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Development Planning of the Battle Ship Fortran.
Date of Scene: 21 September 2014
Location: Digital World
Synopsis: Confederate scientists get together, to plan development of Violet's fortress.
Cast of Characters: 368, 471, 522, 530, 546

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Dr. Violet Hunter has put an invite out to the scientists of the Confederacy: Come to the Digital World, and aid her in the creation of her fortress. It is still very much a work in progress. A large, intimidating multi-tiered structure, shaped somewhat like a Mayan Pyramid, and made of some unknown black stone. Several towers are at each corner of it, and upon them are some simple laser turrets she has managed to precure. The main entrance to it is up a ramp, leading to a couple floors up in it. The size of it is fairly impressive. It's large enough to hold a small army, most definately. But it's current state... It looks half finished. Bits missing, here and there.

     Violet herself is waiting inside the fortress, near the entrance. The entrance is a sort of grand entryway, something from which troops could easily be positioned. Or at least, this is possible later down the line. Seeing the room is basically filled with various crude tools, and a table with some blueprints, it's really not ready for that purpose yet.

     Violet has a chair, though she stands at the table with the blueprints. There are various other chairs around. She sighs, looking at this. Honestly, she is /amazed/ how much she has gotten done with the fort as is, even if what she has gotten done is basically just 'bare bones building made of black stone, and a couple of turrets around it'. Though at the least, she has some computer networks through the place! Hey, she is a computer scientist after all.

     Hopefully the other scientists can help her some.

Garen (530) has posed:
    He may not be a scientist, but when the call is given, Garen shows up. Unfamiliar with the world, aside from the break-out, he made his way into the large fortress. Carefully, he heads towards where the meeting was supposed to occur. When he see's Dr. Hunter, he gives a nod. "A pleasure to see you again, doctor." He says.

Tesla Armadia (368) has posed:
It would be a lie to say that Digimon were not a curiosity to Tesla. Creatures of data and code, and yet often organic and 'real' in a way unlike any sort of AI she's ever seen. Granted some are more machine-like than others, but even the robotic ones have that indeterminable difference to them that makes life what it is.

Getting to have a look around at some of the other scientist's projects was just a fringe benefit. Styraco hadn't gotten back to her about their side project yet, so she had a little time to spare. "Interesting place in the process, to say the least."
"Still looks a bit incomplete, Master." Saiga comments from where the shinki sits upon the technopath's left shoulder.
"Yes, that is why we are here, after all."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Gaius Van Baelsar, the Imperial Legatus of the Forteenth legion was going to come today to see what perhaps the Garlean Empire could due to aid in Dr. Hunter's problems. Sadly though that Imperial Legatus had to go get himself in fight with his equal and now is recovering.

This now leaves his more trusted Tribunes to pick up the slack. So who arrives here first for the Imperial Legatus' wishes to aid?

A woman in white armor, with a bit of gold trim around its edges. Including the red cloth-like material that goes down her center with the crest emblazoned into it. She walks with a step of grace and purpose. Her face hides behind the helm she wears and while one eye has a metal patch, the other has a lens over it making it impossible to see whom lurks behind the impressive armor.

By proportions, she has long legs and just slightly longer arms then a person. Though she is very proportional to herself and is standing close to six foot. She seems to take great interest for a moment as she arrives in the world before her, then to the very tower.

This causes her to cross her arms over her chest in thought for a moment, before she continues to make her way to the entrance, which once she comes in, she greets Dr. Hunter with a polite nod of her head, though a hand comes to rest at her own hip. The weapons are easy to see on her lower arms. Some type of martial weapon that has a gun barrel connected to it. "You must be Doctor Hunter, I presume? My Lord Van Baelsar sends his regards and wishes to aid you in your.. project.. in whatever way we of the Garlean Empire can."

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Violet has a face that rarely shows much emotions. Years of being partially isolated from society kind of do that to a person. Though hard to see, she is smiling, just slightly.

