Fire Wall is still watching

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Fire Wall is still watching
Date of Cutscene: 15 December 2015
Location: The Mesh
Synopsis: The Firewall Cell that had been watching the Flotilla meets up again to talk about current events.
Cast of Characters: Kotone Yamakawa

Start AEther Jabber # Active Members: 4 #

Raven: "Oh very cute we cycled call signs again? /fine/ I'll deal with this. So the matter with Microtech Solace is over."

SteelGiant: "What the hell is wrong with those flats! Almost all of what they were was open source they'd just have to contact the Argonauts and they'd have what they need."

Nova: "I'm still concerned but we can lower the threat levels of the Flotilla for the most part given they were cleaning up that mess fairly well."

Raven: "A gaggle of flats, aliens and who knows what else. What a motley crew they are."

SteelGiant: "Hey watch it? Miss White happens to be a friend of mine."

Raven: "We really should consider recruiting her."

SteelGiant: "No. I keep telling you leave her be, she doesn't have the mentality we need for this job and she's already fighting against X threats as it is."

Raven: "Fine you old coot."

SteelGiant: "Back on track here Kotone Yamakawa has been here with Miho Yamakawa aiding the fork of Miho to start a new life here. The Argonauts will be helping her and studying her as well. I'll make sure to keep a feeler in that so don't worry about it."

BlasterMaster: "Another world compatible with backups? This is damn big news even if it was a scummy corp that got into this. This information is invaluable it may be a new source of Agents and allies that we would have some heavy leverage with."

Nova: "Perhaps but if you notice the two Nation States dealing with Microtech are keeping this under wraps for a reason. Also we may want to consider hiring the Flotilla Core fleet through a front at some point with the skill sets they seem to have they would be useful. The one known as George might be the most useful for the sort of operations we'd have in mind."

SteelGiant: "They are showing a shocking amount of Restraint over something like this. Also consider the Yamakawas and the rest of the Flotilla are worth watching. The Fox like Alien Corona also bears watching her world may be open to do business with some of our fronts for raw materials or even just for the Argonauts."

Raven: "They nearly had their own fall about 20 years ago. They seem to get how dangerous this could be if it does come out. We're talking massive social and religious issues from the get go there. If we're lucky that will be it. If not some petty warlord would start to flash copy their best troops over and over and it become a monstrous planet wide war in short order."

Steelgiant: "So you did turn on your brain for a moment. Good you see the problem there, rapidly introducing technology a culture isn't ready for can cause more harm than good. If you could think up that off the cuff think of some one who was already military. They might not have cleaned up their Genome like we have but look at their synth tech. They are not /stupid/."

Nova: "Enough on that we also need to consider two other things before we carry on. One the Xenoconstruct known as Zwei bears watching they seem to come from a much higher technology level than our own. While they seem to not be a threat at the moment they would bear watching, we also need to consider what to do about Hypercorps meddling in another worlds like this."

BlasterMaster: "Wait are you thinking what I think you are?"

Nova: "If that we need to consider the fact that transhumanity is an potential X threat to other worlds in the multiverse..."

SteelGiant: "I hate to agree but, you are right Nova. We could be to some worlds and this is something the higher ups are going to no doubt have a very long and messy debate about."