7177/Operation Crowd Control E-1(Opening Skirmish)

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Operation Crowd Control E-1(Opening Skirmish)
Date of Scene: 01 May 2020
Location: The Great Ocean
Synopsis: The Hikari Fleet, Paladins and allies make opening moves on containing the new Abyssal Threat in the Malacca Strait.

They also find out that these Abyssals have upgrades.

Cast of Characters: Shigure, Gaonoir, 7075, Haguro, Reina Kinney, Kotone Yamakawa, Leyanne Mace
Tinyplot: Operation Crowd Control

Shigure has posed:
    Malacca Strait, Local time: 06:43. Forward operation staging, 80nm south-south east of strait entrance.

    Shigure and her fleet float in Ocean Fitout, turrets aimed into the strait itself, scanning for a reaction to the buildup. Other rendesvous points are similarly guarded by other detachments of Hikari Fleet assets, and Paladin Navy units. Each team gets a briefing, based on skillset of responding forces.

    STRAIT: The main battleline will be held by Shigure, the Fifth Strike, and elements of Paladin Heavy Navy Squadron 8. Their task is to distract Abyssal response by putting pressure on their defensive line, hopefully drawing away forces from the other objectives.

    SURROUNDING WATERS: A scouting and force redirection operation, any returning Abyssal squadrons are to be intercepted and sunk before they can join the battle, taking pressure off the front line and ensuring other elements don't get caught in a pincer action.

    ISLAND: An Abyssal Shore Battery has been sighted under construction on the island across from the mainland. Overflights have sighted at least four Artillery Bunker Imps and an Abyssal Airfield Demon launching strike craft. Elements are to storm the strongpoint and destroy the shore battery to allow more maneuverability to the main line.

    AIR SUPERIORITY: Local airspace is controlled by the Abyssal forces. Land of Tea Forward Fleet 3, led by HMS Ark Royal is on station to provide air cover, but will require support in the air against the massed land-based squadrons both locally at the ISLAND, and further in behind the Abyssal defensive line.

    "Team leaders, sound off, are we Go/No Go for Operation? Picket unit?"
    "Shore Assault Unit?"
    "Air Contingent?"

    Once all teams sound off green, the support units turn in and begin approach. "May we find Victory on the Dawn's Horizon!"

Gaonoir has posed:
Air Support/Superiority is the whole reason Gaonoir was a member of the Hikari Fleet so its only natural that is the unit the digimon enforcer is taking up position with. He's already in his Perfect evolution, jet-backpack emitting a faint hum he's ready to move out as soon as the command is given. Light occasional flickers across his visor as the HMD repeatedly updates data threads. "Are we sure this is going to be enough?"

As per usual for combat engagements Erika is riding piggy-back. The base of his pack actually makes a really stable seat. "It will be to start. We don't want to put too many of our high cards on the table at once, after all."

Gaonoir nodded. "Sound strategy." If they did come against higher threat resistance than anticipated it's not hard for them to bring out the really big guy.

Erika gave a 'all ready' gesture to the rest of the unit. The duo was ready for action.

Nanoha Takamachi (7075) has posed:
    A streak of pink carves a path high up through the sky.

    The aura of magic surrounding Nanoha propels her forward. It also protects her from the harsh winds and temperatures at the speeds and height from which she's searching the skies.

    Nanoha glances around, before turning her head to the side to look as a holoscreen pops up beside her. As the screen shows nothing but empty area, Nanoha reports in over the radio, "This is Captain Takamachi. Grid sector 7E is clear. Shifting patrol to 8E."

    Nanoha banks to the side, arcing around as she blasts her way towards her next patrol waypoint. She doesn't expect the skies to be clear for long, given the hell that the other forces are going to be raising soon. Still. A part of Nanoha is eagerly anticipating encountering the Abyssal fliers. To see how they operate and compare against the aerial mages Nanoha usually flies against.

Haguro has posed:
Haguro drifts along slowly in her land fitout as she trails far behind the frontmost teams, seeming distracted as she scans the area slowly. "Where is it...?" She murmurs to herself while her turrets click and turn slowly, the Heavy Cruiser already prepared for combat despite her apparent lack of haste in getting to the frontlines.

Perhaps she'll have better luck later in this battle. Adjusting her cap, Haguro takes a deep breath before speeding towards the ISLAND, keeping her head and body tilted forward to stay closer to the surface of the water and minimize her profile.

<<"Haguro, moving out. I'll be joining the battle with the shore battery.">> There's an oddly determined tone in Haguro's voice as she relays that to her allies, all while scanning the shoreline for both Abyssal and non-Abyssal forces.

Reina Kinney has posed:
"We are going to be dealing with a very dangerous opponent," Reina had briefed the GUARDIANS members who were onboard the Neo-Osprey. "We cannot afford to take any risks. Make sure you are all ready for anything and DO NOT let your guard down!"

"Aye aye!" Came the response from the crew, all of whom seemed eager to take part. But whether they were ready for actual combat was anyone's guess. That would happen soon enough.

As the Neo-Osprey carefully approaches the strait, all the hands are on deck and all crewmembers are ready for anything. Seated in her chair, Reina sits alertly watching carefully for signs of any possible trouble.

"Navigations, keep us steady, but be ready to move at the first sign of danger," Reina calls out. "Radar, keep your eyes peeled and stay focused. If you see even as much as a microscopic sign of something, let me know right away!"

