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Big Boss (Scenesys ID: 7120)
"Once you've been on the battlefield, tasted the exhilaration, the tension... it all becomes part of you. Once you've awakened the warrior within... it never sleeps again."
Full Name: Big Boss
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Metal Gear-1
Function: The Legendary Soldier
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Watch (1-Mask)
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Other Information
Physical Age: Late-50s Actual Age: 57
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: David Hayter
Height: Tall Weight: Fit
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Brown
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Commander of Outer Heaven, a mercenary force and independent nation located in South Africa, Big Boss is one of the most famous soldiers to ever walk the planet. One of the progenitors of CQC and a master of stealth and firearms, the aging soldier has become disillusioned with governments and how they use and abuse soldiers, and has formed a sanctuary for them. A ruthless, manipulative man who schemes even at the expense of his allies, as well as a bit of a poor judge of character, Big Boss's dream is nothing more than a world where soldiers aren't used and discarded as convenient - and the means to achieve that is, in his eyes, never-ending war and conflict, even when it leads to hypocrisy.



Outer Heaven:
Leader of a powerful mercenary force and nation known as Outer Heaven, Big Boss is physically fit and armored, commands soldiers, and possesses a giant robot.
NPCs: Big Boss leads Outer Heaven as the commander of many soldiers, all of whom may possess any of his skills and equipment. The top soldiers have various specialties.
Superhumanity: A mixture of a soldier's highly trained (though aged) physique and a durable muscle-enhancing combat suit make Big Boss practically superhuman. His Metal Gear is a heavily superhuman mecha-like bipedal tank.
Attack List - Ranged: Whether on or off foot, Outer Heaven and the Metal Gear are equipped with various modern firearms, explosives (including guided), laser weapons, flamethrowers, railguns, and machine cannons. Outer Heaven also possesses a nuclear missile.

Legend of the Battlefield:
Big Boss is a legendary soldier, talented in unarmed combat, stealth, and with firearms. The soldiers under his command are also pretty good.
Weapon Mastery - CQC: One of the progenitors of CQC alongside his mentor, Big Boss is a master of the combat system, able to perform expert close-combat techniques unarmed or with a knife as enhancer.
Weapon Mastery - Modern Infantry Firearms: Outer Heaven is highly talented in the use of modern infantry firearms, including the usage of grenades.
Stealth: Outer Heaven's members are stealth experts, capable of sneaking, muffling their steps, using camouflage, and slipping through security. They use silencers and cardboard boxes to assist their attempts, and are talented at silent takedowns.


Traversal Methods:
Flight: (Superhumanity, Attack List - Ranged:) Transport, cargo, and attack helicopters are durable, fast, and manned with turrets and rocket launchers. Elite members of Outer Heaven can have personal jetpacks.
Mobility: (Superhumanity, Attack List - Ranged:) Land vehicles such as jeeps, cargo transports, sturdy tanks, and even an armored bulldozer are all part of Outer Heaven. Some soldiers are agile, capable of parkour tricks mid-combat, as well as rappelling and parachuting.
Entry Methods: Lockpicking, shaped explosive charges, and crawling through vents are all options to get in or out of a location.

Intel Team:
An intel team as well as various devices give Outer Heaven an informational advantage.
Extraordinary Senses: Outer Heaven uses several types of high-quality sensors: HUD, holographic map, binoculars, directional microphones, nightvision, radar, thermal, audio-to-visual scanners, and plain old keen senses.
Analysis: A mixture of portable scanning equipment and an intel team allows Outer Heaven to quickly learn the capabilities and weaknesses of people, vehicles, and equipment.
Hint: Reconnaissance, sources, and intel digging during a mission can provide Outer Heaven's members with information on how to accomplish their current objectives, get through a facility, or who to talk to for further intel.

Capture and Control:
Incapacitation: CQC techniques, stun rods, sleep gas grenades, and tranquilizer guns are all used by Outer Heaven to non-lethally take out opponents, usually knocking them out after defeat or for minutes at a time.
Mental Intrusion: Outer Heaven is skilled at turning captured enemies, converting them to their side via various military techniques and learning information they may possess regarding themselves and their former employers or missions.
(Flight:) Fulton recovery balloons allow the capture and rapid transportation of incapacitated targets to an interrogation center.

Always A Tactic:
Field Shaping: Explosives are effective as traps, for tearing down structures and collapsing caves, creating crevasses and tunnels, and similar.
Debilitation: Smoke grenades obscure vision, stun grenades slow opponents, chaff grenades temporarily disable and mess with both opponents and equipment like cameras or sensors, and CQC strikes in the right areas can disable.
Disguise: Outer Heaven has access to various disguises for common occupations and militaries, as well as forgers who can create identification papers and badges that can stand up to scrutiny. Voice modulators and masks are used for obfuscation.


Conveniences: High-tech radios, holographic maps, and similar equipment are available for Outer Heaven, especially their top ranks. The iDroid tactical device in particular can scan documents and upload them to Outer Heaven databases rapidly.

Survival Skills: Big Boss and his men are capable of foraging, hunting, and surviving in deserts, jungles, forests, and similar environments.
Environmental Protection: Big Boss and his men are capable of lasting longer than most in the heat or cold, as well as holding their breath longer in extreme situations.
Illusions: Inflatable decoys can be used to distract an enemy, but do not move and are destroyed easily.

Medical Team:
Healing - Self, Cure - Self, Share Powers: Outer Heaven's medics and some soldiers are capable of doing basic first aid and treatment on the battlefield, stabilizing the injured, and more advanced recovery over protracted periods of time.

Wealth: Outer Heaven has access to both money and cold hard resources that it can spend in a pinch, though most of these are wrapped up in the mercenary organization's affairs.


World Of Conflict <Trouble>: Big Boss's dream is a world where soldiers aren't used and abused by higher powers, and his means to achieve that involve of a world of everlasting conflict. To achieve this goal at any cost, he's ruthlessly manipulative and not very personable, often blunt and to the point. His schemes lead him to be willing to manipulate several sides in a situation even when it's heavily risky, leave allies without crucial information for his plans despite how it may be to their detriment or lead to them resenting him, straight-out lie to allies when it suits his goals, and show little remorse for it.

Poor Judge Of Character <Significant>: Despite his manipulative nature, Big Boss is also a poor judge of character. He alternatively either trusts people he absolutely shouldn't trust and gives them more leeway or access to important things than is wise, or trusts people he already trusts to do things that will bring great risks because he underestimates the impact. He also has a tendency to underestimate enemies, believing that his plans will go off without a hitch despite their capabilities, advantages, or origins.


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