A Battleship's Lament (Nagato)

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A Battleship's Lament (Nagato)
Date of Cutscene: 03 April 2016
Location: Alberichstadt
Synopsis: After having a heart to heart with Hoshi, she is still remorseful... and she takes her thoughts in a guest room in Hoshi's house.
Thanks to: Hoshi Amakasu
Cast of Characters: Nagato

(BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjDfAgC35ro )

Germany - Alberichstadt - Hoshi Amakasu's House - 0300

Nagato is still up, even after the entire house is asleep, tea cup in hand she takes a small sip, staring out the window as she sits on the bed graciously provided for her. It was a far thing away from the bunks of Hikari Seaport's barracks, even in the lightly upgraded quarters for the Battleship class women. She stares outside the window, looking towards the moon in the sky, to her it was the same moon that overlooked the sinking of two and the critically injuring of a third.



Yuna Kagurazaka

Her hand clutches the teacup tightly, holding back another wave of tears she had from the conversations with Hoshi. There was still more to run for Operation Rei-Go, but the loss of effectively three light cruisers, four if you count the loss of trust from Natori's sister, Isuzu, weighed heavily upon the Admiral's mind. Kuma and Natori may have become Abyssal after that... and, honestly who could blame them. Their Admiral pressed them on to try and complete the mission... and it proved costly.

Tears starts to drip down the Battleship's face, landing in the tea and staining her skirt... even after having an emotion filled cry earlier with Hoshi... the loss weighed upon her heavily, a crushing weight upon her heart and mind and she was going to have to ask these girls of the Fleet to do this again.. and again.. and again. It's here, she starts to sing lightly as to not wake anyone in the house...

"Nakama ga shizumu sore mo tae, mata senjou he iku sore ga sadame to"

(Though your comrades are sunk, you endure, Racing towards the battlefield. This is your fate)

"Kokoro ni nokotteru kioku wo tadoru tatakai no imi soko ni atta no darou."

(I reach back into my mind, gazing upon the memories left in my heart. Perhaps the meaning of conflict was buried somewhere in them)

E-2 keeps getting replayed in her head over... and over. What could she have done different. She was acting on minimal intelligence for the location as well, but with transport fleets... it just didn't add up. She was going to speak to Wo, soon... the last Abyssal fleet Nagato encountered was not hers, so by logic... this may not have been Wo's either.

Nagato turns to the sleeping girl on the bed... The one girl that has been by her side just like Mutsu. The heart of a battleship in the body of a destroyer. She was still willing to follow Nagato, even after that sortie gone wrong.

"Everyone has a choice..." she whispered, setting the teacup aside as she crawls into the bed, "And thank you for choosing to stay with the fleet." continues the whispers, slipping under the covers and soon, in the warm embrace of sleep. She had been through a lot in these past nine hours, she's earned the rest, even if the next day comes announcements to the fleet...