There are sounds of acknowledgement and Reina folds her arms as she sits forward slightly, her eyes narrowing a little. "It's time to show the Abyssals what we're made of!"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Given Kotone's skillsets she knows what she'll be going after, she'll be joining the unit on the island. She can help to make a mess of things there. so she signed up for the ISLAND she could have brought her ARMED Suit, but she had other ideas, where she'd be sneaking into the battery to far more damage than a direct attack.

Kotone would be ready and deploying form her ship's teleporter. She appears for only a half-second before her cloak kicks in.

<<I'm on the island and moving in.>>

She will start talking towards the first of the batteries with the intent to sneak in and mess it up with grenades. After all, a few in the magazines should be more than enough to deal with it.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Tubthumper bounces across the water, the entire front third or so of the boat entirely free of the water as the PT boat planes along.
    "You heard her. Exocets."
Two hulking, ogre-like mice - one with a distinctly angular muzzle - look at eachother and nod. One calls out "Go!"
"Bow gun!"
    "Go!" A skinny human mans the 20mm.
"Waist guns"
"Go!" The four waist cupolas swing into life, their gunners looking for targets.
     Hatches are dogged shut and the tubes pressurised."Go!"
"Bofors gunners!" Tiny looks satisfied.
"Go!" The big AA gun on the back of the boat swings skywards and pivots.
    "Go!" the Hedgehog mortar and K-gun depth charges have their safety pins pulled.
"Engine room!"
    Down in 'the pit', gauges are checked by oil-streaked personnel. "Go!"
Leyanne smiles and picks up her radio mike. "This is FMS Tubthumper on the picket, we are go on all systems, your flank on this side is currently clear, proceed when ready."

Shigure has posed:
    "Picket Team is Go. Patrol Team 2 is on station."

    Air Contigent is armed and ready. First wave, launching now."

    "Assault Team is moving out now, Sir."

    ISLAND: Shore assault teams approach in high speed transports, modified Daihatsu landing craft, and more modern amphibious IFVs and tanks. The shore batteries open fire, lobbing shells into the water, causing massive sprays of water, while smaller machine gun nests rake the incoming line, bullets ricocheting off armour plates. "KEEP PUSHING! Yamakawa'll have that battery down!" The first transports slam into the beach, drop hatches and pour their contents of troopers out, bullets, lasers and rockets flying, creating a chaotic mess of sound, explosions and debris. Kotone would find little in the way of 'human' sized opposition. There's 'automated' sentries that consist of a giant horror mouth full of teeth and guns, which vomit bullets when they detect movement. Easily avoided by stealth field movements as long as it doesn't 'shimmer'. She would find her way to the Imp's magazine, an assembly of flesh that 'eats' from a pile of gunpowder and shell caps, to feed the gun of the monster itself.

    SURROUNDING WATERS: Radar pings a group of high-speed contacts closing on the fleet. The Patrol Group turns, a number of Destroyers led by a Light Cruiser, chosen for speed and maneuverability, as well as experience in high speed combat. The Tubthumper is easily able to outpace them and the incoming Abyssals and engage in a first strike.

    AIR CONTINGENT: Ark Royal launches her first squadron of planes, as Nanoha turns to her next waypoint. Raising Heart would pick up a spike of energy as Radar pings her location, and a flight of Abyssal Interceptors vector in to engage her. They move like jetplanes, but their smaller size lets them keep up with tight maneuvers. More planes arrive from the ISLAND, and come down across the Strait itself, Dive Bombers, Torpedo Bombers and Fighters mixing in the air over the coming battlefield.

    STRAIT: Shigure, and the rest of the main battleline move into the strait, soon clashing with picket units of I-Class, weighted by Ri-Class. Not super heavy, but there's a lot of them, and more are coming down the Strait. The Neo-Osprey has a personal dance partner, a Ri-Class with heavier cannons on the forearm bracers than normal. They seem grafted on, jury-rigged, but she's no less dangerous because of the extra bulk.

Gaonoir has posed:
It doesn't take long for the horent's nest to stir once poked.

Erika glances down at her digivice screen. "They're not sparing on the numbers, that's for sure."
"Any torpedo craft or bombers?" Gaonoir asks almost as if it was an instinct.
"Several." Erika looked back up. "Probably the biggest threats to the water and ground forces."
"Figure as much." Gaonoir grinned in a way that was much more suitable for a predatory creature. "Shall we?" The digimon launched from his position, but the spinning-up thunder of his engines was drowned out by the darkness that enveloped him briefly, and then he was gone both in launching and slipping out of physical space into the opposite void of shadows he could maneuver through.

The maneuver is directed to bring him right into the enemy formation, appearing fast out of the void and aiming to slam gauntlet clad, darkness sheathed fists into the nearest Torpedo Bomber hopefully before they've realized he's there. "SURPRISE!"

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne's scanning the horizon... her antennae quirk a moment, picking up a change in the electromagnetic noise.
     "Surface contact! Fast-mover, inbound bearing 165, range 5km speed 2-5!" is called from the radar room in the main bridge below. "Doesn't seem like they've spotted us!"
     Leyanne smirks softly and nods, turning to plot an intercept course with the Abyssal destroyers. "Torpedoes, full spread, all tubes!" Leyanne orders. "Angle off the bow 5 degrees. Gunners, be ready. We'll chase our torpedoes in at 500m range, we'll get their attention and by the time they spot the fish it'll hopefully be too late for evasive action."

    The four torpedoes are launched from their tubes and begin running towards the Abyssals, the little PT boat slowing just a little to make sure that they don't get blown up by their own weapons.

Reina Kinney has posed:
"Ma'am, there's something on radar!" The radar operator calls out upon getting a sign of the Ri-Class on his radar. "It's moving towards us fast!"

