6676/MECC: Yang Xiao Long vs Android 17

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MECC: Yang Xiao Long vs Android 17
Date of Scene: 19 June 2019
Location: MECC Stage 5
Synopsis: Yang vs Android 17, semifinal bout.
Cast of Characters: Yang Xiao Long, 6730

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    "Get down to rock! Get up to burn! Stand up with pride that burns with your desire!" Heavy rock music, and a gravelly voice echo across the arena, a wide, flat 'plate' of rough white tiles, no terrain, no advantage to one side or the other. A field for the trial of skill and tenacity. Yang arrives via a lift that deposits her on one end of the arena, opening a panel in the floor and melding perfectly with the tiles. "Grasp the truth! Hold it high! Raise your fists that's why it's made to start it. Stand up with pride that burns for your desire... don't be afraid to listen to your own heart. Here we go, that's my heartbeat for you!"

    As Yang lifts a fist and deploys her gauntlets, the crowd roars in approval as the music dies down. "ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!?" she bellows, stepping from her entry platform and moving to the center of the arena. A roar echos back. "LETS GIVE IT UP FOR MY OPPONENT TOO! HE MADE IT THIS FAR ON HIS OWN SKILL JUST LIKE I DID!"

    She gestures to 17, who gets just as big a roar of approval. This crowd is looking forward to a fight between these martial artists.

    Yang then gives a bow, pressing her right fist into her left palm, then sets into a combat stance. "Finally get to slug it out eh big guy? Not exactly how I imagined it, but lets make this a good one." she says, then, when the buzzer sounds, she kips forward, launching herself in for a straight jab to start off.

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
Seventeen approaches the arena in his usual calm manner.  Hands initially in his pockets, wearing his normal green and white shirt, jeans, and an orange band on his right arm that says 'RANGER'.  As he jumps onto the stage, he looks across to Yang as she makes things a spectacle.  It's not his style, but he's not going to cramp on someone else's.  

When she gets the crowd to roar for him, he makes a small wave at people, before moving to tighten his gloves.  He returns Yang's bow with a respectful one of his own and quickly drops into a stance of his own.  "Oh?  What did you imagine?  Burning field during the full moon where we sit on either side of a battlefield?  Collapsing castle?  Ooooh, how about during a rock side?" He says, with a carefree chuckle.  

"Yeah, I'm ready.  May the best fighter win," Seventeen says, being the ever good sport.  

The strike comes, he tries to move out of the way, but the speed was a bit unexpected.  As he turns, the strike nails him across the underside of the jaw, causing him to fly back from the punch.  However, it seemed he decided to throw away defense at the last moment for an opening.

Immediately springing back, he aims to try and shove a palm strike right across her chest, aiming to try and send her spiraling away.  

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Solid connection, that will have to have hurt. Yang follows 17 as he spirals backward, then pushes right into his return strike as it comes in, moving to deflect the arm with her own, then grab at his shirt as the strike sails past her.

    "Not bad, that sent a guy through a second storey window from ground level once before." she comments idly, as she tightens her grip, goes to kick 17's legs out, then try to whip him up and over to slam him into the ground.

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
The grab turns into Seventeen quickly aiming to break the command grab with a block of his own, preventing the initial grab, and a block with his leg stops Yang from sweeping the leg.  The two collide with a shockwave of force that could easily knock people flat.  There is a small smile on his face, as he looks up towards her.

"You'll find I'm a bit tougher than most people," Seventeen says, nonchalantly, before bringing his knee up to try and catch the underside of Yang's jaw, and bring both hands down in a hammer blow for the side of her head, aiming to try and make up for lost time.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang takes the strike to her chin full on, a flare of light dulling the blow, only to flare up again at the axehandle. She staggers to the side, but with a quick shift of her feet, doesn't go down just yet.

    "Ah, I actually felt that one." she quips back. "Tough as old boots, so my dad used to say." she adds, then brings herself back in close, aiming a flurry of blows into 17's center of mass.

