Just A Dream (Neva)

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Just A Dream (Neva)
Date of Cutscene: 25 November 2016
Synopsis: Neva Fernandez has fallen into a Turkey Coma. Too much food does weird things to your dreams.
Cast of Characters: 644

It's 1 AM, Thanksgiving is over, but Neva Fernandez is kinda restless. Maybe just too much Turkey earlier. She fell into the Turkey Coma earlier, she did start having weird dreams. Dragons and Robots and Samurai. Neva groans as she sits up, mumbling, "Dang it... Thought the Turkey Coma would keep me out longer..."

Then she hears it... The distinct rumbling sound of a motorcycle approaching from the distance and entering her neighborhood. Neva goes wide eyed before her lips curl into a bright smile, as she grabs her glasses and puts them on before she slides out of her bed and tip toes her way down the stairs, in order to make her way out of the house and meet the owner of the cycle outside.

Neva slips out the door and grins as she sees the yellow motorcycle pulling into the driveway and halting, the rider taking her time to dismount. She slowly approaches and calls out, "Yang! What're you doing back here? I figured you were riding back to the Warpgate."

The figure pulls the motorcycle helmet off and shakes her long, beautiful, shining blonde hair a bit, before pushing a few locks out of her lilac eyes, "Oh, you know. I just wanted to see if you were ready."

Neva blinks a little as she tilts her head, "Ready? For what...?" Before suddenly there's a shot-gauntlet swinging right for her head, which Neva squeaks as she barely shifts her stance out of the way of the fist, as a shot fires off right where her head previously was. "Y-YANG?! What--What're you--?!"

The towering blonde slowly walks towards Neva, forcing the trembling redhead to back up in fear as she gazes into those lilac eyes now burning red. Neva retreats up to her porch and trips over a step, crashing onto the floorboards and then crawling back to the doorway of the house---Except the door is gone. The house is sealed up with Neva outside.

Neva breathes heavily and pushes herself back up and against the wall, right as the blonde looms right up against her and grabs her by the neck, and pins her against the wall. The Deckmaster goes wide eyed and claws at the strong hand around her neck, kicking as she's lifted further up. "Yang---W-Why?"

The young woman with luxurious blonde hair overpowering her just smirks devilishly, "I told you, I wanted to see if you were ready... But you're not... Too bad. You'll never get into Beacon this this way." She then reaches up with a free hand to say, "But you don't have to worry about it... Not anymore.." She then presses a finger upon Neva's nose and smiles, "Boop..."

Before she winds her fist back and drives it right for Neva's face as she screams...

And then Neva's eyes snap open right before the impact and sits up, breathing heavily. She blinks and looks around, before scrambling for her glasses and putting them on, and looking at the time. 1:34 AM. She turns her head to look out the window to the driveway to spot it empty.

"Just a dream..." She tells herself as she slows her breath, before slumping back down and mumbling. "Dang it... She really is haunting my dreams now..." And pulling her sheet over her reddening face.