Eithne Sullivan

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Eithne Sullivan (Scenesys ID: 1016)
"What do you mean, 'I'm not as spooky as you expected?'"
Full Name: Eithne Sullivan
Gender: Female
Species: Scion
Theme: (OC) Scion-1
Function: Perkygoth Berserker
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Watch (Member)
Groups: [Dun Realtai]
Other Information
Physical Age: Teenage Actual Age: 17
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Lisa Ortiz
Height: 5' 5" Weight: 145 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Light Blue
Theme Song: Neko Case - "This Tornado Loves You"


'Enya' Sullivan is a totally normal teenage girl, despite being the half-human daughter of a war goddess. She likes reading, flowers, sewing, and mowing down her enemies with the enormous hunk of iron she calls a sword. While born to fight the newly-freed Titans of her home dimension, she's far from ready to take on more than their children by herself. Somewhat socially inept (what with basically being raised by books and all), she's a kind enough soul who dreams of becoming a proud warrior like Cu Chulainn or Diarmuid.



Strength and Stamina <Defining>: These are not channeled through anything, but are the manifestation of the divine ichor mixed in with her human blood. She can deadlift nearly 800 pounds, and has survived being hit by a car with just a few scratches. Any wound that doesn't kill her will eventually heal. Eithne was built to endure prolonged battle and injuries that would incapacitate a human. She still feels pain, though, and if hurt badly enough she'll choose to withdraw rather than die on the field.

Birthrights <Defining>: These allow Eithne to channel her Boons, the magic-ish abilities that set Scions and their parents apart from normal humans. The Tuatha de Danaan (her mother's pantheon) are proud parents who tend to lavish Birthrights on their children, but in return they expect those Scions to achieve great things, continually improve themselves, and act with honor.

--Rhiannon: Eithnes greatsword really doesnt look all that great. Its huge, and solid iron, and weighs about forty pounds, but its pitted and gouged from wear and neglect. It isnt made for cutting, or deft swordwork; its made to cleave through armor and bone, and can be used as a makeshift club. Despite its unwieldy appearance, Eithnes ridiculous strength means she can use it one-handed with ease. A length of red ribbon has been wound around the handle, and allows her to use it as a ranged weapon of sorts. Its her only summonable possession, mainly because its WAY too big to take on the bus.

--Charm Bracelet: Allows her to use Animal, Death/Necromancy, and Nature Boons.


Death Boons <Significant>: Eithne has inherited some of her mother's more macabre abilities, such as being able to speak to the dead, to determine a corpse's cause of death with a look, and to sense death energy or nearby corpses.

Necromancy <Significant: Consent>: She can raise corpses as zombie thralls. Somewhat related to this is her ability to temporarily stop the decomposition of dead matter. This keeps her zombies from getting too icky if they happen to hang around for a while, and is also good for keeping groceries fresh.

Nature Boons <Significant>: Many flowers can be difficult for even a skilled gardener to cultivate, but her divine gifts make keeping any plant healthy easy peasy, even in an environment that is normally quite inhospitable (keeping poinsettas outside in the cold, growing sunflowers in a cave, raising mushrooms in a sunny field). She can bless a field to provide bumper crops or blight it until it yields nothing but wilted stems.


Animal Boons <Minor>: One of the animals associated with the Morrigan is the raven. Eithne can speak to ravens and other corvids such as crows and understand them in turn. This does not allow her to command them, though she can ask them nicely for help or attempt to bargain. Her 'familiar'/pet Sheela is under slightly more impetus to obey her, but it's still a sassy crow and occasionally ignores/extorts treats from her.

Homemaker <Minor>: Her father wasn't much of one for cooking, so she learned to cook out of a simple desire to eat less takeout. It turned out to be something she enjoys and is fairly good at! Also, cleaning the house is much easier now that she can move the fridge and sofa by herself.

Ride <Minor>: She has a natural aptitude for bringing out the potential of single-rider mounts, but will need to actually practice each kind and/or possibly take instruction to bring out her real potential. So far, she's only really good at using a bicycle.

Sheela <Minor: NPC>: A raven of slightly above normal crow-intelligence. He was given to Eithne as a present from her mother, but he would rather spend his time playing bird games and making a racket than behave nicely. He can usually be counted on to help out in a pinch, though that may be just because Eithne's the one who feeds him.

Kelpie <Minor: NPC>: Every warrior needs a noble steed, right? The kelpie from Dun Realtai's lake isn't much more help than Sheela is, but like most teenage girls Eithne always wanted a horse. She had to capture this one on her own, and it's technically a form of fae, but it's horse-shaped most of the time and will let her ride on its back so that's close enough. It also refuses to take any crap from her, because it is a strong Fae that don't need no human.

Zombies <Minor: NPC>: They can follow instructions that don't require much thinking on their part, and are mainly good for assisting her with chores. They could flail around a bit in a fight and can pretty much be termed 'distractions' or 'cannon fodder'. She can summon several tiny ones (birds, rodents), three small (medium-sized dogs), two human-sized, or one large (black bear). There will be no zombie elephants - even if it would be really, really cool.


Stubborn <Trouble>: All her life she's been told that she needs to do this or be that, and Eithne's just about had it up to here with all of that. If a good reason isn't given along with an order that clashes with her own desires, Eithne is very likely to just ignore it. She's also quite likely to hold onto beliefs until they're absolutely, positively proven false! She doesn't want to be argued into submission, she wants actual PROOF that she's wrong.

Utterly Petty <Significant>: Eithne can really hold a grudge over some objectively trivial things. Whether it's someone being intentionally rude to her, repeatedly pressing her anger button, or ruining her hard work, she's perfectly capable of and willing to hold it against them for far longer than is really warranted.