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
Seventeen and Yang start going blow for blow, exchanging blows with each other as it seems that they're both very good at being able to keep each other at melee.  However, initially, he seems to be matching her blow for blow, aiming to take the punches out of her...punches.  Eventually, there is a small break.

Then Seventeen pushes forward, aiming to open with his own flurry of blows, aiming to take advantage of the small break in the action to push forward himself.  Aiming to collide a powerful blow straight for the face, before leaping back to gain some distance.

"Yeah, I'm feeling yours too.  Can't say that very often, usually pretty hard to give me some lasting damage.  Well...I used to be able to say that, apparently lots of things in the Multiverse hit like an asteroid impact," he says, with a mild grin.  "Who taught you?"

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang takes the strike to the face, but bends backward and flips away landing with a skid in a half-crouch. "Trust me, I'm just getting warmed up!" she replies, rubbing her jaw as she stands back up. She settles back into her stance, and starts to circle around the cyborg. "Dad taught me the basics, but I taught myself a lot too. Best teacher is the real world, after all."

    She then does a slight 'twitch', her gauntlets adjusting to a subtly different position. She then braces herself, and starts punching the air, firing her 'shotgauntlets' with each punch apex, launching a volley of explosive bolts with mild homing.

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
Seventeen swerves, trying to out manuever the shotgun blasts.  Several more come in, but he at least knows she has a ranged option...and a dangerous one at that.  When a few come in at once, his body erupts in a  green ball of energy, blocking the shots with the ANDROID BARRIER.  

He does not escape unsinged, but he does not take the full brunt of that attack.  His barrier is gone, as he fires a barrage of his own shots at Yang, these ones fly out in different directions, aiming to come at her from left, right, and center.  These ones, however, are quite good at homing.

"Yeah, that's the truth.  I guess you can say I'm self-taught too.  A good partner goes a long way though."

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang resets her gauntlets, and crosses her arms in front of her, a familiar pose to 17, most likely. She's aiming to just tank the energy blasts and is engulfed in a smoke cloud as they strike her body and detonate.

    As the smoke begins to clear, a yellow glow begins to make itself known. The shape moves, and suddenly launches itself out of the cloud, scattering the smoke as Yang comes rushing back in with a series of punches. They don't appear any different from before, but each one feels harder, like she's gotten a power boost. Her hair is giving off motes of energy, like flames, and her eyes have shiften to a red hue.

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
Words are gone as the two engage each other far more seriously.  Fist collides on fist, as once more Seventeen uses his body to block, but matching her strikes with his own.  Each one aiming to try and keep her from getting a solid hit on him.  He keeps pace with her, though right now it looks like she might have the upper hand.

Then there was a blur of motion, Seventeen moves at a nearly imperceptible speed, aiming to drop from above with a leg towards the top of her head, before swinging another punch for the center of mass.  He doesn't stop there, aiming to try and grab Yang's arm and aim to try and toss her over his shoulder.

While Yang explodes in damage, Seventeen seems to focus on his opponent, learning them throughout the fight.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang seems to be getting the upper hand... but then 17 uses that speed hack, and she's overwhelmed. Knocked aside, grabbed and then tossed, she hurtles through the air, and slams down hard, skipping across the ground a few times. She manages to get a hand on the ground, and launches herself up and over, landing on her feet and skidding back a little further, her Aura flickering slightly for a moment or two before stabilizing.

    Yang lifts her chin, grinning maliciously as her hair seems to blaze like an inferno. She stands, slams her fists together and causes an airburst around herself, sending the dust from her landing away and clearing the air. Yang then shifts her stance, gathering down into a half-crouch, then fires herself forward, cratering the arena floor as she fires her gauntlets to augment her own legs leap. The Huntress can't flicker out like 17 can, but she's still pretty fast. She seems to be coming in for another straight-on attack, but at the last moment, fires a gauntlet to jink to the side, and comes in from the left, sweeping a haymaker around as she plants her feet and puts her back into it.