     "It's a pleasure to see all of you here. Though I do not believe I've met any of you before, it's still good to have the help on this project."

     She sighs a little, motioning around. "As you can see, this fortress is a work in progress. The main goal for it, though, is to be a floating fortress, with enough defenses to protect itself, and as a good staging point for unleashing my Digimon. But, I don't have the skills to make it fly on myself. Plus, the more brains together, the better. We can surely think of even greater additions to this fortress, to make it truly a sight for our enemies to fear."

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen nods, and finds a place to lean against. "Right away, I would suggest a security system able to detect individuals who do not belong. I would also suggest it be top priority. I can say with honesty that this would be the ideal time for someone with my skillset to slip inside and gather information undetected."

Tesla Armadia (368) has posed:
Tesla Armadia gives the other Doctor a polite nod, though her attention is already wandering to the half-build structure around them. Hmmm. There's nothing apparently active for her to read with her powers, but unlike some people who gain technopathy as an ability she has taken much of her time to actually -learn- about engineering and sciences instead of relying upon just upon the technical manipulations.

"Any thought as to what means you intend for this 'flight' to be gained from?", she finally asks, turning her attention to Violet once more as she folds her hands behind her back.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
"The name is Livia Sas Junius." Livia decides to take care of that 'not knowing' part and the nods to Garen in agreement. "Indeed a security system is most needed, including during the construction process. For it be easy for your enemies to slip in and perhaps create an espionage on your work."

Livia then takes a look around once more, while thinking to herself this is something Nero really should be here for and he was going to be here, but something must have caused him the delay-- probably her father's armor.

"As for flight.." Livia places her hand up to tap her chin. "A great deal of our airships and many of our Magitek Machina operates in the sky. I could easily see if our science team can take a gander at a copy of your blue prints and see if there is away for it to be used within these walls." Livia then lowers her hand, "But then comes to problem of capability and the need of Ceruleum."

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     That... actually strikes Violet quite hard. She hasn't even thought of a basic security system being important yet? Though, she ponders. "As of yet, I haven't had to worry about enemies. The Digital World has been mostly unknown to people of my world, so the odds of someone from it scouting it out wasn't something I thought of... So yes. A decent security system would be a good idea. Are any of you skilled with security?"

     A glance at Tesla, "There have been some ideas for flight, but as of yet, nothing concrete. The power source alone is still a problem, though with some research, we /might/ be able to create something to power it from the Digital World's unique nature."

     A glance to Livia, "Well. If your Magitek can make this fortress fly, that would be a good option. What's the problem with the capability and the Ceruleum though? I assume the Ceruleum is something you use to allow it to fly? Is it hard to come by?"

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen smirks wryly. "I'm skilled at getting around security. I'm a spy, pretty much. I'll assess and create plans for a security system that could keep me out." He then listens to the others and nods softly. "I've been meaning to get a look at this Magitek your commander's been speaking of." Then, his mind goes back to the fortress. "Do you have any schematics for the fortress itself? While I'm working on a security system, I might as well take a look for any exploitable structural weaknesses and get them addressed."

Tesla Armadia (368) has posed:
"You probably want more than one source of power for this sort of thing," Saiga pipes up from Tesla's shoulder. As the scientist turns to look around the room the shinki hops down onto the table and goes to investigate the actual blueprints instead.

"Saiga is correct. For one, you'll want backups in case someone tries to disable your means of locomotion. Lest you take a quick trip voliently to the ground." She shifts her attention to glance at Garen with his security suggestions. "Or have it cripple multiple other systems at the same time. When it comes to something of this size, a bit of redundancy in caution is not a bad idea."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Livia listens to the others before she goes to address Hunter's question. "Ceruleum is a source of fuel that we refine and manufacture from either natural pools or aetheric crystals found in our world of Hydaelyn." She then crosses her arms over her chest. "I am unsure if other sources with similarities to our own can be used in the process. I fear another within our ranks.. whom is not here.. would only have the answer to that."

