Generositas (Yari Takane)

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Generositas (Yari Takane)
Date of Cutscene: 19 October 2015
Location: Asian Plains
Synopsis: The Virtue of Generosity explained to her by the Knights of the Round Table lead Yari to a life changing encounter.
Thanks to: Saber, MORDRED, Bedivere, and Gawain for an amazing character growth launching point!
Cast of Characters: 691

The attack on the small rural town in the Asian Plains had started in the morning, and the burning fires it left lasted well into the night. A small group of non-Elite disaffected soldiers had took up banditry in the mountains. The town was small, and had hardly anyone to guard it. The men and women that could fight took up arms anyway.

The bandits were better armed and better trained, and the town fell and was defiled. Only the tavern remained, for the bandits to make sport and gorge themselves on sake and the tavern's stores. High on victory, they left only a cursory lookout that was drinking heavily.

A familiar sight, the smell of burning and death and piles of bodies, to Yari Takane. Every bandit died, anger swelling in her heart. She made sure the leader's death was particularly slow and painful.

Yari left, cloaked in the night and a traveler's robe and kimono. Just at the last remaining house that hadn't burnt down, a sound caught her attention. A quick check of her armlet told her that someone here was still alive.

Heat had her sweating, as even she had difficulty leaping between the falling supports as the wooden building starts to truly fall apart. Three rooms later, she shoves aside the thin bamboo divider.

A crying girl hugs the dead bodies of her parents close, coughing and choking. Yari walks over. The girl looks up. A crack of wood and a burning support beam comes falling down.

Five minutes later, Yari stumbles out of the building, ignoring her half-burnt kimono and the horrible burn on her arm. The girl is gently set down, and looks Yari in the eyes.

"You...saved me."

She couldn't be more than twelve years old. Sadness lingers, and yet, gratitude for this cloaked stranger.

The girl looks back as the last of her life crumbles to ashes as her home falls. Yari pauses, and then once more the young girl falls into her rescuer's tight embrace.

'A knight is GENEROUS, for sharing is caring!'

The morning sun rises over the village as an Au'Ra and a young girl walk away from the burnt village, from one home and into another.