"Battle stations ready!" Reina yells out as she secures herself in her seat. "Navigations, prepare for evasive maneuvers on my command."

"Aye aye," The navigator responds.

After taking a moment to compose herself, Reina calls out, "Fire cannons! Now!"

With that, the Neo-Osprey shoots off a blast of cannonfire at the Ri-Class that's approaching. "You mess with a bird of prey and you're gonna get eaten," Reina says as she narrows her eyes and cracks her knuckles.

Nanoha Takamachi (7075) has posed:
    <Caution, Master. Our position is detected.>

    Nanoha hmmms? But the meaning becomes more clear as the holoscreen floating along beside her begins to display numerous incoming signatures. Nanoha ahs, "They get to things quickly."

    Nanoha turns, sweeping around to angle in towards the incoming formations. As she does so, Nanoha radios in, "Enemy aerial formations detected. I'm moving to intercept."

    As the Abyssal aircraft come into view, Nanoha notices that there are quite a few. Along with one rather strange looking one... Oh wait, that's Gaonoir. Seeing the Digimon proceed to rip into what appears to be a bomber type, Nanoha sweeps her staff out to the side, summoning several orbs of pink in the air around her.

    Nanoha asks of her Device, "Let's handle the the more nimble ones, yes?"

    Raising Heart responds, <Affirmative. Shoot them down.>

    The interceptors closing in on Nanoha are her first targets as she swings her staff to point towards them, calling out, "Shoot!" The orbs fire a barrage of pink lasers at the Abyssals, Nanoha quickly rolling to the side shortly after in preparation of enemy return fire.

Shigure has posed:
    Surrounding Waters: The fish find targets, digging into the side-hull of a To-class Light Cruiser before exploding. The things mouths shriek, before the sea swallows it up, a spreading pool of opil from where the thing went down. I-class and Ro-class turn on the Tubthumper, but can't turn quite fast enough to track the high speed attack boat.

Haguro has posed:
The battle begins, and Haguro joins the assault on the Abyssal position. "Watch your flanks! Don't expose yourselves more than you need to!" She shouts to the charging troopers as she advances from the rear, providing cover for the troopers in the front by bombarding the shore batteries with her own artillery.

Her primary target: The shore batteries' main cannons. Knowing just what kinds of chaos a well-defended cannon can do from the rear, she's certainly not shying away from all but challenging the batteries to a long-distance slugfest, albeit being a smaller target as she's in her human-sized and human-shaped Land Fitout for the time being.

"Where is it....? Come on..." She mutters under her breath all hte while, her eyes alternating between looking towards where she's firing and at the backs of the troops she's supporting. She knows it's there, but what?

Somewhere in this battlefield, she knows there's a part of her here. She just needs to find it.

Shigure has posed:
    Air Contingent: Gaonoir's sudden appearance in the middle of the bomber formation causes the trailing craft to emit a high pitched shriek of surprise, while the ones being hit just buzz before fgalling from the sky like swatted flies, trailing smoke and flame. A few more nimble craft turn to take strafing shots at the Digimon, 20mm cannons barking under the stubby wings.

    The interceptors, meanwhile, engage Nanoha. They're lighter constructed than the fighters attacking Gaonoir, one even managing to barrel roll around the incoming magical orb before its lighter armament spits a volley of shells at the Mage. The rest of the flight get struck, and start to go down, trailing smoke from large gouges in their fuselages from the bolts.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne reports the success of her spread... she'd hoped that they'd go wider and slow down the squadron as a whole, but... still, four torpedoes into the side of one ship is quite effective all the same. With the target they were charging towards gone, Leyanne closes the range further. "Bring that Bofors gun down, aim for the Ro!" she orders.

The two mice manning the gun work their aiming mechanism to bring that long-barrel 40mm down, selecting the armour-piercing rather than the fragmentation ammo. The big gun barks, sending a string of five rounds towards the Abyssal destroyer. Tubthumper's smaller weapons open up on the I-class; even if they don't do anything but distract the destroyer, they'll help, because any retaliatory fire that strikes home is sure to do damage to the light little PT boat. Shock and awe is the name of the game - if the Abyssals have a moment to gather and return fire, Tubthumper's going to get knocked down.

Shigure has posed:
    Surrounding Waters: The Thumper's breach through the center of the formation gives the Patrol unit time to line up shots and drop artillery shells on the Destroyers as they turn broadside on. The 40mm cannon and the lighter waist guns just bounce harmlessly off the Abyssal's plating, but give enough distraction that the artillery shells from the other responders can land directly on target, causing one of the I-class to detonate, and the Ro-class to keel over, going still and lifeless, but remaining afloat.

Shigure has posed:
    Island: Haguro's cover fire is appreciated. The shore cannons not able to depress enough to shoot at the beach itself. These instead start to angle towards the main flotilla, disrupted by the incoming artillery from the Heavy Cruiser. Infantry and tanks continue to exchange shots with the static defense bunkers, Abyssal turrets are living creatures, taking on various smaller caliber weapons for defense against intruders. Machineguns continue to rake the beach, slowing the advance to a crawl, while mortars and lighter cannons drop explosives into clusters of troops, causing casualties the longer the battle lasts.


Nanoha Takamachi (7075) has posed:
    A rain of bullets streak in towards Nanoha. She rolls through the air in her attempts to evade. The bullets rip through some of the orbs flying along beside her, shattering them into motes of pink. Some even manage to cut through part of the long skirt of her Barrier Jacket, though avoid hitting Nanoha directly.

