Homura's Notes - Page 241

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Homura's Notes - Page 241
Date of Cutscene: 03 November 2014
Synopsis: A look at Homura's diary. (City of Cycles 2)
Cast of Characters: 2
Tinyplot: When They Return

New notes on the City of Cycles, plus transcriptions.


Old industrial/warehouse district source of Familiar horde.
Powerful Witch? Hurting its own Familiars?
Environmental hazard of some nature is harming Familiars.
Spatial distortion forming bubble(?) around entire city.
Prevents high flight. Hides the stars.
Distortion starts on JULY 10TH. Date of our visit: JULY 11TH NIGHT/12TH MORNING.
Normal people are able to notice the distortion.
Causes increased panic+misery, resulting in higher Demon activity.

Puella Magi:

  • Takenaka Mio, dresses in red. Unpleasant, blunt. Melee specialist?
  • Yamauchi Chiyo, dresses in blue.
  • Mizushima Miki, dresses in yellow.

Hunt large threats together, smalls ones separate.
Close to one another, experienced enough to hunt smart.
Unaware of timeloops. Takenaka Mio willing to help resolve problem.

Q/Cue (Incubator):

Similar to Kyubey.
Seems afraid? Too emotional. Same fishy behavior, but less "official" speech.
Will wait at radio tower at start of each timeloop reset.
Able to remember despite timeloops.
Sufficiently spooked by anomaly he stops collecting energy outright.
Possibly unable to call a new body while in the distortion.
Told by Operators we can fix his problem (standard Node procedure).
Disconnected from the other Incubators.


Q: "The loop occurs when a fully-grown high-level Witch seems to appear without origin and vents the contents of its Barrier. Obsidian spikes are the signal. Something magical occurs, and the entire contained area returns to the date of July 11th at precisely 2:11 AM. The magical girls here don't seem to remember. Only this space undergoes the loop."
Proposed solution: destroy boundary.
Current iteration: 40th?

Investigation Threads:

  • Key locations (school, key player houses).
  • Boundary (figure out who made it, how and why).
  • Timeloops (if not linked to the boundary, also figure that out).
  • Warehouses (PRIORITY). Find source of Familiars. Find Witch.
    • Try not to get killed by Witch.
  • Try to meet all three magical girls, not just one.
  • Get Madoka to come take a look?
  • Ask others for external views and ideas.