the mortal plane, unless he can make a new contract with a new Master before then.


Title Date Scene Summary
The Citadel of the Vile King January 24th, 2019 The citadel of the dragon tyrant, Caer Gwrtheyrn, invites King Arthur and comrades within to confront Vortigern over the future of Britain.
Rebellion in Londinium January 11th, 2019 The streets of Londonium run red as people attempt to bring an end to the new movement in the most direct and violent way possible, empowered by darkness.
Tower of Santaga - Floor 6 December 10th, 2018 Santam celebrates Christmas with Saber Santa with a Arthurian game show twist.
FateParadox - Duel July 19th, 2018 Saber Gwyn and Archer Shogo Arisu fight in a courtyard while several curious Elites try to track down their Masters, and chaos ensues.
FateParadox - Ruler Sighted June 25th, 2018 The Ruler of the Multiversal Grail War, Nagi Springfield, is met by several interested parties in a sushi bar.
FateParadox: New Beginnings May 26th, 2018 The new Grail War begins with a battle on a big bridge
Deus Ex Logia: Travelers May 15th, 2018 Pending
An Unlikely Silver Tongue May 4th, 2018 Pending
Happy Hour at the Edge of the Multiverse April 24th, 2018 Pending
Lookshy: The Aftermath April 23rd, 2018 Pending
The Blue Light Room April 18th, 2018 Placeholder
Dead Man's Panopticon January 2nd, 2018 Pending. Submitting logs because nobody has been.
A Heroine's Origin December 21st, 2017 A world has newly unified, and it has horrible eldritch monsters. A local heroine learns of the Multiverse after a run-in with Elites.
The Denandsor Project-3 October 28th, 2017 The Deathknight Shards of Basalt launches an ill-advised assault on Denandsor.
A-Mei-Zing Pursuit September 14th, 2017 The Paladins request aid in the pursuit of a criminal speedster Eekay, and recieve help in a world where 80% of the population have superpowers!
Hostage Sect-uation August 10th, 2017 Paladins work to save the city council from the Urban Breath cult.
The Land of 77 Rings July 4th, 2017 A small group descends upon the isolated town of Windknight's Lot in search of the missing Jonathan Joestar.
Cultist Crackdown May 31st, 2017 Paladins interrogate the arrested cultists and manage to get some factoids from them.
PETA: The Animist Chambers April 25th, 2017 Paladins, Watch, and League descend on the Animist Chambers, a historic building with a rather dark present...
At A Party April 3rd, 2017 Worst. Fundraiser. Ever.
The Grand Reopening of Tomoyo's Boutique March 4th, 2017 Tomoyo's Boutique finally reopens with a new look!
PETA: Follow-Up February 10th, 2017 The Paladins follow up on a prior case, and discover things may not be as they seem.
The Devil Wears Khaki January 15th, 2017 The Paladins investigate Luke A. Fure's Hobby Emporium on suspicions of shady deals with cursed items, but find it might be more complex than that.
Foodbringer: For Sustenance January 7th, 2017 First scene in the Foodbringer miniplot. In the city of Everria, a masked man has been giving away free food to the masses, to the ire of the government. The Paladins investigate the scene of the crime, but a Concord spy decides to make things more interesting.
A Matter of Morale December 23rd, 2016 Several Paladins converge on Ferdinand Luke's orphanage to hand out some Christmas cheer. They're met by Heinkel Wolfe.
Speed of Justice December 18th, 2016 The Paladins investigate a biker gang speeding dangerously through a highway, and find themselves facing a difficult problem apprehending the leader.
Critical Failures December 16th, 2016 Amalthea teaches the new members of The Proving Grounds two valuable lessons. Always play by the rules. And never trust your Dungeon Master.
Progressing into the Fordidden Forest December 15th, 2016 The League wants to study an artifact that they can't get their hands on legally. The Paladins are there to frown at them and say no.
Visitation December 15th, 2016 Sir Gawain visits Heinkel Wolfe in the hospital.
Chevaliers December 14th, 2016 A meeting of Paladins in Hellsing-1 Earth.
The Glory of Rome August 1st, 2016 Nero visits Sir Bedivere at his behest, along with a few other recurring friends and residents.
Green Living July 24th, 2016 A Visit to Dun Realtai's greenhosue
A New Project April 15th, 2016 Tomoyo is filming a short movie for a school project, and she needs Elites to serve as actors!
Let Him Eat (Fruit)cake January 6th, 2016 Sanary has obtained the dreaded fruitcake. Yari is afraid it's poisoned. Gawain volunteers to test this. It's worse than they could ever imagine.
Visiting Old Friends December 30th, 2015 Yari and company track down her would-be assassins. Blood is spilled, tears are shed, Gawain gets a new mount, and Archer is even more of a jerk than usual.
To Cut Off A Lizard's Tail December 19th, 2015 Yari's past comes back to haunt her.
