Administrative Mixup (James Rogers)

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Administrative Mixup (James Rogers)
Date of Cutscene: 07 June 2015
Location: Njorun Station Residential Administration Office
Synopsis: A house is requisitioned for James Rogers but due to a mix-up Mr. Rogers' house (as in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood) is ordered for him.
Cast of Characters: 802, 395

OOC: Neither of the above listed "cast" appears in this cutscene, instead they are listed because their interaction earlier in the morning lead to this small cutscene. That interaction was James asking how to requisition a home at Njorun Station on the X-Union-Chatter and Amalthea saying that she'd submit the forms ICly.

A tired bureaucrat is working though a pile of requisition forms, stamping them denied dropping them into a bin for later filing or approved and calling out orders to his clerk to complete the form and send it out to the construction teams.

Then he reaches a form submitted by Captain Amalthea on behalf of Ally James Rogers. He stamps it approved and calls to his clerk: "Send this out and have a house set up for Mr. Rogers."

Then the clerk, equally tired, makes a note for the construction teams to build Mr. Rogers' house for a new ally and sends it on.

Then the construction team's researcher does his due dilligence and the team builds the house as ordered -- complete with basic brick construction and porch swing. (