Correspondence (Eryl Fairfax)

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Correspondence (Eryl Fairfax)
Date of Cutscene: 05 June 2016
Location: A Quiet World
Synopsis: Eryl communicates with ReGenesis before a sudden vacation.
Thanks to: To Mizuki. For everything.
Cast of Characters: Eryl Fairfax

Eryl sits alone in the Clocktower, eyes closed. Swimming before his eyes in his view of the world, a single message sent from Eden. No doubt to be the precursor to the final communiqué he sends them for a while. It's not an especially long message, but it certainly carries a lot of meaning to it.




It had taken Eryl under a second to parse the message, and only a few seconds more to mentally compose the response. It sat in his mind, perfectly diplomatic, composed, and reasonable. As is to be expected from the likes of him. And yet, he sits on it, running it over in his head, again and again.

Miss LeFoe.

I am a diplomat, that is how I define myself. But in actuality, my duties incorporate many things. Teaching, nurturing, protecting, recording... all of this falls under my purview. I was raised and taught to be all of these things.

And so, when a situation arises in which great things will be lost to the world, I feel the need to catalogue it as best I can, so that it can be remembered. This is all I know, and I cannot help but generalize it to things that fall outside my immediate duties. This is why I was chosen to be SAVIOUR-001. I cannot turn my back on this.

I realize what I am doing is a huge inconvenience, and even potentially damning to those I have not yet reached. So I ask you; send others in my place. You have the resources to effectively deploy EDF soldiers now. Or you can contract such activities out to Elites. I am sure many would be happy to try and fill my shoes.

So please, allow me to follow what my sense of duty, not to ReGenesis, but to all humanity, tells me to.

-Eryl Fairfax

There. Everything stated as it should be. And yet... it seemed dishonest. Yes, he did mention feeling a need to record everything before it was lost to justify his stay. Certainly, he planned to do just that. But was this really the only reason?

He considers his life, everything up until now. In spite of the massive amounts of data this consists of, it only takes five seconds. Followed by another two, during which he extracts the relevant information. All the settlements he left once they could fend for themselves. All the people he had to leave behind, many of whom he had become close to. At any time, had he felt as upset about it as he had just before, where he learned that he would never see Mizuki again?

No. Not once.

Of course, he understands why. The regions of his brain associated with interpersonal attachment were closely regulated by his implants, ensuring that forming bonds was... difficult. 'To ensure that leaving is easier for you, and that you do not abandon all of humanity for a small group,' his doctors had told him. He can't help but chuckle a little. What they would say if they could see him now...

So, why did this sting so much? Was it simply the greater period of time? Long enough for an attachment to form? Was it a difference in position? Having equals, as opposed to people needing his help? Having people he could be himself around? A combination of myriad factors? Really, it might not matter now. The fact is, he was driven to a decision that clashed with his duty, and now he must answer for it.

But should he be truthful about his own confusion as to why he did it? Or stay true to the diplomatic approach? It is for that reason he has been sitting silently for several minutes, contemplating. He doubts that Diana would understand. She and he never saw eye-to-eye. But that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve the truth. But saying this might make her declare him dysfunctional. No longer fit for duty.

In the end, he sends the response, with an extra line appended at the end.

'I shall return presently. And we will see the world restored. I have seen how it will be, and I will make it so.'