Livia then lowers her arms, "But I am sure that we would be more then willing to offer the Ceruleum to power the devices if it comes to it." She then walks around the main room giving it a look over. "We may be able to even provide some better defense material," She then taps the wall. "Though that all depends on how well fortified you desire to be from airstrikes."

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Violet motions towards the blueprints. Worth noting: Most of the place seems actually incredibly hollow according to the blueprints, and the majority of structures inside are support.

     "The place was built to be rather modular... I have areas, based on some preplanning I did, where I can put power sources, barracks, and whatnot. Honestly, the place was built with... Rather poor planning. The only reason I shaped it the way it is, really, is because of designs the Digimon already had. Some of the local ruins had murals of a building shaped like this, and a number felt it'd be the best design..."

     Siiigh, "I really hope it's not some sort of predetermined prophecy or something, though, because those never end well."

     A glance at Saiga and Tesla. "Hrm. So multiple backup power sources... Well. Whatever suggestions you have, I'll consider. The Digital World /can/ make power from just data, but I'm not sure if that'd work in the real world, yet."

     She considers Livia. "Ceruleum as a power source, or at least /one/ power source, for the flight of this vessel would be fine with me... I would even be willing to give you some resources and help in exchange. Running an army doesn't come cheap, I know, and one thing we have a surplus of here is meat crops."

     She nods at the walls, "Better defense materials would be good as well. The reason we have used this stone, so far, is that despite its look, it's rather light and durable. Not as durable as metal, but for the bulk of the building, it works. The outer walls having better defenses would be wonderful, though."

Garen (530) has posed:
    "I agree with multiple power systems. Nothing makes my job easier than when a buildings entire power system is on the same circuit as the cable TV." He says, peering over the plans. "Hmm....Mainly hollow with some supporting structures. Not the most ideal setup. I would reinforce these supports to handle high-grade detonations. Also, have you thought of a turret system, or perhaps keeping an automated security force for any tripped alarms? The hollow points would make for perfect storage locations. I can arrange for some Imperial technicians to install them."

Tesla Armadia (368) has posed:
"Shifting between worlds is something to consider too. If one source of power does not work when you transfer, having back-ups ready is all the more crucial. Prehaps some Digimon with electrical powers for emergency use as well? It works with Pokemon."

"Guy's got a good idea." Saiga aids as she sits down at the blueprints. "If you want these hollow locations, you need to reinforce the material they're made from." Pause as the tiny robot looks up. "What -are- these things being made from, anyways?"

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Livia slides her hand along the stone structure, before brushing her fingers tips off, and then walking her way over to where the others are starting to gather. "We could provide both cermet and our steel. Both which come from our factories in our homeland of Garlemald. The steel we construct is tougher then any metal forged by a forgery and yet is fairly light. Cermet would be good for area that may be expected to get high heat loads, as Cermet has the strength of the steel, but due to its ceramic properties mixed in-- in handles heat far better and doesn't allow for electricity to conduct against it."

Livia then takes a look over at the blue prints. Yep. She really wishes Nero was here or her father. Both of them were far more knowledgeable on such things, but she will not fail her lord, her father!

Though others speak of the hollow locations and Livia can't disagree with what is being said, so for now the young Tribune falls quiet as she studies what she is looking at and seeing from what she knows of the airships designs if some principles can be used here.

Nox (546) has posed:
    One of the chairs is suddenly assaulted by a flickering haze of blue static. With an electric chirp, it is suddenly filled with the armoured form of the man named Nox; sitting rather than floating ominously for a change. "Please, pardon my lateness. I had finally managed to gather enough energy to have my manufacturing capability back off the ground. It required some overseeing." A tiny, mechanical, beetle-like object skitters onto the table, scanning each person in turn with a single, glowing eye. "But I've already heard the gist of it. I believe the main question comes down to whether the good doctor is willing to deal with the issues of using multiple exotic energy sources, or would like something that runs purely on electricity for the sake of ease of supply, repair, and interchanging systems."