The First Beat(down) December 6th, 2015 Haku calls for assistance with ruining a Hatsune Miku concert and ends up with opposition from the Union! Fights ensue!
After Count December 2nd, 2015 An A-RAY named Akkinas offers pay for locating and securing ancient texts in a ruin plagued by a particular kind of monster: a Servant, unconnected to the war of Babel's Tale!
Baron of Blood November 11th, 2015 Lezard Valeth tracks Shirou Emiya to Dun Realtai. Sir Gawain moves to protect him, but Lezard has something else up his sleeve...
HALLOWEEN 2015 October 31st, 2015  ????
Woodvale Trial: The Wounded Earth October 2nd, 2015 Crey are trying to steal Portal Corp technology during a crisis! A danger... And an opportunity!
Knives and Shields September 29th, 2015 Yari Takane attempts to assassinate a company board of directors for selling deadly medication. Gawain of the Round Table comes to arrest them. The pair clash over the lives of those guilty, ideals put to the test. No one walks away happy.
Returning Ilia to Ordon Village September 20th, 2015 Ilia is returned to her home, where the group learns that some of the children of the village were stolen as well.
WMAT C1 Maya vs. Fate T. Harlaown September 15th, 2015 Bracket C1 WMAT 2015, Maya vs. Fate T. Harlaown
Knight of the Sun Soldier of the Moon September 13th, 2015 Yari is found by Gawain, training! They share words and learn a little about each other.
Knight of the Sun, Soldier of the Moon September 13th, 2015 Yari is found by Gawain, training! They share words and learn a little about each other.
SPILL Reagents September 12th, 2015 An anonymous tip leads Union and Confederate forces to investigate a warehouse said to have lots of alchemical supplies being shipped to it... In Washington, D.C., in the middle of a Grail War.
Winter's Last Hurrah February 27th, 2015 An impromptu snowball fight erupts in Dun Realtai, and battle lines are drawn!
Maelstrom: Upon A Black Horse January 22nd, 2015 The Master of Charlemagne invites Sir Gawain and his allies for tea. And then, SUDDENLY BUS DRIVING SERVANT.
Winter Ceilidh January 8th, 2015 Sir Bedivere hosts another céilidh in Dun Realtai, to brighten the dreary winter days.
Maelstrom: Abbadon November 23rd, 2014 After Reaper's recovery, Sir Gawain, Riva Banari, Maya, Shirou Emiya, and Psyber interrogate him about what he knows of the Grail War, and about who he is.
Maelstrom: Tower of Babel November 17th, 2014 Sir Gawain and a few allies go to help with what seems to be just a day off doing construction for Caster of White's Wardenclyffe Tower, when Berserker of White and his Master make an unexpected visit.
Maelstrom: The Art of War November 6th, 2014 Sir Gawain and his allies attempt to ambush Rider of Gold and his Master Hiroto Matou...but things don't go as planned.
Clandestine Meetings October 23rd, 2014 Psyber, Jude Mathis and Gawain meet to try a daring strategy.
The Man Who Invented the Twentieth Century October 22nd, 2014 The mysterious Mikhail and his unknown Servant meet with the allies in Dún Reáltaí.
The Mean Streets of Chicago October 19th, 2014 Four allies meet with two strangers of the Holy Grail War in Chicago.
A Test of Character September 17th, 2014 Loros pays a visit to the Lord of Dún Reáltaí, and present him with a simple test of character.
A Rider of Blue's Appearence September 17th, 2014 A new Servant and his Master get lost in the Tundra and stumble upon the locals.
Road to Recovery September 1st, 2014 Sir Bedivere receives an unexpected visitor in Dun Realtai, one who has some unusual ties to his king...
The Lance of Kresnik - Gaius August 29th, 2014 Ideals clash within the throne room of the Dawn King's palace.
The Rising Black Sun August 20th, 2014 Kagenashi sets out to steal enough power for her fifth tail, but things don't go exactly as planned.
Knights and Saints August 10th, 2014 Jeanne d'Arc, the Saber of Black, travels to Dun Realtai to meet with Sir Bedivere and Sir Gawain.
A Muse's Legacy August 8th, 2014 Kalliona and the Union make an attempt to capture one of Chrysanthemum's strongholds.
Trouble in Harajuku August 7th, 2014 Black Tailmon gets into some hijinx, causing a small riot in one of the countless instances of Harajuku, Tokyo. Gawain, Kotone, and ... a sentai cosplayer show up to stop it. :P
Ranger Recruitment August 7th, 2014 Sir Gawain meets up with Ranger Green and Kotone Yamakawa after their previous encounter, and come across several others as well.


Title Date Scene Summary
Short Film Released! (Tomoyo Daidouji) April 21st, 2016 After having it graded, Tomoyo releases her school project on the internet for all to view!