Captain Flint

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Captain Flint (Scenesys ID: 1067)
Everyone is a monster to someone. Since you are so convinced that I am yours, I will be it.
Full Name: James Flint
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Black Sails-1
Function: Pirate Captain
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Concord (4-Partner)
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Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-Thirties Actual Age: Mid-Thirties
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Toby Stephens
Height: 5'11" Weight: 175lbs
Hair Color: Amber Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


A lover of books and a charismatic sort, Flint wouldn't initially strike one as the most feared pirate in the West Indies, were it not for his quiet, seething anger, his shocking acts of violence, and establishment issues that border on zealotry. Through deceit, masterful manipulation, or outrageous gambles, Flint always seems to be two steps ahead, even to his own crew (which causes no small amount of fear and mistrust). He seeks to wrest control of Nassau, an extremely profitable trade hub and pirate haven, from its British owners, the Spanish who barely tolerate its presence, and even those fellow pirates too short-sighted to aid in his endeavor. Flint is bound to make enemies in the Multiverse, but those few that see the good in him may very well have a friend for life.




A sailing ship quite well-armed for its intermediate size.
  • Vehicle Mastery - Sailing Ships: In Captain Flint's hands, a sailing ship becomes a dangerous weapon. He is known for unconventional maneuvers and risky strategies that test the limits of these archaic vessels.
  • Attack List - Ranged: In addition to the cannons and swivel guns the ship itself carries, Flint and his men are armed with an anachronistic hodgepodge of flintlock and modern style firearms.


A crew of approximately 50 pirates, most of whom are rank-and-file lackeys.
  • Multiple Discreet Actions: John Silver, the ship's quartermaster, has gone from a self-preservationist thief to a skilled swordsman and respectable leader in his own right. As such, he is trusted with a certain degree of agency.
  • NPCs: Flint's men often accompany him on dry land, and are experienced fighters both there and at sea.
  • Field Shaping: As a master of unconventional warfare, Flint makes use of his men and his ship to turn battles to his favor, creating makeshift fortifications, hazards and traps from whatever is nearby.



  • Knowledge - Tactics: Flint has an eye for naturally defensible locations, and can often predict the movements of enemy forces, especially at sea.
  • Stealth: Additionally, Flint and his men are skilled at moving around undetected, often in preparation for an ambush or guerrilla strike.


  • Skill - Scouting: Flint can make use of the weather, and of evidence in his surroundings, to track others and find shortcuts.
  • Skill - Navigation: He can also plan routes to get across the sea or heavily forested land faster, as well as to place dangerous terrain, wildlife, or weather between himself and pursuers.
  • Wealth: An extremely valuable prize has left Flint with a veritable treasury. Though most of it is reserved for Nassau, he can sometimes put this wealth towards his goals directly.


Flint's nebulous past included some sort of higher education.
  • Oration: Naturally charismatic and well-spoken, Flint has a talent for speech that surprises even those who know him well.
  • Weapon Mastery - Sword: Classical form mixes with pirate savagery to form Flint's unique form of swordsmanship.




LIAR (Trouble): It's difficult for Flint to be honest with others, or to open up with them. Even when he is truthful, sometimes people still don't believe him, and that tends to push Flint towards even more lies. The more lies he tells, the closer he gets to his few friends finally abandoning him. He'll lie to his friends, his enemies, and especially his crew, for reasons ranging from personal gain to a misguided belief that he knows what's best.

SECRETIVE (Significant): Even when someone manages to get Flint to tell the truth, getting any kind of meaningful information from him is like pulling teeth. He reveals only what information he deems necessary, even to friends, and even when the information revealed could drastically change things for the better. Confiding in others is a sign of weakness to him, a weakness that England or another enemy could exploit. He controls the flow of his own information, and that isn't a good quality to have when one also has a reputation for lying.

VENGEFUL (Significant): Flint considers the whole of England to be his enemy, and he'll stop at nothing to get revenge for the slight he feels England committed. No one, not crew members, or even his closest friends, will get in the way of his vengeance. So single-minded is he in his pursuit that Flint would easily ruin or endanger the lives of others for a chance to see his plan realized. He would do anything for a chance to injure England in some way, and a smart enemy could easily use this against him.

MISTRUSTFUL CREW (Significant): Most of Flint's crew does not trust him farther than they can throw him, and for someone whose livelihood depends on that trust, that is not a good thing. Everything Flint does is subject to scrutiny by his crew: his motives for chasing prizes, his love of books, even his relationship with The Barlow Woman, a quiet Puritan that several pirates erroneously believe to be a witch controlling Flint's mind. Rumors like these are not started by crews who admire their captain, and every day at sea is a balancing act for Flint. A lucrative offer from a competitor, a hefty bribe from an enemy, or even a misstep from Flint himself could upset that balance, and he'll have a mutiny on his hands.

SELFISH (Significant): Perhaps the most dangerous flaw to have as a captain, Flint gambles with the lives of others when he sees a gain for himself, even and especially his crew. Innocent men have died just to settle a personal score of his, and his crew suspects just that, spreading no small amount of rumors to that end. Flint sees himself as king of his crew, despite the democratic process through which the crew governs itself. He is constantly in a balancing act between his own ambitions and keeping his crew from mutiny. All it would take to tip that balance is the right set of words and ideas.

VIOLENT (Minor): Flint can go from measured scholar to cold-blooded murderer in a frighteningly short time. Sometimes it's because of anger, or even just to prove a point. Flint has no qualms about using violence to attain an end, to the point where even his own crew occasionally recoil at his savagery. Even at his best, the slightest provocation could set Flint off, simply because he's been so angry for so long that he's begun to see these displays as acceptable.

LONELY (Minor): Flint is a lonely man who grows more bitter by the day. He is quite simply, a tiring man to believe in, and not many would make the effort to do so. A man who can literally count his true friends on one hand, Flint is surrounded by acquaintances, ever the subject of nervous glances and hushed whispers from strangers. Between his legend, his nature, and his fear of appearing weak, Flint drives most people away and only becomes more bitter for it.


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The Barlow Woman August 4th, 2017 Sombra does some legwork to discover who the Barlow Woman is and the nature of her relationship with Captain Flint. What she discovers may threaten not only the Urca hunt, but the stability of Flint's captaincy.
Unraveling August 1st, 2017 On the eve of the Urca hunt, a member of the Walrus crew comes forward with some troubling information.
Talent Acquisition July 24th, 2017 Captain Flint is spoiled for choice when it comes to hired help. He and Gates hold a meeting for interested parties, to discuss strategy, and, more importantly, payment.
A Pirate Pub March 30th, 2017 Tomoe goes to New Providence to get something to eat and runs into Captain Flint for the first time since the Factions fell.


Title Date Scene Summary
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