Always Watching (Kongou)

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Always Watching (Kongou)
Date of Cutscene: 20 April 2015
Location: Hikari Seaport
Synopsis: A mysterious girl awakens.
Cast of Characters: 637

Hikari Seaport

Dockside Dorms, 1810

"She's been asleep for almost an entire week!" Kongou exclaims, hands folded behind her back as she approaches Room 12, "She has to wake up soon, or maybe~..." Looking over her shoulder, she asks, "Do you think she might be a <Ghost Ship?>"

"Don't be silly," Isuzu retorts, eyebrows forming a straight line across her expression, "We're already basically ghosts, anyway. She's just been through a traumatic experience. People need rest after stuff like that, you know?"

"Take a joke~!" Kongou teases, resting her hand on the doorknob, "I'm sure she'll be fine!" With that, the battleship wrenches open the door and bursts into the room, throwing her hands up over her head, "<Good Morning~!>"

Stepping in beside the louder of the two, Isuzu scans the room, then turns her head back towards Kongou, "Uh. Kongou?"

There's a pause, Kongou's posture freezing. Her own eyes open, glancing from the medical robe discarded on the dresser to the empty bed to the curtains billowing around the open window.

"... <SHIT!>"


Hikari Seaport, Airstrip

Each day since Operation LC, Akizuki's come here to the end of the airfield to look out over the sea, mulling over her thoughts. Mourning the passing of someone who had dared to think beyond their affiliation. Someone who had sacrificed their own life to preserve her own.

"...Please don't cry."

Those words repeating again, the girl sighs and lifts her hand, wiping the tears away, "...Did it really have to be this way, though..?" She pauses, then. Those words weren't repeated in her head. After a moment, she turns at the waist, glancing back over her shoulder. The girl she spots standing there, silent as the wind, causes her to jump, turning fully about and staring, one arm raised as if to defend herself.

The newcomer, a girl in red and white, long midnight-tinged hair that covers one eye, dips her head when noticed, single visible eye glancing aside. After a moment, she looks up again, a tiny smile crossing her face, "...Hayashimo."

Akizuki pauses, blinking through the confusion muddling its way into her melancholy. Slowly, she lowers her upraised hand, head tilting. Words escape her, and so all she manages is a bewildered noise.

"...My name," the girl in red murmurs, looking towards her feet, "...I can finally tell you." Face lifting again, she closes her eyes, that smile widening, "...It's Hayashimo."

Silence falls on the two girls, disturbed only by a cool breeze wafting off the sea, teasing through Akizuki's ponytail and Hayashimo's bangs. Slowly, Akizuki steps forward. The second step comes faster. By the third, the girl hurls herself against the other, pinning her arms in a tight hug and sobbing all over again. Surprised at first, Hayashimo's arms shoot out at the elbow, then slowly close in an awkward attempt to return the gesture.