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
That was faster than Seventeen had expected, the Android Barrier comes up around him to absorb the blow, trying to take everything she had into it.  There is a struggle, for a split second, it looks like he might have it, before the haymaker shatters the barrier and sends Seventeen flying across the arena.

Battered and bruised as he hits the ground and rolls, he manages to catch himself finally and flips to his feet and skids across the arena.  His hair comes down messily across his face as he leans in.  

A barrage of shots come flying at Yang, trying to once more catch her by surprise with a full spread of shots, before he dives in right behind them.  Aiming to catch her off guard by trying to slam his elbow under her chin while she was focused on the blasts, before aiming to aim a kick up to launch her upwards.

In a burst of speed, he appears right above her, aiming to swing both hands down in a haymaker of his own, aiming to send her back crashing to the ground.

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang grins as 17 goes flying, but then she's subjected to a massive assault by the Android. She brings her guard up, hunkering down to tank through it all again. Blasts explode against her Aura, she elbow meets her crossed guard and staggers her backward, opening her up for the haymaker to smash her into the ground. Dust covers the impact, and the arena goes quiet for several long moments.

    Did he get her? Is it over?

    Yang pulls herself up out of the rubble, her Aura flickering and crackling, like a bubble that's mere moments from bursting. With a clench of fists, and a bestial bellow of defiance, she stabilizes it one last time, gathering all of her energy into her fists. Damned be the defenses.

    Yang charges at 17 as he's recovering from his outburst, and lays into him with a flurry of blows, each hammer-like strike only being followed by one even stronger, the young Huntress unleashing the full potency of her Semblance in that one instant.

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
Yang flies out of the dust, bursting right for him.  He knows better than to challenge her punches directly again.  He readies, making it look like he's about to make the same mistake.  The Android looks like he's about to block...

If he misses the timing on this, it's over.

He does not.  

He disappears right at the last moment.  She almost could feel the shirt get torn from the swing.  He appears just above her again, aiming to angle himself behind her.  He specifically does not repeatedly go for people's backs because A) it's annoying, and B) it's predictable.  Everyone with blink does this!

However, this time he does to try and catch her off guard, trying to eke out every bit of an advantage he can.  He swings both arms in a blow, before disappearing again.  He just appears to be moving around the entire battlefield at once, aiming to strike her from as many angles as he can.

He is /stupidly/ fast.  Eventually, he comes up right above her to try and deliver the final blow of his combo, aiming to try and once more slam her right back towards the arena.  

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang staggers, without her Aura, those hits /hurt/. She drops to a knee, but just as the last blow comes down, she lifts her arms and grabs the fist, squeezing it mercilessly. "Not this time." She growls, turning that final blow aside. As she stands she brings her right fist straight up in a simple uppercut to 17's midriff, seemingly attempting to launch him with the last of her Semblance and Aura.

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
The last uppercut swings up, Seventeen turns to try and block, once more the barrier popping open to try and absorb the blow.  There is a clash of power between the two, the arena could feel the strike.  

Unfortunately, it's Seventeen that hits the ground this time.  Rolling across the ground he finally stops, flat on his back looking straight up.  

"Looks like it's my loss."

Yang Xiao Long has posed:
    Yang staggers, nearly topples over from the exertion, but clenches a fist, Aura releasing and flickering out as she claims victory.

    The arena then chimes and resets itself, refreshing the pair to prefight state. Yang wanders over to 17, offering a hand with a grin. "That was a hell of a fight. We should spar again sometime. Who knows, we could learn a thing or two from each other, eh?" she says. "Wanna grab something to eat? There's a shwarma place in Grand Dorado I know of."

Android 17 (6730) has posed:
Wounds regenerate, thanks to the power that is the shrine, as Seventeen pushes himself back up to his feet, with a hand up from Yang.

"Yeah, it was and yeah we should," he nods towards the fight commentary and then grins, "Sure, winner pays."