    The two aerial combatants pass, Nanoha glancing back at the fast Abyssal interceptor. Must be a good one, to survive where the rest of its squad got shot down. Then she notices the holes in her dress, "Phew... Still not used to bullets whizzing around me!"

    Nanoha pulls up, quickly beginning to rise. As she's joined by the her surviving orbs, she spins to face the interceptor. She sweeps her staff out, the two orbs blasting away from her. One rushes straight towards the Abyssal, looking to crash right into it and explode.

    But that one's just the decoy. As Nanoha whips her hand around, the second orb comes arcing in from a different direction as Nanoha tries to anticipate the interceptor's attempt to evade the first and have the second catch it off guard.

Gaonoir has posed:
The maneuver is a success, both in dispatching a high priority threat, and in getting attention of more of the air power on them and not the people moving in on the island position.

Gaonoir turns into the retaliatory fire. Little motes of dark energy can be seen flicking off his form as shots impact with his bionic-appearing form, but the Digimon's toughness can weather through it easily. "Got their attention alright." He does lift an arm to give both his face and the Tamer on his back some extra protection though, sparks pinging off the gauntlet. "Now would be a good time to put those programming skills to use, girl."

With the extra bit of cover Erika ducks down, plinking at her digivice. "Already on it." She's got the app open, tweeking a bit of the code strings. "Attack Plug-In, online!"

There's a flicker of energy through the Digimon's body, and Gaonoir grins toothily. Exactly what he needs. "Time for some unfriendly skies." His thrusters shift to hover in place as he lowers his arms and inhales. "Mach... Spiral..." The rush of air is enough in itself to throw off an unwary flier, but it's just the beginning.
As moment later he stops and lets it all loose again. "HOOOOOOOOOOOWL!" The blast of cyclonic winds roars from his maw as he sweeps it towards the enemy aircraft, making flying near the digimon extremely dangerous!

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne squints at the belly-up Ro-class. "Get a radar lock on that capsised hulk." she orders. "Put an exocet into the thing, make sure it stays out of the fight."

There's a nod from the bow and the rat-ogre manning the starboard missile launcher brings his weapon around and locks on. As soon as he's got tone, the missile is loosed and he sets to reloading. "Exocet is away!" he reports, with a thick Russian accent.

Tiny nods, swinging the boat around towards the two remaining I-class. "Do we have torpedoes yet?"
    "Tube one is loaded, we've got the torpedo half-way in tube two."

Shigure has posed:
    Strait: The Neo-Osprey opens fire, shells landing against the Ri-Class. They detonate, and the smoke cloud that generates seems to obscure the target... until a rush of pressure diserses the cloud and return fire rains down around the vessel, heavy shells detonating on impact with the ship, or the water, sending a pulse-wave out, some kind of concussion warhead? How did the Abyssals make those?

    Shigure meanwhile, dances with a Late Model I-class, the little stubby-legged monstrocity trying to chomp on the Destroyer, while the black-haired warship jukes, and stabs her blade into its side, drawing oil, and making the thing fall limp and begin sinking. She's blindsided by something /fast/ coming in and tackling her full body, sending her skipping across the water. "Ghnnn! What was..."

    The form emerges from the cloud of smoke, a spherical monstrocity with glowing purple eyes, and three rows of teeth that encircle a single barrel 5inch gun. "... New Abyssal sighted! Destroyer-class!"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone is now cloaked and moving in on the first of the batteries, she knows a lot of people are counting on her to get it taken out. When did that happen to her? When did she become the one doing this sort of thing? She pushes those thoughts away for the moment and will start to creep in. Ther isn't much in the way of human-sized foes, there are automated sentries bio horror things. In the back of her mind, Kotone has wondered if they could infect and control something like her. She pushes those thoughts away too, she slips by them keeping it slow and careful. Once she's past that she'll take and arm the plasma grenades, she's carrying and wills et them for a time delay, and slip them into the pile of shell caps it's eating from. She will even dare to try and slip one into its mouth. Once she' done there and if she's not caught Kotone's going to creep out as the timers tick down on the explosives.

Shigure has posed:
    Island: Kotone's plan goes off perfectly. The first cannon eats the grenades, and the plasma detonates inside the construct, causing the entire bunker it's housed in to erupt in a pyre of flames and cooking off ammunition. The bulk of the thing topples over, and slams into the closest neighbouring cannon, crushing it with a bellowing scream of agony, that sounds like a mix between metal fatigue, a boiler exploding and a young girl crying for its mother. "Two down! Two to go. Alpha squad, move to the third bunker, get those satchel charges on the support structure, bring it down on its neighbour!"

Haguro has posed:
Strangely enough, Haguro doesn't press the advantage to eliminate the shore cannons outright. Once she sees that their firing angle is limited to the main flotilla, she changes targets while making sure to steadily trail her artilley fire away from them as if letting them know she's no longer interested in destroying them.

Perhaps she wants them to see her. Whatever the case is, her new target become apparent once her bombardment zeroes in on it: The mortars and light cannons. Once again, she's aiming to disrupt their ability to fire on the advancing troops, prioritizing the troops' ability to continue pushing forward rather than the destruction of the Abyssal emplacements.

Soon. She'll find it soon.

Shigure has posed:
    Air Contingent: The Interceptor is good. It's got a yellow glow around it as it banks hard around, cutting engines briefly before slamming them back on full power. It's machine guns rattle, and it jukes around the first spell bolt, but gets clipped as the second comes around, striking it on a deflection plate around one of its engine exhausts. The engine flames out, but whatever is controlling the thing manages to correct and peel away, trailing smoke as it heads back up the strait, likely trying to get back to base. Fighters turn in and engage Nanoha next. Heavier, slower, but a bit more armoured. They're covering the interceptor's retreat!

