Knock Off

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Knock Off (Plotsys ID: -1)
Kotone's cousin Miho who works in AI Dev gets a chance to meet a number of synthetic beings from off world all seems well until sometime later she puts out a call for help and something has gone and become, a living nightmare.
Base Info
TP Scale: Minor
TP Runner(s): Kotone Yamakawa
Attached Theme: [[]]
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Events So Far

Miho got to meet a number of people in the Flotilla, things went well she made some friends and got some insight into how to treat AIs who might have become aware without it being planned.

A few weeks later the Flotilla gets a frantic call for help from her, and find someone claiming to be Miho Hunted by a heavily armed squad of troops. She's rescued but something is terribly wrong her mind's full of large gaps and she's in an android body...

Other Information


Title Date Scene Summary
Knock Off Ep1:Family July 18th, 2015 Kotone's cousin has been eager to meet the Flotilla for some time. She finally gets up the will to ask for a visit. The Flotilla is happy to have a guest and Miho gets to meet beings not of this world.
Knock off EP2: Septette and Miho August 4th, 2015 Just before she's ready to leave Miho gets to meet one last person from the Flotilla. The ever chipper Septette Arcubielle.
Knock OFf EP3: Shattered Mind September 18th, 2015 With 'Miho' save. Rory, Staren and Kotone speak to her. Hoping to get some understanding of just what the heck happened to Miho. Or even if she is the actual Miho to begin with.


Title Date Scene Summary
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