Fragmented Dreams I (Duke)

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Fragmented Dreams I (Duke)
Date of Cutscene: 25 February 2015
Location: Duke's Dream
Synopsis: When the mind can not remember, it tries to make sense of things. The question is-- what is reality and what is a dream?
Cast of Characters: 718

Breeze gently played along the fields of green grass and lush trees that rose high into the sky. The bark of the trees were aged wood, but lines of cruits ran through the trees. The flowers bloomed under the bright sun and the clouds danced along the bright, blue sky.

It was peaceful here, in the eyes of the one who viewed it all. Yet something was off in the distance and as he extended his hand out toward the oddity, the fingers were white, metal, and human like.

The hand was studied for a moment with interest, as if never seeing it before. Then across his armored arm frame. However the sudden disturbance in the distance grew larger and the hill far away could be seen starting to break up into data.

He stepped back a few steps before a voice broke the silence. A deeper voice than his own, a much more commanding presence. "This is the will of Yggdrasil. This is Proj.." The words become scrambled as everything starts to become that way.

Static, images flicker, the background shifts around. Lines, data, then screams of pain. Screams of the children, as an image plays nearly clear as day. Floating in the air above it all, as another Digimon who has two beastial head arms lays down destructive damage below.

"Omegamon!" The voice comes from the viewer of this destruction, his own voice. "Is this truly the will of Yggdrasil!? If this is, I want no.." Then static again, before suddenly everything goes black.. dark..

That is when the Guilmon X, Duke wakes up at the sound of a voice calling out. Doran's voice. He blinks his eyes a few times and yawns, before rolling around to get up on his feet. Oh right-- hunting lessons.

His eye ridges furrow slight at the dream he had. "..more nightmares that don't make sense.." he whispers to himself, before heading out of the cave to meet with his friend.