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Date of Cutscene: 29 May 2020
Location: Great Ocean
Synopsis: Haguro the Heavy Cruiser is dead. Gulf Princess Haguro has arisen in her place, and she comes to terms with what she used to be and what she is now.
Cast of Characters: Scene 7206

What strange people. Pushy ones, at that.

Who were they to ask her so many incessant questions?

Did it matter that they know her? Or... Not her.

They know Haguro. Knew Haguro.

She's pretty sure one of them made this bracelet for Haguro, too. It's cute.

She knows who Haguro was, too. She has all of Haguro's memories.

Haguro felt strongly about those people. She doesn't.

Well, a few. Maybe. Some? Some.

Some of them were more annoying than others.

Some of them were fine, probably.

Some of them had that spark in their eyes, waiting to be drawn out.

Some of them had that spark polished away, worn down from so much.

Some of them had that spark all over, refined to a blinding radiance.

Some of them could be fun to watch. Some of them were interested in her.

They would be the ones to keep an eye on.

Maybe watching more of these humans would be fun, too.

Not just in this region. There's so many humans to watch.

All they need is that push to become interesting.

Crushing them would be easy, but too boring. Not useful.

Maybe her sister could see that, too.

At least it's not a bad name. It could be useful.

Gulf Princess Haguro. She likes the sound of that.

... Huh. Same hat.