    Gaonoir turns the local area into something very hostile to air units. The rushing tornado causes many to slam into one another, twisted wrecks slamming into the ground, splashing down into the water and a couple even spiralling down into the defensive bunkers around the fourth shore turret. The Digimon would also be able to see the Airfield Demon, the young looking alabaster woman's baleful red eyes locked onto him as she sends up more fighters, while a large shoulder-mounted cannon angles and lobs flak shells at the black wolfman.

Reina Kinney has posed:
"Incoming enemy fire!"

"Prepare evasive-"

Naturally, as you might expect, Reina is unable to finish giving her order in time as the Neo-Osprey is hit by return fire. "Oh for Falz's sakes!" Reina curses. She grabs her communicator and gives a shipwide announcement of "Damage report!"

"We've taken a hit, but it wasn't entirely physical," One of the engine room operatives replies. "It's like they used some kind of pulse-wave or something."

"Dammit!" Reina slams her hand against the arm of her chair. "Deploy missiles!" With that, a pair of missiles are fired from the Neo-Osprey, aimed at the enemy that just attacked.

Shigure has posed:
    Surrounding Waters: The Ro-class takes the missile and finally sinks, a little patch of ignited fuel-oil marking its final resting place. The I-class have finally turned their guns on the Thumper, but get disrupted from firing by another volley from the Patrol Group. Radar would pick up a second group incoming... the ping a much larger one that's moving far faster than something that size should.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne thanks the patrol group and reports the big fast-mover. Leyanne squints and looks over in that direction. She doesn't see anything yet, so she swings the boat towards the new contact obliquely, pushing the throttles forward to try and keep their speed advantage. As the engines ramp up, a new sound begins to enter the whine - a sound not unlike someone running a finger around the top of a wine glass. Nervously, Leyanne eyes the newly-fitted big red button, still under its safety cover.
    After a moment's concerned thought, she pulls a key from her belt and unlocks said safety cover, but doesn't lift it. Just in case.

Shigure has posed:
    ISLAND: The ground teams move up as the return fire from the mortar nests is suppressed, the main bulk splitting into two smaller teams, while command and control elements stay back near the transports and set up commstations, now the main threat is dealt with. A middle-aged man with a clearly metallic arm stands apart from the others, using binoculars to track his units and route orders between squad leaders. Captain Markem, Team Hammer leader. He's not far away from Haguro, seemingly choosing where the shipgirl is to set up counterbattery mortar nests.

Nanoha Takamachi (7075) has posed:
    Nanoha slows as she sees the remaining interceptor take a hit from her orb and begin to retreat. Nanoha is not the type to fire on a retreating combatant, so lets the interceptor go. Besides, she has other concerns right now as the wing of fighters fly in to engage her.

    More bullets whiz through the air around Nanoha's position. This time she raises her hand, summoning a Round Shield to take most of the fire. A few bullets make it past the edge, Nanoha's Barrier Jacket taking the hits, but the defensive magics keeping the bullets from putting holes in Nanoha herself. The impacts are still felt though, Nanoha wincing at the pain.

    Quickly coming up with a strategy, Nanoha says to her partner, "Let's give them a surprise!" Raising Heart chimes an affirmative as Nanoha quickly turns, blasting upwards towards a cloud.

    As Nanoha heads towards the cloudy puff, a trio or pink orbs appear in the air around her before breaking off. They don't close in on the trailing fighters, instead breaking up and spreading out into the air around the aerial battlefield. Soon afterwards, Nanoha disappears into the cloud.

    A light begins to emanate from within the cloud. Raising Heart can be heard chiming, <Triangulating...> The three orbs launched before Nanoha entered the cloud continue to circle in the surrounding sky.

    Shortly afterwards, Nanoha calls out, "Burst Smasher!" A large section of the cloud vanishes, the air quickly heated by the large beam of pink that comes roaring out of it. It's not alone though, a dozen smaller beams cut through the air alongside it. As the main beam blasts through the center of the fighter formation, the smaller ones break off as necessary to chase down those on the edge that manage to avoid it.

    The beam doesn't end after hitting the formation chasing Nanoha though. It continues down through the sky, heading straight towards those that are trying to harass Gaonoir too.

Gaonoir has posed:
With the airspace around them temporarily cleared Gaonoir can focus a bit more on their surroundings. All the enemy aircraft have to be coming from somewhere and now is the time to find it, when there's not dozens of marks zipping about and drowning out his heightened senses.

Sure enough the sound of launching equipment makes his ears twitch. Reflexively Gaonoir twists to the opposite side to not being a stationary target as the artillery flies, and zeros in on the Airfield Demon as the belch of cannonfire also helps mark the creature's position.
After shifting to the side to keep their weight balanced with the twisting motion Erika ends up looking over the opposite shoulder than before. "There's the spawn point!" Gaonoir gives her a sidelong look at the use of gamer phrasing, but that's normal for a geek and lets it go at that. "Can you take her out before she gets another squadron airborne?"
"That's the plan." Gaonoir throttles his jetpack-engines up to high and blasts off towards the Airfield Demon. Which is naturally opening up another volley at them. "Keep down," he hisses, getting Erika to duck behind his shoulders again.

