Foreboding Presence (Gaius Van Baelsar)

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Foreboding Presence (Gaius Van Baelsar)
Date of Cutscene: 01 August 2014
Location: ???
Synopsis: Garlean Troops travel the mountain side of the Multiverse. They soon find that they should travel in larger numbers...
Cast of Characters: 522

Mountains can be a dangerous area to traverse and with the area being out of their world's territory there should be no alarm or concern for anything like Beast Men or the like-- beyond perhaps the native creatures that may call the place home.

Five of the soldiers under Gaius Van Baesler marched across the rocky terrain, one carrying a hand-held device as they moved over the cliff faces and carefully around the edges. They all wore the same armor and cloth, each wearing the very symbol of the Garlean Empire. The one holding the device spoke up as he gave it a strange look. "..This can't be right.." His words were even in some disbelief.

"What is it?" Another one asked as they came to a stop where they all stood.

"..It is picking up possible aetheric energy here, but we are just outside the world boundaries..."

"Maybe when our world merged with this one, some of it mixed in to change up things?" Another one asked, seeming rather unsure themselves. This is why they were out here though, to research and report back the findings. Even if the reading was off, if such a thing was possible, it may be something to further look into really.

The one with the device started to then lead the way. As he walked his eyes were heavily glued to what he held in his hand. "We should be getting closer to the source." Though as he spoke one of the members in the back was quickly snatched up by a large shadowy figure. Then the next and the next after that. It wasn't till the original leader of the group was yanked up behind him, along with the clattering of the sword did the one with the device come to a stop.

He raised up an eye brow, before he went to turn and look. Then he too came to face with a massive dark scaled hand that reached right for his very face and a blast of magic waved over him. He soon went limb in the arms of the shadowy bestial figure. His device clacking to the rocky ground and his helm sliding off, before spiraling down the mountain face.

The only thing spoken in a bestial-like tongue by the dark figures was ever bit foreboding for the group...

"...They will make good servants for the fire lord..."