Case Closed(?) (Janine Liberi)

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Case Closed(?) (Janine Liberi)
Date of Cutscene: 05 December 2016
Location: Alberichstadt
Synopsis: The detectives assigned to August Kohler's case discuss the recent turn it has taken.
Thanks to: To August for setting this plotline up and everyone who came to the scene!
Cast of Characters: Janine Liberi, August Kohler

The sturdy door into the interrogation room swings shut behind Karl Vernunft, the police detective lighting up a thin cigarette as he strides down the hall to his desk. Along the way, his new partner, Iman Abdul Mantiq, sprints to catch up, the cheery Iraqi asking, "So what do you think of the Kohler kid?" Karl takes a long drag on his smoke before saying, "I think he needs whatever is given after Prozac."

Iman chuckles and pats Karl's shoulder. Karl hates this. Iman knows that. "But for real, I was watching. Certainly looks like someone who was held hostage and abused. We really gonna press charges?" Karl flops into his patchy swivel chair and takes a folder from his meticulously organized drawer. It's everything he has on the Drachenblatt shooting. "Well, we have another suspect now. We're probably gonna have to drag the woods to find them, but given how much blood was at the site, they might be dead already."

Iman pokes Karl's cheek. Karl hates this even more than he hates having his shoulder patted. "That's dodging the question. I asked if we were gonna press charges." Well, at least he's sharp. Karl stubs out his cigarette half-smoked. "It all doesn't add up. We find homemade guns, but no tools to make them. A criminal that bleeds that much but still vanishes without a trace. A shooting in a dorm crawling with cameras, and not a single one caught the suspect fleeing the scene. We're missing something here, and I get the feeling Kohler is at the centre."

Iman claps his hands together and smirks. "Is this one of your world-famous hunches?" Karl snorts and waves his hand. "It's just common sense. But common sense has never held up in court. So no, I don't think we'll be pressing charges at this time." Karl closes the folder, and instead of putting it into his 'Solved' or 'Inconclusive' drawers, he puts it right back into the 'Active' drawer.

"But I'm not letting this go either."