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     A nod from Violet, "Yes... We'll reinforce the supports. I will probably add in some extras as well... And as for turrets, there are some defending the outside, but if you are suggesting some of these inside... I would not be opposed. Plus, the turrets I have outside likely function differently than yours. If we do have an infiltrator, and if all of the technology is that much different, it will make it harder to sabotage all of it."

     She looks towards Tesla. "Yes, that's one of the main reasons I wanted help with the flight, especially. I am unsure of what can leave the Digital World and still work., hence the backups." She looks to Saiga, "And the fortress is made of... some sort of stone that I don't know. I've tested that it can exist in the real world, though. It seems similar to what the Digimon Emperor made his towers out of, from what I saw."

     A glance to Livia, "If your steel is stronger and lighter, we can use it, yes. The Cermet as well. It sounds strong."

     A glance at Nox. Yes, she recognizes Nox's voice from the radio, as well. "I am willing to use multiple sources. It will take more work, and make fielding this harder, but if survivability in the long run is a far more important thing to focus on. The ship is meant to be incredibly intimidating, and to be seen as a symbol of my conquest. So it will make it an attractive target. So complexity leading to more easily being defended, over ease of use."

Tesla Armadia (368) has posed:
"So at least electrical systems and your digital word empowered method. That's two different systems, one assured to work in either world or the other." Tesla walks back over the the table and leans over to look at the blueprints with her Shinki. "Most likely put the generator facilities in the center of the structure. The harder your sources of power are to get to for sabotage, the better."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Livia gives a nod to Hunter, "I will see what can be done once I return to the Dreadnought." She falls quiet once more, before she steps away from the group and decides to do a check in just what their head tech-man is up too.

The only visual of this conversation is her looking up at the ceiling in a minor hold back of frustration at the man. If not for her-- he be such a lost cause. Really.

When Livia does come back over though she does take a moment to note something. "I also agree with that as well. The power areas should be hard to obtain and hard to damage /if/ they are gotten too. You could always use a field generator around the generator itself."

"That way one has to locate the generators for the field, disable those, before they can even impact your main power sources. The more they must run, the greater time your security will have in locating them or protecting the area."

Garen (530) has posed:
    "Exactly." Garen says simply. He knew well that the more varied the tech, the harder it was to hack.

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     An idea strikes Violet, as she is hearing about this whole 'Protect the power source more than anything' thing. While that was an idea in teh first place, all of this conversation got her thinking.

     "So... Generators, protecting the main generator. Though I wonder. Are any of you aware of any Confederate illusionists? If we have any, we could make it harder to find the generator via means of illusions."

Garen (530) has posed:
    "It's not a bad idea, but I wouldn't make it the only one. Only a fool trusts the first plan he comes up with. Always have a back-up." Garen says, quickly pointing to a few spots on the blueprints, most likely marking points for defences to be installed.

Nox (546) has posed:
    Nox leans back in his chair with a metallic sounding chuckle. The insectoid drone lifts off from the table and buzzes over to the back of his chair; perching there to record the proceedings. "In that case, there are three proprietary pieces of technology I would be willing to install on your behalf." He begins listing them off on his fingers, staring at the blueprints as if already deciding where exactly the pieces should fit. "First: additional space. It would be a wise idea to heed the suggestions of greater armour and more supports, as it should be a trivial matter to expand the capacity of the regions left over for holding. It's a simple matter to make them larger on the inside than possible given their physical dimensions, and would require no power to sustain after the addition is made. Two: self perpetuating mechanisms. I can't fit your entire fortress in the same was as mine, as you aren't a Xelor and thus lack some of the natural abilities to make it work. What I can do however, is affect the functions of main systems with clockworks. They require no energy to run, can't be overloaded or disabled short of physically destroying them, and are perfectly capable of operating on their own after electrical power has been cut. For something such as, say, gun control, these traits would be overwhelmingly valuable, yes?"

