Homura's Notes - Page 198

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Homura's Notes - Page 198
Date of Cutscene: 09 March 2014
Synopsis: A look at Homura's diary. (Assorted 1)
Cast of Characters: 2
Tinyplot: When They Return

As I reach the two hundredth page of assorted notes, it seems worthwhile to go back and examine something there hasn't been cause to in a while.


It was formerly a ridiculous but not impossible notion that one could control Witches, much less their own. Through means I still don't understand, there was that one irregular timeline wherein Kure Kirika turned into one, and did not once turn on Mikuni Oriko during the battle, protecting her instead. Weaponizing it is one thing; when you know your death is going to produce a large quantity of power, putting it to use comes to immediate mind. But controlling it? I should have encountered it much sooner if it was possible.

Yet, the new rules laid forth by the Law of Cycles, and the Union's ability to purify Soul Gems even in a critical state, spearheaded by Psyber, have allowed countless magical girls to turn into Witches, and return from it. It is still a rarity; the more meta of the involved parties may refer to it as a "main character" effect. There's a certain treshold of willpower, and raw power, you have to pass for it to be possible. Otherwise, you just die.

My own experiments in the matter, intentionally starving my Soul Gem and attempting to draw on the taint when using magic, didn't allow me full control either. Up to a certain point, use of visually corrupt abilities was possible. Once, I managed an incomplete Barrier. As a side-effect, my Soul Gem darkens much faster than normal and requires near daily upkeep, for a lateral gain in power at best. Witches are not more powerful after all; they are as good as the magical girls that produce them. They are simply more suited for certain tasks, such as operation on a larger scale, or altering reality.

Lately they have been more common. Most of everyone, myself included, suspects Kyubey somehow. But then, that was part of the purpose in telling him about them (the other being the necessity to establish how much the new world's Incubators know for certain). To ascertain the Law of Cycles was unbreachable, someone had to attempt to breach it. I'd hoped it wouldn't work. Whether it is truly Kyubey or someone else at this stage doesn't matter. The point is: the Law isn't absolute.

More on this later, I suppose.