Which is good, as to save time he just -punches- the shell with one of his metal-clad fists. The flak digs sharp into his form, better than the gunfire did.. But that doesn't stop him from doing the same with the other fist at the next shell to come at him. The cuts are deep enough to show something akin to a wireframe undernreath, briefly before the Dark Digitron spreads over the damage to keep his structural integrity.

He'll take the damage, because divebombing at the controlling enemy is more effective than fighting off more swarms of fighters. The head of the beast as they say.

Pulling back smoking and dented gauntlets as he closes in, and opens his maw wide again.


This time the attack is much more focused, producing a disruptive energy pulse hurtling at the Airfield Demon. The technique is as disorienting as it is destructive as the dark enervating energies can have a disruptive effect on the senses and sensory equipment as well.

Shigure has posed:
    Nanoha's juke brings the fighters into a nose-up chase. They can't keep up as their engines begin to lose thrust as the air starts to thin nearer to the cloud layer. The incoming energy beam slams through the center of the formation, and the picket beams take out the fringe units, while the main beam continues downwards, destroying the formation attacking Gaonoir. The beam slams down into the Island as well, damaging the Demon's airstrip and stopping the next flight from taking off.

    Gaonoir's attack makes the Demon recoil, screaming as it disrupts her senses. She falls over, clutching her head, the cannon on her shoulder flailing about, unable to resolve a target.

Haguro has posed:
With the ground teams advancing further, Haguro gets a chance to figure out her next target. The batteries again? Shigure certainly sounded like she's having trouble with those still around, so she turns her turrets back to the shore batteries. She takes aim, readies her heaviest artillery...

And then she sees it. She's found what she was looking for, and Haguro is on the move once more. She doesn't have to move far, though, as she approaches Captain Markem.

"Your arm... It's in there. Give it to me." She doesn't elaborate on what 'it' is, her tone fairly even despite the apparent threat that's only enhanced by her shoulder turrets twitching. They all turn towards the captain, apparently waiting for him to refuse and ready to just blast him apart at a moment's notice.

Shigure has posed:
    Surrounding Waters: The Tubthumper planes up, followed after by the slower Patrol Group. As the PT boat closes on the radar blip, a modified Ta-class appears over the horizon. Her sonar profile has a similar echo to Tiny's engine, without the wine-class hum, but she's steaming far faster than a conventional fuel oil burner engine should be able to push her. She'll be in firing range very quickly unless she's slowed down.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa gets more bang for her buck than she thought not only one turret goes up she gets two for the price of one, okay time to get away from the wreckage of those to emplacement to seek out her next target. The next ones once silence would eliminate a major risk to all of her sea-going allies. So she needed to not slow down and work to get this finished. With her ground-based allies going for the third it only left the fourth to take out so hopefully, this part of the operation would be over soon.

She's going to try to sneak in again and pull off the same trick that worked last time though she doesn't discount there being someone dangerous in the bunker, so she's going to take it carefully like before. The moment she gets a good spot to plant more grenades? She'll do so then get out.

Shigure has posed:
    Island: Haguro's approach is noted, and it takes a second or two for her words to register. He turns, quirking a brow then just pops his arm off and hands it over with only an even. "Here. I've got a spare."

    Kotone infiltrates the final turret, finding more of those sentries, though this time, there's a He-class cruiser standing in the entry to the turret core. It's red eye behind the solid faceplate seeming to bore directly into Kotone's hidden form, though it cannot see her.

    Outside: "Alpha Team here. Charges placed, getting to minimum safe. We can't make it fall on the other turret, but this should take out the bunker!" A moment later, the charges go up, the support collapses, and the third turret comes crashing down in a screaming heap of twisted metal and flesh.

Nanoha Takamachi (7075) has posed:
    With the enemy's air forces severely weakened at this point, Nanoha decides to go and assist Gaonoir in dealing with the Airfield Demon. The Digimon has dealt her a heavy blow, apparently briefly stunning her. It's a good opportunity to go in for the capture.

    As such, Nanoha comes blasting down through the air, pink magic trailing behind her as she quickly dives towards the ground once more. Once she's within range she pulls up, coming to a stop to hover in the air.

    Nanoha raises her staff towards the Abyssal, "Chain Bind!"

    A spell circle appears on the ground beneath the Airfield Demon. Magic chains quickly rise up from it, some moving to try and wrap around the Demon's limbs. Another going for that flak cannon's barrel to try and keep it from aiming at anyone.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne blinks at what she's reading on the sonar, what her ears are hearing from that big Ta-class, and the speed the bitch is moving! "Clever girl..." she mutters, having to curve around to get a side-on shot of that Ta-class. "Second exocet, let her know we're here!" Leyanne orders.
    The second missile is launched, skimming away at water level towards the fast battleship while Tiny closes the distance. The torpedo tubes still aren't loaded yet, and now they've loosed both their missiles, until something is loaded, they've got nothing that can really hurt even a fast battleship.

Gaonoir has posed:
The Demon recoils, her cannons swinging wildly from the disruption. It won't last long, but it is hopefully long enough of an opening for the speedy MachDarkGaogamon to finish his diving assault.

The pounding was deep within his being, the pounding of the rush of a very particular type of fighting, at least to him.

Because the Abyssals were corruptions. Monsters.

Gaonoir shifted his body as he came in, winding back with one arm. Energy congealed around the limb as the entire Knuckle Crusher gauntlet began to spin, filling the air with a piercing whine.

And this batch had proven they were not to be taken lightly, if their efforts to adapt and update themselves was any indication. Monsters too dangerous to let roam free.

Monsters like he was almost made into.