    Producing a tiny, steel capped vial of luminescent blue liquid from nowhere, glowing softly as he sets it down on the table, he continues on his last finger. "Three: ammunition. Normally I wouldn't go so far as to hand out my personal form of energy source, but this form of it has already been used and is extremely unstable, and thus easily weaponized. Milligram for milligram, you wont find anything else so dangerous. Propellant for bullets, a solid state battery for lasers, a catalyst for fusion weaponry, or even simply vapourizing it into a raw energy form and firing it like I do. I guarantee a 300% efficiency increase either way."

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     The clockwork technology was mentioned on the radio, before. But, with Nox actually /describing/ it, Violet is actually surprised. She's also surprised by the 'bigger on the inside' thing. Such is /possible/? She imagines there would be some tricks like that which might work in the Digital World, but not in the real world. But alas, it must be possible, or it wouldn't be suggested.

     "So. We can make perpeptual motion clockwork, and make the interior of the fortress larger than it actually is, and massively increase the weaponry?"

     She has to ask. This is just bewilderingly so much.

     A pause. "If this works, we'll use that as one of the systems. If we use that, ceruleum, and possibly the power of the Digital World... That'd be three different primary power sources that could be connected to the flight, ensuring that if one is broken, the rest would still be usable."

Garen (530) has posed:
    "Not to mention three times as hard to break, which in and of itself will increase the risk of discovery." Garen says. He turns and then looks towards Dr. Hunter. "Overall, it sounds like this fortress will be nigh impregnible. Still, I would recommend locking down the plans we have come up with. Call me paranoid, but I still feel that a security breech could happen at any time. With your permission, I'd like to stay and keep an eye on things until the security is up and running."

Tesla Armadia (368) has posed:
Tesla Armadia is as well listening to the clockwork description with interest. Perpetual motion engines were a thing that were only theoretical even with her abilities. "I do believe that has source of power covered. Knowing that makes it easier to plot out the systems that will be operating from them." Facinating, even to her.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Livia gives a nod of her head in agreement, but she had been silent as Nox explained how their own would work. It was rather fascinating, though went a touch over her head. Livia shifts her weight before she continues, "And if you add the field generators, mixed with that.. illusion magic, it make a very impressively difficult place to shut down."

Livia then hms softly, "We use our shield generators at one of our Castrum forts and so having a smaller version installed would be easy enough. It is very difficult to take down without the loss of power and for our Castrum to become fully unprotected, it requires destruction of four points."

The female Tribune then rests her chin in her hand in thought. "I also believe the Dreadnought has an external shield that covers the main bridge area, but I am unsure if weapons can fire through it or-- not-- it have to be something I have to speak to our head engineer and second in command about."

Nox (546) has posed:
    "Correct. All three techniques number amongst several others that I have employed myself for years. The clockworks should take up a little more space than the necessary electrical equipment would, but in combination with the first point of note, it shouldn't be an issue." Steepling his fingers together, Nox regards the paper with an increasingly intent stare, though the expression of it is impossible to read behind the mask. One simply gets the feeling that mental arithmetic is being run simply by how long he's been looking at it. "I don't believe I have enough spare parts on hand to simply install everything today. It'll take time to procure a large enough number of jewels and treat material for mainsprings and bezels. I can have the equipment necessary for the foundations moved in immediately however, if only for the sake of spatial planning. It would also be best if you were to decide quickly on what manner of weaponry you intend to use. If you expect to build internal defenses as well, I'd recommend something that wont punch through the ship's own interior hull and cause damage to internal systems. Soft metal ballistics and closed loop plasma would be ideal. The weapons on the outside should be as large and destructive as possible, given that this contraption is meant to fly, and so wont be within the danger area of its own attacks." Suddenly shifting position, he leans forward far enough to tap on one of the sides of the pyramid. "Though it it /is/ meant to fly, some thought should be given to airborne opposition. Hmmmm, anti-air is always a difficult thing to manage."

