A Firewall Chat (Kotone Yamakawa)

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A Firewall Chat (Kotone Yamakawa)
Date of Cutscene: 08 June 2015
Location: The Mesh
Synopsis: After the Flotilla finishes up it's run on Earth a group of Firewall operatives start speaking about how to deal with this.
Cast of Characters: Kotone Yamakawa

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Sideglance: So this brings up our next bit. The multiverse has been a issue for a while and with what we caught wind of we need to speak on this.

Icequeen: I saw I'm telling you, the entire multiverse is one massive X threat to us all. If not because of danger our system might be seen as an X threat to some of the powers out there.

Stonetalon: Now is not the time for this Icequeen we're picking up where we left off with the Flotilla Right? Let's get back to that.

Icequeen: You have a point.

Sideglance: The next one up is one Kotone Yamakawa from Earth-2029 to use the local naming. Morph type Synth, well close enough...given she's technically still a flat.

Stonetalon: What what to you mean there?"

Sideglance: They can't do backups the tech there's behind us in some areas in others they are they are rapidly catching up. Now back on to the subject. Yes flat, they don't have much in the way of bio mod fixes yet. They however are adept at cybernetic replacement. So she's a mechanic right? She's been bouncing about the multiverse for a while now and this is where it gets interesting. She's also a moderate bio-conservative.

Icequeen: Where she hooked up with the Argonaut AGI? Seems that was worth the effort. Wait your kididing me and she's that augmented?

Sideglance: Yes, now you know they been poking the ruins of our home world with the Reclaimers and as you can see from the news they hit some major pay dirt things are going to be going right out the airlock, politically now cause of this band. Seems it was for medical need rather than personal desire to improve herself.

Stonetalon: You think they did this intentionally? Things just get more and more twisted out there.

Sideglance: No I do not. Still the technology she's got access too even one of those Abstractum units and what's she's involved in? Also she's been involved in Breakout and has recently released a mod called Breakout: Enemy Unknown. It's dealing with 'aliens' the weapon load-out is strange a mix of old tech gear. With a few things like first gen laser weapons of some sort I think there may be more to this than just simple gaming though. Given her involvement with the fleet and possibly other multiversal organizations.

Stonetalon: So she might be up to something else with it? Like what we done with our own mods in Breakout? To what ends?

Sideglance: We need to find out and we need to continue watching her and the rest. Given it looks like she's pulling into Mitre as we speak. Stonetalon, Icequeen? keep an eye on her, help her and White if you can. I get the feeling they are going to try to damage control things.

Icequeen: We should be able to keep an eye on her, yes. I take it you have the full details that we have on her and rest given we're about done on this session?"

Sideglace: True another thing watch out for Core Fleet personnel and the others. It's a potentially dangerous group even by our standards.

Icequeen: So on to them next before Kotone and White arrive to the station? Still if we could just get our hands on a fork of these people it would be easier.

Stonetalon: "I'd agree we need to know what sort of people we're dealing with. Only two of them operate in such a way as that the rest have no backups and Kotone you could only get memories not her actual ego."

Icequeen: This is just too messed up, they have no sense of self preservation. They went to Earth without backups. These people are dangerous like few I ever seen before.

Sideglance: "Now let's focus on going over the Core Fleet? Also get this information to our Proxy I think our operatives in Luna and the Jovian Republic are going to need all we can get.