"VICTORY KNUCKLE!" Gaonoir bellowed with all his might as he used the momentum in conjunction with his strength to swing the massive energized drill-punch for the center of the Demon Airfield's mass, hopefully before she could recover!

Shigure has posed:
    Strait: The Ri-class hunkers behind its forearm bracers as the missiles come in. One strikes home and blows off the armour plate, but the second is intercepted by a buzzing sound, streams of bullets peppering the second missile until it explodes mid-air... CIWS, ports opening and unfolding the little gattling guns from the undamaged bracer. Ri-class snarls, and fires another shell from her remaining bracer at the Osprey, the fuse detonating it midair near the craft's midships.

    The new Destroyer growls at Shigure, as Yuudachi and Kuma come to support their flagship. The Abyssal stalks around the trio, then fires rapid shots from its cannon peppering the three with explosive shells. Shigure's radio antenna is blown off, while she's mid-transmission, likely causing some nasty feedback for a brief second. "Tch... we can't hold here. This thing is an unknown we never anticipated. Kuma, signal all allied ships to begin falling back to the extraction point, fighting withdrawl, we need to buy time for the main objective. For reporting purposes, we're calling this new Abyssal the Na-class."

    The Na-class then charges in, slamming into Kuma with enough force to shove the cruiser back, firing point blank into Kuma's midsection and drawing oil. "Kuma to all units, kuma. Fall back to extraction point now, kuma. Withdraw while fighting, kuma."

Haguro has posed:
"I was hoping it w-...?" Haguro's expression goes utterly blank as the Captain just turns his arm over without a fight or even a protest, and she says nothing while taking the arm. She can certainly feel that familiarity inside of it, but it all seems so... Anticlimactic.

She chuckles after a moment, then rests the arm on her shoulder while turning to face the shore batteries once more. "So that /does/ work once in a while.... Well." She sounds pleased enough, and with that matter settled, Haguro returns to the fight! She starts firing shells off at the shore batteries, fighting with far more fervor than she had earlier. Explosives get launched in a steady stream rather than distinct volleys, bombarding the Abyssals' fortification in her approach.

She'll have to try that again next time.

Reina Kinney has posed:
Another explosion hits the Neo-Osprey, this one harsher than before.

"We've taken a hit in the middle, ma'am," One of the crewmembers communicates to Reina. "The hull hasn't been breached yet, but it's getting there."

"Dammit, do something about it! We cannot afford to take on water!"

"Aye aye."

Reina looks at the weapons operative and said, "How are the cannons?"

"They're reloaded, ma'am."

"Fire two rounds this time!" Reina shouts. "Show them we mean business!"

A pair of kabooms can be heard as the Neo-Osprey fires two blasts from its cannon.

At the same time, Reina is gritting her teeth and clenching her fists so tightly that if she had longer nails she might draw blood. "If this keeps up, I'm gonna go out on deck and take them out myself!"

Shigure has posed:
    Surroudning Waters: The exocet tracks the Ta-class, and comes within damage range, before it's shot down by the brrrrrt of CIWS. Golden eyes turn on the Tubthumper, and a missile targetting radar pulse pings out towards the PTboat, moments before a return missile is launched from the Ta-class's backpack. "Shizume." echos across the waves as the Abyssal Harpoon opens its horror maw and cackles as it flies.

Shigure has posed:
    Air Contingent: Nanoha comes in with a capture gambit, pink chains holding the Demon in place. She struggles, pulling on the Bind with enough force to case the binding spells to dig into her abyssal flesh, causing black ichor to seep out of the wounds. Red eyes go wide as Gaonoir uses her immobility to land a fatal blow, screaming in defiance... then agony as that gauntlets slams into her center of mass, punching(Literally), a hole through her chest. The scream turns wet, and hollow, before the Abyssal collapses, held up only by the Chain Bind.

Gaonoir has posed:
Metal feet slam into the ground at the very end of the attack to arrest his own movement forward. The heavy gauntlet can be seen through the Airfield Demon's body as it winds down to it's normal position and Gaonoir pulls it out of the hole it made. Then he takes a step back, just in case...

But the monster goes limp, held only by the magic chains that had bound it.

Erika got the entire thing on her digivice camera, though. That will go on her conspiracy boards along with the little nugget about this fleet of Abyssals actually trying to upgrade themselves. As such it takes her a moment actually get back to the comms, and she peeks over Gaonoir's shoulder. "Calls' coming in to withdraw... And I think we're done here, anyways."

"Yeah." Gaonoir gave a quick salute to Nanoha. "Thanks for the assist!" Then launched back into the air himself.

A few lumps and bumps but things were going mostly to plan so far. How long that would last....

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne narrows her eyes as the Harpoon is launched. If it passes too close, it could lock onto the limited amounts of metal aboard the PT boat, and a single Harpoon would blow Tubthumper to matchwood. The PT boat makes an S-curve to get out of line of the missile, the waist gunners making an attempt to shoot it down, although their chances are slim considering how rough it is, and the fact that they're shooting by eye. So the bitch has CIWS and missiles, huh? So what have we got?

Two loaded torpedo tubes, two empty torpedo tubes, and some depth charges. Leyanne sips her coffee a moment, before blinking. She turns to one of her lookouts, holding out her empty mug. "Hold this, get it down below. Strap shit down yo, this is gonna be bumpy. I've had an idea."
    Tiny looks to her depth charge control and rolls the depth setting down to its very minimum level. A level marked very clearly with 'danger' on the gauge. She pushes the throttles forward, seemingly aimed at the Abyssal battleship. "The trick about playing chicken..." she mutters to herself as the distance closes. "Is knowing when to flinch."