Tesla Armadia (368) has posed:
"You need either weapons or projectiles with some manner of tracking or homing ability," Tesla replies to Nox. "Airborn assailants tend to be in large numbers of fast, agile attackers. Or large slow airships, but your basic armor piercing missile can handle that. It's the speedy hard to hit targets you have to worry about, because they're also the ones most likely to try and board your airbound platform."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
When they speak of anti-air measurements and defense weaponry, Livia falls quiet in her thoughts. Going over what the Garlean Empire has for such things given they are the masters of Magitek in Hydaelyn and also very much the masters of the skies their too.

..beyond those pesky dragons...

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     A glance at Livia. She considers. "A barrier might be effective, even if we can't shoot through it ourselves. I could just send my Digimon army out, while the fort remains safe. At the least, it'd be good for emergencies as well."

     A glance to Garen, "I would be fine with you being here for a while. I know that security planning, and really, all of this construction in general, will be quite time consuming in many ways. So, really, I should extend this invitation to all of you. You can all welcome here at any time."

     "The weaponry is a hard choice as well. I have some lasers, so far, but I am open to anything. The more weapons, the better."

     A pause, and a consideration. She sighs.

     "Blame my time in Japan for this, and the fact I had to watch some anime to get ideas for an MMO I developed, but. I know that large giant fortresses like this, in anime, traditionally have one gigantic main weapon of destruction. Perhaps we could incorporate something like that."

     Yes, she is basically admitting that she watched anime for ideas and incorporated some of that into her villainous designs. Though really, where /else/ will you learn how to design your machines for world conquest in a way that they would be intimidating?

Tesla Armadia (368) has posed:
Tesla Armadia pfffs softly. She's the one riping off Zoids, Transformers she's seen, and pretty much anything else she's come across in the Multiverse. She's hardly going to harass Violet over that idea. "An appropriate means of showing the full capacity of your threat is not a bad idea."

Nox (546) has posed:
    "Hmmmm. Yes, otherwise a lot of ammunition is expended on trying to hit something through sheer number of attempts. I can't say it's ever come up in an especially difficult circumstance for me, and madam Violet doesn't have the luxury of slowing time to counter an enemy's speed. The only flight technology I use is gravity neutralization for lift and traditional wings for maneuvering. I can construct something with enough intelligence to seek out a target, certainly, but the method of delivery would probably be best left to someone else." Violet's reluctant sigh elicits another quiet laugh from him, turning his head to face her instead of Tesla. "You could always justify it as an anti-fortification measure. A number of smaller weapons for destroying enemy ships, armour, and mass amounts of infantry are efficient, but likely wont dent another giant fortress. Or perhaps if you simply want to wipe a city off the map! Unfortunately there is only so much fuel I am able to spare. Enough for either the main weapon or the secondary batteries, but not both."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Livia hears the comment on giant main weapon of DOOOOM and her brain goes over to the Dreadnought's Magitek Cannon, which only one person in this very room has seen deployed and the wake of its devastation.

Livia gives a nod to the Doctor when she suggests it may be still a good idea and adds it to the further notes to bring to Nero's attention. Then she nods to Tesla, "Agreed. In showing the full capabilities sometimes can keep one away, but also at times keeping it unknown can also have it advantages."

"One needs to determine when is the best time to show what something can fully do..and when to hold back."

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Violet considers. She is surprised how much everyone feels that a 'giant weapon straight out of anime' is completely viable. It is almost as if this entire room is filled with cartoonish anime villains. What are the odds of that, though?

     "So... Weapons. We can make them somewhat 'smart' and seek the enemies.. But I feel, to make getting a supply easier... Perhaps I will run some raids to steal weaponry for it."

     "And as for the super weapon... What form should it take? We could set it up so that, well... We have three power sources planned. We could divert power from two of them at a time, temporarily, to power up the super weapon. Use the three-source system to make the fortress even more devestating. But /what/ should we use with all of this power?"

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Livia pipes about about the question of what we should do with all this powers. Her voice sounds a little flat also seems to be in deep thought over this whole thing, "If Lord Tol Scaeva was here, he would suggest more guns. Lots of guns.. and you tea cup being a gun as well."

