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Fuki (Scenesys ID: 211)
"I'll do anything for my Master."
Full Name: Fuki
Gender: Female
Species: Shinki
Theme: (OC) Busou Shinki-1
Function: MMS Type Ninja
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (2 - Lieutenant)
Groups: Users.net Human Resources Zero Point
Other Information
Physical Age: 16 Actual Age: 2
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Yukari Fukui
Height: 6" Weight: 1 lbs
Hair Color: Silver Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: Battle - The Hardes


Fuki's a MMS Type Ninja, commonly known as a Fubuki model Shinki. She is a small companion robot akin to a personal servant of sorts. Standing at a good six inches tall, minus any of her equipment that she uses, she's an agile and very loyal companion to Kourin, her Master. She's capable of being cold, calculating and calm all in one step as she gets her job done with the aid of her equipment and her stealth abilities in addition to her Master's genius computer skills. However, due to a mission going wrong at every turn, she's become scared of the water and failing her master after an incident that took the voice of Kourin long ago. Her fear of failure is instilled from the same incident, afraid of her Master losing something else from her failure or even worse, her Master period. It's this fear, that when things start going from bad to worse to the point of failure, she overclocks her own systems to provide a boost of power to try and finish the job without failure, at the expense of a good long rest and recharge afterwards. Out of missions, Fuki enjoys her Master's touch and care while simultaneously hoping that she can help her Master advance in the Confederacy.








MASTER: Fuki's Master is mute, therefore it makes it very hard for him to contact Fuki in the case of extreme circumstances (Kidnapping, combat, etc.) and while he does have knowledge of Morse code, he generally leaves all communication to Fuki. Recent events allowed him to use text-to-speech programs, to ease concerns, however he'll fall back on Morse code if the need arises. Fuki considers Master an extremely important person and will do anything to protect him.

TINY: The average shinki is a mere 15 cm tall, or 6 inches. Many things that human-sized beings don't even think about can become dangerous hazards to a shinki. Traps and the like that would be minor annoyances to humans can be very dangerous to shinki-kind.

IANERIA MOBILITY: When you don't have legs, its hard to walk. In addition, Fuki's not too experienced in this body and sports the wrong software to fully take advantage of it, as such she has limited flight and out of water capabilities with the Ianeria body. (PL deficit noted in advantages.)

ATYCHIPHOBIA: Fear of failing. A mission Fuki was on with her Master indirectly caused her Master to become mute, it's to this that she's scared of failing her Master again, afraid that another failure will take another thing away from him... or worse. If she senses she's close to failing a mission, she'll do anything in her power to try and finish the mission successfully. She'll overheat her systems and push her very limits to the point of draining her battery out fast in addition to taking some possibly reckless actions or endangering her allies if success of the mission is feasable from it. She becomes even more deadly in this state, however, she wears herself out immensely when she does. (+1 day Heal Time)


Title Date Scene Summary
Experience April 24th, 2016 Fuki works on training and gets a lesson in how far she has to go from her superior... Lute.
WMAT Exhibition: Fuki and Silent Black vs. Vervi and Maverick October 15th, 2015 Having created the weapons wielded by one of her two rivals, Fuki now wants to test their strength...by taking on Vervi at full strength! Will the creator best the created, or will her own creation lead to Fuki's downfall?! Find out in this special exhibition of Abstractum capability!
A Quick Job September 16th, 2015 Yari Takane and Fuki seek to end the potential turning of a confederate arms manufacturing business by assassinating a high ranking executive. Blurr is on security detail! Insurance in the area just went up.
WMAT AQ2 Fuki vs Shigure September 2nd, 2015 Two girls enter. One girl leaves. Shipgirl versus Foxninja robot.

An epic clash of mighty steel against agile trickery.

WMAT AQ1 Fuki vs Mantigora vs Ika Musume August 15th, 2015 A three way fight between Fuki, Mantigora and Ika Musume. The results aren't squidding you!
XCOM Base Assault July 7th, 2015 XCOM's base of operations comes under assault by a large Alien force. But thanks to quick response from Elites, and some tactical cleverness from XCOM troopers, the aliens were repelled. But that only leaves questions.
Pokemon Training Lessons May 26th, 2015 Lute gives Fuki a Dratini, and teaches her a bit about raising it.
Science Be Done May 16th, 2015 Taro and Fuki meet up with someone in another R&D department to aid in the possible future of new Garlean Technology...
Swordsman and Shinki at Phase Rock May 1st, 2015 Lloyd Irving, wishing to get back to Union duties made an open challenge for Phase Rock over the Broadband. Fuki, upon gaining Major Tshallandira's permission, accepted the challenge. Chaos ensued with no clear victor.
Lute and Fuki's Date February 17th, 2015 Lute takes Fuki on a date to the Safari Zone.
AWftF: The Third Dragon Ball January 31st, 2015 The three-star Dragon Ball is found among the art collection of a wealthy executive. When the Confederacy moves in to claim it, the Union gets involved, and what was supposed to be a quiet theft gets messy...
Cogs, Dolls, and Glorious Moustache January 13th, 2015 Alexandria sends a party of Black Mages and the mercenary Goffard Gaffgarion to seize a few engineers from the Clockwork City Goug. They run into some trouble along the way however...

Meanwhile, Fuki becomes embroiled in the battle amidst a part scavenging run!

Garlean Mad Science Introduction December 17th, 2014 Taro and Fuki have answered the call to come help decipher old texts from a time long past and get to see a very classified project.
Fight! Ninjas versus Union at the Rookery! December 13th, 2014 The Union's contested hold on the Rookery is challenged by the Confederacy!
A Tiny Mermaid Robot Walks Into A Bar... November 29th, 2014 Fuki and Souji meet in the Bar and Grill to discuss solutions to Fuki's problems and negotiate an appropriate recompense.
OPERATION: SHUTDOWN August 18th, 2014 The Fight for the Valley of Namamura -- Yunomi Stadler comes to take back her home, fighting against the Planet Trade Organization headed by Gohan!
Episode 3: Army of Many July 26th, 2014 An adventure in Fuki's Node!
Woodfaire Burning July 8th, 2014 The town of Woodfaire, outlying Riovanes in Fovoham, is under attack by Archadia, but not by its soldiers! The ruthless machiavellian conqueror has unleashed monsters upon the hapless village, including a fearsome Behemoth! <Location: Woodfaire, Fovoham, Story Mission>*
WMAT A1 Fuki vs. Zephyr Windstar June 29th, 2014 A1 Zephyr v Fuki
NODE: Kingdom of Reclamation - The Unknown Key June 20th, 2014 The door is unlocked... Army is built. Now... episode 3 is on the way...


Title Date Scene Summary
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