At the last moment, impact she twitches the wheel to one side, passing close enough to the Abyssal that it would be easy to reach out and rip something away. But at the same time, Leyanne hits the button for the K-guns. Two depth charges fire from each side, with another pair off the back. They arc through the air Tubthumper surges forwards as Leyanne hits the red button. The charges...
    Hit the water with a disappointing plop. They sink down, and down... and detonate, deep enough that the explosive bubble doesn't quite breach the surface. Instead, the water heaves up several metres, before sinking back down again and leaving a momentary cavity. Moments later, each depth charge causes a jet of water to launch into the sky...

Nanoha Takamachi (7075) has posed:
    Nanoha manages to get the Abyssal in her chains. And while the Demon struggles against them, Nanoha is fairly confident she can hold it. Reinforcing the spell if necessary. At least until something more permanent can be applied.

    Unfortunately that something comes in the form of Gaonoir punching a hole through the chest of the Airfield Demon. Nanoha frowns, lowering her staff and letting her spell fade away. She wishes it hadn't come to that... But in retrospect she's not really surprised by the actions of the Watch member. Sighing sadly, Nanoha turns as the retreat order is given.

    Nanoha begins to float back up into the air, keeping an eye out for any remaining aerial Abyssals trying to harass the allied fleet as they fall back. She herself begins to fly for the rendezvous point as she radios somewhat solemnly, "I'll fly escort for the retreating forces."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa sees that there's a HE-class Cruiser here this might make things a bit different she will, be made aware turret three is down. It's just all on her, she's going to attempt to sneak past the Abyssal to gt to the magazine and slip her little present in, though she's going to put several more out, just to be sure if the Abyssal notices her, she has to take this slow though so she doesn't move too fast out of fear for making some telltale sign that she's here.

Though something could go wrong and she knows it...

Shigure has posed:
    Island: Haguro's shells disrupt the turret long enough for Kotone's gambit to pay off. She even manages to stick a grenade to the He-class without it noticing. Once more, the magazine cooks off, and the turret goes up like a fireworks display, the 'head' flying off into the water with a shuddering crash and a wash of water up onto the beach.

    "Wrap it up people, we're being told to pull out. Flagship, mission accomplished, shore battery and airfield neutralized. Hammer team is pulling out. See you at the rendesvous." The assault teams pile back into the transports. Amphibious vehicles reentering the waves as the infantry transports reverse and head back to the landing ships for retrieval.

Shigure has posed:
    Strait: The Neo-Osprey fires its cannons, the twin shells slamming into the Ri-class. The second gauntlet is broken as the smoke clears, but the Abyssal is still standing, though badly damaged. Golden eyes narrow, but the Ri-class knows when she's beaten and starts backing away, I-class and Ro-class moving in to picket and intercept any other threats to their 'Big Sister'.

    The Abyssal fleet seems to know it's failed to protect a vital asset and are backing off so as not to overextend their own defensive line, the Na-class even backing off, then jetting away into the strait. "Hammer, Spear, Longbow, all teams, fall back. Mission accomplished." Yamashiro's call goes out, the Fifth fleet following behind the rest of the main force, lobbing shells at the Abyssals to deter any further pursuit.

Reina Kinney has posed:
"It seems the enemy is backing away, ma'am," The radar operator calls out to Reina.

"Good," Reina replies without smiling. "Let's prepare to head back to port then."

"We're not going to go after them?" The navigator asks.

"Negative," Reina replies. "We've done what we have to, which is fend off the enemy. Let them go and return us to port."

"Aye aye," The navigator replies. With that, Reina unbuckles her safety belt and stands up a little. "I shall be in my quarters," She says before heading off into her personal quarters. From there, she pours herself a drink and sighs. "Well, that was an exciting day."

Shigure has posed:
    Surrounding Waters: The Abyssal Harpoon doesn't acquire the Thumper, instead it finds a more juicy target, and slams into one of the destroyers in the Patrol Group. The missile causes critical damage, but the rest of the team take her under tow and begin to pull out. They're not equipped to fight a battleship, especially a modified one.

    Any chance if the Ta-class causing problems is mitigated severely as Leyanne guns the engine, and performs a kick-flip in a PT boat. the depth charges detonate, though the Thumper doesn't get out unharmed. The Ta-class' tentacle turrets lash out, biting a chunk out of one of the waist guns as the PT boat passes. The subsurface detonations though, stop the battleship from following up anything, her legs buckling underneath her and bringing her to a skidding stop, engine stalling out and leaving her dead in the water.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne watches the tentacle lash out and rip a long chunk from both waist cupolas, along with a big chunk of armour. It's then that the secondary engines engage and the charges detonate; as Tubthumper surges forwards, the water begins to ripple up and surge below him. Leyanne grips the wheel with white knuckles. "BRAACE!" she calls out as the water throws the boat upwards and then slams it back down with the CRUNCH of over-stressed wood. Water surges in through the new rent in the boat's hull, causing one of the turbine engines to start making a VERY disharmonious whine as something gets shaken out of alignment. Leyanne takes a few moments to look over her gauges to work out which engine it is and shuts it down, the engine powering down with a noise like someone scraping a nail across a blackboard. Every mouse on board flinches and shudders in near perfect synchrony immediately afterwards, save for those in the engine room, who are wearing thick ear defenders and frantically trying to contain the damage to the engine.
    Leyanne eases back on the throttle and takes Thumper out of the plane, trusting the patrol to take care of the Ta-class if she decides to cause any further problems.