She then shrugs her shoulders lightly, "In all honesty," tilt of her head, "You could make the power of the weapons based on the power your generators could emit out. Have a high, medium, and low yield setting. This way you could control the output and level of.. threat."

Tesla Armadia (368) has posed:
Tesla Armadia waggles a finger approvingly at Livia. "That is not a bad idea, actually. If the type of blast changes depending on the power sources used to charge it, it it also makes it a less -predictable- threat."

Nox (546) has posed:
    "With that much power being diverted to it, some form of energy weapon is the obvious choice. Scaling up physical shell falls victim to square cube law and gives diminishing returns the larger it becomes." Nox pauses a moment to contemplate. "Travel time is hardly a problem since the targets that would require such a level of firepower wouldn't be able to move fast enough to escape. Instantaneous power density is important for dealing with enemy armour, but power dispersal is important for causing damage within a wide enough area to matter, which puts conventional explosives and most beams right out. The most obvious solution would be to dump all that power into a form that is inherently dangerous on its own, such as thermal or electromagnetic energy in a substance with high conductivity and specific energy, and then launching it with some manner of containment apparatus involved. Either some sort of field generator on board the fortress, or a physical core projecting a field around it. Contracted to the smallest bolt possible, it should penetrate easily, after which containment can be dissolved and the projectile allowed to explode in all directions."

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Hrm. Weapons with variable levels, that is a good idea. Violet pauses, considering. Hrrrm. Nox raises good points on feasibility, as well... And ideas. Sending out a small bolt that then explodes in all directions...

     "Well... If we use a method to send out a small bolt that explodes massively.... Well."

     She looks towards Livia. "Would it be possible to use the force field in such a way? Use it to contain the energy, and then cause the explosion?"

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Livia gets asked a technical questions on if you can make the forcefield explode-- outward. She stares at Hunter at this question. In gears in her heard come screeching to a dead halt. The only thought then is 'damnit Nero-- where are you you lazy piece of work'.

So-- she sticks with what /she/ knows. "I am not sure." Be honest. "We have not tested our fields to see if such a thing can be done, given our weaponry works on both physical ammunition and Ceruleum plasma. Which Ceruleum plasma alone can have a rather devastating force on impact because of the nature of it."

"I will need to get in touch with our head engineer to see if that is even a possibility."

Nox (546) has posed:
    "If the forecefield is able to block both ways, that would even be ideal for making sure the bolt cannot be intercepted on the way. The field itself doesn't need to explode, simply disappear the moment the projectile reaches the inside of the target. It also has the benefit of being able to release over a specific area to generate an airburst and otherwise bomb it to the ground."

Tesla Armadia (368) has posed:
"No need, my dear," Tesla chimes back into the conversation. "It would require a force 'bubble' designed to sustain itself until the point of impact, rather than projected from an outside source, but an exploding energy 'shell' is not outside of the realm of possibility. Though it would be less of an explosion of itself and more of a 'pop', but the effect of releasing the energy compressed inside would be the same. Almost like turning the shot into a minature supernova."

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Violet chimes in, a little bluntly.

     "We will need to think of a name for this weapon eventually, as a note. Because I do not want the weapon to end up being called the 'Bubble' or such, because of the design."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Livia speaks softly to herself as she listens to them talk about what they want this weapon to do and her mutters may be heard by with those with keen enough ears, "..you speak as if you wish something akin to the Magitek Cannon.."

Livia shakes her head gently. "The field in which we generator works on a hexagon pattern, once it is broken, it tends to shatter like glass, though the shards become that of atheric motes of light. It is part-- magic and part science. A field you speak of would require to be that of.. solid energy."

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Violet leans forward, considering. There /has/ to be some way to do this. It sounds simply too dangerous to ignore.

