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Karna (Scenesys ID: 1147)
"Oh? I do not fight in order to be defeated. I swear upon this spear, upon my flesh, as well as upon my father and mother, that I will claim victory."
Full Name: Karna
Gender: Male
Species: Servant
Theme: (FC) Fate/Apocrypha-1
Function: Lancer of Red
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Paladins (4-Chevaliers)
Groups: Paladins
Other Information
Physical Age: 25 Actual Age: 1000+
Still Aging? No. Voice Actor: Chris Niosi (English) Koji Yusa (Japanese)
Height: 6'1" Weight: 160lbs.
Hair Color: Pure Silver Eye Color: Ocean blue
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


The Sun God and Hero of the Lance, Karna is one of the very few heroes who doesn't regret his death; viewing it as something that needed to happen, as well as one of the few Heroic Spirits(AKA "Legendary Souls", spirits of heroes who achieved great deeds in life, having become objects of worship after their deaths and used to fight for mages in the Holy Grail War) that don't have a specific wish for the Holy Grail, other than living again, to see if anything truly could have been different, and to see if there were any warriors worthy enough to test his spear against, the call of battle always his craving. He is a quiet, calm, and loyal warrior who has always kept to his charge, a Hero who gave everything generously. A possessor of a strong will and heart, He has experienced such tragedy as to have suffered every misfortune...but he did so gladly to save others. Now, he has been summoned for a new Holy Grail War, as times past he has been summoned as a Heroic Spirit, though in truth he is specifically a Divine Spirit(A heroic spirit that is related to a God in some form or another), due to his godly attribute and high divinity. As such, will he claim victory for his Master, thus does he proclaim with his mighty spear that radiates like the sun!



Son of the Sun God - Karna is famed throughout the world as being the Invulnerable Hero of the Indian Epic Mahabharata. Due to his status as such, he was given a divine set of golden armor in life, which is a self-Noble Phantasm of protection.. As long as his armor is active and -worn-, he receives an incredible degree of protection and durability.

Vasavi Shakti: O' Sun, Abide to Death - The brilliant spear that radiates with the heat of the sun given to him by the thunder god Indra in honor of his skill and honor during battle, and is his Noble Phantasm, a trump card. With this weapon, after saying its name, Karna can use this anti-planet Noble Phantasm to summon a massive laser blast from his mighty spear!


Lancer Class Servant - Karna is incredibly agile and fast, able to move at hypersonic speeds as his maximum. As such, Karna excels at close-quarters combat with the spear or lance. He is superhuman in every sense of the word, able to perform physical feats that would be next to impossible for a normal human. He can heal from injuries in a far shorter time period than humans can.

Discernment of the Poor <Consent> - an Individual Skill of Karna. Karna possesses an extreme sense of insight, which allows him to see through deception and discern an opponent's true character, nature and personality.

Mana (Flames) - Karna is the son of the Sun God Surya. As such, his skill with the use of heat and flames is incredible. Fire is almost constantly active in any weapon he wields, and he can easily cause anything from a small spark of flame on his finger to gigantic explosions. He can use his flames to completely destroy one city block if he was at its best.


Mobility - A lancer-class skill. Lancer possesses a few modes of transportation, including a golden chariot drawn by two warhorses and an individual warhorse that he used in life. He is equally skilled in general land vehicles.

Invisibility - Karna is capable of turning invisible, unable to be seen by the mundane, but Elites and/or those with magical senses can easily see through this.

Magic Sense - Karna can sense when magic is used in his general area/vicinity.

Telepathy - Karna is a heroic spirit, and can speak Telepathically with his Master, and -only- his Master.

Master (presently NPC) - Karna possesses a Master that can enable Karna to fight better with their presence on the battlefield, able to give him a general and basic buff, should he need it.


Belligerent <Trouble> - Karna is an honorable warrior who, instead of ending fights as quickly as possible, will drag out fights with worthy opponents as long as he can and won't resort to dishonorable tactics...because he enjoys it. While not overconfident, Karna deeply finds gratification in the fight, and loves a good challenge. This can be used against him as he grants his opponent far more time to come up with plans and/or strategies to defeat him, more chances to execute a powerful blow, etc....this can also be a hindrance to objectives, taking his time to dawdle about instead of getting the job done immediately.

Honor <Significant> - Karna is a strict follower of honorable combat and demeanor, and believes that one should always strive to achieve a morally excellent lifestyle. As such, he is kind, humble, gentlemanly, and protective. This can allow people who prefer to cheat to win or resort to underhanded tactics to gain an advantage. For example, if an enemy has a hostage, and Karna must choose between letting his foe escape, or saving the victim, he will always safe the victim first.

Heroic Spirit <Minor> - Karna is a Heroic Spirit, and as such, requires a Master and Mana to remain materialized in the world. Without Mana, Karna will eventually cease to exist. As well as if his Master is killed, he must find another or he will die/dematerialize. He is able to go for a full day without a Master. In addition, If the Master ever finds themselves in immediate danger, Karna will rush to their defense. This can easily be used against him, especially if his master were captured.


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