Birthrights <Significant>: Without these, none of her Boons are usable. They're concealed as a set of charms on a rather cheap-looking bracelet, but if that's taken from her the only 'extra' things Eithne can count on are her strength and constitution. Her sword is summonable, but it has no other magical properties of its own - it's just a hunk of iron with a ribbon attached to the handle. The bracelet gives off an aura of magic to those with the right senses. Her sword is a hand-me-down from a deceased half-sister. It's better used for crushing/cleaving blows, because it couldn't cut butter on a hot day.

Untrained <Significant>: While she has some experience and practice at fighting, she isn't trained in martial arts or advanced swordwork. Though she has been training with Sir Bedivere, most of what she knows she has taught herself.

Berserker <Significant>: It doesn't come up often, but when it does... watch out. There's just something about battle that she loves. The longer and harder she fights without rest, the more likely it is that Eithne will forget just what it is she's supposed to be fighting FOR. All she cares about in this state is battle, and continuing until either she or everybody around her is dead. It feels good, so she doesn't WANT to come to her senses; either someone has to shock her out of it (like throwing a bucket of cold water on her), or she must be the uncontested victor/loser. She isn't likely to attack allies that don't interfere, but will treat them as obstacles or objects that must be accounted for.

Fate <Minor>: Simply put, power attracts trouble. From monsters to humans to Titanspawn, theres no end to the amount of confrontations a Scion can expect to face. The stronger a Scion becomes, the more Fate tangles around them like an invisible cord, potentially drawing their friends and acquaintances into danger along with them. Even the gods are subject to Fates whimsy.

Jealous <Minor>: Though she's growing out of it somewhat as she gets older, Eithne is very protective of the friendships she forms. Her father was her only reliable friend while she was growing up, and she never had to share his attention or affection with anybody else. Now that he's in prison, she's having to find other sources of friendship... and she's having to learn to share.

Complete Dork <Minor>: For someone who can be so practical about matters of daily life, she's got a rather fanciful head on her shoulders. Eithne has devoured books her entire life, and learned a good deal of her earlier social skills from them.


Title Date Scene Summary
FateParadox: New Beginnings May 26th, 2018 The new Grail War begins with a battle on a big bridge
TPT: The Cold Readers May 8th, 2018 Pending
Three Hots and a Cot April 26th, 2018 Pending
Invasion of the Sweeper November 23rd, 2017 Eithne feels responsible for the near-destruction of Alucard's "bed" (his stone sarcophagus), so she travels to his sanctum to help sweep up the bits. Alucard finds her there and the two discuss what happened, and the definition of "family".
Soliloquy of Reproach: Beset October 20th, 2017 A group of people go to Alucard's tomb to confront him for his role in the attacks at Windknight's Lot. A fight ensues and Alucard summons several beautiful thralls to battle the group. However, "Alucard" is revealed to be someone else -- a vampire named Lyudmil, a servant of Alucard's from long ago, mind-controlled by an incubus named Magnus. While the group is in Wallachia, Erina Pendleton is kidnapped by Magnus. He demands that Alucard raise Castlevania... or he will kill Erina.
Soliloquy of Reproach: Forewarning October 13th, 2017 Maria Renard draws together the Elite defenders Windknight's Lot and gives them the information about Alucard she has. She points the group to Alucard's resting place, and begs them to end his reign of terror. Not all of the gathered Elites are convinced that killing him is the best idea, but all seem to agree that to get to the bottom of this, Alucard must be confronted.
Soliloquy of Reproach: Prologue September 29th, 2017 Three pretty blonde girls of marrying age have been attacked for their blood in Windknight's Lot. Drained near to the point of death, they've only survived but for their speedy discovery. Jonathan Joestar asks for assistance in investigating the matter, and a team of Elites come to gather clues.
Cinders and Smoke June 13th, 2017 Various defenders of Dun Realtai turn aside an invasion launched by mysterious creatures of flame.
A meeting of fists January 24th, 2017 What happens when two warriors meet?

Well, normally it means one walks away and the other doesn't. However, this time both walk away with a brand new friendship, forged in the flames of battle.

Also, there were burgers, they were good.

At the Lake January 6th, 2017 Eithne studies a kelpie, and gets some company.
Samhain in Dun Realtai November 1st, 2016 The various denizens of Dun Realtai celebrate Samhain.
Cemetary Gate October 9th, 2016 Drowned Ophelia is going to save Inga from her Gods - by drowning her in the Sea of Black Tears, and claiming her forever after for the Dead Gods of Metal.

Some heroes raise objections in a sensible and violent manner.

Lazy Afternoon September 21st, 2016 A few guests and residents of Dun Realtai meet on an autumn afternoon.
In Out of the Cold August 22nd, 2016 A few offworld visitors descend upon Dun Realtai.
A Gift of Horses August 7th, 2016 Sir Bedivere presents Wisewoman Inga with a steed of her own.
The Glory of Rome August 1st, 2016 Nero visits Sir Bedivere at his behest, along with a few other recurring friends and residents.
Testing Limits August 1st, 2016 Sir Bedivere invites Eithne Sullivan to a sparring match, to gauge where to begin in teaching her swordplay, and gets more than he bargained for.
Green Living July 24th, 2016 A Visit to Dun Realtai's greenhosue
Pokemon at the Beach July 17th, 2016 A group visit the Pokemon World to document wild Pokemon.
Good Help's Hard to Find July 16th, 2016 Sir Bedivere negotiates with Eithne Sullivan to hire her on as castle staff for Dun Realtai.


Title Date Scene Summary
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