     "...If the force field of the Garlean Empire doesn't work, then we could find something else. We shall still use the force field for defense. But. A weapon like this simply sounds too powerful to use, and I am sure we can find a feasible method of doing this."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Livia taps her the side of her chin gently in thought. "They may be able too, but I'm am the worse person to ask on this. Though if something can be done, our dear head engineer can probably make it happen. He," She pauses in thought, "..has away with those hands of his when it comes to devices."

"Is there any other section of this fortress you wish to discuss?" Livia asks as she walks over to look at the blue prints once more. "Perhaps a mean of loading and unloading without landing?"

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Violet considers, "I was hoping Dr. Wily would be here... He had mentioned some sort of teleportation technology that might work for transportation. If you have other ideas, though, I'd be happy to hear them. But, otherwise, well. I am still relatively new to this field. I need to know what all sort of rooms to put on my ship. I know some sort of storage, and rooms for my army to rest in, but not sure what all I'd need otherwise."

     Seriously, where does everyone in the Feds /learn/ to be evil overlords in the first place, anyways? These people are much better at knowing how to build a death fort.

Tesla Armadia (368) has posed:
"A command center, of course. Need a safe place to command your armies from. Honestly, just leave some blank rooms that you can prescribe uses when you find out you need something else, it's a lot easier than trying to expand later. Trust me."

Tesla was actually schooled at the Confederate funded university of the old capital, before it was destroyed. Okay that wasn't specifically for being an evil overlord, but you know they had seminars on that sort of thing.

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     A command room... Yeah, Violet supposes, in the back of her head, she was already thinking of something like that. But...

     A serious look on her face as she considers more.

     "...I wonder if making the command room similar to an elaborate throne room would be too much."

Tesla Armadia (368) has posed:
Tesla Armadia laughs a bit. "Thrones are not my thing, but you want to be comfortable while leading."

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Violet ponders. "It's for intimidation factor, more than anything. I expect people to, eventually, break in and challenge my Digimon to battle. So... Something somewhat intimidating."

     A pause.

     "...I suppose I will have to kidnap a designer."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Livia taps her chin. "I know upon Lord Van Baelsar's dreadnought, he sits upon the bridge. There he can command his crew before him to carry out speed, destination, weapon systems, tactical read outs, and status of the airship at large."

Livia looks to Hunter, "As a commander, you need to know what is happen at all times whilst in battle. So the command center needs the senors and the proper crew to handle the equipment."

Tesla Armadia (368) has posed:
"Always plan for someone to get in there. Because it is inevitable. I was in a maximum security, isolated, location REDACTED facility and Noble Six -still- managed to find me." Tesla paused for a moment as she leaned on the table to allow Saiga to climb back onto her shoulder. "It was by fortune that she entered the control station while I was in the break room and only one of my minions manning it."

"As for maximum awareness on the command, I'm personally fond of holographic displays. They're much easier to move around when need be, don't obstruct your view, and can be made to work just like computer screen windows. Considering we're talking digital worlds here." Pause. Grins a little. "Granted, I don't even need controls to use them, but touch screens are entirely a thing these days too."

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Violet ponders. "If I messed with it, I am almost certain I could get some holographic displays working. At the very least, I can get the computer system where it will be able to work /very/ efficiently. That is what I'm best at, after all. So the technology to make an efficient command room, I can handle. I can staff it with Digimon as well."

     "I'll ensure it has everything needed."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Livia can only smirk faintly behind her full face helm at the concept of holographic displays, but keeps a comment to herself. "But yes, you will need a location for barracks, a kitchen.. or several.. a place for them to eat.. weapon and armor lockers.. back up equipment storage.. a few hangers..."

"You have a great deal of space, so you could easily make some of these things such rooms, perhaps even section a few to become other things as well."

Dr. Violet Hunter (471) has posed:
     Violet nods... "I'll make a note out of all of those, and try to divide them up so that it will be most efficient... I will leave some space for extra guests, such as Confederate soldiers, as well..."

     She looks over some notes she has been taking.

     "...I feel like we are definately making good progress in the planning."