Estrangement (Raditz)

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Estrangement (Raditz)
Date of Cutscene: 19 August 2014
Cast of Characters: 486

A part of the Saiyan King is telling him that in going to Namamura to take part in the mission, he would have tried to make the conflict about himself, and that keeping himself out of the fight was in the best interest of the Mission. The other part of Raditz is kicking himself hard for not doing sitting out. And now any attempt to go in to Namamura to oust Gohan and the PTO would put that world at risk of distruction, and he wouldn't be able to face Yunomi for being such an idiot.

It made Raditz want to hit something.

With his ki powered up high, though, Raditz flies right into a brawl with a holographic version of Gohan. He has always made a point in assuming that Gohan was going to be stronger than him and adapted to the fight, even if they were both ascended Super Saiyans. It gave him something to try to overcome, and right now Gohan was beating him out narrowly. There was no sense in assuming that Gohan would be an easy fight.

Then an opening appears in Gohan's defenses, Raditz sees it and roars in to take the opportunity to drive a kick into his Nephew's side---Woosh! Raditz finds his leg swinging wildly as he spots Gohan bursting away in the corner of his eye, into a position to charge up and attack...


Raditz goes wide eyed and spins to try to block, only to be blinded as the blast envelops him.


"SIMULATION ENDED." Comes the holodeck's voice, as Raditz blinks and looks up. "Dammit."

The Saiyan grits his teeth and pushes himself back to his feet, "Start it over..."

"Raditz, you've been through that simulation nine times..." Comes the voice of Merra at the console of the Holodeck, looking concerned. "And you're getting yourself hurt from straining to beat it. It's time you've had a rest."

Raditz growls and turns to his wife, as he says, "GOHAN isn't lounging about! He's taking over my friend's worlds, AND I DID NOTHING to try to stop him!"

The woman sighs and shakes her head, "The outcome of that mission isn't your fault..."

Raditz growls and shakes his head, "No, but Gohan turning out this way -is-! I know he's not from my Universe, but it all started with -me- in each of them!" Raditz seeths for a moment, before finally releasing a breath and mumbling, "I'm responsible for this... Yunomi's world being taken over was my fault in the end... I have to be able to take him out."

Merra's gaze softens a little, before shaking her head, "Raditz, darling... You don't have to carry that guilt on your shoulders."

The Saiyan growls and turns away, "Start the simulation -over-!" He growls, "I'll put an end to this one way or another... BOOT IT UP!"

She blinks for a bit, before sighing and pressing the button to activate the Holodeck once more, bringing the false Gohan back to life before, and saying, "I'll be at home... Try not to beat yourself too much, Gine needs you alive too.." And wiht that, she walks away.

The King glares at the Holographic Nephew, and mutters, "I'll end this, Gohan..." With a roar, he fires up into Super Saiyan form once more, and launches into attack again...