Homura's Notes - Page 277

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Homura's Notes - Page 277
Date of Cutscene: 27 January 2015
Synopsis: A look at Homura's diary. (City of Cycles 3)
Cast of Characters: 2
Tinyplot: When They Return

(This has been scanned and sent to the relevant parties involved in the City of Cycles, for their own perusal and if they want to add anything.)

New updates, in the situation regarding my Node, the City of Cycles.

  • The Witch found dormant within the warehouses of the docks was not dormant at all. Someone, or something, had erected an invisible barrier around its Witch Barrier, locking it in place, unable to move-- or hunt. Its Familiars, previously thought to be hunted and fleeing the scene, were not being intentionally damaged at all, but were sustaining injuries by breaking through the protective ward keeping the Witch in place. Making cracks in it, which slowly healed, they could leave, though the Witch could not.
  • Breaking the protective barrier is what allows the process of ending to begin. Obsidian spikes surge forth from the Witch Barrier along with its Familiars.
  • The Witch, Kristiane, is a gigantic, multi-headed, obsidian skeletal form, with flesh attempting but failing to stick to it. Her heart is a massive Grief Seed surrounded by a black gemstone cage. I have not yet determined which part of her is the "Pure" but the Abstractums present have identified that the Witch is indeed using one. It could be the Grief Seed, the cage protecting it, or something else. It is fairly powerful and able to withstand direct firepower from Psyber, Vruasa, Fiora and myself, pausing only to regenerate and break out of her Barrier.
  • Demons seem to attempt to converge on her Barrier once she exits it. They battle the Witch and its Familiars upon reaching it. I don't know if this is normal.
  • She then proceeds to breathe, for a lack of better term, a sort of black, corrupting effect that, rather than rewind or loop time as initially believed, overwrites the world with a "save state". She isn't actually resetting the world, just rewriting the city to go back to how it was on a certain date. This is likely the purpose of the field that isolates the city from the rest of the world.
  • Mizushima Miki, the local Puella Magi dressed in yellow, uses a staff for a weapon. She is polite and willing to answer questions. She says there was a fourth magical girl in their group, and that they (the group) noticed the Witch was at the docks. The bubble encasing it has only been up for a day or two on the date of July 12th, with the cycle starting on the 10th.
  • She claims a Demon, shorter than the others, attempted to communicate with her once. It was "searching for its friend". This is not normal.
  • Kimiko used her Shift to protect Mizushima Miki from the reloading effect of the Witch. It seems to have worked. We will find out next time what use it is.


  • Abuse Vruasa's time travel when and if the timelines clear up enough.
  • Find Yamauchi Chiyo, the Puella Magi in blue.
  • Find out more about the fourth Puella Magi that disappeared.
  • Find out who sealed the Witch.
  • Attempt to reinforce the seal?
  • Investigate effects of Kimiko's Shift-save.